The Everlasting Gospel
by Dr. Wesley A. Swift


We turn to the 90th Psalm and as we deal with the theme of The Everlasting Gospel, we are talking about an age-old message, about YAHWEH'S (God's) purposes from the beginning, from everlasting to everlasting. Of course, there is a time element in everlasting" which includes some millennia, as it goes from everlasting to everlasting. It is a long, long time.

"Most High YAHWEH Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. " This
is a Word of Truth as expressed by David the psalmist, who was an Israelite indeed. Of course the situation existed even before this, for: "Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever Thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting - Thou art our MOST HIGH YAHWEH. " You were our dwelling place before You created the heavens and the earth, our dwelling place, in all generations.

Of course, the great area of Divine mystery concerning the knowledge of the pre-existence of the sons of Yahweh is well expressed by the apostle Paul as he writes in Ephesians that we existed with The Father in love in the heavens before the world was framed; that we have already been "blessed with all blessings of The Spirit in heavenly places." And when we understand this, we recognize that there is no area of spiritual blessing through or by The Spirit that has not already been bestowed upon the sons and daughters because they have been begotten by Incorruptible Seed. Thus, having been begotten of Incorruptible Seed, they are perfect.

Therefore we were with Yahweh, we knew the things of Yahweh, we were perfect because, due to the celestial consciousness of man when he existed in the heavens, he then moved with the Mind of The Father (Spirit). Then Paul tells us: "Absent from this body is to be present with The Most High. " And he goes so far as to say: "When HE appears, we are going to see even as we are beheld,- we are going to be known even as we are known." Why? How? Because in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the children of The Most High will have the affinity which they have had with their Father. And because of the conscious quickening of His Spirit, they shall be instantly transformed, in the capacities of their bodies and even in the capacities of their minds. The mind's intelligence to comprehend the, thoughts of The Most High will bring this to pass, for in the. spiritual plane you did comprehend the thoughts of The Almighty. Every secret wisdom was made known unto you in the areas of your pre-Adamic beginning, before the Adamic Race was placed in the earth. One of the conditions of their fall was that their intellect was covered as though with a veil, and they could not understand or remember that which had happened in the spiritual plane.

A new born babe has little consciousness as he emerges through the Adamic race. He has little consciousness of that other existence although he may have some nostalgic remembrance as a baby. As he adapts to his new environment and his existence in earth, he has little remembrance of his life in The Spirit, although some babes are very wise and may remember a few things of the wisdom and mystery of the heavens. By the time they have learned to talk, they have forgotten, as the veil comes across their minds and blots out the things of The Most High. There was an exception this with the babe John the, Baptist because he was filled wit The Holy Spirit from his mother's womb. When he was born his parents had to send him to be reared by the Essene company in the hills and caves of Judea because of the design of Herod, king of the Jews, who gave the orders to kill the babes as he schemed to destroy THE MESSIAH.

The fact remains that the dimension of Spirit is a tangible plane. It existed before the creation of the physical world, and was the habitation of every one of the sons and daughters of The Most High. They existed consciousness and in which was no less tangible than this one is for those who are children of The Spirit. In that hour Yahweh told us about the earth and what He would do here. He also advised us that Lucifer would reach his final stage of iniquity here on earth.

There is no doubt that Lucifer had rebelled against The Almighty One before the era of the re-creation of the earth. We are to understand that Yahweh warned us of this rebellion, and informed us that we would conquer Lucifer in the earth. We were told that what we had to offer the peoples here was an EVERLASTING GOSPEL. This was a Gospel in which YAHWEH (God) in His eternal measures would not only redeem those who were His Own, but also would save all flesh, and eventually was going to bring every knee to bow so that all people would acknowledge that, HE is The Majesty of Yahweh, embodied in the flesh as MESS I A H, a n d that we His children would voice the message that He as bestowed upon us. Thus it is an everlasting Gospel, and one great magnitude.

As we move through the book of Genesis, we see that The Most High says to Abraham: "I shall establish My Covenant between thee and Me, and thy seed after thee for an everlasting Covenant. " There is NOT ONE, CONDITION saying "you do:. this" or "I will do that", BUT, "This is an everlasting Covenant between thee and Me; and I shall, be a Father unto thee and unworthy seed after thee.

The children of Israel were reared to recognize the Covenant of The Most High; and of course one of the constant messages to them by their wise men (such as Moses and others) was that they, the children of The Almighty, had come out of the heavens and were embodied in the earth. This was also brought out by Paul after he was taken into the heavens and had returned to write of his experiences. One of the Truths he was to, discuss was the spiritual consciousness of the sons and daughters and the necessity of its being reawakened in the household of The Most High. Thus Paul was to say: "His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that ,we are the children of The Most High Yahweh. " Not children by some mental design (because we "accepted" His wisdom) but we are the children of YAHWEH because we were begotten by The Father of Incorruptible Seed, and He had declared unto us THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, even before the foundation of the world! He declared even His Messiahship and the eventual emerging of His children (like unto Himself) in the Fullness of HIS Grace. Thus we are to remember that we are dealing with an everlasting Gospel and AN EVERLASTING YAHWEH!

Therefore, Isaiah speaks to us in chapter 9: "Unto US a Child is given; unto US a Son is born. " This, my friends, is the Magnitude of Yahweh's visitation to His Race, the rejoining of His household, rejoining His Race as He emerged through the virgin Birth of the Immaculate Conception as THE EMBODIED YAHSHUA, WHO IS YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, One and The Same throughout all ages!

Unto us a Son was born; unto us He was given! "And the government shall be upon His Shoulders. His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty Yahweh, The Everlasting Father." This was to clinch the fact that The Messiah was The emerging Eternal Master; He was born, and HE WAS from EVERLASTING to EVERLASTING. HE was The Most High Who was our Father before the foundation of the world, and Who had begotten us with Incorruptible Seed. It was This Messiah Who was begotten, into the virgin Mary Who was the EVERLASTING FATHER! When we recognize this fact, Then we realize that we are the one people who have the message of The Most High, as His children throughout all the areas of His Creation, throughout all the areas of His established purposes, and unto all the peoples of the world. Even angels shall work for you and serve you because you are a part of an everlasting Gospel with an everlasting message, and it shall continue WORLD WITHOUT END.

Turn then to Isaiah 59:20: "As for Me, this is My covenant with them, " saith The Most High. "My Spirit that is upon thee, and My Words which have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed," saith The Almighty One, from henceforth and forever." Now, we may live in a time when there is a great falling-away, and we may move into a time that is hard to understand as we see the perfidy of denominations and religious institutions; but at the same time, YAHWEH has promised to keep alive through the seed of Israel, the Voice of His Everlasting Gospel! This is a message that He keeps viable through His household as He reawakens His children.

Turn next to Revelation 14:6-8: "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, not only to the nations but to the kindred (this means the household of The Most High, those who have direct relationship) and also to the peoples of many tongues (i.e.'., languages) saying with a loud Voice: 'Fear Yahweh, and give glory to Him, for the hour of HIS judgment is come. Worship HIM Who made heaven and earth, and the sea and the fountains of waters.' Then another angel followed saying, "Babylon is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication."

Thus we see in the sixth verse that an angel is singing THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL to the household of The Most High. Then in verse 7, the next angel brings the news of the judgment of Yahweh upon the forces of evil, upon the powers of darkness, and upon the household of Lucifer, that great mystery city of Babylon. This city of Lucifer, this mystery city Babylon the great, is a continuing development of Lucifer's population, his people. And the new Jerusalem, the mystery city of Yahweh, the city of Peace, is wherever the children of The Most High find their existence.

We can then establish this by the Scriptures, for in Revelation 21:2: "John saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. " This new Jerusalem then issues through the Adamic Race, down to the time of the narrator who was speaking; and new Jerusalem is the continuing order of The Most High, for He is sending down the new Jerusalem through the seed and the Race of Adam. He refers to this new Jerusalem as His household. In this same way, then, mystery Babylon is the household of Lucifer, the counterpart of Lucifer, which SHALL BE BROKEN!

The everlasting Gospel is the Gospel telling of the rise of the Kingdom, the triumph of Messiahship, and the warfare which exists between the children of the Kingdom and the children of Lucifer. It is a Gospel of everlasting TRIUMPH, and everlasting VICTORY; and we shall see that victory for, as we have heard the everlasting Gospel sung by the angel, we also have heard the second angel declare the destruction of Babylon!

We look out over the events as they transpire, and we see the climax of this age building up and remember that Daniel declared: "When the abomination of the desolator stands in, the Holy Place, then comes the end. " On the original site of. Solomon's temple now sets the,, Mosque of Omar. The temple' built by Solomon was destroyed, then rebuilt after the return of part of Judah and Benjamin from their captivity in Babylon. Then that temple was destroyed when strange Ashkenazi Jews came in to fight to take it in the struggle between them and Judah and Benjamin. (The Ashkenazim are, according to the dictionary, central to northern or eastern European Jews. The Sephardim of Spain and Portugal regard themselves as of purer descent.) After the destruction of the of the temple came its rebuilding by Herod (in the same place) in the days of Yahshua (Jesus). But it was apostate and overlaid with gold and (like those of his brotherhood) Herod, king of the Jews, thought more of the gold than he did of the work of the temple. By this medium we can see why both it and the priesthood were denounced by the Christ as the evil that they represented. This building was destroyed in 70 A.D. by Titus the Roman. The city was next turned into a Moslem city by Mohammed, and the Mosque of Omar was built. Now, the Scripture does talk about a rebuilding of the temple but not necessarily on that spot. It tells about the development of a "new Jerusalem", but its temple is one of living "stones" fitly framed, that grow into a Holy temple unto The Most High Yahweh. When Ezekiel talks of the building of a new temple, this city is 1,500 miles square, and you could not put one of that size into Palestine, for there is no room for it. The only place you could build a new Jerusalem with a center of population of that magnitude is in this country, of the United States and part of Canada. Anyway, it is hard to, make USA out of the heart of Jer-USA-lem and have anything, left, isn't it? (Ed. note: In the city measured in. furlongs, (12,000, Rev. 21:16) Scofield shows a furlong = 582 ft. Webster gives 220 yards, or 660 ft.)

We have come to an important turning point in world history, for ever since World War 1, organized Jewry has been trying to revitalize and expand through Zionism and conquer the world. Wiezmann and Herzl had started Zionism and, for it to be more effective, they wanted Palestine as a "homeland" for the Jews. They coveted the mineral wealth of that area. Palestine is a land that is well located as a focal point for all the nations; but they desired it also because of its nostalgic effect upon the minds of the Christians. At the same time they wanted to stretch out into all Christian nations and into all the governments of the world, and eventually set up their national headquarters in Jerusalem. From there they would rule the entire earth.

This set-up is of course taken by some churches to mean the real thing. They say, "Oh, My! This is Israel returning to Palestine to rule the world!" My friends, this is NOT the prophecy of the restoration of Israel, as a people or as a nation The building of the Lombard, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, Nordic, Basque and kindred peoples into nations is the establishing of Yahweh's Israel in the earth, in the lands to which they were to move and dwell, and then, move no more. The everlasting Gospel is a continuing, developing Kingdom coming from heaven, to earth. It is NOT the return of the Jews to Palestine; and those people are not embraced in the everlasting Gospel as the children of The Most High! YAHSHUA (Jesus) talks of the Jews as being desolators, the abomination of desolation." (Ed. note: Ferrar Fenton's translation is more explicit in identifying the desolators as well as their certain punishment.)

Now, I quote some items of interest from the book "What Price Israel?" by David Lilienthal. He says that during the years 1881 to 1924 that 2,500,000 Jews moved into the United States, and they were sent into this country (as well as other White nations) to establish themselves and give great weight of power to Zionism; and that later they will claim all areas of the world. These were the Jews which were involved in the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in order to start World War 1. Remember that Kaiser Wilhelm said as he took over Palestine that he was going to build a palace there and rule until The Messiah returned. Whose right is it to rule? No matter what they said about Kaiser Wilhelm, still he was a religious man, and he was also a Lutheran minister before he became ruler of Germany. He was of the house and tribe of Judah, and a cousin of both King George of England and Czar Nicholas of Russia, each of whom ruled over branches of Israel. The Kaiser did not understand that the throne of David had been transferred and established in Britain, and that thus in the house of Joseph was established the house of David for a king line. But the fact remains that the leader of Germany at that time still had a vision, and he decreed that Christianity ruled in Palestine.

But when the Zionist Jews realized that World War I was not going so well for Germany, they tried to make a deal with Britain. Lord Balfour drew up an agreement that said that some of the Zionists could go to Palestine to dwell, but only according to a quota and according to the number of Arabs and Christians that the land would support. So the Jews said they would put their money and influence into the winning of the war for the Allies, and that secretly would bring America into the war. Col. House was surreptitiously at work here (this was one of those situations that was not revealed to us) and Lloyd George of Britain wanted America to help him after he had blundered into the grievous conflict. Col. House thus was the man among those around President Wilson operating behind the scenes as America was pushed into that war. Also al that time we find the Jews Bernard Baruch and Justice Brandeis in this picture in positions of power and influence. Then Britain was given the mandate over Palestine at the end of the war.

Remember, during that time British troops were surrounding the mountains around Jerusalem, with the Arab forces helping them. Inside the city were Turks and Arabs. In order for the 'British army to have water, they had run a pipeline from the river Nile to Jerusalem. One day a pipe ruptured and water ran through the streets of the city, and the Turks and Arabs in the city laid down their arms. Why? Because Mohammed the prophet had declared that they would never give up Jerusalem until the water of the Nile ran through the streets of the city, and they felt that this was the fulfillment of prophecy.

Another interesting incident of this time: The Scripture says: "As birds fly over, will I preserve the city." As the aircraft of the British flew over Jerusalem, they warned the inhabitants that if anything in the city was destroyed, they would bomb the people; and thus there was no destruction. And (according to Haggai 2:18) the British occupied the city of, f Jerusalem in the 9th month of the 24th day in the year 1335 of the Mohammedan calendar. A day is a year according to Daniel as he gives the prophecy of this measure. It was an important day when the British took over the city of Jerusalem, and they ruled that area well for many years. But the Zionist Jews said, "We want the land of Palestine!" Still the British said: "No. You have a right to live in the land according to your quota, but that is all." Then came the outcry in the United States as these international gangsters in our land said that Britain was "anti-Semitic: and mistreating the Jews"! The Reichstag established a new solid monetary system, and organized Jewry (Zionism) was no longer able to control Germany's economy. From this time on the Zionist Jews determined to bring on a conflagration that would result in the defeat of all Christian countries, and WORLD WAR 11 WAS THE RESULT!

As we look back, we know that Christians bombed and destroyed Christian cities, and we should never have fought this war, which WAS DESIGNED AND BEGUN BY THE ZIONIST JEWS.

But at the end of this sad catastrophe they were, no closer to the establishment of Palestine as a Jewish "homeland", because Britain was not giving the land to them. So these desolators murdered Lord Moyne and other men of the British protecting army and even hanged some of their sergeants. Winston Churchill said: "if the Jews think they are going to get Palestine by killing British soldiers or royalty, then they had better think again; for as long as I live I will be against Palestine as a Jewish state.

In 1946-47, the Mafia (a Jewish army) was formed from all their gangster forces of the world, many of them gathered from the United States, especially out of New York and Chicago. Powerful international banking houses secretly bought ships and war supplies and equipped this renegade horde, and the first you heard about them was their storming the beaches of Palestine. The Arabs were fighting, but by 1947 the Jews were murdering Arabs and Christians as well, and committing many crimes, the likes of which the world had never seen, So at this point the UNITED NATIONS STEPPED IN! Important Zionist Jews like Bernard Baruch and Eddie Jacobsen and others put pressure on President Truman to recognize Palestine as the jewish "homeland". Drew Pearson, an old friend of the Zionists, told how the Jews with others from our country, were applying pressure on all the nations that depended on the United States for foreign aid to vote FOR THE PARTITION OF Palestine.

The scripture says "Woe Unto Those Who Partition My Land."

We, America and Britain were helping our enemy divide Palestine, while the Arabs were pushed out into the desert where there was no water. Since Britain would not recognize the little state of "Israel" (the Israelite) as the Jewish homeland, then all the pressure fell on Mr. Truman, and you know what happened. Now in 1967 the Jews are ready to jump again, but we know from the everlasting Gospel that we will be victorious even if this should be the beginning of the end of this situation. However, remember: England, France, and the United States signed the secret agreement that they would go to the aid of "Israel" if she were ever attacked!

One of the great Truths that you receive from the everlasting Gospel is that when that final day comes, the sky will be filled with flying craft, and the hosts of heaven will enter into this situation before the end of this era. KING CHRIST will be HERE to be crowned, and His Kingdom will triumph! The sons and daughters of The Most High YAHWEH will be given The Power to support the administration of the Kingdom over the entire earth. This we know for sure from our everlasting Gospel, that we can always depend upon it.