The article below might be difficult to categorize. It certainly will not appeal to closed-minded religionists, for it presents radical new information regarding the nature of reality, the character of God the Father, the spiritual identity of His Offspring, and the controversial subject of interpreting Godís signs in the sky. Those Lights might be far more important influences than weíve known, even directing the course of events in our world. If you venture into this deep water, you might find yourself enjoying a more meaningful relationship with our Supreme Father than you have suspected before. I pray that His Spirit will guide any reader of the following, so that you can think for yourself what you might take from it, if anything.

I want you to expand your mind for a moment to consider the starry universe of infinite wonder. Now, consider how the stars and planets might compare to the atomic structures within atoms, and molecules. Surely everyone has realized that a solar system is structured like an atom whose planets/electrons rotate around a sun/nucleus. Physicists have discovered that an atom contains not just the most obvious electrons, but perhaps hundreds of other units of energies of various types such as prions, muons, leptons, quarks, mesons, et al. Would any one deny that such strange subatomic energies must be meaningful to the character/nature of that atom to make it function as it does, just as the cells and organs of our bodies make us the individuals we are? The atom functions according to laws of particle physics and even of quantum mechanics. Now, place that atom in a dynamic relationship with some other atoms and you get a molecule which then expresses its own orderly performance as a sum product of all the energies within it. It is a micro-kosmos. It functions according to natural laws of physics and perhaps of biological organisms. It functions as though it has its own mind, acting and reacting, initiating and responding.

I'm suggesting that the resulting performance of any atom or molecule is influenced by every single unit of energy within it, thus giving each atom a character which is as unique as a personality. Yet, we know that each atom or molecule functions according to predictable patterns or behavior models. There is nothing random or unpredictable about its purpose of existence, yet its performance is meaningfully responsive to other atoms or molecules nearby, and as particle physicists have discovered, responsive even to others at great distances from it. Many questions still perplex scientists, such as how sub-atomic particles influence the whole; and the type of influence from such particles (which I'd rather call "units of energy" because they aren't really particles); and how such energy units know how to respond to energy changes nearby or even at a distance. We have hardly begun to analyze the workings of this awesome and tantalizing design. (What ignorant arrogance it is for anyone to protest the evidence of "intelligent design"!) Essentially, it seems certain that each of the tiniest subatomic energy units must contribute some influence to determining the character of the whole atom or molecule.

Let's turn back to the starry sky with its countless trillions of brilliant energies, each of which is related to trillions of inherent energies which we cannot see, but which influence its existence. Even though many of those lights are far larger and brighter than our own sun, let's consider them as tiny sparks of light in the sky which we can see on a clear night. Should we not suspect that those tiny energies up there exert some purposeful influence on their resultant galaxy (molecule), or constellation (organ), or solar system (atom) with its own planets which are made up of atoms and molecules and elements? Looking at it this way, where does one draw the line between the macrocosm and the microcosm? They are but one complex dynamic experience, with every particle playing an influential role. It is to explore the idea of such relative tiny inter-relating influences that I write this article. The entire exercise of the kosmos is a performance of relationships and influences which define the process of those relationships. We observors want to observe the pageant, as though we can be objective and separate from the process. HAH!

Well, that was easy, wasn't it? Now, let's consider a basic elementary function that is common to ALL energy units, from subatomic to human to galactic. EVERY energy acts in pulsing oscillations which we can diagram on a sine-wave curve as cyclic patterns of a dance between positive and negative energies. EVERY energy pulses on-off-on-off-ad infinitum. We might think of those pulses as alternating current, or as a reciprocating pump, or as day/night, or as a heart-beat, or as a larynx diaphragm opening and closing rapidly to produce a sound, or as the chart which an oscilloscope produces when recording one's voice speaking a word. Of course, the frequencies of those pulses might vary greatly: a heart-beat may be 60 beats per minute; a light bulb is 60 cycles per second; a vocal sound might be several hundred cycles per second; a musical note might be 440 cycles per second; an atom might pulse many millions of cycles per second, and so forth. Since this may be an easy concept to visualize, let's consider the throat function of producing sound as a WORD, and use that term, "word," as the symbol which represents all the cyclic energies which are expressing God's spoken thought/design/order/kosmos. All energies come from the same source, just varying in frequencies and strengths (amplitude); they're all expressions of God's energy at different frequencies depending on what He wishes to say. That makes you a "word" which He wishes to say! So, what's your purpose of life? The obvious answer is that your purpose is to express what He wishes to say. If you focus your life on worldly gratifications, then you are not a clear channel and you might become unintelligible static, worthless gibberish. You might get filtered out.

Okay, let's visualize this another way. Look at that sky again and imagine it to be the various energies of God's brain. Perhaps we live within God's mind where we can observe the activity of its powerful dynamics. If we accept that each powerful spark of light in the sky exerts a powerful influence on the whole kosmic Life, then perhaps we can figure out what those influences are by comparing their activities with resulting events on earth and in our lives.

Ahhh, that gets us right into the subject of astrology, a trigger-word which tells Christians to stop reading right here. The reading of God's signs in the sky is anathema to Christianity. For our ancient ancestors several thousand years ago, astrology was their science of astronomy, wherein they studied not just the movements of the lights in the sky but also believed that those activities influenced the course of events on earth. They studied those influences. Sadly, today's astrologers are more interested in personal relationships, psychological tendencies, and ungodly divinations. Sidenote here: we might wonder whether all, or just certain types, of divinations are abhorred by God since it was astrological divination which brought the sages to Jesus' birthplace.

In any case, I'm suggesting that it is consistent with God's design that those lights in the sky are vibrational energies which transmit powerful influences on the reality which we perceive. Just as the moon influences tides and human emotions, so do ALL the sky lights rule/govern the course of events, just as God said, in the first chapter of Genesis. It reads, "And God said, 'Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven (sky) to give light upon the earth, to divide between the day and between the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and for years. And let them be for light in the firmament of the heaven (sky), so as to shine upon the earth, and it was so. And God made two great lights, the greater light for ruling the day and the lesser light for ruling the night, and the stars also.'"

Vibrational energies! Those are the very forces which God expresses as His Word. God speaks forth those forces, which have frequency and amplitude, and we, who are participants in the mind of God, recognize those sounds as objects (think hologram). Physicists know that there is no such thing as a particle of matter; matter does not exist! They have concluded that the only thing which does exist is oneís perception of matter, namely oneís belief in it. So, we might imagine that we are all holograms who erroneously believe that we are made of flesh/matter. During the 12,000 year period of kingdom of World, we believe the great deceiverís lie that matter has some absolute value. At the end of this World period, imminent, we will realize the truth that we were participants in creating an imaginary dimension of reality by the manipulation of vibrational energies which emanated from the mind of God. The truth is that those vibrations of WORD were manipulated by us, as participants in Godís creative process, to produce what is seen. Now, look at Hebrews 11:3. "By faith (belief) we understand the ages (usually translated as "world") to have been created by the Word (vibrational energies) of God, so that what is seen (matter) was made from things which are not visible (vibrational energies)." Letís rephrase that sentence: By belief we understand our reality is created by vibrational energies of God, so that what we see was really made from invisible energies.

Do you begin to imagine the true nature of reality? Can you see how this is all a mind-play of God, and that we actors are performing His script? At least, we are supposed to be performing His will ó but, alas, we know we havenít done very well. So, how can we fault ourselves if He is the script-writer and director of our lives? Well, perhaps it was to make the pageant more interesting or challenging that he gave us imaginary creatures the free will to disobey Him, and to value base human desires/lusts/hungers/temptations, and to leave His presence in order to go to the pig-pen and root with the hogs in the kingdom of World, which He placed under the rulership of Satan, the arch-deceiver. Yes, we have the capability to disturb Godís clear sounds (vibrational energies) so as to muddy them with static and make them appear to be physical matter in our beliefs.

At this point, letís consider again Godís creation process. Genesis, chapter one, describes Godís perfect DESIGN of reality. That design existed in the mind of God until, in chapter two, Godís Offspring Son (the Adam race of Men) named that design into manifestation, thereby making it appear. It was Godís Offspring race of Men (Sons of God) who imagined it into a dimension of reality which was then a paradise, called "Eden." His Men/Sons were participants in His Mind and could enjoy the fruits of whatever they wish to imagine into being before them; they were the masters, the creators, of their reality, not knowing the "evil" alternative of limited base consciousness. They were warned to stay pure and not violate their Godness with base thinking or with human lusts. They were clear channels through whom God could express His perfect qualities. But they fell from that perfection in order to experience the thrills, risks, dangers, excitement, and sensual satisfactions of being victims of superior forces rather than the masters. They became sons of flesh. Satan offered them his world of excitement and fleshly pleasures, telling them they would be as God rather than telling them they would be sheep-victims of an enemy race of predators. Now, as we look at the world about us, we can see the beauty of Godís DESIGN, but we see it succumbing to diseases and death. Romans 8:19 says: "The creation waits with anxious expectation for the unveiling of the Sons of God."

What is that unveiling? It is when we true Israelite Sons of God awaken to the truth that we have willingly been deceived into believing that the world of flesh was REAL, and that we are victims of his influences rather than being the real masters and creators of whatever reality we might imagine. Since the Sons of God are the true creators of reality, it was our belief in Satanís lies that caused us to create the kingdom of a World of his design. Just think: instead of producing the reality of Godís Design, we turned from that to produce the world of flesh and matter which Satan designed. When we awaken to the truth of what weíve done, we will be willing to reject this world and all its treasures, enticements, and shackles, to step forth into the clear void of Godís presence where we can once again participate in His Mind, in the reality which He designed. Does this help you to understand why Jesus said we must hate this world, and everything in it, if we would follow Him? Can you see how dying to this World is the key to stepping from it into the kingdom of Heaven. One should NEVER imagine that our loving God might want us to enjoy all the good things of this World. That would be the last thing He would ever want for His beloved children whom He is calling toward Himself out of this hell!

Meantime, we stand on this clod of dirt looking upward at the starry sky, thinking how great God must be, but without understanding that we are observing the working of His Mind. We donít understand how those vibrational energies of planets, stars, constellations, and galaxies really work. We donít understand that as privileged Sons of God, our own thoughts are also powerful influences in this reality which we perceive through our human senses. We donít understand that Godís Mind Play is a complex holographic production, essentially a dream wherein we figments believe each other is real. We donít understand that the dream is not founded on Godís whim, but is the resulting performance of vibrational energies that are set into their places in our sky to regulate our days and nights. Those vibrational energies are not random or chaotic but are ordered by the Father Who expressed them. Jesusí brother, James, says that there is no variation or shadow/hint of turning them from their purpose. James 1:17 ó "every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."

My suggestion to you is that you read the scriptures with a new perspective in your mind. While God the Father is not knowable or visible to us, the energies of His Mind fill our sky and are available to be studied. So, when the Bible mentions God, or tells what God says or does, consider that He is expressing Himself through the vibrational energies of His Lights. All those Lights of His are transmitting various strengths of frequencies for the sake of us who can receive and understand what God is speaking into being. We are His spirit-being offspring who have been deceived into believing in matter, but we will get past that, and we will realize that we are not only receivers who understand Godís words, but that we are also participants in the pageant, in which we also transmit vibrational energies from our thoughts. Itís all a Mind Play!

The ancient eastern sages taught that this world reality is a delusion. They called it "the maya." Where did they get that notion? If you are familiar with my sine-wave diagram of long term history: 24,000 year cycles in which the negative half-cycle is kingdom of World and the positive half-cycle is kingdom of Heaven, then you can imagine how some of the ancient wisdom might have gotten carried over from the last kingdom of Heaven which ended 12,000 years ago. Certainly the zodiac symbols are meaningful and basic to Bible history. Adamís family/race (appeared 5,508BC) was evicted from the Pamir Plateau (Eden), migrating eastward into the Tarim Pendi basin of western China where Caucasian mummies have been unearthed near the Tien Shan mountains giving evidence of their ancient presence there. After that basin was flooded 6,000 years ago, they migrated to the Punjab region of northern India, from where the so-called "Hindu" scriptures originated. But, those Vedas, especially the Upanishads and the Mahabharata, reveal a spiritual knowledge far beyond the shallow wisdom of Indiaís modern gurus. It is most likely that those scriptures have preserved, to some questionable degree, a spiritual wisdom from our ancient Adamic race, a people whose wisdom had not been dumbed down by a thousand years of Roman Catholic enforced ignorance and another five hundred years of closed-minded Christian "dry bones" of Ezekielís vision. Sadly, enforced ignorance is still the foundation for the Christian religionists. They cannot permit seekers to evaluate the Vedas or the Buddha or Godís Lights in the sky or the value of knowingness or so many of Jesusí words which contradict their shallow religion. Like dogs in the manger, they neither eat nor do they permit Christís sheep to eat of that which the Holy Spirit offers through study and meditation. To continue with the journey of our ancestors, it was around 3,000 BC that Heber led the Israelites from the Punjab into Sumer (later Chaldea and Babylon) from where Abraam (2,000BC) left on his trek to Canaan and the eventual promised-land. The Cain race had preceded the Adam race into Mesopotamia. It was not foreign to the Adamic people to study Godís Lights in the sky. Today, it is acknowledged that the Chaldean astronomers/astrologers possessed a wisdom about interpreting the sky that is now long lost. We still have the knowledge of the twelve zodiac symbols, but we donít know their origin. It was likely carried over from the last kingdom of Heaven, 12,000 years ago. Whatever else the Cain and Adamic races knew has been despised, destroyed, and lost during the past two thousand years of enforced ignorance. Even today, whoever dares to seek knowledge of God beyond the Sunday School lesson of Jesus loves all the little children of the world (universal gospel of racial inclusion) will be cast out from the church and suffer the scorn of his supposed Christian family.

Before I end this article which is getting too long, I want to pique your interest in those Lights in the sky. Some of the constellations are very important, having starred in ancient mythologies. Those are probably the ones most meaningful to us, at least to start with. It appears that many scenes are depicting events or conflicts between Godís anointed Son and his eternal adversary, Satan/serpent/snake/medusa, et al. I'll mention just a couple scenes here. Perhaps the primary symbol of Satan is the constellation of Scorpio. In very ancient times, his portion of the zodiac circle was quite small because there was a thirteenth constellation included, named Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is a Christ figure whose stars are more north of the Scorpion stars, and He also took part of Sagittarius, the Archer. Ophiuchus stands with one foot above the Scorpionís head/heart, and the other above the Scorpionís stinger. It is this scene which depicts the Genesis 3:15 words to Satan that while Satan might bruise Christ/Ophiuchusí heel, Satan will get his head crushed. The king planet Jupiter, our primary indicator, spotlighted the fulfillment of this Biblical prophecy this past year of 2007. On April 6, 2007, Jupiter stopped exactly on the star of Ophiuchusí foot that is above the stinger (much of the world had a crop killing frost on this date), then turning retrograde to stop on August 7th exactly on the foot above Scorpioís head/heart (Bernanke began the unstoppable financial crash on this date), at which time Jupiter turned direct again. Since then we have watched the Beast economy and politics of Satan writhing his death throes. On August 21, Jupiter crossed Antares, the target of the Archerís aim. On August 28, all the planets participated in forming a Grand Cross in the sky which is unusually significant because of the planets' placements with the four major Fixed Stars of the sky. What does this Grand Cross indicate? Crucifixion of World civilization? End of Pisces age? Defeat of Satan? Final Passover for members of the Christ-body? I donít know. Keep in mind that the word, Antares, means "opposite Mars." On August 28 Jupiter was conjunct with ANTARES in Scorpio (all the following is sidereal zodiac), while Mars (warrior/Archer?) was in direct opposition to it, being conjunct with ALDEBARAN (archangel Michael, who wars against Satan) in Taurus. The Sun was conjunct with REGULUS in Leo, and the Moon was conjunct with FOMALHAUT in Aquarius. All that happened at the very moment of a Total Lunar Eclipse which was one of the longest eclipses in history, 90 minutes.

The name, Ophiuchus, means "serpent holder" as he holds in his grasp a long snake which is stretching toward the small constellation of the Northern Crown. Satan can never attain the ultimate crown which he wants because Ophiuchus/Christ restrains him. Just to the east of Ophiuchus and Scorpio is the constellation of the Archer, Sagittarius. His arrow is aimed right at the heart of the Scorpion, which is one of the four major Fixed Stars, named Antares. Antares is a very important star, which paired with Aldebaran in Taurus, defines the axis of the zodiac sky.

Just as Jupiter was leaving the region of Ophiuchus' feet and that battle between Christ and Satan, the comet Holmes called our attention quite dramatically to the opposite end of the sky where it exploded into brilliance on October 24th, in the constellation of Perseus. Perseus is another Christ figure, holding in his left hand the severed head of the evil Medusa/Satan which he had cut off with the sword in his right hand. From our viewing platform on earth, as we circle the sun and view other moving planets against a background of stars, it sometimes appears that a planet is moving backwards, retrograde, just like when viewing a tree from a moving car against a distant background; the tree only appears to be moving backward. When viewing a fast moving comet, this strange apparent motion can be even more radical. The path of comet Holmes comes toward Perseus (who is facing us) from his left (from our right). Holmes crossed Perseusí waist and then turned upward toward his right sword arm which is indicated by the star Mirfak. Exploding into brilliance on Oct 24, when just below Perseusí waist, Holmes then went upwards directly for the sword arm, Mirfak, crossing it on November 19. Holmes then circled across Perseusí shoulders toward his left arm which holds Medusaís head, then turning downward and directly across the star Algol, on Jan 22nd, which represents Medusaís head. Algol is reputed among all ancient astrologies (Chinese, India, Chaldean) to be the Satan star, the most evil in the entire sky. Holmesí path describes an arc, a circular swinging motion of the sword downward onto Medusaís head. Then, the comet Holmes continued its circle, crossing the legs of Perseus to head for the constellation of Leo the Lion, where it will touch Leoís nose (AlMinliar) on November 26, 2008, then turning backward until Mar 31, 2009 when it goes direct and in a few more months will cross Regulus (Leo's heart), one of the four major Fixed Stars of the sky. Leo is the Royal constellation, signifying rulership. It might be interesting to watch Holmes path and note the dates of world events along the way.

Okay, that is just a brief picture of some things happening with Godís Lights in the sky. Is God perhaps using the sky as a visual-aid so that we can learn more about His ways, and recognize that His design is behind it all? Perhaps planets and comets are His laser pointers to direct our attention. Just how much coincidence can we write off as meaningless happenstance?

I wrote this article in order to stimulate some thinking by other people more knowledgeable than myself. Since it might be possible to learn MUCH more about the mind of God by studying His Lights, I'm hoping some questing souls might feel prompted to take a look.

Roger Hathaway,   March 30, 2008

ADDENDUM on March 31, 2008    I just couldn't leave the above article at that, so I'm adding this note which makes this subject even more personal.


        The nature of reality consists of vibrational energies which emanate from the Mind of God to appear in the sky as the Lights in our sky. Those lights pulse in complex cyclic patterns which result in a perfect Design/Kosmos. We Sons of God are produced by those ordered forces, acting then as participants whose thoughts RESONATE with the holographic patterns of Godís Design. We are called His Offspring because we are capable of creative thoughts, similar to our Fatherís thoughts except somewhat limited to our own perceptions of reality.

        Since we are expressions of our Fatherís Mind, and since we are given powers to create whatever we want to perceive, it is our proper function to enjoy Godís perfect Design and to resonate with His will. In chapter two of Genesis, it was Adamís function to name into being the creatures of Godís Design, as defined in chapter one, thereby making them perceptible. Adam believed Godís Design into a dimension of reality which was then called a paradisiacal garden, Eden. In perfect harmony with His Fatherís will, the Adamic race could enjoy the ultimate Heaven of His dynamic being. It is our function, still today, to think (believe) into being whatever we wish. The author of the book of Hebrews states this creative capability in explicit terms, though the English translation permits most people to pass right over it. In Heb. 11:3, he says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Letís rephrase that: Oneís belief is the actual substance of things one wants to see or touch, (there is no such thing as a particle of matter) which are proofs of invisible forces which produced them, namely the vibrational energies which oneís belief has formed into something apparent. In verse two, he says it was by their belief that the ancient patriarchs were good witnesses (representatives) of their Father. They resonated with Godís will and expressed righteousness through their lives. In verse 3, we read: "By faith (belief) we understand the ages (usually translated as "world") to have been created by the Word (vibrational energies) of God, so that what is seen (matter) was made from things which are not visible (vibrational energies)." Letís rephrase that sentence: By belief we understand our imaginary reality is created by vibrational energies of God, so that what we see was really made from something not visible.

        Clearly implied in those verses is that our quality of representing our Father depends on what we choose to believe into apparent existence; namely the type of reality we wish to create. If we choose to perceive Godís perfect Design, then we believe in Him and in His righteous will; we honor His will and our desire is to witness of His presence in our lives. To "believe in Him" means to resonate with the harmonic patterns of His Design; it means to yield to Him as the Director of the Play; it means to live for the purpose of representing Him through our lives.

        If, instead, we choose to use our creative powers to satisfy our own sensual desires, then we disturb the glassy sea of perfection with cacophonous waves of vibrations which result in a stormy sea. His Word is no longer being expressed through our lives because we have confused it with static. We have violated our charter. The result is a dimension of reality where we perceive confusion, ignorance, and finite limitations of base matter. We became prodigals, having abandoned the Palace for sake of the pig-pen. Instead of being effective witnesses of Him, we are mired in the confusion of non-efficacy where we suffer terribly.

        Our Father calls us back to the Palace, and we really do yearn to return, but the preachers in our churches promise that He wants us to have all the good things of the pig-pen because He loves us so. Preachers offer the Good Life as Godís reward for being good religionists ó something quite opposite the explicit teachings of Jesus who came to show us the way home. He said we must turn our backs on everything of this chaotic world, hate it, and even die to it, in order to return to the Father as the Spirit Beings we used to be. Preachers try to teach us how to be happy in the pig-pen. They teach us to pray to our Father for worldly satisfactions which will make us happy. It is no wonder that the prophets recorded many statements of God, similar to that of Zechariah, "Awake, O Lord, against my shepherds. . .!" The blind continue to lead the blind into a ditch while God desperately calls individuals to think for themselves and wrench free from Satan's clutches.

        Although Jesus calls us to die to this world, He is not calling us to kill ourselves, but rather that we should seek His Truth and reject all the false values of the world. We should learn to hate this kingdom of world, and seek resonance/harmony with His vibrational patterns instead. By this method we can influence our present reality and counter the lord of chaos, eventually defeating him.

        So, while we live here, we can choose to seek resonance with His will and help to restore His perfect Design. Since this is all a Mind Play, of manipulating vibrational energies, it is by learning the Truth that we can benefit the whole. It is by returning to right-thinking that we can express powerful forces through the power of our own thoughts, which can help to restore order to the confusion we have caused. Have you contemplated how life will be on this planet after the transition from World to Heaven and after the defeat of this world's lord? What kind of civilization will you help to construct? Will there be money? politics? competition? strife? land ownership? kings or rulers? food supplies? electricity? vehicles? Someone needs to begin thinking about the task of founding a new civilization on the basis of spiritual constructs instead of the greed and strife that we have known. How can we do this great task? I suggest that we must learn to live in harmony with God's Design. Can we begin to think about that now?


"The heavens (ouranoi = skies) declare (transmit) the glory (brilliance, Light, Power) of God; and the (resulting) firmament (reality) proclaims the work of His hands. Day to day utters speech (vibrational energies), and night to night proclaims knowledge (learn from God's signs in the sky). There are no speeches or words, in which their (lights in the sky) voices (God's Word/vibrations are the voices of the universe) are not heard. Their voice is gone out into all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world. In the sun He has set His Tabernacle; and he comes forth as a bridegroom out of his chamber: He will exult to the other end of the heaven (sky): and no one shall be hidden from Him."  PSALM 19: (18 in LXX) vss.1-6

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