Dr. Wesley A. Swift

We turn to the Book of Matthew, to the Sermon on the Mount, to a passage that is patently strange, which emerged out of the lips of Jesus, but is to be taken deeply into consideration because it contains so much wisdom. Jesus said, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under feet, and turn again and rend you. " This passage has puzzled many people. What did Jesus mean when He turned to them and said, "Cast not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine?" There is a very definite pattern of identification and evaluation in these words: "Cast ye not that which is holy unto the dogs."

When we examine the Scriptures we find that many things relating to the Most High God are considered holy. We discover that that which emerges forth out of God is holy; that which pertains to God is holy; that which is the light and vitality of God is also holy. And as we study the Scriptures to learn more about God's concept of holiness, we find that he also said, in Deuteronomy, "Thou art a holy people unto Yahweh thy God." - He had chosen them to be a special people unto Himself, above all the people on the face of the earth.

Someone has said, "That concept is mentioned in so many of your messages, Dr. Swift, is it really that important?" It is a fact of tremendous importance that thou art a holy people unto Yahweh thy God. We discover how important it is when we understand the pattern of His greatness. The laws which God gave us through Moses were holy, because they were an expression of His will. The priesthood which He established was a holy priesthood. And He said that you, as His household and His race, were a holy seed. The Apostle Paul, after receiving the vast illumination of his heavenly experience, wrote that you were a holy people. in fact, over in the Book of Corinthians we discover that he says, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and the spirit of God dwelleth in you?" - He was speaking to the Adamic race, to the people that comprise the Church.

"Therefore know ye not that your bodies are the temple of God and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you? For ye are the temple of God, which is holy, whose temple ye are. We see this concept also in the statement: "Ye are a temple of the living God." - Your bodies are the temple of the Living God. " - From whence do your bodies come? The Apostle Paul talks about you being begotten of incorruptible seed. And the spirit of God is holy, and that which emerges forth from the spirit is holy, and totally holy.

So we discover that you were born of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. In the processes of guaranteeing the structure of eternal life, Paul is talking about your endless vitality, as is found in anything which is spiritually begotten. That which is spiritually begotten never goes into an area of destruction or transgression, and is never guilty before - God. Therefore, having been begotten by the spirit, the celestial consciousness and the spiritual mind of the children of God is altogether holy, incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever.

Again we turn to the words of the Apostle Paul who, in his writings, tells you that since you are a holy people, since you have been begotten of incorruptible seed, that you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing; that there is no blessing that can come out of the areas of heaven or out of the areas of spirit that you have not been blessed with, as you were in the bosom of the Father before the world was framed. So again you are given a concept of this great capacity of holiness.

Holiness of God is effulgent and radiant light, even as the planes of spirit are illuminated with the graciousness of His glory. Isaiah was describing the holiness of God when he told about going into the temple and seeing Yahweh sitting upon a throne. And he said he beheld seraphims, each one with six wings, and they cried one to another, "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole world is full of His glory." Isaiah said, "The posts of the door of the temple seemed to be effulgent with radiation, and the whole area was enveloped in glory. He said also that he felt almost as though he were unclean, as he fell before the sheer radiance, as the seraphims said, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty."

In the Book of Revelation, we again see this area of celestial pattern, for it ' says there were four great, living creatures that were standing before the throne of the Most High God, and they were similar to the seraphims because day and night they continued to say, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. Holy, holy, holy.

"That which emerges out of God is holy, " is what the Merriam Webster dictionary says, when it refers to holiness and to the word "holy." It is an emanation from God, or that which emerges out of Him. It can be a holy people, or it can refer to the holiness or radiance of the purity of God. So we discover that that which is holy is an area of divine proportion.

Now God says that your bodies are also holy, in that you are the temple of God, and the temple of God is holy. He speaks to you also in this area when He tells the Apostle Paul, concerning this household of His, that they are not to be unequally yoked together, "for what fellowship hath light with darkness?" Why did He not want the children of God to move into the darkness? Because, He said they were holy and their bodies were holy, and He, a holy God, would continue to be a God to them and to their children after them in all of their generations, but there were certain requirements in the areas of holiness.

We are to note that having declared that you were a holy seed, and He did declare this in the Book of Deuteronomy, "Ye are a holy seed, " He also established in the Book of Ezra a pattern of holiness. For Ezra was much disturbed. And why? Because the children of Israel, with some of the priests and Levites, had not separated themselves from the people of other lands. And therefore they arrived at the identical destination that God said they would: He said they would seek to please these people and would commit abominations before the Most High God. He also said they had taken daughters for themselves, and sons, so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with people of the other lands. God called Ezra to purify the holy seed, to cleanse the land, but He said the "holy seed. Therefore, the seed line carried in the physical bodies of the Adamic race, of the house of Israel, was before the Most High God, holy; and that which emerges forth out of spirit, and that which comes forth out of His emanation, is holy.

We are to note in the Psalms, as David talks about the greatness and the holiness of God, that he is in each one of these situations declaring that God is holy, and he says, "O sing unto the Lord' Yahweh a new song, for He hath done marvelous things: His right hand, and His holy arm, hath gotten Him the victory. Yahweh hath made known His salvation: His righteousness hath He openly shown in the sight of the heathen. He hath remembered His mercy and His truth toward the house of Israel: all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God. Make a joyful noise unto Yahweh, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. Sing unto Yahweh with the harp: with the harp and the voice of a psalm. With trumpet and sound of cornets make a joyful noise before Yahweh the King. 'I And in the ninety-ninth Psalm he says, "The Lord reigneth; let all (His) people tremble... Exalt ye Yahweh our God and worship at His footstool, for He is holy."

And so Yahweh answered Moses and Aaron and the priests, and Samuel, and all that called upon His name. He answered them.

When Yahweh led His children out of the land of Egypt, He spoke unto them out of a cloudy pillar of effulgent radiation of shekinah glory. There was a cloud that surrounded the presence of the Most High, for it said that He was above them and He went before them and He abode with them - and for forty years He abode with them, in that historic hour. And there was a shekinah glory, a radiant cloud of glory, and the great vessel that He was within was completely shrouded by the cloud of glory, and it was like a pillar of radiant fire by night and effulgent cloud by day. But in it was the presence of the holy Yahweh of hosts. "Thou answerest them, 0 Yahweh our God: thou wast a God that forgavest them, though thou tookest vengence (upon the people for) their inventions. Exalt Yahweh our God, and worship at His holy hill; for Yahweh our God is holy." - So in each and every one of His contacts with the household, it was with a holiness.

When Yahweh appeared before Adam, after Adam's transgression and fall, He forgave him his transgression, but He was a holy God. As He spoke, unto Adam, He commanded him to come out from behind the pattern of his nakedness, for Adam had shorn himself of the radiance and emanation which was normally his, and had lost his condition of holiness. But Yahweh promised its restoration, He promised it to Israel. He said, "Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of God is risen upon thee." The glory of God is a sign of holiness. And therefore God speaks, and He speaks in a very frank way when He speaks in Matthew and says, "Stop giving that which is holy unto the dogs."

When the Angel Gabriel came unto the Virgin Mary, he told her that the child she was to have was to be a holy thing, that this was to be the holy revelation of God - and therefore Jesus was holy: He was the embodiment of God, though He was in the flesh, God come in the flesh, He was holy.

When Jesus said, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, what did He mean? This statement, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, is a racial message. The laws of God were holy. The operation in the Kingdom of God, of administration, was holy. God makes this very, very clear, even in the temple as well as in the areas of administration, when He said, "Give no. that which is holy unto the dogs" - and the words are "beasts of the field." The phrase, "beasts of the field, " translated "dogs" in the Scripture, is most unique, because "the field" is the world; and the species that do not possess the spirit of the Living God are referred to as "beasts of the field, " because they are not holy. We discover this fact in the Scriptures, but also in the apocryphal areas of the "Books. The interpretation, of "the field" as being the earth, was given to us, of course, when God interpreted for us the parable of "the tares of the field." He said the field was the world and the seed which He sowed were good seed and the seed sowed by the evil one were tares.

Well, we have many beasts of the field in our country at this time. But back in the days when Job was writing his tremendous volume, (the oldest volume in the Scriptures, by the way, and was written by Job way back in 5000 B.C.), Job talks about how Lucifer had walked upon the face of the earth, and he even came before God, and God asked Lucifer from whence he had come. Lucifer told God he had been walking to and fro upon the face of the earth. Then God said, "Hast thou considered My servant Job?" "O yes, said Lucifer, "but he doesn't praise You for naught. We know about You. You have given protection to Job. Nothing can hurt Job because You protect him, and he would curse You if it wasn't for this area of protection." So in this argument with Lucifer, according to Job, God gave Lucifer permission to do anything to Job that he wanted to do, but he couldn't. take the life of Job.

Of course, in his misfortunes, as the news came in about the loss of his barns, about the storms that had wiped away members of his family, and other things, Job had a very strange experience. There had been a people that had laughed and shouted at him from out of the thorn bushes, and of course these were strange and peculiar natives, he thought. But he finally captured some of them and trained them, and his overseers showed them how they could plow the fields and gather the fruit and vegetables, and Job treated them with kindness. And Job refers to these people that he found in the thorn bushes. They served Job under the direction of his overseers, and of course they were the Negro masses from out of the jungle. But there came a time when Lucifer began to send great troubles upon Job, and Job had his hands full. Then these Negroes turned on Job, to steal from him, to destroy him, to lay in wait, for his servants and strike at them from out of the bushes. And Job speaks out against these "beasts of the field" and said, "These beasts of the field are not even worthy to lay down with my dogs around my fire." And he was talking about the Negroes.

You may say, of course, that this was way back, (and the period of Job was 5, 000 years before Christ), so we can imagine that 5, 000 years before Christ, maybe they hadn't made too mach progress. Well, I don't think they have made too much progress, even to this day, considering how they have behaved this week in the city of Chicago. The city of Chicago has been beset by snow; it has had two, and two and one-half feet of snow. Remember that when Los Angeles had hot weather, we had the Watts riots, and the Negroes came out to violate the law, to shoot at the firemen, to set fire to their buildings, to act as though they were insane. We had to overlook that, we were told by our overseers in government. They said that, after all, hot weather besets these people and they are not responsible for what they do when the weather becomes hot; because, as hot weather sweeps down upon them, they become emotionally disturbed - and this is a very sad thing, but this is what happens to Negroes in hot weather.

Well, apparently it is also what happens to them in cold weather, because Chicago got two and one-half feet of snow this week, and the west side of Chicago was receiving the invasion of looters. According to news reports, the looters were sweeping in and they were robbing homes and robbing stores. In fact, policemen, in shooting it out with the looters who were violating the law, shot several of them, and they were all Negroes.

As they examined the area of looting, they discovered the situation was getting worse. And yesterday it was totally out of hand, and thousands of people are now trying to protect their property - and the looters, they claim, number over a thousand, and they are all Negroes. The radio stations are now telling the news, and several radio stations came out to say, "The Negroes are looting snow-bound Chicago today." Well, they were looting Job too, in the time of his misfortunes, and he referred to them as "beasts of the field, " and cited that they were so 16w that they were not even fit to lay down with the dogs in his kitchen.

The things that happened to Job are related in the Book of Job to denote something that is quite significant. It is denoting one of the great errors of time, that we have watched, as the Christian church has moved out with its Missionary activity. Jesus said, Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, unto the beasts of the field, or to the Negro. In fact there is one instance here in the Scriptures where we are to note that Jesus passed a woman who had witnessed many of His miracles; she had seen the crowds pressing around Jesus, and had seen the, sick healed - and she cried out to the disciples for Jesus to heal one of her children. And of course Jesus went on by, but the disciples said, "This woman is annoying us: she is a strange and peculiar thing, and she is calling out because she has seen that You have performed many miracle s." Then Christ said, "It is not me et to take the children's bread, and cast it to the dogs."

Now, someone has said, "That wasn't a nice thing to say." -Don't you tell Christ that it was not a nice thing for Him to say this. Christ is dealing with facts, He is dealing with truths as they have been established, and as they will be established, on the face of the earth. In fact, Christ was the very fullness of God, the holiness of God, and was not out of order when He said it was not meet to give the children's bread to the dogs. For the children He referred to were His own children, the children of the Most High, the children of Yahweh, the children of God.

You are the children of God. No doubt He is our Father. In Isaiah it says, "For God is our Father and we are His children." And He said it wasn't meet (or proper) to cast the children's bread to the dogs, but the woman answered, "But we dogs would like some of the crumbs that fall from the children's table." She had witnessed so many miracles, that she anticipated that maybe she could obtain one. And Christ did stop and did bless this person, but He first spoke of not bestowing that which was holy upon the dogs.

We have watched the Christian church as it has extended its areas of missionary activity. In fact, in missionary activities we have gone to Africa, we have gone to Asia, we have gone everywhere with the gospel, but we have extended that which is holy unto the dogs, and we have been warned against this.

Let me point out to you that we have people today in our government who have been twisted in their minds, and some of them have been very well twisted, because they serve the areas of the darkness quite well. For instance, Mr. Katzenbach, who is the Under Secretary of State, spoke yesterday to the B'nai B'rith in a great assembly of the Jews. Now you say, What does this have to do with it? Well, the Jews had him speak there because they knew he would say what they wanted him to say.

Mr. Katzenbach said, "We must press on to see that Negroes get real equality in the United States." He said, "We must see that they move into all the areas of administration in the government, that there is no job that will be closed to them, that there is no housing that they can not have. They can dwell anywhere, they can dwell by the side of you, and all civil rights will therefore be their rights. It doesn't make any difference what they do, " he said. He said, "We are not to criticize them for the trouble they create. He said, "We must remember that they are equal, we must see that they are equal, must see that they get everything equal with all of us, irrespective of the Watts riots or the summer heat." He said, "This great people just take advantage of the summer heat to bring their cause before our eyes." Then he said, "But these people are equal; the law says they are equal." He said, "All people are equal and we must see that they get equality; we must press on forever for this goal." These remarks by Mr. Katzenbach were just so much fictional nonsense, for I want to point this out to you, that he identifies himself with working for the equality of something that does not exist. In his call for giving them equality and saying they can govern and they can move in and they can dwell with you, he is violating the laws of God. But of course he was speaking to the "swine." For when Jesus said, Don't give anything holy unto the dogs, He also said Don't you cast your pearls before swine. So we can understand that Mr. Katzenbach, in speaking before the B'nai B'rith gathering, was speaking to the "swine" also in this hour, as he talked about this area of equality.

You know, the swine have a rather strange background on the face of the earth, anyhow. Way back, when fallen angels intermingled with human flesh, they induced earlier creations of mankind to involve themselves sexually with animals, in bestiality. Of course God's law spoke out against it, and Moses warned against bestiality, and he said that those guilty of such evil should be put to death. According to apocryphal books, the swine made their appearance on the face of the earth, as the outgrowth of false conceptions that took place, by nephilim (fallen angels) and by their offspring. As the chromosomes were found to be equal-in the sheep and in the goats, they produced strange and peculiar monstrosities - and also in China, with the deer, which evil is even still prac ticed by the beastly priesthoods of high Buddhism. You will often see the Buddhist priest pictured with his arms across the deer, which is the indication of bestiality in Buddhism, and they get strange monsters and peculiar freaks. It is cited that the swine also was a result of this kind of bestiality.

No wonder that "swine" was the name given also to the unassimilable offspring of Lucifer, because cannibals refer to swine as tasting like human flesh; and they call man, in the land of the cannibals, "long pig. 11 But in this area, "swine" was the name given unto the offspring of Lucifer, which were mutations - and Jesus made this quite clear, as well. When Jesus spoke to the Jews, He said, "Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do." By the same token, also, when demon spirits were cast out by Christ, out of the man who had the demon spirits, they fled to enter into the swine. They had an affinity with the swine. And when they got in the swine, they all ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters. The swineherd didn't even cry out, but the fact still remains that Christ had permitted them to thus go. And it says they returned to whence they had come. So they had come out of the nether world and they had been embodied, and when they were disembodied and when they were permitted to go into the swine, they went down into the sea and drowned themselves, to get back to their own place. This is another one of the mysteries of the Scriptures.

We also discover that "marranos" is the Spanish word for swine. In fact, why does the word "marranos" become attached to the Jews? You can take the volume, "Marranos," written by a well known Jew, Cecil Roth, and published by the American Jewish Publication Society, and it talks about the fact that Jews were called "Marranos" in Europe, in southern Europe, which is a Spanish word for "swine" - but it says ". . . these are the great heroes of our race." They prepared this volume to show how these people, these Jews, joined the Christian church, but they never became Christians. They never practiced Christianity, except just by word of mouth, but they practiced in secret the rites of their old religion. They moved into the Christian church because it permitted them to gain financially, they said. They were allowed to enter into the church and even rise to bishoprics inside the church, until converted Jews were looked upon as true converts - and they became bishops, and became powerful leaders in the church. But the Jews declared, "We were nothing but agnostics outside of the church, and now we entered into the church and remained agnostics inside of the church. We were there to contend its doctrines, and we were there to brutalize the control we were to receive, of its money.

Torquemada was one of the great inquisitors in the day when hostility was raging in the church, when the Roman Church fought against those that were outside of the church, and those outside were called Protestants because they were protesting against areas of doctrines in Rome. You have heard of the Spanish Inquisition, -and my! how you may have heard of it. In fact, so many Christians have heard of the Spanish Inquisition, they think Roman Catholicism was directing a terrible inquisition of pain and torture upon all Protestants, to get their money. But the head of the inquisition was Torquemada, a Spanish Jew. And when he ran out of Protestants to torture, he took powerful Catholics and accused them of being heretics, and he squeezed out their money also - and of course the money never arrived in the treasury of the church, but ran into the coffers of Jewry.

When the Spaniards found this out, they drove the Jews out of their country and exiled many of them to various islands. In fact, the Italians did likewise. That is why so many Sicilians, today, are Sicilian Jews. Jewish blood is high in the peoples of Sicily, because this is one of the places where they drove the Jews, when they found them destroying the church, found them preying on people, found they were the true inquisitors, and found that they were these swine. And so Jews were referred to, by some of the more learned, as swine, because of their peculiar background; they being the offspring of Lucifer, and the swine being the offspring of the fallen angels and fallen societies. And so here we discover that Jews use the word "Marranos, " and refer to themselves proudly as the Marranos this very day.

Jews were the first ones to sell slaves to the White man, to start the capturing, of Negroes and bringing, them to this country; and in the book, "Marranos, 11 they boast about how they knew that if they could integrate White America with enough slavery, eventually they might be able to integrate the White race and bring it down beneath the heel of their powerful and well committed program. Now God says, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under feet and turn again to rend you."

One of our great areas of mistake is the one of doctrine. For instance, we are well aware that we have so great a salvation, and that the holiness of our God will be seen again upon His people Israel. God also cites that not only will all Israel be saved, but all flesh will be saved. He assures us in the Scripture that His salvation goes to the ends of the earth. In fact we have established many areas of missionary activity of the church. Of course when Jesus sent out His disciples, He said, "You go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Why? Because they are a holy seed, because the spirit of God has the capacity to work upon them, and they will repent, they will be reformed, they will be transformed, they will be renewed, they will accept Christ and Christianity; and this will happen to all the so-called lost tribes of Israel who may in part have turned somewhat away from their ancient teachings.

So Christ sent His disciples out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. In fact, great numbers of them went to Britain where Joseph of Arimathea owned the tin mines of Cornwall, and there he established one of the first great abbeys and first great churches in Christendom. The Apostle Paul and other disciples went to the land of Britain. There is where Mary was taken - and Mary was to live in Glastonbury where she lived out the remainder of her life. From this area they sent out their missionaries into Europe and into Scandinavia. And everywhere they went, there was a ready reception of the gospel of Christ as it was told and explained to the people, whose descent from Israel was unquestionable, and is unquestionable, even to this day.

When Christ sent His disciples out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, He gave them instructions which were absolutely explicit. He told them NOT to go into other places, and NOT to do the things which they might have been persuaded to do, but to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. This is one reason why it made good sense for Peter and his friends to go to the house of Cornelius the centurion, for Cornelius was a Roman and a White man - and when they went to the house of Cornelius, they went to a lost sheep of the house of Israel. The house of Israel would receive the truth and have the spiritual capacities to respond to the great teachings of God. And so we are to understand that they said the holy spirit was falling on the "gentiles" - but it was falling on the ETHNOI, it was on the NATIONS that were grafted back again into their own tree, and would become as one, and completely a part of that tree when they were thus grafted back into it.

We must point out to you that God spoke emphatically concerning these Negroes. Someone asked, "What about the missionary activities? Doesn't it tell us in the Scriptures that we are to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost?" No, my friends. That is a one hundred percent forgery. O, you say, "I didn't know that." Well, we can tell you this, that in the Book of Mark for instance, one of the places where this doctrine emerges (in the last chapter), it says that after He appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, He upbraided them because of their unbelief. Now this is after His resurrection, after He appears again unto the eleven and supposedly upbraids them for their unbelief. This is not even in the Scripture. Jesus never upbraided His disciples, because they BELIEVED. When the disciples saw Him, they said, "Our Lord and our God." They were happy, they were rejoicing. This passage says, because of the hardness of their hearts and because they believed not, when they had seen Him after He had risen, He said, "Now therefore I upbraid you; now go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Some of the people think this means to every creature, the beasts of the field, all races, all kinds. And this would take in a lot of other things, because, if we are going to preach the gospel to every creature, there is no animal, there is nothing that lives that wouldn't be included.

"He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned." Well, this sounds like an excoriating Scripture and could well be used by many ministers who say, Either you are going to accept this when you hear it, or you're going to be damned - you are going to roast forever and ever. But I want you to know that this wasn't in the Scripture. 0, you say, But you are reading to us out of the Book of Mark. - That is correct. "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In My name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them... So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, He was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following."

Now, every one of these passages I have just read to you, out of the Book of Mark, was added to the Book of Mark at the end of the second and beginning of the third century. 0, you say, How can they do that? Well, if you happen to have a Scofield Bible in your hands, you will note at the bottom of this passage, it says that the passages from verse nine to the end of the chapter are not found in the ancient manuscripts, either the Sinaitic or Vatican version, and were only quoted by Irenaeus and Hippolytus in the second and third centuries. By a bit of skullduggery these two priests worked these passages into the Scripture - and they were Jewish priests, by the way. So therefore it was quoted by Irenaeus and Hippolytus at the end of the second and in the third century, but they never existed in the Book of Mark, which Mark wrote long before that time.

Some people say, Well, it's in the Bible, so it must be true. Well, it is in the Bible, and it is not true! God never sent them out to preach the gospel to every creature, and He never told them what to preach, but there was glad tidings of great joy to be proclaimed to all people. When you go out to a Negro society and you tell them the story of Christ, you tell them of the embodied power of God that became flesh, that He bought the whole world when He died on Calvary's cross, He paid the price for the transgressions of all the world that He might redeem His own people, the pearl of great price. You do not tell those Negroes that if they will accept Christ they will become sons of God. This is a great area of-missionary mistake. Early missionaries never did tell them this, to begin with. They told them that they should return and worship the God who had created them, that they should throw aside their devil worship and they should throw aside the phantasies they were in. But if you were to offer unto them that which is holy, and only that which comes out of God is holy, you would be casting holy things to the dogs, and you would only produce the kind of chaos that is now descended on civilization, because you have sought to make these people your equals.

The household of God is not equal to anybody on the face of the earth; it is above and high above the earth. The only thing that is above your race is the Most High God Himself. And therefore we point out to you, that if you extend unto them an invitation to become sons and daughters of God and tell them all they have to do is believe (which is the word that was written and sent to the sons and the daughters of the Most High God, in His Kingdom Israel), you are casting holy things to the dogs. You can tell them to worship the right God, you can promise them the blessings of the right God, you can promise them success, you can promise them their proper station as a created society, if they turn back to the God who created them and not to Lucifer who had led the world astray.

But to the swine: what can you bestow upon the swine? You know, the most foolish thing in all the world is missionary activity to the Jews. Did you know that? In fact, I don't think any money is more effectually wasted, anyhow, than a large portion of missionary money today. And as they expound their areas of missionary activity, they always come out and say, "Vill you please help me? I'm a poor Jew preaching Christ. I vant your money so I can carry the message to the Jews." and then you find out that they have their hand in everybody's pocket. You say, Why do you say this? Well, because Jesus said, "Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your' father ye will do. He was a liar and a murderer in the beginning, the truth wasn't in him. You can't understand the truth, you can't hear my word." If Jesus Christ couldn't make the Jews understand, you can't! If the God of all creation, embodied in earth, 'had no way to touch Jews in this dispensation as an embodied vehicle, then you don't!

There is a rather interesting article that appeared in a Jewish newspaper this meek. This article is crying out that Billy Graham is speaking at the University of Southern California and they are very much concerned about it, because they are losing Jews who are becoming Christians. About twenty Jews became Christians. But of course these are adopted Jews. The Jews have high sterility in their race and they go to all kinds of orphan asylums and get children who are not Jewish, but are White children. They come from Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombardic and Germanic background, but Jews adopt them and raise them from infancy in the religion of Jewry. And you know, these adopted Jews feel uneasy in jewry, many of them feel uneasy in it after they become adults; and when they hear Christianity, they turn to it and they forsake Jewry because, ". . . When My sheep hear My voice, they will follow, and a stranger they are not going to follow." It is an evidence of the supernatural power of the gospel of Christ to reach holy seed, that makes these people who are not Jews, other than that they have been raised in it, turn from Jewry to embrace their Lord and Master.

And so the Jews are worried, and they say, "This happens to rob us of stock, and it robs us of Jews and people we have converted to Jewry."

They try to say they are not a race, they are a religion. Then they try to tell us they have a homeland, and try to say, We ARE a race, not a religion - and we don't like to see our race captivated. But they admit they have been adopting members of another race, to make Jews out of them. But in this strange capacity they are now saying that Billy Graham is involved with the Constitution. They say he has no right to preach in this college because he is preaching Christ, and Jews are accepting it; making trouble for Jewry. And so they are demanding that there be a total Separation of church and state, and there be no permission for Christianity to be preached in the college.

But I want you to know, when your founding fathers drew up the Constitution, that the laws of God and Christian society and the church of God was so powerful an institution in their sight, that they said, ". . . this nation under God. . ." - but never over God. And in the First Amendment, they said that there would be no law that would affect an establishment of the Christian religion. You say it says, "an establishment of religion." Well, they didn't recognize anything else but the Christian religion. The Supreme Court ruled this was a Christian nation. I tell you that the church has gone awry when it seeks to give unto these which are the dogs and the swine that which is holy. You can not give sonship and the sonship of God to any but the house of Israel.

Remember this: You can't give Chinamen sonship, but you can bring them back to worshipping the right God, and God looks down on these people as His creation and He loves His creation. There isn't any reason why you have to go out and try to give that which is holy unto the swine or unto the dogs. Of course Chinamen do not fall into this category, except the mutated ones. But I point out to you that by this stretch of impropriety, and out of verses which were never in the original text of the Scriptures, men have taught strange doctrines of trinities and doctrines of sonship, and they have tried to bestow it on everybody. Then they wonder why they have the sad situations developing, where today, inside the National Council of Churches and in the World Council of Churches, over thirty-five percent of all of the advocates of heresy, are Jews, in the Christian church. They don't believe in the deity of Christ, and they just say He was a philosopher and a teacher. They say that if Christ only knew what they know, He would have a different gospel. But I am going to cite to you that Christ doesn't need a different gospel - they need to be exercised out of the church. This is why Jesus said so clearly to His disciples, Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, and cast not your pearls before swine.

It is a strange thing, that the swine have come into this country by the thousands and say, We want refuge, we want to get away from the terrible scourge Of Communism - and they come in here and they become the leaders in communist activity. Of course we are a very gullible people. We permit these sons of Lucifer to move in, and the swine turn and rend us like the Scripture says; and while here, so many are pleading with the Jews to accept Christ. But the Jews are spurning them and hating them and seeking to overthrow their society. Now, as they move into areas of our government, they would like to move the Negro in also, because they want to break down the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of Lucifer wants to break down the Kingdom of God. When Christ said, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, " He was thinking of the Constitution of the Kingdom, he was thinking of the laws of the Kingdom.

The Sermon on the Mount is to the Kingdom, anyhow, and has absolutely no relationship with those outside the Kingdom, except as they are related to it. If you turned your cheek to the Soviet Union, they would take your head off. Just remember that, because there is nothing spiritual there that you can appeal to. When you move into areas of misinterpretation of the Scriptures, you are in trouble.

Why have ministers not interpreted, the Scriptures properly? Well, they have overlooked these things, and there is "a blindness in part that has happened to Israel." But I want you to recognize, today, that God calls for His sons and His daughters to be a holy people, and He said, "Thou art a holy people unto Yahweh thy God, " and He declares your bodies are therefore the temple of God, and it is a holy temple. And God who speaks out with this declaration also said, "Ye are a holy people and I have chosen thee above all the peoples on the face of the earth." How do you think a holy people can maintain their holiness, if they do not maintain their separation? So The Most High has called the turn.

In every one of these instances on racial matters, the embodiment of God, the man Christ Jesus, spoke out fairly and clearly. But I want you to know that we have in this country a new policy of total planning, to bring into the administration of government those people who, by their very actions, show they have a tremendous background of idolatry and paganism in them. This you must know: The They may live in your society as long as you permit them; but you should never, as a nation under God, permit them administration over the household of God, and over His sons and His daughters. His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, we are the heirs of God, we are the progeny of God. This is the area of truth that the spirit of God bears unto our spirit, for we have not received the spirit that is of the world, but we have received the spirit that is of God.