The Rising Tide of Color
Against White World-Supremacy

Lothrop Stoddard, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard)
Author of "The Stakes of the War,"
"Present-Day Europe: Its National States of Mind,"
"The French Revolution in San Domingo," Etc.

With an Introduction by Madison Grant
Chairman, New York Zoological Society;
Trustee American Museum Of Natural History;
Councillor American Geographical Society;
Author Of " The Passing Of The Great Race"

New York - 1922


Introduction by Madison Grant

    PART I - The Rising Tide of Color
  1. The World of Color
  2. Yellow Man's Land
  3. Brown Man's Land
  4. Black Man's Land
  5. Red Man's Land

    PART II - The Ebbing Tide of White

  6. The White Flood
  7. The Beginning of the Ebb
  8. The Modern Peloponnesian War
  9. The Shattering of White Solidarity

    PART III - The Deluge On The Dikes

  10. The Outer Dikes
  11. The Inner Dikes
  12. The Crisis of the Ages