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PASSOVER & EASTER  Easter is the wonderful fulfillment of the Old Testament event/prophecy known as Passover. The earliest Christians called it The Lord's Passover. They had immediately switched from Saturday Sabbath to Sunday worship, calling it the Lord's Day; the old Passover celebration was also changed to occur on a Sunday as The Lord's Passover. Perhaps Resurrection Day would be a better term for us today. The word "Easter" came from the ancient Pagan religion, and is used as an excuse by many today to scorn any celebration of our Lord's resurrection. My personal belief is that Jesus' Resurrection is the most important element of Christian belief, so I will celebrate it as the highest festival of my year. The puzzling sequence of the Holy Week events are here detailed in proper order.


NEW KING ANOINTED! (December 20, 2007) This is the date of transition from World to Heaven, a new kingdom which will be conquered by Jesus, our Lord with the Sword. God's signs in the sky tell the story; we've but to read them. Here is the 24,000 year event for which we've been waiting for so many centuries.


LIFE IN HELL  (May 23, 2007) Just as Heaven is "within you," so is Hell a state of mind in this Kingdom of World. Until one knows how he attaches himself to this nightmare, he can't detach from it. Actually, he refuses to let go of hell for the sake of a promise of something better. Truly, we cling to hell because we like it here.


ETERNAL VICTIMS (April 30, 2007) Christian tradition teaches God's children that they are worthless sinners who deserve nothing but death. So-called "Christians" learn to play roles at being eternal victims who must lose at every effort and who must self-destruct if they want to go to heaven. The Bible teaches just the opposite. This article might help you to identify some of common Christian errors which you have adopted into your own life.


GOD'S SIGNS IN THE SKY (March 11, 2007) God says He placed signs in the sky for us. Should we assume that He wants us to read them? But Christian religionists consider such studies to be of the devil. For those who are not blindfolded by a church, I encourage you to consider the radical notion of this article.


THE CHOICE IS YOURS  (December 10, 2006) Making the real, meaningful, life-changing choice between God and your attachments to this World is terribly difficult, but to God it is the singular all-important activity of your life. It is little wonder that such rare few people are willing to do it.


THE GAMBIT  (Nov 26, 2006) The one word which can summarize the teaching of Jesus. It is the only way to find Heaven. You'll see! Check this out.


SPIRITISM / SPIRITUALISM  (Nov 24, 2006) Talking to the spirits of dead persons is a practice that is becoming more popular in our era. The New Age movement enjoys psychic-readings, mediums, and channeling as more people are being convinced by lying spirits that they are destined to enlighten the masses. The voices are legion!


THE MEANING OF LIFE (Oct 23, 2006) Wise men have sought answers to the eternal questions forever. We all want to know if our lives have any value at all, or if we are mere accidens like the evolutionists claim. As we near the end-time transition into the Kingdom of God, it is good to know the answer to this question.


THE LONELY WARRIOR (Sep 15, 2006) Are you compelled by a powerful feeling that you must follow your Lord into the End-Times battle, even in spite of the pleadings of your loved ones? Are you one of those solitaire "overcomers" to whom God offers the eternal reward? Do you feel alone in your quest, and confused? Fear not, for He is with you, even to the end of the world.


THE UNPARDONABLE SIN (Sep 10, 2006) Bombshell!!! The sin against the Holy Spirit is the rejecting of the LOVE OF TRUTH, namely that one seeks Truth as a dynamic activity with the power of God's Spirit. The Spirit of Truth IS the Holy Spirit, and to reject that Love is to cut your umbilical cord irreparably.


THE WORLD YOU CREATE (July 23, 2006) Time to awaken to the real you who is so much greater than you've been told. As a member of the body of Christ, you participate in the creation of our world. Rise to a higher consciousness and take responsibility for what you are doing, for only then can you improve the mess we have.


PREPARING FOR HEAVEN (July 12, 2006) It appears that we have keys to the coming Kingdom of Heaven, and what we bind or loose in World will be the setup for Heaven. So, what are we doing to prepare for a new civilization?


WHICH JESUS TO FOLLOW (July 6, 2006) While modern Christians look to a Jesus with long hair, soft voice, infinite love, and forgiveness for everybody, the real Jesus is the Captain of God's army who rides a great white horse, with a robe covered in blood and a sword in His mouth. Each of us must choose which one to follow.

GOSPEL OF JUDAS  (April 8, 2006) A new manuscript from about 300AD which claims Judas was obeying Jesus when he betrayed the Lord. Here are the pros and cons.

WHAT IS THE KJV? Here is a brief synopsis of the compiling and making of the English translation which we know as the King James Version of the Bible. Most Christians who idolize the KJV don't know its background.

VESSELS FOR DESTRUCTION (Oct 21, 2005) God, the Potter, created different vessels (races) for different purposes, some of them for destruction as a demonstration of God's Glory. Jesus did NOT come to save everybody, nor is God the Father of all peoples. The Bible is clear about this, but the religionists sure aren't.

SACRED NAME OF YHWH (July 19, 2005) It is sad that so many Christians are acknowledging this blasphemous name for God. They must not know it was the name of an Edomite deity from ancient times and later brought into the Israelite scene by them. Here is a review of this topic.

TWELVE SONS OF ISRAEL (June 14, 2005) Here is a survey of the blessings of Jacob's 12 sons. The blessings defined the nature, function, and destiny of each tribe. These twelve also represent ages of time during long term history, corresponding with zodiac signs and with the Four Living Beings of Revelations.

THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF REVELATIONS (June 2, 2005) The whole subject of spirits is little understood. The seven Spirits before God's throne are individual spirits who make up the one Holy Spirit. The seven are powerful influences which are available to the members of the body of Christ.

EMPOWERMENT  (May 2005) Our society is ever more dysfunctional. Our people are confused about their identities, sexually, racially, socially, and spiritually. It is hardly possible to realize one's natural empowerment while stumbling through the dark chaos of this world. Perhaps a better understanding of it will help you to straighten up your back.

A SPIRITUAL EXERCISE  (February 2005)  Reading this article will awaken and exercise your spiritual mind, which for most people gets very little use. This exercise will bring light into your darkness, and will show you who your really are! Find a quiet space and time alone. Enjoy a pleasant experience and a new way of thinking. Stresses will vanish.

SIN AND CHRISTIAN FREEDOM  (February 2005)  A friend, who has been a fundamentalist preacher to the coal mining families in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia, said to me: "It would be easier to sell these people bread that is baked from barnyard dirt than to sell them forgiveness!" I was speechless, for although I was struggling with that very frustration, I had not realized it so clearly until he stated it so well. This article discusses both sin and Christian freedom.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS  (October, 2003) The Mount Sinai revelation of God to His people was by means of these Laws. It is by them that He can still be known. His Law has never been repealed. Jesus redeemed violators from the death penalty, but did not cancel the Law. Through His Law we can relate with our Father. The interpretation of God's Law has been little understood prior to these end times when we can place it within the big-picture.

EARLY CHRISTIANS:  (April 2002) How did the earliest Christians worship? What did they carry over from the O.T. religious practices? From the earliest Christian writings, other than the N.T., let's look at our Christian religion during those years of confusion and struggle to follow their Lord, Jesus.

RELIGION VERSUS JESUS: (June 2004) Many Christians are content with a shallow religion and church membership, without ever struggling on the difficult path to which Jesus called them. This article discusses some false teachings and the vanity of church members who find satisfaction in religious practices while enjoying the world's enticements, too.

THE DREAM    God dreams a dream in which you are a figment, a player on the stage, through which He expresses something of Himself, and through which He experiences a struggle between forces of good and evil.

WORLD AS SYMBOL  Further discussion of God's expression of Himself in our dimension of reality as symbols which represent characteristics of Himself.

JESUS' SWORD!  Jesus said He came not to bring peace but a sword. That masculine idea is not popular in our feminized culture. Men have defaulted on their responsibility.

GENDER & THE MARRIAGE DYSFUNCTION We have so perverted the Biblical ideal of a patriarchal society that neither gender can find fulfillment today. Girls might fantasize about a knight in shining armor, but he must climb down and devote himself to her agenda to have the approval of society. Neither of them really want it that way. So, how can each find ultimate fulfillment in a satisfying relationship?

CANAAN'S CURSE  Do you know why Canaan was cursed? It was because his father, Ham, slept with his own mother, Noah's wife! Yes, that incest produced a cursed line of Canaanite offspring. The curse wasn't unfair; it was just a statement of fact, a consequence of violating God's natural law.

THE GOSPEL  It seems like "Gospel" is almost a worn-out word. Who gets excited about it? Perhaps, if you understand what it really is, you'll be stirred.

SIBYL THE ORACLE AT DELPHI  Her name was Daphne. She had a bad reputation, but she was renowned for her prophecies. Kings and Emperors asked questions of her. One day, against her will, she foretold the coming of Christ and of the cataclysmic end of our world. Emperor Constantine (325 AD) gave us her words. Read her oracle.

PAGANISM, STILL PRACTICED?  Paganism is a valid, genuine religion which promotes worship of a genuine god! It is still one of the world's greatest religions, even after seven thousand years. Do you know it when you see it, or understand how greatly it has influenced Christianity? You really should know!

JEWS AGAINST CHRISTIANS   Jewish TV news and entertainment and propaganda have replaced your Christian European culture with theirs of sex and violence. Take a look at the long history of their war against us, and ponder the traditional culture you have lost and forgotten. It will make you feel ashamed of your naivete, and angry at them for their part in God's great play.

SEX, WORLD, & SPIRITUALITY  The sex drive is powerful in one's human nature. For earth races, it is a physical and emotional urge. But, for God's race, there is also a spiritual basis for it.

WORLD IS A STAGE   And we are the actors! You are one of God's players on this stage. Do you know the theme or plot of the play? Do you know good guys from bad? What is your part?

DARWIN'S ERROR  Natural Selection is a brilliant concept to explain a possible rationale behind our world's process, but this world as a physical thing is nothing more than a figment in the mind of God who imagines it into existence and expresses Himself through it. It is a construct of mind and spirit, not physical at all. That is what Darwin didn't realize.

JESUS SPEAKS AT THE ASTRODOME   Imagine all broadcast media being interrupted with Jesus' voice, calling Christian leaders to the Houston Astrodome for a certain day at 3pm. They arrive, and He appears! What might He say to the shepherds who claim to represent Him?

PASSOVER & EASTER  Easter is the wonderful fulfillment of the prophecy known as Passover. Israelites commemorated the first Passover in Egypt while looking ahead to a future event when the blood of the Lamb would again save them from eternal death.

SAVED TO HEAVEN?   Do you know what you are saved from or to? or what Heaven really is? or where it is? Without a clear understanding of that, you live your life toward that end? Maybe you would like to understand it a little better?

THE FOUR MINDS OF CREATURES   Instead of classifying us with other earth races, or even as mammals, we Israelites should have a special category which taxonomists have never considered. We are foreigners to this World, not belonging to any class of creatures here! Jesus addressed this issue, but the church has not, and won't until it is renewed as the body of Christ in the new Kingdom of God.

YOU NEED SLEEP   Yielding to sleep is like a little death. It is an experience which can help us to die to this world, and eventually help us to transition from World to Heaven.

INDICTMENT OF EDOM (March 21, 2004) Old Testament Prophets foretell of an end-time annihilation of Esau's descendents, who make up modern day Jewry. This article is a letter which I sent to as many Christians, Jewish leaders, and Christian preachers as I could. It charges the Jews with their crimes against God's children of Israel who are the white-race European descendents of the twelve tribes of Israel. I issued an indictment. God will judge, sentence, and execute.

NEW WINE  Traditional religion will soon be an old wineskin, into which the new wine cannot be put. Just as the ancient religion of our Hebrew ancestors was replaced by the new religion of Christianity, so now shall Christianity be replaced with a new and more spiritual relationship with our Father, a new wine of higher spirit power and not appropriate for the old wineskin of traditional doctrines and religious practices.

DISCONNECT   (August 21, 2006) Jesus taught us to follow Him along a spiritual path by disconnecting from this World. This is the highest goal for a spiritual seeker. Die to this World. This article should awaken your spiritual mind even more.


DISCONNECT - PART TWO  (August 26, 2006) As sacrificial offerings were made throughout the Old Testament period, and as Jesus offered Himself as the Sacrificial Lamb, so can you participate in the End-Time offering of this World unto Death. This article is about your own personal offering.


DISCONNECT - PART THREE (August 27, 2006) Who are you to make a personal offering? As an Offspring of God, you are one through whom He lives and breathes. To make your offering and obtain Freedom does not free just you, but God who has been in bondage with you, the bondage you claimed for yourself, and thereby made it His experience. Don't let your death be simple, but make it a result of heroic STRUGGLE. Rejection of World IS a Struggle!

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