The White Anglo Saxon Protestant race is losing its traditional values by exchanging them for the worldly program of material security and the good-life that is offered by the Edomite race which controls our economy, our politics, our entertainment, our news-media. Our Christian heritage and European traditions are being trashed on sit-coms, in the news, and even in the courts. Our God is no longer tolerated in America by the minority which has successfully legislated Him to be an Outlaw. The following articles argue that the European White race is really those twelve tribes of Israel whom our God loves, protects, guides, disciplines, punishes, rewards, and to whom the Savior was sent. While preachers ignore the passage, Jesus did say, "I came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."


RACE IN NATURE (July 20, 2005) Nature is God's design and we should learn from it as from a textbook. Nature will not permit a homogenization of all races into one uni-race. That is contrary to nature. Here is a discussion of this issue.


RACE BIAS IN THE BIBLE (June 16, 2005) The Bible is the story of one racial line of people, to the exclusion of all others. Although this fact is not politically acceptable today, it is clear for any one who is open to the evidence. This article presents this thesis by a study of one original language word which is mistranslated into English, thereby misleading the Bible reader.


OUR PEOPLE (January 2005) Who are our people? Who are we, and from where did we come? Europeans, yes, but where did we originate before Europe? Here is a brief history of the migrations of the white race from the time of Adam to Noah to Israel to the lost tribes in Northern Europe, and to America.


WHITE SUPREMACY (October 5, 2004) The dry bones of Israel, in Ezekiel's vision, are about to awaken to the Truth which God reveals in the end-times. Now. The true Israelites, the sheep of Christ, need to know who they really are, along with knowing the other players on this great stage.


THE RACE ISSUE  A discussion of God's pageant where two races wage eternal war. The dark races are a different species from us. They are not born from above. Only the white Adamic race has eternal life as it wages eternal battle in this arena we call earth.


GENTILES, A PROBLEM WORD:  The word "gentiles" does NOT mean "non-Jews." The Greek word, from which it comes is "ethnos," which means "ethnic group." The word was used most often by Jesus and N.T. writers to refer to THEIR OWN ISRAELITE ETHNIC GROUP! This article is an exegetical word study which should solve the question of to whom Jesus really came?


GENTILES & SALVATION   Another discourse on the word "gentile," which is a mistranslation of "ethnos." I've written so many different articles about this topic, but will limit the number of them on the web-site to just a couple. It helps to understand a subject if one approaches it from different directions sometimes.


ETHNOS, GENOS, & GENS   Definitions of words which get mis-translated as "gentile."

SHEEP  The white race sheep on the way to slaughter, without a whimper of protest, or even raising their eyes. Our race has a lower birthrate than death-rate, and we are in serious decline, while other races flood into our land and take over our world. Maybe that's good?

RACE IS EVERYTHING!  Like O.J. Simpson's attorney, Johnny Cochran said, "Race is everything!" He is proud of his Negroid race, and I am proud of my white race. Let's take an honest look at the difference between our genus and theirs.