This book was quoted by both Sen. Bilbo in Take Your Choice: Seperation or Mongrelization and by Earnest Cox in White America. While some of Grant's material has been amended and updated in the years since 1916, it still serves as an important work in the study of racial origins.


    Part I - Race, Language, And Nationality

  1. Race And Democracy
  2. The Physical Basis Of Race
  3. Race And Habitat
  4. The Competition Of Races
  5. Race, Language, And Nationality
  6. Race And Language
  7. The European Races In Colonies
    Part II - European Races In History
  1. Eolithic Man
  2. Paleolithic Man
  3. The Neolithic And Bronze Ages
  4. The Alpine Race
  5. The Mediterranean Race
  6. The Nordic Race
  7. Teutonic Europe
  8. The Expansion Of The Nordics
  9. The Nordic Fatherland
  10. Nordic Race Outside Of Europe
  11. The Racial Aptitudes
  12. Arya
  13. The Origin Of The Aryan Languages
  14. The Aryan Language In Asia
  15. Bibliography