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Here is a picture of me in Alaska, about 1999.


After five years in a Protestant Theological Seminary in the early 1960s, with about 15 months in active ministry, I turned away from that career in order to search for the real Truth. I follow Christ and I believe the Holy Spirit works in each child of our Father uniquely, enlightening his mind to an unfolding series of continuing revelations if he is willing to hear. Protestant theology locked its doors to further insights several centuries ago. No theologian is permitted to question dogmas that were formed by the great Reformers. To walk onward toward Truth, one must leave the organization and walk alone. In Christ's NEW COVENANT, God tells preachers and teachers to stand aside, that He will work His laws in our hearts and minds as individuals. A seeker must trust God to keep His end of that contract, trusting that He will not misguide or abandon a sincere questioner. It is significant and terribly sad that the modern church does NOT TEACH the New Covenant, the very contract under which Christians live! Do you know where the New Covenant is located in the Bible, or what it says, or with whom that contract was made? Most Christian preachers and theologians do not know, and that fact should jar you hard, causing you to take a look for yourself. And that is just a starting point on the path to Truth, which is Christ.

I'm getting old now, a little eccentric, and not open to arguing. If you have credible information to refute something I say, I would be grateful to learn of it. If you disagree with me because you learned differently in your church or theological school, you can save your breath because I've been there, and that isn't where I'm at anymore. If you want to know the Truth for yourself, it is up to you to search for it. Christ is the Truth and the Light, and whatever real Truth you find will be ONLY by that Light, with help from the Spirit of God which reveals it to you. My words may or may not be useful in stimulating such revelation in your own self; I make no claim for them, except that I do my best to search objectively for Truth, whatever that may be.

I have no affiliation or allegiance with any group in the world. I cite no sectarian creed. I have no vested interest in any particular agenda. I don't lecture or preach, nor do I have followers who depend upon me to adhere to something I've already written or said in the past. Without such ties, I've been able to revise my beliefs as my understanding grew, and as the big-picture developed in my mind. Now I'm presenting those ideas on this web site. I am a seeker of Truth, on a difficult path, and am not so vain as to think I have arrived at the final end of that search. Rather, it is up to you to examine for yourself every belief and accept or reject as you feel best. I take no responsibility or credit for what you decide to believe.

I consider myself a contemplative, one who seeks God through contemplation, studies, and prayer. If my spiritual "self" is the REAL me, then it is that self which I wish to develop and become. That statement pretty much describes the path of a "mystic," a passive-receptive state in comparison to religion which is active.

I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1938. Went to Concordia Theological Seminary 1960 to 1965: Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Completed 15 months Vicarage (assistant pastor) in Jacksonville, Illinois. Married Lisa Wolf in 1965, during Vicarage, after meeting her father as a student in the same Seminary; she was teaching Lutheran elementary school in Marietta, Georgia at the time. After Vicarage, I then stepped away from the business of religion as a career path.  My work has been as a Civil Engineering draftsman, cartography, construction, building maintenance, City Police Officer, restaurant owner, and a few other drifter jobs.

 My spiritual studies are no longer in subjects of dogmatics or other academics, but my search is for Truth, regardless where that search takes me. History and philosophy are natural adjuncts to theology, along with the sciences. I see God at work in all of them, and see in them a revelation of Him. I want to know the divine plan for this earth. I want to know who are the good guys and the bad guys, and how their contest is played out. The papers published on this web site tell you most about me. My personal quest for Truth is who I am.

Since 1993 until 2002 we lived in a small log cabin in Eagle, Alaska, a town born in the Klondike Gold Rush. About 120 people live inside the town limits, with about the same number living in the surrounding region. The town is on the bank of the Yukon River, near the Canada border. There is a summer-time dirt road to Eagle, 160 miles long, which permits us to drive to Fairbanks or Anchorage for supplies in the spring and fall. From October to April, the road is closed and only small single-engine planes carry passengers and mail the 90 minute flight to Fairbanks. Many of us use snowmobiles for transportation during winter; some use cars in town when the temperature isn't too cold; and some use dog-teams with sleds. Our cabin has electricity from the town generator, but few homes have running water. There is no sewage system. We have an outhouse. We heat with fuel oil, but many burn firewood. Eagle has one small general store with a gas pump, along with a summer-time Cafe and Motel and Laundromat. Of course, we have a Post Office, and beside the grocery store that is where most contact with neighbors happens. We get one TV station, which is public-funded and selects the poorest programming from the major networks. We get no national network news. Radio station signals don't reach this far. We are at the end of the road, at the edge of the world, and that pretty much explains why residents are attracted here.

As for churches, there is a small Baptist-type church here in Eagle that is content with the very simplest of traditional Sunday School teachings. They have a statement of beliefs which serves as their creed, and be it right or wrong, they believe "grace is enough."  They don't search or dialogue or evangelize,  nor will they look at anything published outside their own group. They seem content to wait idly for a "rapture." Obviously, one like me who thinks, searches, questions, and re-examines would be a thorn in their side, and I have no wish to upset my friends here, for they are the most upstanding and truly good people in this town. They are much like my own family members, and like most Christians who don't know the New Covenant. On one hand I believe God will, sometime soon, awaken His own (Ezekiel's Dry Bones) to Truth, but I also worry about anyone's unwillingness to search for it. Has one, by that unwillingness, rejected His gift of "love of Truth," as described in II Thess. 2:10?  Some beliefs, like "rapture," are so unfounded, that God must have sent them that "powerful delusion that causes them to believe falsehood" of verse 11. Is God making it impossible for them to see Truth? That seems unfair, and I often harangue God about it, praying for their release. I really do hope that "grace" turns out to be enough for them! Ultimately, I'm confident that God won't lose any of His own "chosen" ones! As for my wife and me, we use Sundays for quiet contemplation and studies and we play spiritual music CDs. Lisa plays her harp, and I feel blessed to listen to her practice a few hours each day. Sometimes I wonder how heaven could be any better than what I already have! Lisa and I moved from Alaska to Virginia in fall of 2002.

If you have read materials on this web site already, you know that they are radically non-traditional. If you are beginning to see the big-picture of God's grand design, you are probably thrilled and perhaps a little apprehensive. How can it be so simple and yet not seen by someone during nearly 2,000 years of Christianity? Why haven't physicists, astronomers, or historians solved the riddle? Why would God give someone like me such a precious gift, and not to some of those great jewels who have given their lives in years past? Why, why?  I suggest that those same questions might be yours because they have been my constant companions over the years. Several times I have turned away from this work because my conclusions were too upsetting to me. I thought that I must be wrong; perhaps my vanity led me into a false direction. I've struggled intensely with such questions, and God never spoke into my ear with any clear answer. Usually, after a spell away from the work, the picture would form a little clearer in my mind, and I would see how another piece of the great puzzle fell neatly into place. How I wish that I was more capable academically and with more languages! There are so many men more educated and just as sincere; how can I help but wonder "why me?" If I accept that I was chosen to serve as this particular tool, then I worry anxiously that I've been a slackard, that I should have applied myself more vigorously, that I've fallen short of what God wanted of me. Well, those are thoughts that taunt me. And as the picture develops more clearly in my mind, and I see the magnificence of God's design, it seems to me that there is no greater treasure on this planet than this information which He gives to you through me. Philosophers and theologians have sought these solutions for so many centuries, and now, in these end times, God is removing the veils which hid it from our minds. What a glorious thrill it is to see that Grand Throne, and Him who occupies it, being expressed through His elect into our perceptions where we can perform the act of Life and the battle between good and evil! As the kingdom of World loses its mystery, the kingdom of Heaven is also being revealed in its Glory. What an indescribable thrill it is to live at this moment in history! I pray most fervently that there are large numbers of God's Elect across the land who are realizing things similar to these insights which have been granted me. I know I am not alone, and I'm sure there are many who feel much as I do, that they/you are standing quite alone because you aren't hearing the others who think like you do. It is for those/you that I share my thoughts, and I would sure enjoy hearing yours. It is also my prayer that others might surpass these elementary concepts which I offer, for I know that my work is only a part of the foundation upon which the kingdom of Heaven will be constructed. My home address is Roger Hathaway, 1125 Goldfinch Lane, Jewell Ridge, VA 24622. You can email me at roger.hathaway (at)

My writings are intended for the precious few spiritual seekers for whom Truth is the highest value, even above life itself. My work is not part of any income program, nor do I seek any donations or fees. Jesus did not sell His work, nor do I. My reward will be the knowledge that I have tried my best to be one of God's tools in the enlightenment of members of our Christ-family.

I pray God fills you with His Spirit, and you find your ultimate satisfaction in being His offspring

 in Christ, His anointed one.

From Roger Hathaway


Roger on front porch at home in Virginia, Summer 2003



In late October, 2006, I experienced a heart-attack which I think was related to my history of atrial-fibrillation. All day long I had thought the chest discomfort was due to indigestion. One brother was visiting here with his wife. A sister and another brother were present in my living room. One brother offered to go with me for milking the cow and barn chores. Milking was quite painful in my chest. Back in the house afterward, I sat in the recliner and my distress was obvious. We discussed the situation and diagnosed it as a heart attack. Some pleaded with me to go to the Emergency Room, but I declined, saying that I was in the hands of the Great Physician and would be glad to leave this world. I did consent to take a nitro tablet because they were at hand and offered. Gradually I became nauseated and began to lose consciousness. When I knew I was slipping away, I said, "I'm dying."  Then, I didn't lose consciousness completely, and after the second tablet the pain and pressure subsided and I felt very good, laughing and animatedly enjoying the rest of the evening. After another day or so, the chest discomfort seemed to be gone, but it was clear that something had happened. Weakness persisted for days, and my sense of reality is different; I feel no value of anything in this world. My sense of destiny is still keen, so I will continue my spiritual work, perhaps going on from what is presently on the website. Whether I will publish, I don't know. I feel a strong need to be isolated and solitary, even reclusive. It is my belief, right now anyway, that I will proceed in my work totally alone. Each seeker must finally come to a realization of himself as a lone solitaire as he approaches that door through which he must step unhesitatingly. Each must do it alone. As Jesus walked alone, so am I eager to go on alone. To start a new chapter, or to end one. So be it.


My work is available on this website and no one needs my personal input. As I've made clear, my work is mere words; it is the Holy Spirit who teaches you the meaning. You don't need me. I've done it for my family of Israel, and God will be your teacher. Important is not who carries the water, but that you will to drink. Pray that you are guided to Truth and saved from error, and trust in Him to keep you. Whether I live or die is unimportant to your path. It is also something I have no preference about, for I am just an experience of Him anyway. My fulfillment and my joy is complete. Amen.

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