By - Wesley Swift

We are told by the Apostle Paul, in the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians, concerning the climax of the day and the hour in which we now live, and he said, “Now we beseech you brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto Him, ...” But the Apostle Paul said, “... be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, or by word, nor by letter as from us, ... that the day of Christ is at hand11 - as though this was going to happen tomorrow. He explained that, as we move towards the end of the age, we approach the hour of the return and reentry of God into the affairs of His own household, His own race, the people He had begotten. This was written by the Apostle Paul practically 1, 900 years ago. However, He made this statement: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except here come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” The words “man of sin” is either singular or plural, and in some translations is referred to as “the forces of evil as directed by the children of Lucifer,” but in the King James Version is rendered as “the son of perdition.”

Saint Paul also tells us that these powers of darkness will oppose and exalt themselves above all that is called God; and they will virtually seek to be worshipped in the temples of God, as though they were God.. And so we are told here: “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work.” Actually, the only thing that restrained it from going full blast in the days of Paul, for the liquidation of the church, was the sovereignty of God “…who worketh after the counsel of His own will” (Ephesians 1:11).

In the days of the Apostles, the mystery of iniquity was already at work, and, according to Paul, it would continue to work until that which hindereth it be removed. In this instance, the power of God’s Holy Spirit was a factor of restraint, a hindering influence over the powers of darkness and the mystery of iniquity. But when we were to reach a period known as the climax of the age, and the end of the age, at which time the restraint would be lifted from the powers of darkness, the forces of evil would then forge ahead with their massive conspiracy. This situation had its beginning as we came to the “great week stone” in the Pyramid of Giza in 1909, when the power of restraint against evil was somewhat lifted and the forces of iniquity accelerated their activity.

The World Communist Revolution was started in the Soviet Union by organized Jewry, which had secretly hated Christianity since the days of its inception, had persecuted the church, had put Christians to death with their own soldiers, or, by using the power of their wealth, and had compelled others to do their dirty work. They sought to gain economic control over Rome and over every empire, and over all nations, to destroy and crush out Christianity. They were unable to do this, and they watched Christianity triumph, even under their martyrdom, and they saw it gaining great strength. In fact, so strong became Christendom that Rome, instead of becoming the headquarters for the destruction of Christianity, finally acquired an emperor who was a Christian, and started to drive out the powers of darkness and limited the power of the Jews.

The Jews then changed their methods of operation. When they saw that it was no longer safe for them to battle the Christian church on the outside, they joined it.

Then, having joined the Christian church, they gave much of their money into its treasuries and exalted themselves and bought for themselves even bishoprics inside of that church.

That is one of the things that created great confusion inside the church at Rome, for the Roman Church gave an avenue for Jewry to enter in, and the Jews came in and sought to Babylonianize and change as far as possible the doctrines that church In a book called “The Morranos” written by a prominent Jew, Cecil Roth, and published by the American Jewish Publication Society, it is stated that the Jews who were heretics, outside the church, became the people who sought to destroy the true faith of the church on the inside They moved into the church, but always remained heretics at heart. Of course this book praises these Jews for having joined the church and seeking to contend its doctrines and destroy it from within.

The Jews brought into the Church of Rome concepts that came out of ancient Babylon, of priestcraft, of pontifical authority, of cardinalism, and vestal virgins. But they were not able to translate allof this into the structure. of the church, because the vast majority of those in the church still recognized that Jesus was the embodiment of God, had been virgin born, and His atonement was a vital atonement.

A great multitude of Jews (in the hundreds of thousands) joined the church, just to survive, and they brought their heresies into the church, a church they secretly scorned and despised - and this brought on the Inquisition. It is also a significant fact that the person who was the outstanding leader in the Inquisition was a man named Torquemada and Torquemada was a Spanish Jew who had been raised to a bishopric and then had instituted that Inquisition.

The Inquisition which was proclaimed to be a movement against heresy, became persecution against Christians, many of whom became protesters or Protestants, protesting against the evils in the Church of Rome and against enforcement of the Inquisition. And when the Inquisitors ran out of wealthy Christians that were Protestant, they turned on the Catholics and charged them with all types of heresy, until the Church became aware of the apostasy of the strange iniquity that bad moved in, and the exiled these Jews to Sicily.

The Jews were driven out of Spain and the Spaniards called them Morranos, which means “pigs and dogs” - and the “pig-dogs” are pigs of the Morranos. And so when they publish a book about themselves, they call themselves by the name they were then called, Morranos” or hogs, and they talk about how wonderful they were. Such is the hog-wash proclaimed in this book that is published by the American Jewish Publication Society today.

You ought to get the book and read it. You will discover that the Inquisition which set Protestants against Catholics was Jewish inspired, and Jews confiscated the wealth, the treasure and money, from Christians on both sides, as they operated their pattern of looting.

After Constantine had risen to power and had become Emperor of Rome, the Council of Nicaea was called, to establish and correlate the Holy Bible. It was felt that all the documents of sacred writing, which they had, should be brought together into a single volume. They had a large number of such documents, a total of 163 books. Now these 163 books were all inspired books; all, that is, except ten of them. It was clearly determined, eventually, that ten of them were spurious, because the name of God did not appear even once within those ten. However, the delegates were persuaded to keep two of the spurious books, for the influence of Jewry was upon them. Many of the bishops and church leaders that were at the Council of Nicaea, some of whom were Jewish, were totally drunk most of the time, and it is cited that they were not permitted to make any decisions after ten o’clock in the morning, because they were too drunk with wine to make proper decisions after that hour. That was at the Council of Nicaea, when they selected the Scriptures that were supposedly “canonized, “ which were eventually retained in our Holy Bible. So they gave us sixty-six books, and two of them were spurious. The Song of Solomon and the Book of Esther are spurious books that were not inspired at all, not having the name of God anywhere in them; but they were nevertheless included in the Bible, at the insistence of the Jews, and have been used by the Jews ever since, to give them special privilege and power.

Now remember, there were 153 sacred volumes. One hundred and fifty-three is a Divine number. One hundred and fifty-three happens to be the pattern of inch displacement in the Pyramid, and it also happens to be the number of fish that were caught in the net after Jesus said, “’Cast the net on the right side of the ship” - which they did. And when they counted the number of fish they had caught, there were 153. There are 153 inspired volumes, and you have sixty-four of them here in your Bible. Of course we have many more, like the Books of Seth, the Books of Enoch, and the Books of Esdras, that are also inspired volumes.

There are many inspired volumes such as the books out of the Caves of the Treasury, which were the sacred records that Noah had with him on the Ark and also in the Caves of the Treasury when he taught Abraham, for he taught Abraham until Abraham was ten years old. This was in the overlapping period in the lives of Noah and Abraham. Many of these sacred writings were in the ancient church and were a part of the ancient tradition of the great Kehilla of Israel, because they had these scrolls, but they never had them combined into a single volume until the Council of Nicaea decided, after the Christian era, that they should be placed in a single volume. There were many volumes in Alexandria, Egypt, where a great church had been founded after the Grecian empire had established control over that part of the world. Mark was the pastor of this church in Alexandria, after the Crucifixion and Resurrection, when the Christian church was opening up its influence throughout the continent of Europe.

The epistles of the Apostle Paul, you will remember, went to all the islands in the Aegean Sea, and he spoke to the Corinthians in Corinth, and to the Romans in Rome who were of the tribe of Gad, and so on. The peoples of Greece were Scythians and were Israelites indeed, and many of the tribe of Dan had remained in the islands of Greece, along with others that had preceded them to that country. Although Alexandria, in Egypt, was a Greek city, it’s population was largely made up of Coptic Aramaics, and Mark had, in the great Church library in Alexandria, all the sacred Scriptures he could gather together at that time.

Do you know how many volumes they had? They had 12O volumes in the Alexandrian church, at the time of Mark's ministry, and these were great scrolls. In these scrolls they had the records of the Battles of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, but only fragments were found when archaeologists recovered remnants of them in the ruins of Alexandria. But when they recently found the Dead Sea scrolls, they obtained full copies of the Battles of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness.

All the volumes that were originally in the Alexandrian libraries formed what was known as the Greek Text. All of this material was translated into Greek and was called the Greek Text. But the Alexandrian Version of the Bible and the Greek Text were two separate translations, and today, the Alexandrian Scriptures are considered to be the most accurate. Actually, it was the text of the Alexandrian Version that was translated from the l2O volumes in the Alexandrian church, under Mark’s supervision, and was not retranslated. The Vatican manuscripts were later translations that were adopted by Catholicism as the Douay Version - and the Protestant Bible, also translated from the Vatican manuscripts, was placed in printing at the time of King James. The King James Version of the Bible is what was left unto Protestantism, as Jewish translators and certain scholars translated the King James edition from the Vatican manuscripts. And they also translated their errors. Then they deliberately sought to translate additional error into the King James Version, and there are many areas of error in it, but of course it contains such a vast amount of truth and is so valid in its testimony that even a wayfaring man can still find his way through, unless he is a fool - but there seems to be a lot of fools.

Remember that the mystery of iniquity was already at work and was seeking to destroy the Christian church. But when the children of Lucifer sought to destroy the Christian church, they finally realized they had come against the one institution and organization that would spread and spread and spread, and unless they could destroy it, unless they could use the power of their gold and silver to crush it, it would go on forever. That is one of the reasons why the leaders of organized Jewry met in the city of Venice, and there in Venice they planned the strategy they would use in their attempt to destroy Christianity. They talked about the hordes of barbarian Mongols that roamed the steppes of Asia. They had heard in Samarkand and in Baghdad about the Mongol hordes that roamed the deserts and fought and raided one another. They said, "If we can unify and organize these Mongols, if we can get them to realize that they must leave us alone, but come only against the treasures of Christianity, we will bring them into Europe - and we will conquer all of Europe with these Mongol hordes." - So the mystery of iniquity was at work.

Without question, the design of the forces of darkness and the sons of Lucifer was total destruction of Christianity.

There are Jews all over the world, but they never came from Abraham. But these sons of Lucifer were in the pre-Adamic races, as the Scriptures make abundantly clear.

You are told in the Book of Thessalonians, that the day of the end (of the World Order) would not come until these children of evil, these men of sin, would be revealed as the sons of perdition. Remember also the words of Jesus in the Book of John. Yes, we always come back to the Words of Christ. Some people object to such repetition; but, after all, we only have four Gospels containing the records of Christ, and to find the guide, we must go back into those four Gospels for the actual words of Christ - for this is the key to an understanding of the Scriptures. Jesus said to these Jews, "Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do: I am of God, you are of the devil; and therefore you are the progeny of the devil, and you respond according to his direction and influence. You have no spiritual capacity, you can't understand the truth, you can't hear My word." In the sixth chapter of John, Jesus refers to them as the "children of perdition, " and He identifies His twelve disciples, but declares that one of them was a devil and a son of perdition. Now it tells you in this sixth chapter of John, after Judas Iscariot was identified as a devil, that Jesus could not walk among Jewry, but had to walk in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill Him. So He identified this Anti-Defamation League agent of that day. There was a spy among the disciples and Jesus identified him. Now you can turn to the sixth chapter of John and read, "I have chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil." And He spoke of whom? Judas Iscariot! And after He had identified this "temple spy, "it says that He had to walk in Galilee. You can read about it, in the first verse of the seventh chapter of John. He had to walk in Galilee, He could no longer walk in Jewry, because all the Jews sought to kill Him. And they sought to kill Him, as you can read, all the way through the Book of John. Every time they turned, the Jews wanted to stone Christ, wanted to sneak up on Him, wanted to get Him under false charges, wanted to seize Him with an army and take Him out where the people wouldn't know about it, and destroy Him but always they were hampered because of His omniscience. And the Essenes also kept a guard over Him, because they were aware of what the Jews were trying to do.

I want to point out, in the seventeenth chapter of the Book of John, Jesus talks about the Adamic race and the White race and all of His children that were to receive the Gospel, when in His prayer He said, "All Thou hast given Me, Thine they were in the heavens (talking about your spiritual pre-existence as celestial children of God); and now Thou hast given them unto Me, Mine they are in the earth." So from heaven to earth, He identifies the coming of the children of the Most High God, and He makes this statement: He said, "I gave them My word. I have kept those Thou hast given Me; Thine they were, now Mine they are: none of them are lost except the son of perdition", which was Lucifer and Lucifer's offspring. He was talking about Judas Iscariot.

Here we have it well marked, that Judas was one of the children of Lucifer, a son of perdition. And this is in the same chapter where Jesus said, "Now I don't pray for the world (the World Order), I only pray for those Thou hast given Me; for Thine they were, and now Mine they are: don't take them out of the world, keep them in it." These are the words of Jesus concerning this matter.

In the Book of Thessalonians, Paul reveals quite clearly that the powers of darkness and the forces of evil are the children of Lucifer, the children of perdition. Now this is not just a by­word of reproach for someone who transgresses the laws of God or does wrong. Transgression doesn't make a man a son of perdition. A son of perdition is progeny by seed.

You may become a disobedient child of God, and God in His grace will take care of that also. He promises you that He will chastise you if that is necessary, but He says, "All Israel shall be saved as it is written." He tells you again con­cerning His grace and the magnitude of His grace concerning His household and His children. But the children of perdition have no capacity to think one righteous thought.

Now understand this: the children of Lucifer, the children of perdition, have no capacity to think any righteous thought! This Jesus makes clear when He said, "You can not hear My word and you can not understand the truth which I declare." He wasn't talking about the peoples of Galilee and the peoples in Judea that lived there, who were of the tribe of. Judah and the tribe of Benjamin. He was talking about the Jews that were there, that had moved in and had conspired and had taken over the control of the temple,. and were against His program.

I also want to point out to you that Jesus knew where the rest of the house of Israel was, also. He spoke to the "strangers of the dispersion." He knew where the household of Ephraim was, "and Israel his companions" - and He sailed on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, when in His young manhood and boyhood He sailed to Britain and back, and He knew that in Western Europe was the household of His calling. He knew where they had migrated to. In fact, there is a lot of secular record concerning the youth of Christ and concerning His young manhood and concerning His identification and His travels among His people, inside the real house of Israel.

The Apostle Paul said that these men of sin are going to be revealed as the children of Lucifer, and that in each and every age, there is always a chief official among their group, that exalts him­self and raises himself up. In fact, one of the chief Jews right now is Moses El Guibbory, who happens to be a master rabbi, who produced a whole segment of Talmudic scripture which is called, "The Bible In The Hands of Its Creators.' And David Horowitz, a Jew from the United States that went down to Palestine, came back as a dis­ciple of this rabbi, this Moses El Guibbory, who may be, in the eyes of the Jews, a sort of mes­sianic leader that is going to rise up and be pro­claimed as their chief rabbinist and scholar and embodiment of god.

It is a strange thing that these Jews have adopted areas of the philosophy that is the back­ground of Christianity and the message of true Israel - but they have corrupted it, they have Talmudized it, and they have changed it.

Moses, who was as fine a man as anyone in this room, and who would be as Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian or Nordic, as anybody in this room, but they have adopted and hung a big nose on him and made him like unto themselves, in the making of their per­verted philosophy.

Remember that the same Jews created Buddhism, and the same Jews are the high priests in the temples of India today, because they serve Lucifer and they serve the darkness. There are Asiatic Jews and there are Negroid Jews who even run a college of Voodooism in Africa, today.

Most people think that Jews are identified with your race. But they are NOT identified with your race. These are the strange people that are now referred to as Orthodox Jews. But these Orthodox Jews don't accept the Scripture. They accept the perfidy of their people to change and distort, correct and re-correct, and even to rewrite our Scriptures, and falsely place themselves in the picture.

One of the great mysteries of our age, is that Christendom can acknowledge these people and say they are "the chosen people of God," and then bow before them and say they can do no wrong; and whatsoever they do, they are the household of God, the chosen people of God – and they even rebuke Jesus who said to the Jews, "Ye are of your father the devil, the lust of your father ye will do." The great mystery is that the house of Israel can be so blind concerning its identity, in these days of the climax of the end.

It is going to happen that people are going to wake up, and they are waking up, and they are going to discover, and they are discovering, that these sons of perdition are "the men of sin" and the children of evil. We are therefore told that in this hour, "this mystery of iniquity which doth already work, " will continue to work until the hindering influence is taken out of their way.

A lot of people have been given a strange in­terpretation, and they think this means that God going to lift up into the air, and out of the world, everybody that possesses the holy spirit, and they talk about a "rapture" - and while this is taking place, the devil will exalt himself and take over the world. But there i5n't one word about a "rap­ture" in the Bible. I want you to know that, now! Because it is not there. The devil controls the World Order, and the devil tries to take over every nation of God's kingdom. But in this effort he is going to be stopped. The devil is NOT going to take over America, any further than he has it right now.

One of these days, my friends, every single devil will be run out of America and the powers of righteousness will triumph over the forces of evil. Concerning this "rapture" of the church, which is being talked about so much, I want you to know that there is nothing in the Scripture that foretells any rapture of the church, except in the King James Version where there is an area of especially bad translation. It should have been translated to read: "When Christ arrives, we who are alive and remain unto His coming, shall meet Him in this atmosphere breathing body, (in this temple body)." In this body of tangibleness we are going to meet the Lord, and we will be en­veloped with light and power. Even as the Apostle Paul said, he would like to put on his house in heaven, even though he didn't want to die.

They have sought to make this a catching into the air of all Christians, everywhere, and they are going to stay up there for three and-a-half years, and the devil is going to conquer the world and take over all of the countries and all of the cities and persecute everybody that is left; and then, after that, we are supposed to come down and run him out; but there isn't anything like that in the Scriptures. There is no place in the Scriptures that even suggests such a sequence of events. This is theology that has been built up out of the imaginations of men..

If God took everybody that had the Holy Spirit out of the world, there would never be a battle of Armageddon, did you know that? There wouldn't be anybody that would oppose the devil, and nobody would fight the devil. But of course, nobody but those with the Spirit of God in them would even lift a finger. against the devil or challenge his forces in battle. I just want you to understand how silly this is. God talks about the hour when His believing offspring and His saints will be contesting the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. He refers to their triumph, but He says they will be sorely pressed in battle when He intervenes with heavenly forces and armies and gives the victory to the children of His kingdom. The mystery of iniquity gains power whenever the restraining hand is lifted, as was the case when the Jews, from their headquarters in Venice sent Chepe Noyon, a Chinese Jew, to mass the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan against Christianity.

The power of iniquity was stopped for a time, when the Catholic Church drove the Jews out of the church and put them on the island of Sicily. The Spanish liquidated some of them, because they realized what the Jews were up to, and of course, Jews were persecuted at that time. The Spaniards didn't have any gas ovens then, and the Jews hadn't yet dreamed up the "six million” figure. The Jews went to Venice, and from Venice they sent Chepe Noyon, the Chinese Jew, over to find Temujin, the man whose name they changed to Genghis Khan. Through Chepe Noyon, the Jews said to Temujin, "We can supply the weapons you need, new crossbows and new swords, and when you topple a tribe, we will make the arrangement for them to join you. And if we get all the tribes to join you on the deserts of Mongolia, if we can raise all the wandering hordes of Mongolia behind your standard, we will make you conqueror of the world. But just remember who did it. Just remember that it was the power of Jewry that armed you, and the power of Jewry can also topple you. If you will respect the Jews and the emblem of Jewry, which will be a yellow arm band that we shall wear, we will open the gates of the cities for you. We will open up for you all the places you want to go, but you must respect and not rob us."

So Temujin made the deal and became Genghis Khan. And after he had conquered about eight tribes, and after they had been unified with him by Chepe Noyon's adroit maneuvering, Genghis Khan started the great sweeping scourge of Asia. The Mongol hordes came against Samarkand, and the Jews of course were in Samarkand as traders. Then one night they opened the gates of the walls of Samarkand and Genghis Khan went in, and he never had to attack the walls.

As Trotsky and Lenin and these forces of Socialism took over Russia, they liquidated its White rulers and persecuted and liquidated its White leadership. Then they brought the Mongols in, to cohabit with the women of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, while the men of those countries were taken into slave labor inside Russia, to die of freezing and starvation, and they were replaced by the Mongol horde. So that area of the Soviet Union became, racially, the mixed up mess that it is today.

Remember that Jewry controls Russia and has controlled the rise of World Communism all over the world. Not only does Jewry control the Soviet Union, but it also seeks to control and to liquidate all White Christians and everything, everywhere, that has any vestige of Christianity. The Jews killed 17, 000, 000 Christians in the Soviet Union: they boiled them in oil, they pulled them apart with oxen, they shot them - and these murderers are the people, today, that you are told to treat in a friendly manner, because (they tell us) friendship with the Soviet Union is a most important and very desirable objective. Of course in the Soviet Union, they don’t have any religion, but our leaders tell us that is all right, because we will get along with them very well in this great new age of advanced civilization.

I tell you that every White Christian on the face of the earth should totally refuse to sign any agreement or treaty with the Soviet Union, as long as one "hammer and sickle" flies, because its design has never changed. In this climactic hour, the mystery of iniquity which already works, has now had its hindrance removed, and this beast of World Jewry and the political power of Lucifer has "given life to the beast who had its wound nigh unto death, " - which were the hordes of Genghis Khan - and this seventh world power comes back as the eighth, for its final attempt to conquer Christianity.

I want you to know that the conquest of Christianity is about as close to fulfillment as it is going to go. The Communists already have all of Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain, and even now there is revolt among the White people inside of Eastern Europe, against Communism, but the force of Communism is crushing in. It has conquered and it controls Asia, even though there may be some controversy and fighting, over who is going to be the leader among the Chinese and among the Russians. The Communists have Castro down in Cuba, and from Castro in Cuba they have exported their ideology, and materials into Guatemala. They have moved into Uruguay. They have moved into Argentina and Bolivia.

I talked this week, in the northern part of California, to a man who has had business dealings this year in Argentina, and this man said, "I had to cancel it out. Twelve Americans were shot, as Communists came up in trucks and shot them. The Argentine landholders and the owners of big ranches, and the politicians and statesmen, have their lives in danger and they are in hiding, because of the Communists. And they have to provide special protection to the leaders of Argentina, because the Communists are moving around in these trucks as guerrillas, just as they did it Cuba before the take-over. And Castro’s Cuba has been the avenue of a tremendous number of military men from the Soviet Union who have moved into Argentina and into all South America."