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I am no longer affiliated with any sect or group. Rather, I pursue rational truth no matter where that path might lead. Most importantly, I am a Christian who knows Jesus as my personal Shepherd, and the Bible as God's inspired word. I go beyond the simple and popular theology of today. The end result is a fuller understanding of our divine Lord, and God's overall plan (the Pageant). The information you will read here is radical in comparison to that of sectarian groups which don't permit preachers to reexamine their doctrinal stand. Since I have no affiliation with any sect or group of any kind, I've been free to search for truths that denominations will not permit. In my search for ultimate truth, I have both anguished over discoveries of errors in my beliefs, and rejoiced in new understandings. Blessed with a theological education and a love for Greek exegesis, I've been able to do objective research not permissible for those who must protect their career incomes. The "Big Picture" of God's grand pageant has eluded theologians until this end-time period. Now, the Holy Spirit is enlightening men across the land with amazing insights, which reveal God's Grand Pageant. More and more of God's children are opening themselves to radical objectivity, a key to God's truth, which in the end is not confusing or illogical at all. Having come from a conservative Lutheran Seminary, I know how difficult it is for a sincere person to consider ideas which differ from beliefs he has held since childhood. After all, one's faith is his highest value, and one should not flit around among beliefs like a butterfly. And, truly, the search for Truth does cause a seeker discomfort when he finds himself convinced of something his church refuses to consider. 

For me, my love for Christ includes all the wonderful Christian members of His body, in all the various Christian churches, whose hearts and minds are filled with God's Spirit regardless of their doctrinal variances. Those doctrinal problems do clear as you progress to an understanding of the Big Picture. God bless you as you ponder some new Biblical ideas. Some of my  discoveries regard the following topics, which I will briefly mention below, but which are dealt with at great length in other writings that are indexed on the home page of  Below, I introduce some insights that jarred me, and may surprise you. It might help you to know that I feel a great love for our Christian theologians of the past few centuries, and in no way do I despise the sincere work that they accomplished, often at the cost of their lives. The primary value which all true Christians have in common is a love for Jesus Christ, above all else, regardless of theological conflicts and controversies, some of which I refute in the following writings. I am not rebelling against fellow Christians, but I do expose some traditional errors in order to reveal some breakthrough insights. I am not attempting to teach anything here, but offer these ideas for your consideration. What you choose to believe is, by your act of choosing, then your own, not mine. May the Holy Spirit guide you to value that which is worthwhile and reject the rest.

Following are several introductory statements to ideas which are further developed in other pages of this web site. These ideas are part of the Big Picture; they are keys to understanding God's Divine Pageant. You will see how the history of civilization is an expression of God which has order and purpose. No longer must anything be accepted "by faith" because it contradicts scripture. There are no contradictions once you understand the plot and theme and direction of God's play.

1. While evangelistic Christianity teaches a universal gospel, that Jesus came for all people of the world, Jesus stated, "I came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."  When one understands exactly why Jesus came (to settle Israel's broken contract) then it becomes clear why He made that statement. After all, Israel was the ONLY party to that covenant at Sinai, so no one else needed redemption from its penalty! To accuse other races than Israel of violating God's Law is a mistake.

2. The English word "gentile" has come to mean "non-Jew," but centuries ago it meant elite racial or tribal family. Its root word gen comes from the Greek genos and the Latin gens, both of which mean race, tribe, or clan. In recent centuries, it has been redefined as "non-Jew." The N.T. Greek word behind "gentile" is "ethnos" which is the root for our English word "ethnic," meaning ethnic-group or race. Most often, New Testament writers used ethnos to refer to their own ethnic group of Israelite tribes. When Jesus sent them out to the ethnoi (pl), they knew exactly where their diasporan Israelite family was: in Greece, Italy, Spain, Britain, and Europe, so that is where they went. The apostles understood clearly Jesus' statement that He came for no others but Israel.

3. The so-called "lost sheep of Israel" (sometimes called the "ten lost tribes") are the European white race. Historical records, like those of Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Venerable Bede, along with others, tell some of the Israelite history of those who came to Europe from the Assyrian purge about 700 BC. Through Virgil and Homer, we can trace the Greeks back to Juda's son, Zara. Then, in 580 BC, the prophet Jeremia carried the Stone of Jacob, representing the throne of David, to Ulster, N. Ireland; later it went to Scotland and England where it has served as the throne of David to this very day. Flags of Ireland still today use David's harp and the red-hand of Zara Juda! David's throne has never been vacant, just as God promised. In Westminster Abbey, a wall chart shows the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth back to King David. The emblems of Israel's tribes still today serve as flags and ensigns of the northern European nations, identifying exactly who we are. We are the "lost sheep of Israel." Keep in mind that Israel is a people, not a state or place. While modern politicians and liberal intellectuals show contempt for our white-race roots and exalt the ancestry of all other races, we Christians should be aware of our true origins, and the great destiny in store for God's "lost sheep."

4. There is no such thing as "born again," in John 3:3. The Greek word anothen means "from above." The same Greek word is again used in verses 7 and 31 of chapter 3, where it is properly translated into English as "from above," proving that the mistranslation in verse 3 was deliberate. When Nicodemus misunderstood Jesus to mean "born again," Jesus explained that he did not mean that, but that only those who come from God, born in His Spirit, can return to God. Those born of flesh cannot suddenly decide to be born of Spirit, any more than one can change his biological mother by choice.

5. The modern language called "Hebrew" was not the ancient language of the Old Testament. It only developed during the captivities when the Israelites' language of Phoenician was mixed with the Aramaic of their captors. No O.T. writings were done in Hebrew. There was not even a Hebrew alphabet until a few years prior to Jesus, and no Hebrew O.T. until nearly 1,000 years after Christ. That's right: A.D.! The Bible of Jesus was the Greek Septuagint of 285 B.C.  Most of the Dead Sea Scrolls are in Greek, the language which evolved from Phoenician. The entire "Hebrew" language idea is a fraud which needs to be exposed. You will find the detailed history of that huge fraud on this web-site.

6. "Heaven" is not a place to go when you die, but refers to the play being played on this stage of planet earth. EARTH IS THE STAGE and HEAVEN IS THE PLAY being performed by God's special race of children who express His Spirit. The kingdom of "Heaven" (Matthew's term) is really the "Kingdom of God," which refers to the coming ages on earth when Christ rules, after Satan's rulership of World is overthrown. And "eternity" is not some ethereal timelessness; the Greek word usually translated into English as "eternity" is aion (eon). It really means a definite period of time, and is properly translated as "during ages." The negative ages are "World," and the positive ages are "Kingdom of God," having two opposite energies. When you understand the proper definitions of Greek words, according to the best Lexicons, then our religion of Christianity takes on a whole new meaning.  You will feel wonderfully uplifted to know who you really are and what the future holds for you.

7. The New Covenant, which Christ secured, should be the most important basic teaching of Christianity. Amazingly, few Christians know what it is or where it is found! Why don't preachers make sermons based on these verses? Well, take a look for yourself, and you'll know why. We should all be New Covenant Christians, but most don't even know what that means.

8. The Bible is a book of racial discrimination, from beginning to end. God loved and nurtured and guided and protected and disciplined and saved and renewed one specific genetic lineage of people from Adam, and then Sem, and finally from Jacob. Liberals and atheists hate the Bible because it is so uncompromisingly racial. Sadly, our churches are promoting the liberal agenda of race-mixing, an act which angers God more than any other. How did modern Christianity go so far astray?  Read the history in articles here.

9. Those who call themselves "Jews" today, really have no lineage from Israel. On their own web-sites they admit and boast of their ancestry from southeastern Europe Khazars, claiming they have no ancestral connection to Jacob/Israel. One current Israeli scholar, Arthur Koestler, has published a book which traces their Khazarian ancestry. Do your own searches on the net (Khazaria) and find the truth for yourself. The so-called "Jews" perpetrate the fraud of being true Israel because many Christians want so desperately to believe it, and want to give money to them. Learn the whole story on this web-site.

10. The theme of the Bible is that of a contest between good and evil. The contest is waged on this planet where Satan rules the kingdom of World for half a cycle, and then Christ rules the kingdom of God for half a cycle. One genetic racial group represents the body of Satan, and one genetic race is the body of Christ. The Bible tells the story of the contest, and becomes much more interesting once you know who the two players really are.

11. God's Divine Pageant is the long-term contest, described above, cycle after cycle after cycle. Like King Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. One cycle is about 24,000 years, being one precession-of-equinoxes. Half the cycle is negative energy, ruled by Satan as kingdom of World. The other half is positive energy, ruled by Christ as kingdom of God. Historical patterns can be diagramed along a sine-wave curve, where we can observe the rises and declines of civilizations. These cycles are the very basis of all history, revealing the activity of God through His offspring. Exciting stuff! Print a copy of the SINE-WAVE diagram for handy reference while you read writings on these web pages.

12. Almighty God EXPRESSES His being through an offspring: His Christ. Jesus is the Head of the body of Christ in which Israelites are the members. We are God's Elect anointed ones whose spirits have lived since before this world began. Christ (the entire body) creates the play being performed. Whatever the greater corpus of Christ-members believe is what determines the reality you perceive with your senses. Since we members of Christ have believed Satan's great lie of material absolutes, we have created his kingdom of World according to his design. After Satan is defeated and we learn the Truth, then we will create the Kingdom of God according to God's design. In this present end-time period of Satan's desperation, such Truth is politically unacceptable to liberals, atheists, and most Christian sects. Nevertheless, God promised that all things would become known at the end, and this web site is a part of that.

13. If you have printed a copy of the SINE-WAVE diagram, notice that there are twelve periods of zodiac ages, each being 2,000 years, making a total cycle of 24,000 years. While this is not astrology, those twelve zodiac signs are meaningful to the history of civilization, to God's plan, and to the Bible. The most meaningful signs are Leo/lion, Taurus/bull, Aquarius/Man, and Scorpio/eagle. Those four symbols of lion, bull, Man, and eagle are the same as the four Living Beings of Revelation 4, and of the four Seraphs of Isaiah 6, and the four Cherubim of Ezekiel's vision. They symbolize the four types of MIND by which God extends Himself into this manifestation. LION symbolizes the physical mind, which inaugurates a six-thousand year period as civilization descends into the kingdom of World and worship of physical materials. The BULL represents the emotional mind which begins a quarter-cycle period that is dominated by emotions, the raging-bull of passions, anger, love, hate, etc. while civilization begins its climb from its lowest point. The kingdom of World, ruled by Satan, is largely defined by those two minds of physical and emotional. Soon, as we leave the kingdom of World behind, to find spiritual perfection and oneness with the Father, the symbol of MAN (Aquarius - spiritual Mind) defines the next quarter-cycle, the kingdom of God which is ruled by Christ. After reaching the apex of perfection, the EAGLE represents the rational/intellectual mind which seeks again to "know" good and evil thereupon falling from the Holy Estate. Click on FOUR-MINDS for a detailed study of this subject. These four symbols were also the brigade emblems of the four tribes of Judah (lion), Dan (eagle), Ephraim (bull), and Reuben (Man).

To my fellow white race Adamic Israelites, I pray the Spirit of God will work within your hearts and minds to see Truth for yourself. Be skeptical, and trust God. Pray fervently that you are guided in His Truth. And consider my writings as the speculations of just one more "seeker" whose ideas must be checked and rechecked before you adopt them for yourself. At that time, what you choose to believe is YOUR truth, regardless whether I, or any other, provided a little stimulus. I cannot "teach" you anything. I offer you merely some thinking fodder. What you decide to believe is, as it always has been, your responsibility.

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