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 This website, and my life's work, are lovingly dedicated to my Dad, who without reservation gave his life to provide the foundation for the person that I became. It is my anguish that I failed to compensate his love while he lived. I can only hope that this bold work for our God will serve as a partial repayment. Dad, you are my partner, without whom this work could never have been accomplished. Credit is largely yours.

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APRIL 19th     Satan's day of action.

(Republished April 8, 2008)


FATHER OF LIGHTS   (March 30, 2008)

What part do God's Lights in the sky play in your life?

Maybe quite a significant part!








Published March 9, 2008



Published February 12, 2008


Introduction to CHRISTIANITY, fresh, new, rational!


Introduction to the THEOLOGY discussed on this web site


Introduction to SCRIPTURES: a Primer


SYNOPSIS of Bible History, an overview


Book: THE MYSTIC PASSION: A Potpourri of Spiritual Ponderings


BOOK: CHRIST'S NEW COVENANT: The contract under which we presently live


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INDEX TO PROPHECIES ARTICLES: Various prophecies concerning end-times.


INDEX TO RACE ARTICLES: The White Anglo Saxon Protestant race needs to know his roots.


ESSAY: GOD'S KOSMOS: (new March 2006)   Here is a presentation of the Big Picture of the Intelligent Design, namely the "order" which underlies the dynamic process of our reality. The KEY to knowing how God's Design works is to understand the Twelve Zodiac Signs, The 12 Tribes of Israel, and the Twelve Disciples. God expresses Himself THROUGH them, as Time.


GENESIS: Text and commentary of the Creation Account - An interpretation that makes sense: Coherent, Rational, Understandable


FROM THE HEART: Ponderings. 


AUTHOR: Introduction to Roger Hathaway, with link to scrapbook pictures.




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(New Sep, 2006 Procession of Life - The 12 Tribes, by Bob Steffens)


COMPLETE TEXT OF II ESDRAS: This great book by Prophet Ezra was in the Bible

 of Jesus' day but is no longer included in English Bibles.



Since few have the text available of the Nag Hammadi collection, and since I think a few of the writings might be authentic, by Apostles, I am making a few pieces available to you.


Introduction to ANGLO-SAXON Literature: The Volsung Sagas,

The Nibelungenlied, Icelandic Sagas, etc. Our white-race heritage.


And finally, MY HUMOR PAGE with a collection of things which made me laugh. I store them here for myself; perhaps you will enjoy them, too.

And, MY INSPIRATIONAL PAGE with a collection of short pieces which touched me.

(new: March 25, 2007: THE SMELL OF RAIN)


Before you go to any of the writings, please Click on SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM in order to print out a paper copy so you will have it for quick reference. This diagram is ESSENTIAL to understanding the Big Picture of God's Divine Pageant.


The sine-wave diagram plots long-term history along a typical sine-wave curve, in which one cycle is about 24,000 years, being one precession-of-equinoxes (an astronomical period in which the sun traverses an apparent path around the circuit of the sky). Half of a cycle is negative energy, which is the kingdom of WORLD. The other half is positive, being the kingdom of HEAVEN. Sometime about 2,000 AD or so (perhaps 2012 as some speculate) the negative-energy cycle of World will be completed. On this diagram of history, we are presently on the upward ascending path toward God, about to cross the horizontal neutral line and begin the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus calls us to follow the water-carrier (Aquarius) to the Upper Room (kingdom of Heaven).

God gives you a life to spend, not to hoard. Its final value will be determined by how you spent it!

So, spend it boldly as an expression of His will.

Once you realize that you, personally, are a unique expression of your Father, then your life has an importance and meaning which prompts you to stand a little taller, bolder, and happier. For it is through you that your Father experiences a unique life, including all the stumbles and sins and weaknesses of your human nature. Be bold and free and don't carry any guilt or regrets for sins that God remembers not; In Him you are whiter than snow and free to be yourself. He lives through you.  Nikos Kazantzakis said it most beautifully, "Our profound human duty is not to interpret or to cast light on the rhythm of God's march, but to adjust, as much as we can, the rhythm of our small and fleeting life to his." (S of G, p100) I interpret that to mean that God doesn't want a cadre of vegetative-organisms who spend their time on their knees worshiping Him, or even intellectualizing His design, but rather HE WANTS TO LIVE THROUGH US boldly and dynamically, thereby expressing Himself. God IS THE STRUGGLE between the polar forces. We, His offspring, are the players of that struggle. We need to get beyond the childish concept that God is simply the Almighty force and mind behind all that is, a Being that is content to watch humans in an arena before Him. Rather, He is the One who is experiencing our struggle. We offspring are the players through whom He struggles. Kazantzakis says it this way, "My God struggles on without certainty. Will he conquer? Will he be conquered? Nothing in the Universe is certain. He flings himself into uncertainty; he gambles all his destiny at every moment. He clings to warm bodies; he has no other bulwark. He shouts for help; he proclaims a mobilization throughout the Universe. It is our duty, on hearing his Cry, to run under his flag, to fight by his side, to be lost or to be saved with Him." (S of G, p104)  God gives you a life to spend, not to hoard. Its final value will be determined by how you spent it!  So, spend it boldly as an expression of His will.

Y Gwir erbyn y Byd  means The Truth against the World in the ancient Briton language. This is the principle upon which the religion of the prophet Jeremiah was based, for the college which he founded, named Tara, in northern Ireland, about 580BC.





How BOLDLY should you spend your life? I want to give you some incentive; consider yourself to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones. If you don't risk your whole life, leaping and grasping for that which can save you, namely the Truth, then you will perish, cease to exist. It's ALL or nothing! You can't have God and worldly satisfaction. It's that simple! Your preachers are encouraging you to have the good-life and promising you heaven for simply saying you believe in Jesus. They don't seek the Truth because they say they already have it; nothing further is required except to enjoy life till you die and then you go to heaven. Well, your preachers are making Satan's work easy. And they sure don't have the Truth just because they can base their drivel on Bible passages.

This material World is Satanís lie, with all its wonders. It is the God-given task of every child of God to seek the Truth in order to reject this world of lies. There is no higher calling than that. Jesus IS TRUTH, and one must give his life to follow Him, or get CULLED from Godís family. Jesus says, "I am the true vine, and my Father is the Vinedresser. He removes every branch in me that does not bear fruit." (Jn 15:2) This warning should strike terror into every person's heart. If you do not love Truth so much that you will actively search for it on your own, then God will send you a powerful delusion (2 Thess 2:10) to cause you to believe the lie, so that you will be judged. Dear reader, are you listening? Do you care about the real Truth, or are you content with what your preacher tells you? Do you realize that it is upon you, personally, to search for Truth? You canít blame your preacher for your beliefs! If you are already under Godís power of delusion, then you will not be willing to hear what this scripture is saying, and my words are shouted into the darkness in vain. If you are open to Godís Truth, then I beg you to consider the Spirits of Knowledge and Wisdom and Understanding and Will and Power and Reverence. I beg you to call to your aid the Spirit of Fear, who shall have you trembling in fright because you have neglected Godís Holy Spirit, which consists of these seven Spirits before Godís throne. Jesus said there is only one sin that is unforgivable, the sin against the Holy Spirit. If you reject these Spirit-functions, then you may be in danger of passing the point of no return, and God will never again prompt you to seek Him, nor will He strike terror in you in order to keep you pointed in the right direction.

Very simply, the condemnation is this, that there is no afterlife for any person who rejects a personal search for the Truth. That means any person who is CONTENT with this worldly life of home, family, career, church, and the good life. One must accept for himself the personal responsibility to seek the Truth, which is Christ. (Note: no matter that you claim Christ as your own, if you don't seek Truth, then you don't have Him, for He IS Truth, and you are further deluding yourself that you are "saved." To believe in Him is to own Him in Truth.) If you neglect that intense-pursuit for Truth, then your branch (you) ceases to exist when your flesh dies and there is no life beyond the grave for you.

Philosophers from ancient times and mystics through the ages have realized that the world of our senses is not the ultimate reality. Rather, there is some kind of mind, idea, thought (Logos), or designer behind this world which we imagine as "real." That thought, which is behind the substance or even the idea of substance, is MENTAL, so it is that Thought which is the "real," and this visible world is just a resulting image (chimera/figment/delusion/dream) which is then perceived by your mind. The dreamer and the perceiver are one and the same, caught in a dreamlife in which one is not separate from the other. Interestingly, during the past century particle physicists and quantum physicists have confirmed that there is no such thing as a particle of matter. Rather, there is only thought which is operative as both the cause and the perceiver of "matter." What does this mean for you? It means that you are a spirit-being (a participant in God's mind) who has been deluded into believing that this world is real. You have believed (owned as your own truth) the lies of the great deluder, and you are trapped in this delusion unless you personally seek the Truth-of-Christ which alone can set you free. You are one unique character/experience of God's Mind that has the task of finding your own way out of bondage. Jesus' redemptive payment makes it possible for you to succeed at your task IF you undertake it. Available to assist you are seven intelligent Spirits of God, all mental/spirit-beings who as a group are called God's Holy Spirit. Should you reject the Spirit-driven task for which you were born, you are rejecting the Holy Spirit, and that is the unforgivable sin which Jesus warned against. If you find contentment in this world-of-your-delusion, then you are neglecting the only reason for your existence and you, as a spirit-being, will cease to exist when your figmentary flesh dies. Ultimately, finding the Truth gives you Heaven (life during the coming ages of the Kingdom of God), while neglecting the search for Truth is hell (to perish, cease to exist).

Is it a new thought to you, that you could cease to exist? I would remind you that the Bible never offers eternal (during-ages) life to anyone but God's Israel family. The flowers of the field and the animals and the other races don't get an afterlife because they are not spirit-beings. They have souls; a soul is called psyche in Greek, which means mind, but the soul/mind does not get an afterlife. Only the Spirit of your real self can be reborn in the coming ages of the kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is not a timeless realm in the ethers, but consists of the coming ages (in Greek, aion/aeon). Neither are hades or gehenna the hell which preachers shout about; rather the fires of hell are the passions, miseries, pains, and anguishes of this worldly life for those who are ungodly. The fires of sulphur and brimstone are but symbols of the burning anguish experienced by those who try to live without God.

Summary: there is no afterlife for anyone except God's special race of children who descended genetically from Israel. And of these, Jesus says that those who don't bear fruit can get cut off. It is time for truth-seekers to learn that the popular concepts about heaven and hell are hoaxes which were perpetrated by the Roman Catholic Church in the Dark Ages in order to control the ignorant masses who were illiterate and superstitious. The Bible does not support those concepts which are still taught in our modern Sunday Schools, and still preached by ignorant preachers. This website has comprehensive studies of those Bible teachings.

The Truth will set you free IF you dare to consider it. But, you will have to revise some of the false teachings that are common to Christianity. The Bible makes clear statements, but the churches "spin" the lessons in order to support a political agenda, and to attract customers, too. The clear teachings of the Bible are often contradictory to that 'ol-time-religion that you've been taught is good enough. Well, it isn't good enough for you, and you are called to seek a Truth which is in conflict with your old beliefs. The task is yours, alone. The consequences of your work will be yours, alone. Neither I nor anyone else can tell you what Truth is; you must determine it for yourself. My words, and writings of others, can suggest concepts for your consideration, but we can't give you that Truth which is the same as Christ; only God can give you that understanding. So, it is your opportunity to cling to Jesus' hand, and to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and to trust that your Father will not abandon or betray one who reaches so desperately toward Him. Be bold! And fear not for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.



This is a huge website with a lot of theological essays which differ greatly from the lessons taught in churches and seminaries. You will find that I do not promote religion at all, rather, I promote an individual path to God which should be guided by the Holy Spirit while you walk hand in hand with Jesus. My writings are just ideas you might ponder, but I urge you to be always skeptical and confirm a belief for yourself before you make it your own. With this understanding between us, I can then feel free to write what I wish, and even to chance being wrong because you are responsible for what you choose to believe. I don't want to get between God and any one of His children, as HE is the One who teaches you what to believe or disbelieve.

The long history of our civilization is a grand pageant of God; earth is the stage; we are the players. The theme and plot of His Story have never been found by scholars. This author has found the keys to understanding the Bible as history. Most scholars view historical events in a secular context, never realizing that Christ is the key to the mystery. Until this end-time period, only Jesus and St. John (in his Revelations) knew that HISTORICAL PATTERNS ARE THE EXPRESSION OF GOD.  This web site presents the keys which are necessary to understanding that pageant of God. St. John described God's throne AS the step-down process by which He expresses Himself through His offspring, a dynamic activity which results in the reality that we perceive. John also described the long-term historical program, revealing the identities and roles of the players. I'm confident that John saw it clearly and attempted to describe it so clearly that everyone would understand what he said. Unfortunately, no one has understood it since he wrote it down, until now. The keys which make his visions clear and simple are found in the writings on this web site. Some of them are so politically incorrect that most scholars would not dare consider them. A genius/critic, John Jay Chapman (1862-1933), said "Give a professor a false thesis in early life, and he will teach it till he dies. He has no way of correcting it." The liberal political movements of humanism, secularism, atheism, self-ism, naturalism, evolutionism, materialism, and socialism have actually defined the theology being preached in the Christian churches today (religionism), all working together to make the central message one of racial-equality (universal gospel) rather than the Truth. The Christian religion has become little more than social-gospel, -- in the name of Jesus, of course. Since the time when most Protestant doctrines were defined, several centuries ago, sectarian churches have not permitted the Holy Spirit to work further insights in the hearts and minds of God's own children. Theologians stand fast on the sixteenth century plateau as though they are defending a weak God who is unable to direct the faith of His own children. Theologians and preachers reside in dark stone cathedral tombs of which the windows have been shaded, never allowing a spark of God's Light to penetrate. Like Jesus said, "The Pharisees and scribes have taken the keys of knowledge and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to." Well, this web-site contains many end-time insights and revelations as it defines a truly Christ-centered theology for the future Kingdom of God. I am convinced that the Truth will set free those individuals who dare consider it.

God is the supreme mind behind all-that-is. He lives and expresses Himself THROUGH His offspring, His Children. "In Him we live and move and have our being." We are not puppets, nor is He separate from us as a God out-there-somewhere. You are not merely a representative of God, but on this stage you are a player-of-God (a phrase worth pondering!). To the degree that you live according to His will, you are an ACT of God. You were born into a world of conflict to participate in a contest between good and evil. As a player of good, your instincts compel you to value principles of righteousness above your temporary life. You follow a Lord who demonstrated exactly that! Ascetics and monks and most full-time ministers or theologians have left the arena and opted out of the contest. They avoid the contest, something very different from the spiritual process of rejection-of-this-world to which Jesus summons you. If you wish to live as a unique expression of your Father, your life will be a dynamic adventure and filled with struggles. That's the way it is with God's warriors, and for such an one, the thrill and satisfaction of your daily life will be a reward which leaves difficulties in the shadow.

If you want simple platitudes, Sunday School lessons, or emotional ranting from a pulpit, this web site will disappoint you. If you want information that agrees with the conflicting lessons you learned in church, you might become angry at what you read here. Truth truly does CONFLICT with the traditional Christianity that was founded in the ignorance of the Roman Catholic "Dark Ages."  If you wish to read further - if you wish to seek Truth itself, then you must prepare yourself to think rationally and to question everything, and to do some serious study for yourself. No one, including me, can hand you Truth on a platter and satisfy you! You would not recognize it, anymore than you would recognize Jesus if He stood before you. You have been taught a Jesus almost opposite from what He actually said of Himself. You've been taught that He is the Lord of peace, and one who came to save the whole world, while the New Testament actually records Him as saying things like, "Don't think I came to bring peace, I came to bring a sword," and "I came NOT except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." He also said He came to turn family members against each other, and said that you must hate this world, your family, and your own life also if you would follow Him. Don't worry, I'm not promoting hate here; after all, Jesus didn't hate His mother, did He? My point is simply that preachers don't address those passages because they contradict the religion which most people demand, the old-time religion of our fathers and grandfathers. So, preachers don't know what those troublesome passages really mean, with the sad consequence that they don't know the real Jesus whom they wish to proclaim. Preachers feel real frustration and confusion if you ask them questions about passages which contradict their sermons, and they are forced to revert to their sidestepping excuse that no one can understand such things completely so you must believe contradictory teachings by faith. They hint that if contradictions continue to bother you, then perhaps your faith isn't strong enough? They threaten you and belittle you for asking questions which everyone of you SHOULD be asking. I tell you that after you understand the big picture, the plot and theme of God's play, then the contradictions will disappear and you will know that Jesus meant exactly what He said, and that His statements are obvious Truths. Jesus said He is Truth, therefore, I say that if you don't have the Truth you don't have Him!

So, what do YOU seek?  Are you seeking Truth, or merely confirmation of what you learned in Sunday School? Do you think for yourself, or do you trust others to tell you what to believe? This web site presents ideas that will make you question some of your beliefs. Are you willing to reexamine them? That is no light question! Any re-evaluation of your beliefs should be taken seriously. God holds each of us individually responsible for what we choose to believe, and in the end you cannot point to any theologian or church denomination in blame for your beliefs. Never do I claim that I have final Truth for you. I will give you information and outline some new concepts, but whatever you decide to believe is your responsibility, not mine. I trust that this statement of Jesus is solidly true, that "if anyone wills to do [God's] will, he shall know concerning the teachings, whether it is from God or whether I speak on My own." (John 7:17) Without reservation, I assume that you are capable of thinking for yourself, and my ideas are just fodder for your consideration.  Now that you understand that caveat, you will find in these pages a theology that is a leap beyond traditional Christianity. This theology does not attack traditional beliefs so much as it goes beyond them to outline a "big picture" that hasn't been known before. What I call the "big picture" is the Grand Pageant of God being played on this earth-stage; it is a historical program through which God expresses Himself, and which presents an understanding of God beyond anything traditional theologians have dreamed.  And just who is the author of this web site, that I should so arrogantly present an entirely new Christian theology? Well, I tell you right up front that no academic credentials can guarantee correctness, whether mine or anyone else's. So, it doesn't matter who I am; the only important thing for you is what you decide to believe for yourself.  Further, I ask you to be skeptical and pray that God's Holy Spirit will guide and protect you from false beliefs. Stand with Christ, alone, and seek TRUTH above all else. Only on that foundation do I want any seeker to ponder my writings. I can only stimulate your thinking; you must let your heavenly Father guide your own search for His Truth.

St. John had revelations while he lived on the island of Patmos, about 90 AD. He described in symbols two things, the Throne of God and a great historical program. The keys necessary for understanding his visions have not been available to anyone since he wrote. So, the last book of our Bible has been a mystery no one has ever solved, until this present end-time period. Those keys are now presented on this web site. If you understand them, you will be able to share John's visions. You will know answers to the philosophers' eternal questions about the purpose of life, the nature of reality, the struggle between good and evil, and your own place in this grand play. Several winters ago, while living in a small log cabin deep in the Alaska interior, I spent several months translating the book of Revelations and completing a Commentary which explains John's visions as a coherent whole that makes perfect sense. While that Commentary is not available for publication yet, some of the keys to understanding the book are provided on this web-site. [If you are interested in a serious study of the book of Revelations, CONTACT: Roger Hathaway, 1125 Goldfinch Lane, Jewell Ridge, Virginia 24622   (I will be decreasing the time on computer, so I prefer correspondence via postal mail)  and I will send you an outline of the book if possible. The Big Picture is like a giant puzzle which philosophers and theologians have never solved. Now the pieces fall neatly into place and a study of the process reveals HISTORY to be a dynamic process which is the ACTUAL EXPRESSION OF GOD, like a stage play that is scripted, directed, and which has real purpose. More accurately, world history is actually the life of God being performed, with some of us as His real representatives through whom He lives and acts. When I say the "life of God" I mean exactly that. God's life IS our historical process. Life on earth, throughout long-term history, is God's Divine Pageant. It is a contest between the dual energies of positive and negative, between good and evil, between Christ and Satan.

This contest is played out as a series of cyclic patterns, in which half a cycle is negative energy, ruled by Satan, and the other half is positive, ruled by Christ. One complete cycle is about 24,000 years,  that being the astronomical precession-of-equinoxes. You need not be an astronomer to understand that this cycle is the period of time it takes for the sun's apparent path to complete a circuit around the ecliptic plane through all twelve constellations. While those twelve constellations have zodiac names, I am NOT talking astrology here. Even for astronomers, those zodiac names are useful to designate segments of the sky. It is by getting the concept of one of those cycles in your mind that you begin to understand the theme and plot of God's grand play. You will see the 24,000 year cycle diagrammed along a sine-wave curve, on which our history can be plotted. Then it becomes obvious that our course of civilization has orderly declines and ascents. The Bible is the story of the course of our civilization and of the spiritual quest which compels us to strive, even against all odds. During the half-cycle which is negative energy, ruled by Satan and his followers, Christ and His sheep experience mostly persecution and defeat. That negative period of World is now about to end with a cataclysmic geophysical event which will permit a new civilization of Heaven to begin. After the transition, it will be the members of the body of Christ who have the advantage, and we will organize a spiritual, rather than worldly, civilization, which will be the "kingdom of God" or as Matthew calls it, "kingdom of Heaven."  On this web site you will come to know the players in this drama, along with understanding the differences between the good-guys and the bad ones. The theme and plot of God's play make perfect sense. You will wonder why this simple program has never been understood before. And you will thrill to know your own place and purpose in the play. May God bless you in your own search for Truth; may His Spirit empower and guide you; and may His Son be the Vine to which you find yourself attached as a living branch.

I, Roger Hathaway, am an independent Christian Theologian.  The Bible is the story of God's plan. Christ-the-Word is God's creative tool, directing the play. This World is a thought/word of God rather than being physical matter. The genetic family from Israel is the one race through whom God lives and acts, and the one race which has spiritual-mind, which is the empowerment by God's Spirit. So, YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCE OF GOD, through whom He lives and acts. Your purpose is to boldly LIVE your unique potential as a player of God, and to walk toward your own conscious realization of the Truth, becoming once again One with Him. These writings don't refute traditional Christianity so much as they go beyond it to define a theology for the future kingdom of God. The big picture of God's program has never been revealed until this end-time period when such things are becoming known to those who are willing to hear.

         Finally, I would like to explain why I am not preaching, teaching, or evangelizing. First, I would tell you that the New Covenant of Hebrews 8 says "no more teachers." Secondly, it is a primary conviction of mine that each person must take responsibility for his own search for Truth, and that no person should look to any other as the "authority" or as his guru. Personally, I strongly reject any notion that I might be an authority whom another person might follow. I won't have it. Your search is your own journey, and for each person that journey must be unique because each comes to it from a different place. I can't guide you on your path because I don't know what yours should be. I can share with you ideas which I think are important, but I can't tell you what to do with those ideas. That is between you and God, as His Spirit works within you as an individual. I don't wish to convince anyone of anything. I won't even try to defend an idea which I have set forth. I don't care what you think of my work or of me, nor do I want to discuss it with you. I advise you to be skeptical about my writings; doubt them; question them; challenge them; research them; and then adopt or reject them for yourself, as you wish. If I have said something with which you agree, and if you understand me, then, because of your understanding, that belief is yours and you need not credit me. The Holy Spirit gives you understanding, and it is God you should thank for your insight, not me. So, I want you to know that I don't wish to convince anyone of anything, nor will I argue to defend myself. Your search is yours to do. I like it that way. Important is not who carries the water, but whether one drinks. As prodigals trekking homeward, we can chat along the way, sharing ideas. But, it is best that one walks only a short way with one companion; then turn to chat with another trekker in order to ponder his ideas. I pray you enjoy your walk.

Roger Hathaway, 1125 Goldfinch Lane, Jewell Ridge, Virginia 24622 in southwest Virginia, USA