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This essay is a major work which presents the Big Picture of long term history as a design by God, through which He expresses Himself in twelve epochs of about 2,000 years each, the total making one cycle of about 24,000 years, a period which astronomers call the precession of equinoxes. This long-term historical plan is an orderly design of God, His kosmos. Each of these 2,000 year epochs is defined by three significators. A Zodiac sign defines the spiritual path of civilization during the epoch. A Tribe of Israel symbolizes the path of God's Elect people during that age, defined by the blessings given to each. A Disciple corresponds to the previous two signs meaningfully. One important result of this work is that when you see how meaningful these are to the Big Picture you will have no more doubts about the inspiration of Scriptures, the Truth of Jesus Christ, and the very real presence of God. Here is an overview of Intelligent Design. The Big Picture is such that it cannot be accidental or coincidence, anymore than random squirting of liquid paints at a canvas could produce a great portrait.

        What might you get from this study of tribes here? One answer is that you will get an understanding of why the course of civilization has gone as it has. Another: a perspective of God's long term plan. Another: an insight into the Nature of our God who expresses Himself THROUGH the historical process. Another: an appreciation for the values which God instilled into us to function as instinctive compulsions. Another: an assurance that His program is going exactly as planned, and that you are actually an important character through whom He lives and acts. Another: a confirmed conviction that Intelligent Design is Fact, that nothing is accidental or random. Finally, you will get a grasp of the Big Picture, which then will make all the Bible thrillingly rich in significance.

If you want to understand the Big Picture of God's Grand Design, you must begin with the idea of "CYCLES." For it is within cyclic patterns that we see the order of His program, which is called Intelligent Design by some. More on this below.


The Greek word kosmos means "order. . .regulator. . .world-order, universe." Men have sought to understand the scheme behind the nature of our reality (universal order) for countless centuries because the reasons are compelling  that the design is NOT accidental but has a foundation of intelligent order. Rational ORDER does not result from accident; the tossing of debris into a pile does not produce a machine or even an orderly design. Philosophers from ancient times have pondered the question. Scientists of all types believe they are learning something about the Intelligent Design as they search the mysteries of natural laws and processes. Even Darwin did not believe that evolution was accidental, contrary to the claims of his anti-God followers.

The word, kosmos, means "order. . .regulator. . .world-order, universe." Simply, it means His Design. It is usually translated into English as World, but that is only part of what it means. In John 3:16, God so loved His ordered Design that He gave His Offspring. . .(Son = the Christ, the entire body of the Vine and the branches). In other words, it is the members of the body of the Christ which God gave to His Design, so that those "in Him" who believe (meaning that they share the creative faith) will have life during the coming ages of the Kingdom of God. Those coming-ages are the half-cycle of positive energy during which the Christ will exercise dominion instead of the current reigning negative energy of Satan.

During these end-times, now, God is revealing things that have never been known before. One of those things is His intelligent design. For me, it has been a step-by-step learning experience since the early 1980's. It is still ongoing, but I believe I can lay out the basic structure of His kosmos. I see His order being expressed as a historical process. I call His program Godís Divine Pageant, with our planet being the stage and we the actors. The play is more than three-dimensional with its many levels of reality, from the tiny atomic structures to the greater universe. I used to think the microcosm was a reflection of the macrocosm, but now I know that they are each expressing the same design/order. We creatures and other things of earth are symbols of truths which interplay in order to enact His expression. And then we are even more than just symbols; we are actual experiences of the Ultimate Orderer. It is really very true that God lives and experiences life through His kosmos! Each person can truly believe that he is a living activity of God. This is not at all to say that a person can therefore claim to be God! Rather, a workable concept would be to view oneself as a figment of Godís Mind, as a figment in His dream, perhaps.

On one hand, there are so many factors which interface that it is difficult to know where to start if I want to explain Godís order. On the other hand, once one sees the Big Picture, it seems like other pieces of the puzzle then fall into place so easily you will be astounded that this mystery has not been solved long ago. My answer to that question of why this hasnít been understood before, is that the mystery was purposely hidden in order to prevent the grand Truth from interfering with the long term program of His design. Right now the time is near for us to transition from this Kingdom of World into the Kingdom of Heaven, and part of the transition process will be a realization of more and more of these Truths. What I explain in this article is but a foundation upon which others might easily build.

Why should you be interested in the Big Picture? After all, you have lived your life so far by doing each day what seems best, just as your ancestors have done for countless generations. After your birth, you live a span of years, and then you die; so what difference will it make to understand why things exist as they do, and how the process really works? For most people, it wonít make any difference at all. But for some precious few, the excitement of knowing the working-plan of God is incomparable; it is more valuable than life itself. The value is beyond description, and some would give their souls to know it. For me, I give my soul to it. At the very least, one who knows Godís program can live with a contented peacefulness that doesnít depend on worldly events, situations, or relationships. You can have a confidence of who you are and what your purpose is and what your role on the great stage is. Then you have an identity which is eternal, for which you would happily cast off your earthly anchor.


The basis of Godís order is not a new concept, but a simple fact of Physics 101, that all things function as CYCLES. Period. There is nothing in the universe, from the smallest unit of energy in an atom to the largest galaxy, that does not pulse in cyclic patterns. That means that energy oscillates from negative to positive to negative to positive, ad infinitum. An atom might pulse at a frequency rate of millions of times per second, while a combination of atoms make up a molecule that pulses at a much slower rate. A group of molecules then makes up a larger entity, like a cell in your body, which then pulses at a still slower frequency. They say that our earth pulses at about 7.8 times per second. What is it that pulses? It is the electro-magnetic field of the atoms and molecules. That is the energy that can be measured in pulses-per-second. Physicists use the letters "cps" for "cycles per second." Another term for the same thing is "Herz," (Hz). As I said, the fact that all energies oscillate in cyclic patterns is not new.

Based on that fact, what then is the longest cycle-length pertinent to our planet? Astronomers work with a cycle they calculate to be about 24,000 years long, probably a little more than that; the exact length is not known. This particular cycle is called the precession of equinoxes, and is the time taken for our sun to circuit an apparent path around the sky within a band around the earthís equator called the plane of the ecliptic. You need not understand the technicalities of astronomy to know that one cycle is about 24,000 years long. Then we will divide that cycle into two halves, one half being negative and the other positive. ALL pulsing energies (cycles) must have two opposite polarity halves, or else there would be no pulse. And there is no energy known in the universe which does not pulse. So, we donít have to determine whether or not we are dealing with two energies of polar natures. That is a given.

One more thing about cycles that will help us, is that you can diagram one on a piece of paper in a linear format known as a sine-wave-curve. Take a piece of paper and draw a horizontal line from edge to edge, approximately in the middle of the page, dividing the upper half of the page from the lower half. Now, along that line you will draw a semi-circle below the line at the left portion of your page. Follow that semi-circle line from the left at its beginning, going downward to the bottom of the bowl and then upward until you touch the horizontal line. Now, from that point, continue the line as a semi-circle above the horizontal line that looks like a dome. You have drawn the letter "S" lying on its side. Now you will plot a 24,000 year period along that "S" curve. At the far left beginning, write the date of 10,000BC. Where the curve crosses the centerline, write 2,000AD. At the far right end of the curve, write 14,000AD. The upper half of the cycle is positive, being called  the Kingdom of Heaven. The lower half is negative and is the Kingdom of World. Christ is the Lord of the upper kingdom. Satan is lord of the lower kingdom.

For your convenience, you can print out a basic format of one cycle by going to my website of www.divinepageant.com. On the main index page, find the link to SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM. Click on that so that you will have one handy for reference. Or if you are reading this online, click HERE for the link. The key to understanding Godís grand program is now in your hand. Unfortunately, the diagram only lists the 12 Zodiac signs. But, you can write in the Tribes and the Disciples as you read below. Also, for a comprehensive diagram, you can get one from me simply by asking, and give me your name and mailing address.

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The number twelve has long been recognized by Christians to have some kind of importance to God, but we never could figure out just why. There were twelve tribes of Israel and twelve disciples and twelve gates into the Holy City of Jerusalem (in Revelation 21). And you will see that the twelve Zodiac signs are also meaningful to the Bible. So, for the deep-thinker who ponders the mystery of Godís order, perhaps the number 12 is important to the basic structure of that order. Our commonly used mathematical system is based on the number ten, but that is probably because we have ten fingers and ten toes. There were also ten commandments. Other numbers appeared repeatedly, such as 7 and 40 and 1,000. But this article focuses on the number twelve.

The twelve Zodiac names come to us from the time/age of Taurus/Ruben, prior to written language. The group of Twelve Tribes of Israel came from the age of Aries, mentioned in Rev. 21 as being the angels of the Twelve Gates of God's Holy City. The group of Twelve Disciples came from the age of Pisces, mentioned in Rev. 21 as being the Twelve Foundation Stones under Jerusalem's wall.

Along the historical diagram on the sine-wave-curve, we will first plot the twelve Zodiac ages of about 2,000 years each. Starting at your far left, the first quarter consists of the three ages of Leo, Cancer, and Gemini. From the nadir at the bottom-most point, the next quarter cycle consists of Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. That makes six ages during the Kingdom of World. Above the line, the first quarter consists of Aquarius, Capricorn, and Sagittarius. After the apex of the curve are Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo. Those are the six ages of the Kingdom of Heaven. We will discuss each of those ages in detail, beginning with the age of Leo. And along with the twelve Zodiac signs, we will describe the twelve Tribes of Israel that correspond to them, and we will also describe the twelve Disciples that correspond. All three of these twelves are meaningful descriptions of the ages during one cycle of Godís kosmic order. You will see that many of them relate to each other quite meaningfully. It is my theory that Zodiac Signs define the Spiritual Nature of the program; the Tribes of Israel define the Personal Manifestation Nature of the program. The Disciples relate to both the Zodiac and Tribes, along with being the foundation stones of the Body of Christ which is the Holy City of Godís dwelling place. See Rev. 21.

So, along the sine-wave curve we can plot a sequence of ages which describe twelve acts on the stage of Godís Divine Pageant. Then, you will see the obvious theme and plot of His play. You will see that historical events are not accidental, but are expressions of the dynamus of the Father Himself. You will also understand who you are, and what your role is in this grand play.

On your sine-wave diagram, the ascending-path line indicates a natural improvement of civilization toward spiritual perfection and reunion with God. After the highest point of spiritual perfection has been achieved, there is a Fall as God's special race walks away from Him, toward the lure of earthly mastery and a deception that material reality is real. Then at the very nadir of civilization, God introduces a change which once again initiates a positive process of ascension and spiritual progress.



Here I must emphasize that it is most important to know this one fact in order to understand recorded history as a paradigm designed by the God of Israel. The plan of history relates ONLY to His race of children from Adam, through Noe, Abraam, and Israel. It is only this one genetic lineage of people that the Bible is about. Our Israelite ancestors were extreme racists because our Father taught them to protect their lineage above all else. There is no plan of God for the history for any other race of people. The one Supreme God of all-that-is concerns Himself ONLY with this one race! The slight qualification to that statement is that there is one other race that plays a part of secondary importance, and that is the race from Cain, later renewed as Esau/Edom, who make up the Jewish race of today. The Cain race makes up the body of Satan, just as the Adam race makes up the body of Christ. The eternal contest between good and evil is waged between these two races. The Satan race might be considered a divine race because of its origin from the devil, as Jesus states in John 8:44, so it acts as the opponent counter-race to Christ. Then the other darker skinned races of the world are earth-people, mere opportunists who do not have divine origins, existing in our world just like the animals do, living one life like the flowers in the field, and having no afterlife; but as opportunists, they are usable as pawns by the two divine brother races.


So, God's designed-patterns of history can be discerned by studying the events of the Adamic race, namely events of the white Europeans who are the diasporan Israelites from the 700's BC Assyrian purge, being those very lost tribes of Israel. The major events are diagrammed along a sine wave curve which is available by clicking on sine wave diagram.


Note that in this paper, all Biblical names and dates are based on the Greek Septuagint of 285 BC because that was the Bible of Jesus, his disciples, and early historians like Philo Judaeus and Josephus, and any other writers who referenced Old Testament writings. The so-called Hebrew Bible did not appear until nearly a thousand years after Christ, and there is no evidence that the Old Testament ever existed in that language prior to Christ. The so-called Hebrew language had developed as a combination of the Israelites' Phoenician language when it was combined with Aramaic from the time of the Assyrian Captivity about 721 BC. The mongrel language of Hebrew did not even have its own alphabet until the century prior to Christ when the Herodian square script alphabet was created, based on the Phoenician alphabet just like Greek alphabet had been. The Hebrew language Aramaized the Phoenician/Greek names of Old Testament people, often by adding an "h" as though for a serpent's hiss. In this book I shall use the real Greek names, except for the name Jesus which has been Anglicised for the English speaker. The word, Yahweh, and other words for God came from the Aramaic language and their pantheon in the Pagan Chaldean Mystery Religions. It is neither Phoenician or Greek, nor was it used by Israelites of the O.T., so I don't use it. Actually, Egyptian records indicate the word "YHWH" was used by some of Israel's neighbors, but there is no evidence it was ever used by Israel. The inescapable conclusion is that it was a name of other gods whom our God warned against. So, I consider "YHWH" a sacrilege.


Before you study the following historical paradigm in detail, please refer to the sine-wave diagram of the Ages  which covers one complete cycle of 24,000 years. The diagram on this website is very abbreviated, therefore, I am glad to send you a paper copy of a comprehensive diagram that includes other information if you write to me at

Roger Hathaway, 1125 Goldfinch Lane, Jewell Ridge, Virginia 24622

and give me your name and mailing address. The diagram shows an ever changing pattern of civilization, declining for half a cycle and ascending for half a cycle. The decline is a path away from being spiritual-minded toward being earth-minded. The ascent is the path of the prodigal's return to God, our source. The negative half of the cycle, below the neutral line is the period of history ruled by negative energy, Satan, appearing as a kingdom of World. The positive half-cycle is that period above the line, which manifests as a relative, heavenly reality, a dimension of awareness that we call spiritual. On the Zodiac diagram there are twelve periods of time, each being 2,000 years long, and each symbolized by a Zodiac sign. Here is the paradigm or model which God has designed and by which our civilizations proceed along their courses. History is clearly not random at all; God has given us keys for understanding it and Himself, as He expresses Himself through His dynamic creation.

        Zodiac symbols represent the spiritual, heavenly process of history (zodiac/constellations/sky/ouranos/heaven), while the Tribe symbols represent the personal, earthly, mundane process of struggle.

        Perhaps I should mention that there is one obstacle which might hinder you from seeing God's grand plan, that being a human weakness called, cognitive dissonance, which is a reluctance to consider any idea that conflicts with a previously held belief. Christians cling devotedly to some politically motivated doctrines from medieval ages that contradict clear Bible statements. It is difficult for anyone to consider notions which conflict with childhood beliefs. Yet, in this end-time period, right now, that will be necessary in order for the Holy Spirit to bring you new insights.


Beside the twelve Zodiac signs discussed above, there were twelve sons of Israel born about 1850BC who became twelve Tribes of Israel, each tribe having its own symbol (like Lion of Juda). When the Promised Land of Canaan was divided into portions, each tribe was allotted a portion. In spite of the fact that Levi would not get a portion, the division into twelve parts was maintained by using the two sons of Joseph to replace Levi and their father, Joseph, who stayed in Egypt. In this paper we are going to look at the three blessings pertaining to each son/Tribe, along with the historical period which the tribe defines. There is a recorded statement of each sonís mother upon his birth, usually explaining the meaning of his name. Then there was a blessing/prophecy for each son by Jacob, their father, from his deathbed. And thirdly, Moses pronounced a statement upon each tribe. We will also look at the location around the Tabernacle in the desert at Mount Sinai where God appointed each tribe to camp. And we will discuss the nature of the epoch which each tribe defines.


There are twelve constellations in the sky around the plane of the ecliptic. These constellations were named prior to any recorded history or any written language. We don't know where the names came from. But, it appears that these twelve symbols are the highest echelon of all symbols, and may be the very basis for God's emphasis on the number twelve. I am not here accrediting the art of Astrology, but am speaking only about the twelve symbols of the Zodiac. In Genesis 1:14, on the Fourth Day of God's design, we read: "Let there be lights in the form of Heaven for shining upon the Earth; to divide between the day and between the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days, and for years." That they are important as signs and for seasons to scripture is obvious when one looks at the evidence, even superficially! At the beginning of each Zodiac age, a significant person was born. Jesus was born at the beginning of the age of Pisces (fish), thus we see Him and his followers placing an unusual emphasis on fish. Abram was born at the beginning of the age of Aries (Lamb), and we see him instituting a new religion focused upon veneration of the Lamb, and prophesying that at the end of Aries God's Lamb would come. Jesus was born at the end of Aries as that Lamb. Gemini means heavenly twins. At its beginning, Eve's twin sons, (fraternal twins, of different fathers) fathered races which wage eternal contest by their instincts of good and evil. The next age after the present Pisces is Aquarius (water carrier), and we have Jesus telling his disciples to follow the water-carrier to the upper room, a hint that the next age of Aquarius, the Water Carrier, begins the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bull of Taurus is especially prominent in our Old Testament, as the children of Israel were reluctant to let go of it after they had entered the age of the Lamb.


There were twelve disciples chosen by Jesus. There were actually other followers who were as close, or closer, to Jesus than these twelve, such as Lazarus (who might be the real author of the Gospel of John, and might be the one whom Jesus loved most) and Jesus' brother James (who later headed the Jerusalem group), but Jesus selected a specific twelve to make up a special group. It will probably surprise you that most of the twelve disciples did not distinguish themselves well. And neither did all twelve sons of Jacob! Keep in mind that long term history consists both, of prodigals walking away from the Father, and of those walking toward Him. After Judas had betrayed Jesus and hanged himself, the group felt it was important to select a replacement for him in order to maintain that number of twelve. We aren't given much hint at why the number is so important, and we are given very little information about the individuals disciples. But Rev. 21:14 says the wall of Holy City of Jerusalem has twelve foundations and on them are the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. It is impressive that the 12 disciple names are on the very foundations of the city walls; that would imply a substantial importance! We might remember that they were the founders of the Christian Church.

It is amazing how some of the disciples correlate with the Tribe descriptions and with the Zodiac descriptions. We can easily place the four most significant disciples in their proper places. The four important disciples include the three of Jesus' closest group, Peter, Andrew, and John. The fourth is Judas, who played an important role. Peter was named "the rock" which we might think of as "earth," or as Physical Nature, therefore placing him with the Living Being, LION, as represented by Juda and by the Zodiac age of Leo. Andrew's name means "Man" in Greek, which equates with one of the Living Beings of Revelation 4. Andrew was also the first disciple chosen by Jesus, just as Ruben was the firstborn of Jacob. So, Andrew equates with Ruben whose symbol is also Man, and is coincident with the Zodiac age of Taurus. While Peter was selected by the western half of Christianity, headed by Rome, it was Andrew whom the eastern Orthodox half of Christianity selected as the most important disciple.  There was one more member of the group closest to Jesus; that would be James, the brother of St. John. James is the significator of the 2,000 year age of Pisces, the very age which Jesus keynoted, but he doesn't hold the important position of being the first age of a quarter cycle.


        Twelve is the basis of God's design, but there is always an additional thirteenth, which is essentially the Christ character, the Lord, the leader, the primary of the group. The twelve tribes of Israel became thirteen tribes when Joseph's part was divided between his two sons, Mannase and Ephraim. Then, when the Promised Land was apportioned, it only went to twelve of the thirteen tribes, leaving the Priestly tribe of Levi without a portion except to live throughout all of them and to receive its land in small portions from the tribes in which the Priests dwelt. It was the Priests who filled the role of mediators between the people and God and who directed their spiritual course.  For the group of twelve disciples, Jesus was the thirteenth, being the Priest and leader who directed them. For the twelve Zodiac Symbols, the thirteenth is the Christ constellation of Ophiuchus, which is located between Sagittarius and Scorpio, but is largely coincident with Scorpio. While all twelve constellations are located along the band of the ecliptic (our equatorial band), they are mostly on the southern side of that equatorial line. Ophiuchus is the exception, standing above the line to the north of it while his feet are well within the band. Ophiuchus is the symbol of which God was speaking in Genesis 3:15 when He said to Satan, "you will sting His heel, but He shall crush your head." God was referring to the great battle/drama in the sky between Ophiuchus/Christ and Scorpio/Satan. Of course, as above - so below, this becomes meaningful as the same contest is fought on earth between the Body of Christ (true Israel) and the Body of Satan (Edomite race of Jews, brother of Israel). In the sky drama we see that Ophiuchus right foot is directly above the tail-stinger of the Scorpion, and his left foot is directly above its head. In order to make the symbol of Ophiuchus more meaningful, we see that he is holding a long snake-serpent across his abdomen; the snake's head is trying to reach the Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) in its attempt to gain dominion over us. We see Christ struggling with Satan, preventing Satan from obtaining the Crown. Here, in God's Signs in the Sky, we can find His entire Grand Pageant displayed. He told us in Genesis that He put the stars there for signs; so why aren't we reading them? They have a valuable purpose, but the Christian church scorns this subject because modern astrologers have made nonsense of it. Of course they have, for it is only God's children to whom the Holy Spirit will reveal the true message!

            Now, I want to tell you about the stinging of the heel and the crushing of the head. You already know from my other writings that we are into the end-time period of history of which the Bible speaks. We are at the end of a twelve thousand year period of Kingdom of World, ruled by Satan, about to enter a twelve thousand year period of Kingdom of Heaven, there to be ruled by Christ. The end-time great battle of God (Armageddon) is already underway. And who is revealing the events of stinging and crushing to us? None other than the King Planet, Jupiter, which was held as higher importance than the Sun to the ancient wise men. While it takes the earth one year to circuit around the Sun, it takes Jupiter twelve years to make the same circuit. Are you noticing all the twelves? Right now, in August of 2007, Jupiter is doing something truly amazing. Jupiter passes by the region of Ophiuchus every twelve years alright, and goes retrograde in this region for a brief period. But, this year, Jupiter stopped (before turning backward/retrograde) exactly in the right foot of Ophiuchus, above the Scorpion's stinger, on April 6, 2007. This is the time of the stinging of the heel of Christ. It was on April 6th that the U.S. and Europe, the lands of the white European race of true Israel, that we experienced a devastating winter freeze which killed most of our fruit and berry crops. In Virginia where I live, we had two inches of snow on that day. Spring weather had been wonderful and the fruit buds were formed, and then whammo, all gone. Much of America suffered this disaster. We had just been stung by the lord of this World, Satan, who affected the one thing which the book of Revelation describes as valuable to us in Heaven: fruit trees. Satan stung us, but it didn't kill us; we can get by without much fruit. But, it was a hard hit, and we will be regretting it later this year.

        Okay, Jupiter had stopped in Ophiuchus right foot, above the stinger, and then he turned retrograde toward the left foot. On August 7th (I'm writing this on August 4), Jupiter stops exactly on the left foot of Ophiuchus, after which he reverses course to go Direct again. August 7 will be the date (or thereabouts, within a few days orb) of Christ crushing Satan's head. Jupiter will continue direct to pass once again through the right foot on November 1st, and will leave the constellation of Scorpio to enter Sagittarius on November 26. (Note added in October: It was on August 7 that Fed Chairman Bernanke announced a Fed decision which caused an immediate plunging of the stock markets and the US Dollar value. Subsequent weeks saw a convulsive writhing of the global financial world, with extreme measures by central banks to calm the maelstrom. I see the Edomite Jewish race as the body of Satan, and we might certainly consider the Jewish financial system as their "head.")

        Certainly, I do not know how Christ is going to crush Satan's head. Since the foot-stinging was a weather event, perhaps the crushing will be some kind of weather event. Since it was the true Israelite children of God who were affected by the stinging, perhaps it will be Satan's race of Edomite Jews who will be affected by the crushing. Perhaps August 7 will be some kind of event that takes a while before it culminates in a complete crushing of Satan. Perhaps August 21 will be significant, for that is when Jupiter crosses the star Antares (15th brightest in the sky), which is the very heart of the Scorpion. The nearby Archer of Sagittarius has his arrow pointed right at Antares, Satan's heart. Or perhaps this prophecied event will be complete when Jupiter passes through the right foot of Ophiuchus again on November 1st. All these ponderings are just speculations. We can see the drama performed in the sky, but it isn't clear how that script will be performed on our stage.

        I am adding the above paragraphs about the "Thirteenth" on August 4, to this essay about God's Kosmos. This is the seventh day of a fast, of Lisa and me. We don't know just when we will end our fast, but are waiting for an act of God. We have prayed for the end time defeat of Satan and his World materialist civilization for a long time. We know there will be some terrible tribulation for a while, but that is part of the process of LIBERATING us from our bondage to this wicked kingdom. So, during all the trials to come, we will be rejoicing with the angels in heaven at the destruction and collapse of Babylon. We keep in mind that this is God's Great Battle, and having read the end of the book, we know how it turns out - in our favor.

        Adding note October 14th: A most significant event happened with the positions of the planets in the sky on August 28. All the planets were located in groups near the four great Fixed Stars which were the most important indicators in the sky for ancient wise men. They comprised a Grand Cross. There are many Grand Crosses, very frequently. But, this Grand Cross is exceptional because of where certain planets were located. This orientation has probably not occurred for thousands of years. For your interest, I'll spend a minute on this subject. The four great Fixed Stars are Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, Aldebaran, directly opposite from Antares in Taurus, Regulus in Leo, and Fomalhaut in Aquarius. From the article above, you may recall that Antares plays a prominent role in the end-time activity of Christ/Ophiuchus crushing Satan/Scorpion's head. The word, Antares, is Greek meaning "anti-Mars." On August 28, Mars was conjunct with Aldebaran, directly opposite from Antares, so, Antares was truly anti-Mars at that moment. The sun was conjunct with Regulus in Leo, the constellation which is considered home for the sun. The moon was directly opposite from the sun, conjunct with Fomalhaut. This was the moment of a rare 90 minute total Lunar Eclipse. The planets and star locations just described seem pertinent to Jesus' words in Luke 21:25 "There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on earth distress among nations, confused by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken." It is my speculation that this Great Grand Cross is indicating the end of Satan's rulership, perhaps indicating the end of the age of Pisces, and that the following weeks or months might see a decreasing power of Satan and an increasing power of Christ.  Another date to watch is that two week period between November 1 and Nov 15, when Jupiter crosses the Galactic Center, the very center of our galaxy. It was called the "Gate of the gods" by the ancients, for they said that it was from this portal that gods descended when coming to our planet. It was also called the "Golden Gate." Finally, it will be December 18th, 2007 when Jupiter leaves the Christ constellation of Ophiuchus at 05 degrees Sagittarius. As I write this on October 14, I wonder if the next few weeks might see some major acts in God's end-time pageant. While the use of astrology commonly practiced today is something the Bible warns against, I feel that I should cautiously ponder whether God's signs in the sky might have something to say to us, else why did God tell us that?



        The four Natures of God are manifested into the "reality" which we perceive with our senses and in which we live. What I am saying is that four Natures of God are the forces, or intelligences, which emanate from the Father into experiences of Life. Some creatures live by the empowerment of only one Nature, some of two, three, or all four. Of those four Natures, the Physical Nature (Lion) empowers the biological & botanical functions of ALL living beings. It is the physical reality which we perceive most strongly and which we think of as absolute because we can see it and touch it. From the tiniest aspect of molecular life to the physiology of the highest creature, it is the Physical Nature which empowers physical/biological functions. The Emotional Nature (Bull) is not part of those primitive micro-organisms or of the lower level animals who just eat or get eaten, but is operative in all higher animals, perhaps from dogs up to and including God's Elect ones. For the primitive Races, the Emotional nature is the highest level of mind with which they think. Consider the blacks of interior Africa who never thought of a wheel or even of domesticating any animal or of growing any crops. Mud/thatch huts are their highest achievement and that was surely a matter of copying someone else. Their lives consist of surviving by doing violence and sex. The Emotional Mind creatures can learn to do things by copying or by rote, but not much beyond that unless the person is a result of race-mixing with a higher Mind Race. The Intellectual Nature (Eagle) empowers only two races: the two sons from Zoe (aka Eve) who were fraternal twins, one fathered by Adam and the other by Satan. The eternal contest on our stage is waged between these two brother races, the Adamic race versus Cain race. The contest was later renewed in Abraam's grandsons: the brothers Jacob and Esau, again twins. Esau/Edom then married Cain-race wives and fathered the Edomite race of people who are known today as "Jews." Jacob/Israel fathered the white race which got dispersed to Europe and became the flock which recognized Jesus as its rightful Shepherd. Anyway, both of these races have mental capabilities to think original thoughts, to philosophize, to abstract concepts, to strategize, to organize, to build cities and inventions and civilized societies. Finally, the Spiritual Nature of God (Man symbol, with whom Jesus identified) is expressed through ONLY His chosen people from Adam and later from Israel. We, the white race true Israel, are empowered by a powerful spiritual instinct which compels us toward spiritual life and away from material earthly life. We possess instincts of goodness and honesty and fairness and justice and compassion and benevolence and the Golden Rule and innocence. Those instincts make us somewhat vulnerable to our brother race from Cain/Edom who uses his intellect to deceive us and exploit us and cheat us and murder us, just as Jesus accused the Edomite priests in John 8:44.

        Each of the four Living Beings has six wings which then make up the 24 Elders. Those having but one Nature of God are the simple Physical creatures like microbes and lesser animals. Those having only two sets of six wings (two Natures) are the higher animals and dark skin races. Those having only three sets of six wings are the Edomite race. Those having all four Natures of God are His Spiritual Offspring, true Israel (not the Edomite deceivers who call themselves Israel today).

        As a sidenote, I would suggest to anyone who seeks further information about the four Natures/Minds of God, that you read about them in the book of Job. The man Job represents Man - the Spiritual nature. Eliphaz represents the Physical nature. 4:10,11 roaring lion, fierce lion, young lions, old lion, stout lion's 5:25 "seed" shall be great 4:19 flesh man (clay). Bildad represents the Emotional nature 18:3 counted as "beasts" 18:4 teareth himself in "anger." Zophar represents the Intellect nature 11:2 words, talk 11:3 lies 11:4 doctrine 11:5 God would "speak" 11:6 secrets of "wisdom" 20:2 thoughts 20:3 understanding. Click on Job for an excellent article about this, by Bob Steffens. Click on Four Minds/Natures of God for further study of this subject.


        If we consider the twelves to represent periods of time, we will find that pieces of the great puzzle begin to fall into place, and we start seeing a view of the Big Picture. Biblical symbols often mean time-periods.  Time is a force which scientists struggle to understand better, and it becomes more elusive as it is studied. It is now known to particle physicists and quantum-mechanic physics that time is relative to the perceiver, and that it goes backwards as well as forwards. Time is not an absolute, but is a projection from the mind of God, within which we live and experience life.  It is through time and through His  Elect  that God functions and experiences life. Time and the Elect are ultimately the same thing, as John tries to describe in his vision on Patmos.

        It is not enough to say that God expresses Himself through time; there is something far greater to this concept, and I hardly know how to say it.  But, here it is: John considers time to be God. The first verse of Revelation speaks of ďtime,Ē and three verses later God is identified as ďthe one who (that which) is and who was and who is to come.Ē  God IS the past, the present, and the future.  What John reveals in his Revelation is the identity of the path of time as God.  The seven ďstarsĒ in Jesusí right hand are symbols of separate pieces of God: time periods! The nature of those seven periods is defined in the messages to the seven churches. The seven periods are "church ages" within the Kingdom of Heaven, each being about 1,700 years long. Let me take just a moment to show you something wonderful. If you look at a map of that region of what is now Turkey, and locate the cities of the seven churches of Revelation, you will see that they sit in a general orientation the same as the positive half of the sine-wave diagram. Ephesus is at lower left, then northward to Smyrna and Pergamos and Thyatira, and gradually swinging to the east and then southward with Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. If you plot them on your diagram, beginning with Ephesus parallel to Aquarius/Ephraim/John, you will find that the messages to those churches speak directly to the coming ages of the Kingdom of Heaven, ending with Laodicea at the end of Heaven when God will "spit you out of my mouth." You might also note that the island of Patmos, where John had his vision, lies to the southwest of Ephesus, offshore across some ocean water. So, when John saw seven church ages, he saw them as the upper half of the sine-wave time-line, and he saw them from a position just prior to that in the position of Pisces. Amazing? Is this just coincidence or clues to the mystery?

         Now, I want to propose a new idea for you.  As God lives through His Elect, these Elect express and reveal HIM.  We are all symbols of characteristics of God.  Seven stars are symbols of ďtime periods.Ē  The 144,000 Elect are symbols of time periods (of Godís expression) made up of the twelve sons of Jacob. The highest level of ďtimeĒ symbol is that of twelve Zodiac signs which underlie the entire Bible. We are getting a look at God, but understanding what we see is yet another matter.

        Again, I urge you to keep the sine-wave diagram at hand and follow it closely. Print a copy for quick reference. The diagram on this website is very abbreviated, but I will be glad to send you a comprehensive diagram if you write to me and give me your name and mailing address.

        If we begin a cycle at the horizontal line, and follow the ascending path, the plan indicates a natural improvement of civilization toward spiritual perfection and reunion with God. After the highest point of spiritual perfection has been achieved, there is a Fall as God's special race walks away from Him toward the lure of earthly mastery, and a deception that material reality is real. Then at the very nadir of civilization, God introduces a change which again initiates a positive process of ascension and spiritual progress.

The following study was first worked out as a study of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, so that will be the foundation, upon which I will add information about the corresponding Twelve Zodiac Signs and the Twelve Disciples.



        The following study of the twelve sons of Israel was prompted by my questions of: Why twelve? How are these twelve meaningful to history? Are they symbols of something more than a large family? Do their names mean something? Do the blessings given by their father and later by Moses mean something for the history of their tribes? Certainly, symbolism was paramount among the people of that ancient culture; they seemed to live with a focus upon symbols. For every special event, they would create a monument to forever symbolize that event. Every name given at birth had an important symbolic meaning. The fact is that our Bible is a book of symbols, with every event and name and series-of-events symbolizing something for the future. And then, each event/symbol is also part of a paradigm or model, to be fulfilled repeatedly at future times and sometimes different levels of reality. So it is that each event really serves as a prophecy. For instance, the 400-year-Egypt sojourn with its supernatural liberation, wilderness cleansing, and Promised Land is a model being repeated in our 400 year occupation of America. Part of the end-time process will be our supernatural liberation (magnetic polarity reversal), followed by a wilderness period, and then a transition into the final Promised Land to be led by a Man named Jesus (Joshua in Aramaic). Jacob's blessings of his twelve sons were prefaced by saying, (Gen 49:2) "Assemble yourselves, that I may tell you what shall happen to you in the last days." The way he stated that indicates that his words have a meaning that is more than just a simple blessing of their individual lives, but that the blessing pertains to some future last days.

        To my knowledge, no one has ever studied the twelve tribes of Israel from this perspective. Yet, there seems to be this kind of meaning underlying Bible history. Also, most scholars only look at Old Testament studies through the Hebrew language, assuming it to be the original language of the patriarchs. But it is the Phoenician/Greek names, as listed in the Septuagint, that are meaningful here as symbols. I am convinced that much has been missed by scholars because they wrongly assume Hebrew to be the language of the Patriarchs. Evidence supports a thesis that Hebrew only came into being since the Assyrian captivity, resulting from the mix of the Israelites' native Phoenician language with the Aramaean language they were forced to learn during their captivity. Phoenician is the direct parent of Greek, and with Aramaic is also co-parent of the so-called Hebrew. At the time of Jacob, about 1850 BC, Israelites spoke Phoenician. The Greek language developed from it after descendants of Zara, a son of Juda, settled the Aegean; for details see Homer, Aeneas, Geoffrey of Monmouth. We can find that the names of the twelve sons, and their mothers, have some pretty significant relationships to the ancient Greek language, which I am calling Phoenician/Greek.

        The record of the births of the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel is recorded in Genesis 29 and 30, as follows: From Lea came Ruben, then Symeon, then Levi, and then Juda. Next, from Rachel's maid, Balla, came Dan and then Nephthali. Next, from Lea's maid, Zelpha, came Gad, and then Aser. Then Lea bore Issachar, and then Zabulon, and then a daughter, Dina. Lastly, Rachel bore Joseph, and then died giving birth to Benjamin (Gen 35:18). At the birth of each child, the mother made a statement that is recorded as a type of blessing. That statement usually explains the meaning of the name given to the child. In that culture, and with our God, names were extremely important, sometimes so important that a name was later changed to indicate a change in the person's life or destiny, such as Abram to Abraam, and Jacob to Israel, and Esau to Edom.

        While the order of birth indicated birthrights, authority, and position in a family, it happened later at Sinai (see Numbers 2) that God set a different positioning of the tribes around the Tabernacle of Witness, and this new commanded-ordering has great importance if one is to understand each tribe's symbolism as prophetic for future ages. It is this new ordering of the tribes around a circle (cycle) which is meaningful to the process of history as each tribal name symbolizes a 2,000 year epoch. It is this ordering which is depicted on my sine-wave diagram, with each name corresponding to a Zodiac-age.

        Below, for this study of the tribes, I list each tribe in the order of its birth, along with (1) a quotation of the mother's statement, and (2) of Jacob's blessing from his death-bed, and (3) of Moses's blessing. These blessings define the general characteristics of an individual tribe, and how that tribe represents its specific period of history as diagrammed on sine-wave curve attached to this thesis. I also list the Tribe symbols, which are important because they represent the Tribe's symbolic period of history, and are also important symbols in the book of Revelation. These tribes and their symbols make the entire Bible text into a coherent whole with an intelligent design. The symbols also identify the various nations of Europe where those tribes settled after being dispersed from their Promised Land by the Assyrians in the 700's BC.

        I would remind the reader that God's Temple is His genetic family of Israel. It is within us that He resides. We make up the actual City of God. We are Israel, a nation/family that is a people and not a geographical place. We will be the New Jerusalem. We tribes are the angels at the twelve gates to God's City. Revelation 21:10-12 says, "And He bore me away in spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city of Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, having the Glory of God, its light was like a precious stone, as a diamond clear as crystal; having a great and high wall, having twelve gates and at the gates twelve angels and names inscribed on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel." There are no other Gates to God's City. At no time in the Bible did God ever hint that He was changing His program to draw into His family/City/Temple anyone outside the tribes of Israel. Jesus said, "I came not except unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." And here at the very end of John's Revelations, we see that it is still the twelve tribes who are the City of God. The allogeneis (other races) were permitted to worship our God at a distance, but NEVER inside the Temple walls. Until we understand the meaning of the tribes and their significance, we cannot envision the City of God's design and will continue to languish in darkness and ignorance. I'm not going to argue the question of Universal Gospel here except to mention that the Greek word for gentile, namely ethnos, never meant non-Jew to ancient Greeks. It meant ethnic group/race, used most often to refer to their own people of Israel. The non-Jew definition has been promoted as a deliberate attempt to promote a Universal Gospel doctrine which would have been abhorrent to ancient Israelites who knew their God as the God of Israel, Isaac, and Abraam. They also knew their God was jealous of His own!



        Jacob's first wife was Lea, who bore him four sons (Ruben, Symeon, Levi, & Juda) while Rachel did not bear any. Then Rachel's maid, Balla, bore two (Dan & Nephthali). Then Lea's maid, Zelpha bore two (Gad & Aser). Then Lea bore two more (Issachar & Zabulon). Finally, Rachel bore the most important two, Joseph and Benjamin. It will be the last two, from his beloved wife, Rachel, whose ages make up the most important first half of the Kingdom of Heaven. After the Fall, at the apex of Heaven, the next three declining ages are represented only by sons of proxy mothers.

        Four from LEA - Λεία:   Lea was Jacob's first wife, not the one he loved and for whom he had labored. Rachel was the wife He really loved and wanted. The Phoenician/Greek root for Lea's name is Λεα/Lea, which means a stone weight which was used to keep threads of the warp straight on the loom. God will use Lea to provide six sons of the necessary twelve for His plan, but not one of her sons represents an age in the Kingdom of Heaven.

        Two sons from BALLA - Βαλλά:   The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name means to throw or cast. Balla is Rachel's servant, and we might see this name symbolizing Rachel's act of giving her servant to Jacob for purpose of a baby.

        Two sons from ZELPHA - ΖελφŹ

The basis for this name is the three letter Greek prefix ζηλ/zel which means jealousy. Zelpha is the servant of Lea, who became jealous that Rachel had children through her servant while Lea had seemingly become barren. So, Lea would copy Rachel's tactic of using her servant as surrogate.

        Two more sons from LEA

        Two sons from RACHEL - {Ραχ¨λ:   The Phoenician/Greek basis for her name is αχός/rhachos which means "thorn-hedge." Rachel has certainly been such a thorn-hedge in her battle with Lea, for Jacob still loves her most, in spite of all the children that Lea produced.




        INTRO: It is unfortunate that most Christians are not in love with the Old Testament history that Jesus' Disciples and all the early Christians knew as their Bible. There was no such thing as a New Testament yet. The New Testament collection of writings would not be set until centuries later. They knew God as "The God of Israel," and they knew Him as a jealous God who related to no race other than themselves. For myself, the more I learn of the Old Testament, the more I stand in open-mouthed-awe at the inspiration of the Prophets and their writings, of the majesty and greatness of our personal Father, and of the richness of the foundation upon which Jesus would institute a new type of spiritual relationship for God's beloved children.

        Next is a listing of all twelve sons with their blessings that serve as prophecies, as descriptions of the twelve ages which each represents. These blessings reveal that their mothers, and their father, Jacob, and then Moses were all mouthpieces for God, hinting at Truths which outline God's Plan of the Ages. It did not end up that each of the twelve sons directly corresponded to an age, for there were a couple qualifications. The son named Levi (third-born) does not represent a specific age, but as the Priest-Tribe, his function of mediation works through all the applicable ages. The son named Joseph (eleventh-born) went to Egypt (always a symbol for World) and became a government official, so the primary blessing went to his two boys, Manasse and Ephraim. So, of fourteen people, Levi and Joseph are replaced by Ephraim and Manasse, keeping a total of twelve, with one corresponding to each Zodiac Age.

        The Zodiac Ages signify the spiritual course of civilization, or in particular, the spiritual path of God's Adamic race, who eventually got reduced to the one family of twelve sons from Jacob. The Tribe Ages seem to signify the personal earthly path of their civilization. Each quarter-cycle of history (6,000 years) progresses while under the dominant influence of one of God's four Natures. For instance, the quarter cycle of three ages since the time of Noe (Noah) have been under the primary Zodiac influence of the Emotional Mind (Bull of Taurus) of God, while the influence at the Tribal level has been Spiritual Empowerment of Ruben and Andrew (Man). These forces, or "four winds" of God effectively guide the path of God's Elect ones.

        Since Levi and Joseph do not correspond to particular Ages, I will present information about them first, because that info will help toward understanding the importance of the other Tribe members in their Ages.

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

LEVI - Λευεί [b. 1850 BC, Son of Lea] Third son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name is largely the color white; also as it is used in λεύσσω/leusso (look or gaze upon). It is probably the latter sense which Lea intended, sort of "look what I have done for him; now he will look upon me more favorably."

Birth: Gen 29:34 "In the present time my husband will be with me, for I have born him three sons; therefore she called his name Levi."

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:5; "Symeon and Levi, brothers, accomplished the injustice of their cutting off. Let not my soul come into their counsel, and let not mine inward parts contend in their conspiracy, for in their wrath they slew men, and in their passion they houghed a bull. Cursed be their wrath for it was wilful, and their anger, for it was cruel; I will divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel."

Moses' blessing: Deut 33:8; "Give to Levi his manifestations, and his truth to the holy man, whom they tempted in the temptation; they reviled him at the water of strife. Who says to his father and mother, I have not seen you; and he knew not his brethren, and he refused to know his sons: he kept your oracles, and observed your covenant. They shall declare your ordinances to Jacob, and your law to Israel: they shall place incense in time of your wrath continually upon your altar. Bless, Lord, his strength, and accept the works of his hands; break the loins of his enemies that have risen up against him, and let not them that hate him rise up."

Tribe Symbol: none since Levi was spread throughout Israel as priesthood.

Countries: throughout all Israel

Levi's sons: Gedson, Caath, Merari. Then Caath begat Ambran who married Jochabed and begat Aaron & Moses. (Ex 6:20)

LEVI'S PLACE IN HISTORY: There is no age of Levi because the tribal members were not numbered or given a placement around the tabernacle in Numbers 2. This tribe of priests, being God's representatives, were scattered throughout all the tribes, so they are prominent throughout all the ages, just as he was included in an act with his brother, Symeon, even if Levi doesn't define a specific epoch. Nor is there a disciple counterpart to Levi.

INTERPRETATION OF LEVI'S BLESSINGS: Jacob pairs his son Levi with Symeon in his angry blessing. His words profoundly describe the age of Symeon/Aries during which all Israel cut themselves off from God, and did wickedly, bringing upon themselves a divorcement from God and a dispersion. See The Nature of Symeon. Moses' blessing recognizes the Levi tribe as a priesthood and asks God to give His truth to these holy men who had been tempted and reviled. Moses praises the holy men for separating themselves from their parents and brethren, and even their own sons in order to keep God's oracles and covenant. Their function shall be to declare God's will to Israel and to perform the altar rituals. Even though the Levi tribe, along with Symeon, contributed significantly to the apostasy of Israel and the cutting off, yet these two tribes are given prominence by God because they were accomplishing the design of His plan. What they did was wrong, nevertheless, it was necessary because they were following the script. [Sidenote: If you compare the Greek Septuagint reading with the modern versions that are based on the Masoretic Text of 1,000AD, you see that the Greek Old Testament never speaks of any Urim and Thummim. That breastplate was a spurious addition by the Edomite Jewish masoretes who created the recent Hebrew Old Testament Text. The Greek LXX, however, does speak of a shoulder-piece and a full length robe, to be worn by the High Priest, which have some jewels on them.]

Levi represents the spiritual head of the tribe family. Levi is a symbol of Jesus, the Head of the body of Christ. The twelve tribes represent the body of Christ. Moses blessing applies to Jesus. It is the offspring body of Christ (all 144,000 Elect) which creates our perceptible reality by its beliefs; in other words, the Christ creates the manifestation which we consider to be our reality. Also in Moses' blessing we see Jesus denying His own mother and family, which He did, and keeping the Covenant perfectly. And Jesus declared God's will to Israel, and it is to Jesus that we make altars in our churches. Other corresponding details are beyond the purpose of this paper, including the application of Jacob's blessing.

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

JOSEPH - zIωσ¨φ [b. 1845 BC, Son of Rachel] Eleventh son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek root for this name is based on ός which means "one." Rachel is saying, "here is the One!" At long last Jacob has a son by Rachel whom he loves most, and Jacob/Israel makes clear during the rest of his life that he loved Joseph the most. When it came time for Israel's death, he called Joseph and sons, Manasse & Ephraim to his bedside first and gave those grandsons the primary blessing, only afterward calling his other eleven sons to him.

Birth: Gen 30 24; "God has taken away my reproach, and she called his name Joseph, saying, Let God add to me another son."

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:22 "Joseph is a son increased; my dearly loved son is increased; my youngest son, turn to me. Against whom men taking evil counsel reproached him and the archers pressed hard upon him. But their bow and arrows were mightily consumed, and the sinews of their arms were slackened by the hand of the mighty one of Jacob; thence is he that strengthened Israel from the God of your father; and my God helped you, and he blessed you with the blessing of heaven from above, and the blessing of the earth possessing all things, because of the blessing of the breasts and of the womb, the blessings of your father and your mother -- it has prevailed above the blessing of the lasting mountains and beyond the blessings of the everlasting hills; they shall be upon the head of Joseph, and upon the head of the brothers of whom he took the lead."

Moses blessing: Deut 33:13; "His land is of the blessing of the Lord, of the seasons of sky and dew, and of the deeps of wells below, and of the fruits of the changes of the sun in season, and of the produce of the months, from the top of the ancient mountains, and from the top of the everlasting hills and of the fulness of the land in season: and let the things pleasing to him that dwelt in the bush come on the head of Joseph, and on the crown of him who was glorified above his brethren. His beauty is as the firstling of his bull, his horns are the horns of a unicorn (rhinoceros); with them he shall thrust the nations at once, even from the end of the earth: these are the ten thousands of Ephraim and these are the thousands of Manasse."

Tribe Symbol: his two sons had the tribe symbols

Countries: see Ephraim & Manasse

ISRAEL BLESSES EPHRAIM & MANASSE   Prior to blessing the other sons.

JACOB'S PRELUDE TO HIS GRANDSONS' BLESSINGS Gen 48:1-15; "And it came to pass...that it was reported to Joseph, Behold your father is ill; and having taken his two sons, Manasse and Ephraim, he came to Jacob. 2 And it was reported to Jacob, saying, 'Look, your son Joseph comes to you;' and Israel having strengthened himself, sat up on the bed. 3And Jacob said to Joseph, 'My God appeared to me in Luza, in the land of Chanaan, and blessed me, 4and said to me, 'Behold, I will increase you, and multiply you, and will make of you multitudes of nations; and I will give this land to you, and to your seed after you, for a possession during the ages."  5Now then, your two sons, who were born to you in the land of Egypt, before I came to you into Egypt, are mine; Ephraim and Manasse, as Ruben and Symeon they shall be mine. 6 And the children which you shall beget hereafter shall be in the name of their brethren; they shall be named after their inheritances. 7 And as for me, when I came out of Mesopotamia of Syria, Rachel, your mother, died in the land of Chanaan, as I drew nigh to the horse-course of Chabratha of the land of Chanaan, so as to come to Ephratha; and I buried her in the road of the course; this is Bethlehem."

        8 "And when Israel saw the sons of Joseph, he said, 'Who are these to you?" 9And Joseph said to his father, 'They are my sons, whom God gave me here;' and Jacob said, 'Bring me them, that I may bless them.' 10Now the eyes of Israel were dim through age, and he could not see; and he brought them near to him, and he kissed them, and embraced them. 11And Israel said to Joseph, 'Behold, I have not been deprived of seeing your face, and lo! God has showed me your seed also.'  12And Joseph brought them out from between his knees, and they did reverence to him, with their face to the ground. 13And Joseph took his two sons, both Ephraim in his right hand, but on the left of Israel, and Manasse on his left hand, but on the right of Israel, and brought them near to him. 14But Israel having stretched out his right hand, laid it on the head of Ephraim, and he was the younger; and his left hand on the head of Manasse, his hands crosswise."

JACOB BLESSES JOSEPH'S SONS Gen 48:15-21; 15And he blessed them and said, "The God in whose sight my fathers were well pleasing, Abraam and Isaac, the God who continues to feed me from my youth until this day; the angel who delivers me from all evils, bless these boys, and my name shall be called upon them, and the name of my fathers, Abraam and Isaac; and let them be increased to a great multitude on the earth." 17And Joseph saw that his father put his right hand on the head of Ephraim -- it seemed grievous to him; and Joseph took hold of the hand of his father, to remove it from the head of Ephraim to the head of Manasse. 18And Joseph said to his father, "Not so, father; for this is the firstborn; lay your right-hand upon his head." 19And he would not, but said, "I know it, son, I know it; he also shall be a people and he shall be exalted, but his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations." 20And he blessed them in that day, saying "In you shall Israel be blessed," saying, "God make you as Ephraim and Manasse;" and he set Ephraim before Manasse. 21And Israel said to Joseph, "Behold, I die; and God shall be with you, and restore you to the land of your fathers."

MOSES BLESSES JOSEPH Deuteronomy 33:13-17; "13And to Joseph he said, 'His land is of the blessing of the Lord, of the seasons of sky and dew, and of the deeps of wells below, 14and of the fruits of the changes of the sun in season, and of the produce of the months, 15from the top of the ancient mountains and from the top of the everlasting hills, 16and of the fulness of the land in season: and let the things pleasing to him that dwelt in the bush come on the head of Joseph, and on the crown of him who was glorified above his brethren. 17His beauty is as the firstling of his bull [Ephraim = bull, the first age in the Kingdom of Heaven], his horns are the horns of a unicorn (one horn - rhinoceros); with them he shall thrust the nations at once, even from the end of the earth: these are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and these are the thousands of Manasse."

        Why did Ephraim and Manasse get the primary blessing from Jacob? It was because the real inheritance consisted of the great vineyard God had prepared for His people: the Kingdom of Heaven. Since Ephraim and Manasse are the first two ages in the coming kingdom, Jacob is actually stating the simple fact of the matter, and he crosses his arms over their heads to indicate the proper sequence of the two grandsons/ages. As the Big Picture continues to develop and I see how accurately the Bible presents all the varying pieces of information, I am more and more awed at the level of inspiration.

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JUDA - zIoύδαv [b. 1849 BC, Son of Lea] Fourth son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name is twofold: ό is the color violet or purple, the color of royalty which would be Juda's destiny, though it may not have been on the mind of Lea at this time. Her feeling is probably that of which is a loud expression of sorrow or joy, perhaps reflecting her feeling of frustration and sadness from failing to win her husband's love. So she resigns herself to this, and turns to the Lord with thanks, and doesn't get pregnant the following year. Though she would bear again later.

Birth: Gen 29:35; "Now yet again this time will I give thanks to the Lord; therefore she called his name Juda, and ceased bearing."

Blessing by Jacob at death: 285BC Greek Septuagint text (Brenton translation) of Gen 49:8-12; "Juda, your brothers have praised you, and your hands shall be on the back of your enemies; your father's sons shall do you reverence. Juda is a lion's whelp, from the tender plant, my son, you are gone up, having couched you lie as a lion, and as a whelp; who shall stir him up? A ruler shall not fail from Juda, nor a prince from his loins, until there come the things stored up for him; and he is the expectation of nations. Binding his foal to the vine, and the foal of his ass to the branch, he shall wash his robe in wine and his garment in the blood of the grape. His eyes shall be more cheering than wine, and his teeth whiter than milk."

1,000AD Masoretic Hebrew text (KJV) of Gen 49:8-12: "Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy fathers' children shall bow down before thee. Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes. His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk."

Moses blessing: Deut 33:7 "Hear, Lord, the voice of Juda, and do visit his people: his hands shall contend for him, and you shall be a help from his enemies."

Tribe Symbol: LION, secondary are 3 LIONS, SCEPTER, GRAPEVINE.

Countries: Britain, Netherlands, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium

JUDA'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2, Juda is placed to the East of the Tabernacle, a Brigade Tribe whose Brigade emblem is Lion, but who also has secondary emblems of A three lions," and a sceptre.

g LION: THE LIVING BEING OF REVELATION 4:7 "Lion" represents one of God's four manifested Natures, specifically, the Physical Nature (or Mind). At the beginning of the Kingdom of World, the obsession of God= s children was for mastery of worldly powers. The Royal Lion was the leader who keynoted, set the tone, for the quest for physical experiences that were not possible in the previous kingdom in their glorified bodies.

JUDA'S PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Juda coincides with the Zodiac age of Leo, the very first age after the transition into Kingdom of World, the last time being about 10,000 to 8,000BC. We, at the present time are at the very end of the Kingdom World period which Juda inaugurated 12,000 years ago. Juda is the leader, the whelp of youth at the beginning of this era. For the tribe nations of Israel, Juda is the Royal Tribe, their leader. His symbol is the fearless lion.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF JUDA: The age of Juda is the same as the age of Leo, both having the symbol of Lion. It is God's Physical Nature/Mind that  both are expressing. While the Zodiac influence of Leo is of the heavenly/spiritual path, the influence of Juda is part of the worldly path. Certainly, in a perfect context God's physical Nature could be expressed wonderfully, but in the negative Kingdom of World, where the ruler is Satan the tempter, the age of Juda would see little of the positive/Godly expression of Physical Mind. The age of Juda saw God's children plummeting into the abyss of sensual pleasures and ignorance and complete absence of Godly spirituality. Jesus had already been entombed in the pyramid coffin near the end of the previous age of Virgo, so His presence was absent, just as in the age of Aquarius, Satan's presence will be absent. Near the end of the age of Juda, Jesus returned to exercise a little influence but then before the end of Issachar, Jesus was removed from the scene again until reappearing in Gemini with the re-spiriting of the Adamic race. Such is the cyclic pattern. Anyway, the nature of civilization during the age of Juda was increasingly decadent, without any constraints. God's Elect were not there, and the rest of the multitudes of Israel felt no Spirit working within them. God's Physical Nature is His Administration of all physical functions, namely the physiological, the biological, the botanical, and the atomic level of energies, along with basic urges like those to propagate or to kill. His Physical Nature is expressed most purely through the living creatures like micro-organisms and insects and small animals, along with the inanimate universe of atoms. Among all these, there are no limits to their activities; they survive by exercising their instincts, and there is nothing beyond that in their consciousness. When God's people abandon their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional natures just to gratify the physical desires, they will plummet to a level unimaginable to us who think with higher minds. That downfall accelerated during the age of Juda.

ZODIAC AGE OF LEO b parallels the Tribal age of Juda, and the Disciple age of Simon Peter, from about 10,000BC until about 8,000BC. Here is the first age in the Kingdom of World. The children of God are on a downward path, away from Godliness and toward mastery of the finite material World. Their hunger for "mastery" is the dark side of one's natural yearning for empowerment, here practiced as power-over-others, a royal kingship. It is appropriately symbolized by the Lion, the king of the jungle. It is the lust for World which caused God's people to "fall" from their perfection, and at 10,000BC they have just gone through the cataclysmic geophysical transition from positive energy to the negative. In their hunger for the finite, they left the home of their Father and went, as prodigals, to live with the pigs in a distant land. Where they thought their royal powers would make them kings. Surprise! They lost those powers and found themselves strangers in a foreign land where their worst enemy, Satan, was lord, and where Jesus was absent.

        Leo is one of the "Fixed Signs" of the Zodiac, having the Lion for its symbol. The Lion of Juda is one of the four Living Beings of Revelation 4:6, representing the Physical Nature/Mind of God.


DISCIPLE AGE OF SIMON PETER. Here is the one whom Jesus called "the rock." Is that just a clue about the Physical Nature which Peter represents, or is the Disciple the same as the Age? Or are they separate facets through which God expresses His Physical Nature? Peter is a brother of Andrew; their father's name was John. He and Andrew were disciples of John the Baptist, but followed Jesus when He appeared. The brothers were fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, living at Bethsaida, but later resided in Capernaum where Jesus lived. See John 1:35-42 for his call to follow Jesus. The New Testament says much about this powerful leader, which I will not detail here. The "Quo Vadis" tradition says that Peter was crucified and asked to be upside down on his cross because he didn't deserve to mimic Jesus. Tradition says his wife's name was Concordia and that she traveled with him on his journeys.

        It seems significant to me that this age of Peter immediately follows the age of Virgo, in which the Lord of Heaven had just been killed and entombed in a Great Pyramid. Remember that it was Peter who let Jesus be killed while saving his own physical life. And, modeled after that Virgo entombment, we see Peter running to be one of the first to arrive at Jesus' tomb where the stone had been rolled away. In the Great Pyramid entombment, the sarcophagus stone lid was also supernaturally removed. And it was later in that age of Peter/Leo that Jesus did return for a while to encourage His people, just as He did after His resurrection. Jesus said about Peter, "upon this rock I will build my church;" that statement seems to fit the age of Peter being the foundation age of the 6,000 year Kingdom of World, during which the Christ race from Adam is gathered into Jesus' church (ekklesia). These are parallels that only become visible when one sees the Big Picture. Note also that in Mark 16:7, the angel at the tomb mentions Peter's name: "Go tell His disciples, and Peter, that He goes before you into Galilee. There you will see Him, just as He told you." [I realize that I am only touching  briefly some information that you have not heard before.]  Peter, a fisherman, represents earthiness, strength, and leadership to those who get acquainted with him in the New Testament. We imagine him with red hair and powerful stature: Lionic Royalty.

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ISSACHAR - zIσσάχαρ [b. ca.1847 BC, Son of Lea] Ninth son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name is «σσα/issa, an exclamation of triumph over another's distress.

Birth: Gen 30:18; "God has given me my reward, because I gave my maid to my husband."

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:14; "Issachar has desired that which is good; resting between the allotted lands/estates. And having seen the resting place that it was good, and the land that it was fertile, he subjected his shoulder to labor, and became a husbandman."

Moses' blessing: Deut 33:18;  "Rejoice, Zabulon, in your going out, and Issachar in his tents. They shall utterly destroy the tribes (ßθvη), and you shall call there, and there offer the sacrifice of righteousness; for the wealth of the sea shall suckle you, and so shall the marts of them that dwell by the sea-coast."

Tribe Symbol: LADEN-ASS

Countries: ?

TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: Issachar is at the East of the Tabernacle as part of the Lion Brigade which Juda leads.

PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Issachar coincides with the Zodiac age of Cancer. It was from about 8,000BC to 6,000BC. On the historical diagram it is midway between the beginning of the start of the Kingdom of World and the nadir of a cycle. It does not inaugurate the World kingdom, nor does it experience the very basest level that civilization can reach. It rests between those two.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF ISSACHAR: Being midway between the start of the World kingdom and its lowest point, civilization is deteriorating/degenerating. The physical realm had been mastered and it was here possible to gain the satisfaction of survival by one's own efforts. Food could be obtained by the raising of livestock. Nevertheless, relationships with enemies were terrible because violence was rampant. There was no compassion or charity or good will or fairness or any other facet of the Golden Rule.

        Moses' blessing says they shall utterly destroy the ethne. That word, ethne, is the most mistranslated word in the Bible, often into English as "gentiles," with a meaning of non-Jews. But it means ethnic group and race and sometimes means tribes. Since we know the Big Picture, and that God's children were foreigners in the World, we can assume that they were hated and assaulted from all sides. This passage only makes sense if we understand the word ethne to mean the race of Adam, or as we might think of them in this study, the tribes. In order to understand how they were utterly destroyed, look at the reciprocal age on the sine-wave diagram, the age of Capricorn. During that period, according to John's Revelation, Satan had been released just prior to that age, and was able to be somewhat active during it, and then about three fourths through that age Satan was destroyed by being cast into the fire. By Satan, the Bible is here speaking of the corpus of Satan, namely the Cain/Edom race who are called "Jews" in the N.T. So, during the age of Issachar, we can assume that a reciprocal activity occurred, in that members of the Christ found some rest and by their labors began to flourish, even offering sacrifice of righteousness, and then were subsequently eliminated about three fourths through the age. According to Moses, they must have received considerable blessing from God for the wealth of the sea to suckle them unto prosperity. But it couldn't last.

        Now that we can see how events are patterned; whatever happens to the positive race in World will happen to the negative race in Heaven, and vice versa. Therefore, if Christ's race was permitted a period of success in the age of Issachar/Cancer, then we can expect Satan's race to have a similar degree of success during the age of Manasse/Capricorn. What's fair for one is fair for the other.

        Consider that, with  the age of Cancer, we might think of the now-common disease which is an out-of-control degeneration of tissue in one's body. So it was that civilization had no restraints to prevent its slide into depravity.


ZODIAC AGE OF CANCER:  a parallels the Tribe Age of Issachar, from about 8,000BC to 6,000BC. This Zodiac Sign is considered "Cardinal" and a "Water" sign by astrologers. Its symbol is a crab. It is generally described as an influence which grasps for material possessions. The Cancer Age is part of the quarter cycle significated by the Lion which represents the Physical Nature of God. In this location on the sine wave diagram of history, it is the last age prior to Gemini in which God reintroduces His Spirit into His people. So, during this age of Cancer, material lusts and worldly mastery are nearly unrestrained. Like the disease of cancer, the people are degenerating to the lowest depths of depravity and wickedness possible. The Christ influence operated during the first three-quarters of the age but only to a minimal extent.


DISCIPLE AGE OF BARTHOLOMEW: We are not given details of the call of this disciple by Jesus. He is mentioned in lists recorded in Mat 10:3, Mark 3:18, Luke 6:14, and Acts 1:13. But he is not mentioned elsewhere in the N.T. We are left to assume that he made little or nothing of the ministry to which he had been ordained. The age that he represents was nothing more than a continued descent into materialism and depravity, a disease that seemed unstoppable.

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ZABULON - Ζαβoυλώv [b. ca.1846 BC, Son of Lea] Tenth son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name is twofold: ζά/dza is a more ancient Greek word which in Koinť became δια/dia meaning "through," and βoυλή/boule which means "will, determination of the gods, council, design." So, Lea is exclaiming that it is through her deliberate determination that she is the primary wife of Jacob, by virtue of bearing six sons. We must imagine that Jacob's household was not a peaceful place with these two women rivals!

Birth: Gen 30:20; "God has given me a good gift in this time; my husband will choose me, for I have born him six sons."

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:13; "Zabulon shall dwell on the coast, and shall be by a haven of ships, and shall extend to Sidon."

Moses blessing: Deut 33:18;  "Rejoice, Zabulon, in your going out, and Issachar in his tents. They shall utterly destroy the tribes (ßθvη), and you shall call there, and there offer the sacrifice of righteousness; for the wealth of the sea shall suckle you, and so shall the marts of them that dwell by the sea-coast."  

Tribe Symbol: SHIP

Countries: England, Holland, Scotland, Denmark, Netherlands

ZABULON'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2, God places Zabulon to the East in the Juda Brigade under the banner of the Lion emblem.

ZABULON'S PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Zabulon coincides with the age of Gemini, from about 6,000BC to 4,000BC. Here is the start of our own Bible history with the appearance of Adam. The Genesis story summarizes the ancient creation story in only two chapters, telling it as a simple overview that would suffice for God's children.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF ZABULON: As I read the blessings, my mind quickly turns to the Great Flood of Noe, which happened around the end of the Zabulon age. The tribe-emblem for Zabulon is a Ship, and I think of the Ark. The age of Zabulon was on the coast, the lower edge of the descending path of God's children, after which a Flood happened and an Ark saved one family to repropagate the race. Moses' joint blessing for the two brothers brings a slightly different application of the destruction to mind here than for the age of Issachar. At the Great Flood, it is again the ethnic Adamic race which gets destroyed. Let's review the story of Adam and his descendants during this age of Zabulon/Gemini. The story starts with them in Edem, a paradisaical garden that was the Pamir Plateau up in the mountains north of Pakistan, in what is now Tajikistan. Here is the only place in the world where major rivers are born running in all four compass directions. From the Pamir (Edem) the family left to the eastward into the Tarim Pendi basin of western China, a large basin surrounded by mountains, with the Tien Shan mountains at the north edge. In recent years marvelously-preserved ancient white race mummies, of thousands of years ago, have been discovered at the base of the Tien Shan mountains. See the book Mummies of Urumchi, by E.W. Barber. After  the Great Flood, Noe's descendants migrated westward, with Sem's progeny settling for a while in the Punjab region of northwest India, where the Sanskrit Upanishads still witness to the presence of our ancient ancestors there, giving us some hint of their spiritual ideas. Brother Cain's family had already left the far east prior to the Flood to settle in Mesopotamia. Sem's descendants would be led from the Punjab, by Heber, to Sumer around 2,600BC where the Cain race had settled.. Japhet's descendants migrated into Europe as Phoenicians, and Cham's people went to Egypt to found the Pharaoic dynasties. But, with this information we have gone far beyond the age of Gemini. Jacob mentions the coast and the city of Sidon. The area of the Promised Land allotted to Zabulon was from the Sea of Galilee to the west almost to the coast, and northward toward Sidon, but Aser and Nephthali were yet to the north of Zabulon, and even they did not reach as far as Sidon. So, during this tribe's sojourn in the Promised Land, Jacob's prophecy was not fulfilled. That leaves us to look at the age of Zabulon for something that looks like fulfillment. That the Tarim Pendi Basin was flooded and Adam's people (Noe) forced to leave might be applicable, but that did not happen until the very end of Gemini and into the first part of Taurus. Perhaps my speculation is inappropriate, but I don= t know what else to conjecture.

ZODIAC AGE OF GEMINI: parallels the Tribe Age of Zabulon, from about 6,000BC to 4,000BC.The symbol for Gemini is the Roman Numeral II. Gemini means "heavenly twins." It was during this age that the story of Adam begins. Eve had two children, the first fathered by Satan and the second fathered by Adam. These two brothers represent two races of men in eternal contest. The descendants from Adam have native instincts of goodness, fairness, honesty, compassion, benevolence, peace, Godliness, Righteousness, and the Golden Rule. The descendants from Cain have instincts directly opposite those just listed. Jesus, in John 8:44, says their primary instincts are lying and murdering.

Most important to Christians is the fact that God re-empowered His children with His Spirit about 7,500 years ago in this age of Gemini, thereby enabling us, His Spirit Offspring, to struggle upwards along the difficult ascent toward Him and perfect Righteousness. Only the act of spiritual-yielding can counter the intellectual-bondage of knowing good and evil. In other words, only the Spiritual Nature can balance or correct the Intellectual Nature which was perverted at the time of Man's "fall" from Holiness. Fortunately, it is ONLY God's special race who are born with Spiritual Minds, through which God expresses Himself. But, alas, the dark side of our Physical, Emotional, and Mental natures (aka human nature) is difficult to overcome. That is the same as to say, "The Beast is difficult to overcome." Each of the three Natures, Physical, Emotional, Mental, have six wings/aspects, so it is that "mark of the Beast" which we war against. It is a war which we are born into. Jesus said, "Don't think I came to bring peace; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." In the Gospel of Thomas, #16, "Jesus said, 'Men think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. They do not know that it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war. For their will be five in a house: three will be against two, and two against three, the father against the son, and the son against the father. And they will stand solitary.'" Obviously most Christians choose to follow a Jesus of their own imaging rather than this one who leads His people against Satan, His eternal foe. Christians today sing about "peace on earth," without realizing they are deserting our Lord's Service. GEMINI = twins/battle/war/eternal-contest/two-opponent-races! Christ versus Satan. Our war began in Gemini.

DISCIPLE AGE OF PHILIP: parallels Tribal age of Zabulon. Philip was another from Bethsaida, who had gone to Bethany to hear John the Baptist. It was there that Jesus called him. (Jn 1:43) Philip then told Nathanael. According the the Genealogies of the Twelve Apostles, Philip was of the Tribe of Zabulon. Appropriately then, the age of Philip on our chart coincides with that of Zabulon. Philip was certainly an active evangelist to the lost sheep of Israel. Acts 21:9 says he had four unmarried daughters who had the gift of prophecy. So, here in the age of Gemini, we are seeing a renewal of Spiritual life after several ages of its decline.

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RUBEN - {Ρoυβ¨ v [b. 1852 BC, Son of Lea] First son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek root for this name comes from oβα/rhoba which means dress or garment. For Lea this son is something to cover her humiliation, something to make her more lovable to her husband.

Birth: Gen 29:31-32; "When the Lord God saw that Lea was hated, he opened her womb; but Rachel was barren. And Lea conceived and bore a son to Jacob, and she called his name Ruben, saying, 'Because the Lord has looked on my humiliation, and has given me a son, now my husband will love me.'"

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:3; "Ruben, you are my first-born, you my strength, and the first of my children, hard to be endured, and self-willed. You were insolent [wanton, extravagant] like water, not as a boil, for you went to the bed of your father; then you defiled the bed, whereupon you went up."

Moses blessing: De 33:6; "Let Ruben live, and not die, and let him be many in number."

Tribe Symbol: MAN, secondary symbol is WATER.

Countries: Denmark, Greece, Iceland

        After Rachel's death, Ruben had sex with Balla, a stepmother, who was Rachel's maid and also the mother of his brothers, Dan & Nephthali. Thus Ruben lost favor, and his primo-geniture birthright to the descendants of Joseph (Gen 49:4; I Chron 5:1)

Ruben's 4 sons: Enoch, Phallus, Asron, & Charmi (Ex 6:14)

Ruben was the first-born and according to the law of primo-geniture, the inheritance of the estate is due to him. But, what is that inheritance which Ruben lost because of his insolence? It was the estate God has prepared for His people, that great vineyard called the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, look at the sinewave diagram. Jacob's twelve sons were born around the 1850's BC, early in the age of Aries/Symeon. The age of Ruben was the age preceding that. It was past. It was not possible for the age of Ruben to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. So, this is why the primary blessing was given to Ephraim and Manasse, who would be the first two ages of the Kingdom of Heaven.


RUBEN'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2, God places Ruben to the South. Ruben is a Brigade tribe, namely the leader of a three tribe group on the South side of the tabernacle. The next two tribes mentioned are Symeon and Gad, so they are part of the Ruben Brigade. Ruben's symbol is Man, signifying God's Man/family in which the Spirit of God dwells in each member. It is God's Man (Adam) who is being revived at the time of the age of Ruben following the nadir of the cycle. Man is one of the Living Beings of Rev. 4:7, representing God's spiritual nature which would be expressed through His family during this quarter cycle that begins with the Zodiac age of Taurus (Bull), which represents God's emotional nature as another of the Living Beings in Rev. 4:7.


 g MAN: THE LIVING BEING OF REVELATION 4:7. Man represents one facet of God's Mind (vooς = the active principle of all manifestation). The Living Being, Man, is one of God's four manifested Natures, specifically, the Spiritual Nature. The other three natures are Lion/Physical, Eagle/Intellect, and Bull/Emotional. These Living Beings are the powers which call forth the four horses of Rev. 6 as forces which influence all the manifestation. Each of these Beings/Natures/Powers/Influences is, in its turn, relatively dominant over its specific quarter of the historical cycle, which is a dynamic process. In the case of Ruben, the Man/Spiritual Nature of God is to be expressed through the selected race from Sem, a son of Noe, during the6,000 year quarter-cycle from 4,000BC to 2,000AD. This Spiritual influence, beginning with the age of Ruben, turns God's family upward in a climb toward eventual reunion with our Father, our Source. The Spiritual Nature is the influence needed in order to counter the powerful negative energy of World and the Emotional influence of Taurus, so that we are instinctively compelled to focus upon Him who calls His prodigals homeward. The Bible relates the history of God's Men during the past 6,000 years, the quarter begun with Ruben. It is OUR story, and it is about a spiritual struggle. The four Natures or Minds of God are mentioned as four Living Beings in Revelation 4:7, as four Living Creatures in Ezekiel 1:10, and as Seraphs in Isaiah 6:2. They also appear as the Brigade Emblems of Juda (Lion), Ephraim (Bull), Ruben (Man), and Dan (Eagle). Their emblems today still serve to signify Royal Britain (Lion of Juda), English people (Bull of Ephraim), Denmark and Greece (Man of Ruben), and Germany & U.S. (Eagle of Dan). The four Natures/Minds of God comprise the essential substance of all that exists! In Ezekiel we see the four symbols in the wheels which represent the cycles of time, which are empowered by the Spirit of Life. God lives through His four Natures.


RUBEN'S PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Ruben coincides with the age of Taurus (Bull), from about 4,000 BC until the birth of Abram about 2,000 BC. Consider this location on the sine-wave diagram; it begins at the very nadir of a cycle and it is the first age in which there will be spiritual progress instead of decline. The energy has just changed. After six ages of decline from "spiritual life" into decadence and worldly materialism, here begins a change of direction toward spirituality. God's children had become destitute, hated, foreign, and naked victims of Satan's oppression. Ruben is like a robe covering over that shame and humiliation. With this change of direction, there is a notion that now God, the husband, will begin to love His wife, the body of Christ called "Israel." The statement made in Gen 29:31 might be reworded to say, "When the Lord God saw that His people of Israel were hated, He blessed them; but it was not yet time for Rachel's heavenly age. And an age was born, called Ruben, because the Lord saw His people's shame and provided a cover for their humiliation. Perhaps now, God will begin to love His children." Note that first-born Ruben's position is to begin the ascending path toward reunion with God, and then last-born Benjamin is positioned at the very ending of that ascending path. With Benjamin, Rachel, the most loved wife, died. The other half of the cycle, following the age of Benjamin, is the wicked descending path away from God, back into world materialism. None of Rachel's children represent that descent.


NATURE OF THE AGE OF RUBEN: We look at Jacob's blessing for his description of the nature of his first-born as defining the nature of this age of Ruben. Jacob says, "hard to be endured, and self-willed. You were insolent..." God's children would certainly be hard to endure for those children of Cain who try to rule the World under their lord and father, Satan. We, of God, were given free-will along with insolent attitudes that make us difficult to enslave. The age of Ruben is very important, for in it Noe's flood cleansed the race, and a pure bloodline of Semites then began to coalesce into God's family. Here is where we had a fresh beginning after Adam's descendants had mixed with other races contrary to God's will and they had to be destroyed. A pure racial genetic line is of primary importance throughout the Bible. Our fresh racial start began in Ruben/Taurus. At the flood of Noe, God destroyed all the Adamites who had bred with other races. In the case of Ruben, who had slept with Rachel's maid, Balla, as had Ruben's own father, Moses says, "Let Ruben live, and not die."

        Ruben represents God's Spiritual Nature during this 2,000 year period of Taurus. It is that Spiritual Power that enabled the earth-bound Adamites to change direction toward their ultimate home in Heaven. While the Zodiac influence of Emotions provides the underlying influence which dominates the age,  God's children are benefiting from a Spiritual influence which enables them to rise above the ways of the world and struggle toward their Spiritual Father, like a Salmon struggles upstream. It is this spiritual influence which has benefited God's people during the past quarter cycle from the time of Noe until today, thus making it possible for individuals who really work hard at it, to climb upwards toward our Father, our Source.


ZODIAC AGE OF TAURUS _ parallels the age of Ruben, from about 4,000BC to 2,000BC.  The Zodiac sign of Taurus the Bull is considered "Fixed," and an "Earth Sign" by astrologers. Although I scorn the use of astrology for horoscopes and divination, there is some astrological information that might benefit our understanding of the Big Picture. While the basic Zodiac signs are obviously meaningful to Bible history, it is best to consider all other astrological information as conjecture. Astrologers consider Taurus to be an influence which promotes values of money, possessions, and possessiveness; a powerful earthy, materialistic bondage, along with sexual hunger and emotional nature. That description from the pseudo-science of astrology does seem to agree with what we know of the nature of that period of history between Noe and Abram when the Bull was the idol of veneration, and when the religion of emotions (lamentations), Paganism, was developed by the Cain race who had migrated to Sumer about 4500BC, long before Adam's descendants went there.

        Taurus is one of the four "Fixed" Signs, the other three being Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio. Those four Fixed Signs have the same symbols as the four Zodiac ages, each of which starts one quarter cycle of history. The Bull/Calf of Taurus is one of the four Living Beings of Revelation 4:6. The other three Living Beings are the Lion of Leo, the Man of Aquarius, and the Eagle (Aquila) of Scorpio. These symbols are the same as those Cherubim of Ezekiel 1 & 10, the Seraphim of Isaiah 6, and the Cherubim of Genesis 3:25. Ezekiel's "wheels" were the cycles of time, which we are discussing in this article. These representations of Living Beings were also placed in the Ark of Testimony/Covenant (Exodus 25-37 & Hebrews 9). The Christian movement has never connected the dots to discover that the Cherubim are the same Living Beings of Revelation 4. These Living Beings provide a theme to the entire Bible which has not yet been understood, but which ties all our scriptures into a coherent whole unit. The four Signs/Cherubs/Living Beings are the four Natures of God through which God expresses (manifests) Himself into "Reality." The four Natures (Minds?) of God are Physical, Emotional, Mental/Intellectual, and Spiritual. Each of these four Living Beings has "Six Wings" which are aspects of that Nature. Four Natures, each with six aspects, make up twenty four Elders (Rev. 4). If one is ever going to know the Father, he must ponder the Nature(s) of Him who is the source of all Life. One must be willing to connect the dots of the information we've been given, and then let the Holy Spirit awaken insights into His Truth. That's how "enlightenment" happens. You can't float lazily downstream without putting an oar into the water and still expect to reach the upper source of that stream!


DISCIPLE AGE OF ANDREW: Just as Ruben was the first-born of the twelve sons of Jacob, Andrew was the first disciple called by Jesus to follow Him. Also like Ruben, Andrew represents the Spiritual Nature of God, both having the symbol of "Man." In Greek, Andrew's name, andreas, means "Man." Man, namely: God's Man - the entire body of Christ, is the symbol of the Living Being which expresses God's Spiritual Nature. In Matthew 4:18 we read about the call of Andrew and Simon Peter in Bethsaida of Galilee, along the shore of the Lake. They left their boat and their nets to follow Jesus. They are an example of all who recognize their Shepherd and let go their grasp of the world of material bondage in order to be spiritually free members of Christ. Their father's name was John (Jn 1:42; 21:15, 16, 17). Andrew and Simon Peter were disciples of John the Baptist, but changed their allegiance to Jesus after He appeared (Jn 1:35-40). Andrew was present at most of the important events of Jesus ministry. Andrew and Ruben were influences that helped found a Spiritual movement of God's people, a long difficult ascent towards God's "Olympus."

        The Eastern Orthodox Church (Byzantine, Greek, Russian) selected Andrew (Man, Spiritual) as its chief witness of Jesus' group, just as Rome (western Christianity) selected Peter (Lion, Physical) as its primary disciple.

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SYMEON - Συμεώv [b. 1851 BC, Son of Lea] Second son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek root for this name is the first three letters συμ- which would become in Latin the prefix "syn" meaning "with." In Greek the word is used as a prefix to mean "ally, to be in alliance with." For Lea, this son would be her ally, since she was hated by her husband.

Birth: Gen 29: "Because the Lord has heard that I am hated, he has given to me this one also; and she called his name Symeon."

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:5; "Symeon and Levi, brothers, accomplished the injustice of their cutting off. Let not my soul come into their counsel, and let not mine inward parts contend in their conspiracy, for in their wrath they slew men, and in their passion they hamstringed a bull. Cursed be their wrath for it was willful, and their anger, for it was cruel; I will divide those in Jacob and scatter those in Israel."

Moses blessing: none

Tribe Symbol: SWORD, secondary symbol is GATE

Countries: Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark

Symeon's sons: Jemuel, Jamin, Aod, Jachin, Saar, & Saul

SYMEON'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: Numbers 2 B Symeon is placed next to Ruben, after him. This tribe is part of the Brigade of Ruben, under the Brigade flag which has an emblem of Man.

SYMEON'S PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Symeon coincides with Aries, from the birth of Abram (2,096 BC) until the birth of Christ. It is interesting that Moses gave no blessing to Symeon, given that Moses lived during the age of Symeon. Notably, most of our Biblical Old Testament history happened during this age of the Lamb, after the age of the Bull had passed. Notice that Symeon and Levi had hamstringed a bull, meaning they cut the tendons of its hind legs so it couldn't walk or kick. Bull was the prior age, which Symeon replaced. See the sine-wave diagram to find the age of Symeon as the second of three ages which make up the spiritual struggles during the Zodiac Emotional quarter of the cycle, in which prodigal Men struggle against the World on their homeward path.

        Still being in the same quarter that was keynoted by Man (spiritual) and Bull (emotional), we read the O.T. record of their tragic struggle with God's contract of law, and the divorce from Him which resulted from their breach of that contract. On the mundane emotional level, we witness the result of their lusts for the grandeur of the Babylonians, and for the gods of their Pagan neighbors which better served their emotional hungers.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF SYMEON: Jacob's words make up a profound description of the age of Symeon/Aries, which comprises nearly all of our Old Testament, excepting the first few chapters of Genesis. Symeon's was a 2,000 year period during which God's family of Israel caused their own cutting off. God rails in anger at Israel, after warning them repeatedly through His prophets. Yet they persisted in their conspiracy against Him. After the contract at Sinai and their promise to do all that God commanded, they had gone astray and turned from Him. They breached the contract and brought upon themselves the cutting off, namely the divorce from Him and their dispersion from their Promised Land. God did truly divide those in Jacob and scatter those in Israel by bringing the Assyrians against them and forcing them to migrate into Europe where they forgot their origin and their God.

ZODIAC AGE OF ARIES  ^ parallels the age of Symeon, from about 2,000BC until the birth of Jesus. The Zodiac sign of Aries is considered "Cardinal" and a "Fire Sign" by astrologers. This Zodiac influence is considered to be like a Ram, rash, hardy, springy, lascivious, and combative. It is a sign of new beginnings, creativity, and enthusiasm, also self-centered and self-directed. When we look at the history of the Old Testament Israelites, it is pretty easy to describe their general character as Arian.

DISCIPLE NATHANAEL: Little is known about this person. It is thought that he might be the same as Thaddeus. John 1:45-49 tells of the calling of Nathanael by Jesus, "Philip finds Nathanael and says to him, 'He whom Moses wrote of in the law and also in the Prophets, we have found, Jesus, the son of Joseph from Nazareth.' And Nathanael said to him, 'from Nazareth can there be anything good?' Philip says to him, 'come and see.' Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him and says about him, 'Look, a genuine Israelite in whom is no guile.' Nathanael says to him, 'How do you know me?' Jesus answered, saying to him, 'before Philip called you, I saw you under the fig tree.' Nathanael answered him, 'Rabbi, you are the Son of God, you are King of Israel.'" Now, ponder how that incident typifies the Israelites who followed Moses out of Egypt into a wilderness where they were introduced personally to our Almighty God at Mount Sinai. They were convinced of His reality and authority and presence and power by things that He did at that mountain. The reference to "guile" credits him with doing rightly, versus doing wrong. There is an implication of "law" in that statement, and it was God's Law which Israel received at Sinai, during the age of Aries/Symeon/Nathanael. Though little is known about this disciple, it seems appropriate to locate him alongside Symeon and Aries.

        It is puzzling and frustrating that we are given so little information about some of the disciples, and cannot even determine for certain the names of the twelve. That is ironic because that number of disciples was of obvious importance; so much so that they met to elect a replacement for Judas. While a few of the disciples fit perfectly alongside Tribe names and Zodiac signs, some are nearly blanks on the chart.

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GAD [b. ca.1849 BC, Son of Zelpha, Lea's servant] Seventh son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name may be γαίω/gaio which means "rejoice, exult."  Lea's statement at this birth implies this meaning.

Birth: Gen 30:11; "It is happily."  (Lea= s statement)

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49: "Gad, a plundering troop shall plunder him; but he shall plunder him, pursuing him closely."

Moses' blessing: Deut 33:20; "Blessed be he that enlarges Gad; as a lion he rested, having broken the arm and the ruler. And he saw his first-fruits, that there the land of the princes gathered with the chiefs of the people was divided; the Lord wrought righteousness, and his judgment with Israel."

Tribe Symbol: KNIGHT

Countries: ?

TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2, Gad is one of the three tribes of the Brigade of Ruben, under the flag of the Man emblem, which means Spiritual Nature.

PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Gad coincides with the Zodiac age of Pisces (Fish), being from the birth of Jesus until the end of Pisces which is somewhere around the year 2,000AD; some speculate the supernatural liberation event of a geophysical cataclysm to be 2007 and others look to 2012AD. At which time we will transition from the negative kingdom of World into the positive energy Kingdom of Heaven, and will enter the age of Aquarius/Ephraim. See the sine-wave diagram. Jesus was born as the fisher of men. The New Testament emphasizes fish to a strange and inordinate degree. Of course, that is because Pisces is the age of Christianity, just as the previous Aries was the age of Lamb veneration. Each age brings a new religion that builds upon the old, and each age is begun with the birth of a prominent person who defines the religion for that age.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF GAD: How might we describe the nature of this period of history which has been our own civilization? We know its history quite well, and each interpreter of our past would probably describe it differently. How Gad's mother's statement is meaningful to us, "It is happily," is something that anyone can speculate about, and perhaps everyone can be right. My thought is that the past 6,000 years of our spiritual climb have been terribly difficult. We have been beseiged by many; we have been under the dominion of Satan and his race of Edomites who control most of their World. We have been killed by the millions, cheated, and robbed, enslaved, and shamed. Our Lord was killed by them, too. For God's people, the kingdom of World has been Hell!  Yet, in spite of all that, our people stand out above all others as a happy and optimistic people. We have never lost sight of one truth, that in the end we shall overcome our enemies and shall institute a heavenly kingdom under our Lord, Jesus. We have an instinctive hope that is unique among all races. We are the body of Christ, and we have nearly completed our preparation for the kingdom to come. So, perhaps Lea= s words are appropriate in a significant way after all.

        Jacob says that we will be plundered during the age of Gad, and that has certainly been true. Our eternal enemy, Edom, has been given dominion over us (Jacob's concession to Esau) and has been our plunderer. Our people have been killed by the thousands and by the millions from the earliest days of Christianity B as Edomites (like Poppaea) influenced Roman rulers to persecute and kill Christians. Then, after Constantine, Edomites helped to define the doctrines of Christianity and to organize it into their ancient Pagan religion, to be called Roman Catholicism. Jesus never suggested any such organization or structure, rather He promoted just the opposite. Edomite Jews became Popes and instituted murderous campaigns against Christians, including their infamous Inquisitions. Millions were staked and burned. Edomite Bolsheviks under Stalin murdered over fifty million Germanic Christians; the Russian Solzhenitsyn says it was 66 million. That we have been plundered is a given. But, Jacob says we shall also plunder and shall pursue our tormentors closely. We have never campaigned to exterminate them, like they do to us, but we have never let them destroy us completely either. While being Jesus' innocent sheep, we have not been easy prey for the wolves. The leaders of the militant Zionist movement promised that the last generation of white race was that at the time of their meeting in 1897. Well, it hasn't gone quite as easily as they hoped!

        Moses blesses the enlargement of God's people during the age of Gad. Yes, we obtained our final Promised Land, our New Jerusalem, in America, and we increased greatly in numbers and strength. Moses sees Gad resting here as a lion who broke the arm of the ruler. Of course the Lion of Juda is the Throne of David in London, England, and the ruler, whose arm was broken, would be the Edomite Jewish race who murders us and deceives according to the will of their father, Satan. Then Moses describes America as being divided, which, if he is referring to the Christian church, is an understatement. We are so fractionalized that one Christian will hardly talk to another of a different sect. Yet it is here that the Lord has wrought righteousness: we see Christians divided in many ways, but united in the most important thing; we all look to Jesus as our Lord and King, and we await His return to liberate us from Satan's oppression. God will be standing with us, Israel, in His judgment! Right now, the age of Gad is about to end. O, glorious day!


ZODIAC AGE OF PISCES: i The age of the Fish. It was inaugurated by Jesus and will end sometime shortly after the year 2,000AD, perhaps 2007 or 2012. Instead of venerating the fish, as Abraam and Moses venerated the Lamb of Aries, Jesus called his disciples to fish for Men, namely those diasporan Israelites who migrated to Europe and forgot their God just as God had told them would happen. Pisces is the last sign of the twelve Zodiac symbols. On the sine wave diagram, it is located at the very end of the Kingdom of World. Right now, as I write this in 2006, we are at the end of Pisces. The America experience is a copy of the experience of Israelites in Egypt for 400 years. Our world will end with a supernatural event (like the Red Sea opening) which will liberate God's children from Satan's oppression. The magnetic polarity of our planet will suddenly reverse so that your compass will point to the South Pole rather than North. This iron-core planet will wobble and Jesus' prophecy of Matthew 24 will be fulfilled. Mountains will sink and new ones will arise. Shorelines will change radically. Earthquakes will be off the scale. The sky will be filled with volcanic ash for days. Freak winds will exceed 300 mph. A majority of earth's people will perish. But God's race of Israel will be watched over, especially if they did as Jesus commanded and fled to the mountains. Just prior to the magnetic reversal, America (God's Israel/Jerusalem) will experience the Great Battle of God called Armageddon. We will be nearly defeated, but then the forces of God from all four "winds" will act through the catastrophe to defeat our enemies and give us our freedom. Electricity will no longer be possible because of the electro-magnetic reversal. We will all see primitive conditions where survival is the only value. Things could be very very difficult, except that we will suddenly be in the positive energy half of the cycle where we are at home and where our powers will be usable. We will be in the age of Aquarius!

        But, during the age of Pisces, it has been a long and traumatic process to get the "Good News" to all the true Israelites who had migrated into Europe, Britain, and America as white-race tribes of Israel. The Edomite race has confused and distorted this Good News so badly that most of our people don't know who they truly are. The Edomite Jews who control the world's communications media, publishing houses, and textbooks, have convinced true Israel that they, the Edomites, are really the true Israel. Some Christians even support that lie with money. It's a sorry plight that our people still suffer. Nevertheless, most of our people do look to Jesus as their Lord, which is something the Jews do not do. We recognize our Shepherd and we look to Him, even if our other religious beliefs might be mistaken. Two thousand years of evangelism has reached every single member of Israel's twelve tribes, but it has failed at finding the Truth or at the process of Spiritual Enlightenment. My only personal consolation is that of Ezekiel's vision of a valley of Dry Bones, when the Holy Spirit covered them and awakened them to the Truth again. I'm praying that will happen before the end of Pisces.

        Here at the end of Pisces, we can look back at the Christian age, and we see that it has been tough. The Edomite Jews were a powerful influence on the Roman Emperors who agree to persecute Christians. Nero married an Edomite Jewess named Poppaea. She cajoled him to kill white race Christians. After Constantine made Christianity the state religion, in the 4th century, Edomites became Christians and influenced a corrupt development of the Christian Church of Rome. Many Popes were known Jews. About 600AD, the Church merged the Pagan religion (mother goddess, lamentations for dead son, etc) into Christianity by changing the names of the characters. Mary became the mother-goddess to whom people must pray. After a few years, Crusaders marched to reclaim Palestine for Rome. There was even a crusade against Christians (Cathars) in Europe. The Pope said, "Kill them all and let God sort them out." Tens of thousands were massacred. Then came the Inquisitions, during which about fifty million European Christians were killed by torture and at the burning stakes. Luther and the Protestant movement brought that genocidal pogrom to an end. But, about 1850AD, seeds sprouted for the last great harvest of innocent Christians. The Jew Karl Marx elucidated the Satanic type of government that is natural to the Jews, called Marxist Socialism. It was called "Communism" as the Jewish Bolsheviks killed off the Russian Czar and his family. During the Stalinist era, the Jews promoted the murder of more than fifty million more European Christians of northern Russia. The Russian author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, claims that sixty six million Christians were killed between 1920 and 1940. In 1933 the Jews openly declared war against Germany. In 1939 a Jew, Theodor Kaufman, published a book which outlined the extermination of the entire Germanic race. That meant all the white race must be destroyed, just as was set forth in 1897 by the militant Zionists. In America, Jews are using their own organizations of JDL and ADL and others, along with ACLU and the Courts to continue their desired extermination of the white race. A large part of their plan is to force the mixing of whites with other races so that we are bred out of existence. In order to do that, they open our borders to all other races except whites who are restricted. George Bush is surrounded by Jews and is directed by Jewish Neocons. I would add this comment to the above: it is not a widespread general conspiracy of Jews to murder the white race; rather it is a genetic compulsion/instinct with which they are born. Jesus went to the Edomite priests, in John 8:44, and told them they were liars and murderers after their own father, the devil. He told them they were not children of God. He was just stating a fact.

        So, Pisces has not been easy for Jesus' lost sheep of true Israelites. Yet, it was not nearly as terrible as that Assyrian massacre of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in the 8th century BC. The attackers were even more sadistic than the Roman Catholic Church of the Inquisitions - if that is possible. And, in the end, right now, about 2,000AD, our people are still innocent sheep, trusting the wolves and despising those whom God sends to them. It is the Christian churches which support their eternal enemy of modern Israel today. It is the Christian churches which promote mixing the white race with others, just as though they are doing something good. It is Christian churches which refuse to look at Jesus' clear words, "I came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." The entire Christian movement accepts Jewish lies for doctrines and helps the wolves to devour Jesus' sheep, all while despising things which Jesus clearly stated.

        Pisces has been a tough age! Only God can bring this tragedy to an end.


DISCIPLE AGE OF JAMES (Son of Zebedee, brother to John) Matthew 4:21. Just after calling Andrew and his brother Simon Peter, "And having gone on from there, he saw two other brothers, James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother, John, in the boat with their father Zebedee, repairing their nets, and He called them. And immediately leaving the boat and their father, they followed Him."

        With these two brothers, Jesus has gathered His core group, His four closest friends. There were some disciples not at all close to Jesus, nor even notable in the New Testament writings. But, James represents the age of Pisces and his brother John is the St. John who had the Revelation on Patmos. John is a significator of Emotional Nature, parallel with the fixed sign, Aquarius/Spiritual Nature. Andrew is a significator of Spiritual Nature, parallel with the fixed sign, Taurus/Emotional. Simon Peter is a significator of Physical Nature, parallel with Juda/Physical. James is the Disciple who represents the age in which Jesus lived, the age of Pisces. In the Apocryphon of James, we read, "The disciples said to Jesus, 'We know that you will depart from us. Who is to be our leader?' Jesus said to them, 'Wherever you are, you are to go to James the Righteous, for whose sake heaven and earth came into being.'" If Jesus was talking about the person of James, that idea would conflict with the rest of scripture. But, if He is talking about the age of James, during which He Himself redeemed Israel from the death penalty which they had got from their breach of contract, and at the end of which, the devil is defeated and He becomes the Sovereign Lord, then His words make sense. Thus, we can easily see why James was present with Jesus at all the most important events of His ministry. Although James is not the significator of a quarter-cycle, he represents the blessed end of the World Kingdom. It is graduation time! A time to step through the door into the glorious Light of God, a reward for those who maintained the faith, suffered the martyrdoms, and never ceased their anguished wails for their Father to help the prodigals get back home. For this, James and his brother left their worldly belongings and their father to follow their Shepherd through that door. The age of James is our key to Heaven's Door.

        Or, do you find your hope and security in career, savings account, investments, insurances, family, home ownership, nice car/boat, medicine, or pension plan? It is the difficult act of wrenching free from worldly ties that is the key to Heaven's Door.

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EPHRAIM - zΕφραίμ [b. ca. 1820 BC in Egypt, Son of Joseph & Aseneth, d. of Petephres, priest of Heliopolis]

        The root meaning of this name is probably not from Greek. Joseph was a high-official in Egypt when these two boys were born, and their names may reflect something of that culture. The Phoenician/Greek language was spoken in the region, but the Egyptian language was also in use.

Birth: Gen 41:52; "And he called the name of the second, Ephraim; for God has increased me in the land of my humiliation."

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 48:19; "younger brother shall be greater, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations."

Moses' blessing: Deut 33:17; is through Joseph to his two sons. See last line of Joseph's blessing for mention of Ephraim: "these are the ten thousands of Ephraim,"

Tribe Symbol: BULL, secondaries are UNICORN and HORN

Countries: Britain, Scotland, Saxons, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland

Ephraim had sons: Sutalaam & Taam (LXX -Gen 46:20. Not listed in Hebrew Masoretic text)



The story of Joseph going down into Egypt is a micro-event which represents God's beloved children going down into the World. Egypt is always a symbol for World. Joseph found prosperity and wealth and honor and plentiful food there, which are the material things that make the World attractive to God's spirit-children, the Adamic race. So, we, His offspring Christ, into whom He breathed the Spirit of Life, left our holy estate and became prodigal, seeking to enjoy material and sensual pleasures. In Egypt, Joseph had two children, Manasse and Ephraim. It was to these two children that Jacob gave his primary blessing. They were after all, his grandsons from his beloved wife, Rachel. For Jacob, they were the fulfillment and satisfaction of an old man's life and dream. Of course, we do not neglect to mention that Jacob had one other highly favored son, Benjamin, and that he also was a son of Rachel.

        You might find it interesting to know that besides the emblems of Ephraim and Manasse signifying Britain and the U.S., there are two obelisks which might attest to this. In 1881, two obelisks, popularly called "Cleopatra's Needles, were presented by Egypt, one to Britain and one to the U.S. These obelisks were created for a jubilee for Pharaoh Thutmosis III in 1443BC, about fifteen years after the exodus of Israel from Egypt under Moses. Ironically, those two granite monuments, created for perhaps the same Pharaoh that had persecuted Israel, ended up in lands for whom Israel's prize sons were destined. The U.S. obelisk is standing in Central Park in New York.

EPHRAIM'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2, God places Ephraim to the west of the tabernacle. Ephraim is a Brigade Tribe, so it is the leader of the other tribes on the west, namely Manasse and Benjamin. Ephraim's emblem is the Bull, which today still identifies the English people as that tribe.

g BULL: THE LIVING BEING OF REVELATION 4:7 Bull represents one of God's four manifested Natures, specifically the Emotional Nature (or Mind). The other three natures are Lion/Physical, Eagle/Mental, and Man/Spiritual. Each of these natures is a dominant power which influences one quarter cycle of the historical process. In the case of Ephraim here, we have God's Emotional Nature as a powerful influence over the earthly lives of God's Elect. That seems kind of scary, considering that during the kingdom of World, we have seen little but grief and pain and anguish and terror from emotions, with brief moments of sensual ecstasy. I think that every influence or power has two sides, a negative and a positive. During World we have experienced the negative side of emotions, but during the coming kingdom, we will have the positive side of that influence as a primary instinct. Then perhaps we will value most highly the Godly emotions of Peace and Contentment and Godly Love and Charity and Compassion, etc. Assisting the Godly expression of our emotions will be the fact that the Zodiac influence will be of God's Spiritual Nature/Mind. This appears to be the perfect recipe for a new society that is Heavenly in nature rather than material.

EPHRAIM'S PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Ephraim is parallel to Aquarius (Man/Spiritual Nature of God), from about 2,000AD until about 4,000AD. Ephraim is the Bull of Emotions, but is simultaneous with the powerful Zodiac Spiritual influence of Aquarius as the general operative power. At the more mundane level, the Elect will be expressing the positive side of God's Emotional Nature.

        What do the blessings tell us about the age of Ephraim, which might begin soon in our own lives. Joseph felt that the name Ephraim was connected with his own prosperity, so there is an aspect of increase during the coming age. We can surely look forward to increases in wisdom, understanding, and powers. Then about 1,700 years into Ephraim (end of church age of Ephesus) will be the second resurrection when all Israel returns to join the Elect who have founded the new civilization, thus will increase our people tremendously.

        That Ephraim will be greater than Manasse, I think, partly refers to England becoming a multitude of nations, whereas America, as Manasse, has never done that. Perhaps more importantly, England has been the seat of the Throne of David which God promised would never be vacant until the time Christ claims it. But, perhaps most importantly, Ephraim is the Brigade tribe which will be the first age of the Kingdom of Heaven.

        I should also note that in Revelation 7, Ephraim's name is omitted from the list of the twelve tribes which get sealed while his brother, Manasse, is included. The tribe of Dan is also omitted. And Joseph is included. Of Joseph's two sons, one is included and one omitted! My thought is that Joseph's name really must be included because he was the most important of Jacob's twelve sons as the one he loved most. To omit the name of Joseph would be unthinkable. Manasse seems a replacement for Dan. But Joseph replaces the name of Ephraim as the most important of the two brothers, and thereby the listing really does include Ephraim.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF EPHRAIM: Moses' blessing to Joseph seems to speak of the coming Kingdom of Heaven where Ephraim and Manasse define two of the three ages there, all on the ascent towards reunion with our Father. Deuteronomy 33:13-17; "13And to Joseph he (Moses) said, "His land is of the blessing of the Lord, of the seasons of sky and dew, and of the deeps of wells below, 14and of the fruits of the changes of the sun in season, and of the produce of the months, 15from the top of the ancient mountains and from the top of the everlasting hills, 16and of the fulness of the land in season: and let the things pleasing to him that dwelt in the bush come on the head of Joseph, and on the crown of him who was glorified above his brethren."

ZODIAC AGE OF AQUARIUS  h  Aquarius is the Water Carrier who leads us into the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus told his disciples to follow the water carrier to the Upper Room, where they would celebrate the Passover. The Upper Room is the Kingdom of Heaven, and Jesus was alluding to the Aquarian influence. It is probably Jesus Himself who will be that Water Carrier to lead us into that Kingdom which God has prepared for us from eternity.

        So, Aquarius is the first age of the Kingdom of Heaven, after World has ended and Satan is absent from the scene. Here is the age in which God's family takes over their inheritance and governs a grand garden/planet/vineyard which our Father has prepared for us. Here is where we discover what it means to be at home in the positive energy field of Heaven, finding that we have powers that Jesus demonstrated and spoke about. He said, "you will say to the mountain, 'be moved,' and it will be moved." He passed through a door without opening it. He moved from one place to another just by thinking it so. His was a glorified body, and so that will be for us. We shall mount up with wings as eagles; we shall run and not be weary. There shall be no more hunger or sorrow. We shall not need the sun for light by day nor the moon by night, for God shall be our light. We will discover that we are the creators of whatever we perceive, and that all things are possible to us. We will be as gods! It is during this age of Ephraim that we will find our true identities as Spirits of God (through whom God lives and acts and expresses Himself; we are His dynamic process), and we will establish a civilization that is based on righteous constructs rather than on desire in our present kingdom of World.


DISCIPLE AGE OF JOHN: Finally, at the end of this long article we get to that one disciple whom God blessed with a vision of His whole program, past and future. Since it is all in symbols it has been a mystery from the time that John wrote it on the island of Patmos, off the southwest coast of Turkey, and just southwest of John's hometown of Ephesus. It is most appropriate that God gave the vision of the future to John, for it is the Age of John that begins the Kingdom of Heaven which he saw in his vision. John is a brother of James, who represents the Piscean age just prior to the Age of John. John left ALL to follow Jesus, his fishing career, his boat and nets, his father, Zebedee, and the family. Of course, that is exactly what Jesus requires of anyone who would follow Him through that blessed door at the end of the path through which there shines a great Light that is not from the Sun. One can only step through that door as a solitaire, leaving ALL behind.

        I will tell you that I have completed a translation and commentary of John's Revelation. Several years ago, when living in a small cabin in the Alaska wilderness, I made a deal with God that if He would reveal the mystery of that last book of the Bible, that I would not publish it. Then the flow began. For a couple months I worked without tiring from early morn to late evening. I hardly cared about eating. When I was done, I knew that I had seen intellectually what John had seen in vivid living color. I thought the Revelation was so simple and clear that anyone could understand it. But, I also realized that John probably thought that, too. I completed the book and diagrammed an outline of it. That Revelation is a coherent whole. I consider it to be the most precious treasure of the past 2,000 years. There is nothing I want more than to make it public, and I hope the day will come when I will be released from my promise. I pray for that. Until then, I am writing other articles that use information that was given to me. If someone wants the keys to interpreting that book, I think I have spelled them all out clearly enough. But, some of those keys are politically incorrect in today's liberal, socialist, materialist, humanist, religionist, and anti-white racist society of America. Hence, most people who read my articles will turn away because I am as racist as my true Israelite ancestors were. I would expose the Edomite frauds just like Jesus exposed them when He confronted them at the temple. But, most of Evangelical Christianity today claims that the Edomite frauds are true Israel and that we who fly the emblems of the twelve tribes must be adopted into God's grace, sort of like sneaking under the tent to watch from the darkness beneath the bleachers. Only God can pull His people away from their devotion to the charismatic frauds who get rich by preaching a social gospel that is quite different from that which Jesus sent his disciples forth to tell.

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MANASSE - Μαvασσ [b. ca. 1820 BC, in Egypt, eldest son of Joseph & Aseneth, d. of Petephres, priest of Heliopolis]

        The root meaning of this name is probably not from Greek. Joseph was a high-official in Egypt when these two boys were born, and their names may reflect something of that culture. The Phoenician/Greek language was spoken in the region, but the Egyptian language was also in use.

Birth: Gen 41:50; "And Joseph called the name of the first-born Manasse; for God has made me forget all my toils, and all things belonging to my father."

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 48:19; "he also shall be a people and he shall be exalted."

Moses' blessing: Deut 33:17; Joseph's blessing from Moses is passed on to these two sons. See last line of Joseph's blessing from Moses for mention of Manasse: "and these are the thousands of Manasse."

Tribe Symbol: OLIVE BRANCH, secondary is ARROWS (see Seal & Insignia of U.S.; in eagle claws are 13 olive branches and 13 arrows.

Countries: America, England, Scotland, Holland, Netherlands

Manasse had sons; one Machir was born to a Syrian concubine (LXX -Gen 46:20. Not listed in Hebrew Masoretic text)

MANASSE'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: The tribe of Manasse is placed next to Ephraim, after him, as part of the western Brigade of the Bull/Ephraim.

MANASSE'S PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Manasse coincides with the Zodiac age of Capricorn, from about 4,000 to 6,000AD. Manasse is part of the Bull of Ephraim Brigade. This age is midway between Christ's return about 2,000AD and the apex of the cycle at about 8,000AD. God's Israelites are still climbing the mountain toward reunion with their Father. The prodigals are nearing home, but are still struggling with some lessons and also with their eternal tormentors, Satan's people of the Cain race, commonly known as Edomite Jews.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF MANASSE: At the birth of Manasse, Joseph was in Egypt and grains were being stored up prior to the seven years of famine. Manasse was his first-born, and Joseph was finding natural solace in the starting of his own family. He must have missed his father terribly, but was letting go of that by rejoicing in this birth of a son. The age of Manasse is midway along the path to reunion with God in the Kingdom of Heaven. Perhaps this blessing indicates an influence which helps us to leave the past behind and to look to the future. The church-age of Smyrna parallels most of the age of Manasse, and we know from John's revelations that our nemesis race, from Satan, is permitted to afflict us once again for a while during this age, but then around 5400AD Satan is cast into the fire and will be absent for the next 1,700 years. It would be easy to maintain a devoted focus upon God if we were not tormented and tempted and tried, but it would be too easy and we would never be strengthened. It is one thing to walk up a smooth path to reach the top of a mountain, but something quite different to do it over obstacles and dangers. Satan serves God's purpose perfectly by tempting and tormenting us, thereby causing us to exercise our values and ideals. While the Elect of God are never in danger of being estranged from Him because they are His immediate expression of Himself, the numberless multitudes of the rest of Israel are vulnerable to temptations and even of being pruned from the Christ-vine. So, even in Heaven, we don't settle back onto a cloud with a harp forever and ever. That kind of fantasy is unreal. The truth is that there can be no active life unless both negative and positive energies are operating. Satan did not have an easy dominion of the kingdom of World, and we, of the body of Christ, do not have an easy dominion of the Kingdom of Heaven. There is always a struggle, with only brief interludes of rest.

ZODIAC AGE OF CAPRICORN  g: parallels the Tribal age of Manasse, from about 4,000AD to 6,000AD. The symbol of Capricorn is a Goat. We might picture it as climbing solitary and alone up the mountain to reach the Olympian height of oneness with God. For astrologers, Capricorn is "Cardinal" and an "Earth" Sign.

DISCIPLE AGE OF MATTHEW: parallels Zodiac age of Capricorn. Matthew was a publican, a tax collector, who left ALL to follow Jesus. He is mentioned in  Mat 10:3, Mark 3:18, Luke 6:15, and Acts 1:13. Before his call, he was known as Levi. Matthew uses the term, Kingdom of Heaven, where other Gospels say Kingdom of God. He was a steadfast and faithful follower of the Lord, whose record is detailed and complete, and is of his own witness whereas the records of Mark and Luke are not by personal witness of the events. It would be nonsense for Matthew to copy Mark's work since Matthew kept his own records and since Mark was not even present with Jesus. Matthew is the most reliable Gospel. At the location on the sine-wave diagram of history, the age of Matthew follows the second Resurrection and the partial release of Satan to torment God's people again. We see in Matthew an intelligent mind and a steadfast faith which can turn his back on the worldly values.

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BENJAMIN - Βεvιαμίv [b. ca. 1835 BC, Son of Rachel] Twelfth son of Jacob.

        The root for this name doesn't seem to be Greek. "Ben" is an Aramaic word meaning "son of." Rachel, dying at his birth, named him "son of my pain," but Jacob changed that to "son of" something else, perhaps the Aramaic word for "right hand," referring to his beloved wife. These Phoenician speaking Israelites were living amidst Aramaic speaking peoples, thus there was a lot of language-mixing and adoption of commonly used words. Benjamin was born much later than the other eleven who were all born within a seven year period. Benjamin would be different from all the others; at one time nearly the entire tribe was destroyed for being homosexual.

Birth: Gen 35:18; "And it came to pass in her giving up the spirit, for she was dying, that she called his name, 'The son of my pain;' but his father called his name, 'Benjamin.'"

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:27; "as a ravening wolf, shall eat still in the morning, and at evening he gives food."

Moses blessing: Deut 33:12; "The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in confidence, and God overshadows him always, and he rested between his shoulders."

Tribe Symbol: WOLF

Countries: Scandinavian Norsemen used Wolf as an emblem. Norman invaders used it. Some Scottish clans have some Norwegian ties and use Wolf as their emblem.

BENJAMIN'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2, the tribe of Benjamin is placed next to Manasse, to be part of the Brigade of the Bull of Ephraim at the west side of the tabernacle.

BENJAMIN'S PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Benjamin coincides with the Zodiac age of Sagittarius (the Archer), from about 6,000 to 8,000AD. This is the last age before another Fall from perfection.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF BENJAMIN: The age of Benjamin is the age of perfection, righteousness, and divine union with God. Here is the highest pinnacle of Heaven. God's offspring, who make up the body of Christ, are experiencing that perfect "rest" of Hebrews 4. I guess this age must be the equivalent of the seventh day in God's paradigm of manifest works. The first six days would start with Adam's appearance in Gemini, followed by Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricorn. Now, Sagittarius is the seventh day: rest. Since the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven (around 2,000AD or so), God's offspring have been androgynous, meaning that Men fully possess both the male and female natures. There is no marriage, nor sexual relationship, nor propagation of this race, although other races of the world still continue in their physical natures, propagating and dying as always. The androgynous nature of God's children was hinted at when the tribe of Benjamin once became largely homosexual and were mostly destroyed for that ungodly perversion. Androgyny is not homosexuality, but is the complete oneness of all natures in God. The Millenialist can find his perfect thousand-years in this age, although that Biblical "thousand years" is really a symbolic number for the entire age.

ZODIAC AGE OF SAGITTARIUS:  f parallels the Tribal age of Benjamin, from about 6,000AD to 8,000AD. Its symbol is an archer shooting an arrow pointing upward and to the right, directly at the apex of the sine wave curve. The highest point which God's children reach is at the end of this age of Sagittarius. Satan is released, working within his race of Cainites, to torment God's children early in the age, but they are not vulnerable to him until they finally succumb in the next age of Scorpio to "fall" again. For astrologers, Sagittarius is "Mutable" and is a "Fire" Sign. The influence is philosophical and spiritual.

DISCIPLE AGE OF THOMAS: He is also called Didymos which means "twin," but scholars are not certain why. His election to the Twelve is recorded in Mat 10:3, Mark 3:18, Luke 6:15, and Acts 1:13.  He was solid, standing fast, not receptive to ideas unless proven to him. During the age of Thomas, God's children have reached their highest perfection, a reunion with their Spiritual Source, and they hold fast to it in spite of the temptations from Satan's representatives. Of all the disciples, it was only Thomas who made such a bold statement, that he said to Jesus, "My Lord and My God." He is also the only disciple who opposed the other disciples who tried to dissuade Jesus from going to Jerusalem. Thomas said, "Let us go also, that we may die with Him." (Jn 11:16)  That is the kind of yielding that is necessary to finally achieve the oneness with our Father during the age of Thomas.

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DAN - Δάv [b. ca.1850 BC, Son of Balla, Rachel's servant] Fifth son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name is δάvoς which means gift or present.

Birth: Gen 30:6 "God has given judgment for me, and hearkened to my voice, and has given me a son." (Rachel's statement)

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:16; "Dan shall judge his people, as one tribe too in Israel. And let Dan be a serpent in the way, besetting the path, biting the heel of the horse (and the rider shall fall backward), waiting for the salvation of the Lord."

Moses blessing: Deut 33:22; "Dan is a lion's whelp, and shall leap out of Basan."

Tribe Symbol: SERPENT, secondary. is HORSE. Brigade symbol is EAGLE

Countries: Mainly Germany, Netherlands; (they are now Secular Humanist)

DAN'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2:25, the tribe of Dan is placed to the North of the Tabernacle. While the Brigade symbol of Dan was the Eagle, its secondary symbol was horse which was bitten so the rider fell backward, meaning downward toward the World..

g EAGLE: THE LIVING BEING OF REVELATION 4:7 B The Eagle represents one of God's four manifested Natures, specifically the Rational Intellectual Mind. While this mental capability can be used to know oneness with God, it can also be used to know division, such as good from evil. It is the negative side of the faculty which tempted the Adamic race away from its perfect estate.

PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Dan coincides with the Zodiac age of Scorpio, whose ancient symbols were both Eagle (Aquila) and Serpent (Serpens). The Dan tribe has the Eagle as its Brigade emblem, and a horse as its secondary emblem. The age of Dan immediately follows the apex of the sine wave curve, which was the highest point of the Kingdom of Heaven. That highest point of Heaven is directly reciprocal to the lowest point of World. At these points of apex and nadir there is always a change of direction because God brings a nemesis onto the stage. In Gemini, just prior to the lowest point of civilization in Satan's World, God revived His race of Adam by re-empowering them with His Spirit, and that gave His people a spiritual power beyond any worldly power, thus enabling them to begin their climb back toward Him. Then, just prior to the apex of the curve, God permits Satan back onto the stage early in the age of Sagittarius/Benjamin. Satan works to entice God's androgynous Man to divide the female nature from the male by taunting him to know good from evil again. By dividing one gender from another, and by sexual propagation, he will be freed from his oneness with God and will be able to experience all the thrills and dangers and sensual gratifications and risks and even death again, like the other races have always continued to do. So, it wasn't that God's race did not then know about sex or propagation; but they were not practicing it because they were perfect Spirit-beings with their glorified bodies and they did not have fears and griefs and pains and ecstasies and risks and limitations and death. Just as angels are rumored to envy us on earth, so did the perfect ones envy those whose every-day struggle was a matter of life and death. The other earth races could even do wrong if they wished, but the perfected ones only had one "wrong" available. Satan successfully tempts them, by reason and logic (the mental faculty of the Living Being of Eagle), to separate the female nature so it can act in relationship to the male rather than in oneness. Suddenly there is a polarity of two opposing genders who can relate as separate individuals. The forbidden fruit (apple!) of sex breaks their union with God and sets them free again. The mental temptation was very great during that age of the Serpent (Scorpio).

The first chapters of Genesis merely give an overview of the lengthy 12,000 year process of the Fall of the Adamic race, from the apex to the nadir, until in the age of Gemini, God re-vitalizes His race of Elect ones with His Spirit, thereby empowering them to once again struggle up the long ascent toward His summit. The Genesis story, as taught to children, presents Adam as an individual, whereas the word really means a race of Men who are God's special  race who possess His Spirit as their empowerment.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF DAN: Consider that Rachel, the most beloved wife of Jacob, is a symbol of Israel, the beloved wife of God. Rachel couldn't have children, just as God's perfected Elect do not have children, and she became jealous of Lea who was bearing children easily. So, Rachel connived to do something illegitimate, just as Zoe (Eve) did something illegitimate. Rachel got a child by proxy, through her maid, Balla. Propagation was too important to Rachel, so she yielded to a temptation which she should have resisted. Lea was pregnant with her fourth child when Rachel's maid bore Dan. The age of Dan is defined by a longing to know good and evil, and the path to that is to propagate and thereby to experience individual identities, especially in sexual gratification. Jacob's blessing has Dan judging his people. That might indicate the fact that a severe judgment was pronounced against God's children for their act, bringing death to themselves again, so they were evicted from their paradise. Notice that Rachel also mentioned the word "judgment" as directly related to propagation.

        Moses says Dan is a lion's whelp, and shall leap out of Basan. Basan was a lush fertile plain, a virtual garden of paradise, to the east of the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee. Basan was a prize, sought after by many. Moses is saying that the age of Dan is an abandonment of paradise because of its wild lust. This may be the reason that the tribe of Dan is omitted from the list of twelve tribes who got sealed before the Throne of God in Revelation 7.


ZODIAC AGE OF SCORPIO  e parallels the Tribal age of Dan and the Disciple age of Judas, from about 8,000AD to 10,000AD, following the apex of the cycle. Here is the time of the actual Fall from perfection of the Adamic race, just as it happened in every previous cycle for countless times. The state of Oneness is broken by a desire to know Division, namely good from evil. Satan's argument was that they could be as gods by knowing good from evil. It was a lie, but it was successfully argued to a race which lived in Holy Innocence where there was no distrust or fear or suspicion.

        How did God's race achieve their Holy Perfection? They created it in their minds because it was the goal for which they had worked for many centuries, and they believed it into coming true. They are the body of Christ, and Christ is the instrument of creation. It is only the people of this one race which are endowed with Spiritual Mind and who possess the ability to create whatever they can imagine. Jesus alluded to this power when he promised that when they tell a mountain to be moved, it will be moved. Reality is, in fact, whatever the Christ believes it to be! Since they alone have the creative mind and power, it is them who must be seduced by Satan into creating Satan's own design of the Kingdom of World. Just as God's Holy Elect had created a kingdom of heavenly perfection, they go on to create Satan's design simply by believing his lie. Twas in the age of the Serpent that the Adamic race was seduced, and lured into bondage! The Genesis story is but a brief and simplified story of the actual "fall" from perfection.


DISCIPLE AGE OF JUDAS: Who was this guy? He was the treasurer for Jesus' group, the typical function of Edomite Jews still today. He was the only disciple who was not of Galilee. He was, supposedly, from the town of Kerioth, South of Judea. From that location, he might have been an Edomite (Idumean), a member of the race of Satan who are the counter race to the Christ-race. It seems unlikely that Jesus would select someone from that race, since He could have chosen individuals who were very near and dear to Him, like Lazarus. But, things are not that simple, are they? The pageant must contain negative elements or there could be no positive. In John 6:70, Jesus says, "Did I not choose you twelve, and one of you is a devil. Now He was speaking of Judas Iscariot..." As we look at the sine-wave diagram, we must place Judas with the age of Scorpio and of Dan, for here was the betrayal of God by His people. Who better could play the role of betrayer than one of that race of Edom whose natural instincts are deception, greed, and murder? Given that one of the disciple positions was filled by an enemy, I can't help but wonder what kind of person it later was, upon whom the lot fell, to replace Judas. Two men were accredited with being faithful followers from Jesus' baptism to His resurrection, Barsabbas (Justus) and Matthias. The Disciples prayed for guidance and cast lots to make the choice between the two. The lot fell to Matthias. Did God guide the selection to someone who was similar to Judas? We don't know. Most of the information we have about Judas is recorded in the book of John who doesn't neglect to illustrate his nefarious character.

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ASER - zΑσήρ [b. ca.1848BC, son of Zelpha, Lea's servant] Eighth son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name is Ėση/ase which means loathing, distress, vexation, along with ēσηρός/aseros which means causing discomfort, disdainful. Lea seems to be actively causing vexation to Rachel, and claiming her position as primary, the one whom other women will esteem. Her statement at the birth is a direct claim of this position in this house.

Birth: Gen 30:13; "I am blessed, for the women will pronounce me blessed."  (Lea= s statement)

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:20 "his bread shall be fat; and he shall yield dainties to princes."

Moses' blessing: Deut 33:24; 'Aser is blessed with children; and he shall be acceptable to his brethren: he shall dip his foot in oil. His sandal shall be iron and brass; as your days, so shall be your strength."

Tribe Symbol: GOBLET

Countries: England, Scotland

TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2, God placed Aser as part of the Eagle/Dan Brigade, to the north of the Tabernacle.

PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Aser coincides with the age of Libra (balance scales). In the coming Kingdom of Heaven the age will be from about 10,000 to 12,000AD. Aser follows the age of Dan and precedes Nephthali.

NATURE OF THE AGE OF ASER: Note that the age of Aser is between Dan and Nephthali, so it is well after the Fall in Dan. Lea exclaims that she will be blessed because she is so successfully bearing children. She is propagating! And that desire was one of the reasons for the Fall. Jacob says Aser's bread shall be fat, meaning that he will be eating animal fat which was the highly treasured food of the ancients. It is most likely that God's heavenly vineyard, which He has prepared for us, will be a place where we will eat fruits from the trees described in John's revelation, and where we will NOT be eating animal flesh. It is unlikely that we will eat meat in Heaven. So, here in the age of Aser, which is on the downside of Heaven's apex, we see that animal flesh has already re-entered the diet! Jacob goes on to say that instead of being a king of his own land, he will be pandering to politicians for favors. Moses says the age will be producing children, sort of a repeat of Lea's exclamation. And the age will be earth-material in nature, oil, iron, brass, rather than the spiritual nature that had been the Kingdom of Heaven, which they had scorned and left behind. Moses goes on to imply that without immortality, and after death had entered their world, their strength would be decreased likewise. Short lives, weak strength! And to think that it was that very thing which tempted the immortals to abandon their oneness with God!

ZODIAC AGE OF LIBRA  d  parallels the Tribe Age of Aser, from about 10,000AD to 12,000AD. This Zodiac Sign is considered "Cardinal" and an "Air" sign by astrologers. Its symbol is a Balance Scale. It is half way between the apex of perfect Heaven and the crossing of the line into World. Perhaps it is here that the balance tilts toward World, leaving God in a distant past while focusing on sensual gratification and material possessions.

DISCIPLE AGE OF SIMON THE ZEALOT: parallels the Zodiac age of Libra. He was from Canaan, near the west of Galilee. Nothing else is known of him. Evidently not a notable contributor to the work which Christ commissioned His disciples to do. We can speculate that he was one of those who did not accept Jesus' Commission, making it necessary for others to be drawn into the work, like St. Paul and Barnabas. Locating the appropriate age for this Simon on the sine-wave chart is not easy, so he ended up at this position because it is not a notable nor honorable nor Godly age. It is an age where the Worldly program gets clearly defined, but that's about all we can say about it at this point. He wasn't very "zealous," was he?

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NEPHTHALI - Νεφθαλεί [b. ca. 1849 BC, Son of Balla, Rachel's servant] Sixth son of Jacob.

        The Phoenician/Greek basis for this name comes from two words: vεφ/neph means cloud; θάλoς/thalos means child. Rachel seems to be naming him "cloud-child." But Jacob's blessing makes use of another Greek word for the second part of the name: θάλλω/thallo, which relates to plants, meaning "to sprout, grow, thrive, luxuriant, copious, flourishing."

Birth: Gen 30:8; "God has helped me, and I contended with my sister and prevailed." (Rachel= s statement)

Blessing by Jacob at death: Gen 49:21; "Nephthali is a spreading stem, bestowing beauty on its fruit."  More properly worded, "Nephthali is a stem that releases to afterwards produce beauty."

Moses blessing: Deut 33:23 "Nephthali has received (δεκτωv) satiety (πλησμovη); and let him be satiated (εμπλησθητω) with bounty from the lord: he shall inherit the west and the south."

Tribe Symbol: HIND (Became Stag)

Countries: Is on Coat of Arms of some English families, the County of Cumberland, the City of Hereford. In Sweden Stag is the provincial emblem of Oland.

NEPHTHALI'S TRIBE LOCATION AROUND THE TABERNACLE: In Numbers 2, the tribe of Nepthali is to the North of the Tabernacle of Witness, where it is a part of the Brigade of Dan, under the banner of Eagle (or Serpent).


NEPHTHALI'S PLACE IN HISTORY: The age of Nephthali is from about 12,000 to 14,000AD, the very last age of the Kingdom of Heaven. The age of Nephthali coincides with the age of Virgo and includes the church age of Laodicea which is famous for its warning that because the people are lukewarm God will spit them out of His mouth. Here is the last age prior to a cataclysmic geophysical event that terminates the positive energy of the Kingdom of God. That event is a regular 12,000 year event: a reversal of the earth's magnetic field polarity, which causes incredible earthquakes, tsunamis, the sinking of mountains, and the rising of new mountains, as described by Jesus in Matthew 24.

        Nephthali is the second son-by-proxy of Rachel, after Dan. She says that God helped her to accomplish this improper act. She, the heavenly wife, contended with her sister, the earthly wife, and succeeded in producing a corrupt age which would bring an end to the Kingdom of Heaven, ironically defaulting to the Kingdom of World where Lea, the earthly one, has all the power.

        Note: at this point in God's drama, 12,000 years ago, the age of Nephthali/Virgo gave way to Juda/Leo. Near the Great Pyramid, built at that time to entomb Heaven's Lord, they also built a large statue (Sphinx) which attests to this moment in history as between Virgo (Royal Woman) and Leo (Lion of earth-power). The Queen of Heaven yields to the King of Earth, and the Kingdom of World then flourished in mastery and decadence. The reciprocal of that event, of course, is our present time between Pisces and Aquarius, when the lord of World gets defeated and our Lord of Heaven becomes the new Sovereign.


NATURE OF THE AGE OF NEPHTHALI: Moses says that Nephthali is given the West (Ephraim, Manasse, & Benjamin) and the South (Ruben, Symeon, & Gad), namely, he is given the entire ascending path toward the Kingdom of God. What does he do with it? He trashes it all in order to plummet into the Kingdom of World! Since the apex, God's children have been indulging in a glut of sensual gratifications, lust, and emotional hungers. Further, being lukewarm to Godly values, they have permitted the persecution of their own Lord of Heaven (Jesus) until He is finally entombed in a great pyramid where he is thrice sealed, first in a sarcophagus with a stone lid, second with a granite block hiding the passageway to that chamber, and thirdly with the main entrance being so successfully hidden it was not located until the 19th century AD, twelve thousand years later. Moses' blessing is a little perplexing because he says Nephthali's excess is from the Lord (κυριoυ). We never think of our Lord, whether the Head of the body of Christ (who in this age of Nephthali is being persecuted) or of God, our Father, as providing whatever it takes to satiate the sensual hungers of anyone. I would speculate that the lord in this passage can only be the lord of the Kingdom of World who does offer material abundance to those who turn to him.

        Jacob's blessing, "Nephthali is a stem that releases to afterwards produce beauty" is difficult to understand until one knows its place in history, seeing it as a part of God's Kingdom which lets go for the sake of producing an earthly type of beauty which they sought.

        Of course, translators of these Old Testament passages did not know the Big Picture, so they translated Nephthali's abundance as a blessing of God. Translators cannot help but paint their word pictures as they see them in their own minds. Worse, lacking the Big Picture in their minds, each puzzle piece is interpreted without benefit of knowing its proper place in the picture.


ZODIAC AGE OF VIRGO  c The pure one, the holy one, gets sacrificed and entombed in order that the Kingdom of Heaven is terminated and the Kingdom of World begins. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built at this time, during Heaven, within which was a high level room where the Lord of Heaven was entombed in a stone sarcophagus. That would be Jesus. When the sealed entryway was found, and the pyramid was opened in the 19th century AD, there was also a large granite block hiding the passageway to that "King's Chamber," still in place. Workers tunneled through the softer limestone around it, and eventually reached the room of the tomb. The stone lid of the coffin was lying beside the coffin which was empty. We see an event with Jesus which seems to teach the same lesson: that the Lord cannot be kept entombed, no matter how well sealed and guarded. The Sphinx stands nearby the Great Pyramid to witness the entombment, signifying that it happened between the ages of Virgo and Leo.


DISCIPLE AGE OF JAMES (Son of Alphaeus) On each list of disciples, this James is always in the ninth place. (Mat 10, Mark 3, Luke 6, Acts 1)  Nothing else is known of him. The number "nine" is the last number before the numerical sequence begins again. It signifies completion or ending. Not all disciples were promoters of the upward spiritual path! From the age of Ruben, this location with Virgo is the ninth place. Can't do much more with this one.

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That concludes the list of the twelve tribes of Israel, along with the sons of Joseph, which total fourteen. God seems always to maintain an official number of twelve groups in His Tribe-family, just as the disciples did for their group after Judas had left. The number twelve is perhaps the most important number in the Bible because the entire program of God is based on a twelve step process, outlined, defined, and governed by the twelve Zodiac ages which make up one complete cycle called precession of equinoxes. It is within this cycle that God expresses Himself through the cycle's twelve segments. For us, God IS twelve facets around a cyclic ring. To understand God is to understand that material appearances, time, space, will, power, activity, and rest are all a "dream" of God, just a play in His mind. We are figments of His imagination and nothing more than that. As figments, we exercise God's Mind/Nature according to His cosmic order. When we, as individuals, choose to wrestle with God's Mind for sake of finding its order, then we are actively performing His will. If we, as individuals, decline that difficult quest, and accept contentment with mere rituals and obedience, then we are not bearing fruit and are likely to be pruned from the Living Vine. The most fervent prayer of this little figment called Roger is that more and more of God's children will release their grasp of the delusion of material World in order to seek Him who lives in and through their own minds. It is the searching which is most important; the rest is up to that Holy Spirit which empowers our minds. Just seek! Don= t worry about being right or wrong; just search! True reality is on the other side of appearances, and the path to it has no guide-signs. Your only guide is your homesickness. So, step forward, prodigal, and walk. Because it is then that God can live and act and express Himself through you. Don= t worry about being right or wrong; you'll be guided and you'll never walk alone. Like a fledgling bird, for the first time you must loose your talons from that small branch and launch forth, trusting that all the angels in heaven will act to keep you safe.

It is my fervent prayer that the fire within you, that is the Holy Spirit of God, will flame up with such intensity that all the dross gets burned up and you realize who you are and your role in His Divine Pageant. Amen.

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