END TIME EVENT, BY ISAIAH  (November 2006) Amazing description of the end-time tribulation by the Great Prophet. His name was really Esaias, pronounced Hesaias.

AMERICAN HIROSHIMA (July 31, 2005) Regarding a possible nuclear attack by Islam in America in the very near future. Perhaps the time has arrived for the next step in the Armageddon sequence.

400 YEAR MODEL  (June 10, 2005) The Israelites in Egypt for 400 years seems to be a model which is being repeated now with Israelites in America for 400 years. At the end they are liberated by a supernatural event, then led by Jesus into the Promised Land.

ARMAGEDDON IN PROPHECY (March 30, 2003) This prophecy of Ezra in the Old Testament Apocrypha book of II Esdras outlines the events of God's Great War. If the present war against Iraq begins Armageddon, then this outline of the events should be an interesting guide to the events ahead.

GEORGE WASHINGTON'S VISION   While winter tormented his troops at Valley Forge, the General was in his tent praying. He was surprised at the presence of a woman standing before his desk. He explains the three visions which she directed him to see in this piece which he dictated to an officer right after the visions were completed. He described visions of three wars on our American soil: the Revolutionary War, the War Against the South, and the worst of all, the great battle of Armageddon.

EDOM'S END!  Did you ever wonder why the prophets foretell such doom and destruction toward Edom? Those prophecies were for the end-times, like soon, now. Edom never has yet suffered such an annihilation, but still exists as the tormenter, exploiter, and murderer of Jacob. But be of good cheer, they too shall pass!

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