Sharper Than A Two Edged Sword

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift


"The Word of Yahweh (God) is sharper than a two-edged sword."

Timothy is told to preach The Word. Preaching The Word and calling the attention of the people to The Word is one of the most important things that can take place. When we go into the background of the ancient patterns of time, we discover that the White race has been on the face of the earth approximately 7,400 years. And when Yahweh planted them here, He placed them here to be the receivers of His Kingdom. He not only outlined the plan of His Kingdom and the program of His Kingdom, but He Who created the heavens and the earth, He Who has been in that creating process for eons of time, transferred from heaven to earth the spiritual destiny of His Kingdom.

Actually this Adamic race (the heirs of the Kingdom) was with The Father before the world was framed. There we thought; we dwelt upon the concept of The Most High. One of the patterns is that there is a vast difference between the program of Yahweh's Kingdom and the program of the world order. The world order is the sum total of all those powers of darkness and forces of evil which are arrayed against the program of the Kingdom of The Almighty One. The difference is that the world order was established by Lucifer on the processes of transgression and sin. And sin is the sum total of the violations of the laws of The Most High. It is just as simple as that. The Luciferian design was the establishing of a program of violation which sought to bring about the destruction of the Kingdom of The Ever-Living One or any of His laws.

Of course, the Kingdom of The Almighty has been here only approximately 7,400 years, and the Luciferian kingdom hordes have been here ten times or more longer. We do not have an exact time for the rebellion of Lucifer. (Some day the exact time of this great rebellion will be brought to our remembrance.) We do know that 74,000 years ago the negroes were buried in the caves of Africa, and we realize that they came in on the ships of Lucifer, and that they were used in Luciferian battles; but we do not know just when these battles began. We do know that the Kingdom of Yahweh has been here since Adam, and that it was established by the laws of The Most High, by a people who had knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and truth. Because they were spirit of His Spirit and life of His Life, they could understand the wisdom and knowledge of The Most High. Whatsoever He designed to transfer to their consciousness and intelligence, He would be able to do because of this pattern. Thus, He gave, His Holy Word to the patriarchs, and through the process of the prophets He transferred His Word. In fact, in the Old Testament when the congregations of Israel were called forth, from the Church of the Old Testament which became the holder of the oracle of, The Almighty One. It became the very vital carrier, as it had His Word and it taught His ordinances, the worship of Yahweh, the processes of life and of living, and how to occupy and to develop the pro grams of earth. All of this was in the Wisdom of The Eternal, The Most High Yahweh. Therefore, again, it told the people how to sow their fields, how to raise their families, how to manage and maintain their economy, how to maintain and to protect their race. It taught how they were to separate and segregate their race from those of the world order. They were not to absorb, not to mongrelize. The world order lacks the capacity to understand The Word of The Most High. The children of the Adamic race, this household of Yahweh, heard His Word, and this has continued down throughout all their destiny, throughout all their time. In fact, in the ministry of Christ we discover that the powers of organized Jewry (whom Yahshua (Jesus) said were of their father the devil) did not have the capacity to understand what Yahshua said. They could hear His speech but they could not understand what He meant. They then sought by the process of confusion to identify themselves with Him. They said: "We have one father, even God." But when they said this, Yahshua replied to them: "If Yahweh were your father, ye would receive Me." (John 8:42) In other words, He said: "You are not going to put over this process of brotherhood on Me, because you do not have a common Father with Me, but a different background altogether." So it is we see that they have no capacity for the Wisdom of The Most High; they have no spiritual capacity of understanding.

The process of their moving in on the Kingdom of The Most High has been constant. The kings of Israel who studied the Word of Yahweh and abode by the instructions of His Word raised the nation of Israel to great heights of prosperity. But those who heeded the instructions of the enemy and did not listen to the concepts and purposes of The Most High brought the catastrophes which descended upon the nation of Israel (as in the days of Rehoboam) upon the household of Israel.


After all, He is Omnipotence, and He is Omniscience; He has all power and all knowledge, and all wisdom to bring all things to pass. He is going to bring all things to pass, and His Word is the process of how He will accomplish this. His Word is the process of all things which He is to undertake, and is the fullness and fulfillment of all prophecy, because it is the declaration of what is coming.

As we look out over the conditions of the world today remember this: We have The Word of The Most High to lead us: His Word is positive, and it is sure, and we understand the voice of prophecy as we see events transpire, whether they be earthquakes or battles, or wars, or times or measures. But they come to pass exactly as they have been indicated in the Scriptures. In the formation of His race, Israel, He gathered the household which had the capacity to understand His ideas. The Spirit of Yahweh, therefore, has only one necessity: That is, the Church of the Old Testament (or the ecclesia of the New Testament) has the responsibility of spreading His Word. Because as they do so, The Word (which is the Seed) bears fruit in the children of the Kingdom as they are brought into contact with it. They are activated in their spirit, and they respond. More than this, The Word of The Ever-Living therefore is the secret of their knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. When we White,

Adamic, Basque, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, and Lombard, and kindred people, FOUNDED THIS GREAT NATION OF OURS, WE CAME WITH The Christ as our Savior. We came with this knowledge of ONE God, with the knowledge of the Kingdom, and we became a Christian nation. Even the supreme court has been forced to acknowledge the fact that we are a Christian nation.

Now, the greatness of this nation came from the fact that the Church was the spiritual center of the Kingdom, and it was quite active at that time, and was the keeper of The Word. And The Word was the process by which the people understood what they were to do. Their conduct, their background, and the integrity and morality of their society were established by the Word of The Most High. More than this, they did not design to intermarry with other races. There was no design to violate The Word of Yahweh, or to absorb the races of Africa or Asia. In fact, in, those days our forefathers of the United States and Britain seemed to recognize that they had a great program of colonization, and they had operations in which there was destiny to perform. But they were NEVER given any operation in which they were to absorb the other races. They were to rule them, and to bring upon them the patterns of Divine law, and to stamp out cannibalism, but they were NEVER to share, mingle, or mongrelize their society. The patterns of the other races involved all the patterns of other religions and the backgrounds of those races, and of demons and devils. But, after all, we do have the declaration of The Ever-Living: "There is I no other Almighty One beside Me. I know not any. " Besides this, these people were serving other patterns of other gods, and we were never told that we were to absorb other gods, or join other people in universal brotherhood, or to unify other races and religions: We were told to rule and to reign, and to establish with spiritual power the supremacy of Yahweh's Kingdom. If we were to continue to follow the blueprint of His Word, we were to understand that the children of the Adamic race, these children of the Kingdom, are to take over with the Kingdom of Yahweh throughout the world. We are to build strong armies; we are to build strong defenses; but we are to take over these powers of darkness, and bring these people to a subordinate policy.

"For every knee shall bow, every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is Yahweh!" We know this is ultimately coming, and we know that when we are participating in this program that we are carrying forth the objective of the blueprints of The Word of The Most High. The concept of trying to equalize our society, or to absorb the philosophies and the backgrounds of other races and societies is a fallacy. We have The Word of, The Almighty One, sharper than a two edged sword, which is one of the most powerful weapons in our society.

The enemy realizes this. That is the reason he comes into our nation and seeks to eliminate faith in The Word of our Father, and seeks to eliminate the concept of The Word and His Divine instructions. The enemy seeks to separate church and state totally and completely, and to eliminate the Christian faith from the background of our nation. As we point out these things, we recognize that we have been told to follow through and preach The Word of The Most High. After all, we are His children.

When we read the 82d Psalm, we are thrilled: "Ye are gods, and all of you are children of The Most High." In other words, ye are the children of The Almighty; therefore, ye are gods, because ye were begotten by Him. We are the christened (anointed) people - embodied gods having come from heaven to earth. And Yahshua (Jesus) makes a statement to organized Jewry which is also very clear as to who they are: "No man can ascend into heaven but they who came down out of it. " And as such we were brought into the world, not to see whether Yahweh can get us back for we know that He can do that. He has told us that all Israel shall be saved. He talks about these patterns and how He established us here to build the Kingdom, to preserve the Kingdom, to take the Kingdom. He has told us that in the hour of His coming He will say to the sheep nations: "Receive this Kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the world."

If we were to use the intelligence we possess today, we would select the leaders to guide our nation from those who believe The Word of The Most High, who are active in the spiritual center of His Kingdom, and are a part of His Church. Actually, we should have NO ONE in the United States who is not a Christian, a true Christian; and we should not permit a people to come into this household who are not of our race and of our faith.

Nor should any of the nations of Israel do this. This is one of the great areas of error which transpired in the Old Testament days, as well as since then, that these people came in and caused so much catastrophe and so many problems among those of the house of Israel. Actually the president of the United States and all officials in government should be listening, and taking their guidance from The Word of Yahweh. If they did this, they would realize that Soviet Russia is building up her military capability to trick the United States and to join the pattern of all Asia, and the powers of darkness, and suddenly attack us, to try to take over our nation. This is The Word of The Most High, and His Word is absolutely true. He does tell us these things are coming to pass, but that they will not be successful. However, we are told that in this hour Yahweh promises the total destruction and the breaking down of this evil power. He tells us that such an encounter will lead to what we call the battle of Armageddon, a universal battle of all the pagan powers against His Kingdom. You do not avert this by sticking your head in the sand. You do not stop this by acknowledging the enemy, and stopping our defense. Actually we should be beating our plowshares into swords and our pruning hooks into spears. The Bible tells us of the coming of this northern army, and how the army of The Most High should be built to stand successfully in that hour. We do not have to worry about the capacity of our race to defend ourselves, even in face of the vast number of our enemy, because of the assurance of The Most High. We have His Word, sharper than a two-edged sword, in our hands: Also, we look out over the masses of people and recognize that He told us in the book of Isaiah that He would give us a sharp threshing instrument, and He did just this, for He gave us the mastery of atomic weapons, short, sharp threshing instruments. He has done this so that we could put down huge masses of the world anti-Christ system.

But then we permitted the sons of Lucifer to come into our land and steal our atomic secrets, and they began to build, atomic weapons in the Soviet Union. So the weapon which was our sharp threshing instrument (Isaiah 41:15) we have, shared with the enemy! Thus, today it is not just the utilization of the mass, of small arms or the masses of people of the mass of small arms, but it is now their coming with atomic weapons which is the grave danger. Again, Yahweh said: "NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER." He has absolutely assured us by His Holy Word that victory shall be ours. He has promised us that Michael the Archangel will come to our defense again as he came to the defense of the program of the family when you were with The Father before the world was framed and threw Lucifer out of the heavens. The tremendous armies, the ten thousands times ten of thousands of the great ships of The Most High which are described in the book of Psalms, and referred to in other Scriptures, will come to your defense. Although these things are hard for people to believe when they do not see them with their eyes, mighty hosts out of the heavens which can appear instantly in the course of time are due to come to your assistance.

After all, the Scriptures tell us that The Mighty Yahweh said: "Yet I must be requested by the House of- Israel to do this." (Fenton, Ezek. 36:37.)

Thus, when people Ofty "Most High Yahshua come quickly" with intent and with design and desire, when it is more important that He come quickly than are the things they have in their hearts and minds which they would like to do, when they recognize that the defense program of Yahweh's Kingdom is the greatest development which could take place in the earth, then they will pray: "MOST HIGH YAHSHUA COME QUICKLY", and mean it. This will be a great day for deliverance for our society, and we are very close to these climactic results. The spiritual power of speaking The Word is having its effect. It is causing us to turn to the right-wing once again, to stand, and to be counted. Also, we have more manifestation today of liberalism in our, senate and our congress of these men who have sought to build their own careers at your expense than ever before. They are seeking these false concepts of peace, and of disarming ourselves while the enemy does not only not disarm, but prepares to destroy us.

So as we see these patterns again, let us remember that The Word of Yahweh is the most important factor for our protection. It is absolutely dependable. There is nothing which you can add to His Word. It will be a tremendous battle which comes against you, for it comes from the air (television and radio), it comes from the sea (the people of the world order), and it comes from every side. This development is not to frighten you; this is just so that we might have readiness of heart, with proper prayer, and with counter attack, and move against the enemy. We are going to be a victorious people. But the strangeness of this hour has been by the process of trying to separate the people and the nation from The Word of The Almighty One, saying that we need no spiritual influence in any of our candidates politically because "this would not be separation of church and state". But we do not want separation of church and state; we want separation of all powers of darkness from our nation and from our land. We want them out of our land. We want the tares taken away; and when that comes to pass we will see the greatness and the power of America restored. This cannot come too quickly for the good of our society.

We do not want absorption and mongrelization of design of the laws of Yahweh which are all being destroyed under the principles of trying to modernize" our society. When there is talk about "equality with the Negro", we do not want equality. We do not want to give the Negro our place; we are admonished not to do so! We do not want to absorb him because he lacks the spiritual capacities that are necessary for the inheritance of the program of Yahweh's Kingdom. We do not want to give him our inheritance! So the thing to do is to put him in his place, and that is to send him back whence he came. Remember - one thing we have been told very clearly is that The Almighty One wants us to separate ourselves from all peoples on the face of the earth.

So again, as we lift up our faces to whence cometh our strength, we pray. "ALMIGHTY YAHSHUA COME QUICKLY EVEN, SO COME ALMIGHTY YAHSHUA."