By Dr. Wesley A. Swift

As we study the weaving of the spider's web we turn to the 59th chapter of Isaiah, where first we have a declaration: Behold the Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save; neither His. ear heavy that it cannot hear.

Then we have a warning: He hath warned His people Israel, and this holds true especially in these last days: His people are to have grave and tremendous problems as they face the weavers of the spider's web, and the layers of the cockatrice's eggs. His warning says that the cockatrice's eggs are scattered throughout the western world of His kingdom, and the spider's web is seeking to engulf and enmesh all of Western Christian society with their multiple plots which they weave into one massive conspiracy. Then who are the weavers of the spider's web? They are the children of Lucifer, and the cockatrice's eggs are the plans and program of Lucifer's kingdom.

As we look at our great nation with its standard of the outstretched wings of the eagle, we see the Great Nation which God ordained for HIS purposes: The nation that moved the farthest wesward and took its position in the program of God's kingdom. We see this nation developing from its beginning as colonies to a declaration of freedom, to a free nation, a free society where justice reigned, where men were tried by juries or by judge (whichever they chose) and where the Supreme Court was held in bonds by the Constitution; a nation of private enterprise stretching westward to the Pacific Ocean; a nation containing the trees of prophecy such as the myrtle trees. Yes-the great and final nation of God's Israel emerging and worshiping the Most High God.

Then God speaks for this end of the aoc and He says: "Behold the lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save: neither His ear heavy that it cannot hear." But, iniquities have arisen in this land that is separating the people from the proper worship of the Most High God, for the hands of many people have been defiled until their fingers are smeared with blood, and lips have spoken lies, and tongues have muttered perverseness. None call for justice nor plead for truth; they trust in vanity and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity. God is displeased. The powers of the serpent and the powers of the asp have moved into your country because the spider is weaving his web. He is weaving over many parts of your nation, interlocking the web lines, then into the web, lays the cockatrice's eggs which he then spreads out over God's nation where those eggs hatch into adders, and those that try to eat the eggs die. This means that by consuming these eggs you lose your search- for truth. These are works of iniquity and the workers of his net act' with violence against anyone in their way because their feet run to evil as they hurry to shed innocent blood

their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; thus destruction is in their path. Any of Israel who follow this path will know no peace; rather, they will walk in darkness and grope for the wall that obscures the, light.

The spider. spins his web and it enmeshes your state, and your whole nation; then the cockatrice's eggs are rolled into the midst of your society; then out. of these eggs comes destruction. This may seem to you as a strange policy for God: but in this Scripture He is pointing out to HIS children the policy of Lucifer and the sons of Lucifer. He is pointing out these unassimilable people who have no place or lot with the house of Israel, yet still they move on Israel el but always to destroy. This spider's web is the web of entanglement that the, spider thinks he can use to entrap and destroy. The cockatrice's eggs are a program of evil that they turn loose on Western Christian Civilization. The cockatrice's eggs are communism, socialism, and the drug scene with many patterns of immorality and also the attack upon your faith and upon your churches. This is a program for entrapment and a hold over a people, and they spin the -web with the design that it will be sufficient cover for the spider in the hour when he is observed.

Now God speaks out: "I am against this process. " But more than this speaking to Israel He says: "Your transgressions are multiplied before Me, because you have permitted this evil to survive. " In transgressing and lying against the Lord even some of Israel have departed from His ways. They are revolting, they have uttered falsehoods, they have turned judgment backward and truth has fallen from, the courts and there is no-more justice in the land. Israel has allowed all this to happen by not stopping this evil, As we look at the nation today we can see how this has been allowed to happen, for truly there is no justice. The whole policy is one of amassing great and tremendous wealth.

The amalgamation of the cynicism that we now face from organized Jewry is without question one of the most extreme evils of all times. As God beholds all this His anger rises and He says: "Behold, with My arm I shall now bring forth salvation and righteousness. I will put on Righteousness as a breast plate, and a helmet of Salvation upon My head, and I will put on the garments of vengeance and will be clad with zeal as with a cloak. They, according to their deeds, accordingly, will I repay, fury to My adversaries, .recornpense to My enemies. So shall they fear the name of Yahweh from the West, and His Glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of Yahweh shall lift up a standard against him." But 0 Israel-beware of the serpent that bites, and the asp that strikes, and the spider that weaves the web, and the cockatrice's eggs that he drops inside his web.

During the years from 1884 to 1924 we had a massive influx of spiders as they moved into the United States to spin their web. Two and one-half million of them came into this country from Europe, most of them from the Mediterranean region. They had been exiled for their conspiracy inside the Roman Catholic church and sent to the island of Sicily and there they multiplied. They came into this Christian nation and spread out over our country and they bragged that they came to gain a foothold for their conspiracy. The leading gangsters of the U.S. today are from this Jewish Sicilian stock. As they settled in this nation they began to bring in Eastern European Jews who came originally out of the Khazar kingdom of Asia. They did exactly what the Protocols of Zion said they would do, for they moved to make their sons into lawyers and doctors, and from those positions they moved into the courts as justices, and from doctors into the areas of the pharmacies, so that they could have massive control over your society. They moved out from the banking houses in England to the banking houses of America, then on into the massive drug business of the world. They owned flie poppy fields in North Korea, and they fought to maintain these fields in Vietnam. Your troops were not allowed to invade certain sectors so as not to destroy those poppy fields. Today organized Jewry has its headquarters in New York, with its web stretching out to other major cities of our nation, They are engaged in the mightiest drug traffic the world has ever known. Their design is to totally break down the Western world by destroying your young people. This was started about 1962 and the cockatrice's eggs were used to capture the minds of your young people in your high schools and colleges and then filter down to the junior high and the grade school children. Out of, this came the emergence of the hippies and the depravity of the drug scene. The youth were crazed on L.S.D. and weed, and then came the advertised and promoted "LOVE IN", all part of the spider's web of immorality.

Thirty-some years ago we saw Jewry take over Hollywood and start a pattern to numb the minds of people on all types of moral dereliction, selling the American people on immorality; and when they reached the minds of the people they began to sell them communism. Of course these were not all the eggs in the spiders web, for they were also weaving a web around your massive system of denominational worship. This web contained the eggs of the National Council of Churches and, from this base, into the World Council of Churches as they called it a procedure for progress. They moved through this process to capture the heads of those organizations, and then began appointing people to head those organizations from the staffs of communists who had moved into your denominations.


Through both these, the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, they were also dropping the cockatrice's eggs upon your whole society, as both organizations began to tell you to live with communism; we must be brothers with the whole world. We must combine the good of the World Order with the good of our civilization and all learn to live together. They do not tell you that to do this you must do away with your belief that God Himself as Yahshua the Christ walked this earth to redeem you and through you, the whole earth. The policies moving out of the areas of organized religion are entirely contemptuous of Yahweh God. They speak out against Him, and we find that God says they do this with unrighteousness (unbelief). At the same time they were promoting dozens of programs, all of which are to promote peace, but they all stem from communism, and they are at the same time building massive syndicates for your destruction. Behind all this are the hands of the sons of Lucifer (Canaanites)-Organized Jewry. Did you know that 92 percent of all the LBS.. which is manufactured is made in Israel, then brought into this country for distribution among the school students of the Western world? Organized Jewry runs the drug rackets of the world, and for the purpose of destroying Western Christian Civilization. The United Nations is one of the tools for the spider's web and through this organization the drive goes on for a one-world government, one race, one mongrelized society as its final design.

Yes, we are in the spider's web, for it is already woven and there is no justice in the land for anyone who will stand against this evil. Ibis is the experience of the right-wing as they stand to fight this evil while other people blissfully go ahead and worry about other things, but never about their entrapment in the spider's web. Just so long as they get their pay checks and can buy most of what they want they see no evil; but they are moving into a false paradise, for tomorrow this evil will move against them. Ibis is God's Israel entangled in the web, tied and handcuffed, and yet the vast majority of them know it not. Even the churches, whether they know it or not, are endorsing communism and the drug traffic as well, and they say there is no longer any immorality-just a state of LOVE, everybody. No wonder God says: "As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. "

When HE looks down on His nations of His kingdom in this hour He says: "If you don't have the guts to take and destroy these brute beasts that are destroying you, then I will. We are caught in the spider's web because we do nothing to oppose it; thus our transgressions multiply. THEN: God calls for judgment "according to their deeds, "and by that method He will repay; He brings forth "fury to his adversaries, recompense to his enemies ".

Then a standard will rise in a Christian nation behind KING CHRIST-a standard of the Cross for the extermination of every evil thing in the Western world of His Kingdom. This will result in the destruction of the cockatrice's eggs and the spider's web.

(For the process of the deliverance of Israel read the 20th and the 21st verses of Isaiah, chapter 59. Then, for the restoration of Israel read chapter 60.)