Tare Time

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift

Tonight we're speaking on the subject Tare Time. Of course, this subject has a very deep significance to you today because of the conditions in your environment and because of the plan of God for what we classify tonight as tares. I point out to you that of all the subjects Jesus spoke about when He explained to His Disciples and gave them to know and to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom, that when He had a chance to explain the deeper facets of what He was speaking to them about, His Disciples said, Master, tell us about the tares, so we see the avid desire of His Disciples to know all about the tares was quite obviously marked by this one subject out of the discussion with Christ they had that they wished to know.

Let us for a moment turn to the 13th Chapter of the Book of Matthew, because when one recognizes today the problems that face Christian civilization that the tenacity with which the forces of evil are seeking to destroy it and their ramifications and their world conspiracy and their design and the awareness that is now coming over the Children of God by the processes of His Spirit, their opposition to the enemy and the intenseness with which every awakened person on God's side, everyone that's on the right feels their necessity to participate. Some might think when you hear the story of tare time that it was something that was put together by a conservative journal or he might think it was designed and written by the staff of the Cross and the Flag or that this was some hopeful area of theology put together by people that were just against something, but what makes this parable so vital is that this is something Jesus told and was His plan that was involved and it's going to come to pass and I can't think of anything better that can happen.

Now, I turn to the 13th Chapter of the Book of Matthew and I read these words in the 11th verse, because it is given unto you to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it is not given. They come along and say, why isn't this taught by all clergy everywhere? Why don't all churches understand this? Why don't people all over the world know about the tares and why don't they understand it? Well, unto you it is given to know it and apparently unto a lot of them, it is not given. There are a lot of people today that have taken a sort of irresponsible attitude towards all the things that are happening round about in their environment. In this instance, they want to pace along, get by as easy as they can and they are just hoping everything will continue as it was since the days of their fathers, but it isn't this way and so it is important for you and I to know that there are a vast number of people that have not bowed the knee to Baal. When we talk about bowing the knee to Baal, we're talking about rendering service and participating in and working for the benefits that they might think that it arrived from the service of all the areas of the powers of darkness and the forces of evil who seek to destroy Christ's Kingdom. The whole satanic process and the satanic worship, the satanic politics to the World Babylonian conspiracy system, this is Baalism at its height. Now, the Scripture tells us that there are great numbers of God's people that have not bowed the knee to Baal, but there are a great number of people also that have participated in anything that they thought would give them an easy living or would give them something for nothing. This is a great danger of this day, the powers of darkness and the forces of evil are trying to capture men by telling them they are going to give them something for little effort and they are going to bestow something upon them. Now, of course, if Government ever participates in this, you know that it's not true. The Government can't do anything as efficient as efficiently as the private citizen could do and they never give you anything because they have to take it from you before they can distribute back to you a part of it, but in this instance, of course, we come to the secret of a lot of things that people do not realize that it is not just normal for your civilization or culture to deteriorate, it is not normal for something founded upon the rock of faith and created by people with vision and initiative who came from far lands to build it, for a great society like the real and true constitutional American way of life to deteriorate or fall apart. It has to be done, something has been planned and some operation has been brought into function by a specific force. What is that force? All over the world we have people talking about the deterioration of our Western Civilization. They talk about the great conspiracy and the great design to destroy this Kingdom of God, but they do not seem to understand how it happened. Endless sermons are preached against the areas of bad conduct or endless sermons are founded on the areas of all of the little causes which are suppose to be the mistakes of just individuals to destroy a nation, but I tell you that Nations are destroyed by massive conspiracy and they are maintained only by the intervention of God.

Listen! Jesus tells the story of the tares, the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven, simultaneously because both of them exist in earth, it says, is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in His field, while men slumbered, an enemy sowed tares among the wheat and went his way and when the blade was sprung forth and brought forth fruit, there appeared the tares also and the servants of the householder came and said, Sir, did you not just sow good seed in the field, from whence then hath come the tares and He said, and enemy hath done this and the servants said unto Him, wilt thou that we go gather them up and He said, no, lest while you gather up the tares you would root into the wheat with them, let both grow together until the harvest and in the time of the harvest, I will send in the reapers and I will say to them gather together first the tares and bind them in bundles for destruction for we'll gather the wheat into My barn and Jesus sent the multitude away and then He went into the house and His Disciples came unto Him and said, MASTER, declare unto us the parable of the tares in the field. Now, He told them many parables, but this one took preeminence. The beauty of a message on the tares is that Jesus made such a complete explanation for it that it becomes quite obvious to anyone who listens or reads concerning its meaning. So Jesus said unto them, He that sowed the good seed is the MESSIAH, THE SON OF MAN, THE EMBODIMENT OF GOD, and the field is the world and the good seed are the CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM. Now, this is a true statement, "THE GOOD SEED ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM". You say, who are the children of the Kingdom? They are the peoples of the Adamic Race, they are the pure seed of the House of Adam through Seth, they are the descendants of Seth down to the day of Noah, they are the descendants of the Household of Noah and specifically the unpolluted areas of that household that descends from Shem. They are the Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are the peoples today that make-up the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard and Germanic Civilization. They are the White Race. They are Aryan. They are the Children of the Kingdom. They are the Children of God in the Celestial Realm. They are the Children of God in the earth, thine they were as under the spirit in the Heavens, mine as I am the Embodied Messiah in the earth. None of them are lost. These are the Children of the Kingdom. They are the Children of the Kingdom because of the purpose of God. Because it's the purpose of God to bring His Kingdom into earth to reinstate the earth, to overthrow the powers of darkness.

The acknowledged testimony of this Book tells us that Lucifer, an Archangel, that rebelled against God, was not going to bear testimony throughout His portion of the side-real system and the Milky Way, that God had a family, that they were greater than He was, that they were the Children of God, Spirit of His Spirit, Like Unto God. Was not going to acknowledge anything that would be as great as the Children of God would be in the planned purpose of God. Rebelled to take over the Universe, sought to destroy all that God had put together. Sought to mutate, mongrelize, integrate and crush to bring eventually all the worship of the world to Him because by violations of law, by mutation, by even taking everything celestial and then mongrelizing it in physical plane and by lust and passion and greed seek and with its accompanying avarice to gather men to His Own worship as He rewarded them with all the patterns of their lust and their evil in the areas of gradual deterioration. So, therefore, having been attempting throughout all of the Universe to overthrow every facet of God's program, God assigns to Michael, the Archangel and His Army the job of defeating Lucifer who's now gathering hordes throughout all space. In fact, He's not only gathering hordes throughout space, but in some of the Planets in space, He had gathered together those that were to become the virtual wielder of weapons and the armor in His vast battle. In fact, in some Planets, He gathered the Negroes, that's where the Negro came from. He was recruited by Lucifer in His rebellion against God, promised that he would be given great reward and in the battle that occurred between the fleets of Lucifer and Michael, Michael defeated Lucifer, swept His Host and His fleets out of the sky, sent them hurling, defeated towards this Solar System and to the earth where His defeat was consummated, for here in earth, Lucifer became bound to this Solar System. His crippled fleets like flying rolls of evil came in and it brought to the world, where God had already created the Tungus Race and the peoples that dwelt upon it, the satanic fleets. Well, the fact remains that these rebellious forces came in, that Lucifer and His Archangels, or rather the lesser angels, some of which He elevated to a higher status, who had rebelled with Him, didn't keep their first estate, they didn't just stay in celestial bodies or materialize in physical embodiment and stay apart from the world round about, but they took the same vibratory wave length as all the flesh bodies of creation, they sought immediately to integrate and mongrelize all society and Lucifer, Himself and His offspring intermingled with the peoples of earth. Intermingled with the peoples of the ancient Tungus Race and intermingled even with the black forces and then sowed their black seed into the seed of the peoples of earth to start great mongrelization and eventually catastrophe, that evil became so great that God finally wiped out some parts of the earth and there were sunken continents such as those in the Atlantic and the Pacific and great catastrophe in the preAdamic world, but into this area God had planted now by His own purpose a garden, into this recently prepared portion of the earth, He places His Own Offspring which He said, "let us make Adam in Our Own Image, Elohim, Children of the Spirit" He was addressing and the Physical Body of Adam was placed in the earth. Adam was shown the world round about, there was nothing round about that He could take a helpmate from, He couldn't take it from the fallen races, He could not assume it from the Asiatic, He could not take it among the Negro and many of the beast that stood round about, four legged or two, there was none on the face of the earth that was prepared, equipped or the equal of Adam, so God separated a portion of Adam and He produced Eve that they might be ONE FLESH, so a helpmate might be prepared for Adam or Eve. Now, the Scripture tells us that the Serpent was more subtile, well, actually it was Lucifer who carried this emblem, who moved into the garden and He designed to absorb this Household of God. He came in with great evil design as He had sought by His original fall in not keeping His first estate to intermingle with the peoples of the world, as had fallen Angels with Him producing the peoples called Nephilim. In the Book of Jude it tells you these Angels didn't keep their first estate, they went after the strange flesh of the races and the peoples that were a part of creation and in this violation of Divine Law, some of them have been reserved in judgements of darkness until the final judgement day, but the forces of Lucifer whose mongrelization design started out to revamp the earth to cause its catastrophe, to make it all subservient to Him, that's why this world was once a part of the areas assigned to Him and He was Prince of this world and He was Prince of the Powers of the Air. God did not take away what He had granted to Him, but He established in the earth His Own Family to build His Own Kingdom, to take the earth back into the Kingdom of God, to overthrow the Powers of Lucifer, to crush His Army and bring Him subservient before the Kingdom of the Most High God. The design, of course, was to then see what He could do to destroy. The design is here explained by Jesus, the GOOD SEED were the CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM, they are the SONS OF ADAM. The peoples of Asia were not Children of the Kingdom, they were created to inhabit the earth. The Negroes were not Children of the Kingdom, they came from far distant planets in the rebellion of Lucifer and they degenerated, they deteriorated, they were even fused with beastiality, so there are various statuses of them so degenerate and low that they are not fit to even dwell with the habitation of White Men.

Now, I point out to you that in the purpose that God here unveils, He said, the field was the world, not some far distant place, but this world and the seed were the Children of the Kingdom, this is the GOOD SEED, but the TARES are the CHILDREN OF THE WICKED ONE, the word here used is PROGENY, OFFSPRING OF EVIL. There are some that do not understand that this is so, but it not only is so and that they are Luciferian Offspring, an offspring of satanic powers, that Judas Iscariot for instance was referred to by Jesus as the SON OF PERDITION and from His occult Mother, who herself was a witch and who consorted with witch forces, why we have this Judas Iscariot, who was SATAN'S OWN SON. This evil Jew was the one that betrayed Jesus, was the only Jew among His twelve Disciples. He was a definite TARE that He was one even among the Disciples of Jesus. In this instance, the Scripture says the PROGENY OF THE EVIL ONE. You will also know that when you are reading the Epistles of John, that John, the beloved Apostle, talks about some of these things and He's talking about the Children of God and the fact that we are the Children of God and that we have a problem facing us, the hordes of anti-Christ that want to destroy the Kingdom, that want to take over the world and we can tell anti-Christ because they deny that JESUS IS THE CHRIST and they seek to wage war against His Kingdom, but anti-Christ can we know, they deny that JESUS IS THE CHRIST AND COME IN THE FLESH. The leading force of anti-Christ are pre-eminently the Children of Lucifer, then John here in His Epistles says, and CAIN WAS THE PROGENY OF THE EVIL ONE. The seduction of Eve and the fall of our race that follows from this, involved the birth of CAIN who was SATAN'S OWN SON and John the beloved Apostle explains this as Jesus had made it known to Him. So the explanation concerning TARES and their conspiracy concerning who they are and what they are is brought to light by Jesus Himself. He now says, since the good seed were the Children of the Kingdom, the Tares are the Children of the Wicked One, now the enemy that sowed them is the Devil and the harvest is the end of the world. Now they are the Children of the Devil, and as you are Children of God by race and origin, these are Children of the Devil, the harvest is the end of the world and we are told that the reapers are the Administering Spirits, you'll find this in your concordance, it's translated Angels, some of them are Angelic Host and the Administering Spirits of the Household of God, the Family of God. They all participate in this and then we are told that at the end of the age, therefore, the reapers will come in, the harvest is the end of the age and the tares are to be gathered together and destroyed, so shall it be at the end of this age. The Son of Man shall send His Holy Angels and Administering Spirits and they shall gather out of His Kingdom all things that offend and them which do iniquity and they shall be destroyed. As far as the Kingdom is concerned, they will have no power, they will be broken and that by the hand of the Most High God and then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. WHO HATH EARS TO HEAR - LET HIM HEAR! Someone says, Dr. Swift, who are the tares? Well, Jesus made it quite clear, they are the Children of the Wicked One. Let me point out to you that this doesn't leave something for you to guess. In the first place, the Children of the Wicked One are a special posterity, as such a posterity they have a very special place in the events which come to pass. Jesus said to the Jews and He said, YE ARE OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL, THE LUST OF YOUR FATHER YE WILL DO. Now, when He said, "ye are of your father the devil!' Jesus was saying that the Jews were the tares in the world today. You say, how do you know? Well, Jesus said that the Tares were the progeny or the Children of the Wicked One. Jesus said in the Book of John and to nobody else, He said, the Jews are the Children of the Wicked One, they are called Canaanites because they descended from Cain, which was the Luciferian implantation into the Adamic Race. So, remember this was not accepted and, therefore, we remember that no seed of Adam and Eve was acceptable until Seth was born, for the purification of the womb and Seth was a Son of Adam begotten in His own image and Adam said, NOW, I HAVE BEGOTTEN A MAN IN MY OWN IMAGE AND AFTER MY OWN LIKENESS.

THE SON OF THE WICKED ONE, THE CHILDREN OF THE SATANIC LINE ARE THE TARES SOWN IN THE WORLD, FOR THEY ARE THE CHILDREN, THE PROGENY OF THE WICKED ONE. They work constantly and continually for the destruction of God's Kingdom, they serve their Father, the Devil, they seek to integrate themselves into all the areas of the peoples that have descended from the Adamic Race and, of course, they move in among people of every branch of the Adamic Race and always try to identify themselves as a part of the community, they talk about brotherhood that does not exist, they work for the destruction of the State which God has established in His Kingdom and at the same time, why they like to make people believe they were a part of it. The mystery of Tares in the field, and this is true as any farmer knows, that when tares first come up, their blade looks like the wheat blade, it's all green, it's all about the same size and its tender shoots come up and it's a very hard thing to separate the tares. The Angels knew, they wanted to separate them right away. They said, lets go in, the Administering Spirits said, lets move in. In fact, a lot of God's Administering Spirits in the days of Enoch and Job and Moses right on down to our time said, well, lets get these tares out right now, lets get them out. I've been for pulling tares ever since I first found out about it. The Scripture said, No, and God said, NO, if you start pulling out tares, even pulling it out before the harvest time, you're going to knock down a lot of wheat, you're going to trample wheat, you're going to hurt wheat and you're going to pull some wheat for tares because they all more or less look alike to the end of the age, until the final era of harvest time. In fact, some wheat act a little like tares sometimes, you would think they're going to look like, of course, they're pollinated. Anyhow, the fact is, let it all grow together, you leave it grow together until the time of the end, then the time of the end the tares turn red, turn rusty brown and red and you can tell the golden head of the wheat well and easily then from the tares. The next simple thing to go through now during harvest time is to pluck out all of the tares first, you don't want them to be involved when you gather the wheat through the threshing machine and you don't want to leave them in the wheat straw that you bail up, so, therefore, you gather the tares out first.

You know, all over the Churches have been told that the next great event is going to be a translation of the Church. They have been told by many areas of misinterpreted theology that the whole Church is going to be swept away in the sky and that's the next thing that's going to happen and there are a lot of people that are just saying, "come and get us God, take us out of here" and there isn't any intent of God to take you out of here. When God walked the earth in His Physical Embodiment makes that address in that majestic prayer to the Spirit Filling the Heavens and the Earth, the Spirit in which the fullness of it was found even in His Own Body and He said, "don't take them out of the world, keep them in it, speaking of the Children of the Kingdom, thine they were in the Heavens, mine they are in the earth, don't take them out of it, they are vital to it, keep them in it", and there are a lot of Christians who say, Get us out! Jesus says, STAY! Under this instance then, He said, WE'LL GATHER THE TARES OUT FIRST.

You know, He told us parables, that we would be working at the mill and one would be taken and the other left; two people would be together in all kinds of things, you might see them apparently side by side, all of a sudden one of them is taken, the other left. Someone says, Oh! that's the Church going away. Oh! no it isn't, that's the tares going away. Someone says, Oh, I want to go somewhere! Well, I want to stay and watch something else go!

You know, this is a beautiful world, to its high mountains, its deep valleys, its beautiful seas, it's a beautiful world and God placed on it everything necessary for you and He gave you wisdom and knowledge to develop it and produce it and you, you know, there is nothing that the Kingdom of God would do that wouldn't make the world a happy place to live in, but there is something wrong here, there is something planted here that's total opposing all things that move with peace and serenity in the programs of developing for good and, therefore, because of this, they seek to destroy and crush everything good, they want the Devil to reign, they want a world of evil, they want a world of such sensual degeneration that God would never be able to have any relationship to it, so they have gone out with all of their designing intent to try to corrupt the thinking and the actions of the entire world, because of this, the tares, the tares that would injure the wheat and so, we reach the end of the age, we come to tare time.

We've mentioned to you in the past and in the many sermons about how Enoch, that great Patriarch of God, that was taken out into the Heavens and shown so many mysteries, He was told of the things that God would do, of measures in the sky, and the position of the planets in the Solar System and side-real measures that they could be found in according to the grouping of the stars in space when certain events would happen. He knew what the sign would be and what to look for for the birth of the Embodiment of God, as Messiah for the deliverance and redemption of His People. He knew, also, what the completed redemption sign would be, what they were to look for in the days that Christ would re-enter the world, having consummated His atonement, having permitted the expansion of His Kingdom and the development of His Church. He would now come at the end of the age to overthrow the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. He knew what those signs were and the signs of all these planets lining-up in the water-man of the Heavens, Aquarius, took place, as you know in February in 1962. He also was told how in 42 months or in 42 moons thereafter, which is a moon for a month, that there would occur another great sign in the sky, at this instance this measure would be consummated from that measure and the judgements would start to fall upon the enemies of God's Kingdom in the house, that there would start a fast removal of the tares that the catastrophe that would overwhelm all the powers of darkness and forces of evil would start at that time and would continue from that time until Christ has come in and the Kingdom is finished. Now, do you realize that from the beginning of that measure, the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens, which took place in 1962 in February and which as you well know Enoch talked about it over 5,000 years before Christ, shows the accuracy which God had allotted the measure that 42 months from that brought you up to mid-August, but the first new cusp is the month of September, but from mid-August on, why the beginning of the time of judgement to start, about that time Bernard Baruch disappeared, then, my friend, some of the contaminating influences like Mr. Stevenson, he seemed to leave too, you know and there have been more of these, even as we approach the end of the age, some of the tares found they couldn't stay long. Tares are going all the time and God has started taking out tares and judgements are about to fall and fall all over the world.

I point out to you, that there is nothing that the Anti-Defamation League can do or all the Civil Rights Groups of the President or all of the Agencies today that are being used to protect and give special privileges to the enemies of God's Kingdom, there is nothing they can do to protect the tares from the removal that God has promised. Now, some of them are going to be driven out of the land even before they are snatched out, some of them are going to find that wrath is going to rise-up in the countenance of God's people as they find out what these people have been doing and it says, there won't be a CANAANITE LEFT IN THE HOUSE OF GOD. Now, I'm just assuming that many of them migrate, some of them may never be able to. Administering Spirits include also the House of God, they include leadership in God's Kingdom as well as His Holy Angels and the Reapers. God sent reapers in before you know, they just plucked up one here and one there, even took the Son of Pharaoh one time, they moved in, the Death Angel, a Reaper in order that He might deliver the people of God's Kingdom.

Now, don't think that when Jesus talked about the pulling up of tares that He didn't mean exactly that. Over in the 15th Chapter of the Book of Matthew, "every plant that the Heavenly Father hath not planted, is going to be rooted up and plucked up by its roots", EVERY PLANT THAT THE HEAVENLY FATHER HATH NOT PLANTED, for the Heavenly Father didn't plant any of the trees of the Luciferian line, He didn't plant any of the areas of pagan opposition and all of this evil and all of this Satanic seed that Lucifer has planted in the earth, God says, I'M GOING TO PLUCK IT UP.

You know, we are in a day of intense propaganda and evil. I think today, in fact I know, it's not a matter of just destination, I know that every great massive major evil on earth comes out of the Satanic Household. I know there'er black ones and brown ones and tan ones and red ones and some off-white ones, but I know who they are because they are the tares, they are the Children of the Wicked One. I think today that all of the traceable economic evils of the world, the great background of all the immorality, the degeneration and the depravity, first in idol worshiping countries of paganism and then in Christian Nations where it's sowed by seeking to capture the mind of a people and twist them with unbalance and with lust and with evil until they degenerate that society, springs from the JEWS which are Satan's own Children and I think that I can prove to you that there has been no area of instrumentation to try to help that along like the Motion Picture Industry in their hands and other agencies where they have had control and they sought to degenerate society by upsetting its balance, push in every concept to try emulation and even family home relationships and seeking every picture of evil to be thrust constantly before the minds of men that they become callous against evil and being good.

Now, we can well go back to the words of Jesus. He states concerning these individuals and He said, not only are you like your Father, the Devil, He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Jesus said concerning the Jews that you' er liars and murderers, you're like your Father and, therefore, He said, He was a murderer and the truth doesn't abide in Him, no truth abides in Him. They're a liar and it's easier to tell the truth. They lie because it's their nature. Now, the Scripture goes further than this, it says, therefore, they had no capacity to believe Christ, because the truth wasn't in them, they couldn't understand what He said and they couldn't believe Him. Because I tell you the truth, you couldn't believe it, because you just don't absorb truth. This is the twisted, perverted nature of this species, Jesus said. Oh! my how they hate JESUS. You know, one reason why they just don't want to put on trial Christian Americans for preaching the Gospel or for being against the Jews, because if they ever try to pass any legislation that stops the preaching of the Gospel and the identification of the enemy, we are just going to make them eat every verse of this and we're going to make them eat it line by line. Either they will destroy the Bible or they are going to have to leave Christians to the truth. Oh, they've got all kinds of conspiracies to destroy us, to mongrelize our race, it was the power of Jewry right after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, which was directed by Jewry secretly, which hoped they were going to take over all the South to turn again all the beastly rapaciousness of negroes without law leap on the White Man. In fact, my friends, it became so dangerous in that first reconstruction period for White Men that finally they had to remember their ancient tradition and "Ku Klux" had to ride again and the Ku Klux Klan was born. Oh, they can hate it, they can spit on it, but the fact is that the Ku Klux Klan was born of the necessity of the White Man rising to defend himself against the rapaciousness of animal like people led by Devil like people, the JEWS. Oh, someone said, something born like this is out of violence. My friends, it wasn't half enough. Don't talk to. me about the fact of violence. I'm going to tell you that conspiracy against the Kingdom of God, violence against righteousness breeds violence and they that take up the sword against God's Kingdom, are going to die by it. So, in this instance, we have in the past great men of vision and in the areas of entertainment and instruction as far as the pictures there was that great picture by Griffith, The Birth of a Nation and people had a chance to review the course of their Nation, they saw in that great picture, Klansmen riding to free the South from the evil conspiracy and satanic power, from a reconstructive period to degenerate our Nation if they-could accomplish it, they saw a Nation saved by riding White Men and I'm going to tell you this tonight, that if there is anything the Devils ever fear in America is when White Christians dedicated on survival and out to punish the forces of darkness. Oh, you say, well, this is outlaw. When ever the Government breaks down and can no longer protect you from the savage, then the law must be created by the citizen and this vigilante move the great lives of organization and Brotherhood to carry out the destiny of the law is not, my friends, outlaw, it is necessary.

They don't know how lucky they were that they were able to bring in sufficient military to back up the police to keep that negro riot in Watts from spreading all over the white community. If those negroes who had moved out and attacked Glendale and Pasadena and Beverly Hills and all the areas they intended to attack and still plan to attack and if troops had not held them, then let me tell you, they might not have found the great Mounted Legion, but they would have found the white man was still there. I have watched more propaganda turned out of Hollywood out of Watts portrayed as the world order's image in the eyes of people on television screens and in motion pictures and their slander and attack in Press and Radio until they can make anything look evil by repetition, if white men get prejudice and don't consider the source.

Last Monday and Tuesday a documentary was put out on the Ku Klux Klan. Maybe you saw it also on Television. They had been working on it for sometime. Just like the filthy Kike had worked on the broadcast that they called the Hot Bed of Hatred. The fact remains that in this television program, a Jew, an award winning producer of television, he was 51 years old. I said, he was, that's the good news. He was the one that was the creator, editor, developer of that lying documentary called the Ku Klux Klan, the Invisible Empire in seeking to sweep it across all the television viewers about a week ago and they are going to repeat it again and again and in this they take a few scenes out of Griffith's great picture, but they try to downgrade the organization as one of violence, if there's violence, it has been sowed by a rapacious attack on the White Race and can only be settled in blood!

So, the Newspaper tells us now as of two days ago that the producer, the award winner of this television documentary and he prepared the great propaganda attack against the Invisible Empire for the pleasure of the President and for attacking back at all of this organization and so they came out with it and on Monday and Tuesday they were showing it across the Nation and then, my friends, Thursday he was dead. Someone said, of course, that might not have been gathering of a tare. It was the gathering of a tare. A heart attack isn't sensational, but in many instances it's real real constructive you know, it's so final. All right, lets not have any crocodile tears when a tare goes, the tares will go faster and faster as the days go by and you know there's one thing about it, when God sends in the reaper and He takes out a tare, it's just whether it's an attack on the Kingdom and he thinks he's riding high in the reward for his colony. Let me tell you something, when God takes them out, there is no way for them to place the blame on the Children of the Kingdom.

All right, I point out to you that tare time is upon us. You know there is a little dress rehearsal for some of the kinds of judgements and chastisements that are about to move and hurricane Betsy went swirling around the Jew colonies of Florida, moved in on some of the central areas of Louisiana. Oh, there are people who get hurt, there are a lot of innocent people sometimes lose property and get wet and all these kind of things. Well, if you want to dwell where Babylon dwells, why you are going to always have to take some of the punishments of Babylon. It isn't because God's mad at the people that dwell there, but I'm going to tell you something, if those people had come to attention a long time ago, there wouldn't be any reason for judgements to come. If you want to stay where you are without trouble, then eliminate the influence and move out the enemy and if you can't move out the enemy, then you had better move or just take the chastisement, but tare time is come. You know, there's boiling another one up down there right now, the forces and the energies that have been set-up in the world, the vibrations of darkness in competition against the Kingdom are meeting the energies of God that are twisting the elements of the atmosphere, another big hurricane building up, already getting poised to slam in its blow. You have had more earthquakes and more shaking of the earth than you have had for some time, stepping up its tempo again in the last year, lasted ten days, 27 earthquakes all over the world, all of them up around the point five operation.

I'm going to tell you, God has different ways of taking out tares. There have been several bombardments that move because of forces that were tare guided. When the great host came against Israel in the days of Joshua and tares and Canaanites directed the assault and God pounded them out of the way with meteorites that came from the sky and just wiped them out. Tares, gone just the same. There were occasions when they came against the Host of Israel outnumbering them and God said, raise up your shields and the light reflecting from the shields of Israel shown into the eyes of the incoming enemy and they couldn't see and they ran right over the cliff and into the abyss of destruction. There have been times when God used their own confusion. In the days of Gideon when there were three hundred men up on the side of the mountain with their candles inside of pitchers and their swords in their hands and trumpets by their side. They suddenly broke the ceramic pitchers, lifted high the candles and sounded the trumpets and the Army of the Midianites, the enemy, said, OH! THE MIGHTY ARMIES ARE UPON US ON EVERY SIDE and in the confusion and the darkness in their camps, they were killing one another getting out by the thousands and then the victorious three hundred men swooped down with their all powerful sword blades and they finished the liquidation of an enemy and the judgements had fallen with confusion upon the enemies of God. They had moved out against God's Prophet to taunt and to hurl against Him their accusations, and the earth opened up and a little earthquake opened up and pulled together, swallowed up the enemy and the revilers of the Prophet of God. These are historic factors. God shook the earth so mightily and so vitally in the days of Israel's migrations, that the History of Assyria records, how the YAHWEH OF THE ISRAELITES sent an earthquake as they had never known upon them in those days. We point out to you that God has all the forces of nature at His command, He hung it upon His word, He hath created it according to His command. Now, He tells you He is going to take the tares out. I think it's not just going to be physical destruction. One of the things we are going to talk upon next week, we are going to talk upon "The Flood Out Of The Serpents Mouth". Therefore, that's what we are going to talk about next week and we'll show you where the forces of nature get into this picture, but TARE TIME!

Someone said, have you got any idea how God is going to take out tares? I'm going to tell you one thing that I believe is going to happen. The other day, a Highway Patrolman, riding along the highways of the cities of California, had his camera on his seat and he looked up and saw something he didn't believe in, anyhow, but he took its picture and he had a beautiful picture that appeared in all of the Newspapers of a great big flying saucer. He said, I don't believe in flying saucers, but I do believe in photography. Well, you can't say too much about it, they examined it and it definitely was a great craft sweeping through the sky. America didn't make it, the Russians didn't make it, the Chinese didn't make it, and there hasn't been anybody else that's made it, there it goes sweeping across the sky. You say, whose is it? That's Michael! Now, Michael, the Archangel, is one of the most experienced logistition in the world today. Probably there is no one today in all the field of battle that has commanded greater Hosts, has more vast flying aircraft and missiles at His command, more powerful disintegrates and more powerful rays- You hear a lot about the laser ray. Let me tell you something, they have got some rays up there. When they turn loose down upon a spot, it just all disintegrates right now, disappears. You say, why don't we use the same kind of ray? Why, it's more perfected I can assure you this. You say, how do you know this? Because the Scriptures tell me about these fleets. Why, Daniel, the Prophet, was told by the Most High God concerning these fleets and they move out a steady stream coming out of Alcon across the side-real systems, a thousand times a thousand times thousands and thousands of these ships illuminated like fire moving across space from the Throne of the Most High God's command. Michael was the Archangel that commanded them and you turn in the Book of Revelations concerning this age and you read, as we have called your attention to many times, the fact that the World Order, United Nations and all of the Jew conspiracy of World Communism and Socialism would like to turn all their armament against an army that the Book of Revelations tells us there is going to appear out of the heavens, it's going to be the great flagships of Jesus Christ and Michael, His Chief Commander, as they sweep all the Hosts of Heaven to Earth to become involved in this final phase of battle. You know what it says? It says that they turn their weapons and their armies at the attention of the appearance of the sign of the Son of Man coming in the Heavens and the great Host and they try to battle and knock down with missiles. In fact, every once in awhile you see some Science Fiction picture where they have got the world battling something from the outside. They have got rockets and missiles by the thousands to intercept something. Let me tell you something. Whenever they try to intercept the incoming Host of our Father and his family, which are your Kinsmen, they are going to discover there is power up there that can turn these missiles right back on them. There is power up there that can disintegrate any spot of opposition and when Christ as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS comes into the human picture and He descends with all His power and Heavenly Host, but before then even in the midst of the struggle you're in, in this preliminary hour before the great appearance of the Mighty Host of Heaven with Christ, He's going to send in a part of Michael's fleet and that fleet of Michael's are going to travel around the earth. In fact, I think a lot of them are traveling around the area right now and I think isolated units of them are also traveling around.

I don't doubt that every once in awhile the death angel drops off and walks through a city and picks up somebody and says this is it and I'm going to tell you what's going to be the most astounding mystery that ever hit Hollywood. It's going to be the day when suddenly the great Host move through the sky, maybe not so silent this time. Maybe as those Host move through the sky, you'll hear them like you did in the days of Ezekiel, like the sound of a mighty rushing of water, but the great Host are going to move through the sky and in the morning, there are going to be a lot of studios without directors. So, the day is going to come when there are going to be a lot of missing people. I think some of these cars on the freeway are going to crack-up, nobody driving them, but these people stay up all night anyhow. There are only two people that stay up all night, are the enemy and the Children of God after them and I point out to you that one of these days they're just going to be gone. You say, what do you mean gone? Because the Bible says they're going to disappear, the tares are going to be gathered out. Tare time! Someone says, Oh. Dr. Swift, I want to see it happen in a big way. Well, my friends, you've just started into this thing, it's going to pick-up tempo. You have come to the hour where God says the judgements start to fall from here on out on My enemies, tare time is the date that you've arrived at.

If you see some special tare, just say, well, God how about this one. What do you pray for anyhow, you don't have to sit around and just tell God something He knows. It's good to thank Him for your meals. It's good to wake up in the morning and say hello to the Father. It's good to thank Him for His care before you fall asleep at night, but how about pointing out here and there a tare. He said whatsoever thing ye bind, shall be bound and whatsoever thing ye loose, shall be loosed, whatsoever thing ye curse too are going to be cursed. The Kingdom of God blesses, and it doesn't curse, but when it comes to Satan's Kingdom, there are certain things that must be taken out of the earth. Every plant My Father did not plant, is going to be plucked up. Now, in this declaration, just not only tares and I'm going to show you that the tares which are actually the seed of the Serpent, they are the great major target, but also according to the Book of Matthew we discuss here in this same area, not only the tares, then they shall send the Angels and they shall gather out of His Kingdom everything that offend and that make iniquity. So, there are a whole lot of Agents that went to work with the tares that can showup missing too one of these days and I'm going to tell you that I don't think it's months and months away, I think it's going to step-up more every single day.

Go back to the sedition trials. There were a lot of fine Patriotic Americans in these United States that dared to denounce the Jew for his conspiracy in Communism and you know that they had so much control in those days during the war, that they moved out and gathered up Preachers and they gathered up Patriots, of course, they gathered up some of the Nazis, that were American Nazis, and they gathered up all the leaders of Organizations they could and what they tried to do is gather them all up together and then said they were all Nazis and they could get away with some kind of a charge like this because we were fighting Germany. Of course, when you're in a war, there is only one thing, you have to win that war, but the fact remains that they were after Patriots.

Some of these men that have died, like the original Gerald Winrod and others they moved out against. In fact, if the list had kept on going, in a few more weeks, they've had gotten Gerald Smith and a lot of others back at that time because they were early in this fight against the enemy.

Now, let me tell you something, they gathered up a lot of these men and they took them to Washington and they charged them with sedition and they had them jailed and they went through all kinds of conditions. Charges that were put together by the Jews, as the Scripture said, they will deliver you to the Synagogue and before the Judges. They thought they were going to send some of them to the Penitentiary and many of them had their finances and their fortunes exhausted trying to defend themselves from this massive Jew conspiracy. Someone said, don't you think there was anybody in there that they might have gotten for sedition? There might have been some people in there, they might have had one or two they could charge with sedition, but the fact remains, whether or not there was sedition had yet to be established, but this we do know, that they were trying by association to blame all the Patriots with them with sedition.

Well, they piled up a lot of this phoney propaganda and fraudulent evidence, just like the war crimes trial Attorneys, which were Jew Attorneys, and were framing the Germans and the people of Europe and we now know that they brought lying propaganda to play, they were trying to War-Up on any Military leadership that might obstruct their Communist design and they had German Officers executed for the KATYN MASSACRE, which they had nothing to do with. Now we know this to be true, Mr. Eisenhower knew it before they died, but he didn't want to do anything to disturb our good relations with Russia. Now we have these kind of things to contend with and such it was that they moved out at that time and tried these Christians.

You know what God did? Just before this trial would have come to its completion, God just went down and that old heart attack route and He grabbed the Judge out of the way. Now, they had a total mistrial, many witnesses had died, they dragged this thing out too long, they couldn't do anything about it and they had to turn them all loose. Someone said, there are things that are being set-up now for the Children of the Kingdom. My friends, during tare time they are playing with an even more dangerous judgement if they lay their hands on God's Children in this hour. I think that God is going to gather out these enemies, I think that Jews are going to be so scarce in American that those that remain will try to leave to get out from under the power of judgement.

Now, lets make this clear, someone said that we shouldn't get so angry about people like this. In my Bible it says that we are suppose to get so angry that wrath rises in our countenance. A lot of people tell you that it's bad to get angry, it's going to destroy you. It's not bad to get angry against God's enemy, that'll make you. It's only when you get angry against your brother that this erodes on your soul, but let me tell you that when you deal with the enemies of God's Kingdom that Jesus said, they are not My brothers, but are the children of their Father, the Devil and they are My enemies. Now, God makes it clear. He said, "upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias killed between the temple and the Altar."

The power that set-up in the inquisition Church against Church and manipulated with their inquisitors and their Chief Inquisitor of the inquisition was Torquemada, and Torquemada was a Jew and behind all the problems and troubles and conspiracy is Jewry. The problem or the tending betrayal that would like to envelop all nations together and all religions together is going to be suggested by another Jew who comes over here and will be another betrayal and this will be the Pope of Rome when he comes over here in these next few weeks. This isn't an anti-Catholic statement, it's an anti-Jew Pope socialist statement. He wants all nations a part of the World Government and he wants, if that transpires, to see this area of authority created. You know what would happen? There wouldn't remain any ability of you to retain your independence and your Government's sovereignty couldn't remain. You would be out voted, out maneuvered, taken over. He said he thinks Red China and all these countries should be admitted, so did Mr. Goldberg. You know, that's just one tare I'm waiting to see go. I don't care how they do it, I would like to see him just disappear while the Pope is talking to the President. If they use a Jew magnet, the Pope will go too. I don't care whether they snatch him up visibly through the sky or whether they de-materialize him and take him out of here invisibly, just get the tares out. "For every Plant My Father hath not planted shall be plucked up by its roots". You know, there was no attempt upon the part of Jesus to disguise the truth to you, they couldn't understand, so He wrote the mystery anyhow and spoke in a mystery so they wouldn't understand. He didn't want them to get part of the idea and then try to join you to destroy you. However, the contemporary program of Lucifer is to try to move into the Kingdom, join the Kingdom to destroy the Kingdom. So, therefore, when ever we look for the end of the age for the deliverance of the Nation, the reason that we know that we have arrived at the great hour is because we've crossed the meridian in the sky, it is tare time and tare time must precede the great and mighty gathering of God's Kingdom to their final blessings and reward in earth management. Before God separates the Sheep from the Goats and says to you Christian Nations and White People rule the world, I planned this from the beginning, take possession, before God says that to you, He's going to take the tares out because goats are not tares, the Goat People are the non-Sheep People, are the non-Israelite Kingdoms and are the non-White Race. The White Race Peoples are the Sheep Nations and the Goat Nations are the others, but the Tares, they can't even stay in this, THEY MUST GO! Someone said, Dr. Swift, you know if you talk about this, if you call for the removal of any people or any society, they are going to try and say that you are trying to stir-up trouble, you want to stir-up riots, you want to stir-up violence. I'm not talking about stirring up violence, I'm just talking about what God has promised us. The promises of God "I WILL TAKE THE TARES OUT FOR YOU", I'll send My Administering Spirits, I might call on you to help, but I'm going to send in My Administering Spirits and we're going to gather them, the Host of Heaven and we're going to take the TARES OUT FIRST, FIRST!

Every day I pick up the Newspaper I look at the missing tares. You know something, there's far more, now here you are a Nation where the minority, your enemy and Jews make up the minority in the United States, you know they're a minority, you know there's too many of them, but suppose there's 20,000,000 of them, not suppose to be that many and then stop and look at the obituary list and you're going to discover that the obituary list is almost as great for the number of Jews as all other people that are dying right now. Isn't that strange? In fact, we are beginning to wonder whether the figures they are trying to tell us about how many of them died when you look at how many of them there are, but I can tell you something right now, that all over the Nation in the obituary column this is taking place, but what we are waiting for is the mass removal. Someone said, how can you talk about a whole race, how can you talk about a whole people? I can talk about all the Host of the Devil and pray to God to get them-out of the way.

Agencies vitally concerned about the morality of our Nation, about the health of our young people engaged in crusades to battle the areas of some of the most evil vice in our times and they place across my desk statistics. Sometimes we have talked and advised some of these leaders and workers in this field of fighting various areas of this vice. One of the most deadly traffics today is still the white slave traffic and it's still designed by capturing youth and then willingly taking them down the most lustful areas of moral degeneration by first capturing their minds, weakening them, attacking them through the invasion in our schools against the structure of their faith and trying to make it look as though their promiscuous conduct is a normalcy and that any restraint in the name of moral and ethical instruction is only superstition and old fashion and they attack your faith inside of schools and then the dope pushers come in and try to add to this the sudden challenge that they promise these young people that their experiences with the dope will provide, many of them use the less habit forming drugs, but all of them have their impact by the process of experience and they start out with Marijuana and they end up with heroin and morphine, but this is being used. Now, you don't think this is a small and idle part of the challenge against your race, but I'm going to tell you that almost every major high school in New York City and many of the major high schools right here have become the areas where these dope addicts being victimized, many of them are now being recruited in the operation and the majority of dope runners in America have been master minded by Jew Syndicates and I've looked at names and I know they've got some of them for targets and some of them are big shots right here in this City. You know something, the majority of those that are carrying out this dope traffic are Jews. I believe 100% in the death penalty for those that traffic in trying to sell dope to our youth to destroy them morally and physically. That's just one facet of it. They are seeking by every area to popularize everything that will go along with this. That's why there's plenty of money to popularize the wild and strange rhythms that move out of the jungle and all of the jungle animal bands that they put out all over the Nation on television and on radio and these strange kookie anti-Christ, like the Beatles and these others they are making so popular now. Remember this now, that the Beatles, John Lennon of the Beatles have just printed a book. Simon & Schuster puts it out, 1965, that says something about the Spaniards and on page 14, Jesus Christ is a dirty, garlic eating little Catholic bastard, that's what it says, it's on page 14. The only reason why they hate the Spaniards so much is that they wouldn't let the Beatles come into Spain, because Franco was smarter than Johnson, but I want to point out again here in this battle to destroy with vice, with corruption, with immorality, with the vibrations that disrupt the whole pattern of the thinking, they put a jangling charge of strange influence over the minds of youth with every backing to create mass hysteria and the utilization of everything to make a depraved society. JEWRY WAGES WAR ON YOUR CHILDREN.

Well, you can say you can go down and hear a sermon against immorality, Billy Graham will even go into this subject, sometimes not as delicately as he might, right over television, maybe they do it in a Hargis Crusade, maybe they do it everywhere where men are concerned what's happening, but there are not very many people tonight that will tell America that this whole massive evil conspiracy is JEW run, JEW operated, JEW FINANCED AND JEW CONTROLLED. I'm going to tell you something, until you get America vibrating against the tares, until their very cry brings Michael in with speed, you're in trouble. Jesus said, when they call upon Me for deliverance, everyone shall be delivered, all of My New Order, all of My Household, I'm going to deliver every last one of them that call upon Me for deliverance. My friends, lets humble ourselves, acknowledge the fact that we haven't been responsible enough for protecting our society. Lets call for God to pick-up the tares. It's tare time, then you watch the Newspaper, you watch the coming judgements, you watch the things that sweep the world and you understand that this is not idle.

World Communism spread through Christian Nations. Karl Marx and a group of Jewish Bankers are responsible for the spread of Communism and for every soul that died under the spread of that revolution from the days that it seized Moscow, for the rape of Eastern Europe, for the conspiracy against you, for every boy that died tonight in Vietnam. Karl Marx, the son of a Rabbi, and the Jewish financiers that backed him and Jewry that supports it and the conspiracy that continues and their traitors in Foreign Service and the State Department, the JUDGEMENT - DEATH! because they've fought against God's Kingdom and if Jesus were to step in here at this moment to bring this judgement, it would be the prophecy in the Gospel of Luke and this is what Jesus said in Chapter 19, verse 27, "bring hither those mine enemies that would not that I should reign over them and slay them before Me". Do you know who we're talking about? We're talking about JESUS CHRIST, not ADOLPH HITLER, JESUS CHRIST. Every time that anyone talks about destroying evil, why the enemy cries HITLER. Do you know why they do that? Because they have painted and distorted and twisted such a grotesque pattern, that they have made Hitler their whipping boy for everything they don't like. Someone said, are you for Hitler? I'm not for Hitler, I'm not against Hitler. I don't know where the truth begins or ends in lots of these things, but I do know this, that anybody who tried to destroy a Nation's morality or its ethics, anybody that wants to grind a people down and crush them, wants to wipe out their civilization, needs to be totally destroyed from that Nation. As this message goes out over the world and everywhere, there is going to be a "reverberation", they are going to vibrate with the darkness and the faster they vibrate, lets hope they just home in Michael's fleet, because I'm convinced tonight that standing by to be ready in a moments notice are the craft they can't analyze, are the armies of the Most High God.

I look deep into the fall sky, as now the stars get brighter and the sky gets clearer and motions to be found there, motions that are not visible before; some of them are satellites that we put into the air because we've reached the end of the age, some of them are satellites of our enemy that they put into the air because we've reached the end of the age, some of them are the fleets of Michael that don't respond to orbits and come and go and maneuver and go wither so ever they would and they don't have enough power to stop that and there is no way for them to protect themselves from it and you can look into the sky without fear and just say, "LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS, but be sure of this, when the great storm sweeps in and the great judgements hit upon the cities, just thank God that in this hour of pouring out of chastisements that begins in the House of God, that God is aiming at the areas of your enemies in your society and when you hear of them going out one by one, watch how God eliminates the enemy. There can be casualties even in the Kingdom, there can be casualties even against the leadership that God raises up for the enemy moves upon them and keeps them under pressures and hypertensions and it's only faith that can give them any serenity they can live with, but I can tell you this, that as God removes the destroyers, the world becomes free again and for this cause Jesus said, understand this, how those disciples must have wanted the tares to go, how they thought this, but Jesus said, it's at the end of the age, IT'S AT THE END OF THE AGE, there are a lot of things between here and at that time and you and I now have been chosen to live at the end of the age, we shall see this deliverance upon the part of the MOST HIGH GOD.

I thought it was rather interesting on last Friday week, the Los Angeles Times had one of its editorials by a man named Bartlet vibrating against Christians from this very congregation that went up in Wyoming and they preached their Gospel and they exposed Socialism and Communism and they blocked a socialist takeover and they blocked a design to unify all the school districts to set them up for propaganda and they cried out in the paper and they said the bad thing about these conservatives, these people, why they openly were against the Jews and they were telling people Jesus Christ was not a Jew, He was an ARYAN, an ANGLO-SAXON and they said we're glad that some of them have moved on to other places, but they said they just wanted to warn people about these terrible Bible Believing Conservatives who were against the minorities, but I'm going to tell you something, the conduct of Jewry is awakening every intelligent Christian to an area of opposition and the conduct of the Negro is awakening every white man to opposition and the resulting judgements that come are the results of the SEED which they have sown, but GOD IS NOT MOCKED, FOR WHAT THEY SOW, THEY SHALL ALSO REAP.

Never has it been more important for us to understand these great areas of DIVINE MYSTERY.