By Charles Lee Mange


This book is written in the faith that a remnant of the Covenant Family of Christian people will see the light of Genesis 3: 15. By faith we proceed with the belief that the Living Church of Jesus Christ in this earth will see that Genesis 3: 15 is the key that unlocks the meaning of the Holy Scriptures, Genesis to Revelation. Any effort to evade, suppress, ignore, or diminish the truth of Genesis 3: 15 can result only in the further loss and decline of Christian Civilization in our Western world. You may think that you know your Bible; you may pride yourself in having read and studied the Bible, and even cloke yourself in great accolades received from the Bible institutes of this world. But until you have confronted the truth of Genesis 3. 15 you can never understand the Bible.

The denominational Church world has spiritualized the literal truth of Genesis 3.15. Moreover, most Bible Scholars who pride themselves in having divorced themselves from the denominational dogmas of the Church world will not touch the reality of Genesis 3.15. Until we are ready to examine the awesome fact that Almighty God, in the consequence of sin’s entry into the world, placed hatred (enmity) between two opposing seedlines of literal people in this earth, we can never come to the knowledge of the truth. From the beginning, with the fall of Adam into sin and the bondage of death, two opposing seedlines have been operating in history. The seed of the serpent constitutes a literal, flesh and blood people, who are determined to claim the dominion of this earth to the glory of Satan and the enshrinement of everything that is anti-Christian in thought, word and deed. This is the left side of Genesis 3.15. Opposing the left side of Genesis 3.15 is the seed of the Woman, or the race of Adam out of which sprang Jesus Christ as evidenced in St. Matthew 1.1

Today our world is divided between the left and the right side of Genesis 3.15. There is no neutral ground. If you are not for Jesus Christ, and standing on the right side of Genesis 3.15, you are on the side of Satan and his minions. The Bible provides no middle ground for anyone. You either stand to the right of Genesis 3.15 on the side of the children of the Kingdom, the children of Light, the true Seedline of Adam, Shem, Eber and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel, now identified in the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavonic peoples of the western world, or you stand on the left side of Genesis 3.15 on the side of Satan and the anti-Christ minions that have gathered there at this consummation of the ages. There is no place for lukewarm people. There can be no fence riders in the present conflict between good and evil, right and wrong, between the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Satan.

The Seed of the Woman constitutes a physical, genetic race of people, beginning with Adam, continuing into post-flood history with Shem, Eber (Hebrews) and then Israel, a people descending from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel. The Seed of the Woman, standing on the right side of Genesis 3.15 is represented among the Christian nations of the western world in contemporary history. The left side of the Genesis 3.15 is represented by those people who have been fighting against Jesus Christ, against Christian Liberty and everything that has or ever was Christian in this earth for the past six thousand years.

Today this conflict between the two opposing factions of Genesis 3.15 is reaching the grand finale of the ages. The Children of the Kingdom, the children of Light, are opposed at every hand by the children of Satan or the enemies of God who stand to the left side of Genesis 3.15. It is imperative to note that Jesus Christ placed this hatred (enmity) between these two seedlines, and no amount of false love and misplaced pity will ever altar that fact. This age old warfare will NEVER be ended until the second coming of Jesus Christ, when the head of this serpent race is crushed beneath the feet of Jesus Christ and the body of this serpent then dies. Christians who erase this line of enmity between these two opposing seedlines do so at the peril of their own lives and those of their Children. We are rapidly approaching the harvest time of history (Matthew 13.30) and the end of this age is approaching. In this consummation of the ages that age old conflict will be resolved in a total victory for Jesus Christ, His Kingdom people and for His glorious government that will fill the face of this earth.

Our mighty God has never called a truce in this age old warfare. Never has God at any time commanded His children, standing to the right of Genesis 3.15, to surrender. The Living Church of Jesus Christ is to remain faithful to the truth of the Bible and to stand upon the true Word of God throughout all of time. We are locked in a world-wide conflict for the souls of Adam man, for the real estate of this earth and the future rights to this planet. Jesus Christ has commissioned His Church to stand and has promised that the gates of hell cannot prevail against His Church (St. Matthew 16.18). For too many generations our Christian people have failed to see the right and the left side of Genesis 3.15. They have forgotten that the enmity pronounced by Almighty God between the Kingdom of Satan and his progeny and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and His Children would last unto the consummation of this age.

Now, those of you who would understand your Bible: get into the Word of God. Go directly to Genesis 3.15 and there with your Bible, armed with a good concordance and lexicon, find the truth about churches of this present age. Find how the great truth of Genesis 3.15 has been turned into a fairy tale by the preachers of this day. Find that literal people are being labeled and defined by Almighty God in Genesis 3.15. Discover for yourselves, the great truth regarding the progeny of the serpent and the progeny of the woman. Learn the truth. Arm yourself with the truth of the Bible. Take your stand on the right side of Genesis 3.15. Claim your inheritance as the Covenant Family of the Living God. As the literal and genetic seed of the woman, descending through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel, claim your inheritance in Jesus Christ and the Bible. They draw that line! There is a line drawn between the children of Lucifer, the serpent or Satan, and the children of God. There is a difference between the offspring or progeny of Satan and the children of Jesus Christ! You need to know that different.

May the Grace of Jesus Christ, and the Love of God, and the Communion of the Holy Spirit give you spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear what the LITERAL TRUTH of Genesis 3.15 is all about. When you “see” this truth, your Bible will be a new book and your life will NEVER be the same again! When you see this great truth, you will stand with the REMNANT of the woman’s seed (Revelation 12.17) who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. This remnant is numbered in this generation in every country of the western Israelite world. Thank and praise Jesus Christ for the light that you now see! Then quickly, while there is time, witness this truth so others might see this great light. The Author.

First Printing 1977
Second Printing 1980
Third Printing 1982


“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between THY SEED and HER SEED: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Genesis 3:15

Dear Christian Friend:

You are now about to explore the greatest question in the Holy Bible. GENESIS 3:15 is probably the single most important verse in the Holy Scriptures. This verse and the implications therein are the central SEED PLOT of the Bible. Whatever you do with this verse will determine what you do with the remained of the Scripture. This verse is the KEY that turns the LOCK on the DOOR to God’s Word! What you do with the word “SEED” in this verse will determine what you do with the word SEED in the remained of the Bible. Failure to establish yourself upon the solid interpretation of this verse can only lead to total blindness and confusion in the remained of the Bible. Failure to establish yourself upon the solid interpretation of this verse can only lead to total blindness and confusion in the remainder of the Bible. It is therefore imperative that you unlock the meaning of this verse! Ministers of denominational Christianity will take great care to talk about the verses preceding and following this verse, but will avoid this verse like the Plague! They most frequently resort to the spiritualizing of the “Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15” and in so doing, BLIND THEMSELVES to the remainder of the Bible! It is your duty as a Christian, as a student of the WORD OF GOD, to take apart this important verse, for it is the KEY to the grand truth of the Holy and Sacred Scriptures.

In Order for you to understand the SEED PLOT of the HOLY BIBLE it is necessary that you understand the fall of the Arch-Angel (now called Satan, the Serpent, the Dragon, or the Devil). He is described as the Star that fell from heaven unto the earth in Rev. 9:1, or as Abaddon or Appollyon (Rev. 9:11). In Luke 10:18 Jesus Christ declared: “I behold Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” In Ezekiel 28:11-19, we have an account of how this Arch-Angel was created and was the anointed cherub that covereth until the day that iniquity was found in him. This Arch-Angel had been in Eden the garden of God (Ezekiel 28:13) and the St. Paul describes Satan as an angel of light (II Cor. 11:14). Satan, the fallen Arch-Angel had sought to usurp the very Throne of God (Isaiah 14:12-14) and through Pride had vaunted himself against Almighty God his Creator. The Created (Arch-Angel) had sought to make an assault into the BEING OF GOD! The Created sought to become the UNCREATED YAHWEH! Satan, before His Fall had been the anointed Cherub in charge of this earth! As he sought to become equal with God having been created in the ORDER OF ANGELS, Satan made his way into heaven, began his assault against the Throne of God, and made War with Michael and the Angels. This War is described in Revelation 12:7-29). As Satan assaulted the Throne of God he drew one third of the Angelic Host with him (Rev. 12:4). These Angelic Beings followed Lucifer, and openly assaulted GOD under the leadership of Satan, their chief Captain. In this WAR OF THE HEAVENS, over the very THRONE OF GOD, Satan and His Angels were defeated by Michael and his Angels, and Satan and his Angels were cast into the earth.

We read of these Fallen Angels who left their first Estate (Jude 6), (II Peter 2:4), (Heb. 2:2) in Genesis 6:1-10 under the name sons of God, sons of Heaven, or the Fallen Angels. These Fallen Angels leaving their First Estate went into rebellion against God, and following their expulsion from Heaven along with their Captain & Leader (Satan) they sought to Cohabit with the Daughters of (Men) ADAMITES, who were “Fair” that is of the “White Adamic Women” produced OUT OF KIND BEINGS called Giants or Nephilim. (Read Appendix No. 25 in the Companion Bible for complete details). This bastard Seedline means that God’s Law of “Kind After His Kind” had been broken. The evil progeny of the Fallen Angels and the Daughters of Adam brought on the FLOOD as a JUDGEMENT of God. The Flood was judgment upon the Nephilim and Deliverance for NOAH.

This study of ANGELOLOGY is critical to understanding the early chapters of Genesis and is vital to a proper study of God’s Word, Genesis to Revelation. As an Arch-Angel before his fall, Satan had been lifted up in PRIDE because he did not want to recognize that JESUS CHRIST (the Last Adam) was his SUPERIOR both in Time and in Eternity. Moreover, Satan as an Arch-Angel before his fall )Rev. (12:7-11) know full well that JESUS CHRIST, as the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world, would become INCARNATED into a flesh body to REDEEM fallen Adam Kind. After his expulsion from heaven, after failing to successfully assault the Throne of God and place himself into the UNCREATED BEING OF YAHWEH, Satan proceeded to make his assault upon the BEING OF ADAM KIND. That is, he decided to INCARNATE himself into the Seed of Adam and bring forth, a COUNTERFEIT INCARNATION. Satan, realizing that is was in God’s PLAN to bring forth a SEED OF ADAM’S RACE, by the Grace of JESUS CHRIST, through the ATONEMENT, sought to bring forth a COUNTERFEIT SEEDLINE (spurious bastard seedline) into the earth and then seek to Identity His Counterfeit Bastard Seed as being the TRUE ISRAEL OF GOD. After being totally unsuccessful in his assault against the BEING OF THE UNCREATED GOD, Satan (the Arch-Angel) sought to make his intrusion into the BEING OF ADAM KIND by cohabiting with EVE and incarnating himself into a physical Seed Line, hence the SEED OF THE SERPENT (Gen. 3:15).

The Seed Plot of this Book reveals what happened when Satan sought to successfully make his intrusion into the BEING OF ADAM, that is mix his seed with that of ADAM KIND. Out of this unlawful, godless, and sinful act, we have ORIGINAL SIN and the FALL OF ADAM MAN taking place, and the awesome truth, that by mixing his seed with the Woman Eve, Satan was able to incarnate himself into a person called CAIN! Cain was the bastard spurious SEED resulting from the cohabitation of Satan with the Woman EVE. Cain was out of the ORDER OF KIND AFTER HIS KIND, being fathered by an ANGELIC KIND and being born of a woman of ADAM KIND. Cain was therefore a product of a “FALLEN BEING”, he was OUT OF HIS KIND! He was the bastard seed of two different kinds of being, ANGELIC KIND and ADAMIC KIND, which was in absolute and total violation of God’s IMMUTABLE LAW of Kind After His Kind outlined in Genesis Ch. 1 no less than TEN TIMES.

The Incarnation of Satan into a literal Seed Line, a Seed of the Serpent, brought forth a COUNTERFEIT BASTARD SEEDLINE which would seek to thwart every purpose and plan of God. This evil seedline would kill Abel, and all the Prophets, and would slay the righteous of every generation. They would always be seeking to assault the Godly Seedline, hence they preceded ABRAHAM into the promised land. When Abraham arrived the Canaanites were already in the land (Genesis 12:6). Satan would seek to pass this Counterfeit Creation off as the TRUE SEED OF ISRAEL (that is the Seed of ISAAC, Genesis 21:12) and would offer up this spurious bastard SEEDLINE as the MESSIANIC people who would seek to exalt themselves above the true SEED OF ISRAEL and who would seek to KILL JESUS CHRIST, the true INCARNATE GOD! When this Counterfeit Bastard Seed Line nailed JESUS CHRIST, the Incarnated GOD upon the Cross they cried out: “His blood be on us and on our children.” Matthew 27:25 In truth the chief goal of Satan was to incarnate himself into a Counterfeit Seedline on this earth and thereby seek to circumvent the true INCARNATION of JESUS CHRIST who was to come through the RACE of ADAM, of the Seed Of Isaac, of the Tribe of Judah, of the Royal House of David. Satan sought to produce a counterfeit INCARNATION, and destroy the TRUE INCARNATION OF GOD into flesh in the personage of JESUS CHRIST! For nearly six thousand years of history this BASTARD COUNTERFEIT SEEDLINE has sought OT exalt itself as the TRUE SEEDLINE OF GOD on this earth, hence most Ministers today call the Canaanite Jews, the CHOSEN PEOPLE, when in truth they are the Bastard Counterfeit Seed of Satan, OUT OF THE ORDER OF GOD, not being KIND after his KIND, but being of two distinct different ORDERS or KINDS and therefore JESUS CHRIST, the GOD/MAN could truly say to this counterfeit SEED (Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, (placed in this earth at Creation), shall be rooted up.) Matthew 15:13 We can therefore see why Jesus Christ did not TRY and CONVERT this Bastard, Spurious Counterfeit Seedline during His earthly Ministry. It is also to be understood why this spurious Canaanite Seedline must ultimately be removed from this earth. Zechariah 14:21.

To understand the HOLY BIBLE you must understand and confront the truth of Genesis 3:15. The Counterfeit Seedline of Satan, placed into this earth the embodiment of Satan himself into a physical seedline! This counterfeit Seedline moved forth in history in the personage of CAIN OF NOAH’S DAY this counterfeit SEEDLINE moved forth in the personage of CANAAN who carried forth the Bastard Counterfeit Satanic Seedline after the Flood. From CAIN forward to this very day, this counterfeit spurious Seedline has sought to CIRCUMVENT the true INCARNATION of GOD INTO FLESH in the personage of JESUS CHRIST and open up a False way for man to walk. Today the entire world wanders after this counterfeit spurious seedline and worships them as the CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD when in truth they are the anti-Christ Canaanite Jews descended from Satan. In order to better understand how this counterfeit spurious seedline of Satan has been so successful in passing themselves off as the True Seed of Adam let us define the word counterfeit from the Random House Dictionary under the word Counterfeit: “Made in limitation to be passed off fraudulently or deceptively as genuine; not genuine; forged. An imitation intended to be passed off as genuine, forgery. A Copy or a close likeness, to resemble, to simulate, to feign.”

These anti-Christ Canaanite Jews who say they are JUDAH (Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9) and ARE NOT, but are of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN claim to be the Messiah themselves! They claim that their RACE constitutes the true Messiah of this earth, that the Jews themselves are the embodiment of the promised Messiah. They DENY forthwith the INCARNATION OF GOD in JESUS CHRIST and are by definition the anti-CHRIST. (I John 2:22-23 and II John 1:7). They do not accept JESUS CHRIST as the true ANOINTED ONE, that is the MESSIAH, that was to come and REDEEM ISRAEL…the true Seed of the Woman. The Canaanite spurious SEED of the Serpent, the counterfeit seedline of Satan incarnated, call themselves the Messiah of this world since they believe they will be the ultimate rulers of this world. The Battle this day is between the Children of LIGHT and the children of DARKNESS. The counterfeit makes DARK appear as LIGHT and EVIL appear as GOOD, the CURSED appear as the CHOSEN. This counterfeit seedline has most Ministers giving them “CHOSEN PEOPLE STATUS” in almost every pulpit throughout the land. Surely we are deceived people.

It is therefore imperative that every Christian Solder of Jesus Christ clearly understand the event that took place in EDEN THE GARDEN OF GOD. Genesis 3:15 is the key that unlocks our understanding of God’s Word. You must understand how Satan, the fallen Arch-Angel sought to circumvent the true INCARNATION and incarnate himself into a seedline in this earth by making his intrusion into the BEING OF ADAM KIND. Satan knowing that the true MESSIAH, Jesus Christ would come through this Seedline of Adam, sought to plant his own graft onto the Adamic Root and thereby bring forth a spurious seed and prevent the coming of the true Messiah. Satan did incarnate himself into CAIN, the counterfeit Seed of the Serpent, and for six thousand years of history, this Satanic Counterfeit Spurious Seedline has sought to destroy the Work of the true INCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST! By incarnating himself in Cain, Satan sought to move in advance of the True INCARNATION OF GOD IN HUMAN FLESH OF ADAM KIND, and in so doing, Satan sought to destroy the work of JESUS CHRIST as KINSMAN REDEEMER to the true and genuine Seedline (Israel) from the Seed of Isaac, of the RACE of ADAM KIND. For almost six thousand years this spurious counterfeit Seedline has moved forth in history to destroy the true work and purpose of God. JESUS CHRIST clearly traced this counterfeit seedline from His day back across four thousand years of history to the man CAIN…who was the beginning of this spurious, bastard, counterfeit SEED OF SATAN. Carefully read the WITNESS of Matthew 23:29-35 and the Witness of John 8:22-47. In the mouth of these two APOSTLES the testimony of JESUS CHRIST traced the Jew-Pharisees of his day back to their father CAIN. May God help us to proceed to see what happened in the Garden of Eden and more particularly to understand the meaning of GENESIS 3:15. Only by dealing with the Two SEEDS OF GENESIS 3:15 can we hope to unlock the Mystery of God’s Word. For the War that RAGED IN HEAVEN is now raging on THE EARTH without a truce in almost six thousand years of time, six days on God’s time clock.


Another extremely important Law that relates to Genesis 3.15 is the LAW OF THE FIRSTBORN. The Law of the Firstborn is clearly outlined in the Holy Scriptures and no understanding of Genesis 3.15 will be possible without understanding this immutable Law. Cain was born first from the womb of the woman Eve (Genesis 4:1), the woman having been beguiled or deceived by Satan as an Angel of Light (II Cor. 11:14) Eve actually was deceived into BELIEVING that Cain was gotten (not begotten) of GOD…when in truth Cain was fathered by Satan, an Angel who appeared in the exact manner described by St. Paul in (II Cor. Ch 11). Cain was gotten or acquired from another source than ADAM. Cain was Born First from the Woman Eve and having broken the matrix claimed the right of FIRSTBORN (Exodus 13:11-13) even though He was NOT the Firstborn of Adam! Cain is NOT listed anywhere in Adam’s Genealogy. Why is Cain missing from Adam’s Genealogy? Because Cain is not Adam’s Son. Genesis 4:25 declares that Seth (meaning substitute) had been appointed as another seed instead of Abel whom Cain had slain. Seth was the First Born from Eve’s Womb, but was not the FIRSTBORN OF ADAM! Abel who was born right after Cain (Genesis 4:2) was Adam’s Seed! Cain was the spurious seed of Satan! (I John 3:11-12). Because Cain was born first from Eve’s womb, he could lay claim to the RIGHT of the Firstborn and the dialogue of Genesis 4:6-15 is a direct result of Cain’s seeking to lay claim to the Rights of the FIRSTBORN under the law of the Firstborn. The reason Cain was allowed to remain on earth without being killed was twofold. First, by being born first from the womb of Eve, Cain claimed the Right of the Firstborn and Second, if Cain had been killed the CONSEQUENCES of SIN, Original Sin, would have been eliminated without Sacrifice as per the Law of God! Man would have been not only FREE TO SIN, but FREE FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS SIN, thus Cain had to be preserved!

Cain, was hybrid OUT OF KIND son of Satan. Cain was a bastard seed, resulting form the woman Eve (ADAM KIND) and Satan (ANGEL KIND)! The Law of KIND AFTER HIS KIND, the First Law of CREATION (named ten times in Genesis one) had been broken! Adam Man and the Adam Kind Woman Eve were FREE to choose between good and evil, between obedience and disobedience…they were NOT FREE to escape the consequences of their SIN! The counterfeit bastard SEED of Cain was the result of “ORIGINAL SIN” in the Garden of Eden. Satan had sought to circumvent the true INCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST by grafting his own seed onto the pure ADAMIC RACIAL ROOT STOCK, and thus prevent JESUS CHRIST, also coming forth from this ADAMIC RACIAL ROOT…from being born! Remember: THE VIRGIN BIRTH was absolutely NECESSARY in order for JESUS CHRIST as the second ADAM to graft back onto the True Holy Root of the White Adamic Racial Root Stock a grafting of pure Adamic Seed (procured without pro-creation) and thus enable A NEW CREATION of the Old Adamic Root to be grafted on and thus enable by the INCARNATED GOD, Jesus Christ to begin a NEW CREATION in this earth from the Old Adamic Stock. This is the true meaning behind the MIRACLE OF THE VIRGIN BIRTH.

Cain having been Born First sought to claim the Right of the FIRSTBORN, that is Inherit the DOMINION OF THIS EARTH! Because He was not born within the LAW of Kind after His Kind, Cain was DISINHERITED from the BIRTHRIGHT. Cain was a bastard (Mamzer) mongrel (OUT OF KIND) being or Seed. As such he could never enter into the CONGREGATION of the Eternal God (Deut. 23:2) Because Satan sought to get his seed into the earth as the Firstborn of the Adamic Creation…The FIRSTBORN was subsequently passed over by God in all critical times of history and we find that SETH and not Cain was chosen. It was ISAAC and Not Ishmael that counted for the true seed of Abraham. It was JACOB and not Esau that received the right of the Firstborn under the Election of God. (See Genesis 25:23 and Romans 9:10-14). It was JOSEPH and not Rueben (the firstborn) that received the double portion from the dying Jacob. It was PHAREZ and not Zarah (the Firstborn) who received the Birthright. It was EPHRAIM and not Manasseh (The Firstborn)- who received the Birthright as recorded in Genesis 48. The only way that you can ever account for GOD choosing the Second Born in preference to the FIRSTBORN is because CAIN being Born First from the Womb of Eve, had placed a SIN UPON ADAM’S RACE and not until the Second Adam, JESUS CHRIST, was born of the VIRGIN MARY was the CURSE LIFTED.

JESUS CHRIST, as the last Adam, was without Mother and without Father, having neither beginning nor ending of days (Hebrew 7:3) and was the beginning of a NEW CREATION from the Old Adamic Stock. Jesus Christ took on the Seed of Abraham (Hebrews 2:16) and began a New Creation from the Old Adamic Stock. Cain represented the FIRSTFRUITS from the Womb of Eve and Jesus Christ, the FIRSTBORN male, born WITHOUT SIN, by means of the Virgin Birth, was the New FIRSTFRUITS from the New Creation of the new grafting made onto the old Adamic Root by the Virgin born INCARNATE GOD…JESUS CHRIST! As the Firstborn of the blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, was the Firstborn Male Born Without Sin in the Lineage of the Adam RACE! Jesus Christ was VERY GOD and VERY MAN! Jesus Christ alone could thus be the PERFECT SACRIFICE for sin (ORIGINAL SIN) and our actual sin! Jesus Christ was the firstborn male to be born without ORIGINAL SIN in Adam’s Race. Every member of Adam’s Race after the FALL was born with Sin. Read Romans 5:12. Jesus Christ by circumventing procreation, and being born of the Virgin Mary had entered into the world WITHOUT SIN, as a Firstborn Male of Adam’s Race. This is the real MIRACLE and NECESSITY of the Virgin Birth! Satan’s effort to place his SEED into the earth as the Firstborn of Adam’s Race from the womb of the woman Eve was thus denied by the true INCARNATION OF GOD IN JESUS CHRIST.

The Lineage of SATAN-CAIN-CANAAN represents a spurious…bastard…counterfeit seedline in this earth that is NOT of God’s Planting. (Matthew 15:13). This evil seedline (The Tares of Matthew 13) will be totally destroyed when GOD JUDGES the earth the second time by FIRE, and the Tares, the spurious seed of Satan (the Canaanites) will be removed from the presence of God forever. (Zechariah 14:21). The true ADAMIC seedline descending from Seth by the APPROPRIATION of the BLOOD of Jesus Christ represents a NEW Re-Created Seed of Adam with ACCESS to the TREE OF LIFE. JESUS CHRIST has purchased by His Own Blood, Eternal Life for US (True Adamic Seed) who were doomed to DEATH! This is what the true INCARNATION OF GOD IN JESUS CHRIST has accomplished! As CHRISTIANS of the True Seed of ADAM, particularly of the SEED of ISAAC (Genesis 21:12) let us this day appropriate the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice for SIN, both Original Sin and our actual Sin. Adam’s Race was barred from the TREE OF LIFE until CHRIST came and opened the way back. Jesus Christ got the victory over death and the grave and the sentence of death levied against all ADAM KIND is now lifted if we repent and appropriate HIS BLOOD. The Death Angel will see the Blood and PASSOVER! In JESUS CHRIST, the Serpent has been crushed and very shortly the HEAD of that Serpent will be bruised under the heel of Everlasting Judgment. You as a WHITE CHRISTIAN, of the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Redeemed by the Firstborn from the dead, JESUS CHRIST, now understand the meaning of GENESIS 3:15. You by the GRACE of GOD now have the key to unlock the BIBLE…you have the understanding as to the meaning of Genesis 3:15. May You use this KNOWLEDGE to the GLORY of JESUS CHRIST and His Kingdom…or God will curse you in your Sin!


“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Gen. 3:15

The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15. No subject in Divine Scripture carries more weight and deserves our attention with greater emphasis than does the two seeds spoken of in Genesis 3:15. If you seek to be a follower of Jesus Christ, if you are concerned with understanding the Holy Bible, if you are ever to proceed from the milk to the meat state of understanding Holy Scripture, then you cannot fail to do business with Genesis 3:15. It is the seed plot of all scripture. The proper understanding of this scripture is vital to the total pattern of discerning all scripture. The importance of this subject reaches across the ages to the very hour that we are living in. You cannot comprehend National and International news events without an understanding of Genesis 3:15. Your foundation of Kingdom Identity Bible Truth will stand or fall in relationship to what you do with Genesis 3:15. Failure to understand and divide this subject could ultimately exclude you from membership in the ecclesia of Jesus Christ. Let us proceed to discuss Genesis 3:15 in the light of Bible and Historical Scholarship. What are the implications of this tremendous verse of scripture? With the unfailing help and guidance of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit you will see…if you were born with “eyes” to see and “ears” to hear and discern spiritual truths.

First, we must understand that Genesis 3:15 cannot be studied or understood out of the context or cannon of scripture. This verse of scripture is the judgment handed down by a Sovereign God upon the woman and the serpent and the verse is specifically directed to the serpent. To understand what happened in the Garden of Eden we must distinguish between “sin” and “original sin.” In Genesis chapter three the Word of God is concerned with what was Original Sin. Genesis 3:15 is the judgment meted out to the serpent and secondly to the woman’s seed. To understand the implications of this verse of scripture we must analyze four basic words all of which are basic to the discernment of this Bible Truth. These four words are enmity, serpent, woman and seed.

Before our examination of these four words let is be clearly understood that the Bible Doctrine of the Two Seedlines forms a central part of the theological foundations upon which the Kingdom Identity Truth is built. Without the proper understanding and placement of this truth into the total Cannon of Divine truth there will be very little, if any, progress made in lifting the veil of darkness from our people now in bondage in the churches now making up the Protestant and Catholic church world. The understanding of Genesis 3:15 is the one absolute theological foundation which must be in place before the remained of the Bible and History of this earth can ever be understood. If you allow any minister of Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith to spiritualize Genesis 3:15 and ignore, neutralize, or do away with the literal truth of these two seeds in Genesis 3:15 you can never advance to a mature understanding of Scripture or the World Situation. Again remember that Genesis 3:15 is the Seed Plot of the Bible and you may be certain that Satan and his minions will launch a full scale warfare to remove the truth of this teaching from your mind. Without this truth you stand disarmed, naked, and unprepared for the warfare that now reaches its climax between the Seed of the Woman and the seed of the serpent.

One other fact that I wish to bring to your attention is that modern theology on occasion will attempt to say that the woman does not have any seeds and that it would be biologically impossible for the woman in Genesis 3:15 to have any seed. It is true scientific fact that a woman does not have seeds. This is not the point in our discussion of Genesis 3:15 and has not bearing on the subject at hand because the use of the word seed as used in this scripture has reference only to that seed which the woman has been impregnated with. When Almighty God was speaking to the serpent in Genesis 3:15 the reference only to that seed was that seed which had been planted in the woman Eve by both the serpent and the man Adam. You merely have to read the very next verse, Genesis 3:16, to find the discussion of multiplying sorrow in conception and sorrow in child birth to know that we are correct in our evaluation of the physical seed implanted in the woman Eve.

It is very necessary to remember that if you deny the physical seed of the serpent, you eventually end up identifying them as the Children of God and this is precisely what the nominal Church has done. If the serpent seed had been properly identified the modern church would not be labeling them as the children of God. Because the serpent seed was not articulated, not identified, they have usurped the place of true Israel, the seed of the woman. The identity of White Christian Israel has been lost and the seed of the serpent has not been articulated. The failure of theologians to Identify the serpent seed also resulted in their failure to identify the seed of the woman. Today the entire religious world worships the International Jew as the Chosen people of God because that wicked seed was not articulated and identified. There is a reason why practically every Christian Minister in the western world eulogizes and exonerates the Jew as the Chosen of God…that blasphemous lie has come about because the seed of the serpent was not identified.

If one of these two seed lines is spiritualized, they both are, and that is where the nominal church world is today. Nearly every denomination in America has spiritualized one or both of the two seeds of Genesis 3:15. When you deny the existence of one you must deny he existence of the other. Jesus Christ clearly divided these two seeds in scripture and we must do likewise. In speaking to the seed of the serpent, i.e., the Jews, Jesus Christ told them that they were not His sheep (John 10:26). In this same Chapter, Jesus Christ said: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” What nations have heard His voice and become Christians? What people to this day have utterly rejected Jesus Christ and the Christian faith? These two seeds of Genesis 3:15 are the seed plot of all theology and must be labeled, and Identified. This is exposition is doing just that.


The word enmity is a key word and is translated from the Hebrew eybah. In Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, the Hebrew word eybah from which our English word enmity is translated, means to hate, be hostile, be an enemy, hostility, enmity, hatred. See #342 and 340 in the Hebrew Chaldee Dictionary of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. The word enmity means hatred, hostility, and enmity or warfare between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. It is imperative to remember that this word enmity implies hatred, variance, hostility and warfare between these two seeds and this hatred was placed there as a judgment from Almighty God.

The word serpent is a very important word. First, the serpent of Genesis Chapter three is identified as Satan. The Word of God is very clear as to who the serpent is. Revelation 12:7, Revelation 20:2, which is the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev.1:1) identifies the serpent as being Satan. The use of he word old in these scriptures is very significant. The implication being that Satan, the serpent, has been around for a long time. At one time the serpent occupied a position as a very exalted supernatural being in the order of God. Isaiah 14:12-21 describes how the serpent, then known as Lucifer, son of the morning, defied God and lost his exalted position is God’s plan. Ezekiel 28:11-19 describes the exalted position that Satan or the serpent once held as the anointed cherub of God. This serpent or Satan had been in the Garden of Eden according to Ezekiel 28:13. St. Paul tells us in II Corinthians 11:13-15 that Satan is transformed into an angel of light. Revelation 12:7-9 describes the Great War that once raged between the old serpent, Michael, and the angels. In Luke 10:18 Jesus Christ stated that He beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven.

It is imperative that every Bible student know that the serpent in Gen. 3:15 was Satan and he had appeared as an angel of light to the woman Eve. The serpent had carried on dialogue, had quoted and misquoted scripture and employed all the characteristics of a very intelligent being. The word serpent as used in Genesis 3:15 is from a Hebrew word translated nachash and means hiss, whisper a (magic spell) divine, enchanter, use enchantment, learn by experience, a snake, a serpent. See #5175 in the Hebrew Chaldee Dictionary of the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible. The word serpent as used in the New Testament is such key passages as II Cor. 11:3, Matt. 23:33, and Rev. 12:9 is translated from a Greek root word Ophis and means sharpness of vision, from #3700 to gaze with open eyes, as at something remarkable, a snake, fig. (as a type of sly cunning) an artful malicious person, especially. Satan: Serpent. See the Greek Dictionary of the New Testament in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible.

The conclusions to be drawn thus far are indeed far-reaching. In Genesis 3:15 Almighty God is talking to the serpent, this satanic angel who appeared to Eve as an angel of light. Almighty God is thus telling this satanic being, that there will be enmity, hatred, or warfare between his offspring and the offspring of the woman Eve. For a very thorough discussion of the serpent and the broad ramifications of factual information surrounding this intelligent being please do not fail to carefully study Appendix #19 of the Companion Bible, Samuel Bagster and Sons Limited, 4 New Bridge Street, London EC4, England. Please keep in mind that in Genesis chapter 3 we have neither allegory, myth, legend, nor fable, but literal historical facts set forth, and emphasized by the use of certain Figures of speech. A Figure of speech is never used except for the purpose of calling attention to, emphasizing, and intensifying, the reality of the literal sense. Remember this in reading Genesis Chapter three.

The next word which we need to examine is the word woman. The woman of Genesis 3:15 can be unidentified only as Eve, one of the principal subjects of the entire chapter of Genesis three. It cannot be suppressed nor can Eve’s connection with the serpent, or Satan, be evaded. In Gen. 3:15 Almighty God in speaking to the serpent declared that the woman was to have seed and that her seed would be an enmity with the seed of the serpent. Genesis 3:16 is extremely important in conjunction with our evaluation of Genesis 3:15. There you will take careful note that the woman’s sorrow in conception, bearing children, was to be increased as a result of the sin, original sin, that she participated in during the unfolding of events in Genesis Chapter Three. You will also take careful note to acknowledge that Almighty God told Eve that her desire would be to her husband, and he would henceforth rule over her. Read Genesis 3:6 as to the use of the word desire. Who had Eve’s desire been directed to in Genesis 3:6? In the divine punishment inflicted upon the woman Eve in Genesis 3:16 why did Almighty God employ pain in childbirth? What is the purpose of the use of the word conception? How about the use of the word desire? The truth is: God made the punishment to fit the crime. Those who have spiritual discernment can both see and hear what the truth of Genesis Three is all about.

The next word we wish to examine from Genesis 3:15 is the word seed. The word seed is one of the most important words used in the Bible. This word is used about 275 times in the Bible. The proper understanding of the as it is used in both Old and New Testament is absolutely imperative. The singular word seed used in Genesis 3:15 is from the Hebrew word translated zera and means seed, fruit, plant sowing time, posterity, from #2232 zara – bear, conceive seed…disseminate. (Emphasis Ours). Note the use of the word fruit, posterity, conceive seed, all of which are extremely relevant to an understanding of Genesis Three. For confirmation of the forgoing Hebrew analysis of the word seed see Strong’s Hebrew & Chaldee Dictionary in his Exhaustive Concordance.

The word seed as used in the New Testament is from a Greek Word translated Sperma. See Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the New Testament in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance under #4690. Sperma, from #4687 something sown, i.e. seed (include. The male sperm – by implication. Offspring: issue, seed.”) IN W.E. Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, Pg. 338 under the word Seed we quote as follows: 1. SPERMA, akin to Spiro, to sow…3. SPORA, akin to No.1 and like No.s2, a sowing, seedtime, denotes seed son, I Pet. 1:23, of human offspring, posterity; also a remnant, a few survivors, like seed kept over from a former year…3. A sowing, a begetting of children; the seed sown…(Emphasis Ours). Another very interesting analysis of the word Seed is found in Gesenius’ Hebrew and Chaldee LEXICON Pages 254 and 255. (3) semen virile, Lev. 15:16, seq.; 18:21; 19:20…(a) offspring, progeny, descendants, Gen. 3:15; 13:16; 15:5, 13:17:7, 10:21:13, etc.; (Emphasis Ours).

Thus far it has been fully demonstrated that the word seed as used in either Old Testament scriptures such as Genesis 3:15 or in New Testament scriptures such as Revelation 12:17 or Matthew 13:38 has reference to seed, fruit, posterity, male sperm, offspring, issue, children, progeny, or descendants, when going back to both the original Hebrew and Greek root meanings. In Genesis 3;15 the word seed is referring to progeny, offspring, children, seed, issue, or descendants of both (1) the serpent or Satan and (2) woman. Please take note that the word seed is Genesis 3:15 is translated posterity in the Smith & Goodspeed Translation and in the Lamsa Translation of the Holy Bible. The Amplified Translation, the new Berkeley Version, and the Jerusalem Bible all translate the word seed as offspring. The word seed as used in the NKJV of the Bible is an appropriate word for it means fruit, posterity or to conceive seed.

It is now a crucial point to note that in Genesis 3:15 both the serpent and the woman were to have seed. No scripture of the Bible has been treated with more sensitive caution than Genesis 3:15. The modern church world has spiritualized this scripture, as they have all scripture, to their own utter confusion. Nearly all modern theology declares that the seed of the woman was Jesus Christ and that the serpent did not have any literal progeny. Some Bible Scholars will admit that the seed of the woman must include the Seed Line through which Jesus Christ was incarnated into a flesh body, but they still deny that Satan or the serpent could have issue or seed.

The ministers of the National and World Council of Churches, and most non-member churches all are pastored by men who acknowledge that woman of Genesis 3:15 to have an issue but deny that the serpent had an issue. They are only consistent in their inconsistency. The same word translated seed was used for both the serpent and the woman. If one had issue the other must of necessity, also have issue or seed. Any student of the Bible who denies that the use of the word seed in Genesis 3:15 does not refer to offspring or children must also deny the Biblical usage of the word seed in more than one hundred other scriptures of the Holy Bible.

We have now established by authority of both the original Hebrew and Greek, that the word seed in Genesis 3;15 refers to posterity, progeny, issue, seed, children, or descendants. It will now be our goal to trace both the seed of the Woman and the seed of the Serpent through the Bible. The understanding of these two seed lines is truly one of the most critical theological questions of our time. To deny the seed lines of the Bible is to deny the testimony of the Prophets, Apostles, and the very words of Jesus Christ himself. Indeed the two seed lines established in Genesis 3:15 is the central issue at stake in the Gospel of the Kingdom. When you spiritualize Genesis 3:15 you have surrendered, compromised, and watered down the basic theme of the entire Bible and of History for the past six thousand years. Our purpose will now be to very briefly trace in outline form both the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent.


All Bible Scholars will agree that the seed of the woman prophesied of in Genesis 3:15 was Jesus Christ, but well trained Bible Scholars know that Jesus Christ was incarnated into this earth in a flesh body from the seed line that was established with Seth, who was the seed of Adam and Eve. Even more important Jesus Christ according to the flesh, was born into this earth through the Royal Seed of David, of the Tribe of Judah, of the House of Israel, back through Abraham, Shem, through Seth and back to Adam. The seed of the woman in Genesis 3:15 was preserved upon this earth for about four thousand years before Jesus Christ was incarnated into a flesh body.

The seed of the woman then constituted a seed line through which Jesus Christ would ultimately come. Genesis 3:15 was a Prophetic Judgment from God that there would be enmity or hatred between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman and this enmity first surfaced when Cain, the seed of the serpent, rose up to kill Abel. The blood flowed between these two seed lines for four thousand years unto the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ at the hands of the wicked seed line of the Jews upon the cross of Calvary. This same enmity or hatred has continued unabated during the past 1,978 years unto the very hour that you and I live in.

The singular use of the word seed in Genesis 3:15 has caused many Bible Students to believe that it was referring to Jesus Christ in the singular. They usually quote Galatians 3:16 and 3:29 in support of this argument. It should be remembered however that the word seed when referring to offspring, progeny, or seed-issues is only used in the singular and not the plural. Galatians 3:16 and 3:29 in support of this argument. It should be remembered however that the word seed when referring to offspring, progeny, or seed-issues is only used in the singular and not the plural. Galatians 3:16 reads: “Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.” What does this verse mean? First note that in Hebrews 2:16 Jesus Christ “took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham.” Jesus Christ took upon himself the seed of Abraham. This seed of Abraham was the seed of the woman through which the messiah, Jesus Christ was incarnated into this earth. II Timothy 2:8, John 7:42, and Romans 1:3 all confirm that Jesus Christ was made of the seed of David and Romans 9:4-5 declares that the Israelites (from which the tribe of Judah sprang) were the people who according to the flesh, Christ came. Therefore the singular use of the word seed in Genesis 3:15 refers to the seed line of Isaac coming down through the Abrahamic Seed Line, of which Jesus Christ was the Seed Royal.

The Seed of the Woman was the seed of promise, the children of promise in contrast to the children of the bondwoman. See Romans 9:6-14 and Galatians 4:21-31. The seed of promise was the royal seed of Genesis CH. 5 (Note that Cain is never listed as Adam’s son in any of the chronology Tables. Cain as nor listed in any Adamic Chronology Table because he was not the son of Adam.) The second ten generations of the Seed of the Woman are found in Genesis 11:10-26. The Chronology Tables of the Bible are very clear in establishing the seed line of the woman, the holy seed, the promised seedline through which Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of Israel would come. Genesis 3:15 established a seed line of woman in this earth by authority of God’s Word. In order for the enmity of Genesis 3:15 to be fulfilled that seed of the woman would always exist in the earth.

The first twenty generations of this promised covenant seed of the woman are carefully preserved for us in Genesis 5, Genesis 11, in the Book of 1st Chronicles, in St. Matthew 1 and St. Luke 3. The specific names of the first twenty generations of the seed of the woman of Genesis 3:15 are as follows: Adam, Seth, Enos, Kenah, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Arphaxed, Salah, Eber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, and Abraham. This was the seed of promise, the seedline, the racial stock, through which Jesus Christ would come as the Kinsman Redeemer. By the terms of the Law of Redemption, Jesus Christ could only qualify as Israel’s Kinsman Redeemer by being born through the holy seed of the woman. See the Law of Redemption in Lev. 25:24-26-48-49.

Please take note that the seed line of the woman was carried on after Noah through Shem and not Ham or Japheth. It is also important to remember that after Terah the seed line of the woman was carried on by Abraham and not Nahor nor Haran. Nahor did however provide a holy seed line through which many wives could later be secured by descendants of Abraham. (See Genesis 22:20-24). The Holy Seed Line was carried on through Abraham and here we must take very careful note to remember that Abraham fathered many children through three different women. But the Holy Seed of the Woman of Genesis 3:15 was carried on through Isaac. Here you should carefully read Romans 9:1-33 with particular emphasis upon verses 4-13. It was only the children of the promise, the Holy Seed of Isaac, that was counted for the seed. (Note the singular use of the word seed in Romans 9:8.) Remember it is also singular in Genesis 3:15 and Galatians 3:16. All of the other children of Abraham, the children born through Hagar and Keturah were called children of the flesh, but Isaac was the seed of promise. (Romans 9:8-9)

The seed of the woman was carried on from Isaac through Jacob whose name was later changed to Israel. Esau was cast off for he had not only sold his birthright but he had also married into the serpent seedline. Esau was rejected of God from the womb (Genesis 25:21-23). According to the election of God Jacob was chosen over Esau. (See Romans 9:10-13). Jacob fathered twelve sons, all of whom were counted as the seed of the woman, the seed of the promise, in fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. The names of Jacob’s twelve sons born to him through Leah, Rachel, Bilah, and Zilpah are as follows: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph and Benjamin. These twelve sons all produced families that greatly enlarged the seed of the woman and in time they were all taken with the exception of Joseph who was already in Egypt…down into the land of Egypt as God had promised Abraham in Genesis 15:13-16.

Genesis chapter 46 gives the chronology of the seed of the woman, the seed of Isaac through Jacob/Israel that went down into Egypt. There was a total of 70 souls living in Egypt in B.C. 1706 that were counted as the seed of promise, the seed of Isaac, or the seed of the woman of Genesis 3:15. It must never, I repeat never be forgotten that Isaac himself was the child of the promise, born through a miraculous process, that foreshadowed the virgin-birth of Jesus Christ. Isaac was the man-child of promise through whom the holy seed line was to be preserved upon this earth. Genesis 12:1-3, Genesis 15:1-21, Genesis 17:1-8, and Genesis 21:12 are all very important in establishing Isaac as the seed line of promise, the seed of the woman, as prophesied by God in Genesis 3:15. Read Romans chapter 9, 10 & 11 with the above quoted scriptures.

After Israel’s long sojourn in Egypt they were organized into a Kingdom of Priests under the leadership of Moses and for the next forty years were confined to an area known as the Sinai Wilderness. After taking the Promised Land under Joshua they were ruled over by a long series of Judges until about B.C. 1095 when Saul became their king. After a forty year long reign by Saul, David, and then Solomon, the Kingdom of Israel, then representing the seed of the woman on this earth, was divided into two separate kingdoms or nations, in about B.C. 975 with death of Solomon. After B.C. 975 the Kingdom of Israel, the seed of the woman, became permanently separated into two separate peoples, thereafter to be known as the House of Israel and the House of Judah. In all the Pauline Epistles in the New Testament the word Gentiles should read Israel or Israelites and the word Jew in most cases should read Judah. St. Paul was speaking and addressing all of his Epistles to the peoples of Israel…primarily to those Israel Tribes who had been divorced and henceforth known as the Divorced Wife or the Wild Olive Tree.

The Northern Kingdom of Israel began its separate existence after the death of Solomon in B.C. 975, with its capitol in Samaria, and was ruled over by nineteen different kings, beginning with Jeroboam and ending with Hoshea. These nineteen different kings were from nine different dynasties. The Kingdom of Israel under evil Kings moved toward a rapid state of moral degeneracy and the Assyrians after several invasions into the Kingdom of Israel managed to totally deport all the Israelites in about B.C. 721 and moved them en masse into the Assyrian wilderness. The Northern Kingdom comprised of ten tribed Israel, plus a portion of Levi, held their Kingdom only for a period of about 254 years. Following their departure into the Assyrian Wilderness they later appeared upon the stage of history under new names.

As this White Christian/Israel seed of the woman made their way westward across northwestern Europe and to the British Isles they were called by many different names. The Persians called them Sakae. The Greeks called them Scythians. The Romans called them Dacians. These white Christian/Israel people were gradually over the centuries, making their way across all the countries of Western Europe and to the British Isles. As they settled for a time both North and South of the Black Sea in their movement across Europe, especially in the region of Asia Minor, we find them mentioned frequently in the New Testament Scriptures. St. Paul addressed all of his Epistles to the saints who were the holy seed of “the Woman” because St. Paul was chosen of God to be the Apostle to the “Gentiles,” more correctly translated White Christian “Nations.” The church at Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, Philippi, Rome, Colossia, Thessalonia, and elsewhere were all assemblies or churches (Greek ekklesia) of the seed of the woman of Genesis 3:15, identified as the seed of Isaac or White Christian Israel people of the Divorced Wife, Wild Olive Tree, Ten Tribed Israel Kingdom that had been carried away into captivity by the Assyrians.

Later on in history this particular branch of the Holy Seed of the Woman moved westward into Europe and northward into Scandinavia and the British Isles. They appeared under the names of the Franks, Angles, Goths, Saxons, Celts, Visgoths, Ostrogoths, Lombards, Belgae, Norsemen, North men, Vikings, Danes, Varangians, Germani, Alemani, Teutons, and others, but they were still the seed of the foregoing tribal units of Israel people emerged as political states under the name Germany, Denmark, France, England, Scotland, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and other countries of northwestern and eastern Europe. In time the descendants of these same people migrated into America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and elsewhere to bring about the fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham, that his seed would bless all the nations or families of the earth.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah, made up of the tribe of Judah, Benjamin, and a portion of Levi, located their capitol in Jerusalem and existed as a nation until about B.C. 588. This portion of the Seed of the Woman existed for about 370 years under nineteen kings and one queen, all of the lineage or Dynasty of David. The first King was Rehoboam, followed by Abijah, Asa, Jehosaphat, Jehoram, Ahaziah, Athaliah (Queen), Jehoash, Amaziah, Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, Manasseh, Amon, Josiah, Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah. Every one of these kings, and the one queen, were all of the royal seed of David, of the tribe of Judah, of the House of Israel, of the seed line of Isaac, in fulfillment of the seed that the woman in Genesis 3:15 was to bring forth upon this earth.

When Jesus Christ was born into this earth he was of the same royal lineage of David of the Tribe of Judah, of the Seed of Isaac, or the seed of the woman. Following the foreign invasion of this Southern Kingdom by the Babylonian or Chaldean Kings in 606 to 585 B.C. the throne and sceptre of the Royal House of David was carried by Jeremiah the Prophet to Ireland. The throne of David has suffered three overturns, from Jerusalem to Ireland, Ireland to Scotland, and Scotland to England, and will be no more overturned until HE comes (Jesus Christ) whose right it is to rule and reign. Read Ezekiel Chapter 12 and 21.

It should be noted that before the Babylonian Invasion of the Southern Kingdom by Nebuchadnezzar beginning in B.C. 606 and reaching its completion in the Seventy year Babylonian Captivity beginning in 585 B.C., there had been an Assyrian Invasion into the Southern Kingdom of Judah by Sennacherib in B.C. 713. About 200,000 of the best of the Stock of Judah were carried away into the Assyrian Wilderness to be joined with their Israel Brothers who were on their way toward the appointed places in Asia Minor, Europe, and elsewhere. Also remember that there is strong evidence of the best part of Benjamin had left Jerusalem and joined themselves unto Israel. (See Jeremiah 6:1). Yahweh only left enough of the seed of Judah and Benjamin in Jerusalem and in the Babylonian Captivity to carry forth His purpose of bringing forth the Birth of Christ and the Ministry of Jesus Christ into this earth. See the Assyrian invasion of Judah in II Kings 118:13.

In conclusion you will note that the Seed of the Woman of Genesis 3:15 is the major theme of the entire Bible. Nearly all of the Old Testament from Genesis 12:1 to the last Chapter of Malachi involve Israel, the seed of Isaac, or the seed of the woman. An exception would be Esther. All the books of the Law, History, Prophecy, Poetry, and Literature are centered and woven around the history of the Seed of the Woman. The New Testament is no different. All of the Pauline Epistles are written directly to the Seed of the Woman or the Seed of Isaac. James and Peter both address their epistles to the Tribes of Israel. One Book in the New Testament is entitled the book of Hebrews. Remember the Hebrews were the seed of the woman or Israel coming through Isaac. Remember also that Jesus Christ came but into the lost sheep of the House of Israel, (Matthew 15:24) and he sent his twelve apostles only unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Furthermore Jesus Christ came only to Redeem Israel, the Seed of the Woman through Isaac, Luke 24:21, John 1:31, Luke 1:54-68, and John 10:1-42. Jesus Christ came into the earth as the Kinsman Redeemer of the Seed of Isaac and that seed was first planted in this earth by Adam and Eve. The good seed of the Parable of the Tares and the Wheat in Matthew Chapter 13 was the good seed of the Woman. The wicked seed of the Parable is identified as the children of the wicked one…

Now, in summary form, we have traced the Seed of the Woman through the Bible and have identified the Seed of the Woman on this earth today as being the White Christian Nations of the Western World. The true Israel of God can today be identified in the White Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic nations of America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Northwestern Europe and Scandinavians. The White Western World is now fighting for its very life! Al the nations of the world, headed up by Soviet Russia, are federated against the SEED OF THE WOMAN. (Read Psalm 83). The white seed of the Woman (National Israel) is locked in a death-struggle with the anti-Christ Jew and the international combine of communist and third world nations who are determined to wipe out, to utterly destroy from this earth, the seed of Isaac, the Seed of the Woman. In order to understand the Battle Lines that are being drawn in the earth today, we must again retrace our steps to Genesis 3:15 and unveil the Identity of the Seed of the Serpent. The unveiling of the Identity of the Seed of the Woman as Which Christian Israel and the Seed of the Serpent as International Jewry is the seed plot of the entire Bible and of understanding the front page of every newspaper being printed in the western world today. Without identifying the Seed of the Woman and the seed of the serpent there can be no Kingdom Identity Truth. There is no Gospel of the Kingdom where this message of Genesis 3:15 is deleted, compromised, spiritualized, or ignored. The very heart and soul of the Kingdom/Identity truth is the exposition, identification and the labeling of these two seeds in Genesis 3:15. Jesus Christ labeled, exposed, and identified these two seeds during His earthly Ministry and we can do no less! The identification of the Seed of the Woman and the Serpent may not be a popular doctrine among those who cater to please the creeds of the National and World Council of Churches, but I believe that it is time for every Minister and every Church to get either hot or cold about this Gospel of the Kingdom. I am resolved that true Kingdom/Identity people will be “hot” about the business of identifying the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent and in so doing, they will enlighten the eyes of our people and open their ears to the truth of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and History


Again we ask that you read Genesis 3:15. Yahweh our God is speaking to the serpent, who is standing before God as a very intelligent being. He is told by Almighty God that there will be enmity (hatred) (warfare) between thy seed (the serpent) and the seed of the woman. The same word seed that we have previously traced back to both the original Hebrew and Greek is again the crucial question at hand. If the woman was to have seed, then the serpent must of necessity also have seed. We must be consistent. The only thing consistent about those who wish to deny or do away with the seed of the serpent is their inconsistency. They acknowledge on the one hand that the woman has a seed but they deny that the serpent has a seed. This type of spiritualizing away the literal truth of the scripture is an old practice among not only modern theologians but the practice or habit of spiritualizing literal Bible Truth is a well known fact among all schools of theology dating back for hundreds of years into the history of our white race. How else do you think we lost the Identity of our White Christian Seed on this earth? We lost the truth of the Holy Bible because apostate clergymen, churchmen, began to spiritualize the literal truth of the Bible out of existence. Which Christian people have generally been oblivious to the Jews and their lies because the Jews were never identified…either in scripture or in history by the apostate clergy.

Now, very briefly let us chronicle the seed line of Satan in this earth, first by tracing this seed through the Holy Scriptures. First, you will note that in the marginal reference column of most Bibles that Genesis 3:15 when speaking of the seed of the serpent will refer you directly to such scriptures as Matthew 3:7, 13:38, 23:33, John 8:44, Acts 13:10, I John 3:8-12 and others. You are now looking into a very basic, elementary, fundamental truth of Scripture in identifying the serpent’s seed. The truth of God’s Word is not complex. In fact it is so simple that most people cannot comprehend it. In every one of the foregoing Scriptures the serpent’s seed is identified as the Jew, sometimes called the Pharisees, serpents, vipers, race of serpents, children of hell, and other such names by JESUS CHRIST AND THE WRITERS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. Jesus Christ and every New Testament writer identified the Jew as the seed of Satan or the seed of the serpent…why cannot this truth be discerned by God’s People? Because not everyone was born with spiritual discernment having eyes that see and ears that hear. If you are one of God’s Sons, one of His seed through the Woman, quickened by the Holy Spirit you will see and hear and understand the truth that the serpent does have a literal seed line on this earth today…and from the time of Genesis 3:15. Jesus Christ taught this truth and so did every writer of the New Testament including St. Paul. If you cannot see, hear, understand or contain this basic Kingdom Identity Truth then do not become disturbed, for until this day some of the Seed of the Woman are in blindness as to the truth of God’s Word. In fact, most of the White Christian Israel Seed of the Woman are in spiritual blindness. Only the ecclesia, the very elect, can perceive and understand the truth of the two seeds of Genesis 3:15.

The first manifested seed of the serpent upon this earth was Cain. Cain is missing from Adam’s genealogy not because he sinned but because he was not of Adam’s seed. Cain was fathered by Satan. Jesus Christ indicted the Jewish Pharisees whom he called serpents, a race o vipers, (Matthew 23:33) with all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom they slew between the temple and the altar. Matthew 23:35. Why did Jesus Christ trace the lineage of he Jewish Pharisees back to Cain? Your Saviour charged the Jews with all the righteous blood shed upon this earth for some four thousand years of history…from Cain (About B.C. 4003) unto the shedding of the blood of Zacharias in about A.D. 33. Don’t let anyone, I mean anyone, allow you to forget that Jesus Christ traced the Jewish Pharisees back into history for some four thousand years and he traced them to a seed called Cain.

In John 8:13-59 we have another occasion when Jesus Christ is witnessing the enmity of the Jewish Pharisees. In John 8:38 Jesus Christ speaking to the Jews declares: “I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.” Who are these two fathers? If you have eyes to see and ears to hear…Jesus Christ is speaking of to distinct fathers…the Jews are not of His seed, not of his planting. Jesus Christ finally tells the Jewish-Pharisees that “ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murdered from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44. Again Jesus Christ traced the Jews back to Cain…who was a murderer from the beginning. Let us also be mindful that the same St. John who wrote about the Jews in the Gospel of John also authored other New Testament books. In I John 3:11-12 we are told that”…Cain, who was of that wicked one…” Smith & Goodspeed translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures translates this passage”…not like Cain, who originated with the wicked one…” If you will receive it the same St. John who recorded Jesus Christ as saying that the Jews’ father was a murderer from the beginning…(John 8:44) also tells you in I John 3:11-12 until forever…but you will never change the weight of these words…the Jews are being identified by the scripture and that is why the Identity Truth…the Gospel of the Kingdom is different from all other denominational preaching in the western world today.

Now to return to Cain of the Old Testament. We have seen plenty of evidence of his descendants in the New Testament and you are without spiritual discernment if you have not already been convinced that the serpent had seed. In Genesis chapter four we have almost the entire chapter being devoted to Cain…his birth, his offering, his transgression, his sin, and finally his punishment. The punishment inflicted upon Cain is what we are very much concerned with at this time. In Genesis 4:11-12 we find that Cain is being cursed from the earth. The ground will not henceforth yield unto him and he is to be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth. Last but by no means least, Cain was given a mark, a physical condition that would forever mark him and his seed after him.

It should be carefully remember that all of the judgment inflicted upon Cain became a genetic inheritance of the seed line of Cain. All of Cain’s offspring were to carry these traits in their genes. They would never earn their living from the soil, they would always dwell in cities, they would always be fugitives and vagabonds and they would all possess certain physical and mental characteristics that would forever brand them as the seed line of Satan. You will note that Acts 19:13 calls the Jews vagabond…and this truth is again declared by David in Psalms 109:10. It will also be noted that Isaiah 3:9 in speaking of the Jews declares: “The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not…” The International Jew of today, like his ancestors of old, is in possession of a certain number of physical and mental qualities that make them different from all other races or peoples upon this earth. They think differently because they are different. They look differently because they have a visage fixed by Divine Decree. They are the man of sin, the son of perdition, the children of the wicked one in this earth. They were allowed to be in this earth to fulfill the decree of Genesis 3:15. After all, how could there be enmity between the woman and the serpent…unless the serpent fathered a seed line into this earth…to wage war and enmity against the seed of the woman. The serpent had to have seed or Genesis 3:15 will not fit into the cannon of divine truth.

Cain was a man marked by Almighty God. He was the seed of the wicked one. His father was Satan. Jesus Christ and St. John both made these statements more than nineteen hundred years before this booklet was written. Cain was a merchant and a trafficker. The word Canaanite means peddler, merchant, and trafficker. See Hebrew Chaldee Dictionary of Strong’s Concordance #3669. Cain was marked with a swarthy skin. He was marked with a nose that always be his trademark. Some of his seed, Jews, would look like White People only because the seed of Cain was married into our race. This has often resulted in some confusion. The children of Cain would always be involved in the money racket and the baser things of life. They would always live in the cities and feed on the sweat of other people’s labor. They would be the vampire race, the leech of this world. The Jew would forever be at enmity with the seed of the woman. Cain would exist on this earth as the accursed seed, as the bastard race, whose ultimate goal would be the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the destruction of Christianity.

In Genesis 4:16-24 we have Cain’s Seed Line named in the Scripture. Cain having married a wife from a Pre-Adamic Creation, immediately went into the business of building cities. He immediately began to name his offspring by the various names that were also being used by the Seed of the Woman. In Genesis 4:17-18 we have an Enoch, Mehusael, and a Lemech. The seed of Cain was then as they are now, taking the good Christian names of the seed of the woman and hiding behind these names. It should be noted that the word Cainan never appeared in Adam’s genealogy. In Genesis 5:9-14 the word Cainan should have been translated Kenan, and is so translated in the NKJV in I Chronicles 1:2. Genesis 4:16-24 takes us through a great expanse of time and brings us to the time of Noah’s Flood. It should be carefully noted that the Seed Line of Cain is carefully Chronicled in the Bible in Genesis Ch. 4. Cain, Enoch, Irad, Mehujael Methusael, Lamech, Jabel, Jubal, and Tubal-Cain. This satanic seed line multiplied and grew into a large body of people by the time Noah of the righteous seed line is born into the earth.

It is also very important to remember that during the vast time of history, during the pre-flood years, the Satanic Seed Line of Cain was engaged in bringing forth all manner of evil upon this earth including the foundation of what is later called the Mystery Religions of Babylon. All of the occult powers of darkness were rampant among this Satanic Seed. The beginning of Cabalism and Black Magic can be traced to Cain. Cain was one of the most powerful and influential persons ever to appear upon the world stage in terms of wicked and evil accomplishments. Jewish Cabalism had it’s beginning with the man Cain. The origin of secret societies and subversive movements all were part of the satanic seed line that began with Cain. All of the secret occult movements in history in history had their origin with the secret oaths and initiation doctrines promulgated by the Seed Line of Cain.

When we arrive at the time of Noah the earth was apparently well populated with both 1) the Seed of the Woman and 2) the Seed of Cain. Both of the two seed lines of Genesis 3:15 can be clearly traced after the flood because Jesus Christ did so in Matthew 23 and John 8. The important thing to remember is that Jesus Christ acknowledged according to the eye witness account of two Disciples, St. Matthew and St. John, that the Jewish Pharisees descended from Cain and that this race was responsible for all the righteous blood shed upon this earth from righteous Abel down to the Father of John the Baptist. See St. Matthew 23 and John 8. In Genesis 9:18 we are told that Canaan was the son of Ham. It is also very plain that this Canaan was not a blessed seed of the woman, but apparently was mothered by a Canaanite woman of the Satanic Seed Line. In Genesis 9:25 the man Canaan is cursed by God and this cursed seed of Canaan became a continuation of the Seed of Cain upon the earth. This Canaanite Seed Line was all ordered destroyed by Divine Edict as recorded in Deuteronomy 20:16-18.

In Genesis 10:15-20 we are given the satanic seed line of Canaan and the names of this satanic line are as follows: Canaan, Sidon, Heth, the Jebusite, Amorite, Girgashites, Hivite, Arkite, Sinite, Arvadite, Zemarite, and the Hamathite. All of these peoples were classified as the familiar of the Canaanites. (Genesis 10:18). They settled in an area defined in Genesis 10:19 which places them in the very area that Abraham found them in as recorded in Genesis 12:6. These Canaanite tribes multiplied in time into the seven nations of Canaan as listed in Deuteronomy 7:1. The Hittites, Girashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites. These were the satanic seed line that occupied the land wherein Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were told to go. This satanic seed practiced every evil and wicked abomination described under heaven. Their idolatry and wickedness was so great and so baneful in the eyes of God that He ordered them al destroyed at the hands of His Israel people.

The wicked seed of the serpent (the Canaanite Nations) were so terrible that God had told Israel (the promised seed of the woman through Isaac) to utterly destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves, burn their cities to the ground, and to utterly consume them. God even told His Israel people that if they failed to utterly destroy this Canaanite seed from the earth that they would according to Joshua 23:13 be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your side, and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish from off this good land which Yahweh your God hath given you. These Canaanite thorns later plagued the Apostle Paul to no end for they constantly opposed His teaching the truth of Jesus Christ just as they do in America and all over the western world today.

At this point it should be remembered that Esau married into this satanic seed line when he took to wife Judith the Hittite and Bashemath the Hittite (Genesis 26:34). The fusion of Esau and his seed through these Canaanite women becomes very important in understanding the subsequent development of this satanic seed line through history. In Genesis 36:1-43 we have an entire chapter devoted to the Seed Line of Esau that now becomes fused with the satanic seed of the Canaanite serpent seed line. You will take particular note of Amalek who was Esau’s grandson. The Amalekites in time became one of the very worst of the Canaanite seed line. The descendants of Esau were called Edomites. From Esau’s marriage into the Canaanite seed line we pick up two new names…which are very important to subsequent historical developments. These two names are the Edomites and the Amalekites. Read Exodus 17:8-16 to see what God said about Israel’s perpetual warfare against this Amalek branch of the serpent’s seed.

Isaiah 34:5 describes a portion of the Esau-Edomite line and calls them Idumea, the people of my curse. The Edom-Esau portion of the serpent seed line is further discussed in Isaiah 63:16, Jeremiah 49:7-22, Ezekiel 35:1-15, and Obadiah 1:1-21. This Edomite branch of the serpents seed in time did become and continues to this day to be, the most satanic and vile portion of this evil seed. Herod was an Edomite and you know that he ordered male children of the seed of promise, of the Woman’s Seed destroyed. The Herodians were Idumeans and the Idumeans were Edomites. The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925, Vol. 5 page 41, states “Edom is in modern Jewry,” this is also corraboration by the Biblica Enc., Vol.2, Col 1187. This Edomite branch, this Red, Edomite, Idumean seed line is Today the guiding mind of the Serpent seed upon this earth.

Another Canaanite intrusion into the Seed of the Woman took place when Judah married a Canaanite woman (Shuah) and from this union three sons were born, Er, Onan, and Shelah. Shelah was the only one who lived to bear progeny but the Shelanite faction of the serpent seed line also caused problems for the Seed of the Woman. In fact it was descendants through Esau-Edom and Judah-Shelah that stood before Jesus Christ in John 8 and declared themselves to be the children of Abraham. They claimed descent from Abraham through this type of race-mixing. Jesus Christ however exposed them for what they really were, not the children of Abraham, (John 8:39-44) but the children of Satan. Please keep in mind that the proper dividing of God’s Word as to the Seed of the Woman and the seed of the serpent of Genesis 3:15 is what St. Paul had in mind when he spoke of the true seed of Abraham, the children of the promise in Romans 9. When we fail to properly divide the good seed form the evil seed we make the word of God of None Effect. (Romans 9:6).

It is important to remember that at the time of Joshua and the children of Israel were trying to take the promised land that the Seven Nations of the Canaanite Seed Line of the Serpent (Deut. 7:1) were also joined by the Adomite, Amalek, Shelanite, seed line. The serpent seed is rapidly by this time becoming a fusion of the most baneful of the genetic seed line of this earth, and continues to be so Today. For to this very hour the descendants of this same satanic seed sit in High Places in every Government in the western world and they own and control both the power of money and the printing presses, radio, television, and publishing houses of America and every other government the Western World.

It is very important to remember that Israel (the promised seed of the woman) did not utterly destroy the seed of the serpent, the Canaanite nations and a review of the book of Joshua and Judges will quickly reveal that large numbers of this Canaanite seed were left alive and flourishing in the earth. The failure of Israel to expel and destroy this Cananite Seed from their midst was the reason for Israel’s subsequent moral, spiritual, and political fall. Any nation that permits this satanic seed line to flourish will soon find them in total control of the financial institutions, news media, university chairs, leading governmental positions, and in total power over the very life and direction that a nation takes. The satanic seed of the Canaanite/Edomite/Amalek line flourished in this earth in spite of God’s order to have them utterly destroyed and they continued to flourish in the Middle East and in western Asia during Israel’s deportation into the Assyrian wilderness. In fact, ancient Babylon, hand long been the stronghold of the seed of Satan in this earth. The central seat of Canaanite authority was always located in Babylon until the return of the Judeans and (many Canaanites) to Jerusalem following the Seventy Year Babylonian Captivity. Read Ezra 9 and 10 for a complete history of the fact that the wicked seed line of Satan did attempt to corrupt and mix with the seed of the woman following the end of the Babylonian Captivity. Also read the Book of Nehemiah, especially Chapter 7.

From the last book written in the Old Testament (Malachi) unto the first book of the New Testament (Matthew) we have about four hundred years of history taking place. To find out what happened during this long four hundred years of Biblical silence you must go to sources outside the Bible. There are plenty of records available both in secular and in non-canonical Books of the Holy Bible. Briefly what you have taking place during this long four hundred year silence in Bible History with regard to 1) the Seed of the Woman and 2) the Seed of the serpent is this. The seed of the Woman, was primarily in dispersion, moving slowly across Asia Minor, through Europe and on to the appointed homelands of our White Race. Another portion of our Israel Seed of the Woman as living in the very areas of Asia Minor where the Apostle Paul and other Writers of the New Testament were doing their missionary work and they were writing and visiting these people. Another portion of the Seed of the Woman, mostly of Judah and Benjamin, was living in and around Jerusalem and Galilee to fulfill prophecies concerning the birth and ministry of Jesus Christ.

During the long four hundred year history the seed of Satan is the form of the Canaanite/Edomite/Amalekite seed line was also flourishing in Palestine, in Jerusalem in particular, where they had through the Edomite line, ascended to the highest religious and political positions of power, and this wicked seed was spread through the Middle East into all the principle cities and trade areas. When we arrive at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ this wicked seed of the serpent is in total control of the religious and temple life of the people in Jerusalem. They had filled Jerusalem with the doctrines of the Talmud which the Jews had carried with them to Jerusalem from Babylon. In fact after about B.C. 536 the Canaanite seed line began to be called by the name Jew. From the time of the return of the Babylonian Captivity the Canaanite seed line is lost in the name Jew and Edomite or Herodians.

The Jewish Pharisees and scribes represented this evil seed line in New Testament times as did King Herod. Let us look into the New Testament and see from selected passages how prominent the Jewish seed line of the serpent was in New Testament times. In Matthew 3:7-12 we find John the Baptist being opposed by this satanic Jew seed line and John called them a race of vipers. Why did he call them a race of serpents? Was it because they were the seed of the serpent living on this earth in A.D. 26? Notice what Matthew 3:12 says about this chaff (seed of the Jews) being burned with unquenchable fire. As you read through the Four Gospels, chapter after chapter, you are confronted time and time again, with the serpent Jew seed line of Satan attempting to refute and destroy Jesus Christ and His Truth. This is that eternal enmity that was placed between these two seed lines in Genesis 3:15.

In Matthew 13:24-30 and 37-43 we find a most remarkable Parable and one of the most important parables revealed by Jesus Christ. Here in this Parable Jesus Christ plainly declared (for those having eyes to see and ears to hear) Matthew 13:11-13 that while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. (Matthew 13:25) Later Jesus Christ confirmed in Matthew 13:37-38 that the good seed, the Wheat, the Seed of the Woman, was sowed in this earth by Jesus Christ and that the tares, the seed of the wicked one, were sown in this field (the world) by the Devil. (Matthew 13:37-43) Here is a Parable that take you right back to Genesis and the Garden of Eden. Satan sowed his wicked seed in this earth and this seed has been at enmity with the good seed of the woman that “The Son of Man” sowed in this earth when He formed Adam and placed him in the Garden eastward from Eden. You cannot spiritualize this Parable away. The word seed as used here has already been discussed and you cannot evade or spiritualize away the literal meaning of this Parable. Jesus Christ clearly revealed the entire history of the Seed of the Woman and the seed of the serpent, from Genesis to the end of this AGE, and they who have eyes to see and ears to hear will discern the truth of this parable. Those who cannot will continue to parrot the same old theological modern church line of the National & World Council of Churches.

In Matthew 16:8-12 Jesus Christ warned His disciples to be aware of the doctrines of the Jewish Pharisees. The leaven of the Pharisees consisted in the teachings of the Jewish Talmud which originated in Babylon and was all a part of the cabalistic teachings of the seed line of the serpent. The entire 23rd Chapter of St. Matthew is an indictment against the serpent seed by Jesus Christ. In verse 15 Jesus told the Jews that they would compass sea and land to make one proselyte and when “he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” Who were the children of hell? They were the Jews and the Jews are the seed of Satan in this earth. In Matthew 23:35 he charges them with all the righteous blood shed upon the earth for the past four thousand years. Think about it? What was it that made Jesus Christ so hated by the Jews? It was that enmity that your God placed between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman in Genesis 3:15.

In Mark Chapter 7 we find Jesus Christ again at war with the seed of the serpent, the Canaanite Jews. Jesus Christ exposed their traditions. The tradition of the Jews was the Babylonian Talmud and all the other Satanic doctrines that had been compiled in Babylon for several thousand years. Again Jesus Christ was at war with the Jews in St. Luke 11:37-54. By the testimony of Luke Jesus Christ laid the blame for all the righteous Blood of Abel down to Zacharias, upon the seed of the serpent, the Canaanite Jew. Again St. Luke in 12:1 records Jesus Christ warning His disciples to beware of the leaven (the Talmudic Doctrines) of the Serpent Race of Jews. Read the Parable of the Husbandmen (St. Luke 20:9-19) wherein Jesus Christ revealed the plot of the satanic seed of the serpent to kill him. In John 6:70 Jesus Christ declared: “Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil? Keep in mind my friend that Judas Iscariot had something in his genetic makeup that made him a son of perdition. Please remember that Jesus Christ never converted one satanic Jew…because genetically they are the seed of Satan and cannot be converted to Jesus Christ and if anyone thinks they can be converted more power to you…you did something that Jesus Christ said could not be done because they could not hear his voice. Judas Iscariot was of this satanic seed line and John 13:27 only confirms that the spirit of Satan dwelt in a body of satanic seed.

In St. John 7:1 Jesus Christ could no more walk among the serpent seed of Jewry because the Jews sought to kill him. In John 8:23 Jesus Christ told the Jews: “Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.” Here is a truth if you will receive it. The Jews are from beneath. Jesus Christ declared in Matthew 15:13 that every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted, (in this earth) shall be rooted up.” The Jews were not planted in this earth by the direct creation of Jesus Christ but rather by the pro-creative power of the serpent and if you have not read Enoch’s account of how the higher order of angels mixed their seed with that seed of Adam you have never understood Genesis chapter. 6 nor have you considered the fact that the serpent was not an ordinary angel but indeed was an arch-angel fully capable of the power of pro-creation, not creation, but pro-creation, producing offspring.

In John 8:38 Jesus Christ plainly told the Jews that He and They had different fathers. Is this not what Genesis 3:15 is telling you? Read all of John 8:38-59. This entire chapter is a continuation of the enmity that was to exist between the seed of the serpent and the Seed of the Woman. In John 8:44 Jesus Christ told the Jews (and the Word of God is telling you) that the Jews are of their father the devil and their father is traced back to Cain. Read verse 47. The Jews could not hear God’s Word because they were not a direct creation of God, they were the seed of the serpent. In John 10:26 Jesus Christ told the Jews: “But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.” Why could the Jews not believe? Because they were not the genetic seed of God…they were not the offspring or issue of God as was Adam. Remember Jesus Christ said that the good seed, the Seed of the Woman, was sown in this earth by Jesus Christ. Matthew 13:37.

In John 15:22-27 Jesus Christ is telling why He came to speak to this wicked seed line f the Jews. Because He spoke to them, and because they refused to hear the truth and rejected the truth, they are without a cloak to hide their sins. This will be the justification for Luke 19:27 to take place and you can be sure that the gathering of this wicked Jew seed into Palestine is all to the end that judgment can be pronounced upon them in the very place where they spilled the righteous blood of Jesus Christ. The Head of the Jewish serpent race will be crushed in the very place where they attempted the death of Jesus Christ.

The entire book of Acts records the enmity waged between the Jews and the Apostles, or Seed of the Woman. Note Acts 13:10 where in St. Paul called Elymas, a member of the serpent race, the child of the devil, and the enemy of all righteousness.

As you read through the narrative of the remainder of the New Testament you find St. Paul and other of the Apostles and writers of the books of the New Testament, in constant warfare with the Jews who are the seed of the serpent. In fact Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, calls the Jews the synagogue of Satan. Why were they called the synagogue of Satan? Because they were a seed of the serpent in this earth. The New Testament reveals two races and two religions. The Seed of the Woman and the true Faith of Jesus Christ and the seed of the serpent in this earth. The New and the true Faith of Jesus Christ and the seed of the serpent and the satanic teachings of the Jewish Talmud. When the Bible closes its record in Revelation the seed of the serpent is at total enmity with the Seed of the Woman.

As you follow the Seed of the serpent through history he has left a very vivid trail. For the past nineteen and more centuries this serpent race has attacked the foundations of every Christian State on this earth and has fought a relentless war with the seed of the woman. After 70 A.D. when the Jews were defeated and banished from Jerusalem by the Roman armies under Titus, they divided into two groups with the Sephardim moving along the coast of North Africa and on into Greece, Rome, and Spain and elsewhere. The Ashkenazim branch of Jewry moved North and settled throughout Asia Minor, Eastern Europe, and north between the Caucasus and the Volga into the present State of Russia. In the first centuries of the Christian Era the Jews were rapidly becoming the merchants, the tailors, traffickers, bankers, traders, and usury experts as well as the power behind the throne of many governments. Jewish control of the power of money was largely responsible for the suppressed economic conditions that had settled down over Europe and which resulted in the Dark Ages. When the Jews were expelled from certain key areas of Europe a re-birth of culture began and the European Renaissance was on.

Now, it is vital that you remember that this Ashkenazim branch of satanic seed (the Jews) that moved north and west out of Palestine after 70 A.D. made their way gradually into the vast area between the Caucasus and the Volga Rive and this is the general geographic area out of which the Khazar Empire was spawned. Remember it was from the Khazaria Empire which stretched from the Caspian to the Black sea with it’s capitol at Ityl, that the branch of the Ashkenazim Jews were to come, and they were composed of that satanic seed of Canaanite/Edomite/Amalekite seedline together with other Mongol, Turkic racial affinities. The Khazar Kingdom lasted from about 600 A.D. until 1016 A.D. when it was conquered by the Slavs. From this time forth the Khazar peoples who had embraced Judaism, the Talmud, and all the trappings of the satanic seed, because they were indeed of this Canaanite/Edomite line of Mongol/Turko blood affinities, began to move into Poland and other areas of southern and eastern Europe. It was this branch of the serpent seed of the Jewish people that began to migrate en masse, to America in the late 1800’s and early 20th century. For a detailed accounting of the Khazar Kingdom read “The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage” by Arthur Koeslter (Random House) and the Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty. Chestnut Mountain Books, Barboursville, Virginia. You must read both of these books to complete the detailed history of the Khazar Kingdom as the Jewish seed of the serpent moved forth from this kingdom to engulf Poland and other European states and moved throughout Europe and on to America. Also remember that #7014 in Strong’s Concordance tells us that the Canaanite’s were an Oriental Tribe and so were the Khazars.

In truth, the serpent seed of the Jews of today are a mixture of many peoples. First the Canaanite, then the Edomite, Amalekites, Mongols, Huns and Turks. They have indeed become the most vile satanic seed ever to exist upon this earth. You merely have to familiarize yourself with their Talmud and other Cabalistic writing and their wrecking of Christian Culture for the past six thousand years to really understand what the Jews have done to us. This perfidious race of parasites, this vampire race of satanic seed, has caused rivers of White Christian Blood to flow throughout Europe and all over the World. This satanic seed line of merchants, bankers, media-masters, and mafia criminals, have initiated every major war in this century and have kept the White Christian Nations of the Seed of the Woman in constant war with each other…while this satanic seed of the serpent sit in their counting houses counting the billions made from World War I, World War II, and now contemplate World War III. This my dead White Christian people is the reason why every Christian man and woman of the Seed of the Woman must know and understand this Satanic seed line, and what they have done and are continuing to do upon this earth.

The satanic seed of the serpent of Genesis 3:15, now identified as International Jewry is the most highly organized race of people on the face of the earth. The Jews have organized everything into some type of organization and they control most or nearly all of the organizations in existence. The Jews control the Blacks through the N.A.A.C.P., they control our foreign policy through the C.F.R. They Control the Protestant Christianity through the National and World Council of Churches and through the National Conference of Christians and Jews. They control the Catholic Church by infiltrating into policy making position of power. The control large segments of America through the Masonic lodge. They control both the Republican and Democratic parties. In short, the Jews control nearly every major organization in existence and thus direct destiny of the blacks, both left and right wing social, political, and religious organizations as well as all the national media industry.

The Jews have a highly developed network of organizations through which they exercise total control over all Jews, the world over. Some of the more well known Jewish organizations would be B’nai B’rith, the American Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League, which operates as a secret Jewish Police Squad throughout America. Another Jewish organization which few people know about is the Jewish Kehilla. This super-secret organization is controlled by a international course of the Kehilla. These 300 Jews in reality chart the financial, political, social, and religious program of most of the nations of the world and they do it with 1) unlimited money, 2) the control of all propaganda and 3) Highly complex organizations.

The Jewish Kehilla is the international Jewish Network that governs the political destiny of most of the world. At the top of this satanic organization sits one man, known as the King of the Jews, who is the world wide leader of World Jewry. The world is divided into Eastern and Western Hemispheres under the Kehilla organization with one man sitting under the King of the Jews for both the eastern and western hemisphere is called a Sponsor. There are only two of these satanic leaders, one for each Hemisphere. Under each of these two Sponsors sit seven Jews called Arch-Censors. This first eschelon is called the 7th degree of the Kehilla. Each of these know their leader and each other. Each of these seven have another seven under them comprising a total of 49 satanic Jews. These are all called Minister and make up the 6th degree of the Kehilla. Each of these 49 satanic seed line of Satan have seven men under him called Herald making the 5th degree. Each of these 343 Jews have seven Jews under him called Courtiers making 2,401 in the 4th degree. The principle of seven is carried all the way to the 1st degree. The 3rd degree eschelon is called a Scrivener, the second degree is called an Auditor and the first degree is the seventh eschelon is called a Mute.

The Kehilla is so super-secret that beyond the initial prince of the east or west, the sponsor who knows the seven Jews under him, none of the rest of the Kehilla members know who the others are. With this super secret, highly organized network of Jews. This powerful Kehilla can communicate world wide policies with a very minimum of effort. Each of these Eastern and Western divisions of the Kehilla command about one million Jews. Each man merely calls the seven men below him and in a matter of minutes the entire world wide Jewish Kehilla is moving forth to do whatever is needed at any given time to enhance the serpent seed on this earth—strikes, revolution, student riots, welfare riots, or just about any given act that will increase their concentration of money control, propaganda control, and the political and social domination of the Seed of the Woman, Which Christian Israel Nations of this earth.

The Basic Policies of the Kehilla are outlined in the format for the Jewish Domination of this world and are called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This document sets forth the basic policy of the Kehilla and anyone can readily see how history has moved forth during this century to fulfill the policies of these Jewish Protocols. You will note that Protocol Number III is introduced with reference to the Jewish symbolic snake representing political Zionism and it’s Judaism counterpart. The head of this Satanic snake was to represent those who were initiated into the very head or top positions of World Jewry with the body of the snake not aware of the vile direction that world Jewry was moving. It is very interesting to note that the Jews themselves selected the serpent as their symbol. Good Bible Students will not be taken by surprise because they know as do the Jews themselves, that the Jew is the seed of the serpent and they trace their beginning back to a Bible character named Cain. Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, a well known Jew, when writing in the Jewish publication, Liberal Judaism, January, 1949, about the newly created state of Israeli declared: “For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed…”

Is it any wonder that the Jews have plundered and wrecked White Christian Civilization for the past six thousand years, when most Christian people do not even understand who their enemy is or where he came from. Genesis 3:15 is intended to arm the Christian with this knowledge. There is no excuse for the truth Christian who has “eyes” to see and “ears” to hear…to not know his enemy and understand where he came from. The Jew is that satanic seed of the serpent and the bloody trial that he has left in history as he wages a relentless war against the seed of the woman has been stamped and written in blood in every generation for the past six thousand years of history.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion together with the Talmud, and other Jewish cabalistic writings, form the foundation for both Zionism and Judaism. The Talmud is one of the most vile, anti-Christian, satanic books ever written. It consists of 63 volumes of filth and gutter talk and is directed against Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith. The Talmud and not the Old Testament, forms the foundations for political Zionism and Judaism. Zionism is the political expression of religious Judaism, and both are hatched out of the most vile, satanic, mind that ever walked this earth…Satan himself in the form of a shining angel of light.

Now, the historical and Biblical record of both the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman would comprise a large volume of many hundreds of pages. This short expose’ is only intended to be a primer for further research on your part. For this reason a Bibliography of books dealing with both the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman is being provided in this study. You should very carefully read and study all of these books. If you do not own, or cannot afford to purchase these books, you should work with your group and make a concerted effort to engage other people in the study of this information and thus make it less expensive. You must arm yourself with knowledge. Knowledge is power and the Jew does not want White Christians, the Seed of the Woman, White Christian Israel, to be armed with this knowledge. You are therefore encouraged to Study to Show yourself approved before your God. Know who you are and know who your enemy is. Know God’s plan for the seed of the Woman, and God’s plan for the seed of the serpent. Your God is in control of both, but many millions of your race have perished…in that rive of White Christian Blood which has flowed through six thousand years of history…because they lived in ignorance and believed the lies of the Jews. Don’t you add to that river of White Christian Blood by believing the lie that the serpent did not begat seed through the woman Eve. Know the truth and the truth will set you free!

Now, for those who may feel that the two seed lines, that of the serpent, and that of the woman Eve, cannot be valid because it is a teaching that is preserved in the Mystery Religions of Babylon please take note. The Mystery Religions of Ancient Babylon have taken nearly every Bible Truth, including that of the Seed Lines, and have corrupted this TRUTH to fit their own particular purposes. If you would reject the teaching that Satan produced offspring, if you deny the literal announcement of Your God in Genesis 3:15 simply because it is something that is found in the ancient religions of Babylon, then you must also reject such fundamental truths as the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, the Godhead, Astronomy, the Holy Laws of God, and numerous other SOUND BIBLE TRUTHS, because all of these and more, have been borrowed and perverted, distorted and corrupted by the Ancient Religions of Babylon. The two seed lines, the teaching that the serpent did father seed, in varying forms, is like many other BIBLE TRUTHS, inculcated into these Pagan Religions. This does not lessen the truth of what the Bible says about the Seed Lines or any other Bible Truth that has been borrowed by the Pagan Religions. Don’t be fooled into discarding from your BIBLE KNOWLEDGE, one of the most fundamental and essential truths of all time…that of the two seed lines, announced by God, confirmed by the Holy Bible, and substantiated by six thousand years of precious White Christian Blood that has been spilled by a race of Devils that descended from a Biblical character called Cain. Remember: Jesus Christ according to two eye witnesses, St. Matthew and St. John, identified the Jewish Pharisees of His day, as having descended from Cain by way of Satan.

Perhaps another point which might enhance your understanding of Genesis 3:15 is a more detailed Study of Satan, who was that old serpent called the devil in scripture. Please keep in mind that Satan, standing in the Garden as an angel of light, was the only other creature on earth who knew the difference between the knowledge of good and evil. Also keep in mind that this satanic angel of darkness was not classified in the realm of ordinary angels. As a part of the order of arch-Angels, Satan had powers and attributes that other angels did not have. He did not have the power of Creation but he did have the power of Pro-Creation. Please keep this in mind when reading your Bible, Genesis three, and in conjunction with this study please read the Book of Enoch (quoted by Jude in the New Testament) edited as I Enoch by R.H. Charles, D. Litt., D. D. and published by the Oxford Clarendon Press 1912. This is available from most Kingdom Book Stores. You will be surprised to find out what Enoch has to say about many subjects, including the power of the Angels who left their first estate, and especially the Arch-Angels. Remember that Enoch was accepted as scripture by the early Church Fathers.

For those of you who might wonder what others have said about the seed of the serpent, Genesis 3:15, especially the early Church Fathers, the following quotation from IGNATIUS (Who wrote several Epistles and who lived A.D. 30-107) had the following words to say in various of his Epistles. The following quotations may all be found in The Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume I, Wm. B. Erdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan, containing the Writings of the Fathers down to A.D. 325.

“Flee, there fore, those evil offshoots (of Satan) which produce death-bearing fruit,…These men are not the planting of the Father, but are an accused brood. And says the Lord, ‘Let every plant which my heavenly Father has not planted be rooted up.’ For it they had been branches of the Father, they would not have been ‘enemies of the cross of glory.’ But now, by denying the cross, ad being ashamed of the passion, they cover the transgression of the Jews, those fighters against God, those murderers of the Lord; for it were too little to style them merely murderers of the prophets.’ Keep yourselves, then, from those evil plants which Jesus Christ does not tend, but that wild beast, the destroyer of men, because they are not the planting of the father, the seed of the wicked one.” (Emphasis Ours).

You will find, upon careful examination, that the literal truth of Genesis 3:15 has been a solid building block in the foundation of Christian Theology, form the writings of the Old Testament, the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself, the apostles after him, and by the early Church Fathers during the first centuries A.D. The truth of Genesis 3;15 cannot be spiritualized away by the ignorance of man. For nearly six thousand years the very presence of both the 1) seed of the serpent and 2) The Seed of the Woman has been on this earth. That age old enmity planted by Yahweh, Jesus Christ, still rages between these two forces. Today it reaches forth in the grand finale of the Age. The climax of the Ages is upon us. In this crucial hour of history, we dare not surrender, compromise, or talk ourselves out of this most fundamental Kingdom Identity Bible Truth. This is no time to white-wash the satanic Jew offspring of Satan. We are this day faced with the very climax of this ENMITY, this WARFARE, between these two seed lines, and God give us the courage to STAND, for THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, and HIS SHED BLOOD, the Head of the Serpent race, the very Kehilla itself, shall be CRUSHED, through the power of JESUS CHRIST. Jesus Christ described the reapers of this satanic harvest in Matthew 13:41 and you may read Psalms Ch. 149 and Jeremiah 51:20 for more light.

Now in the meantime the Battle races outside the comfort of your living room. Every television newscast, every Radio broadcast, every major newspaper in America is alive and pulsating with the ENMITY between the two seeds of Genesis 3:15. This is the story of history. This is what Jesus Christ said would happen as recorded in Revelation 12:27. “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Yes the dragon, that international satanic race of Jewish Pharisees has declared a total war on the seed of the woman just as Christ foretold. Praise the Name and Power of Jesus Christ WHITE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE, the Seed of the Woman, will have a total VICTORY over this satanic seed line as recorded in Revelation 15:2-3. “And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvelous are they works, Lord God Almighty: just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.” Again in Revelation 18:20-24: “Rejoice over her, thou heavens, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her…And in her (the Satanic seed of the Jewish Serpent) was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. Again in Rev. 9:6: And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of might thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God (YAHWEH—JESUS CHRIST) omnipotent reigneth.” Amen and Amen! In closing, I would like to leave you with the following verse of the great song, Battle Hymn of the Republic: The following verse of this great song is not longer used in most churches for obvious reasons. It contains the final judgment that shall come upon the Serpent and his seed.

"I have read the fiery Gospel, Writ in burnished rows of steel, As ye deal with my condemners, So with you my grace shall deal. Let the Hero born of woman, Crush the Serpent with His Heal, Since God is Marching on!"


The following books will provide the beginning foundation for a knowledge of the Seed of the Woman. You must discern and take that which is good, and leave that which is bad. These books are listed because they have information that will assist you in following the Seed of the Woman through the Bible and through History. Again: You must exercise spiritual discernment in your reading.

1. Apocrypha…containing books no longer in the cannon of Scripture.

2. Bible Research Handbook, Vol. I & II, Covenant Publishing Co.

3. Book of Enoch edited by R.H. Charles.

4. Fox Book of Martyrs edited by Forbush.

5. Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race by Gayer.

6. History of the Angel-Saxon by Sharon Turner.

7. History of England by Hume.

8. Israel & Judah by Arthur Pachkofsky.

9. Flavius Josephus – John Winston Co.

10. Judah’s Sceptre & Joseph’s Birthright by Allen.

11. New England Clergy & the American Revolution by Alice Baldwin.

12. One Man’s Destiny by Dickey.

13. Racial Realities of Europe by Stoddard.

14. Our Nordic Race by Hoskins.

15. St. Paul in Great Britain by Morgan.

16. Symbols of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage by W. H. Bennett.

17. The Coming of the Saints by Taylor.

18. The Drama of the Lost Disciples of Jewett.

19. The Ante-Nicene Fathers…Erdmans Publishing Co.

20. The Distinction between Judah & Israel by C.C. Ewing.

21. The Crusades by G. W. Cox.

22. Today, Tomorrow & The Great Beyond by Fox.

23. The Worlds Greatest Throne by Fox.

24. The Gory of Lebabon by Mary & Bob Sipe.

25. The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant.

26. Tracing Our Ancestors by Haberman.

27. The Northern Ring by Dahana Wood.

28. Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon.

29. Greek lexicon of New Testament Words.

30. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible.


The following list of books are by no means complete in the study of the satanic seed line, but they are at least the beginning point. You should carefully study each of the following books as they will establish the historical foundations upon which this race has operated in the earth during the past several thousand years, beginning with Cain. 1. Behind Communism by Frank Britton.

2. Conquest of a Continent by Madison Grant.

3. Facts are Facts by Benjamin Freedman.

4. Hoax of the 20th Century by A.R. Butz.

5. Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey.

6. Jews Must Live by Samuel Roth.

7. Jewish Influence on the U.S. Media by Palestine Arab Delegation.

8. Jewish Ritual Murder by Arnold Leese.

9. Light Bearers of Darkness by Inquire Within.

10. Lost Books of the Bible by World Publishing Co.

11. Mystery of the Serpent by B.F. Jackson.

12. None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen.

13. Paradise Lost by John Milton.

14. Plot Against Christianity by Elizabeth Dilling.

15. Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay.

16. Rising Tide of Color by Lothrop Stoddard.

17. Secret Societies & Subversive Movements by Nesta Webster.

18. Spotlight on the Great Conspiracy by Conrad Gaard.

19. Still Tis Our Ancient Foe by Kenneth Goff.

20. Studies in Genesis by Conrad Gaard.

21. The History of the Jews by Mullins’.

22. The International Jew by Henry Ford Sr.

23. The Jews and Their Lies by Martin Luther.

24. The Iron Curtain Over America by Col. John Beaty.

25. The Jewish Problem as Dealt with by the Popes.

26. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

27. The Rothschilds by be Federic Morton.

28. The Thirteenth Tribe by Koestler.

29. The Nameless War by A.H. M. Ramsay.

30. The Pawns in Game by Commander Carr.

31. The Talmud Unmasked by Rev. I. B. Pramaitis.

32. The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop.

33. War! War! War! By Cincinnatus.

34. Water Flowing Eastward by L. Fry.

35. What Price Israel by Lilienthal.

36. World Communist Movement, Vol. I, 1818-1945 by the 87th Congress.

37. World Revolution by Nesta Webster.

38. Zionist Network by Senator Jack Tenney.

39. Ultimate World Order by Robert H. Williams.


The following terms are all vital to the understanding of What happened in the Garden of Eden. You should carefully study and research each word as it appears in Genesis Chapter Three. Each of these words is loaded with meaning and must be carefully examined under the light of the original Hebrew and historical usage.

1. TREE: Note carefully the usage of this word in Scripture. Note first that three different types of implications are involved in the usage of this Word in Genesis Chapter Two & Three. FIRST: The natural, physical tress the grew out of the ground and were to be used for food. SECOND: The Tree of Life. THIRD: The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. If the first type of trees were in the “natural” what did second two trees represent? For definite clues to this question you should carefully study the usage of the word Tree in the Bible. Note: Carefully read the usage of the word Tree in each of the following scriptures and you will find the answer to 1) The meaning of the Tree of Life and the meaning of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Psalms 1:3, Psalms 92:12, Proverbs 3:18, Proverbs 11:30, Isaiah 56:3, Her. 11:16, Ezekiel Ch. 17, Daniel Ch. 4, Ezekiel Ch. 31, Matthew 3:10, Matthew 7:17-19, Matthew 12:33, Luke 3:9, Luke 6:43-44, Romans 11:17-24, Revelation 2:7, Revelation 22:2-14. You will note that the word TREE is used to describe people in either singular or plural form. The word tree also carries a racial meaning as in the words of Jesus Christ in above named references to the Gospels. The Tree of Life is identified as Jesus Christ. What personage was represented by the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil? Please be consistent! If Jesus Christ was life who was the author of Death? Satan if you will believe it, was symbolized by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

2. EAT. This is a very important word with profound meaning in this particular study. The word Eat has several shades of meaning in the original Hebrew and one of the Hebrew meanings is that the word eat means to lay. See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Bible under #398. Notice that in Genesis 3:3 the woman Eve told the serpent that she was forbidden from touching or eating of the tree. What was Eve forbidden to touch? What was she forbidden to eat? Now let us carefully notice the usage of the word eat in the following passages of Scripture. Genesis 3:6, Numbers 25:2, Proverbs 30:20. The word eat means to lay (among other uses) and Proverbs 30:20 describes an adulterous woman whose lusting involved illicit sex. What did God mean when He said that Adam & Eve could not eat of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Remember: The word eat carried different shades of meaning in the original Hebrew. It was one type of eating for the natural trees producing food, it was another type of eating to partake of the Tree of Life and it was still another kind of eating that was involved with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

3. FOOD: This is a very interesting word and comes from #3978 Maakal in the original Hebrew. See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible under #3978 and #398. The interesting thing about the use of the word food in the original Hebrew is that this word food comes form the same root meaning (#98) as the word Eat. In this sense the usage of the word food in Genesis 3:6 is interwoven with the use of the word eat…which in Genesis 3:6 means to Lay. The food of this tree of knowledge of good and evil was illicit sexual involvement with Lucifer.

4. FRUIT: This is a very important word and it is absolutely imperative to understanding the Genesis Three. First: The word Fruit is Periy #6529 in the original Hebrew from #6509 Parah. A Prim. Root; to bear fruit, (Lit. or fig.) bear, bring forth (fruit), (be, cause to be, make) fruitful, grow or increase. See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible. The word fruit conveys the idea of offspring or progeny. Bear fruit, be fruitful involves offspring. Look up the word fruitful or fruit as it pertains to seed or children in the Scriptures. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary describes one of the meanings of Fruit as follows: “Offspring, young, as the Fruit of the Womb, of the Loins, of the Body.” What type of fruit did the woman partake of in Genesis 3:6? This fruit was the seed of Satan. It was sexual involvement with Satan and resulted in the fruit or offspring, as evidenced in Genesis 3:15.

5. DESIRE: Notice the use of the word desire or desired as used in Genesis 3:6 and Genesis 3:16. What did it mean for the woman to desire the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? First: The word desire is from #8669 (See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible) and means stretching out after; a longing. What did Eve long for in Genesis 3:6? What was the desire for? Random House Dictionary of the English Language defines Desire as “Sexual appetite or a sexual urge.” What did Eve desire? Why did God tell Eve that her desire would be to her husband Adam in Genesis 3:16? In Genesis 3:6 Eve’s desire was to have sexual intercourse with Satan. This act is what the serpent, that (old enchanter) beguiled Eve into doing. You cannot evade the sexual connotation of the word desire.

6. WISE: Notice that Genesis 3:6 says that the tree was “pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise…” How could eating of the fruit of this forbidden tree make one WISE? Random House Dictionary of the English Language defines wise as having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right. Satan had previously tried to deceive Eve into believing that if she would “eat” (Genesis 3:5) her eyes would be opened and she would be as a god, knowing good and evil. The use of this word wise carries far reaching implications. The pagan idea that has permeated all Babylonian Religions is that wisdom came through the power of sexual involvement, hence the worship of sex became everywhere manifested in pagan religions. This was the lie of Satan, the lie that through pro-creation, the act of sex, the woman Eve could become Wise. Hence men began to worship not the “creator” but the “creature” as described by St. Paul in Romans Ch. 1. The wisdom of he serpent was a lie! The lie that pro-creation was God! That wisdom was not in the Almighty Creator Jesus Christ but in the power of pro-creation. This explains why we have the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ, it was carried out without the boundaries of pro-creation. You now know what the word wise implied in Genesis 3:6. The belief, the (lie of the serpent Eve) was that one could become wise through the power of “god” of pro-creation. The embodiment of prostitution in many of the pagan Babylonian religions was the lie of the serpent that sexual power was to be worshipped as God, hence the worship of sex became saturated in all pagan religions. The worship of sex was the primary reason for the total degeneration and debasement of the seven nations of Canaan. Where and why did men first use the symbol of phallus as an object of worship? The phallus, representing an image of the male reproductive organ, was used as a symbol of the generative power in procreation and became an integral power of the religious worship and ritual of ancient festivals or religious celebrations as is found in Dionysus or Bacchus. The lie of the serpent was that wisdom could be discovered in sexual union and from that day forth, all pagan religions have worshipped sex as an object or as God.

7. PLEASANT: The word pleasant is very important in this theological controversy of Genesis Three. The word peasant comes from #8378 Taavah (original Hebrew) and means a longing, by implication. a delight, dainty, desire, greedily, lust (ing) pleasant. See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible. Notice that the tree in Genesis 3:6 was pleasant to the eyes. This word is tied directly to our previous discussion of the word desire and wise. When Eve saw that the tree was pleasant to the eyes…it involved the cardinal sins of “lusting after the flesh”…the “lust of the eyes”…the “pride of life”…as described in I John 2:16. You now know what is means when it declares in Genesis 3:6 that the tree could make “one wise”.

8. TOUCH: The word touch is used in Genesis 3:3 by the woman Eve. What did Eve mean when she said that she could not touch the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Let us look at the original Hebrew and define the word Touch. See #5060 (Nawgah) naga, meaning to lie with a woman. See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible. The Hebrew meaning of the word touch has wide and profound implications. It is directly related to the lie of Satan, that pro-creation, would make Eve as a god.

9. NAKED: What does the use of the word naked mean? First: Note the use of his word in Genesis 2:25. Both Adam and Eve were naked and were not ashamed prior to the act of original sin in Genesis Three. What made them ashamed in Genesis 3:8-11? What did Eve and then Adam do that made them ashamed of their nakedness? Why did they hide themselves? What was the sin that they had committed? What did they do to suddenly become ashamed of their naked bodies? Why did they make themselves aprons of fig leaves? What part of their body did the apron cover? Why did they hide or cover this portion of their nakedness? When you examine the word naked in the original Hebrew and its usage in scriptures you will understand why.

The word naked as used in Genesis 2:25 comes from a different word than does the word naked as used in Genesis 3:7-11. Why the difference in the original Hebrew meaning of this word? Here is your answer. In Genesis 2:25 the word naked is from #6174 arown meaning nude, either partially or totally: naked. There was nothing wrong with the state of nakedness before the original sin of Genesis Chapter three. The word naked as used in Genesis 2:25 from 6174 had not evil or bad implications. Now, how about the use of the word naked in Genesis 3:7-11. It comes form #5903 “eyrom” coming form the root word #6191 meaning aram, which is a prim. Root; prop. To be (or make) bare; but used only in the Derogatory sense…to be cunning…deal subtly, the use of the word naked in Genesis 3:7-11 implies something derogatory. What had Adam and Eve done that make them ashamed of their nakedness? The use of this word naked is directly involved with the lie of the serpent to the woman Eve, that pro-creation, sexual involvement with the serpent would make her as a god.

The attempt to cover the reproductive organs with an apron made from fig leaves indicates the nature of the original sin committed in the Garden of Eden. If they sinned with their eyes by reading or looking at something why did they not make themselves blindfolds? Why did they cover themselves with aprons? Because they were now ashamed. The Dominion Mandate (Gen. 1:28) was lost. Now let us notice the use of the word naked as it appears in Exodus 32:25. Why were the people naked in Exodus 32:25? What were they doing? See Exodus 32:6. What does the use of the word nakedness mean as used in Leviticus chapters 18 and 20? The nakedness of these two chapters involves sexual union or the act of Pro-Creation. Note the use of the word nakedness in Ezekiel 16:36-37. What was involved in this nakedness?

Please remember that in the case of Adam and Eve you must be concerned with two types of nakedness; First: The act of procreation, sexual union between Eve and the serpent, had brought about loss of the Dominion Mandate (Gen. 1:28) By ADAM man. They became ashamed of their physical nakedness, hiding themselves, and covering their reproductive organs with aprons of fig leaves. Second: Before the fall, Adam and Eve dwelt in bodies of light. God made them coats of skin after the act of the original sin. Pagan Religions of ancient Babylon took this from the Truth of God’s Word, and corrupted it into the Clothing of the Gods like they did with the virgin birth and many other Bible Truths, and it did in time become a part of their pagan religious worship ritual. We cannot be sure what type of clothing God made for Adam and Eve. We do know that Genesis 3:21 says that God made them “…coats of skins..” It is true that Adam and Eve lost their righteousness and became spiritually naked in the sight of God but remember it as their physical nakedness that caused them to hide from God, be ashamed of their nakedness, and cover their reproductive organs with fig leaves.

10. SEED: This word is vital to understanding Genesis chapter three and this one word seed was primary reason for the writing of this booklet. Since it has been thoroughly discussed elsewhere in this booklet I will not repeat the information here. Remember that the word seed used about 275 times in the Holy Bible when traced into the Original Hebrew word comes from #2233 “Zera” meaning fruit, plant, sowing time, posterity from #2232 Zara meaning to bear and conceive seed. (Emphasis Ours). See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible. The use of this word seed must be carefully traced throughout scripture. If you do not do business with the word seed as used in Genesis 3:15 you are in deep trouble throughout the remained of the Holy Bible. You cannot evade the truth of this word seed in Genesis 3:15. When this word is used in other portions of Scripture as in St. Matthew 13:24 it is from the Greek #4690 and means SPERMA…something sewn, i.e. seed (including the male sperm) by implication, offspring. Seed Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ said that the enemy sowed seed in the field while Adam man slept. (see the Parable of the Tares in St. Matthew 13). The seed of Genesis 3:15 was the seed sown in the act of pro-creation, first between Lucifer and the woman Eve and then between Eve and the man Adam.

These words are all vital to your understanding of what really happened in the Garden of Eden. Do not allow yourself to be a part of those foolish Virgins in Matthew 25:1-13 who forgot to take oil in their lamps. The knowledge of what happened in the Garden of Eden, the discernment of the TWO SEEDS OF GENESIS 3:15 is fundamental to the establishment of all understanding of the BIBLE & OF HISTORY. Without the oil of the Holy Spirit to give you discernment and understanding you may try to enter into this age without this oil, without the knowledge of the two seed lines, and WITHOUT THIS KNOWLEDGE, you will be unable, incapable, of understanding the Holy Bible and the unfolding of History. May Jesus Christ give you “eyes” to see and “ears” to hear the TRUTH OF GENESIS 3:15. This my dear Christian Soldier is the SEED PLOT OF THE BIBLE AND OF THE UNFOLDING HISTORY OF THIS PLANET FOR THE LAST SIX THOUSAND YEARS. Of the more than 200 times the word seed is used in scripture look up and read the following scriptures: Psa. 58:3, Psa. 69:36, Psa. 71:6, Psa. 89:4, Psa. 89:4; Psa. 89:29, Psa. 89:36, Psa. 105:6-10, and Psa. 109:13, Especially Isa. 57:1-5.


The study of Genesis 3:15 as provided in this booklet has no doubt raised and answered other questions in your mind about the third chapter of Genesis. All of the following thought provoking questions are answered by the Study of Genesis 3:15. This verse is the key that unlocks your understanding of not only this chapter, but all of the Bible and History for the past thousand years of historical events upon this earth. The following questions, all of which pertain to what took place in the Garden of Eden have been answered in the discussion of Genesis 3:15 if you have spiritual discernment to perceive the TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST. Think on each of the following questions, then review the meaning of Genesis 3:15 and see if this does not fall into a solid perspective of Divine Truth. One final word, all of the endless discussion of the events taking place in Genesis Three will be resolved only when you nail down the two seeds (seed of the serpent) and (Seed of the Woman) in Genesis 3:15. 1. You have not identified the serpent of Genesis Three and you know why he was more subtle than any beast of the field which Yahweh God had made and you understand his power and purpose for being in that Garden.

2. You now understand the difference between Creation and Pro-Creation. Only God can create, the serpent could only procreate.

3. You now understand why the serpent was able to converse in a very intelligent manner with the woman Eve.

4. You now understand why the woman Eve was not to touch nor eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Genesis 3:3.

5. You know now what the serpent meant when he told the woman “your eyes shall be opened, (how were they to be opened?) and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” How could they be as gods? By the act of pro-creation which in time became the very embodiment of all pagan mystery Religions of the Babylonian World system. Sex became an object of worship in all pagan Religions.

6. You now understand why the woman saw that the tree was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired and a three that would make one wise. Genesis 3:6

7. You now understand what the fruit of this pleasant tree was and you now know what Eve did when she took of the fruit of this tree and did eat and then gave also to her husband. Genesis 3:6

8. You know now why the “eyes” of both Adam and Eve were opened because you understand what they did Genesis 3:7

9. You now understand the Genesis Three is concerned with Original Sin as distinguished from sin in the general sense.

10. You now understand why Adam and Eve made themselves aprons of fig leaves and why they covered that particular portion of their body with an apron made of fig leaves. Genesis 3:7

11. You realize now why they became ashamed of their nakedness and why previous to this act they had not been ashamed. Genesis 2:25 and Genesis 3:10-11.

12. You now understand what the woman meant when she said: “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” First she was beguiled, seduced, and or deceived and then she did “eat”. The sin began in the heart and was consummated in the act of the flesh. The beguiling was in the heart and mind and the “eating” was the act which resulted from the deception or beguiling. (James 1:14-15) (II Cor. 11:1-3) (Pro. 30:20)

13. You now understand why the coming of the Messiah in the personage of Jesus Christ necessitated the Virgin Birth. Why the Virgin Birth? The Study of Genesis 3:15 answers that question.

14. You know also why the sign of the Abrahamic Covenant was the circumcision of the flesh (why circumcision? Genesis 3:15 answers this question) and you also know why circumcision of the heart (where sin begins) was a requirement of the New Covenant.

15. You now understand why God multiplied Eve’s sorrow in conception (Genesis 3:16). In the light of Genesis 3:15 you know what the judgment is all about.

16. It is now evident why God multiplied sorrow in childbirth as revealed in Gen. 3:16. The truth of Genesis 3:15 has made this punishment a very righteous act of judgment.

17. It is clear to you why the desire of the woman was made to be to her husband, Genesis 3:16 Who had the woman Eve desired before? Genesis 3:15 has answered this question for you.

18. Your understanding of the Trees in the Garden of Eden is beginning to be clear. By this time you have already discerned that the evil race or seed of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which was the fruit of this tree, is that wicked seedline that John the Baptist said, referring to this seed as a tree, that it would be “…hewn down, and cast into the fire…” Read Matthew 3:7-12 and again read Matthew 13:24-30 and Matthew 13:37-43. The tares of the Matthew Ch. 13 are the same wicked seedline as the chaff in Matthew 3:12 and the tree as in Matthew 3:10. See also Luke 3:9.

19. Your understanding is now clear as to who the Tree of Life represented in the Garden. Every Bible Scholar of any repute will acknowledge that Tree to be Jesus Christ. Who then did the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represent? Remember it was the fruit of this tree which was forbidden. Who was the only other creature on the earth who was in a position to know both good and evil? Who created Lucifer or the serpent? Who planted this tree in the earth? God was the creator of the serpent but because Lucifer rebelled against God, he lost his estate and in the role of Satan, in the Garden of Eden, he first beguiled or deceived the woman and then the act that caused all creation to groan was committed.

20. The knowledge (or Fruit) of Good and Evil was that of Pro-Creation. When Eve was beguiled. Satan told her of Pro-Creation. She was first beguiled and then she did eat or participate with Satan in the act of Pro-Creation. Their eyes (Adam and Eve) were opened because of sin, original sin, which is the transgression of the Law. Pro-Creation was the Fruit of that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This was the Fruit which this evil tree did bear and Satan gave Eve of that fruit.

You can now read the Bible and have understanding because you have seen the light of Genesis 3:15. This is strong meat and it can only be handled by them “…that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” Hebrews 5:12-14. By exercising your sense of spiritual discernment, and moving forth into the meat of the scripture, you have the flood of light that Genesis 3:15 throws on the Bible, the record of History, and the present world struggle between Christ and anti-Christ, between good and evil, between the seed of the serpent and THE SEED OF THE WOMAN. You are now of full age, you are standing in deeper truth and the revelation of scripture is clear because you have used and exercised your spiritual discernment to perceive TRUTH. You are an armed Christian, armed with the knowledge that will one day set White Christian Israel free, and will crush the head of the Serpent Race, and when that Head is crushed, the body of that snake, that race will die! And that is precisely what John the Baptist predicted in Matthew 3 and Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 23. You are now fulfilling Isaiah 28:9-13. You are building line upon line, and precept upon precept for you are moving into the deeper truth of Jesus Christ and His Word and because of this, you now have “eyes” to see and “ears” to hear what the times are all about. You have spiritual discernment to see beyond that which the average student of the Bible sees. You are beginning to unveil the mysteries of the Kingdom spoken of by Jesus Christ in Matthew 13:11.


“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Rev. 12:9

The Biblical position on the existence of a personal of Satan is clearly portrayed in the Holy Scriptures of truth. A critical exegesis of the Holy Scriptures, both Old and New Testament, sets forth in no uncertain terms, the literal existence of a personal Satan who is the adversary of Yahweh. As we move to the final consummation of this age it becomes only more apparent that men would seek to deny the existence of a Satanic being who stands opposed and in opposition of this age it becomes only more apparent that men would seek to deny the existence of a Satanic being who stands opposed and in opposition to Jesus Christ, the Kingdom, and the Children of Light. The closer we move in time to the ending of this age, and the beginning of the Kingdom Age, the more deception you can expect to observe in this world. Perhaps the final end of all human deception will be Satan’s ability to con man into believing that he (Satan) does not exist. Satan’s most clever act since the Garden of Eden betrayal of our Adamic Parents will be to convince men that he does not exist. As we move toward the final ending of this age, it is expected that men will not only see to deny Jesus Christ but to also deny that arch enemy of Jesus Christ whom the Holy Scriptures declare to be Satan. The final glorification of Satan will come when men not only deny their personal existence but when they proclaim themselves to be god, in human form, with absolute knowledge, and will seek to rule this world through Satan’s religion, which is humanism.

The need for a good look at the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan has been increased in this ending of the age with the growth and proliferation of evil and darkness on every hand. Today the occult powers of darkness, headed up by Satan, are everywhere being expressed. Witchcraft, the occult, and related works of evil and darkness are gripping men and governments throughout the world. Witchcraft and demonic forces of wickedness are visiting high places in America and throughout the world. In this time of unprecedented satanic evil and darkness it is imperative that the children of light take a careful look at Satan and the entire occult world of darkness. Never in the history of man, has it become more necessary to guard against the spirit of deception than it is today. The warning of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:4,24 states “Take heed that no man deceive you…For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” May this Biblical Exegesis of Satan arm you with the necessary truth avoid the deception now rampant in this nation, and especially behind the pulpits of our land.


In order to understand the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan and his works, it is first necessary to lay to rest some of the more popular beliefs currently embodied in the theology of the modern Baal Church World. In observing what the modern theological position is on Satan we find three prevailing schools of thought. First, we have the amillennial viewpoint of Satan which presents Satan and God as being almost coequals with one another. One god is good and the other god is bad. These people, primarily because of the clergy, see Satan as a supernatural, omniscient, omnipresent, being who is everywhere on earth at once and at the same time present in hell torturing millions of living dead. This premillennial viewpoint of Satan is not what the Bible Teaches and can seek no place in true Christian Thought. The third position taken is that of the postmillennial church world which sees Satan as almost nonexistent, in many cases as not existing, and for all practical purposes a Satan who does not really oppose God since they see the whole world culminating under Jesus Christ without His personal return. Again, this is not the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan and must be discarded from out Christian Theology built upon the Holy Bible. Let us examine each of these three positions now in more detail to expose the faulty teaching in each of the amillennial, premillennial and postmillennial positions of thought with respect to Satan.

The Amillennial View of Satan

The amillennial view of Satan is a type of Dualism where both Satan and God appear as co-equals. One god is good, and the other bad. These peoples see the world as moving under the power of Satan and the power of God consistently diminishing in the earth. Ultimately they see the entire earth come under the power of Satan and all people, excepting a small handful, which are snatched out by the saving power of God. While both God’s Kingdom and Satan’s Kingdom exist on this earth, the amillennial viewpoint sees Satan’s Kingdom becoming triumphant over the Kingdom of God. The bad god (Satan) wins in the final analysis. This type of Dualism, of equating God and Satan in a power struggle, with Satan the final winner, is clearly not the Biblical View of Satan. The Holy Scriptures do not sustain this position and it is most unfortunate that many people in the modern church world have become victims of this unscriptural teaching.

The Premillennial View of Satan

The premillennial view of Satan is espoused by millions of people who worship in the fundamental churches of the western world. Since the theology of premillennial teaching holds tot he idea that Satan is basically a supernatural, omnipresent, omniscient being with all power and authority, it is easy to see how they would surrender this earth to Satan and seek to make their exit out through the doctrine of the rapture. The premillennial people see Satan as the “god” of this world and the final victor over the earth. The only Kingdom they see is a “Jewish Kingdom” which is apparently the work of Satan and God together on an equal plane. They place Satan in absolute charge. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ wanes before the onrushing power of Satan in premillennial theology. The final dominion of this earth belongs to Satan. Satan is worshipped as though he were god. A great amount of all preaching and worship in the fundamental church world is devoted to exonerating Satan as a supernatural, omniscient, omnipresent being who is everywhere on earth at once and who also is present in hell torturing millions of living souls.

The premillennial position ascribes unwarranted power to Satan. It is not a Biblical View and cannot be supported by the Scriptures. This theology would surrender the earth and the fullness thereof to Satan. It seeks to rob man of all responsibility for claiming dominion of this earth in the name and for the glory of Jesus Christ. Premillennial thinking has caused man to evolve a fire-escape religion. Man seeks to escape from this earth, surrender the kingdoms of this world to Satan, allow the anti-Christ to rule and have dominion over this earth, and for evil to be triumphant. It denies victory in Jesus Christ. Man cannot overcome evil, for Satan is the god of this world, the prince of this world, and he claims all dominion of this earth with the enshrinement of the anti-Christ. The only kingdom the premillennial people see is a Jewish Kingdom. They see no Christian Dominion under Jesus Christ, the King of this earth. They see no Kingdom ruled over by Jesus Christ prior to the rule of the anti-Christ. They have surrendered the world to Satan. Thus they have evolved a form of Devil Worship. Satan is worshipped as god. The fear of Satan becomes the basis for most conversion. It promotes a fear psychosis of Satan and his power over man and the earth. It denies the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ and the ultimate Victory of His Kingdom over this world. The premillennial viewpoint of Satan is not a Biblical viewpoint. It is not Scriptural. It is indeed a fabrication of lies which holds man in moral bondage. This viewpoint of Satan cannot be held by any Christian who honors Jesus Christ and the Bible.

The Postmillennial View of Satan

The Postmillennial view of History sees the world coming daily under the rule of Christian thought and philosophy. It foresees a final victory of this earth by Christian men and the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom without a personal return of Jesus Christ back to this earth prior to the victory of this Kingdom over the earth. The postmillennial theology would see Satan as almost non-existent, or if he did exist, he would exert little if any power in the earth. This viewpoint of history and of the Bible denies Satan any valid position as to power and authority in this earth. While this position is certainly more valid than either the amillennial or premillennial position with regard to Satan, it is not entirely void of weakness. This position is closer to the truth, but is still extremely far from the true teaching of the Bible with regard to Satan. Those who take an extreme position in the postmillennial viewpoint of history and of the Bible would deny the personal existence of Satan.

Those who take an extreme position and deny the personal existence of Satan are probably beyond the stand taken by most postmillennial Christian people. Those who deny the personal existence of Satan, who deny that the Holy Scriptures teach the existence of a personal Satan, and who teach that Satan is only symbolic of evil or an “evil thought” or “lust” in man’s mind and/or heart, are unknowingly according Satan his greatest victory which is to deny that he exists. Satan’s most overwhelming victory is to convince man that he does not exist. To deny the personal existence of Satan is just as extreme as those who accord him supernatural, omniscient, omnipresent power over the earth, its people, and hell. Neither position is a valid Biblical Viewpoint. Both extremes are wrong and both deny the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan which will be discussed later.

Those who take the extreme position that there is no personal Satan usually end up defending this position by trying to argue that Satan is a scapegoat upon which people can impute their own sins and not bear personal responsibility for their actions. This type of behavior, Flip Wilson style, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, may indeed be used by many irresponsible people who seek to find a scapegoat upon whom they can impute their sins. This faulty thinking only demonstrates their utter lack of Biblical Understanding of Satan and his fallen nature which is still a process of captivating the minds of many Christian people. Those who seek to blame their “sins” upon Satan and use him as their personal scapegoat have failed to do business with the problem of sin, and those who would deny the existence of a personal Satan because people would say, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, do not understand the cause of Original Sin and the result of Original Sin. Man’s denial of a personal Satan means that they ultimately must impute all sin to God. A denial of Satan means that there was no original sin for a denial of Satan leaves us with a first cause. We are left with a result, “sin”, but we are without a first cause, the tempter, who tempts, when we deny the existence of a personal Satan. If we deny the personal existence of Satan then God has no enemy and if God has no enemy then His Children are without enemies. If Satan is only a “state of mind” or an “evil thought in man’s mind” then does this mean that Jesus Christ is only a “good thought” or a good presence of mind?

Those who deny the personal existence of Satan have allowed Satan to score his greatest victory…the victory of conning man into believing that he “Satan” does not exist is the greatest victory we can accord the Devil. Those who deny the personal existence of Satan are trapped in faulty thinking. If there was not Satan to tempt the first Adam, then the temptation of the Second Adam (Jesus Christ) cannot be valid. If Satan is just an evil thought in the mind, does this mean that Jesus Christ is just a good thought in the mind? If Satan is just an “evil thought” and without form, does this mean that Jesus Christ is only a “good thought” and without form? Those who deny the personal existence of Satan have openly declared war on Almighty God. They have denied the Bible view of Satan as we shall shortly see. If there is not personal Satan to bear God’s Righteous Judgment as the First Cause of “Original Sin” then can man also expect to escape the judgment for his sin against God? Those who deny the personal existence of Satan and his demons have apparently been blind to the testimony of six thousand years of history during which time Satan and his minions, as well as the work of Original Sin in the heart of Adam Man, had done its job upon this earth. To deny personal Satan is to assault the Word of God. It is humanism carried to the final brink! It is man attempting to be his own idiot god and to deny the clear record of the Holy Scriptures of the Living God.

Those who would deny the personal existence of Satan as the first tempter of Adam man have failed to do business with the most basic presuppositions of Bible Truth. What was the first cause of original sin? What was Original Sin? How did Original Sin influence Adam man? What is the difference between the result of Adam’s transgressions to the heart of Adam man verses the original cause of his fall? If the personification of evil (the first cause which prompted the fall of Adam man) is without bodily form does this mean the personification of good (the remedy for Adam’s justification through Jesus Christ) can be without body form? Does the denial of a personal Satan present valid ground for those who claim that Jesus Christ was a historical myth? That he was only an “idea in the mind of fanatics” who were seeking illusions of grandeur? The end result of denying a personal Satan is to deny a personal Jesus Christ. The end result of the declaration that Satan was only a symbol of evil, is to say that Jesus Christ is only a symbol of good. The denial of a personal Satan in Scripture is an open declaration of war against the Truth of God’s Word. It can only mean the ultimate end of Humanism, man seeking to legislate His own ideas above the declaration of Scripture. To teach a denial of Satan is to also teach a denial of Demons. The denial of a personal Satan also presents a frontal assault against the personal existence of Angelic beings. This position cannot be defended by the teaching of the Bible. If represents the depravity of man seeking to rearrange the Ordered events of Almighty God. Let us now proceed to find what the Bible Teaches about Satan.


The Biblical View of Satan is clearly laid out in the Holy Scriptures. From Genesis to Revelation the narrative of the sacred scriptures presents one unified picture of a personage called Satan, the Devil, that “old” serpent, the Dragon and this being is presented in the Holy Bible as a Created, Defeated Rebel who has been Defeated, Judged, and placed within well defined boundaries by an All powerful, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient GOD who holds all power and all authority both in Heaven and in Earth. The Biblical view of Satan is that while he still stands as the great adversary against Almighty God, seeking to impede and intimidate the purposes and plan of God, he is a defeated rebel who has already lost the battle. First and foremost, the Bible presents Satan as a created being. The Bible sets forth Satan as the creation of Almighty God The Creator. Secondly, the Holy Scripture sets forth Satan as a defeated rebel, one who has been found guilty of lawless rebellion against God, and a Fallen Creature who stands under indictment from God and absolutely chained within the perimeter established by God’s Sovereignty. Thirdly, the Bible does establish Satan as a person. There is one Satan and many Demons presented in Scripture.

The Bible does not present Satan as any type of supernatural, omnipresent, omniscient being with all power and authority, but, on the contrary, the Bible presents Satan as a created rebel, who engaged in lawless rebellion against Almighty God, who was openly defeated, and judged, and now knowing that his days are short in the earth. Satan seeks to lead forth the forces of darkness as their captain. While the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of all light and truth, Satan is the captain of darkness and unrighteousness. They are not coequals for Satan has already been defeated, his time for opposing God has been regulated by God, His sentence of Death has been handed down, and Satan knowing that his days are numbered, seeks to lead the forces of darkness in opposition to God in these final days of history.

The Biblical view of Satan is clearly outlined in Scripture. First Satan is presented as an anointed Cherub, as a leading Arch-Angel of Light. He is a created being of God who sought to become his own God (Isaiah 14:12-21) and through open lawless rebellion he was, along with a third of the Angelic Forces (Rev. 12:4) cast out of the heavens and defeated by Michael. (Rev. 12:7-9). This was Satan’s first defeat. Again Satan suffered mortal wounds in that every generation of history since the advent of Adam, has witnessed the survival of a righteous and holy remnant of the Abrahamic Seedline in this earth. Satan has never achieved a total victory over God’s Family in this Earth. Every generation of Saints has overcome his wiles. Today after nearly six thousand years of testing, the Saints of Almighty God, the Seed of Isaac remain undaunted from the attack of Satan and his Demons. Satan has been defeated but he continues to work his work of darkness in this earth. His absolute defeat came when Jesus Christ rose form the tomb to conquer death, sin, and the grave. Now, Satan has been deposed of his greatest weapon, “death”, and he stands as a totally defeated rebel of darkness, awaiting his final judgment here at the ending of this age.

Greg L. Bahnsen is his essay on The Person, Work, and Present Status of Satan as recorded in the Journal of Christian Reconstruction, Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter, 1974, a Chalecedon Ministry, has done a most commendable job of presenting the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan. Bahnsen writes on Satan as follows: “Satan is a person. He cannot be rationalized away as a pre-scientific myth of literary personification. He moves (I Pet. 5:8), works (Eph. 2:2) knows (Rev. 12:12), speaks (Matt. 4:3), plots (II Cor. 2:11), desires (Luke 22:31), disputes (Jude 9), deceives (II Cor. 11:3), feels emotion (Rev. 12:12; I Tim. 3:6; James 2:19), tempts (I Thess. 3:5), makes promises (Matt. 4:9), sins (I John 3:8), and engages in many other activities of a personal nature…The disapprobation felt towards Satan by the inspired writers is manifest from their designation of him as the evil one (Matt. 6:13. 13:19,38; John 17:15; Eph. 6:16, I John 2:13-14; 3:12; 5:18-19), slanderer (Matt. 4:1, 11; Luke 4:2, 6; I Tim. 3:6-7; II To, 2:26; I Pet. 5:8; Rev. 12:9; 20:2), adversary (I Pet. 5:8), enemy (Matt. 13:28-29), accuser (rev. 12:10), destroyer (I Cor. 10:10), and a world-ruler of darkness (Eph. 6:12); the recoil from him as a liar and a murderer (John 8:44), angel of the bottomless pit (Rev. 9:11), roaring lion (I Pet. 5:8), red dragon (Rev. 12:3-17, 20:2), and the old serpent (Rev. 12:9, 20:2; II Cor. 11:3).

In the Holy Bible Satan is presented as the prince of the Demons. The Bible presents one devil (diabolos) but many demons (daimonia). The Bible clearly portrays Satan as leading the demonic forces and these demons are, according to scripture, the spirits of the created angels, that left their first estate (Jude 6, II Pet. 2:4, and Rev. 12:4) and who now seek to inhabit bodies. In Matt. 9:34, Satan is called “the prince of demons”. The Word of God declares in Matthew 12:43-45 and Mark 5:12 that demons seed to occupy physical bodies and their primary modus operandi is this earth is to inhabit the physical bodies of people. The gospels alone record fifty-two cases of demon possession with the word “demonic” occurring fifty-five times and the phrase “unclean” or “evil spirit (s)” appearing twenty-eight times. For classic cases of demon possession read Matthew 8:28-34, Matt. 9:32-33, Matt. 12:22, Matt. 15:22-29, Matt. 17:14-18, Mark 1:23-26 and Mark 16:9. The Word of God makes a very clear distinction between demon possession and sickness or disease. Demon possession is presented in Scripture as an actual occurrence, not merely as s metaphorical description. St. Luke, a physician himself, makes this distinction between demon possession and sickness very clear and separated them in (Luke 4:33-36, 40-41, 6: 17-18; 9:1-2). For a thorough reading on Satan and demons refer to the excellent article written by Greg L. Bahnsen in the Journal of Christian Reconstruction, pages 11-17, previously discussed.

The Bible view of Satan presents him to be first of all, a created Angelic personage who is graphically described in Ezekiel 28:11-19 as being “…perfect in thy ways from the day thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” The Holy Scriptures thus present Satan as a created angel of the Living God. Ezekiel in describing Satan, had called him King of Tyrus Ezekiel 28:12 and declared that he had been in Eden, the garden of God. The King of Tyrus representing Satan is not to be confused with the Prince of Tyrus discussed earlier. The Prince of Tyrus was a type of Satan. The real message of Ezekiel is clearly discussed in Ezekiel 28:11-19. He was the anointed cherub (Ezekiel 28:14), he was perfect in his ways from the day of his creation until iniquity was found in him, (Ezekiel 28:15), his heart was lifted up because of his apparent beauty (Ezekiel 28:17), his wisdom was corrupted by reason of his brightness and he was to be cast down to the ground (Ezekiel 28:17). All of these conditions describe the fall of Satan as the created angel of the living God.

Apparently, according to numerous scriptures in the Bible, Satan held a position of great authority and may have even been in charge of this earth before the formation of the Adam man. In any event the Bible presents him as the “anointed cherub that covereth”, (Ezekiel 28:14) and he had been in the Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 28:13) something that the prince of Tyrus had never done by any stretch of the imagination. Ezekiel 31:16 describes his great fall from his position of high rank and authority. All of Ezekiel 31:1-18 lends itself to the study of Satan and his fall from high rank and authority. Ezekiel 31:16-18 is absolute evidence that the Bible is talking about the fall of Satan from a very exalted position as a created angel of God. In Isaiah 14:12-21 we have laid before us some very dynamic verses of scripture regarding the nature of Satan’s sin before God. Again Isaiah 14:12 addresses itself to “Lucifer” not to the King of Babylon as depicted in Isaiah 14:4. The King of Babylon was only a type of “Lucifer”. Satan was the primary objective of this Scriptural utterance. Lucifer, the Day Star, the anointed Cherub, had involved himself in Lawless Rebellion against Almighty God. The creature (Lucifer) sought to be his own god. He sought to exalt his throne above the stars of God, to ascend above the heights of the clouds, and do all the other acts and sins outlined in Isaiah 14:12-14. Isaiah 14:17 clearly points to Satan who refused to open the house of his prisoners. The “pit” in verse 19 is that bottomless pit of Rev. 20, which is reserved for Satan. Almighty God in Isaiah 14:21 declared that slaughter be for his (Satan’s children) that they not fill the face of the world with cities. (Isa. 14:21). Note that Cain was the fist builder of cities.

In Revelation 12:7-9 we have recorded where Satan, that “old” serpent, the Devil, waged war against Michael and his angels and there he was, along with the angels who left their first estate (Jude 6 and II Peter 2:4) cast out of heaven. The Dragon, who was that old serpent, the Devil and Satan (Rev. 12:9 and 20:2) had take a third of the angelic host with him in his rebellion against God (Rev. 12:4). These angels had left their first estate and had followed Lucifer, that “old serpent” the Dragon in his rebellion against God. Satan’s fall from heaven described in Revelation 12:9 was also described in Ezekiel 31:16-18. Revelation 9:1 depicts Satan as a "…Star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key to the bottomless pit.” Satan was the star that fell. Jesus Christ himself stated that “I beheld Satan as lightening fall from heaven”. Luke 10:18. Here we have Ezekiel, Isaiah, John and Jesus Christ all talking about Satan’s fall from a position of grandeur. Jeremiah 4:23-26 discusses the conditions that befell the earth when Lucifer, the Day Star, was cast out of the heavens and into the earth following his assault against the Throne of God. When reading Jeremiah 4:23-26 also read Isaiah 14:15-16. Keep in mind that Isaiah 14:15 declares the final end of Satan: “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” The Biblical View of Satan is therefore one of a created angel, an angel of high rank and authority how led a lawless rebellion against God, was soundly defeated and cast down to earth to work his works of darkness in the earth for he knows that he has only a short time left. (Revelation 12:12).

Satan is clearly defined under many different titles in the Holy Bible. He is called Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12 which in Hebrew is translated heylel from halal meaning to shine, to make a show, the morning star. His name Satan is form #7854 sawtawn from #7853 an opponent, a prim. root to attack, accuse (be an) adversary. Satan, the arch-enemy of good, adversary, Satan, withstand. The word Satan in the Greek as used in the New Testament comes from #4567 Satanas of chald. or corresp. to #4566 (with the def. Affix.) the accuser, i.e. the devil, Satan, #4566…Satan the Devil. Satan is called the Devil which in the Greek New Testament #1228 means diabolos, from 1225; a traducer; spec. Satan, false accuser, devil, slanderer. He is called Serpent as in Genesis 3:1-14 which in the original Hebrew comes from #5172 (nachash) a prim. root, to hiss, whisper, certainly divine, enchanter, enchantment, learn by experience, indeed, diligently observe. Satan is called a Dragon as in Revelation 12:9 which comes from the original Greek #1404 drakon, a fabulous kind of serpent (perh. as supposed to fascinate): dragon. Satan is called Beelzebub as in Matthew 12:24 which comes from an original Greek word #955 Belial, beeleeal; worthlessness; Belial, as an epithet of Satan. Satan is called Abaddon as in Rev. 9:11 which comes from the Hebrew means destruction. Again in Revelation 9:11 Satan is called Appollyon which in the Greek means Destroyer. Satan is thus known by these and many other titles in the Holy Scripture of Truth. Note: All numbers come from the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Holy Bible.

The Bible makes its first introduction to Satan in Genesis 3:1-14 when he appeared as a fallen Angel (of light) II Cor. 11:1-15, under the title of Serpent. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden as Satan. This is why Satan is called that “old serpent” in Rev. 12:9 an 20:2. Remember the word Serpent used in Genesis 3:1-14 comes from the Hebrew #5175 (Nashash)…a prim. root, to hiss, whisper, certainly divine, enchanter, enchantment, learn by experience, indeed, diligently observe. Satan appeared as St. Paul declares, as an angel of light in the Garden of Eden. He was the first cause of Original Sin. Satan sought to tell and convince Adam and Eve that they could be their own god. Satan’s original fall from God was that he wanted to be his own god. Now in the Garden of Eden he sought to convince Eve that she, too, could be her own idiot god and engage in rebellion. The Original Sin, in the Garden of Eden, was lawless rebellion against Almighty God, it was Adam Man, under the influence of the Serpent, seeking to become his own god. For a very thorough discussion of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden see Appendix #19 in the Companion Bible, Samuel Bagster and Son Limited, 4 New Bridge Street, London, England EC4. You must read this Appendix #19 on the Serpent. Your education of the Serpent will not be complete until you thoroughly read the digest Appendix #19 on the Serpent. I wish to quote one paragraph form this lengthy article on the serpent as follows: “But for the figurative language of verses 14 and 15 no one would have thought of referring the third chapter of Genesis to a snake: no more than he does when reading the third chapter from the end of Revelation (ch. 20:2). Indeed, the explanation added there, that the “old Serpent” is the Devil and Satan, would immediately lead one to connect the word “old” with the earlier and formed mention of the serpent in Gen. 3: and the fact that it was Satan himself who tempted “the second man”. ”the last Adam”, would force the conclusion that no other than the personal Satan could have been the tempter of the “first man, Adam”.

Today the modern church world, with tens of thousands of ministers, teaches that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was a literal snake. They deny that the serpent was Satan even when the Holy Scriptures declare the serpent to be Satan as is evidenced in Revelations 12:7-9 and 20:2. The doctrine that the serpent in the modern church world. This is not what the Bible teaches. The Word of God declares that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was Satan. He appeared to Eve as an Angel of light. II Cor. 11:1-15. Satan was the tempter of Adam and Eve. The serpent, appearing as an angel of light was the first cause of original sin. He beguiled the first Adam man into believing that (EVE) could be her own god. Original sin must be imputed to Satan, the father of lies. He appeared as a fallen angel, clothed in false light, he appeared to Eve as if he were GOD, in fact Eve apparently thought that the Serpent was God, for she thought that Cain was from God. (Genesis 4:1). According to St. Paul (II Cor. 11:15) Satan’s ministers, those flesh beings who follow him, are all transformed as though they were ministers of light. Today the lie of the Serpent, that Man can be His own idiot God, now covers the earth. For Humanism, the religion of the “Old Serpent” is now the religion of this world. The god of Humanism is sex, and it was through this medium that the “old serpent” caused our parents to fall. Today the sex of humanism is worshipped throughout the world as though it were god. The lie of the Old Serpent goes on unabated and only those with sterile minds can fail to see that Satan is a real person, still telling the lie of ancient history, in the Garden of Eden, that Man can be his own god. The sin of lawlessness and rebellion still permeates the earth and a group of flesh beings that Jesus Christ called serpent (Matthew 23:33) stand in the earth to continue the will and work of that “old serpent” of Genesis 3:1-14.

In order to clearly understand the Biblical View of Satan, acting out the role of that “old serpent” in the Garden of Eden, it is necessary to examine the first cause of sin, that is original sin. The Original Sin, the first cause, must be separated from “sin” the result of the first cause. When Adam Man was driven out of the Garden of Eden he left with a fallen nature. He had lost his spiritual dimension in Jesus Christ. This fallen nature, this root of sinful lust and passion which the “Old Serpent” planted in our Race has caused every child of Almighty God to fight the warfare of two nature…fighting for supremacy. One nature, that of the inner man, the spirit man, the celestial man, is at war with the fallen man, the sensual fallen nature of man. Because the Old Serpent through Original Sin, the first cause, instituted this propensity to sin, the fallen nature of Adam man, it was not necessary for Satan to make a personal confrontation with each member of Adam’s Race following the original sin. Satan, like a General commanding a war, operates a command post and directs the warfare against the purposes and plan of God, including the Children of God. Although he can become personally involved if he so chooses (as he did the case of Job and then in the personal temptation of Jesus Christ, as well as in the life of David in getting him to number Israel) Satan now has an army of flesh and blood beings who are dedicated to his work in this earth. These satanic children of Satan are clearly labeled by Jesus Christ in Matthew 23, Mark 7, in Luke 11, and in John 8. The Jews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 constitute that serpent race who today comprise Satan’s army in the earth. Satan commands this army of evil doers in the earth today and they seek to prevent the Kingdom of God from coming into the earth. Again, you must make a distinction between “sin” and “original sin”. Original Sin is now abiding in every seed of Adam and only Jesus Christ, His shed Blood and the Office and Work of the Holy Spirit can expunge that sin from Adam man and make him a new creature. It is imperative that we remember that it was the “old serpent” the Devil and Satan who was the first cause of all sin.

Again, the Biblical View of Satan is that he was created, but defeated rebel against Almighty God. Satan is now limited by the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ. He is on a stake. The limitations of Satan are placed there by God. Satan could only operate within circumscribed limits imposed by God’s Sovereignty. Satan has been defeated at every point. He was defeated when he attempted his assault against the authority of God. (Rev. 12: 7-9). He was defeated when he sought to tempt the First Adam for Jesus Christ (the Second Adam) rose from the dead and brought life and resurrection and conquered death…again bringing defeat to Satan. Satan also lost when he sought to tempt the Second Adam (Jesus Christ), was defeated. Satan has been judged and found guilty. His sentence, like all lawless rebellion against Almighty God, is one of eternal death. His doom is sure. His end is sealed by the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Satan’ time is now very short (Rev. 12:12). He now works and leads as the captain of the forces of darkness to oppose and impede the progress of God’s Kingdom into this earth.

In final summation the Biblical View of Satan is that doom is sure. This Anointed cherub, this highest among the Arch-Angels, is now defeated, judged, and awaits the day of his binding in the bottomless pit. (Rev. 20:1-2). In the meantime he goes forth upon this earth, to lead the forces of darkness into all corners of the earth. Although chained and limited by God’s absolute sovereignty. Satan is still very strong and his followers include a third of the fallen angels, together with legions of demonic spirits from these fallen angels. His army is also made of millions of flesh and blood beings whom Jesus Christ traced back to Cain. (Matthew 23:35 and John 8:44). In addition, according to St. Paul, as recorded in Ephesians 6:10-18, Satan now commands not only flesh ad blood beings but he has powers, principalities, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places at his command. The command word of God in Ephesians 6:10-11 is for the Saints of the Living God to “be strong in Yahweh, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand…”

It is imperative to remember that the greatest theatre of Satan’s warfare against Almighty God is behind the pulpit. The pulpit is the chief battlefield of this satanic warfare for Satan will allow much truth to be taught if he can embody his “big lie”. Today Satan has been successful in causing a majority of churches (nearly all preachers) and a large number of people to believe that the serpent, the tempter of the first Adam, was a literal snake and that the tempter of the second Adam, Jesus Christ, was not a literal Satan. If you hear this type of heresy form the lips of any minister you will know that he is under strong delusion that he should believe such a lie. Remember that Satan comes with great power and “signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness and unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth…” II Thess. 2:9-10. When Satan can convince men that he does not exist he has achieved his greatest victory. For when men deny the personal existence of Satan they have bought the lie of the serpent, that man can be his own God. Christian men and woman who walk in the light of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Holy Scriptures will not be deceived by Satan nor by false apostles appearing as ministers of light. We will stand fully armed in this earth wearing the armour of Jesus Christ, realizing that we are fighting a personal Satan, as well as a satanic host (Ephesians 6:12) that not only includes a personal Satan, put powers, principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. The original Greek rendering of this verse will reveal that we face a very formidable army, a manifestation of Satan is everywhere to be observed. The culmination of Satan’s work can now be seen everywhere.

As children of the Living God, we will stand with Jesus Christ, knowing that obedience to Him and His every Word will bring Satan to his certain doom and judgment. Today the children of light, the seed of Isaac, the Covenant Seed of the Kingdom, will stand only in fear of Jesus Christ, seeking to be obedient to His every Law. They know that Satan, though powerful, and standing in this earth as the captain of the children of darkness, is on a leash, Satan stands as a fallen angel, as a defeated Rebel, and His doom is sure. In the meantime he stands as a great adversary in this earth to oppose Jesus Christ and the Children of light. Today the Children of Jesus Christ, standing upon solid rock of the Holy Bible can be sure of the Biblical Exegesis of Satan. They can know and understand their arch enemy and be on guard against his subtlety. For the goal of Satan is still unchanged from Eden. He seeks to get every Adam man to be his on idiot god. To engage in lawless rebellion against Jesus Christ and the Law. As children of the living God, fighting for the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ, and standing strong against Satan, his demons, and all the powers of darkness, we will, as did the famous Martin Luther of the Protestant Reformation, stand with the full faith and assurance in Jesus Christ when he declared:

“And though this world with devils filled, Should threaten to undo us, We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us, We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us. The prince of darkness grim, We tremble not for him; His rage we can endure, For lo! his doom is sure; One little word shall fell him."