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Written Early Winter 1998

Revised Fall of 2003

Revised again February 2008

Published on on February 12, 2008

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SACRIFICE, Discussion of














































                                             CHART OUTLINE OF BOOK OF REVELATION


Chapter 1 of the book is the prologue, and not diagrammed on the following chart. Chapters 6 thru 19 detail the contest between Christ's race of Israel and Satan's race of Edomites. SEALS are forces which influence entire age of Pisces concurrently. TRUMPETS announce injustices which Edom perpetrates against Israel during the entire age of Pisces. BOWLS of wrath are the natural consequences of Jewish evils, upon themselves.







































CHAP 2 & 3




    CHAP 6 - 7


    CHAP 8 - 11


     12 - 14


  CHAP 15 - 16


     17 - 19


  CH 20 - 22














(1)   6:1-2

0 to 2000 ad


White Horse







_ Israel killed


Stalin, WWII)




w/12 stars =

Israel. Flee dragon.



Michael vs.




1st Beast

Rom. Cath.

war against




7 Angels prepare


Pour on Earth

(Edom ailments)


17:1-5 Great

Harlot (R.C.)

on scarlet

beast of Edom/ Jews





Mother of

Harlots &




Edom makes war against





Satan Bound


1st Resurrect.






(2)  6:3-4

0 to 2000 ad


Red Horse








_ destroyed



Pour onto Sea


Edom suffers



Satan cast in


Great white







(3)  6:5-6

0 to 2000 ad


Black Horse










Pour on Rivers


Torment Jews




New heaven,

earth, and Jerusalem






(4)   6:7-8

0 to 2000 ad


Pale Grn Horse







_ dark.

Church strife.



Pour onto Sun


Jew mental





Heaven Scene -

Crystal Riv.

Tree of Life.






(5)   6:9-11

1848 - 2000 AD

Saints under altar, waiting.



1848-2000 AD



5mo = 150 yrs




2nd Beast

Jews bring mark/beast



About 2000




3 Angels announce.







1848-2000 AD

Pour on throne of Beast = pain &




Babylon is


Earth mourns,











Christ come.

Beast and F.Prophet in

Lake of fire


Then comes another Fall and another cycle of history. See the sine-wave diagram.




until 12,536


(6)   6:12 - 7:17

About 2000 AD

Earthquake. Day of wrath.


9:13 - 11:14

About 2000 AD





About 2000 AD

Pour on River Euphrates


F.Prophet gather

for Armageddon




until 14,285


(7)  8:1-5

Christ Reign Begins.






Then Christ.



Pour onto Air

"It is done"

World crash



While this diagram depicts only the twelve zodiac ages, you can draw onto your printed copy the church ages which will be described following this picture. Each church age is about 1715 years or so, consequently they do not coincide with the zodiac ages which are about 2,000 years each. All these dates are APPROXIMATE. The general concept is what I am attempting to illustrate, so that each person can interpret the book of Revelation for himself.




            2008 note:     It has been nearly ten years since I received the insights for the project of interpreting this revelation of God. Since John wrote it down, as he had received it, no person has solved its mysteries. Perhaps every theologian and preacher has made attempts to do so, but eventually abandoned the effort in frustration. For me, it was the fall of 1998 when Lisa and I were living in a tiny log cabin at Eagle, Alaska, a small bush village in the arctic on the Yukon River near the Canada border. For our home water supply, I hauled it in barrels from nearby American Creek on a small trailer behind my three-wheeler in summer and behind my snow machine in winter. We had no indoor plumbing, but we did have electricity from the town's diesel generator. The cabin was heated with a small fuel-oil pot burner, so we were cozy warm even when fifty or sixty degrees below zero outside. I had plenty of time to ponder the eternal verities since life was so simple and easy there. Lisa had her harp, so with that in my background, I felt like I was in heaven. The book of John's Revelation always felt like a warmth to me, but the symbology was beyond me; I never got caught up in any compulsion to interpret symbols which so many others had already done, and had done so differently from each other. As winter set in, I began to think about this mysterious book again; finally I prayed that if God would let me see what it meant that I would not share it with anyone else, at least until I became convinced such sharing was His will. Then the flow began; I wasn't hearing words, but merely felt guided. I started translating it from the Greek into English because the existing English versions all mistranslated certain Greek words consistently, thereby misleading readers. Beside the corrected translations, it was clear that several important keys were necessary to its interpretation. These keys were the secrets which would unlock the mystery and make the book a coherent and understandable revelation.  But, some of the keys were so politically unacceptable that tradition-bound theologians, preachers, and Christians would likely reject them outright. Nevertheless, they were the very keys to unlock the book. For the next few months, I awoke early each morning, turned on the computer, and began to work. Lisa served me food occasionally, but I felt little interest in it. I worked until late each evening, finally going to bed where my mind continued to process wondrous insights. I felt all kinds of emotions: I was overwhelmed that God might grant me such breakthrough insights; I felt scared that my weak academic skills might cause me to miss the mark; I felt glorious as I watched the big picture develop in front of me; I trembled that my vanity or my theological education might prevent me from seeing aright. I was ecstatic, elated, and frightened; I was "beside myself." It seemed no time at all, and the work was done! Was I the only one in the world who knew the simplicity and the grandeur of God's divine plan? Was I not sitting on a treasure of more value than all this world's wealth? Me? The lifelong drifter who never made his mark in this life? Okay, sit back Roger, and let the dust settle while you ponder this more objectively. Were you just handed a real treasure or did you just make it up as you went along? Come on, get real here! Now, as I write these thoughts in 2008, I don't know if I'll ever understand just what happened there. As I reach for the notebook which holds this work, I still tremble because I feel that I am touching something far beyond me, something that I shouldn't touch without asking permission first. I feel so strongly that it shouldn't be limited to my possession alone; what if my house burns down? It needs to be in the hands of others, so it will be secure. It doesn't belong to me, and I don't want the responsibility anymore. For nearly ten years I have yearned for some sign from God which would permit me to release this book to others. I've pleaded, only to get silence in return. Now my world is crashing; the end is near; devastation looms threateningly on the near horizon; world leaders deliberately plan a worldwide destruction! God's signs in the sky tell us unmistakably that the kingdom of World is ending and the kingdom of Heaven is beginning. May I release it now, Father? So, this February of 2008 I sit down to review it carefully and to finetune it where necessary, in hopes that permission will be granted soon for me to publish it on my website of . It doesn't belong to me; it belongs to those who would express the Father through their own lives, to those who were conceived with His Spirit indwelling, to those of His own family for which Jesus serves as the Head. And finally, I tell you that this commentary merely outlines the foundation of God's Revelation; there is so much more work to be done, of which this book just hints. I pray that others will consider some of these insights and take the ball which I carried so few steps of a long journey. I'm tired now, and I don't want to carry the ball anymore. I'm tired of this world, and yearn to leave it. I want to follow my Lord up that via dolorosa, to the altar of sacrifice where I can hand my Spirit back to Him from Whom it came. If you are reading this, then I will have published it, and I pray you consider it yours. The Holy Spirit will lead you from this point toward your own destiny. Walk confidently with His Presence.

1999 PostScript:    It has been a few months since I completed this commentary on the book of Revelation.  I set it aside for a few weeks, and then returned to it afresh to edit it to make it more readable and understandable.  When I was working on it, everything seemed so simple! Now I am impressed at how difficult it will be for someone who doesn't already have the big picture in his mind.

This morning, while pondering this, it came to me that religions are built as compilations of many bits and pieces. Bits and pieces of doctrines are systematized by collecting together all passages which pertain to a specific topic, such as baptism, and then formulating a statement of belief which honors both the letter and the spirit of the passages.  The resulting statement is a doctrine.  The academic business of theology is of  scholars who examine doctrines in greater detail, amplifying them. A collection of doctrines results in a religion, which then seeks to separate itself from all others to the degree that it can find nit-picking details to argue about.  Preachers then pontificate from pulpits with great passion, just as though the details are foundations for salvation. What sits clearly in my mind at this moment is how shallow and unfulfilling religions are, by their very nature.

Seekers-of-truth who come to a Christian religion without any prior religious schooling, come with an innocence which must be like a perfume to God.  The newly awakened seekers are not yet confused by countless details,  but they are sincerely looking for answers to the same questions which have challenged philosophers forever.  They want to know if there really is a God; what is the purpose of life; is there life after death; who am I; do I have a personal destiny that was designed by God; and so on.  They want to know the big picture!  From their naïveté they think that if they can just get some overall picture in their mind of what God's real plan might be, then they can fit the detail-pieces of the puzzle in place for their own walks toward God.

So, the Seeker looks to pulpit preachers who claim to have the only true answers while berating every other sect. The innocent and sincere child of God meets preachers who boldly tell him that unless he comes to that particular church and tithes there, he is in danger of going to hell.  Not easily discouraged by such negative gospel, the naïve Seeker thinks that if he listens and learns, perhaps understanding will come to him and he will also attain such supreme confidence in having God's absolute truth.  Then, because he is still naïve, the Seeker actually dares to THINK about spiritual matters, and  begins to ask questions which trouble his mind, perhaps questions that came to him while reading the Bible and noticing passages which seem to be contradicting the preacher.  The innocent Seeker wants to share his discoveries with his preacher, thinking he will be received with delight because he is genuinely searching and doing some real thinking.  He is quite unprepared for preacher's indignation!  Rather than finding a preacher who says, "yes, that seems to be a problem; let's study this and see what we can find," he meets preachers who threaten him with hell if he doesn't accept by faith whatever the preacher says, even if it does contradict scripture.  Most preachers have so much experience in vomiting forth such an endless gush of babble that the Seeker leaves feeling like he has been assaulted.  After a few experiences like that, the innocent Seeker-of-God is likely to turn away disappointed and angry.  Religion has in this way betrayed our God and has done damage beyond measure.  Preachers work so effectively against Christ that Satan need not concern himself with the Christian church. Rarely does a preacher dare to think for himself, trusting the Holy Spirit for insights; he merely preaches what he was taught. A genius critic, named John Jay Chapman (1862-1933) said, "Give a professor a false thesis in early life, and he will teach it till he dies. He has no way of correcting it." Theologians merely teach what they've been taught. It takes an independent thinker to see new visions. Institutional theology is stalled!

What is the crux of this problem?  I think it is this; theologians do not have the big picture!  They have doctorate degrees in details, but they don't know how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, nor do they know what that big picture might look like when finished.  In the minds and hearts of God's innocent children, the Holy Spirit works a powerful urge to walk toward their Father by the process of seeking Truth.  These newly awakened Seekers are filled with the Holy Spirit, and in their innocence they recognize errors to which theologians are inured.  They are actually experiencing the New Covenant of Hebrews 8:10-12! Here is the Covenant which has applied to God's children since the time of Jesus, yet hardly a Christian has ever heard of it, and certainly not from a pulpit! Take a look at this New Covenant, and you will suddenly leap ahead of all those preachers who seem to be totally ignorant of it.  It reads, 10"This is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the  Lord: I will  put my laws in their minds, and write them on their hearts, and I will be to them God and they will be to me a people. 11By no means shall they teach his fellow citizen and each one his brother saying 'know the Lord,' because all will know me, from the small to the great of them,   12because I will be merciful with their wrongdoings and of their sins, which I will by no means remember any longer." (literal translation from Greek text)  I hear God saying in this contract which Jesus secured: "Preachers and teachers, stand aside; these are my children; I'll take over from here.  I live in their hearts and minds now, and woe to any of you who burden us with sin which I no longer remember!"  It is my personal opinion that no flower is as beautiful as a newly awakened Seeker, who hungers for God so desperately that he will forsake this whole world for the sake of his quest.  When such a person comes to me with questions, I tremble, for I know the danger of trying to teach him anything.  I explain that I have my opinions, but no absolute answers.  I am convinced of many truths which I personally would die for, but I cannot guarantee that my truth, as I would explain it, is valid for him. That is not to say that I think Truth is relative, for it is not. But, each person is responsible for his own search, and I will not step between him and the Holy Spirit to take that responsibility upon myself. Especially after God has said so clearly there should be no more teachers!

I want to get back to the issue addressed at the beginning of this chapter; religious doctrines and details versus the big picture.  It is this big picture which St. John presents in this Revelation.  He presents it as clearly as he saw it, and even defines many of the symbols, but for two thousand years men have failed to put these symbol-pieces of the puzzle together to make the big picture.

Understanding this book of the Bible is kind of a catch-22 situation: unless you know some of the details you can't see the big-picture, and unless you see the big-picture you won't understand the details.  I realize after I have finished this commentary that I wrote the book from my perspective of big-picture which I have in my mind, thinking that the details could be easily understood by anyone who reads this.  Now, upon review, I see that it will not be quite so easy.  I wish that I could outline the big-picture in a few sentences, but I cannot.  Undertaking the study of the book of John's Revelations is a big task, but if you undertake it seriously and slowly and try to keep the whole developing picture in your mind, somewhere along the way the picture will appear to you and you will wonder at its simplicity.



SUBJECT:  "Revelation" is the English word for the Greek Απoκάλυψις/Apokalypsis (to uncover or unveil, to reveal), which is the very first word in the book. John introduces the writing as a revelation "of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him, to show His servants things which are necessary to occur in time soon as He signified by sending through his angel to His servant, John." The Son is revealing that which His Father gave Him, as a prophecy for the benefit of His "servants." It will be done in symbols, as the Greek word for "signified" indicates. Then, Jesus transmits the message through His messenger/angel, to this author, John.


AUTHOR:   While some scholars debate which John might be the author, since he is not clearly defined, I will not debate that, but will assume this is the same John who was Jesus' disciple.  Certainly this John and the author of the Gospel share the same belief that the Edomite Jews are children of the devil (John 8:44), the "synagogue (assembly, corporate body) of Satan." (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9), being the polar counterpart to the body of Christ. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which John is author, because the contents are the important matter. And once one sees the big picture through these two revelations, it is beyond dispute that his work was genuinely inspired by God. It is a coherent whole, whose message is absolutely awesome in meaning and in scope, far beyond what any other sacred writing has ever addressed. No student of this book will ever doubt the authenticity of its True Source!


OUTLINE OF REVELATION:  The first three chapters describe a vision different from the vision which begins in chapter four. The first vision takes place ON the island of Patmos. The first six verses fulfill the common practice of introducing a writing. Verse 7 begins with "Behold, He comes," as John introduces Jesus as the One Who begins speaking in verse 8. In v. 11 John is instructed to write what he sees, and to send the message to the seven churches. John describes the striking appearance of Jesus, the source of the voice. Then John is instructed in v. 19 to write of things seen, and which are, and things to come, namely things past, present, and future. We will see that this is an important clue for interpreting the symbols.

Chapters 2 & 3 contain messages to the "seven churches," which according to this introduction are intended to serve as symbols. While the seven cities can be located on a map, being real cities, we must resist the temptation to interpret this revelation as a message to just those seven churches. Certainly, there were Christian groups which gathered for worship in those seven cities (one of them being John's hometown), but neither these groups nor cities were among the most prominent for the apostles work. It would be too strange to think that such a great and general revelation from Jesus Himself would be addressed to these few tiny groups while neglecting to mention any others! If the author was making this up, like a sermon, for the sake of a few groups in his local area, we could accept the seven churches as literal churches. But, if the revelator is Jesus, the head of the body of Christ, then we must accept the hint in the first verse that these are symbols, and the message will be to all His servants, meaningful in past-tense, present, and to the distant future, too.

Chapters 4 & 5 describe another vision, separate from the first one. Here John is called "aloft" to see the very throne of God.

Chapters 6 through 19 describe seven seals, with their corresponding seven trumpets and seven bowls. See the chart outline of the book to see how these events relate to each other.

Chapters 20 - 22 describe the events which transition us from Kingdom of "World" to Kingdom of "Heaven," with the binding of Satan and the first resurrection.


DATE OF WRITING:  There are two chief theories of dating this book, one called "Neronic," which dates the book soon after Nero's death in 68 AD. Nero ruled from 54 to 68. The other theory dates the book during the reign of Domitian (81-96 AD). Most scholars have settled for the later dating, saying "about 90 AD." The reason scholars date the writing with Nero or Domitian is an attempt to match John's descriptions of persecution to a political reign of his time. If we accept the idea that Jesus is foretelling future events, then the political or historical events of the first century  become secondary, and we must accept the writing for its prophetic and spiritual value without concern for whatever date it was written. Laodicea (3:17) is described as rich, but it was destroyed by earthquake in 61 AD, although quickly  rebuilt. The church at Smyrna wasn't organized until 64 AD, so it must have been written after that, and after Laodicea had rebuilt. So, perhaps, any time after about 70 AD. But, again, these seven churches merely serve as models for a much greater prophetic message.

Interestingly, a couple of early writings,  the Muratorian Fragment and the Monarchian Prologues, claim that Paul wrote to seven churches following the pattern of John's example in Revelation. This would date the Revelation prior to Paul's epistles of the early fifties. Of course, the Smyrna church didn't exist yet, but that would only be meaningful if we consider John to be the engineer of this writing; if Jesus is the engineer, then it could have been written long before Paul's epistles. Ultimately, we just don't know the date.


THEORIES OF INTERPRETATION:  There are many theories. Until the present end-times period arrived, when God has finally permitted us the keys to the mystery of this book, all prior interpreters have been wildly speculating. They held in their hands a strangely shaped puzzle, all alone, by itself, and without seeing a picture on the box cover, they never could solve the puzzle.

             Idealists see the revelations as being poetical or spiritual in nature, unrelated to actual historical events. This would permit any person's interpretation to be as valid as any other's, as long as there is no connection with reality.

Historicists interpret the revealed-events in a historical framework. This theory was promoted by Joachim of Floris (d. 1202), a monk who claimed to have a vision on Easter night which revealed God's plan for the ages. After his death, the Franciscans claimed themselves the true Christians of Joachim's vision, and interpreted Babylon not only as pagan Rome but also as papal Rome! Yes, the Franciscans did that! Identification of Babylon and Antichrist with the Roman Papacy was later also a conviction of Luther, Calvin, and ALL Protestant Reformers. It was this view, repugnant to the Roman Catholic Church, which prompted a very different interpretation in order to exempt the Papal office. Thus, the Futurist interpretation was contrived.

Futurists claim that all events, excepting the first three chapters of Rev. will happen during a three and a half year period at the end of the age. The Roman church objects to prophecies which call the papacy the anti-Christ. II Thessalonians 2 says the return of Christ cannot occur until AFTER the apostasy/rebellion comes and the "lawless one" is revealed. If that lawless one was the papacy, then all the historical events of Revelation could have happened over the past two thousand years. But, if that lawless one does not arrive until just prior to the end, then the papacy could not have been the anti-Christ and the events of Revelation have not yet begun to happen. A Jesuit priest, Francisco Ribera (1537-1591), attempted to solve this dilemma by a unique interpretation of Daniel Chapter 9. In the book of Daniel, Daniel was praying for the sins of Israel when Gabriel appeared to him, saying in 9:22 "Daniel, I am now come to teach you knowledge. 23At the beginning of your prayer a word went forth, and I am come to tell you; for you are a man greatly beloved. Be instructed therefore by the decree, and understand by the vision. 24Seventy weeks are set apart for your people and for the holy city; for sin to be ended and to seal up transgressions, to blot out iniquities, to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal the vision and the Prophet, and to anoint the Most Holy.

25"Therefore, you are to know and understand, that from the going forth of the command for the answer for rebuilding Jerusalem until Christ the Prince are seven weeks and sixty-two weeks. They shall indeed return and a street and a wall shall be built, and these times will be completed, 26and after the sixty-two weeks, the anointed One shall be cut off, though there is no crime in Him; and He with the ruler who is coming, will destroy the city and the sanctuary. They shall be cut off with a flood, and to the end of the war which is rapidly completed he shall appoint the city to desolations. 27And one week shall establish the covenant with many; and in the midst of the week my sacrifice and drink offering shall be taken away; and upon the temple shall be an abomination of desolations; and at the end of a time, an end shall be put to the desolation."

Ribera proposed that the 69 weeks ended with the baptism of Jesus;  the 70th week to be postponed until the end of the age when the anti-Christ would appear and rule, destroy the temple in Jerusalem, abolish the Christian religion, and conquer the world.

Certainly the Bible is sometimes confusing with its symbolism and metaphors, but never does God put upon us any such nonsense as making the seventieth week some distant future time which would not be the "seventieth" at all! That is as irrational as if I borrowed some money, promising to pay it back in 30 days, without telling my creditor that there will be a 20 year interval between the 29th and 30th day. But, the Roman Church desperately needed a straw to grasp, and this solution would have to serve. In the early 1800's this Jesuit thesis of Ribera was picked up by a Protestant, J.N. Darby, eventually getting into the Scofield Bible where it still serves to support a rapture fantasy.

"Rapture" is a belief among people who claim to be members of Christ's body, that they will be lifted off the earth for a time-out while Jesus, the Head of their body, defeats Satan without any help from His members. These so-called Christians appear to be simple escapists who fear dying for their Lord. Lacking any scriptural support, the rapture doctrine has a strong appeal among those who want peace rather than the war to which Christ calls us. "Don't think that I came to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace but a sword." (Matthew 10:34).  Modern preachers don't point to that verse!  Men like David ("one after God's own heart") and the early Martyrs are rare in our modern effeminate era.


Paradigms and Patterns

By using the hints given in the first chapter of past, present, and future, we will find that we are looking at paradigms which apply to all three periods. This method of interpretation recognizes the micro as a model or pattern for the macro, and past historical events as prophecies of future historical events. There is real order to God's design, and the study of one important Biblical event will help us to recognize later events of the same pattern. For instance, the 400 year Egypt sojourn, followed by liberation, a 40 yr. wilderness period, then the promised land  — was a paradigm of 400 years in America, then liberation somewhere about 2000 AD or so, a subsequent wilderness period, and then the promised Kingdom of God age begins.

John's visions are described in symbols. Such symbols serve as descriptions of patterns which apply to different times and places.


NOTE: In the following translation and commentary, I have chosen to use the Greek names of Old Testament persons according to the Greek Septuagint of 285 BC rather than the 1,000 AD masoretic "Hebrew" translation which is commonly used for English Bibles. The Greek Septuagint was the Old Testament Bible used by Jesus, His disciples, along with everyone else at the time of Jesus and during the first century. Even the Jewish historians Philo of Alexandria and Josephus and Aristeas the Exegete, used the Greek Septuagint, for the simple reason that no "Hebrew" Old Testament existed yet. Consequently, I prefer the names of our beloved Patriarchs as they were known prior to Christ and during the first few centuries of the Christian church. Many of the Patriarch's names later had the letter "h" added to them by Jewish Masoretes, making them Aramaic in character rather than Greek. Noah should be "Noe." Abraham is properly "Abraam." Isaiah is properly "Esaias," and so forth. Wherever I think a name might not be easily recognized, I will provide the so-called "Hebrew" name in parentheses.



Sacrifice is the primary lesson of the Old Testament, and also the primary lesson of Jesus. That makes it the central theme of the Bible, and certainly should make it the central issue for Christians! Essentially, one must sacrifice his worldly life and values by dying to them, in order to transition to the kingdom of God.

Have you ever pondered the idea of "sacrifice"? What does it really mean? Why would God want anything sacrificed? Why should quality animals or food be burned up? Isn't that a strange thing? If we examine the subject of sacrifice, will we find anything really meaningful? There certainly is not much literature available about the subject, so perhaps others who studied it finally contented themselves to let it be an unsolved mystery.

Anyone who thinks about it sympathetically would probably come up with the idea that God wants us to give up the firstfruits of our work to Him in grateful thanks for the rain and sunshine that made the crops grow, for the blessing of healthy increase of the herd, or for some other blessing. Of course, it is proper appreciation toward God that we offer to Him the first and best part of that which we have. That is a simple understanding of sacrifice, and can easily apply to us as we tithe the top ten percent of our income.

Such giving is one thing, but what about that sacrificial killing of living things, which was practiced by our Hebrew ancestors. They killed sheep, cows, goats, and birds for the sacrificial altar. They drained blood from the animals and handled it specially. That seems to be more than a mere offering of thanks for His providence. One of the sacrifices was an atonement for sin. The people believed that death was the penalty for sin. Of course, if every person who sinned got killed, then every single descendant from Adam would have been killed, and our genetic line would have ended thousands of years ago. So, animals were killed as substitutes for men who sinned. Everyone understood that animals served as a symbol.

But the question still hangs: why is a death necessary? Philosophically, we might reason that this indicates something about God, that He demands perfection. If His child fails to be perfect or violates God's rules, then he has missed the mark and must die. The Greek word for sin is αμαρτια (hamartia) and was used throughout ancient history to mean "missing the mark,"  like an archer missing the bullseye of a target. So, the general definition of sin is simply that of falling short of perfection.

Where does the Bible first mention such sacrificial offering? We can understand the fact that a death penalty resulted from breaking that Old Covenant between God and man, from Sinai. After the ten commandments were made explicit, and the contract was signed by all Israel in unanimous acclamation, then it became clear that Israel must pay any breach-of-contract with its own death. For fourteen centuries between Moses and Jesus, animals were then substituted for individuals or groups of Israelites. But, it is actually true that sacrificial offerings were made long before Moses and the Sinai contract.

The first Biblical record of a sacrifice is that of Cain and Abel, where Cain offered agricultural produce and Abel offered the best from his animals. Isn't it interesting that such a religious ritual was being done from the very beginning of God's spiritual race? Obviously, they knew something about their relationship with God and performed actual rituals as part of that relationship. Unfortunately, we know extremely little about the religious beliefs and practices of our ancestors for that four thousand year period between Adam and Moses. I'm assuming Adam's birth at 5508 BC according to the Septuagint record, and Moses' exodus about 1456 BC. Because we know so little about religious practices prior to Moses, we tend to not ponder the subject. We are content to turn our attention to something more knowable, like the O.T. Law given by Moses. It is easy to make a religion from laws. But, let's put this into perspective. The Old Covenant of Moses was a contract for only about fifteen hundred years, until it was completed by Jesus, and replaced by a New Covenant which is not a contract of laws. So, if the contractual law of Moses existed for only that fifteen hundred year period, what was the basis of religious practice during the previous four thousand years? Right now, in 2000 AD, we are about 7500 years from Adam, so contract law has only applied during 1500 of those years, or twenty percent of our history. For four fifths of our Adamic history, we have not been held to any law contract with God. What did our ancient ancestors really know about God, and how did they relate to Him in their daily lives? This question is intensely interesting to me, with frustratingly few answers.

I think about those ancient times, and study the records available. One factor which seems relevant is the earth's magnetic-field strength, which has dropped to near-zero strength at our present day, according to scientific measurements. The peak of the magnetic-field strength was six thousand years ago, about the time of Noe's flood, when men lived many centuries. I speculate that with a decrease in that magnetic energy, not only physical health deteriorated but also mental capabilities and spiritual awareness. Several thousand years ago, we, as God's genetic lineage from Adam, knew God's will as the REAL essence of our lives. We knew His Spirit as that which empowered our minds. We memorized the historical record of our family and could recite it perfectly, word for word. Our communities were comprised ONLY of Adamic members who could meet the requirement of reciting their lineage back to our Grandfather, Adam. We had a spiritual relationship with our Father in ways unimaginable today, for we have become ever more ignorant with the weakening magnetic-field. As we became more spiritually ignorant, the devil's children became more dominant over us. Their instincts led them to create an earthly kingdom with physical materials and technological wonders. The modern society of wondrous inventions is the ultimate achievement by the devil of his kingdom of World. It is in conflict with any spiritual presence of God, and seduces men to devote themselves to it in idolatrous worship.

Now, for the past 150 years, God's children have suffered an increasing oppression. Our spiritual awareness is less than ever before, and the material enticements greater than ever before. Our Christian religions have become little more than social-gospel. The most gaudy, ostentatious, entertaining, and flourishing churches are today preaching methods of attaining "prosperity," just as though that was God's will for us, brazenly contradicting Jesus' example and teachings. Compared to this modern world of technological wonders, God's spiritual kingdom is a desert. Egypt and the Sinai are known to be symbols of world and spiritual-life respectively.  God calls us out of World to the desert, just as He called our ancestors from Egypt to the Sinai. Jesus made this lesson clear with advice that we must die to this world, really reject it, along with  that Matthew 6 passage about not worrying about food, drink, and shelter. And then there is His wonderful call: "foxes have holes, birds have nests; I have no place to lay my head, follow Me." (paraphrased)  Obviously, we have lost our way, and our spiritual strength is so weak that rare few ever rise above this world to know a spiritual relationship with the Father, and with the Head of our body, Jesus.

I began this chapter with the question of sacrifice, what it might be, and it's possible meaning for us. Now, I'm going to state my ideas about this subject as forthrightly as I can. Sacrifice is the very essential purpose of God's anointed Son (His offspring, a genetic line of members of whom Jesus is the Head). We live in the kingdom of World, which is not our home. We are spirit-beings whose home is a spiritual kingdom, not this material/physical kingdom. We once lived in that spiritual kingdom, in Oneness with our Father, but we left it thousands of years ago, because we were attracted to the sensual experiences available in a kingdom of material limitations. It is the limitation of ignorance (darkness) that makes sensual thrills possible. The "apple" of the Fall was the forbidden-fruit of sex, an act contrary to God's will, that we found exciting, then and now. It was also that temptation to become gods by the intellectual activity of knowing good from evil. Rather than continue as Spirit-beings who were part of the Almighty God, we chose to become little gods of a limited World.  So, we left our spiritual home for the sake of physical-sense gratifications, emotional pleasures, and finite powers. Now, in order to return to our Father, we must recognize the low-level of our estate and reject it. We must REALLY reject it, in ways that are meaningful rather than just shallow-ritual. We must DIE to this world! We must offer up to the flames whatever is most valuable, the most perfect of our herd or flock, the most precious of our treasures of gold, gems, and money. We express our contempt toward World treasures by offering them up to flames or by giving them away as worthless. Jesus said one must hate this world in order to be His disciple.  While prosperity-cults want to make this pig-pen into their heaven, the truly spiritual person wants to reject this entire world in order to go back home. This is the lesson which Jesus demonstrated and clearly stated. Jesus is the Head of the body of Christ which is comprised of 144,000 Elect plus all the descendants of Israel who "overcome" the world. Jesus' letters to the seven churches encourage "overcomers" with promises of heavenly rewards.

So, I believe that Adam's son, Abel, understood why he was offering the prized animals of his flock, that he was expressing contempt for such worldly possessions, that he was a prodigal turning from the pig-pen toward the long walk back home. Abel's offering expressed the idea of division, dividing his value of God's spiritual kingdom from the despised kingdom of world; he loved the spiritual and hated the world. His values were being proven by offering-up his most prized worldly treasures to the flames. Cain, as a child of the devil, probably made his offering as an attempt to appease God and win His favor, but did not feel genuine contempt for his earthly possessions. He did not see the difference between spiritual and worldly values. The Greek Septuagint reads differently from the Edomite's Masoretic Hebrew text in Genesis 4:6,7  where God says to Cain, "Why are you sorrowful and why is your countenance fallen? Have you not sinned if you brought it rightly, but did not divide it rightly? Be still, to you shall be his submission, and you shall rule over him." Cain brought the offering properly, but failed to make the division in his values. [Sidenote: here we also see the first promise of dominion given to Satan's racial offspring, the Cain race which was later renewed with Esau, to whom Abraam also renewed the promise of dominion over God's children. Esau's progeny became the Edomites who took over Judea, Jerusalem, the Temple, and the racial term of "Jews."]

That is what "sacrifice" is all about! It is offering up to the flames our worldly values and possessions, an offering which serves also as a prophecy of the end-time disaster. Six-thousand years ago, the world of Adam's family was destroyed by water, and soon it will be destroyed by fire. Fire from natural gas, petroleum fuels, burning plastics, wood, and volcanic eruptions will consume most everything of our present world, the final sacrifice necessary before we can have the spiritual kingdom of heaven. God's Elect should be willing and eager to present this sacrifice to our Father, laying our homes and belongings and all worldly treasures on the altar for destruction. Even more than that, we should present ourselves to God's altar for sacrifice, for we are members of the Christ, God's anointed Son, who must DIE to this world before we can live again in God's "heaven." Jesus demonstrated the way, and told us that we would experience the same things as we follow Him. "These things shall happen to you."  If we want heaven, we must reject world, even consigning it to the flames of destruction. That includes earthly possessions which we hold dear and every earthly goal which we might desire for ourselves or our children, and our own lives, too.  All must go! Just as the Israelites left their homes behind to cross the Red Sea, being liberated from Egypt (World) into the DESERT of Sinai (the spiritual kingdom), so must we welcome the coming conflagration and rejoice to watch our world go up in flames in our final sacrifice.


                                                                             SYMBOLOGY  IN  REVELATION

7 LAMPS OF FIRE = the seven Spirits at God's throne = God's Holy Spirit

BABYLON =The materialistic society ideal of the Edomite race, Papacy, Communists.

BEAST = Edomite/Jewish dominion over money, commerce, culture.

CALF =Emotional Mind

DIADEMS = rulers, lords, princes, individuals of great authority

DRAGON = China.

DRAGON or SERPENT = Satan, acting through Edom

EAGLE = Mental or Rational Mind

EARTHQUAKE = either a political upheaval, or a geophysical seismic event

FALSE PROPHET = Islam and Mormons

FINE LINEN = righteous deeds of the saints (Rev. 19:8)

GREAT HARLOT = Roman Catholic Church. (Rev. 17)

HEADS = various faces thru which Satan acts (Edomites as Judeans; Roman Catholic, Hapsburgs, Rothschilds, U.N.)

HORNS = kingships, positions of authority (cf. Daniel 8:21)

JERUSALEM = the "City" of God, being the corpus of His own people

LAMPSTAND = church. namely the seven churches. Rev. 1:20

LION = Physical Mind

LIVING BEINGS = The Four Minds

MAN = Spiritual Mind

OVERCOMER = One who overcomes the beast, its image & the number of its name. Rev. 15:2

STAR = force or supernatural influence, often the function of an angel. Rev. 1:20

TEMPLE = the body of Christ in whom God lives

WATER or SEA = multitudes of people (sometimes the emotional mind dark races)

WHEELS = living power, with Ezekiel the cycles of Time

WIND = Spirit

WINGS = like "arms," the extension of one's performance, modes or qualities


                                           KEYS  TO  THE MYSTERY OF THE BOOK

The book of Revelation has always been a riddle, which has not been solved since St. John wrote it. After you know the solution, it  will be clear why it hasn't been solved. God has hidden information for the end-times, which, if understood during past centuries, might have thwarted His great plan.  Prophecy serves the purpose of hiding information from nearly everyone, while setting information forth publicly in symbols where it is available to those who have spiritual minds.  This permits God to reveal information to individuals at His pleasure, while keeping it hidden from all others. When Jesus' friends asked why He spoke in riddles, He answered that He could not speak clearly to the masses "lest they understand . . ."   I would preface this work by telling you that I made a deal with God, that if He would reveal His truths to me I would refrain from telling it publicly, perhaps even telling no one. The contents which follow are perhaps meant for no one else, perhaps for one of a thousand or two of ten thousand. I share this work with some hesitation, and if I share this copy with you, I ask that you protect it with equal concern, lest you arouse God's displeasure unwittingly.

The Revelation of John is a difficult work because there are several keys needed to unlock its mysteries. Until these end-times some keys were not available.  I want to present the Keys here.


KEY 1:           The diagram of  history is plotted along a SINE-WAVE CURVE. This curve is an electronics diagram of cycles, showing frequency, which is the time span of the cycle, and amplitude: the amount of energy above & below the zero line.

The frequency of one cycle of history is about 25,000 years. Scientists don't know the exact length of one Precession-of-Equinoxes, but calculate it to be between 24,000 and 26,000  years. The amplitude of the cycle is the strength of the earth's magnetic field. It's strength has decreased to nearly zero right now, and sometime after it reaches zero there will be a reversal of the earth's magnetic-field polarity which will trigger end-time cataclysmic disasters of earthquakes, volcanoes, land subsidence, tidal waves,  and electro-magnetic "nature" reversal, followed by plagues. This results in a sort of "dimensional" shift, whereby "matter" no longer appears quite so solid to the Elect. I am assuming the magnetic field reversal will happen somewhere about year 2,000 or so, to begin a 40 year "wilderness" period (like the Moses' Exodus model). I'm confident of the theme of this grand pageant, but not of the exact dates for end-time events. I'm speculating about them.

See the diagram of "God's Divine Paradigm" as history is plotted on a sine-wave curve, in which half the cycle is negative and half positive. The negative period of history, now ending, was manifested as a kingdom of "World." The intelligence (design/purpose/mind) which rules that negative period is called the "devil." During this half cycle of negative energy, we experience a physical/material world in which decay and death define the parameters of what we call "life." During the positive half cycle, Christ reigns over the Kingdom of God, and the nature of "Life" is quite different. Until one understands these cyclic patterns, much of the Bible is a mystery, and the secrets of John's Revelation are completely hidden.


KEY 2:           John's Revelation describes SEVEN PROGRAMS, five of which run simultaneously.  Some theologians have recognized similarities in Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls, but didn't know what to do with that insight because they didn't understand the cyclic patterns of history. See the Chart: CHRIST'S SEVEN STARS, for the layout of seven periods of history and the seven paradigms of the book.

Column "1" lists the seven churches, each represented by its star, which is an angel (force) that represents a TIME period.  These seven periods define the future kingdom of Heaven, from the time of Christ's Second Coming, for the next 12,000 or so years until rulership changes from Christ to the Devil again.

Columns "2" through "6" outline the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls, as they define the time from Christ's birth until the end of the age of Pisces when the great "earthquake" disaster of Matthew 24 brings this age to close. The first four Seals, Trumps, and Bowls represent influences that are active THROUGHOUT the entire age of Pisces. The fifth of each pertains to the 150 year period between 1848 and 2000. The sixth & seventh pertain to "End-Time" events, which mostly occur within one year's time, perhaps around 2,000A.D. or so.

Column "7" indicates events for the future, during the first half of Christ's reign, from the time of His Second Coming until we reach the apex of spiritual perfection, in the age of Thyatira.


KEY 3:           The seven lampstands represent the seven churches of chapters 2 & 3, and the seven Stars in Jesus' right hand are the angels of those seven churches. The Star/angels represent PERIODS OF TIME during future Ages.  Certainly, one cannot dismiss the fact that God is speaking useful messages to the seven existing churches of Asia and to churches in general, and that is good material for sermons, but it is a radically different notion to consider these messages as descriptions of periods of time. Stars are angels, or forces, of God.  There are many types of forces, some which scientists haven't yet identified. Time is a force which scientists struggle to understand better, and it becomes more elusive as it is studied. It is now known to particle physicists and quantum-mechanic physics that time is relative to the perceiver, and that it goes backwards as well as forwards. Time is not an absolute, but is a projection from the mind of God, within which we live and experience life.  It is through "time" and through His  Elect  that God functions and experiences life. Time and the Elect are ultimately the same thing, as John tries to describe in this vision.

It is not enough to say that God expresses Himself "through" time; there is something far greater to this subject, and I hardly know how to say it.  But, here it is: John considers time to be God. The first verse of Revelation speaks of "time," and three verses later God is identified as "the one who (that which) is and who was and who is to come."  God IS the past, the present, and the future.  In this commentary on Revelation, we will diagram patterns of history as cyclic patterns, or models which are repeated cycle after cycle according to a definite plan.  What is being revealed to us is the identity of the path of time, which is God.  The seven "stars" in Jesus' right hand are symbols of separate pieces of God: time periods!

 Now, I want to propose a new idea for you.  As God lives through His Elect, these Elect express and reveal God.  We are all symbols of characteristics of God.  Seven stars are symbols of "time periods."  The 144,000 Elect are symbols of time periods (of God's expression) made up of the twelve sons of Jacob. The highest level of "time" symbol is that of twelve Zodiac signs which underlie the entire Bible. Each of the Zodiac periods, of 2,100± years, directly corresponds to a "Tribe" period, each of which can then be sub-divided into twelve shorter cycles of 170± years, and each short-cycle period can be divided into twelve shorter segments of ca. 14 years, and these can all be diagrammed on sine-wave curves, whereupon the historical patterns become obvious. We are getting a look at God, but understanding what we see is yet another matter. The number "12" represents the historical course of the 12 tribes of Israelites, while the number "7" represents their spiritual course. The Time-line half-cycle can be divided by 12 and by 7 to define the physical and spiritual paradigms of the process, which comprise  God's expression of Himself.

Without understanding the long term cyclic patterns of history, one might never guess that the Stars of the churches are symbols of time periods.  One precedent for this interpretation is found in the Old Testament where Joseph interpreted cows and corn-stalks (of the Pharao's dream) as time periods.

John's visions, in this book of Revelation, are far more complex than most other visions, permitting interpretation of symbols on several different levels. We can easily see some literal value in the messages to these seven churches, relative to their own specific situations.  As allegory, we can apply those messages to all churches in general.  As symbols for time-periods, those churches represent periods of time in the future Kingdom of God during the coming ages of Christ's reign, during the half cycle from ca. 2040 AD until ca. 14,500 AD.  The seven Stars & Churches are diagrammed on the "Seven Stars" chart, in Column "1," but those future time periods do NOT correlate with the times of the Seals and the other columns that occur within this age of Pisces. The model of seven time-periods is also applicable to seven specific divisions of the Kingdom of World, of the past 12,000 years. So, the seven are a model, a paradigm, describing the natural process of civilization's ascent and descent.

Daniel 4 contains a wonderful illustration of the seven "heaven" ages versus the seven "world" ages. Nabuchodonosar had a dream, which Daniel interpreted, of a lush, bountiful tree that provided for all the creatures of the earth. That tree represents the seven kingdom of "heaven" ages during the reign of Christ. The tree is cut down, and for seven ages only the stump exists, with iron and brass bands (symbols of tools and material reality). The stump represents the kingdom of World for seven divisions of time, during which man's heart is changed to that of a beast. Then Nabuchodonosar fulfilled that dream in the role of an animal which feeds on grass, for seven years which symbolized the seven times or ages. The purpose for this lesson is that man must experience the beastly kingdom of world UNTIL he realizes that the Most High God rules over all men and that He can give the kingdom to whomever He will. There is a powerful message here for those who deny Jesus' words that He came only for His Israel and for none others. Now, at this end-time, many are awakening to the Truth, that the Potter creates different pots (races) for different destinies according to His own will, and not the will of the liberal political agenda.


KEY 4: Biblical EVENTS ARE SYMBOLS.  A literal interpretation of an event may be historically accurate, but that event can also serve as a symbol of future events on one or more levels.  Sometimes Jesus would say, "Is it not written, . . .?" and then quote a passage which originally pertained to a historical event, applying it anew as though it had been a prophecy.

Rather than limit our understanding of the Bible to a simple Sunday-School level, we must begin to understand that ALL events are parts of patterns, which manifest at different frequencies.

The Passover is a good example of this. When the angel of death passed over the children of Israel in Egypt, that event served as a prophecy of future events. "And keep this as an  ordinance for yourself and for your children until ages (eως αiwvoς)" (Ex. 12:24).  It would serve as a model for coming "ages." The Israelites of Palestine saw the Passover repeated again at Christ's death, when Christ's blood served as a symbol for salvation from death for the lost sheep of Israel. And very soon will be another Passover, when Israelites are protected from world-destruction of end-times.

We might  consider ALL Biblical events to be  prophecies, models, or paradigms.  Philo of Alexandria (20 BC-50 AD), an Israelite historian of the Levi Tribe, considered ALL Scripture to be allegory, as he attempted to interpret it in his writings.  Professor Harry Wolfson,  Studies in the History of Philosophy and Religion (Harvard Univ. Press, Cambridge, 1979) points out that such non-literal interpretation was also used by St. Paul, in a "kind of interpretation which we have described as predictive. Then also, in addition to his use of the term 'allegory', Paul uses, like Philo, the terms 'type' and 'shadow'. It is on the basis of his use of the term 'type' that students of Christianity refer to Paul's predictive kind of interpretation as typological allegory..." 

Another Biblical event that serves as a relevant prophecy is the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. As He, the "head" of the "body of Christ" suffered and died, so must all the body of Christ experience the same. From the time of Jesus, until the end of this "world," the body of Christ suffers a similar passion and death. Jesus warned His disciples that they would experience the same. Now, at this end-time, we are seeing the persecution and destruction of Israel (European white-race) by the same race of Edomites/Jews that killed Jesus. We are going to slaughter like speechless lambs, just as He did. I think such events are not always total and complete just because scripture says they will happen. Besides using metaphor, it was common to all ancient writers to "generalize," and to exaggerate, expecting listeners to understand it that way. So, ALL Israelites will not be killed in this end-time "crucifixion." Many individuals will be covered by God's wings just as promised in Psalm 91.


KEY 5:   A critical key is knowing the RACIAL THEME.  One does not even know for whom Jesus gave this revelation until one understands the subjective nature of the contest between good and evil as it plays out racially. The Bible is the story of God's expression of GOOD through a specific genetic lineage (race/tribe). The physical world has long existed, perhaps even for billions of years. Animals, creatures, and dark skin races have long lived here, most of which are already extinct. But, the very first creation was Christ, the Word, the Light, and the Truth. The Christ is a special race of Men, made in His image (having creative minds), who would serve as influences to lead the world through its cycles. This race from Adam would express God-the-Good, and lead the world upward from depravity toward holiness.  An illegitimate counterpart race, from Cain, expresses Satan-the-evil as it leads the world downward from holiness toward wickedness. The ideal model Son of God who expresses God-the-Good is Jesus, the Head of the body of Christ.  The evil one who expresses the negative energy opposite of good, is Satan, illegitimate father of Cain through Eve.

Each of these: Christ the positive, and Satan the negative, exercise lordship over a line of descendants. Israelites are the body of Christ. The descendants of Edom (Jacob's brother, Esau) are the children of the devil, just as Christ stated in John 8, where He defined the nature of the negative ones. The Edomite race calls itself "Jews" in our world today.

Briefly, it happened like this. Somewhere about 1850 BC, Edom left home to marry women of Satan's Cain race, and then settled in the area south of the Dead Sea, to be called Edom. About 312 BC, the Nabateans ran the Edomites off from that land, so they migrated into Judea. By 132 BC the Edomites were causing so much problem for Jerusalem (the Israelite-Aramean mongrel mix of Babylon returnees), that John Hyrcanus forced the Edomites to convert to his Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism (Judaism) religion, which they did enthusiastically. Within a short time, the Edomites had taken over Jerusalem, the temple, and the religion, and their own Herod was appointed governor of Judea. The Edomites pushed the Israelites off into outlying towns of poverty like Bethany and Bethlehem. By the time of Jesus, the local government and the temple was run by Edomites who became known as "Jews, the English word for "Judeans" or "Judahites." Jesus arrived and called His Israelites away from Jerusalem, leaving the Edomites with everything. Edomites revolted against Rome in 66-70 AD and again in 132 AD, so that they, as "Jews," were evicted from Palestine, some migrating to Spain to become known as Sephardim; many went to southern-Italy, where Rome already had, for a century or so, a large community of  about 50,000 Jews; others went to eastern Russia where they became known as Khazars. In the 8th C. AD, King Bulan of the Khazars, made his people "Jews" again, and these are the very same who migrated into European countries during the middle ages, being evicted time and  time again because of their exploitive practices, their cheating and lying, and usurious money-changing. The Jewish scholar, Arthur Koestler, in his book, The Thirteenth Tribe (Omni Publ., 1976) claims that more than ninety percent of so-called "Jews" living today descend from the Khazars; the balance of Jews being from the Spain branch of Sephardim; most Italian Edomites are Roman Catholics. You might find it interesting that the so-called "Italian Mafia" has a lot of Jewish names, such as Mickey Cohen, Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, et al.

It is God's great plan that the performance of His Word is a play of two opposing energies who act against each other, cycle after cycle, oscillating between rulerships under Satan and under Christ. Like any word spoken into an oscilloscope, the sine-wave diagram represents the energies which make up that word.  We, as individuals, play roles in the enunciation of God's Word, with the ultimate purpose of expressing God through our lives. We players are the activities of God being expressed as His word/script. The script is His, but we've been given free will to deviate from it as we wish, even to reject Him as Lord, and to be culled from the family. It is a serious performance for each of us! It is our task to learn how to overcome our base natures and to yield to His direction.

Keep in mind that the Positive represents God and GOOD (Christ), while the negative represents the absence of those qualities. The Negative is ruled by Satan, being merely an absence of good; we players can choose either good or evil, of our own free wills at any time.  It is not Satan's fault if we choose to serve him with our lives in order to satisfy our lustful desires; it is our own fault. The consequences of choosing earthly satisfactions puts us in bondage to that which we have chosen to serve. That we choose evil, and persist in bondage, is called sin.  If we did not do sin we would not experience this misery we mistakenly call life.

The book of Revelation tells the story of the struggle between these two divine races. Refer to the sine-wave curve, and get it clear in your mind how the rulerships alternate between Satan and Christ. As we interpret the book, you will see how this contest plays out.

             Yes, I said two divine races; that's no typo error.  Satan was a heavenly angel, one of God's forces, who rebelled to become the negative force.  The children of that anti-godly-being also have some divine powers, mimicking the image of God.  Since they express the Negative, they do not have natural instincts to do Good.  Their instincts are natural compulsions to lie (see John 8:44), to cheat, to exploit, to manipulate, to steal, to grasp earthly wealth and power by any means possible, to pervert all Godly values and morals and ethics, and to destroy the descendants of Jacob.  Very simply, Esau still hates Jacob, and seeks to kill him in order to reclaim the birthright.  Since his natural instincts are the opposite of all goodness, we find Esau promoting the black slave trade of past centuries, promoting wars whenever possible, promoting an entertainment industry that trashes Christian morality and values, promoting a banking industry that milks Israelite workers mercilessly, promoting a money-changer business that destroys victims through usurious and unethical credit practices, along with deliberate promotion of race-mixing. Few Jews ever serve as warriors, and in their individual business practices, they rarely retail fixed-price items; rather, they specialize in merchandising where they can deal unscrupulously.

The Jews have admitted the above in their own writings, in more blunt terms than I have just used.  They know exactly who they are and what they are doing, and they believe they are so superior to the stupid white race that we are nothing but cattle (goyim) for them to exploit. They don't need to be taught how to cheat and lie; those are their natural instincts, just like the Israelite white European race has natural instincts of love, compassion, generosity, kindness, and benevolence. We don't need to be taught these things; they are natural to us.  Because we do not understand the shrewd, conniving minds of the Cain race, we are at a disadvantage; we are innocent and easy to cheat.  We are sheep and they are wolves in our midst; most of us choose to be blind to this. They can think of ten ways to cheat us before we can think of one way to defend ourselves; that is their instinctive talent as children of Satan.

Having said all the above, I must state that I hold no anger toward them. They are part of God's great play, and they are fulfilling their roles on this stage just as God planned. They serve God's program unwittingly by testing His children. They offer us countless enticements of this World. Those of us who grasp for those sensual gratifications and pleasures have abandoned our Godly purpose and our own Spirits, so we guilty ones get culled from God's family. Those of us who resist evil and hate this World, and who follow our Lord, Jesus, get strengthened for a destiny in the coming Kingdom. Regarding Jews, we should not be ignorant of them, nor sacrifice ourselves stupidly to them.  They  have their rightful period of dominion, and we Israelites cannot expect to defeat them until their time is completed.  Then, all their injustice will bring the wrath of God down on their heads, and our patience and  innocence will gain us the inheritance of the vineyard God has prepared for us. We might also consider this point: that Chaleb, the spy who gave a good report along with Joshua, was an Edomite, [of the line of Kenaz (Kennizite) who represented the tribe of Juda (the King tribe doesn't do menial tasks except thru representatives, like God being represented by Christ; history shows that Edomites have always been around our kings, princes, politicians, & presidents) see Joshua 14: 6, 13; Numbers 13:16] who was given a special portion of the Promised Land because he had done well. Even today, there are Edomites who proclaim Christ (I'm not referring to the Edomite televangelists who do Satan's work), and we should honor such men like brothers, and know that God will provide a place for the also in the coming kingdom of Heaven. The Edomite race will always exist alongside the true Israelite race because God's pageant is a contest between the two, who represent good versus evil.

The book of Revelation speaks directly to these racial issues.

However, other races, creatures, animals,  and birds of the world are not the subject or object of this Revelation, nor of the Bible,  nor of the struggle between good and evil, nor do they have afterlife. They are like flowers of the field, designed to glorify the Creator; they are also symbols of God, but do not have divine spirits which live forever. They are part of the Great Play in the same way that pawns are part of a chess game. What we must remember is that pawns have value; we care for them and we use them, but we do not value them equal to royal pieces, nor do we sacrifice royal pieces for their sake. Creatures of all species have abilities, qualities, and value, both to themselves and to the world if they do well.  They can live happy and fulfilled lives if they live according to God's laws.  Finally, when the devil, as tenant manager of the vineyard is cast out, and God's heirs take over the management, then the other races can come to their God-designed fulfillment and live to God's glory. Then, they too will be heard singing praises to their Creator and God.


KEY 6:    As I worked with the previous keys and diagrammed the Book of Revelation, and put the pieces of the puzzle together, it became clear that the book is a coherent whole, a diagram of events which are manifested as EMANATIONS  from the THRONE OF GOD.

To understand that the Throne is the underlying theme and structure of this Revelation is extremely important.  It is at the Throne that all the pieces come together to complete the picture, and reveal to us not just some prophecies, but reveal the very God of All-That-Is, and to explain how He expresses Himself by manifesting His substance and His nature into all His creation.  Here we learn the steps of God's breakdown into "creation."

God, at the very source, the Supreme "I AM" is pure, uncreated, clear.  Mystics call this clearness "the Void," for nothing is visible or definable there, nor can any statement be made about it without somehow limiting it.  All hyperbole falls short, and no thing appears there.  So, it is called "the Void."

Well, from this clear, pure Light,  there appears an offspring, a "son," first appearing as Light, then as a spectrum of colors, a Rainbow, separating elements of Light into something we can behold. Light is composed of separate colors;

The Son, Christ, is the EXPRESSION of the Father, being expressed as a BODY comprised of several different parts. Next, after the Light, the stepdown process presents seven Spirit forces of God, which are Wisdom, Fear, Understanding, Godliness, Knowledge, Power, and Will. These are the mental characteristics which empower all creation, and which Satan's children seek to pervert. These seven forces empower the four Living Beings which represent the four natures or Minds of this expression of true Man: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental.  Each of the four natures is then expressed in six different parts, seen by John as wings.  Each wing  is then manifested as a modality (an Elder), an instinctive attribute, which helps define God's creatures.

Then, the 24 Elders, are further manifested as 144,000  Elect individuals of the Adamic Race.  These 144,000 Elect then have many offspring, to number as the "sand of the seashore."

This special Race of offspring, results from the expression of emanations which began at the Source, the Father.  We are born into a dark (delusion/deception/lie) world in order to provide Light to it.  Our Light to the world is called "Truth."  Light is in contest against darkness; the purpose of Truth is to expose the lie. The real darkness and Light of the Genesis creation story symbolize deception and Truth.  So-called REAL things of this world are symbols of aspects of God. Light is a symbol for Truth. The words "Let there be Light" means "Let Christ the Truth be born into the darkness. The Creation story of Genesis is symbolic rather than literal.

The great lie is that deception which comes to us from Christ's counterpart, the Devil.  The Devil expresses himself, and his kingdom of darkness, through lies.  He deceives us with shallow evidence that his material world is real, and that our highest purpose is to serve it and sustain it with our creative powers, while it feeds insatiably on our products.  We become the goose which lays the golden eggs, and it is the deep instinctive compulsion of the Devil's race of offspring to kill the goose.  We children of Light are, of our own fault, captured by the World, and then we cling to it as though it was our true parent.  We enslave ourselves to serve the creature rather than the Creator, and we forget our true Source.

Further, this is a cyclic pattern, wherein the Light reigns for half a cycle, and darkness for the other half.  The result is that our REALITY is a dance between two opposing forces, between good and evil, between Christ and Devil, between positive and negative, and these two dancing partners take turns leading.

If you want to understand the throne of the Devil, look about you at this world, for you live in it and serve it and worship it by merely believing it is real.

If you want to understand the throne of God, look into the book of Revelation, for it will provide you a guide for your path back home, as you climb toward the Light again.


KEY 7:   Perhaps the most important key to understanding this vision is that you approach the study unhurriedly. Proceed ever so SLOWLY, meditating on it verse by verse. The mystery of its message has been unsolved for nearly two thousand years, even though countless men have devoted their lives to it. Surely you can afford a few weeks to learning its secrets.  Take your time, have your Bible open, perhaps with some study aids at hand, and then focus on understanding one or two verses at a time, reading the comments, and pondering how that fits into the whole picture. The outline chart will help greatly. Study the charts which I've prepared; get familiar with the outline of this book. In the quietness of your study, you have all the time in the world to dwell on these things, look up references, and  think about them. This revelation can become yours if you pause to open yourself to the insights which the Holy Spirit can work in you. If you try to scan  this material, you will miss the spiritual understanding that comes subtly and quietly through meditation. What you are about to confront in the following commentary are ideas which no one has expressed before. To my knowledge, no one except St. John has seen the great big picture of God's divine plan, and until one knows that plan, many strange pieces of the puzzle just don't make sense. Knowing the long term divine plan makes it possible to place the pieces. John's vision will make sense ONLY to a mind that is spiritually discerning. God will blind all others to it, and it is not possible for me to explain it clearly enough for everyone, nor should I!

         It is not easy to read another's work and put yourself into his mental-state and see the picture through his eyes.  Evidently, no one has ever been able to see what John saw by reading his description of it; consequently no one has understood him.  Symbols are open to many interpretations, and the book of Revelation has probably seen more variant interpretations than any other literature in history.  I tell you in advance that if you want to understand this book, you cannot do it by scanning.  You must take the time and the interest to get involved with it, using this commentary as a mere aid to help you.  If you were writing this commentary, you would use different words than I use.  You understand things differently than I do.  So, you must make the book of Revelation your own project; read the text; ponder it for yourself; refer to my words merely as helps while you work out in sketches and notes your own picture of the puzzle.  Then, you will reach the heart of this matter, and your understanding will be YOUR possession rather than something you got from me.  This project is not a small one, and you must resign yourself to patience and determination in order to make John's Revelation your own.

How you achieve your own success is up to you, but I can tell  you this: you will be ecstatically happy that you did so, and your life will be different in your future.  You will have a connection with God that few have ever had.  The cost of this will be your very life.  Yes, you will lose the earthly life you've known, and will live differently forevermore. "The kingdom of heaven is within you." Be skeptical, but quiet so God's Spirit can speak to your inner being. He whispers to your soul, so you must be quiet, patient, determined, and persevering.

The dance continues, and we live at a time in history when the half-brothers change "lead."  The Devil has reigned over his world for over 12,000 years, and now his rule is ending. The Christ is about to take lead in the dance, to bring forth a kingdom of Light (Truth), dispel the darkness (the lie), and defeat the children of Satan who reign over us in the Devil's world of delusion.  Christ's children: we 144,000 Elect, 24 elders, 4 Living Beings, and seven Spirit powers, as the very BODY of the Anointed Son of Light, will inherit the Vineyard, and create a kingdom of happiness in the Light,  to replace the kingdom of darkness/misery.

It is our task to live our lives toward this end; we have no other value or purpose or destiny.  To the extent that we do this, we glorify our Father, and express His Light.  To the extent that we fail to do this, we aid the enemy, and may even be culled from the family.

The Bible is the story of this special race of Men, as God selects a specific strain out of each generation to serve His purpose, and culls the rest.  The Bible has no interest in any people other than His chosen ones.  That we should find ourselves in the elite group of such special chosen ones is a great honor and lays upon us a responsibility to step forth like David to perform our individual roles in God's great play.                                                                                  Roger Hathaway,  11/98


NOTE REGARDING DATES: I have diagrammed the great plan of history for a one cycle period; being one precession-of-equinoxes, for which an accurate length is not known. Some calculate it to be more than 25,000 years, and some less. I have arbitrarily chosen 24,000 years, being twelve ages equal to the Pisces period from Jesus' birth in 5BC until 2019BC. However, I think Zodiac ages vary in length, and perhaps the accurate age length should be 25,000 years if the Pyramid's Sacred Cubit of exactly 25 inches is the true datum. Let the reader keep in mind that these DATES ARE NOT ABSOLUTE!



                                                                      CHAPTER 1

                                               JOHN'S FIRST VISION IS ON PATMOS

CHAPTERS 1-3 are John's vision on the island of Patmos, wherein he describes the lampstands, the Son of Man, and the seven Stars. The lampstands symbolize the seven churches and the Stars symbolize the angels of those churches. This vision is distinct from the vision in chapters 4 and 5 which is his vision of God's Throne.


1:1  A revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to him, to show his servants things which are necessary to occur with quickness, and he signified it, having sent it through his angel to his servant, John,

1:2 who witnessed the Word of God and whatever he saw of the witness of Jesus Christ.

1:3 Blessed is the one reading and the ones hearing the words of the prophecy and keeping the things in it which have been  written, for the time is near.


The revelation was first given to Jesus Christ, by the Father. Jesus then sent the information through an angel to John. The revelation is an expression from God's mind, through a sort of transformer/angel which made it visible to John.  Already in the first verse, we see a model of the creation process which this revelation will spell out in detail. The Revelation, or Word, came first from the Father, through the Christ, through a messenger force, to one of the Elect, and thence to the rest of Israel. How was the revelation given? The word here is "signified," (σήμαvεv: 3rd pers. sg. aor. act. indic. from σημαίvω) which means "to show by a sign, give a sign." A sign is a symbol of something, NOT the thing itself. John was not seeing the real, but was seeing symbols.  One cannot interpret his visions literally; they are information given through symbols.  John was shown some signs, which, like any signs, signify something by symbols. Alphabet letters, numerals, and street signs are all symbols which merely signify something.

Symbols are extremely important to every one of us us.  Written material is made up of symbols. The word, "tree," is not a tree, but merely a symbol which represents a tree. Ultimately, we will someday understand that ALL things which we see with our eyes, in everyday life, are symbols of higher truths. The fact is: our daily perceptions are very similar to this revelation; full of visions which signify to us information that represents higher truth. Most people believe that they are seeing something real, so, they seldom get insights into that which is symbolized by things they see.

The author of Hebrews address this very concept:

Hebrews 11:1  " Now, belief is the substance of things being hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  2For by this the elders obtained witness.  3By belief we understand the ages to have been put in order by a word of God, so the things we see are not made out of things which appear."

This verse supports the philosophy that reality only exists in the perception of him who believes.  In other words, there is NO material reality, NO such thing as matter; there is only a perception in one's mind.  So, nothing really exists; one just thinks that something exists; one's belief is the very substance of the matter which he sees! There is NOTHING but belief/faith; this is a mind-game of God, in which we are players.

Heb. 11:3 confirms the concept.  What you see is not made from any material which appears real. Two things exist: perceiver and perception.  The perceiver is mind: the Mental action of believing that something exists (= faith/belief). Perception is merely the appearance (witness) of the belief, a figment of one's imagination, a SYMBOL OF THAT WHICH THE PERCEIVER BELIEVES. "Perceiver" is Schopenhauer's "Will," and "perception" is his "idea" or "representation." This esoteric notion, just described, is not new stuff; great philosophers, like  Schopenhauer and Kant have addressed it. When one understands this, it is like the opening of a curtain on a window to God.

Note the phrase in Heb. 11:3, "the ages to have been put in order by a word of God, so the things we see are not made out of things which appear."  Here is an esoteric concept:  time is related to form.  This is saying that BECAUSE the ages have been put in order as a Word, the reality which appears is not material substance.  I cannot help but wonder if any reader can comprehend this by merely having it stated here in words. In some unexplainable way, I see (?) this in my mind as though time and form are not different, but are merely the mental constructs which I utilize to perceive, which means to dream the dream. Such concepts are almost impossible to grasp from another person's explanation, but must develop in one's own mind as his own insight. Perhaps after reading my words, one can digest the idea in his subconscious, whereupon the insight might come like an unexpected light, and he won't remember what initiated it in the first place. That is the way it is supposed to work; then each person really owns his own insight for himself.  The Holy Spirit works in us by such a method. We must merely yearn for this process of God!

Rev. 1:2 uses the word "witness." This word is an important spiritual concept. It means expression. God expresses Himself by extending or emanating Himself through His Son. His Son, thereby, is a "witness" of the Father. He who sees the Son sees the Father. He who knows the Son knows the Father. The Greek word for "witness" is μαρτuρ-- (martyr). Visualize the act of your own witnessing as an act of performing-God's-expression perfectly.  Then, we can get a more meaningful concept of what "sin" means.  The Greek word for "sin" is aμαρτ--(hamart -ia or -ano): the prefix "a" indicates privation or negative. So, the word, aμαρτ- /"sin" really means not being a perfect witness of God. The Greeks used the word to mean missing the mark. So, sin is a very general term which means failing to be a perfect witness or expression of God, falling short of one's goal to be perfect. Sin, then, is a general thing, of which we all are undeniably guilty.

On this subject of sin, I feel compelled to point this out, that the old contract of law, which is no longer our contractual obligation, is not God's criteria by which he judges our sins. Since the contract is no longer in force as a condemning power, then we do not incur its penalty by our sins. In the New Covenant of Hebrews 8, God says He remembers our sins no longer. Sin, is now nothing more than a general failure to express God perfectly through our lives, and God does not hold any penalty over our heads for this failure. The Old Covenant served its purpose; we learned how seriously God deals with His children, His witnesses. Now, as we will see in this Revelation, we move on to new chapters as we climb the long ladder toward perfection and our source.

Rev. 1:3 is a blessing upon those who contemplate and own this revelation. This blessing is a spiritual gift with spiritual qualities. It is for those who go into their inner selves and imagine these visions somewhat as we might dream a dream, for that is the way John describes these strange symbols. We must let these symbols become sort of a dreamy, fluid reality, pondering dreamily what they might mean. It is through that sort of contemplation that the Holy Spirit works within us to permit us the insights into the truth of the message.

Keep in mind that these first three chapters describe a vision of earthly churches, while chapters 4 & 5 will describe a vision of the Throne of God "above." These are two different visions.


1:4 John, to the seven churches in Asia: Grace to you and peace from the one who is and who was and who is to come, and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne,

1:5 and from Jesus Christ, the witness/expression, the belief, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler  of the kings of  the  earth. To the one who loves us and who loosed us from our sins by his blood,

1:6 and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him is the glory and the power into the age of the ages. Amen. 

Here is the traditional Trinity: Father, Holy Spirit, and Son, but they are significantly different from each other. Scripture is clear that the Son is a creation (begotten at the beginning of time, hence alive forever) of the Father. The Holy Spirit, here listed as seven spirits, are the powers by which the Father expresses Himself. The Spirit of the Father can be described as an expression/extension/emanation of His power. The Father expresses Himself through His Spirit, just as you express yourself through the activities of your life. You are really something independent of  your life-activities, but your friends know you by your activities. Jesus never claimed to be the Father, yet He did claim to be One with the Father. I see this as the Father expressing Himself through an Emanation/Offspring called "Son," and exercising His power through His Spirit. Each is different from the others, but all are really part of the same source, the Father.

Keep in mind that ALL things are symbolic. These seven churches, although real at the time of this revelation to John, about 90 AD, are here used as SYMBOLS for information which God is revealing. Symbols are valid at many levels, functioning as paradigms, models, analogies, allegories, types, or shadows. All Bible events serve in such a manner. For example, the Egypt Passover was a real event which served as a model for the great Passover which was achieved by the Lamb and His blood at Calvary. Then that event becomes a model for an even greater Passover at the end of the age (imminent) when Christ's sheep are passed-over while most of the world is destroyed. Symbolic events are also interpreted by some at different levels.  The great theologian, Origen (d. 254 AD) of the Alexandrian School who followed Clement, liked to distinguish three "senses" in Scripture which he called "body, soul, and spirit."  The body is a literal interpretation meaningful to people at that time; the soul is the moral meaning which is to be searched out in the present; and the spirit is the allegorical meaning which may be known in part now but is reserved in its full understanding for the life hereafter.

             These three levels by which we might interpret symbolic models (events) are described also as that which was, that which is, and that which is to come.  In verse 4 of this first chapter, John is indicating these three levels of God's life with the introduction of God as "the One who Is and who Was and who is To Come." And beyond hinting at three levels of interpretation, this description of God presents Him as TIME itself, which manifests as ACTIVITY. God is not a passive mind, but an ACTIVE, DYNAMIC PROCESS, expressing Himself AS Time at different levels of understanding. The radical evidence from Quantum physics alludes to the nature of God as distinct from this limited, finite, material kingdom of classical physics.

The description of Christ in verse 5 is wonderful: "Jesus Christ, the witness/expression, the belief, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of the kings of  the  earth." I've already described how Christ is the witness or expression of the Father. The word "belief" indicates that the Christ exists because the Father believes Him/Us into existence. Then, that same creative power was granted to us who make up the Offspring body of Christ, that we then believe this dimension of reality into existence. The phrase "firstborn of the dead" is puzzling at first, for we understand Christ to have existed from the very beginning, even before the World. How can He have been dead? But, we might think of Jesus' resurrection after He had been killed. In that sense Jesus was the first member of the body of Christ to be reborn, to be followed by all the rest of us over the following 2,000 years before the very end. In Rev. 6:9-11 we see an intentional program by God of having all members of Christ killed at some time during Pisces before the end comes. It reads: "I saw underneath the altar the souls of those slain because of the word of God and because of the witness which they had. 10And they cried with a loud voice, saying: 'Until when, O master, holy and true, do you judge and avenge our blood of the ones dwelling on earth?'  11And to each one of them was given a white robe, and it was said to them that they should rest a little time, until it should be fulfilled that their fellow-slaves and their brothers be killed as they were." I, personally, think that the Spirits of those who were martyred are not off in the ethers, but live as individuals time and again, present on the earth-stage, but are prevented from influencing the course of the pageant. It is as though one can live and watch the events unfold, but he cannot rewrite the script of the play or influence the course of events. As he watches, he feels anguish and outrage at the injustice being done against his fellow Christians, but he can do nothing to alter it. The important thing he can contribute to God's plan is to pray intensely for justice and mercy, thereby adding his fervent spiritual energy to the sound of trumpets which shall bring down the walls of Babylon. 

These seven churches are presented to us by John by describing their works: both their good achievements and their weaknesses. The messages were not sent individually to each church, but all the messages were sent to all the churches. So, it is clear that all churches are intended to benefit from all the different messages.

The greetings in verse 4 are from God and the seven Spirits before His throne. Who are the "seven Spirits?" In 4:5 we see they are 7 LAMPS OF FIRE burning before the throne. In 5:6 the 7 Spirits are defined as 7 eyes of the  Lamb. In Isaiah 11:2 this same Lamb, the "root of Jesse," has 7 Spirits: "and the Spirit of God shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom, and understanding, the spirit of will and power, the spirit of knowledge and godliness shall fill him; the spirit of the fear of God." These seven Spirits are the Spirit-of-God! Perhaps Isaiah is revealing to us the seven facets of that power of God which we call the Holy Spirit.

Let's not get those "lamps of fire" of chapter 4, confused with the "lampstands" which John sees (in 1:12) right after this greeting, when he turns around to look. In 1:4 we have actual greetings from the Father and from the seven Spirits (lamps of fire) at the Throne. But the "lampstands" are something different which are not AT the Throne, but are seen on earth at Patmos, as representing seven churches. Those churches make up Christ's body.

1:6 While most translations  say "made us kings and priests," the Greek word here is "kingdom" (βασιλείαv - acc.  singular. from βασιλεία). Christ makes us members of His body, His KINGDOM while He is our King. We are a kingdom of Man, not of land.  It is through performance of seven functions that the Holy Spirit of God works through us to empower our beliefs and to promote our spiritual growth and understanding. The lost-sheep of Israel, the only ones for whom Christ came, function as the instruments, through which He will perfect our beliefs and thereby that which we perceive. Through us, evil will be overcome, and His design of Genesis 1 restored to perfection. All this is to be accomplished through OUR BELIEFS. As we grow in wisdom and understanding, will and strength, knowledge and Godliness, and fear-of-God, then we are growing in belief. So, by believing differently, we create differently, and thereby we can perfect our/His creation. This paragraph serves as a concise summary of God's program!


1:7 Behold, He comes with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, and those who pierced Him will wail over Him: all the races of the earth. Yes. Amen.

1:8 I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, the one who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.


It is Christ who "comes with the clouds," but what does that mean? We know that Christ is manifested through the members of His body/church/elect/lost-sheep/Christians. Rather than interpreting this verse literally, imagining that Jesus is going to appear in the clouds of the sky as a person, we might consider the symbolism that these "clouds" may consist of the members of His body who come to fulfillment as "heirs of the vineyard." In this way, Christ returns to govern the kingdom of God through His "body," for the purpose of transforming this earth into the kingdom of God. But we are also told that "this same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven." (Acts 1:11) We can only ponder how a single person might be seen by every eye at the same time at His return.

John says that, "every eye will see Him, and those who pierced Him will wail over Him: all the races..." Well, it is certainly true that during the past centuries all the world has been introduced to the Christ of the Bible. Most of the world has yet to wail over Him, but they will. It is here promised.  The word for "races" here is φυλαί (phylai is nom. pl. of φυλή = race, tribe). Phylai is a word used in general for "races," and even in these incidental cases, emphasizes God's interest in race. Christ makes it clear that He came only for one specific racial group, and none others. From the beginning of the Bible to the very end, it is one racial family that God created for a special purpose, never making a contract with any other racial group.

In verse 8 we have another of those passages in which Christ is equated with the Father, as being the same One. Often in this book of St. John, we see the Father described as Him "who was, and is, and is to come." Now, we here have this Father identified with "Alpha and Omega," a name for Christ. Truly, this stretches one's spiritual understanding.  In John 17, Jesus prays that we may become One with Him just like He is One with the Father. Oh, how far we have yet to go in our understanding of our own identities, and how we relate to, or share oneness with, Christ AND the Father, "the Almighty"!


1:9   I, John, your brother and co-sharer in the affliction and kingdom and endurance in Jesus, came to be  in the island called Patmos because of the Word of God and witness of Jesus.

1:10 I came to be in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great sound like a trumpet,

1:11 saying: What you see write in a book and send to the seven churches, to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and  to Thyatira and to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to Laodicea.


In v.9 John is a co-sharer in the "kingdom," a direct reference to his statement in verse 6. We Israelite Christians are a kingdom!

Patmos is a small island off the southwest coast of Asia Minor, now called Turkey. The seven churches are all in the western portion of Asia Minor; if John were to go to the mainland, Ephesus would be to the northeast, the first city of the seven that he would reach. Ephesus was John's home before and after his exile on Patmos, where he had stayed for only a year or two.

To be "in spirit on the Lord's day" must be that state of contemplation in which one yields to an unknown God, not able to prove whether or if He exists in any reality. This is a mystical experience, in which nothing is asked and prayer is not verbal and one is not waiting for anything, but is merely yielding his life and soul and mind to the care of the God who created it, not caring if one is going to be lifted to heaven in the next moment, or cast to hell, or ignored, or loved. One just yields, asking nothing. Often, one gets what seems to be nothing but a moment of quietness, but afterwards he might realize that his prayer was not pure, that he had brought some baggage to the prayer, and that baggage got in the way.  It is only in the purest prayer, in the yielding, that one realizes the Spirit, and that realization is usually quite subtle. In John's case, it wasn't subtle, but burst forth into his quietness like a trumpet. In this kind of experience, one doesn't need a paper and pencil at hand; everything will be so vividly clear afterward that it can be  transcribed word for word! John had a conscious contact with the Divine that, when we read of it, holds us spellbound and awestruck, and envious.

The "Lord's day" was a Sunday. Immediately after Jesus' ascension, the disciples abandoned Saturday as their Sabbath and adopted His Resurrection day as their Lord's Day.


1:12 And I turned to see the voice which spoke with me; and having turned I saw seven golden lampstands,

1:13 and in the midst of the lampstands, one like a Son of Man, clothed to the feet and girt around the chest with a golden sash,

1:14 his head and hairs were white like white-wool, like snow, and his eyes like a flame of fire,

1:15 and his feet like burnished-bronze, as having been made to glow in a furnace, and his voice as a sound of many waters,

1:16 and having in his right hand seven stars, and out of his mouth proceeded a sharp two-edged sword, and his face like the sun shining in its power.


1:12 The seven lampstands are defined in v. 20 as the seven churches, to whom John is to relate these messages.  As he turns to look, there they are!

In the midst of this group stands the very one who is their head, their Lord, their King, actually who is the very substance of the churches/ages themselves, the Christ. We should never try to paint a picture of this Lord, for that would violate the commandment against making graven images, but we  might try to envision what John is describing. What we envision is of course, SYMBOLISM of the Lord who presents Himself to a man of limited earthly senses.

The "stars" of verse 16 are defined in v. 20 as the angels of the seven churches. Each church/age has a special angel, which is a kind of force; in other words, each time-period/age is under the influence of a different force. We will look at these churches in two different manners. First, we will look at the lampstands as churches, considering lessons for us as members of Christ's body. Secondly, we will look at the Stars as  they represent future ages for Christ's body.  Each Star symbolizes a period-of-time during the coming Kingdom of God, in which Christ reigns through His body, His church, His elect members. Refer, please, to the Sine-Wave layout of history; you will see that the coming kingdom of Heaven is divided into seven church-ages, along with six of the zodiac ages. Each of these future church-ages will be performed according to different influences as described in chapters 2 & 3 of this book. We are His living Church, and here we see a sort of preview of our performances during the coming ages.


1:17  And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead; and He placed His right hand on me saying: "Fear not, I am the First and the Last

1:18 and the Living One, and I became dead, but behold I am living unto the ages of  the ages, and I have the keys of death and of  hades.

1:19 Write, therefore, the things which you saw, and the things which are, and the things which are about to occur after these things.

1:20  The mystery of the seven stars which you saw on my right hand, and the seven golden lampstands: the seven stars are messengers (angels/forces) of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are seven churches.



God is here giving a revelation to Jesus, who then sends it to John, sometimes using a messenger/angel. Jesus stands in the midst of the lampstands (churches/ages), and holds in His hand the seven stars (angels/forces) of the seven churches.  Each star (angel) represents not just an awesome power but also a time period, the pattern or model of which we might discern through the descriptions of each of the churches.

The Christian Church (body  of Christ) on earth has many different faces, appearing as separate institutions. But, it is not to institutions or denominations that God here speaks, rather it is to individuals. This is an important point, and should be kept in mind. God is speaking to INDIVIDUALS in the churches. At the end of each church message are the words: "To him who overcomes."  Only individuals can "overcome" the trials of this worldly life.

Throughout the long period of recorded history, God has nurtured and protected and guided one special family: that from Adam, down through Noe, Sem, Abraam, Isaac, Jacob/Israel, and the descendants called "Israelites." The Bible is the story of this one genetic strain of descendants, with no apparent concern for any others. After Sem was chosen, his brothers aren't spoken of again. Those descending from Ham and Japhet went somewhere and developed into large numbers, but the Bible doesn't mention them again. Why? Aren't they also sons of Adam? Don't they also have spiritual  natures with a divine spark, like the chosen strain? Are they doomed or damned just because God did not select them? Of all the millions and millions of Adamite race peoples on earth, has God damned all except 144,000? It is our very human and natural instinct that we want to live forever in heaven. We also feel compassion for others, wanting the same for them! But, we are childishly immature, looking at God's plan solely from the viewpoint of pots, wanting all pots to be of equal value and concern to the Potter. Really, if we all exist in the mind of God, then we have no actual permanence of our own. As ones which He brought into existence, our purpose is to fulfill the destiny for which the Potter created us, as individuals. Whether some never exist, or exist only temporarily, or have their existence terminated — this is not our concern. Those who do not exist are not suffering. Those who cease to exist are not suffering. It is only those who exist right now, and who deny their purpose and their creator who are suffering. If we feel compelled to interfere in someone else's life, our only proper function is to urge them to practice righteousness in order to please their creator. Each pot is designed for a specific purpose, and should find fulfillment and happiness in serving that function. Anything else is "missing the mark," αμαρτια--(hamartia) = sin. To dedicate one's life to saving other races is a waste of one's life because one is failing to fulfill the purpose for which he was created. Evangelism is NOT the high calling of every sincere Christian. The good-news was delivered to the lost-sheep of Israel by the apostles. Henceforth, it is our Godly function to serve our Father by living the lives which He designed us to live as perfectly as we can. As for all the other people of the world, including our own Adamic brothers, the New Covenant advises that they belong to their Almighty Potter, and that He will work His will in their hearts and minds, and He doesn't need any of us as teachers.  There is a real message here for a Christianity which thinks its primary function is to evangelize the world. They ought to give some thought to what other purposes God designs "pots!" 

All we can really know about this is that the Bible is NOT the story of all those other millions. But, we also are not given any reason to think that all those descendants from God's holy family are LOST just because they aren't followed in the Bible story. We need to be objective, and just accept that we only have a story of one genetic strain. A reasonable assumption might be that God has a special purpose for this one strain, but that doesn't mean all others should despair. We know that God does describe a special purpose for Israel. To prepare for that task requires some tough training. It is a difficult path, a program of disciplines and punishments. We  are being prepared/trained for a special function in the coming Kingdom of God, and the training is very demanding, without much leniency. God doesn't hesitate to cull individuals who fall short of His demands. We might compare this training program to that of an elite military program for "special operations," a program for which thousands apply, many undergo training, but at the end only a select few actually get used. "Many are called, but few are chosen."

Each church message ends with "To him who overcomes, I will give..."  To the individual who achieves the skill of walking the razor's edge goes the victory and the reward. What an awesome and fearful program we are looking at! Who can walk this difficult path? Can anyone? "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling!" 

Most people feel despair at such thoughts, knowing they have fallen short. The truth is that we have all fallen short, just as God points out to the seven churches. St. Paul saw himself as the chief of sinners. But, to each church He gives encouragement and warning to change direction, to repent, and to continue the struggle. The important point is not that we have fallen short, but that some will rise up again and again in spite of agony, and with aching limbs, claw the upward path. It is these individuals whom God rewards. Their lives, like that of Job, are more difficult than those of other people; they get very little respite from their struggle, while friends and neighbors don't understand why they persist when their lives could be so much easier if they would just follow the crowd. 

These are the "special ones" I've written about so often. A solitaire is one who knows he walks alone, and after years of frustration, finally gives up the yearning to find another who shares his path. I believe God keeps His solitaires alone so that each can move forward step by step fully of his own accord and without guidance or encouragement from any other. Bleeding and bruised by the world, he persists to claw his way upward. Content at last to go to his own cross alone, he releases this life to his unknowable God, hoping for another chance to do it all over again so he can do better next time. What no longer troubles him is the question whether his struggle was worth it. He and his path became one, and he knows no other value comparable to it. Rather than just resigning himself to his path, he clutches it with such fierce focus that he leaves nothing of his old identity. He becomes the path. Worldly tribulations become stepping-stones, and in this way the devil provides the challenges without which his crown could not be won.

So, what happens to all the other people of God's race? To those who fall by the side of the path weeping and giving up the solitary quest, who content themselves with being part of the social group? In the Great Pyramid they are represented as those who take the level path to the Queen's chamber. While a few solitaires make the spiritual leap upward, in order to climb the upward path through the grand-gallery to the King's chamber, most settle for the level path. They are content to be part of a large mass; they still worship the same God, and go to church, and do the best they can; they look to God's commandments for guidance, and find some happiness in the so-called "good life." The pyramid doesn't make clear that they are damned or lost. And the Bible doesn't follow them, for it is not their story. 

Regarding the masses of people, for whom misguided Evangelicals want to sacrifice their own lives, we might consider a couple interesting references. The first is from the Nag Hammadi collection of Scriptures, buried by Gnostic Christians in the very early Christian movement, from The Book of Thomas the Contender, which purports to be, "secret words that the savior spoke to Judas Thomas which I, Mathaias, wrote down." Thomas says to Jesus: "What have we to say in the face of these things: What shall we say to blind men: What doctrine should we express to these miserable mortals who say, 'We came to do good and not to curse,' and yet claim, 'Had we not been begotten in the flesh, we would not have known iniquity'?

The Savior said, 'Truly, as for those, do not esteem them as men, but regard them as beasts, for just as beasts devour one another, so also men of this sort devour one another. On the contrary, they are deprived of the kingdom since they love the sweetness of the fire and are servants of death and rush to the works of corruption." 

The second reference regarding this topic is in that delightful book of II Esdras, Chapter 7. Ezra laments the captivity of Israel, arguing on behalf of all who are cast aside by God; he defends their failings. He genuinely grieves over all the people of Israel. The angel, Uriel, grants Ezra many visions, in which many of God's mysteries are addressed, in answer to Ezra's questions. Verse 7:60; God says, "...I will rejoice over the few who shall be saved, because it is they who have made my glory to prevail now, and through them my name has now been honored. And I will not grieve over the great number of those who perish, for they are the ones who are now like a mist, and are similar to a flame and smoke— they are set on fire and burn hotly, and are extinguished." (O.T. Pseudepigrapha; Charlesworth, Vol 1; p. 539) 

Also see Rev. 22:11, "Let the one acting unjustly continue to act unjustly, and the filthy one be still filthy, and let the righteous one do righteousness still, and let the holy one be holy still." 

So, it appears that while all the descendants of Adam are  "born from above," not all will share in the coming kingdom of God. The Elect are the solitaires whom God favors as He then asks the rest to do his will, and just forgets those who don't. The Cain/Edom descendants are also a kind of divine children, but their destiny is to perish at the end of the age, though  not all will perish; this will be discussed in detail later. The other primitive races of the world are not eligible for an after-life because they do not have eternal souls. They will continue to breed children, and successive offspring  will be present  in the new kingdom of Heaven, just as other animals (theria) will be present. The primitive races are like the flowers of the field, and that's just the way it is. There is nothing to get emotional about as we survey the pots the potter has made, and note the differences. We are all His creation, but we each have different purposes and different destinies. Amen. 

1:18  Jesus has the "keys of death and Hades." The Bible gives no definition for "Hades," but it is my theory that Hades is the opposite of Heaven, being the half-cycle of history on the lower side of the sine-wave curve. It is the kingdom of this World, the dominion of Satan and his children of Cain and Edom.                                                              





For the past several years I have been excited with research into the history of diasporan Israelites.  From the time of Juda's son Zara, and his son Daradus who migrated to the Aegean, Israelites have been emigrating northwestward toward Europe with their language and tribal emblems which are still used on the flags there.  The European white race is composed of the actual twelve tribes of Israel. The historical evidence for this is abundant, but the western Christian church has been duped by the Edomites into ignoring it. Understanding who we really are has made the Bible a more exciting book, finding that its subject is ONLY this one racial strain from Adam, Noe, Abraam, and Jacob. The Edomite/Jew race is secondary as it serves as Jacob's opponent in the contest between good and evil.

The other races of the world are mentioned rarely and only incidentally, for the Bible is not about them. They do not have divine natures nor immortal spirits; they do not live more than one lifetime. They are like the flowers of the field which simply cease to exist at death.

The question of how we Christians should view and treat these other races is  politically sensitive, even though it is clearly addressed in the Bible. I want to address this issue here because we cannot understand our own unique relationship with our Father until we understand the racial distinctions.

GENTILE: The Greek word which is translated as "gentile" is eθvoς/ethnos which means ethnic group, tribe, or clan. It never meant "all who are not Jews," which is the politically correct definition promoted by Edomite Jews today.  For the disciples and Paul, this singular word most often referred to their own racial family of Israelites. When used as plural, it often meant their own tribes, or sometimes it meant other ethnic groups or races, and then is properly translated as "nations." While there is a major effort by the left-wing of today's world to prohibit any racial distinction, the ancients referred unabashedly to race  in every context. They referred to their own people simply as "the race," or "the tribes" using the word "eθvoς /ethnos." They saw themselves first as a Race, and secondly as a tribal-group such as "Israelite" or "Judahite."  The corrupted definition of "gentile" has been promoted during the past few centuries.  When the word "gentile" was used in the 1611 KJV, it actually meant "tribe," or "clan." (See Skeat's Etymology.  Refer to my book, Christ's New Covenant, for a detailed analysis of this word.

ALLOGENÈS: aλλoγεveς /allogenès is the Greek word which literally means "other race." Allo means "other," and genes means "race," being the root word for "genetics." This word was used when Bible writers referred to races OTHER than Israel. It is usually translated into English versions as "stranger," but literally says "other race." Bible translators intentionally weaken any racial terms.

ALLOTRIOS: aλλότριoς/allotrios is another Greek racial word which means "belonging to another, not one's own," often translated as "stranger" or "alien," meaning one of a different race. It is translated in I Kings 8:41 as "stranger." 41"And with regard to the stranger who is not of Thy people Israel, 42when they shall come and pray toward this place; 43Thou wilt indeed hearken from heaven—from Thy settled habitation, and do according to all for which the stranger may call upon Thee, that all nations may know Thy name and fear Thee as Thy people Israel do, and that they may know that this house which I have built is called by Thy name." (part of a prayer by Solomon) Other races can enjoy the blessings and rewards of our God if they honor Him, thereby making their lives happy and fulfilled. But, that does not mean they can become Israelites or be born-from-above or have afterlife.

BEASTS: θηρία/théria is a Greek word generally used for animals. However, in the Genesis creation account, Gen. 1:24, quadrupeds and reptiles are listed separately from theria. It is my opinion that theria are the dark races who possess only the physical and emotional Minds of God, lacking the spiritual and rational Minds. They were created on the first part of the sixth day, not in God's image. In Gen. 2:19, Adam names (brings into being) the "theria of the field," to be helpers. In Greek that is theria tou agrou. The "agr" is the root for our English word, agriculture. The purpose for the dark race in God's pageant is to be field-workers. They are not Man with a capital "M." They are a different genus from the Adamic race. Theria is usually mis-translated into English Bibles as "beasts."  See below-Esaias 56:9 for an instance of such use, where the context makes quite clear that four-legged animals are not being referenced, but rather other races. In this commentary on Revelations, we will discuss the four Minds in detail.

SERVANTS:  Other races do have a Godly function in God's kingdom. Just as Israel serves the Father, so the earth races can serve Israel, being similarly blessed for their service as servants and handmaids.

The following quotation from Esaias (Isaiah) addresses the issue of Israel's relationship with the earth-races who are not, nor can ever become members of Christ's body. Yet, they are not to be despised nor maltreated. On the contrary, although we are not commissioned to SAVE them, we are to welcome any who come to our God to serve. Race-mixing with them is most strongly forbidden because they are not part of the body of Christ, nor do we share purpose or destiny as heirs of the kingdom. Yet, whoever they are, they will be wonderfully blessed and treated with honor just like God's own children of Israel. They can live their lives wonderfully and happily as they were designed by our Creator to do. Woe betide any Israelite Christian who despises one of another race who wishes to worship the true God.

            [ESAIAS 56]  1Thus says the Lord, watch over judgment and do justice: for my salvation is near to come and my mercy to be revealed.  2Blessed is the man that does these things and the man that holds by them and keeps from profaning the sabbaths and keeps his hands from doing unrighteousness.

  3Let not the stranger (aλλoγveς /allogenès - other race) who attaches himself to the Lord say, "The Lord will surely separate me from His people:" and let not the eunuch say, "I am a dry tree."  4Thus says the Lord to the eunuchs, as many as shall keep my sabbaths and choose the things which I take pleasure in and take hold of my covenant; 5I will give to them in my house and within my walls an honorable place, better than sons and daughters: I will give them an everlasting ιώvιov/aionion = during ages) name and it shall not fail.  6And I will give it to the strangers (aλλoγεvέσι/allogenesi/adj. dat. pl. = other races) that attach themselves to the Lord, to serve him and to love the name of the Lord, to be to him servants and handmaids; and for all who keep from profaning my sabbaths and take hold of my covenant; 7I will bring them to my holy mountain and gladden them in my house of prayer: their whole-burnt-offerings and their sacrifices shall be acceptable upon my altar; for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, 8says the Lord that gathers the dispersed of Israel; for I will gather to him a congregation (συvαγωγήv/ synagogén).

  9All you beasts (θηρία/théria =  wild animals - a term of reproach as applied to unspirited men) of the field, come, devour, all you beasts of the forest.  10See how they are all blinded: they have not known; they are dumb dogs that will not bark; dreaming of rest, loving to slumber.  11Yea, they are insatiable dogs that know not what it is to be filled, and they are wicked, having no understanding: all have followed their own ways, each according to his own will.

Verses 9-11 above speak to the earth races who do not acknowledge the true God, who live as opportunists, merely to satisfy their physical and sensual cravings like any other animals. It is obvious that God is speaking to human beings rather than to animals in the metaphor of verses 9-11.



                               SEVEN CHURCHES OF REVELATION CHAPTERS 2 & 3

                                                       (These Churches are symbols of AGES in Kingdom of God)



2019 — 3734 ad



3734 — 5449 ad



5449 — 7164 ad



7164 — 8879 ad



8879 - 10,594 ad



10,594 - 12,309 ad



12,309-14,024 ad














HE: holds 7 stars rt.hand

walks mid. lampstands


HE: First & Last

was dead, alive


HE:mouth a sharp two-edge sword


HE:eyes like flame of fire,

feet like fine brass


HE: has 7 spirits

   & 7 stars


HE:who is holy, true

has key of David

opens / shuts


HE: Amen, Faithful &

true witness. 















works, labor, patience

can't bear evil

tested liars,


not weary,



tribul., poverty

but you are rich

Jews / Satan



works; hold fast name,

not deny faith



works, love, service, faith, patience; last works more than first



name of being alive,





give open door

Jews / Satan



















left 1st love, fallen







idol food



Permits Jezabel,

sex, &

idol food



but are dead

works not perfect






not hot or cold

say "rich, need nothing."  poor, blind, naked















repent, do 1st works



don't fear,

devil put you in prison,

tested ten days









Be watchful




hold fast to your crown



buy refined gold

&white-garments to hide shame
















 else I remove lampstand



crown of life


PENALTY: else I come & fight w/ sword of mouth



 I will cast her to sickbed

kill her children




else I come as thief in night



Jews worship you.

protect you fm. trials



 I will spit you out
















eat from tree of life in midst of Paradise



not hurt by 2nd death



get hidden manna,

white stone w/new name



power over nations,  to rule w/iron rod,

get morning star



clothe in white

name in book of life,

confess before Father



make pillar in temple, write on him name of God, & Jerusalem, &

my new name.



sit w/me on throne


















































                                        INTRODUCTION TO THE SEVEN CHURCHES

                                                                 CHAPTERS  2 & 3

The messages to these seven churches are little sermonettes at  first glance; after all they indicate things which please God and things which anger Him, along with promises of rewards for those who Overcome.

We will look at these church messages from two different angles. We will first interpret them (1) as MESSAGES for churches which reveal God's will, looking briefly at each church and considering the message to it.  (2) Then we will look at each of them as symbols of PERIODS OF TIME, in their proper historical frames.

The first verse of the book says this revelation to John would be in SIGNS. Signs are symbols. Secondly, the images described in his vision are too strange to be taken literally; they are more like images we see in some dreams, always symbols of something else. Thirdly, Jesus indicates that they are not going to be easy to understand, by using the phrase "he who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says..."  He is suggesting an interpretation which will come only to one who listens to the Spirit of God, that subtle, whispering insight which comes to those who contemplate. Clearly, the symbols are not for literal interpretation. St. John's revelation has this kind of dream-state, symbolic nature, and centuries of study have failed to make it clear.

It came to me that the seven churches might symbolize seven periods of history. At first I pushed that idea aside because it seemed a little too radical. But the idea kept taunting me. Since I had already diagrammed long-term history on a sine-wave curve, showing that cyclic patterns of history are meaningful, I naturally wondered if these seven churches (periods) could fit onto that diagram. Surprisingly, when I looked at a map of the geographical locations of the seven churches in western Asia Minor, the order in which John lists them describes a path which looks like an arch. The first and last churches are on nearly the same latitude line, making the arch look like the positive (upper) half of a sine wave curve. If we diagram these seven church-ages along that arching upper half of the sine wave diagram, we notice  that the island of Patmos sits in a location approximately equivalent to the birth of Christ on that diagram. Could it be that John is looking far into the future, beginning with the moment when the devil is vanquished and Christ begins to reign? The Anchor Bible Dictionary, vol. 5, p. 1143, mentions that some scholars have already suggested these "churches" might be "sequential periods of church history." But the puzzle could not be solved until someone diagrammed a cycle of history on a linear scale, in the format of a sine-wave curve. We needed the electronics age in order to understand how all-that-exists pulses in cyclic rhythms.

Okay, in order to consider this theory, you should have a printout of the SINE WAVE DIAGRAM at hand.  If you also have a map of western Asia Minor (Turkey) which shows the seven cities, you will see that the island of Patmos lies off the southwest coast. You would take a boat northeastward from Patmos to get to the coast near the city of Ephesus. The last city of the seven is Laodicea, and you will find it on nearly the same latitude as Ephesus, about ninety miles to the east. The seven churches somewhat loosely define an arch.

So, we will look at the seven churches as seven periods of history. We might start by letting the location of Patmos suggest a plan. If the map is overlaid onto the sine-wave curve, Patmos matches the approximate time of Christ. From Patmos to Ephesus the area is water. Then, on land, from Ephesus to Laodicea, the churches depict seven ages of heaven on the sine-wave diagram.

In Rev. 1:18, Jesus says He has keys to Hades and Death. Hades may be the negative half of the sine wave curve, a period which Jesus brings to a close as He vanquishes its ruler, Death.

In Rev. 1:19, Jesus tells John to write the things he has seen, the things which are, and the things to take place after this. Well, he "has seen" Jesus, and knows Him. "The things which are" might mean the period of history which Jesus has already described in Matthew 24 and elsewhere which lasts to the end of the age of Pisces, about 2000 AD or so. In John's later revelation, the events for this age of Pisces will be described as Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls. "The things which will take place after this" would indicate the period of Christ's rulership, from around the year 2,000 AD± for the next 12,000± years, during the positive half-cycle, called the "Kingdom of God."

If the seven churches represent seven periods of history from about 2000 AD, for 12,000± years, then each church would represent one-seventh of that, or 1,715± years each.

There is some precedence for interpreting "things" as periods of time. In the O. T., Joseph saw seven cows and seven stalks as seven years. And Daniel saw the different metals of a statue as symbols which represent different periods of coming empires.

The Lord of the coming Kingdom was introduced in the first chapter. Look at this list of things we are told about Him, some by John and some by Him. He is: "one who was, is, and is to come;" name is "Jesus Christ; faithful witness; firstborn of dead; ruler of kings of earth; One who loved us; loosed us from our sins; made us a kingdom & priests; comes with clouds; is Alpha & Omega; has 7 golden lampstands; is Son of  Man; is clothed to the feet, w/golden sash; has hair white as snow;  eyes like flame of fire; feet like polished brass; voice like many waters; holds 7 stars in right hand; mouth is 2-edged sword; face shines like sun; is the first and the last; was dead and is alive; lives unto the ages of the ages; and has keys of death and hades.  Chapter one describes our heavenly Lord, Jesus Christ, God's anointed Son, and our Sovereign King!

It would be strange and confusing to think that the Lord of all the churches might select out only these seven churches of Asia Minor, and indicate that the seven golden lampstands at God's throne represent only these physical churches. There were many other churches already existing at this time. So, we must assume that these churches are symbolic of a greater message, not just that all churches might find these lessons applicable, but that He is addressing a greater theme, in which the seven angels of churches are operative.

Refer to the chart of OUTLINE OF REVELATIONS, and note the seven columns which outline seven programs for these seven churches. This chart is the key to the puzzle of this book.


                                                   THE CHURCHES:

                                                   CHAPTERS 2 & 3


The word "church" is used in Scripture with two meanings: to refer to an individual house-church, and to the universal Church which is the Israelite-race body of Christ on earth.  The Greek word for "church" is eκκλησία (ekklesia) which means "an assembly duly called." The word was used in  secular literature prior to Christ's era, and throughout the Greek Septuagint O.T. and Apocrypha. It denotes a group of people specially called together into an assembly or body. John uses the word to denote the body of Christ.

Each lampstand symbolizes one church, so one lampstand represents the Church at Ephesus.

Each Star in Jesus' hand symbolizes an angel-force, being the force  which expresses itself as a church-age. A Star represents a time-period.  There are three levels of time periods which John is directed to write about: that which WAS, that which IS, and that which is TO COME.  These three tenses represent God Himself, Who is the past, present, and future. That which "WAS" would be the time that WAS, namely the entire 12,000 year period of World during which these seven church-time periods influenced the course of history -- the lower half of the sine wave curve. That 12,000 years, divided into seven eras, makes each church period about 1715 years.  That which "IS" would be the age of Pisces, from Jesus' birth until the end of this age, somewhere about 2,000 AD±, with each church period being about 286 years, which the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls describe.  That which is "TO COME" will be the future Kingdom of Heaven, where the age of Ephesus lasts from about 2,019 AD until 3,734 AD., each age being described by the messages to the church which symbolizes that particular age. [Note: The year 2019 is just an arbitrary date in order to leave a few years between the end-time liberation and the crossing over "Jordan" into the Kingdom of Heaven. All my dates are approximate because we don't know the exact length of one full cycle of precession of equinoxes. The dates are not so important as the general concept being illustrated.]

It is Jesus who speaks here, holding in his right hand the seven Stars of the seven churches. These Stars are the time periods which have special historic influence and character. They are angel-forces which Jesus holds; they act to guide and nurture and empower the church body of Christ according to the great design model which is merely hinted at in the church description.

John was exiled to the island of Patmos, off the southwestern coast of Asia Minor (Turkey). All seven churches of chapters 2 and 3 to whom these messages are being sent, are located in the far western area of Asia Minor. If John were to go ashore from Patmos,  John's hometown of Ephesus would be across the water to the northeast, the first of the seven towns to which he would come. His route through these seven towns would take him from Ephesus northward to Smyrna, northeastward to Pergamos, eastward to Thyatira, southeastward to Sardis, Philadelphia, and finally to Laodicea which is at nearly the same latitude as Ephesus. So, the route describes an arch. We might ponder it as an arch through which initiates pass as they accomplish all the requisite quests. We might also see it as the upper half of a sine-wave curve.

At the earthly level, these letters are addressed to the aγγέλw (angel/messenger) of each church. Certainly, God would not need John to carry a letter to angels in heaven, so the aγγέλw/messenger might be the local person that sort of heads the group. The early churches did not have ministers or priests who stood between the anointed Elect members of Christ and their Father, God! That aberration would develop a few centuries after John had lived. Rather, this address to the angel of each church is more likely a foretelling of the angel/force influence which will define the character of each of the seven church ages during the period in which it applies. The verbiage of each address contains hints of the theme for each age.




            We will study the message to each Church by considering its message to be a description of the characteristics of its particular age in history. We will introduce the city itself, as it was at the time of John. Then we will consider the message as it might apply to each church at John's time. Next, for the Church that WAS, we will apply the message to the specific church-age during the kingdom of World (Ephesus age was 10,000BC to 8,000BC). Next, for the Church that IS, we apply the message to the 286 year period (church-age) during our own age of Pisces (Ephesus was 5BC to 281AD). Lastly, for the Church that is to COME, we apply the message to its church-age in the coming kingdom of Heaven (Ephesus: 2019AD to 3734AD). It is in such cyclic patterns that God expresses His power/dynamus through history.


THE CITY: Brief introduction to each city.

CHURCH AT JOHN'S TIME: Discussion of the message to each Church in Asia Minor that John knew personally.

THE CHURCH THAT WAS: Applying the message to the specific 2,000 year age during Kingdom of  World.

THE CHURCH THAT IS: Applying the message to the specific 286 year period during Pisces.

THE CHURCH THAT IS TO COME: Applying the message to the 2,000 year age during Kingdom of Heaven.




                                                        TO THE CHURCH AT EPHESUS

                                                               Key Word:  "Endurance"

2:1  To the messenger of  the church in EPHESUS, write: The one holding the seven stars in his right hand, the one walking in the midst of the seven golden lampstands, says,

2:2 I know your works and labor and your endurance, and that you cannot bear evil, and did try those calling themselves apostles, who are not, and did find them liars. 

2:3 and you have endured, and did bear my name, and have not grown weary. 

2:4 But I have against you that you have left your first love. 

2:5 Remember, therefore, from where you have fallen, and repent, and do the first works; and if not, I am coming to you and will move your lampstand out of its place, unless you repent. 

2:6 But this you have, that you hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. 

2:7 Let the one having an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one overcoming, I will give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.



Ephesus was a crossroads of civilization, population of about 250,000, wealthy and cosmopolitan. One of the seven-wonders-of-the-world was here: the temple of Artemis, the Madonna of  Greek Paganism, the same great mother-goddess of ancient Babylonian  (Semiramis in Babylon, Isis in Egypt, Diana in Roman Empire, and finally Mary in Roman Catholicism).  The temple was huge, the size of two football fields, containing 100 marble columns, each 55 feet high. The Roman governor resided in Ephesus. It was a free city; self-governed. Three great highways converged there, from the south, east, and north. I am reminded of the three passages in the great pyramid. Pyramid-dating places this time of John's revelation, 90 AD, at a junction, called the "messianic triangle, where paths go downward (south = down), or level  (east) to the Queen's chamber, or upward (up = north) toward the King's chamber.



Ephesus has the longest list of items for which any church is commended, yet verse 5 warns them that if they don't repent, their lampstand will be removed.  Look at this list of virtues, which are still not enough: works, labor, endurance, hate evil, test apostles, bear Christ's name,  and not grow weary. "though I have all faith, so I could remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing." 

It is assumed that the first love of these new churches would be their love of Christ. Here is a group that seems to be doing every thing right; obedient to the letter of the law, but without the Christ-love they are nothing. Here is legalism (letter of the law) without Christ-love (spirit of the law).  There are many law-focused churches today, which express a self-righteous hatred toward everyone outside their clique, demanding law-obedience of  everyone, and forgetting love. 

Remember the love and the humility which you first felt when you became a Christian? It was a simple, non-arrogant thing; you were filled with gratefulness to God, like a lost-sheep being found by its Shepherd, or like a prodigal son being welcomed home. Any group or clique of members must avoid the danger of becoming elitist, typically arrogant and hateful. For a Christian church to suffer this fate, regardless of how perfectly  it satisfies all the law, is doom.  This member will be amputated! Only Laodicea will get a comparably stern warning to this one given to Ephesus. 

Pondering this message as it might pertain to that time period which "WAS" prior to the time of Christ, in Aries, gives one a simple look into the nature of God's children who practice all the laws and ordinances, practicing their religion very legalistically, as though such obedience earns a reward of future life.  But, our God of the Old Testament wasn't satisfied with such simple obedience; He demanded hearts and souls and spirits.



Refer to the sine-wave diagram: GOD'S DIVINE PARADIGM.  Look to the far left end of the curve. Ephesus represents the first church-age (about 1,700 years) of kingdom of World, after transitioning from the prior kingdom of God.  Ephesus matches up with the first four-fifths of the Zodiac age of Leo which means earth-mastery. During the previous ages, above the horizontal line, we had the Heaven kingdom in which Christ was the Sovereign Lord. At the end of that positive period of history, Christ's reign was terminated as He was entombed in the Great Pyramid. About 10,000 BC (or thereabouts) the planet experienced a magnetic field reversal, whereupon the nature of our reality changed. The children of God HAD BEEN spiritual in nature, and suddenly they became physical/material, along with being bound by the natural physical laws of this finite reality. The children of God LOST their heavenly power and their rulership, as the devil assumed the lordship, giving his own race of children the power of rulership over a material world. The message to the Church at Ephesus describes that, first commending the children of God for their efforts and their honesty and their endurance. They had owned Christ's name (nature) but after the transition it was gone from them. They had "left their first love." While the cyclic transfer of power did not appear to be their fault, it really was, and they must bear responsibility for it.  They, as the creative-power Body of Christ, failed to maintain the spiritual perfection that had been achieved in the previous age of Thyatira, about 16,000 BC (corresponding to the same moment coming in our future at the apex, about 8000 AD). Their FALL  had been catastrophic, committing them to another decline from Kingdom of God into Kingdom of World, another cycle.

Let me explain the essence of that FALL. Men wanted to be gods who could direct their own lives and design their own achievements, thus enjoying the thrill and satisfaction of personal power and success. Still today, we esteem most highly those individuals who achieve awesome goals; we applaud them and reward them and honor them unto future generations. Why? Because they, as individuals set their own goals, designed their own works, and as the song says, "did it MY way!" We nearly worship those individuals, pointing to their work as examples of what man can do if he puts his mind to it. What is the converse to that? Simply this: Godly achievements flow from the throne of the Father, through those who are willing to yield to that flow in humility and for no other satisfaction than to participate in God's program. Jesus exemplified that ideal, saying that He did and said only what the Father told Him to do or say. He sought no applause or even recognition. He was simply expressing the will of the Father through His life. The devil's offers of wealth and power didn't tempt Him at all. So, what drives you to engineer the course of your own life?

Jesus' words to this church-age of Ephesus are quite stern and severe. He reminded them to remember from where they had fallen, to repent, and to do those first works that had made them perfect. Unfortunately, what happened is that they did not adequately repent and return to their perfection, so their lampstand was removed, and the children of God CEASED to live in God's Spirit. As a race, they continued to live, but without a relationship to God, without the Spirit empowering them, and without the Head of their body, Jesus.

During that age of Ephesus, the first age in the Kingdom of World, Christ was entombed and absent from them as their leader, so the members of His body became spiritually dead. Now, look at the coming age of Ephesus at the first age in the Kingdom of God, from abut 2,000 AD until 3700 AD. During this coming period the devil will be likewise absent from the scene, having been defeated by Christ. So, the paradigm is that right after a transfer of power, the previous Lord is absent from the stage for a period of time. Each church message speaks to a corresponding time in both World and Heaven.

Regarding the Great Pyramid, a few words are in order. It was probably built in the age of Philadelphia, from 14,000 BC to 12,000 BC, since it is in the message to Philadelphia that Jesus speaks about making one a "pillar in the temple of my God." If the Great Pyramid is the temple to which He refers, then we might also call it the "Temple of Christ." It appears that God's Son was the sole occupant of the sarcophagus in it.

When that Temple was first penetrated in the ninth century, AD, by Caliph Al Mamoun, he had to tunnel around the granite plug, through the softer limestone in order to gain entry into the ascending passage. That granite plug had so effectively sealed the ascending passage from the descending path that no one had ever entered it from the time it was built, or even known of its existence. That Great Pyramid, built over 12,000 years ago, in subsequent centuries, served as a model for the other pyramids which were built by pharoas during the age of Taurus, 4,000 to 2,000 BC. When the pharoas copied the construction, on smaller scales and with poorer construction methods, they replicated the descending passage but made no ascending passages because they did not know of its existence.  It is my speculation that the Great Temple was built by God's children, to serve as Jesus' tomb, rather than by the devil's race of men.

            Just a note here regarding that great Pyramid at Giza. Some of the following may not become known to scholars in our lifetimes. My theory about it is as follows. What a tomb it was, built to more exact standards than men are capable of building today! The flat surfaces of the many-ton granite or limestone cubes are flat to optical standards, with only one-fiftieth of an inch between them, cemented with a fine and permanent cement which is still in place. While an optician can create a curved lens perfectly, it is far more difficult to create a perfectly flat surface, and many times more difficult to do it on such a large object as these huge cubes, and even more difficult to maintain the overall dimensions of the cubes while doing it!  Clearly, the abilities of those builders were far advanced beyond anything we know today. Most of the blocks are limestone, a material soft in comparison with the granite blocks which were placed throughout the structure in a design plan that has not yet been discovered. The granite blocks are capable of electrical properties known as "piezo," whereby the crushing pressures of weight create in the granite crystals a static electrical charge. The granite blocks are oriented through the entire structure as giant "V" patterns, which generate electrical fields for the purpose of making magnetic field planes, the foci of which are the ultimate purpose. It is these magnetic plane foci which give the pyramid its phenomenal properties of food preservation, along with other unexplainable qualities. I have built a model pyramid with copper wires so arranged that effective magnetic fields resulted. Hint: the magnetic planes serve as shields to block out normal planet energies. I speculate that it was God's children who built the pyramid because it is so marvelously done, with such great precision, and to such exact measurements — all of which provide for us today a library of knowledge that will hopefully help us to solve the many strange problems we will have after the magnetic field reversal soon to come. I am trying to include in one paragraph a little information about the Great Temple, but there are many bits of information I wish to mention. Note that the only passage known to ancient Egyptians was the descending passage, a passage which illustrates descent into the earth, or hell. The Sphinx was built by the same children of God about the same time in order to tell us when this all happened. The upper half of the Sphinx represents a Royal Lady with long hair, symbolic of the age of Virgo (12,000 to 10,000 BC), the last Zodiac age of the Kingdom of God. The lower half of the Sphinx is a lion, a symbol of the age of Leo which was the first Zodiac age of the Kingdom of World. Long hair on a woman is God's design to dress her beauty, serving as a symbolic veil between her and the Father, for she was formed from Man. Men are not supposed to have long hair covering their heads because there should be no such curtain between them and their heavenly Father, Who formed them directly. More recent centuries have seen men copying the Sphinx's long-hair-dress as a symbol of royal or judicial authority, but they are doing exactly opposite from God's design. Note also, in the New Testament, that after Jesus was born, He was taken to Egypt for a few years, perhaps even to that Temple of God, even His own Temple. It is from Egypt (symbol of Kingdom of World) that Jesus came up to Jerusalem to the Temple of His Israel, even though it had gotten terribly corrupted since the Babylonian Captivity of 586 BC. Nevertheless, we saw Jesus continuing His eternal path by coming to the Jerusalem Temple, at 12 years of age (12,000 years after He had been entombed in the Egypt Temple) at the start of our Piscean age - from His Egypt Temple of the ancient age of Virgo where He last held rulership.  So, on the diagram of God's long-term cyclic program, Jesus ended His previous rulership at the beginning of Ephesus, about 10,000 BC, and He will reclaim His rulership at the beginning of Ephesus, somewhere about 2,000 AD. The message to the Church of Ephesus might have many more clues that I have not yet seen; my work is but a simple introduction to work of future Seekers-of-Truth.



This is the first time-period/church-age in the age of Pisces, being one seventh of it. According to the paradigm, this first Ephesus age always indicates an absence of power by one of the two contestants, either Christ or Satan. During this first part of the Christian era (5BC - 281AD), Jesus was killed and His followers were persecuted terribly, seeming quite powerless. The devil's children of Edom were already in control of Jerusalem and the temple of Judaism. So, the devil's lordship was firmly entrenched, and there was even an attempt  by the devil's representative, Herod, to destroy the Godly Lord at His birth. This was an extremely difficult circumstance for the appearance of Jesus as the devil's counterpart, to be born right in the midst of the devil's important scene on the stage of God's great pageant. The Edomites had just taken control of Judea, Jerusalem, and the temple of Judaism — in other words, they thought they had successfully reclaimed Esau's birthright, and they were in the process of evicting true Israelites and Judahites out of Judea, pushing them out of Jerusalem, oppressing them economically so that most of the true Israelites were living in poverty. Herod, the Edomite King of the Jews, was not about to permit the true Israelite Savior to live! For him, this was the worst possible moment for Jacob (Christ) to reappear, and interfere with his/Esau's claim to Isaac's blessing. Christians would subsequently suffer persecution and martyrdoms for about three centuries, until Emperor Constantine made Christianity the state religion and helped to organize it politically into what became the Roman Catholic Church.

 Unless the Holy  Spirit had appeared at Pentecost, the struggling new religion might have failed. The apostles and early churches struggled, not just against the Edomite and Roman oppression, but they struggled seriously with the questions of how to practice this new religion. Some tended to be legalistic, especially the Jerusalem faction, holding onto the old letter-of-law, while those under Paul's influence rejected the legalism.  Beside theological disputes, political troubles of the Palestine region and the Roman Empire brought the Christians terrible persecutions and martyrdoms. We can easily see God's hand in this, pushing His children away from the middle-east region, whence they migrated northward into Europe carrying the good news to fellow Israelites of ancient diasporas. English historians say that St. Paul visited England.

John wrote this Revelation during late first century,  and we can see that his description quite accurately matches the details of history during that early-church period. Jesus indicated the theological disputes, commending the Christians for "cannot bear evil, and did try those calling themselves apostles, who are not, and did find them liars." The new church, of the first century anyway, struggled seriously in their sincere devotion to truth, and they are commended for their efforts in advance, by Jesus.  They are then warned severely about leaving the "first love." It does seem that the business of religion always sets aside the first-love for the sake of practical matters and ecclesiastical politics! Jesus threatens that unless they change course, and "repent," their lampstand will be removed.  Well, in our early Christian era they failed to recover that first love, and by the time of Constantine, (early 300s) politics took over the developing church, an organizing process which was never suggested by Jesus.  It is difficult for us to imagine the actual struggles of the early Christians; there were no defined doctrines or rituals. During the first century, small groups of friends would gather to discuss Jesus and would read whatever information they could obtain, which was precious little. The New Testament writings are assumed by scholars to be written later in the first century, but it is likely that the Gospels of Matthew and John, and perhaps Mark, were written much earlier in order to provide a summary of Jesus' life for Judean and Israelite Christians of Galilee, Asia Minor, Greece, and even Britain which had the very first Christian Church of all, at  Glastonbury, in early first century.

This 286 year period of Ephesus, at the beginning of Pisces, lasted from Jesus' birth until the split-up of the Roman Empire in 283 AD. It was a difficult period for Christians, being persecuted by the Edomite Herods and occasionally by Roman Emperors such as Nero (54-68), Domitian (81-96), Commodus (180-193) who began Gladiator games at the Flavian Colosseum, and a few other tyrants from 249-311 AD. In 283 AD the Roman Empire was ruled by two emperors and was then divided into four empires. A new era of history began at that time.

This 286 year Ephesus-time in Pisces was defined by this letter to Ephesus in Rev. 2:1-7. Jesus commended the early Christians for their valiant effort, but finally they would fall and Jesus warns them to repent. They had left their first love. Truly, the Christians were no longer the simple followers-of-Jesus of the first century. They became religious and theological, factious and sometimes bitter in their relationships. A pagan type of priesthood structure began to develop, and bishops ruled over congregations.

Jesus ends every message with the phrase, "let him who has ear to hear," hinting that there is a deeper message behind the simple words spoken. The criticisms and commendations by Jesus to the seven churches are quite simple to understand at a superficial level. But He  hints that one must go deeper into spiritual understanding. Always, we must keep in mind that John's revelation is described in symbols, not literal. Note the words: "what the Spirit says." This might remind us of the New Covenant which says that God will teach us what we need to know; here Jesus advises those solitaires who can listen to God, to listen for that whisper of His Spirit. I believe that some of my interpretations of the churches' good and bad points are probably too simplistic; I hope here to step only  a small step on the path toward their more full and true symbolic meanings.



Refer to the Sine-Wave diagram to place the following information in its proper FUTURE time-frame.

While each Zodiac-age is about 2,000 years long, each church-Star-age is about 1,700 years.  Zodiac-ages are each one-twelfth of the full cycle of 24,000 year Precession of Equinoxes. Church-Star ages are each one-seventh of a 12,000 year half-cycle, thus about 1,700 years each. I have used slightly different dates in presentations, so keep in mind these are not absolute.

Each half-cycle is ruled by a different energy. Satan rules the Negative period now coming to an end, called the World; Christ rules the Positive period of 12,000 year, called the Heaven or Kingdom of God.  The division by twelve and also by seven is somewhat analogous to a year which is divided into twelve months, while also being divided into non-correlating weeks of seven days each. 

The period of time represented by Ephesus is located at the very beginning of the positive energy curve line as we cross from negative earth energy to positive, about year 2,000 AD or so (perhaps 2012 or 2019?) That is the moment when evil has been vanquished ("cannot bear evil") and when the Jews who today pretend to be Israel ("calling themselves apostles") are exposed as liars, and is the time of Christ's return, when He begins His reign. 

Rev. 20:1-6 corresponds to this period, saying the devil is bound for a thousand years. The term "thousand years" is a symbolic number, referring to one church-age, which in this case is the 1700 years of the Church of Ephesus. So, the devil, and his Jew children, will be without their wicked power while the kingdom of God/Heaven is being founded by Jesus and His Elect ones during Ephesus. We will not have opposition while we establish a new civilization, based on the New Covenant, with God's laws written in our hearts and minds, and having Jesus at our center. This period, while Satan's influence is absent, corresponds to a reciprocal period about 12,000 years ago, in the zodiac age of Leo, when Christ was entombed in the Great Pyramid, and the children of God lost their power to oppose evil; the devil and his race then had a period of time with no opposition from the positive Christ-energy. All events during the Positive half of a cycle have counterparts in the Negative half, in reciprocal positions on the curve. 

According to the Moses/Egypt liberation paradigm, there will be a wilderness/desert period following our supernatural liberation (magnetic polarity reversal 2012 to 2019?) Then, the body of Christ, will have completed the difficult period of transition from kingdom of World to kingdom of God. The devil will have been defeated, and Christ's reign can build without opposition. It looks like God's Elect of true Israel (not those of Rev. 2:9 who call themselves Jews) will do quite well during the coming age of Ephesus.

As we look at the long list of commendations for Ephesus, longer than listed for any other church, we should be impressed that they seem to have gotten everything right; they are real fundamentalists in their zeal to do God's will. The danger in this is always legalism. Those who demand obedience to the letter of law, rather than spirit-of-law, will incur God's wrath as quickly in the Kingdom of God as they did in the Old Testament when God came to hate their rituals. He wants our hearts and souls and minds, not just physical obedience. Legalists demand perfect physical obedience, but they lack love, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. They have left their first love! 

Ancient records do not tell us what the Nicolaitans were. Some speculate that Nicolaitans of 2:15 might promote the sin of Balak (v.14), which is race-mixing. But, we are left without certainty about them. 

Jesus ends His message to each church with these words: "let him who has an ear hear," hinting that there is a deeper message behind the simple words spoken. Note how the messages to the churches are really addressed to individuals, not to a group. In every message the words are, "let the one," and "to the one." Clearly, the Church is not some group whose members get punished or rewarded together, but it is to individuals that Jesus speaks. Here, Church represents a period of time in which individuals continue to climb the path back to their Father as prodigals who came from a far country of debauchery and wickedness, namely the kingdom of World. 

The criticisms and commendations by Jesus to the seven churches are quite simple to understand at a superficial level. But, one must go deeper into spiritual understanding, and the reward is there. Always, we must keep in mind that John's revelation is described in symbols, not literal. Note the words: "what the Spirit says." This might remind us of the New Covenant which promises that God will teach us what we need to know, without other teachers; here Jesus advises those solitaires who can listen to God, to listen for the whisper of His Spirit.

It is my opinion that only a rare few individuals really know how to contemplate a matter with help of God's divine Spirit. When reading someone else's work, we tend to read over it at normal speed, hoping to learn what is there. All we ever get is an overview, but we fail to get any depth of understanding. To get a full comprehension, one must focus on one particular matter, for example: the Ephesus Church. You can get my single viewpoint by reading my work, but if you want to understand Jesus' message, you must look at the greater context for yourself, then look at the details. Look at some reference books, commentaries, translations, etc. and get a good feel for the subject. Make notes for yourself. What I'm trying to say is that you must settle down to really study one issue, and be content to stay on that subject for as long as necessary, until your own notes and your own thoughts are as complete as you can make them. Then, and only then, will you feel that YOU understand the matter, and what you have learned is YOUR material, not that of someone else whom you've read.  I strongly encourage any person to study with some skepticism, and pursue whatever information you can obtain, and come to your own conclusions.  If you find agreement with something I've written, I'm glad, but your conclusion is your own and not of my doing! It would not please me at all for a reader to accept my opinions without examining them thoroughly and revising or amplifying them for himself. I'm only suggesting some radical notions for spirited seekers to consider!



                                                        TO THE CHURCH AT SMYRNA

                                                                   Key word:"Suffering"

2:8 And to the messenger of the church in SMYRNA, write: These things, says the first and the last, who became dead and lived again: 

2:9 I know of your affliction and poverty, but you are rich, and I know the railing of those who call themselves Jews and are not, but they are a synagogue of Satan.  

2:10 Do not fear things which you are about to suffer. Look, the devil is about to cast some of you into prison in order that you may be  tried, and you will have affliction ten days. Become faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. 

2:11 The one having an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The one overcoming will by no means be hurt by the second death.



About 35 miles north of Ephesus is Smyrna (modern: Izmir) at the foot of Mt. Pagros, at the mouth of  Melas river on the S. shore of Gulf of Izmir. First populated by Aeolian Greeks in 10th C. BC.  Smyrna was Homer's birthplace. Almost 300 years prior to St. John, Smyrna had the first temple dedicated to the goddess Roma. On the sine-wave diagram, the future Smyrna Age is part way up the ascending path toward  perfection. The early Christians of this city suffered severe persecution. One of the best known martyrs was Polycarp, whom John himself had ordained as pastor here. Polycarp died a martyr in February, 156 AD.



Those who lie about being "Jews," as though having lineage from Juda, were a problem then, and still are today.  In 132 BC, the Edomites, descendants from Esau, were brought into the Temple religion of Jerusalem. Soon, they had taken over the Temple and Jerusalem, and pushed most true Israelites out of the city. God's hand is evident here in a major way; the ancient religion of the O.T. wasn't being practiced in Jerusalem anyway, since the Babylon returnees had brought a new religion back  from their captivity, namely Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism.  So, during these first years of Christ, we see God using Jacob's enemy race (perfidiously calling themselves Jews) to drive the true Israelites away from that corrupted temple and its wicked religion.

The Edomites adopted the slang name of "Jews" because they had taken Judea away from the Israelites who had come back from Babylon about 510BC, even though they were from Jacob's brother and mortal enemy, Esau, and had no lineage from Jacob. The Edomites have retained the name, "Jew," to this day, but the true Israelites and Judahites of Jesus' day recognized Jesus as their Shepherd and came to be called by a new name, "Christian." Regarding the lying Jews, read John 8 again, and see how clearly Jesus describes them as being children of the devil and liars and murderers by their very nature. His description fits them perfectly yet today. And even if those calling themselves "Jews" today were actually from the tribe of Judah, the northern kingdom of Israel had already migrated from Palestine to Europe seven centuries prior to Christ!  Even the "Jews" of Jesus' day could not claim to be that northern kingdom of  "Israel." So, even if the "Jews" were legitimate today, it was blatant fraud to name their new nation "Israel" in 1948, a fact which simple Christians could have seen through, had they been willing, and not so determinedly ignorant.  The book of Revelation will expose, just as Jesus did, that the so-called "Jews" of today make up the body of Satan, just like the Christians make up the body of Christ. The word, "Jew," is for John's Gospel, and for Jesus, a general reference to that race of people who descended from Esau and who by their natures express Satan's wickedness in the world. Today, a great percentage of  people of that race no longer knows their origin, believing they are white-race and are mixed among us as tares in the wheat, but if we observe, they do still stand conspicuously clear from God's children by the kind of lives they lead, practicing fraud, lying, cheating, deceiving, always focusing on money and power.  "By their fruits you shall know them."



Refer to the sine-wave Paradigm. The ancient age of Smyrna finds civilization well into its worldly decline under Satan's rulership. The Smyrna age began near the end of Leo and coincided mostly with the Zodiac age of Cancer which represents emotions and passions and lusts for worldly wealth. The key-word for Smyrna is "suffering," which, at that time, applied to the children of God whose very leader, Jesus, had been entombed nearly 2,000 years prior and they had been without God's loving care, protection, or guidance. Jesus introduces Himself, in this letter to Smyrnans, as the One who "became dead and lived again." After His entombment at the beginning of Ephesus, He had been absent from the world scene throughout that whole Ephesus period. Now, at the beginning of Smyrna He returned from the dead, pushing the sarcophagus lid aside (in the King's Chamber) and spiritually exiting the great mass of stone-tomb of the Great Pyramid Temple of God. So, the Spirit of Christ began again to participate in the great pageant, at that time in the age of Smyrna. Note the reciprocal age of Smyrna, in the Kingdom of God, beginning about 3750 AD, where Satan is released "a little" from his exile. Just as Satan reappears on the scene to plague the children of God about 4,000 years AD, so in this ancient age of Smyrna did the Spirit of Christ reappear to influence the course of God's design. In Rev. 2:9 Jesus reassures His body-members that in spite of the affliction and poverty they've suffered, they are really rich. They would need some reminding of whom they really are, for they haven't felt very rich or powerful at all! Jesus goes on to tell them not to fear, even though they will be held in prison by Satan for "ten days," meaning ten-thousand more years. A day with God is as a thousand years. Those ten thousand years last from about 8,000 BC until about 2,000 AD. It is from Satan's prison that we anxiously await release, today. The crown of life, which Jesus promises to those who are faithful unto death, is that crown of royal authority we children of God will receive when we inherit this great vineyard in order to rule over it and make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. If that great reward results from being "faithful unto death," then we children of Christ should be rejoicing and boldly practicing such faithfulness along with the death that results from it. Such a small price to pay, for such great reward!

Then, at the end of Smyrna, the Spirit of Christ leaves the stage again, just as it happens about 5500 AD that Satan will leave the stage. God's children have been given a promise from their Lord, Jesus, and encouraged to endure in faith. Then, Jesus will be absent from them for the age of Pergamos while they are once again on their own, "forsaken," left to suffer with nothing but the promise. Why? Because each member of God's Elect body of His anointed Son is created in the image of God, and really does have the ability to withstand the tribulations and to still represent his Father in a foreign and hostile kingdom. It is not an easy Ambassadorship, but it is this great contest between good and evil that makes the pageant!  Death is as nothing more than a night's sleep, after which we Elect live another day, again and again and again.  A day is as a thousand years, and this earthly life that we experience is but a micro-plan of God's great macro-plan. We can learn from examining this world program which gives great clues to our divine program. We've each been on stage many times before and will be many times again. We, the members of the body of Christ, have existed since the very beginning of time, and will exist until the very end, along with Jesus, our Head, the Alpha and Omega. We don't have to adopt the pagan religious doctrine of re-incarnation to understand the truth about ourselves. But, we might find some hints of God's truths in the practices of Satan, and his religion of Paganism, for Satan does know the truth and is always attempting to DUPLICATE God's Truth in his kingdom of World. We can learn something if we are willing to look.



The period of history between 282 and 586 AD represents the Smyrna period within the age of Pisces. The new Christian centers, of Byzantium and Rome, were becoming powerful.. At the beginning of this period, in 312 AD, Emperor Constantine declared Christianity to be the state religion for the Roman Empire. Then he called an Ecumenical Council to be held at Nicaea in 325 AD where church leaders defined some basic doctrines, like Trinity and Christ's Divine Nature, along with establishing the Church as a powerful organization, calling it "catholic" which means "universal." Of course, the body of Christ was never intended to be universal; Jesus came for "none except the lost sheep of the house of Israel." But pagan politics changed all that, and a political-powerhouse was established, under the name of  "Christian Church."  But, the Smyrna message speaks of "affliction and poverty," and of being cast into prison. This message hardly applies to the organizing church of the Byzantine and Roman empires!

No, it doesn't apply, because God's model pertains only to His special genetic lineage of Israel. And that Mediterranean movement of Rome and Byzantium was no longer under God's nurturing care and direction. He had already transferred His attention to His children where He had planted them long ago, in the "isles afar off," namely the British Isles. The prophet, Jeremia had been His planter, carrying the pillow of Jacob (the throne of David) to Ulster about 580 BC, along with David's harp which is still a flag symbol for Ireland, along with Princess Tea Tephi (of Phares Juda line - daughter of Zedekia) whom he married to King Eochaidh of Ulster (of the Zara Juda royal lineage) reuniting the two Juda lines on the Throne of David. Jeremia started a college in Ireland (then known as Scotia) named "Tara" which educated men in the old Hebrew religion of the Patriarchs (NOT Talmudic Judaism). That religion was called in Gaelic, "der wydd." Those true Hebrew Israelites of Ireland and Britain awaited a Savior who would be named "Yesu." When Iesu (Jesus) was brought to them in early first century by Joseph of Arimathea, the tin-trader, they welcomed Him without hesitation. That "Druid" religion has since been badly corrupted and we know almost  nothing about its ancient practices except the few things that Caesar wrote, and the lies that the Roman Catholic Church wrote in their attempts to destroy it. Of course, the Druidism we hear about now is a totally different and corrupt pagan religion which has NO connection to that which Jeremia established in the Isles.

Anyway, the Roman emperors had conquered the Isles and ruled Britain until 409 AD, finally abandoning their stronghold because the Roman empire was itself collapsing. The Roman Catholic Church, however, did apply pressures upon British Christianity to bow to its authority, which Britain largely refused to do.  The Roman emphasis on rulership, power, and papal dictatorship is the opposite from Jesus' instructions. So, why was the new Christian organization of Rome so tyrannical? Here is what happened. After Emperor Constantine made Christianity the state religion for the empire, it became politically advantageous for the Edomite Jews to become Christian. The Edomites were a large community in Rome from the time of the first Herods. At the time of Christ they were about 50,000 in Rome, and were powerfully connected with the long line of corrupt Roman emperors, having special exemptions and political favors, never suffering persecutions like the Christians, and influencing policies and manipulating financial enterprises to the maximum they could without offending the emperor. After Constantine, the Edomites jumped over to the Christian fold, where they became clerics and even Popes, and where they influenced the new religion to be tyrannical and financially exploitive. The Roman church became wealthy and powerful because the Edomite race has a natural instinct for this kind of enterprise. Britain could be a lucrative source of wealth if they could control her, so they did try, with some success. But the British were a motley lot of Israelites who defied Rome and the Roman Catholic religion. Never was all Britain under the Papal thumb. By this time of Smyrna period, the stone of Jacob (Throne of David) had already moved from Ulster (in N. Ireland) to Scotland, so the Scots believed themselves to be the rightful occupants of David's Throne. In 1296 AD that stone was stolen by Edward I and placed in Westminster Abbey, but this is jumping too far ahead of the story.

Speaking of thrones, this was the age of King Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon. Arthur died in 542 AD, after achieving unity and peace in Britain. Arthur represents the return of Christ to the pageant, after God's royal children had suffered many centuries of God's absence. But the devil was active and effective, for this World was still his kingdom. Arthur's kind of Christ-like justice is impossible to maintain as long as human nature is so easily influenced by the devil.  Anyway, Camelot has given the world a glimpse of hope, that if it happened once, perhaps it can happen again. Legends of Arthur have made him a Christ-type, an innocent who appeared in the midst of suffering and terrible chaos, and who died, being carried off on a mystic ship to Avalon (Glastonbury), from where he is to arise once again to rule over a Godly kingdom. Note the corresponding time of 5538 AD, when Satan is banished again from the stage. So it is in Camelot that Arthur dies and the land returns to chaos for a while.

Verse 2:10 says, "the devil is about to cast some of you into prison in order that you may be  tried, and you will have affliction ten days."  In this segment of history, a perod of about 285 years of Smyrna, in Pisces, the "ten days" is not ten thousand years but a thousand years. As we know, the period of approximately 500 AD until the Renaissance about 1500 AD became the Dark Ages, a period of terrible persecution against the European white race Christians by the Roman Catholic Church. Their inquisitions are estimated to have killed about fifty million Christians by torture and burning-at-the-stake. Look at the verse again and notice who it was that Jesus said would cast His children into prison for that period. And note that verse 10 follows right after verse 9 which referenced the fraudulent Jews as the "synagogue of Satan." By understanding these patterns and sub-patterns of history, we can observe how God's divine pageant has proceeded exactly as necessary in order to accomplish God's expression.

There is so much rich and dynamic history of the true Israelites which we need to learn in order to understand the big-picture of God's pageant. Unfortunately, the Edomite owners of print-media have prevented our history from being known for many centuries. Now, we white-race Israelites must scratch  to find historical records which have not been destroyed.  The Roman Catholic Church pillaged England and destroyed every scrap of historical and religious material they could find, killing non-Catholic clerics and burning their churches.  The prophecy of Jesus to the Smyrna church about prison and affliction was fulfilled by the Roman Church in England. This is OUR history here, the story of God relating to OUR ancestors.

It is easy to be terribly angry at the Edomite oppression of our race of Israel, but we shouldn't do that. Christ told us to hate evil, but He never told us to hate the devil, his Jews, or to war against him. The devil is the proper, God-designated, ruler of this world during the negative half of each cycle, and cannot be overthrown by Christians, or even by Christ until the time comes for the transfer of rulership to Christ. The devil is able to offer every one of us an enticing path, an opportunity to desires, lusts, material wealth, and life of ease. He can offer this because this world is his to give. The devil also serves God by tempting us, and by  making our lives difficult, thereby strengthening some of us, while culling out the weak who follow him. God is interested in nurturing and strengthening one specific family strain, and the devil provides lessons which accomplish that, thereby helping to cull the weak. What we need to learn is that the devil's easy path leads to doom, but Christ's narrow way leads to victory. Those who endure with Christ will receive the crown of life, which Jesus promises to the Smyrnans in Rev. 2:10. The devil never makes anyone do anything;  when one chooses to walk his direction,  that is one's own choice, and so are the consequences. Jesus says, "Become faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life."



On the sine-wave diagram, note that the age of Ephesus is completed about 3,750 AD. Only the 144,000 elect lived during the age of Ephesus, in order to develop a new civilization in the kingdom of God. Then, at the beginning of Smyrna, all the rest of Israel are born again into this heavenly kingdom.  

             The devil's race was not any problem during the prior age of Ephesus, but at the beginning of Smyrna, according to verse 9, they arise again in their true nature, as frauds and exploiters, causing war, challenging the new landlords of the vineyard, trying to claim it again for themselves. Israel needs to recognize them for who they really are. According to Rev. 20:7-9 Satan is released after having been bound during the age of Ephesus, so the Jew-pretenders will again harrass and entice the innocent sheep of Christ.

It appears that the two opponent races, the children of Christ, and the children of Satan, NEVER do completely disappear from the world stage. But the energy which empowers them changes. Satan's negative power is absent for a period, then returns, attempts once again to start a great war (Rev. 20:8ff), is cast into the fire (Rev. 20:10), then reappears again in the middle of Sagittarius. Just prior to achieving our spiritual apex at the end of Sagittarius, Satan's race is empowered again. This corresponds with the time exactly opposite (reciprocal), in the cycle, in Gemini, when Christ's race was re-empowered in the birth of Adam to begin the work of climbing the long climb toward God again. It is really necessary for you, the reader, to use the sine-wave diagram if you would follow these events being described.

Even in the kingdom of God (Heaven), there is still opportunity to turn away from God, and to have weak faith. The devil, however, is God's valuable tool, through whom consequences are administered for such apostasy. This is ALWAYS the case, forever, and for those who need a lesson, the devil is a teacher standing nearby, ready to provide it. Satan is identified with the planet Saturn in astrology. Saturn is "the tough teacher" which never lets a mis-step get by without consequences. It is this tough teacher which is absolutely necessary, a gift from God, that forces His children to learn their lessons or perish. Once we come to understand how important Satan is to the progress of God's children, we can learn to appreciate him for the taskmaster that he is, and thereby avoid his temptations. It is when we appeal to him as "lord" by praying for earthly blessings that we get into trouble. Being the "Beast," the devil offers rewards to all who will serve him.   Sometimes, perhaps often, it is a blessing that our merciful Father steps in to limit our lessons, and save us from such rewards, lest we fail completely.  Rather than fear the devil, we should learn to appreciate his lessons; accept God's discipline and learn something; and hold on to our faith, no matter what. Let's stop blaming the devil for our trials, and learn that we bring them upon ourselves. The devil never made anyone do anything!


2:10  Here we have the devil "casting some into prison." This relates to the great war he will try to start, as described in Rev. 20:8, 9, just before his power is again destroyed. The devil's children, the Jews, are war-starters, as they openly boast in their own writings. They are right now (2000+) working toward the initiation of Armageddon, after which they will be destroyed. Their evil patterns play over and over again.

Again, it is to individuals that rewards are promised. It is individuals, rather than group, who can hear the Spirit speak. The second death is mentioned in 20:14, and I think this is the same incident described in Rev. 20:10 where the devil is cast into the fire, at the end of the Smyrna period.



                                                      TO THE CHURCH AT PERGAMOS

                                                                   Key Word: "Faithful"


2:12  And to the messenger of the church in PERGAMOS, write:  These things says the one having the two-edged sharp sword:

2:13  I know where you dwell; where Satan's throne is, and that you hold my name, and did not deny my faith even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.

2:14 But I have a few things against you, because you have some who hold the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling-block before the sons of Israel, to eat idol sacrifices, and to commit fornication.

2:15 So, you also have some holding the teaching of the Nicolaitans likewise.

2:16 Repent, therefore, otherwise, I am coming to you quickly and will fight with them with the sword of my mouth.

2:17 Let the one with an ear hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one overcoming I will give to him of the manna which has been hidden, and I will give him a white stone, and on the stone has been written a new name, which no man knows except the one receiving it.



About 50 miles north of Smyrna is Pergamos, the capitol of that Roman Province of Asia. It was the center of the most important kingdom in W. Asia Minor in 3rd C. BC, continuing as a cultural and political center until 4th C. AD. The oldest part of the city is the Acropolis, nearly 1,300 feet above the Caicus river. An Acropolis was a fort, on a high place, around which a town would develop.  In Pergamos there were temples to Demeter, Athena, Aphrodite, the Magna Mater, and Asclepius. It was famous for its library which rivaled the one in Alexandria. On a hill behind the city was an immense altar to Zeus which burned animal sacrifices 24 hours a day. Since Asclepius was the god of healing, many sick were brought here to lie on cots in hope that a sacred snake would touch them and heal them.  The snake was Asclepius' symbol,  and is still today depicted on the caduceus, the insignia of modern medical doctors. A Christian presence developed there in the 1st century, but it was very slow growing because the cult of Asclepius was so important to the city.



Most likely the Temple of Asclepius was being referred to as "Satan's throne." In Greeky mythology, Asclepius was the god of medicine, a son of Apollo, to whom the people looked for healing.  Zeus killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt, for fear that men might be set free from death through medicines.

 I could make a strong argument today that medical science is a Satanic art, because it promises external cures for spiritual ailments, whereas men should instead turn to God alone, either learning their necessary lesson, or dying. Any other intervention between God and His children is from Satan! In our world today, many spend money on Insurance, as though they can prevent consequences for their beliefs or their actions, in spite of God's natural laws, by which consequences for actions are unavoidable. We spend our lives paying for such things as insurance, medical treatments, and other items which we believe we need in order to survive. Really, we spend our lives serving idols which have Satan behind them. Satan has the power to effect miraculous results for those who turn to his medical angels, but just consequences will still be unavoidable ultimately.  After all, those who seek Satan's cures have rejected God's lesson,  and the consequences, though seemingly delayed, will be inescapable. I would remind anyone, that seeking external-providence is the opposite of faith. Perfect faith, which can move mountains, requires no external forces or provisions or cures or magic-bullets. Perfect faith doesn't pray for miracles, but is rewarded naturally! True God-given miracles are undeserved interventions from God, and very rare. Most miracles are provided by the lord-of-this-world because the person claiming  faith in the miracle has already turned away from a genuine yielding-faith in God, wanting the magic. These two things are easily confused by those who desire miracles so strongly. Many chase the phenomena, and Satan obliges. The Satanic art of faith-healing is practiced by supposed  spirit-filled Christians whoare thrilled to zap a cripple and heal him.  As you will learn later in this book of Revelation, the word "faith" has a much deeper meaning than just trusting in God to perform miracles.  Faith is the actual BELIEF by which we create the reality that we perceive. In the kingdom of God, we will learn to BELIEVE properly, and then we will get genuine Godly results.  Until one can move mountains by faith, his miracle healings are gifts from Satan as rewards for trusting in external causes.  Since this powerful desire for health and happiness and protection from consequences is so ruinous to true faith, this is a powerful throne for Satan to occupy, and from which he attracts many weak souls toward his own fold. He appears to be a shepherd, and many sheep go to him, but he is a wolf.


V. 14  While most commentaries associate Balaam and Balak with  sexual licentiousness, that is falling short of the truth.  Balak, king of Moabites, feared the Israelites, and wanted to destroy them, but couldn't do it with warriors. So, he called Balaam, a pagan prophet, who advised him that the Israelites could never be defeated while their God was with them. He said the only way to  turn their God against them would be through race-mixing. So Balak sent young Moabite women to the fringes of the camp, where young Israelite men were enticed by them, and took them for wives.   This story is told in fuller detail by Josephus: Antiquities 4:6. See also Numbers 25:6-13 and Psalm 106:29-31. The "stumblingblock" of v.14 is race-mixing, the very same sin as that of the commandment against adultery, which regarded the adulteration of God's racial family! Most theologians and preachers dare not teach how important our racial purity is to our God, but the Bible is full of God's warnings from beginning to end. Most preachers would lose their flocks and incomes if they taught God's truth about race. Although, true prophets of God would proclaim this truth, even knowing it might cost their lives.



Refer to the sine-wave Paradigm. The period begins in the age of Cancer and lasts until the middle of Gemini. Adam & Eve appeared during this period, about 5,508 BC. This Pergamos time-period is still a time of declining civilization, getting near to the most depraved and most powerful time of Satan's rulership.  Consider how degenerate the world must have been, following the Zodiac age of Cancer, which represents degeneration and wicked passions (anger & hate can be fatal). The presence of God's care, as functioning through His anointed Son, Jesus, had disappeared again from the stage at the beginning of Pergamos, so God's race of children nearly disappear again as a result of terrible oppression and persecution from the world. The Genesis story of Adam's appearance represents the act of God when He reinstalled His Spirit into the remnant of His race, which had been driven to the remotest part of the planet, the Pamir Plateau, just north of modern Pakistan, a high elevation plateau, not easily accessible, a region from which  four rivers flow toward the four cardinal directions. God re-empowered His children by renewing the seven Spirit powers (the Holy Spirit) within them, whereby they would begin to influence the World slowing its decline and thereby begin to turn the course upward again toward the God of good.

Rev. 2:13 speaks of Satan's throne, which is the kingdom of World, where he sits and exercises his negative powers. While God's children were driven nearly to extinction, and to remote isolation, the few that are left are commended for "not deny my faith even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was killed among you where Satan dwells."  The word "anti" in Greek, means "one who stands in place of."  The word "pas" means "all, the whole, every." Well, God is the Whole, the All in All. So, apparently someone of God's representative children was still being faithful unto death.  Again, in Jesus' message to Pergamos, we see another emphasis on God's concern about race-mixing, the "teaching of Balaam," and the broader admonition against our human attraction toward the idols of the world, and toward immorality.  What was the "teaching of the Nicolaitans?" Nowhere in the Bible are we given any hint. Since the teachings were in vogue at that time, we might consider the probable circumstances of the current worldly civilization, to perhaps get a hint. Let's first ponder the reciprocal spiritual situation at the very apex of the sine-wave, during the Zodiac age of Sagittarius. It is at that age where the Elect will achieve spiritual perfection, walking with God in person and in Spirit. The material, physical dimension will not be real, and we will experience a spiritual dimension of reality. So, now, down near the bottom of the curve, in Satan's kingdom of World, we might suspect that the earth-spirits of Satan's kingdom are very prevalent. Wicked and evil demonic spirits are fully present, perhaps even in physical view. They have demonic powers and the wicked race of Satan is exercising its peak of dominion and power. Anyone who might reject or deny the proper obeisance to the demonic spirits would suffer terrible consequences. I suspect that the word "Nicolaitans" represents the worship or service to demonic spirits, just as many new-age people are practicing today, through deep-trance-mediums. Another possibility for "Nicolaitans" might be homosexuality. It is part of the instinctive nature of Satan's race that they want to pervert every Godly moral, principal, or teaching. Their instinct is, at its deepest level, to LIE,  that is to be fraudulent or deceitful or in some way dishonest. Honest, natural, God-designed sexuality is that male and female genders complement each other. Dishonest sexuality would be the perverted practice of same-gender sex. We might note that this time-period also corresponds with the tribal age of Benjamin, a tribe that was nearly exterminated once because of homosexuality. So, perhaps the Nicolaitan teaching was sexual perversion, something which seems to reach its full power at those times when the devil is exercising his full demonic power, such as 6,000 to 8,000 years ago when negative energy was approaching its nadir, and also during our present end-times, right now, just prior to his defeat and the transfer of power from him to Christ. One connection I might make regarding the deep-trance mediums, who channel demonic spirits, and sexual perversion is this: that ALL deep-trance mediums and genuine psychics are homosexual. ALL true deep-trance mediums have large bellies, wherein the emotional psychic/plasmic forces function to enable communications and apparitional phenomena between the spirit-world and our-world.

In Rev. 2:16, Jesus says He will fight them, the wicked ones, "with the sword of my mouth." We certainly know what that is, for the very WORD is the instrument of all creation.  And it is through this Word that God's children, Adam, were re-empowered to act once more as expressions of God's Word on earth.   The "manna" is probably that spiritual empowerment that fuels God's anointed children. The "stone" on which has been written a new name, may be that law of God which He writes in the hearts and minds of His children, being an instinct that no other person can know except He who has been born from above as a member of the stone-kingdom, and as a child of the covenant-God. These couple interpretations are speculations, merely because they seem fairly obvious in context.



We are looking here at the Christian movement which is mostly in Britain at this time, but also on the European continent where the diasporan Israelites had settled from their emigration about 700 BC. Most of the northern European nations still today fly flags which have the emblems of the twelve tribes of Israel. This alone should stimulate western Christian scholars to take a look at that history, but it doesn't seem likely that they ever will. In Britain, King Arthur had died in 542, and the land did not know much peace after that. In 597 St. Augustine visited Britain as ambassador from the Pope, to help establish  a Roman Catholic power base which would collect funds for the harlot, Rome.

Rev. 2:13 has Jesus saying that He knows about the presence of Satan's throne there, and commending the British for keeping the faith, even through those difficult days when "Antipas" (King Arthur in this case, representing God) was killed. The person, Antipas, is unknown to available historical record. Whoever he was, in old Pergamos, he has earned a name and a reputation forever by being Christ's "faithful witness."  Jesus indicates in v. 14 that the Brits would be having some problems with race-mixing, which was the Balak/Balaam lesson in the Old Testament. Certainly there were many different nations attempting to migrate into Britain during this period; there were Gaels, Picts, Kelts, Saxons, Norsemen, Belgae, and others. Most of these were white-race Israelites, except perhaps for the Picts and unknown others. The warlike times are reflected in this letter to Pergamos. Jesus introduces Himself as the one having the two-edged sword (like Excalibur) and in v. 16 says He will come and fight with the Sword of His mouth. Verse 17 speaks of a "stone," which is interesting because this British land held many impressive stone structures, megaliths, and ancient stone-altars, probably from the Hebrew teachings brought there by Jeremia a thousand years prior to Arthur. Remember that our Old Testament emphasizes stones as monuments and altars. We have been known by some in the past as the "stone-people" or "stone-kingdom."



Refer to Sine-Wave Diagram  in front of book.

On the diagram of history, the age of Pergamos will be from about 5500 to 7250 AD. Satan is cast into the fire (20:10) at the beginning of that age, and God's children will attain a near perfect level of perfection in the kingdom of God.

In the paragraphs above, I discussed the Temple of Asclepius as Satan's throne, and the IDEA of external causes being idolatry. In the future age of Pergamos, it looks like the IDEA of external-causes will still attract the worship of some people.

The spiritual lesson is that faith is the opposite from dependence on external-providence. Perfect faith, which can move mountains, requires no external forces or provisions or cures or magic-bullets. It is in this future Pergamos period that the Godly ones, the 144,000 Elect,  who are destined for spiritual perfection, realize their own creative power, that they  actually move mountains by their faith. Their lesson is to realize that they themselves are the creators of their own reality, and they perceive only what they create. This is a high spiritual level, available to those initiates who did not get culled out in the 2nd Death. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is recognized, and they learn to discriminate between their own creative powers and the lie of external causes.

At this future time in our history, when our creative powers are realized and there is no more death, the perfect ones are immortal and no longer die. When there is no more death, there also are no more births. And no more marriage, just as  Jesus said; no more sex; no more struggle between opposites (male vs. female). Some symbols of conflict disappear into Union.  So, it may be that this reference to Balaam indicates for the future Pergamos that there will be no  more sexual activity or procreation. Also, there may be a change in eating for it is mentioned in vv. 14 and 17; perhaps with no more death there is no more need to serve a body of flesh with daily offerings. Interesting thought!

2:16  The weapon of God is Creative Word, the same which brought forth our universe. What can ever withstand that? We, as the body of Christ, wield this sword already, but we are ignorant of it. Then we will do it consciously, and Godly.

2:17  Manna indicates a provision from God, but here in the future kingdom, it may indicate a new kind of sustenance, different from the ingesting of earth's produce.


                                                      TO THE CHURCH AT THYATIRA

                                                                    Key Word:  "Love"


2:18 And to the  messenger of the church in THYATIRA, write:    These things say  the  Son of God, the one having His eyes as a flame of fire, and His feet like polished brass:

2:19  I know of your works and love and faith and ministry and your endurance, and that your last works are more than the first.

2:20 But I have against you that you permit the woman Jezabel, the one calling herself a prophetess, and she teaches and deceives my servants to commit fornication, and to eat idol sacrifices;

2:21 and I gave her time in order that she might repent, and she wishes not to repent of her fornication.

2:22 Look, I am casting her into a bed, into great affliction, along with those committing adultery with her, unless they shall repent of her works;

2:23 and her children I will kill with death; and all the churches will know that I am the one searching kidneys and hearts, and I will give to each one of you according to your works.

2:24  But I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, as many as have not this teaching, who knew not the deep things of Satan, as they tell: I am not casting on you another burden;

2:25 but that which you have, hold until I shall come.

2:26 And the one overcoming and keeping my works until the end, I will give him authority over my people,

2:27 and he will shepherd them with an iron staff, breaking them like vessels of clay,

2:28 as I also have received from my Father, and I will give him the morning star.

2:29 The one having an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.



About 45 miles east of Pergamos is Thyatira. To this church, the physical appearance of "Son of God" who speaks, is described. To the other churches He is described by mentioning one of His functions or titles.  In this one instance His very appearance is His described, still in symbols, of course.  The city of Thyatira existed from 2nd C. BC till 3rd C. AD, being an important commercial trading center with many artisans and guilds such as clothing makers, tanners, leatherworkers, potters, bakers, slave dealers, and bronzesmiths. It was a wool trade-center.



This is the only church of the seven which receives no warning like "repent."  The church is greatly praised.  There is one criticism: that a "Jezabel" is permitted to exist among them.  And then God declares His wrath against Jezabel and her children.

2:27  God's creations are considered to be "vessels of clay," which the Shepherd breaks with a rod of iron if they don't meet His standard.  The Bible is the story of selecting only the best from each generation, and the others are never spoken of again. God is a very discriminating Potter, and it is liberal nonsense to think good vessels should be sacrificed for the sake of the weak, the defective, the perverted, the parasite, the immoral, the dishonest, and the anti-God people of the world. Rather, our racial progress is one long process of genetic strengthening through selecting the strong and culling the weak.



On the diagram of God's Divine Paradigm, this age is at the very nadir of the negative half of the cycle. Somewhere just after the midpoint of this age, God flooded the region of the world where His children lived, and where they had gone badly astray by mixing their divine race with earth races. They had been evicted from Eden, the Pamir Plateau, and were living in the Tarim Pendi region of western China, along the southern edge of the Tien Shan mountains. It is in that very region that mummies have been discovered during the past century. The mummies are Caucasian with blond hair, blue eyes, tall, slender, good looking, and with sophisticated woolen clothing (with tartan plaid! patterns) and felt shoes. The mummies are many thousands of years old! Anyway, most of the Adamic race was killed in the flood of that basin, saving only Noah and his family because he was pure in his genetic lineage.  It has always been of primary importance that God preserve a pure genetic lineage for His Elect children, called Adam and Israel. "Jezabel" represents that influence which promotes fornication and adultery (breeding across race lines) and human-nature attraction to worldly materials.

We can see that here God is not going to be nearly so lenient as He was with the previous three ages, when His Spirit was not so dynamically active among His children.  Now, his special lineage needs to pointedly focus upon its special destiny to influence the world upward toward the positive, Godly nature.  For the rest of the Thyatirans, who aren't involved in race-mixing or worldly enticements, God places no other burden. 

After the flood, we see God promising to the one overcoming (it would be Sem, of Noah's 3 sons) authority over the Adamic race, which becomes the "Semitic" race.  God's design will be promoted through His selected leaders who will have power to break the dissidents like they were vessels of clay. We see a new program initiated with this, where special leaders will exercise great authority. During the years between Adam and Noah, there is no indication of any established religion or Godly leaders. The Adamic families lived long long lifespans and handled their own problems and earthly matters as their wisdom and experience permitted them. With shorter lifespans, following Noah, men would not accumulate centuries of personal wisdom and experience, so there would be shepherds appointed to watch over the flock.  "The Morning Star" might refer to the fact that midnight has just past, and the morning light of God's new program is beginning. A "morning star" would be some specially appointed representative of God who guides the flock across uncharted centuries of darkness/night, toward an undefined destiny. Abram could certainly be considered a "morning star," but it would be more than a thousand years before he steps onto the stage.



Here begins a period of Roman Catholic terror, oppression, crusades, and inquisitions against the white-race Israelites of Europe and Britain. Some estimate that the Roman church killed as many as fifty million Christians during the next few medieval dark-age centuries, extending from this time until the Reformation. The Papal office was many times bought and sold, one prostitute even buying it for her son. One jealous husband killed a Pope who was in bed with his wife.  The priests across the land were notoriously wicked, oppressing and cruelly abusing their own lay people, extorting impossible financial payments, and practicing every kind of wickedness. Some say local populations were radically increased by priest adulteries. The gargoyles on their cathedrals probably best illustrate the level of misery to which the Roman Catholic Church brought Europe. And that was just the beginning. To this day, the Roman Catholic Church has never expressed any remorse or criticism of its wickedness during those terrible centuries, and that should not surprise us considering the wicked perversions it still practices in the darkness of its black sepulchres. Horror filled tombs! During the middle ages, the worst thing which could be said of a person was that he was as "wicked as a priest." 

Jesus' letter to His body, Israel, tells that He knows of their endurance, and does not castigate them for anything except permitting that Roman "prophetess Jezabel" in their midst. For those who are innocent of the wickedness and tyranny of the Jezebel, Jesus says, "I am not casting on you another burden."  This note of mercy is so needed by those millions who suffered the devil's unrestrained hatred of Israel. 

In 1066 William of Normandy, supposedly an Israelite, conquered England and united the land under his merciless rule. He gave the choicest English lands to his aids, who built castles from which to defend themselves. He declared a large forest his private royal hunting preserve — the legend of Robin Hood comes from this. Importing French feudalism to England, he reduced the entire populace to abject serfdom, and inventoried every last animal, building, and piece of land in the kingdom in the Domesday Book. The Norman Roman Catholic clergy shared in the spoil, but we won't understand the culture if we think of clergy as religious leaders; they were nothing more than scheming and plundering opportunists, expressing the Edomite nature. William  became so fat that at death could not be forced into the extra large coffin prepared for him. Edomite Jewish moneylenders came in with William, stimulating a social culture oriented to business and capital, which would make it impossible for serfs to ever rise above virtual enslavement. It seems that Esau had found God's Jacob in those afar-off-isles where God had protected him for a time. The Jews had become prominent antagonists on the stage again.



Refer to Sine-Wave Diagram. Thyatira  is the fourth city of seven, and on the curve sits at the very top, representing the highest level of spirituality possible. The age of Thyatira is at the very apex of the positive half-cycle. The apex occurs about 8125 AD, which is exactly mid-way in the age of Thyatira.

At this apex of spiritual perfection, we have the beginning of a new era, with a Fall, then degeneration unto destruction.  This point really represents the starting point of each spiritual cycle in God's historical program.  While the Genesis story of creation indicates a beginning of Adam and Eve in the age of Gemini, about 5,508BC, that story is an allegory which tells of a re-empowerment of God's divine children.  The Creation story of Genesis One also describes this Fall in Scorpio (the serpent).  A spiritual cycle begins at the time of perfection and union with our Father,  followed by a Fall, a degeneration, a reintroduction of God's children, and a long struggle upward toward union again with our Source. 

Here, in Thyatira, at the apex, Perfection has been achieved, and is then lost by the act of Division  through the yielding to temptations of sexual and intellectual desires. This great event is part of the Great Paradigm, the model of all that exists.  That Paradigm reveals the basic essence/nature/substance of our dimension of reality!  Numerals represent God's dynamic process of Creation.  The numbers are described by St. Paul, in Acts 17, where he tells the Athenian philosophers the story of God's creation through the symbols of numbers.  Those seven numbers are again represented by symbols in this message to the Thyatira church.

If you refer to the chapter,  THE THRONE SCENE, and get familiar with the idea of numbers as symbols of creation, then you can recognize them in this Thyatira message.  The number Zero is a symbol for God, the Supreme All & Void.  The number Zero represents history's Apex, here in Thyatira, as Perfection and union with our source, the eternal Father.  The number One symbolizes the Son of God, the Christ, and is denoted here in Rev. 2:18, as "the Son of God."  As we go through the next few verses, I will point  out the Number Symbols, which equate to the Great Paradigm you will read about later in THE THRONE SCENE chapter.


2:19 I know of your works and love and faith and ministry and your endurance, and that your last works are more than the first.

The children of God have attained the highest spiritual perfection possible, and they are commended for it. They lack nothing in their attainment. Their works increase rather than wane; they do not weary.

We must understand that this apex is exactly half a cycle from the nadir, about 12,000 years prior, when the devil's success was turned, and the path turned upward. At this apex, the spiritually perfected are  in danger, because the negative energy begins again to pull civilization downward,  in the age of Scorpio (the serpent of the fall).  The Genesis story is an allegory which describes this fall, which occurs between Sagittarius and Scorpio.

The Fall is a return to sexual activity, something forbidden to immortals. They are attracted to it by the devil, who seduces a perfected feminine gender. She then entices the perfect male to her lovemaking, and the Fall is complete. They have partaken of the forbidden fruit. The next verses describe this. This couple becomes the Adam & Eve for another cycle of Satan's progeny to contest against Godly progeny.


2:20 But I have against you that you permit the woman Jezabel, the one calling herself a prophetess, and she teaches and deceives my servants to commit fornication, and to eat idol sacrifices;

The criticism is that a prophetess is permitted to live among them, whereby she is doing the temptation recorded in the fall of Adam and Eve; she is eliciting sexual intercourse. The guilt is not placed on the tempter, but on those who permit her to live among them. If the sheep permit the wolf to live among them, the consequences are the fault of the sheep themselves, not the wolf!

The Number symbol Two represents division of the perfect One into parts, the separation of a unit into multiple parts, of two types: male & female, and intellectual knowledge of good & evil; thus making them gods who engineer their own destinies rather than yielding to the flow of their Supreme Father. This symbol is described by John in this verse as the sexual activity wherein immortal Man procreates.  He thereby violates the rule against procreation, and terminates his immortality, which means that he can no longer walk in the garden of perfection in union with our Source.


2:21 and I gave her time in order that she might repent, and she wishes not to repent of her fornication.

The Number symbol Three represents time.  Time is the linear expression of existence so that sequence-of-events is possible. Once man experiences the temporal reality, with its struggle between good and bad, he has eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and does not want to return to the eternal bliss which he knew prior to this.  He doesn't want to repent of his division, or separation, from the Father.


2:22 Look, I am casting her into a bed, into great affliction, along with those committing adultery with her, unless they shall repent of her works;

The Number symbol Four represents form.  Form is the substance of our dimension of reality, within space.  John symbolizes this form/substance of our world, by saying "casting her into a bed, into great affliction."  The bed symbolizes the supporting foundation of world.  Repentance may still be an option, but once man has fallen, he persists in degeneration until he reaches the very nadir at the bottom of the Sine-Wave curve. Only then, with the re-empowerment of God's spiritual children, who have creative powers, can true repentance occur, and Man begins his long climb upward again toward his source.


2:23 and her children I will kill with death; and all the churches will know that I am the one searching kidneys and hearts, and I will give to each one of you according to your works.

The Number symbol Five represents CHANGE,  WHICH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF APPEARANCE. It is in this that our reality becomes dynamic.  "Five" is symbolized by John in the change that brings "death," to Man again. Death is only an apparent phenomenon, a result of dysfunctional children, within God's Mind (image/imagination/dream).

The Number symbol Six represents "experience" which is symbolized by John in "according to your works."  "Six" is the number of Man, who is the actual experience of God.  It is through the activities (works) of  Man that the Supreme source of All-That-Is lives and experiences the cyclic patterns of temporal life struggles. You will see that the number Six is important at the Throne of God.


2:24  But I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, as many as have not this teaching, who knew not the deep things of Satan, as they  tell: I am not casting on you another burden;

2:25 but that which you have, hold until I shall come.

The Number symbol Seven represents Perfection, which becomes the extended family of God's children, with all that they create through their "belief."  This number really depicts EVERYTHING which exists, everything which we can perceive, or imagine. It is the final result of God's process of creation. Here is the sum result of the previous six numbers.  While Man is the perfect Creation of the Father, being the Christ and all the Elect who make up that body, this number "seven" symbolizes all which the Elect create through their creative powers.  Here we see the fulfillment of the creative process, and here is where the dynamic struggle of opposites (good vs evil) takes place; here is where the grand play of God is performed! The contest is between "as many as have not this teaching" and those negative energy powers of Satan. 

This number, "seven," is symbolized by John as he commends the perfection of those who did not FALL victim to Satan's temptation of sexual activity and procreation.  These perfect ones have no further obligation, and by holding themselves perfect,  they perhaps have an end different from the ones who fell.  What their reward might be is only speculation right now.  But, think about this for a moment.  At this moment of temptation, in which some perfected ones do fall, there may be some who do NOT fall!  What happens to them?  It wouldn't make sense to think that they suffer the consequences of the fall if they did not fall. They would  not share the punishment of another cycle of degeneration, downward, but perhaps they continue upward! It might be something like this: at the middle of Scorpio, the perfected ones transfer to a different upward curve, entering it at the point in the middle of Gemini, as new Adams and Eves, in another dimension.

Or might the next verse hint at an even more astounding scenario?  Does only one Perfect One resist the fall and overcome the temptation?  If so, does he then become the Anointed Shepherd for the next cycle of ages?  Are we being shown things in John's Revelation far beyond what anyone has yet imagined?

BUT, let me present this for you to consider. I can clearly imagine that I, personally, might not be able to resist the temptation to do another round of World. From the position in Heaven, where all is Perfect, Holy, and Glorious, and where I can create whatever reality I wish by merely thinking it; from that position I would know that another cycle of World is about to begin and I might want to be a part of it, to "do it one more time," to step forth into it as a challenger of the great Deceiver, confident that I can succeed against him, and can thereby assist and encourage my brothers and sisters. Consider that when one is separate from God, he is free to use his own will, and thereby he is a god, too, even though a small one in a big universe. I can well imagine that I would step forth to say, "yes, blind me, have me born in ignorance into the nightmare, for it is that challenge which I cannot resist!" Such egoic arrogance is a most powerful and terrible compulsion which I should never feel confident that I have conquered.


2:26 And the one overcoming and keeping my works until the end, I will give him authority over my people,

2:27 and he will shepherd them with an iron staff, breaking them like vessels of clay,

If  He, the one overcomer, becomes the new Shepherd, the Anointed One (a Jesus) for the next cycle. He will, as God's Son, shepherd them with an iron staff, breaking the children of God like clay pottery. This describes the culling process, whereby those who turn to Satan's world for their gratifications and sensual delights are culled out and abandoned. They  are on the downhill slide, with "enmity" toward their Father, and they get eliminated from being children of God.  If one reads the New Testament objectively, he will clearly see that our Shepherd is NOT forgiving of all apostasy, but is a tough taskmaster, demanding perfection, and slamming the door on those who delay in preparing for Him.  The Potter has the right to break any vessels which are not up to His standards!


2:28 as I also have received from my Father, and I will give him the morning star.

Jesus is indicating the transfer of the baton, whereby the new Shepherd becomes the new "morning star."


2:29 The one having an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

If this speculation is valid, then we are getting a glimpse of God's plan as it begins all over again, with another Fall and a new Anointed One.


                                                          TO THE CHURCH AT SARDIS

                                                                 Key Word:  "Watching"


3:1  And to the messenger of the church in SARDIS, write: These things says the one having the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars: I know of your works, that you have a name that you live, and yet you are dead.

3:2 Be watching, and set fast those who remain which were about to die; for I have not found your works fulfilled before my God;

3:3 remember therefore how you have received and did hear, and keep watch, and repent. If therefore you do not watch, I will come like a thief, and you will by no means know at what hour I will come on you.

3:4 But you have a few names in Sardis which did not defile their garments, and they shall walk with  me in white, because they are worthy.

3:5 The one overcoming, thusly, shall be clothed in white garments, and I will by no means blot his name out of the scroll of  life, and I will confess his name before my Father and before His angels.

3:6 The one having an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.



About thirty miles south of Thyatira is Sardis. It is an ancient city,  being the capitol of the Lydian empire from about 680 BC, later serving importantly for the Persians, the Seleucids, and a leading city of the Roman province of Asia. Sardis is only mentioned this one time in the N.T.   The one having seven Spirits of God is the Lamb. See 1:4 for discussion of this. The seven stars are defined in 1:20 as the seven angels of the churches, held in Christ's hand. In 17 AD Sardis suffered a catastrophic earthquake.



Sardis is in serious trouble, having only a reputation of being alive, but really being dead. This church is a painted-sepulchre, looking good on the outside but dead inside.  We don't know what the problems were beyond the general criticisms listed in the passage.  But we can surely appreciate and grasp the warm love God grants to the individuals who do not defile themselves!

This is a passage to bless the solitaires across the land who feel so alone and rejected in their genuine search for truth and spiritual life. They go to a church because the church promises answers for spiritual seekers. Then, when they probe for answers to the most elementary questions, preachers turn against them as though slapping them.  For so very many churches, the façade is a lie; inside, the corpses actively try to quench the Holy Spirit which prompts spiritual seekers, making new members as dead as themselves. Woe to them; John's revelation foretells their terrible doom!



See the sine-wave diagram, and find this period, from the near middle of Taurus until part-way into Aries. This age of Sardis finds God's children starting the upward path, as they are being established with large families just after the great flood. Noe's family might be few, but Cain's descendants were already occupying the Babylon region. The Pagan religion was being established by Cain's descendants to become dominant in the Middle East. The religion of Paganism began with Nimrod, who became the Tammuz of ancient Chaldea and Babylon. Nimrod's wife was Semiramis, who became the "Queen of Heaven," the "mother of God," also known later as Artemis or Diana. Nimrod's father was BEL, often spelled "Baal." It is believed that Bel-Marduk was descended from Cush the son of Ham. So, the Pagan trinity consisted of Bel as father, Semiramis as mother-goddess, and Tammuz the son. The Egyptian trinity is the very same three, being named Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Many centuries later, the early Christian Church would be persecuted and not tolerated by the Mediterranean Pagans until it adopted their religion of Paganism with mere changes of names to God the Father, Mary the mother-goddess and Queen of Heaven, and Jesus, her Son. The statuary that was already popular in Roman marketplaces was that of the Pagan Madonna and her son, along with the Pietá which was Semiramis holding her son Tammuz. The same statues were adopted by the Roman Catholic religion, along with the old Pagan rituals, and the Christian religion became set for the future: Paganism under the name of Christianity!

Always, through the course of history, God's program and the devil's program run parallel. Satan knows God's program and attempts to duplicate it in his kingdom of world.  The religion of Paganism was founded by Satan, prior to Abraam or Christianity in order to be there first, making it appear that God's program is copying Satan's. This makes the pageant all the more interesting! How shall God's true Elect children keep themselves separate and distinct from the world if the world's lie appears very similar to the Truth?  Most people of the world will turn to that which promises the most tangible reward, and Satan definitely has the advantage because he can provide the material rewards and even many spiritual phenomena that God's children are not recognizing as Satanic. It is only by the instinct with which God empowers His Elect children that they can reject the false and own the Truth, even though it lacks the appeal of theater and the impressive phenomena of Paganism.

About half way through this age of Sardis, Abram appears on stage to institute a new religion which predicts the coming of a Savior, to be called God's Lamb because Abraam is at the beginning of the Zodiac age of  Aries (Lamb) and the idea of sacrificial Lamb is meaningful to the people. He predicts that at the end of the age of Aries God will provide His own Lamb as the final sacrifice. With this basic beginning for the Hebrew religion, Abraam's grandson, Jacob, would emigrate to Egypt with his twelve sons, and there propagate to establish the families of Israel, who will BE God's anointed family forevermore.

In Revelation 3:1-6, Jesus speaks of the Hebrew lineage having a name that they are alive, but really they are dead. Prior to Abram, and the introduction of the Hebrew religion, the ancestors did not have a living religion, but passed information about their ancestors down through generations by the process of oral-tradition, meaning memorization and recitation. They knew of the true God in this way, but following Abraam, they would then have some defined religious practices, and would be more dynamically alive in their faith. According to verse 2, they had not been doing very well in fulfilling their duties toward their God. So, these people get a warning!  Always, even in the worst of circumstances, there are some who maintain their faith, perhaps only a few individuals. It seems that God always maintains a few champions, sometimes perhaps very few. The book of life is mentioned, and so it is that God maintains a lasting record of those who do well. We need to keep this fact in the front of our minds, as an encouragement which means to give us courage that we might stand as solitaires before a hostile world.


SARDIS: AGE THAT "IS" IN PISCES   (ca. 1141 — 1427AD)

The body of Christ, Israel, in Europe and Britain is almost dead at this time. The darkness is so overwhelming that few sparks of light (truth) ever become even a tiny flame. Like the letter says, the church (Christ's Israel, being ruled by the Roman Catholic Church) has a façade of being alive, but it is not. The darkness has spread over Britain also, and things look pretty bleak. Note, though, there are a few names undefiled, who will walk with Christ in white. The English theologian, John Wycliffe (1324-1384) was the first major reformation influence. He countered many of the false doctrines of R.C. and called the Pope "anti-Christ." Wycliffe is known as the "Morning Star" of the reformation. After his death the Roman Catholics dug up his bones and burned them.   John Huss (1371 - 1415: burned at the stake) preached against the vices of the clergy. These men stepped forward for Christ, standing all alone, and died without realizing that their courage began a movement which would free God's children from the great whore of Babylon, who in Rev. 17 was "drunk from the blood of the saints and of the martyrs of Jesus." The movement began with a few singular solitaire voices, just lone individuals who dared speak the truth at the cost of their lives.  Rev. 3:5 speaks to such solitairy souls, "The one overcoming shall be clothed in white garments... and I will confess his name before my Father and before His angels." Note that the key word for Sardis is "watching," which is appropriate for that reawakening which historians look back upon as the Renaissance.




Refer to Sine Wave Curve Diagram. Sardis is the period right after the Scorpio FALL; the perfected ones are still enjoying a high estate of wisdom and knowledge and powers beyond anything we can imagine. But with the increasing negative energy attraction, the spirits of pride, vanity, lust, and avarice begin to play active roles again. Remember that the primary characteristic of negative energy is to lie, just as Jesus explained in John 8:44. Deception is an influence by which we delude ourselves into believing something that is not true. In this case, the fallen ones maintain a reputation of being alive, but they had pretty much lost that after they were evicted from the garden (left the age of Thyatira). Henceforth, they can only mimic that former estate, and in the depths of their soul-memories longingly yearn for it. 

3:2  The things being lost would be perfect wisdom and knowledge. From our point of view today, we can look back about 12,000 years or so when these things were "set fast" in the building of a Sphinx and the great Pyramid, which are just now being discovered, just as God promised that these things would be revealed in the end-times. Those great stone monuments were store-houses of information: memories of ages past. Throughout the O.T. and other archaeological records, we see that stone monuments were very important to our ancestors, to "set fast" the memory of some important incident. It is innate to our genetic memory that our Adamic race values stone monuments so highly. Just look at our ancient Greek and our European history at the great monuments, buildings, and castles which testify that we were there.

This period of Sardis corresponds to its reciprocal moment in the cycle, the time of Abraam in Aries. Abraam was establishing a religion for God's children, setting stone altars for worship. In the age of Sardis, we can assume the devil will be establishing his own children as his power base.


3:3   remember, therefore, how you have received and did hear, and keep guard and repent. If therefore you do not watch, I will come as a thief, and by no means will you know at what hour I will come upon you.

"Remember" and "set fast."   The pyramid would be built between this age of Sardis and the end of the age of Laodicea as a storehouse of spiritual information.  The Great Pyramid at Giza should be called The Temple of Christ, for that is exactly what it is.  It might also be called the Temple of the Open Tomb!

Keep watch against what? The devil's influence, of course. Keep in mind that the devil never made anyone do anything; negative energy is just an influence. If we yield to that influence and turn away from God, the consequences we reap are a matter of justice. Such justice is God's design, and we should not be surprised at our due reward.

And here we have an end-time warning, that God will come as a "thief."  Those who rebelled against their Heaven Estate probably have the wisdom to know their future course, that the reign of Christ will come to an end, along with a cataclysmic polarity reversal of the earth's magnetic field.  But that moment is still three or four thousand years ahead for these people who have chosen the descending passage.



                                                  TO THE CHURCH AT PHILADELPHIA

                                                               Key Word:  "Ministering"


3:7 And to the messenger of the church in PHILADELPHIA, write: These things says the holy and true One, the One having the key of David, the One opening and no one shall shut, and shutting and no one opens:

3:8 I know of you and your works; behold, I have given before you a door opened, which no one can shut; because you have a little power, and did keep my word, and did not deny my name.

3:9 Behold, I give some of the synagogue of Satan, those calling themselves Jews, and they are not, but lie; behold I will make them come and they shall worship before your feet, and they shall know that I loved you.

3:10 Because you did keep the word of  my endurance, I also will keep you from the hour of trial about to come on all the inhabited earth, to try those dwelling on the earth.

3:11 I am coming quickly; hold what you have, so that no one takes your crown.

3:12 I will make him who overcomes a pillar in the temple of my God, and he will by  no means go forth any longer, and I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, of the new Jerusalem descending out of heaven from my God, and my new name.

3:13 Let him who has an ear,  hear what the Spirit says to the churches.



About 35 miles southeast of Sardis is Philadelphia, which  means brotherly love in Greek. The city was founded in 2nd C. BC. It is a prosperous agriculture region, and has always been subject to earthquakes. An earthquake destroyed the city in 17 AD. People lived in the outskirts for many years after, since the building structures were so unstable. Verse 12 would be very meaningful to these people as it promises to make the Overcomer  "a pillar in the temple..." who needs not "go forth any longer."



Residents of this city were severely tested by the edict from the emperor Domitian in 92 AD, nearly simultaneous to the writing of this revelation by John. Yet, these people are praised most highly. Jesus gives them "an open door, which no one can shut;" and they are given no criticism or warning.  

3:9  Like in so many cities, from Jerusalem to Rome, those who called themselves "Jews" made life difficult for the true Israelite Christians, the sheep who recognized and followed their Shepherd. The Edomite "Jews" had persecuted  the Israelites during the prior two centuries, taking over the Temple and the city of Jerusalem, and they were continuing to cause problems for the new Christian churches.  Rome evicted the Edomite Jews from Palestine in 70 AD, so they emigrated to many places where Christians churches were just beginning.  Such "Jews" still today exploit and rob and murder the "goyim" (Hebrew for "cattle") Christians. It is the instinct of Edom to harrass, exploit, and attempt to destroy Israel through all the evil talents of Satan, until we are finally overthrown, and destroyed. It is the battle between the two brothers, Jacob and Esau, that is the Bible story. It is the contest between the two, with one making up the body of Christ and the other the body of the devil, which the prophets spoke about.  It is the course of this contest which the book of Revelation defines. The seven churches represent the time periods of past and future, describing through symbols the struggles of good versus evil.  Both Jesus and John used the word "Jew" as a symbol for the devil's race from Cain because the word exposes them as frauds, for they have no lineage from Juda at all.



This time period begins about the time of Moses' Exodus (1486BC) from Egypt with the Israelites, where they paused to spend 40 years in the Sinai wilderness before crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land. In the wilderness, at Mount Sinai, they  became signers of a great Covenant between them and God. God outlined ten rules, which if not kept perfectly would result in a death penalty. Then they were led to their "promised land," and instructed to kill all the inhabitants who are already there, namely the Canaanites who were from the cursed race of Cain, and under the curse from Ham's incest with his mother. They crossed the Jordan, but failed to cleanse that land which they inherited, thus inheriting problems and practices of their enemy race, and they also began to despise their Theocracy, in which judges ruled them according to God's laws. The people wanted an earthly king, like their neighbors had, so God reluctantly granted them their wish after advising them that they wouldn't like it. After Saul, King David was the greatest King, a man greatly loved by  God. David's son, Solomon followed, and gave himself to unimaginable excesses in spite of his gift of great wisdom. After Solomon, the kingdom of Israel was divided into two parts, the southern two tribes of Juda and Benjamin being called the kingdom of Juda, while the northern ten tribes were called the kingdom of Israel. The list of kings which followed contained few good ones, but most of them were decadent and idolatrous and scornful of their God. Finally, about 750 BC, God divorced the northern kingdom of Israel from Himself, scattering them to Greece, Europe, and Britain where they would forget their origin and who they really awere. The southern kingdom of Juda was never divorced from God, but in 586 BC was conquered by Babylon, which ended the true ancient Hebrew people and religion in the Palestine region, forever.

After about 70 years captivity in Babylon, a mostly corrupted remnant of the kingdom of Juda returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and institute a new religion called Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism, based largely on the Chaldean Mystery Schools. They also brought with them a new mongrel language called "Hebrew," which had resulted from mixing their native Phoenician language with the Aramaic language of their Assyrian and Babylonian captors. Their new language had no alphabet or script yet, but there was some attempt to write a little of it by using the Phoenician alphabet. Scholars call that "Proto-Hebrew."  Later, during the century just prior to Christ, they created the square letter "Hebrew" alphabet known as "Herodian Script." It would be another thousand years before they presented a so-called "Hebrew" text of the Old Testament to the world as the so-called original Bible of the ancient Hebrews. The Roman Church accepted it without question, but the Eastern Orthodox half of Christianity knew better, and has never yet accepted that fraudulent text as the genuine original.

The royal tribe of Juda had already been transplanted into Britain by the prophet Jeremia about 580 BC, when he carried one of King Zedekia's daughters, Princess Tea Tephi of the Phares Juda lineage, to Ulster, northern Ireland, where she married King Eochaid who was from the Zara Juda line, thus reuniting the royal Juda line in the British Isles. Jeremia also carried the Stone of Jacob to Ulster, which he took from the Jerusalem Temple. This square piece of stone, that had served Jacob for a pillow, represented the Throne of David which God promised would never be vacant. And it never has been! The throne ("stone" — remember, we are the stone kingdom) was in northern Ireland (then called Scotia) for a few centuries, then transferred to Scotland by the same Scotia people where it stayed in Scone for many centuries. In 1296 AD it was taken by Edward I to London, to Westminster Abbey to serve as the Coronation Throne for all English Royalty to this very day.  Our Queen Elizabeth II was crowned while sitting on that Throne of David! In September of 1996, exactly 700 years after it was taken from Scotland to London, it was returned to Edinburgh, Scotland, where it is on display today. As God promised, the Throne of David would never be vacant, as his royal tribe of Juda has occupied it continuously since the time of David.  On a wall in Westminster Abbey there hangs a genealogy chart which shows the family tree of England's Queen, tracing her ancestry all the way back to King David. So, some of us know who we are, even if most of western Christendom is not willing to examine this evidence.

Meanwhile, God's pageant was being played in the Levant. Jacob/Israel's family lived four hundred years in Egypt, then in the Promised Land, then were scattered toward Europe where they would eventually be reclaimed by their true Shepherd. Israel's brother and everlasting enemy, Esau/Edom was progenitor of a mongrel race called Edomites after he married into some Cain-race neighbors, to the consternation of his parents, Isaak and Rebekka. The Edomites settled an area south of the Dead Sea, known as Edom. About 312 BC, they were evicted from Edom by the Nabateans, migrating into Judea where they settled among God's royal tribe of Judahites. By 132 BC the Edomites were causing so much trouble that the leader of Jerusalem, John Hyrcanus, forced them to convert to the Jerusalem temple religion of Talmudic Phariseeism (Judaism). In a few short years, the Edomites had taken over the Temple, the City of Jerusalem, and all Judea, with an Edomite named Herod appointed as their King.

Well, it was during this age of Philadelphia that Jesus was born, the One "having the key of David, the One opening and no one shall shut, and shutting and no one opens." With Jesus' appearance, the die was cast; the Morning Star heralded the coming of the new day, and the devil's kingdom of darkness (lie) would be flooded with light (truth).  The door to the future is "opened, which no one can shut." The members of Christ can rejoice after many centuries of persecution from their natural enemy, the race of Cain and Edom, who became called "Judeans" (Jews) because they resided in and governed the southern kingdom of Juda.  Echoes of John 8:44 are in verse 3:9 as Jesus points His finger at those Edomites who call themselves Jews, but are lying. Jesus says they are the "synagogue of Satan." He said that also in 2:9.  Sadly, the Christian Church today is deliberately blind to the nature of this contest between good and evil, and they are trying to evangelize the Edomite Jews, agreeing with the lie that the Edomites are God's chosen race of Israel! This level of deliberate blindness is difficult to comprehend! I fail to do so.

The coming "hour of trial" that Jesus points to in verse 10 is most likely the thousand year reign of terror against God's European Israelites by the Roman Catholic Church in the horrific "dark age" which it instituted.  In verse 3:12, the promise of reward to those who endure the terrible tribulation of those centuries will be rewarded with the greatest statement of reward in the Bible.



Here is the greatest church of the seven. This is the period of the Protestant Reformation. The key word of this age is "ministering." To get this in perspective, we must keep in mind that the devil is lord of this kingdom of World, and will be until defeated by Christ at the beginning of kingdom of God. So, while the Reformation was a victory, it was a small one, correcting only a few of the most egregious doctrinal errors, but it did free Israel from the murdering genocide being performed by the Roman Catholic Church.

To this time of Reformation, named "Philadelphia," Jesus gives an open door which no one will ever shut. 3:9 points the finger straight at the Jews, who claim to be descendants of Juda but are not. They are the "synagogue of Satan." Well, the tyrant church which had been persecuting the body of Christ was called "Roman Catholic," but these words of Jesus make it one with the lying Edomites who wish to destroy Jacob. Until one really understands the program of this great pageant of God, he cannot understand the events that he sees, nor tell the good guys from the bad ones. For the ignorant theologian this pageant is one long confusing play which seems to make no sense or have a purpose.  Today, we have so-called "Christian" churches attempting to evangelize the Edomites into their family. That is what John Hyrcanus did in 132 BC, and within a few short years the Edomites had taken over the temple, the city, and the regional politics, with an Edomite Herod as their King! Today, we have so-called "Christian" churches attempting to conciliate with the Roman Catholics, with some even trading pulpits. That is outrageous, sacriligeous, and will bring God's wrath upon their heads. The Bible is nothing if not one powerful lesson about keeping the Israel body of Christ pure, for we are that body of which Jesus is the Head. We shall NOT commit adultery, nor deny His name (nature)! The Philadelphians are praised in verse 8 because they did not deny Christ's name. The Reformers of this time period of Philadelphia dared to stand up for His true Name, an act which cost many of them their lives.

Read the history of these brave men, and many others, too, who died while being tortured on a wide variety of terrible devilish devices. One reads a few details of what the Roman Catholics were doing, and then one cannot sleep at night. Our nightmares do not even approach the horror or the reality of what that evil church was doing. She was getting drunk on the blood of the saints! I am utterly incapable of describing the terrors and the hell which she was practicing.  In southern France there were many communities of Albigensi (Cathars) which practiced a simple Christianity, wanting to emulate Jesus. They had turned away from the papacy to just lead simple Christian lives. Pope Innocent III declared a Crusade against them, to destroy them. When asked how to tell which ones were guilty, the Pope said, "kill them all and let God pick out His own." Tens of thousands were massacred by crusaders who were promised heavenly rewards for their work. In every city throughout Europe the priests and bishops held the ultimate political power, with the secular rulers obeying them without question. Citizens of towns and cities became accustomed to the daily slaughter of Christians being burned at the stake, garroted, guillotined, or tortured to death. It is estimated that the Roman Church killed about fifty million European white-race Christians during these centuries. Finally, the Reformation brought that killing to a halt.

3:10 "Because you did keep the word of my endurance, I will also keep you from the hour of trial about to come on all the inhabited earth, to try those dwelling on the earth." Jesus is offering WHAT to individuals who kept His word and died for it? He is offering to keep them from a coming hour of trial? after they have already died torturous deaths? Doesn't this make you scratch your head and wonder?  For one who has never had to suffer persecution in Jesus' name, one who has never been physically tortured, the unknown and unspeakable pain conjures terror in his mind. But, there is something far worse than the pain of such physical trial, and that is the trial of the soul. We have physical mechanisms which make us unconscious when pain gets too great, and then perhaps we even die. But that is a momentary anguish of limited time.  Losing one's soul is far worse, and lasts for an unlimited time! We can only speculate what Jesus meant by the "hour of trial about to come on all the inhabited earth." Perhaps he meant the terrible Roman Catholic inquisitions, or perhaps He refers to the end-time catastrophe of earthquakes and the following years of "wilderness," or perhaps He meant the industrial revolution with all the technological conveniences and luxuries and quick-cures and awesome temptations which attract ones adoration, devotion, money, and service (equates to "worship"). It is this latter worldly idolatry which offers temporal pleasure at the cost of one's soul.  If I shall pray to not be led into temptation, it will pertain to the temptation of serving mammon rather than God. Physical pain comes to an end, but the loss of one's soul is irreparable.

Now, look at verse 12! "I will make him who overcomes a pillar in the temple of my God, and he will by no means go forth any longer, and I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, of the new Jerusalem descending out of heaven from my God, and my new name."  The word, "WOW," just seems an inadequate response to that verse, doesn't it! Each of the letters to the churches mentions "overcomers,"  thereby giving a high value to the act of overcoming this World.  What does it mean to overcome this world? I think that Jesus spoke much about this subject. He said to die to this world, to not labor for food, to not worry about food, drink, shelter, or tomorrow. He said that foxes have holes and birds have nests but He has no place to lay His head, and for us to follow Him.  Do we do that?  Don't we worry about food for tomorrow, and shelter? Don't we take on the responsibility for every detail of our daily lives, thinking this is the righteous thing to do?  Yes, we do exactly that! We want nice homes for our families, nice clothes, a nice car, and a nice way of life, for that is the so-called "Christian" good life which preachers claim God wants us all to have. That is prosperity gospel!  We get educated and work hard to supply the good-life for our family, so we can look good and feel good about ourselves, rationalizing that we are presenting a good Christian example for others. But, did Jesus do that? He was a radical, an outcast from society. He didn't look good; He looked like another crazy claiming to be a messiah. He and His friends would glean a little food that harvesters had left, even on the Sabbath.  He didn't have a home, or a "place to lay my head."  And this is the guy saying "Follow me!"  Obviously, the way to overcome this world is not the way that preachers teach, is it? But, for one who does dare to be so radical, look at the verse 12 rewards!!!!!  I don't need to reiterate them,   Read them again for yourself.

That little homily on verse 12 was just a sermonette that most people can understand. There is more to this verse, much more. What does it mean to be a pillar in the temple of my God? What does it mean to go forth no longer?  Get out the sine-wave curve diagram again. As we progress toward spiritual perfection and Godliness from this moment of transition from World to Heaven, we will live through the ages of Aquarius and Capricorn and Sagittarius to reach the apex about 8100 AD. By that time we are immortal and walk with God, realizing our Oneness with Him. If we can endure for that long, and refrain from temptations to seek World satisfactions, then we shall not "go forth any longer" and we will become a pillar in the temple of God. That means we will not experience another FALL in Scorpio, doomed to another cycle of the whole  samskara pageant. We, whatever it is that we really are, we will continue with God, whatever that means.

We really don't know very much, do we? We don't know who we are as members of Christ; nor even our genetic lineage; nor what tribe of Israel we are; nor what it means to be saved, nor what heaven really is, nor what the Holy Spirit really is, nor who the Elect really are, nor the 4 Living Beings, nor the 24 Elders, etc. etc. But, what we do know is that we have the promise and the hope that God will give the Truth to whomever seeks it. The Revelation of Jesus Christ gives us more Truth than all the other scriptures together, if we are willing to hear it. Verse 13 says, "Let him who has an ear hear what the Spirit says!" If you think there is anything more important to seek than Truth, then you lose. If you don't have Truth you don't have Christ! Claiming Christ doesn't mean you suddenly have the Truth, but seeking Truth above all else will result in Oneness with Christ.



This message relates to the Great Pyramid at Giza. "The key of David" points to something Royal which cannot be opened without the proper key. It is Christ who controls the opening or closing of the Pyramid, which He called the "temple of my God" in 3:12.


3:8 There is emphasis on the opening and shutting of a door, the key to that door, and that someone is given an open door that no one else can shut. This puts us in mind of the Pyramid with its secret entrance, its immovable door blocking the ascending passage, and its sarcophagus which was found with lid removed. I believe that Christ, the anointed Head of this body of God's children, was entombed in that sarcophagus at the end of the last Laodicea period, an event which signalled the transfer of power from Christ to Satan for the coming negative half-cycle of history that began about 12,000 years ago. That sarcophagus could not hold Christ, which was modelled for us again when the stone was rolled away from Jesus' tomb near Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. Christ is the Royal King who has the key to life and death. 

The Pyramid at Giza, along with the Sphinx, are thought to have been built about 10,000 BC, on the basis of scientific dating tests. That would make its construction near the cusp between Virgo (Royal lady) and Leo (Lion), to which the Sphinx testifies.

Perhaps the construction of the Pyramid was begun during the age of Philadelphia, while the body of Christ still has "a little power" to achieve it by physical methods which we don't yet understand.


3:9 Jesus uses the term "Jews" as a symbol being falsely used by the children of Satan, descendants of Cain and of Esau. He mentions the church of Satan, indicating that there is some kind of contest here, and perhaps hinting that they could not prevent the construction of the Pyramid and were even awed by it, confirming God's love for His own children and His anointed Son.


3:10  The "hour of trial" is, of course, the coming half-cycle of negative energy, in which the devil reigns as lord of the world. It will be the Kingdom of WORLD, lasting for about 12,000 years, which begins at the end of Laodicea.


3:12   This message to Philadelphia emphasizes the Royal nature of the Temple of God. Again, here, we have the mention of  "crown." And now we have the metaphor of making the Overcomer a "pillar in the temple of my God."  Might this pillar (Gk: στLλov / stylon) be another reference to that capstone which Jesus called the "chief cornerstone," with which He identified Himself?

All these things which John sees in this revelation are symbols, and we can hardly duplicate his vision. We are left with the task of placing tiny pieces (words) of the puzzle in different arrangements, hoping to make a picture which is understandable. To interpret this dream is similar to that challenge of Joseph who explained the seven fat cows with seven gaunt cows, and the seven stalks of corn with seven empty stalks. He interpreted those "sevens" as matters of time, of years.

This reminds me of when I flew small airplanes, and passengers would ask, "how can you understand what they're saying on the radio?" I would answer, "you have to know what they are saying in order to understand them."  And so it is with interpreting this dream; until I knew the long term plan, I could not properly place the pieces of this puzzle to make sense.



                                                      TO THE CHURCH AT LAODICEA

                                                                  Key Word: "dynamis"


3:14 And to the messenger of the church in LAODICEA, write:  These things says the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the chief of God's creation:  

3:15 I know of your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I would that you were cold or hot.

3:16 So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

3:17 Because you say, "I have become rich and have no need, and know not that you are the one wretched and pitiable and poor and blind and naked,

3:18 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, in order that you may be rich, and white garments in order that you may be clothed and may not expose the shame of your nakedness, and ointment to anoint your eyes in order that you may see

3:19 As many as I love I rebuke and chasten; therefore, become hot and repent.

3:20 Behold, I stand at the  door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter to him and I will dine with him and he with me.

3:21 He who overcomes I  will give him to sit with me in my throne, as I also overcame and sat with my Father in His throne.

3:22 Let him who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches.



Laodicea is the final church of the seven, about 40 miles southeast of Philadelphia, and about 100 miles east of Ephesus. In Greek it is Laodikea; founded about 250 BC.  It was one of the richest commercial centers in Asia Minor. It suffered a devastating earthquake in 61 AD, but rebuilt without accepting aid from Rome. Laodiceans worshiped both Zeus and Apollo. Human nature is easily attracted to the gods who deliver the most good life, and it is the devil who reigns over the kingdom of world who can reward his followers with such good life.



3:14 "Amen" means "so be it!" It proclaims the end of something. Whatever the actual ailment was in Laodicea at the time of John, it was terminal.  The people were not being offered options. Yet, even though the situation was terminal, the promises are restated that for anyone who comes to Christ, he will be received. I wonder what did happen at that church back then.



3:14 "Amen", "so be it!" Here is the last time period of the devil's kingdom of World. Except for the first two centuries when Jesus' followers were true witnesses (martyrs) for Him, this entire age of Laodicea has seen a lukewarm church, claiming to be Christian, but political in character or just plain bland. The  key word to Laodicea is dynamis which means dynamic, active, expressive, powerful, energized, accomplishing. The sheep of Christ have been none of those, except for a rare few, many of whom the Roman church called "heretics" and tortured to death. Why didn't the Germanic race of northern Russia stand up against their Jewish/Stalinist murderers? Why didn't the European Christians being killed by the Roman Inquisition defend themselves?  And why doesn't the Christian Church of America, today, stand up — even to speak on Christ's behalf when our political leaders say we Christians are enemies of the government?  Why don't the Christian theologians do any more spiritual thinking, so that the Holy Spirit can advance the body members of Christ?  The only answer seems to be that they were always lukewarm and unwilling to stand for or against anything at all, even at the cost of their lives.  It's an amazing thing, this lukewarmness; even the Spirit of God cannot break through the wall of apathy.  There is no other remedy for this terminal malaise than to spit it out.  It has no value anymore.  I regret that there is not a lot more to write about the body of Christ during these lukewarm years, but there was not enough life in the body to warrant mention.  I must not neglect the few who did stand up alive and dynamic, such as the Reformers who boldly identified the Roman papacy as the anti-Christ, which it clearly is. And there were other individual martyrs who courageously expressed Christ in their lives in holy activities which cost most of them their lives. Our so-called "Christian era" has seen such a lukewarm faith that it is difficult to describe, except in contrast to those few exceptions. Here I want to mention a few of those exceptions who earned God's commendation of "well done thou good and faithful servant."


John Wycliff (1324-1384) was the "Morning Star" of the Reformation. English theologian who first translated Bible into English. After his death, the Roman Catholics excommunicated him, dug up his bones and burned them, threw his ashes in the river.

John Hus (1371-1415) Czech.: a priest who denounced priest immorality and sale of indulgences. The Pope ordered his books burned. After a lying-promise of safe-conduct he was imprisoned, condemned and burned at the stake.

William Tyndale (1485-1536): Presented the Bible in English to the English people. Burned at the stake.

Martin Luther (1483-1546) German: the Giant of the Reformation, wrote voluminously, excommunicated from the Roman Church, translated Bible into German, exposed the Papacy as the anti-Christ. Forced to hide for years. Died of natural causes February 22, 1546.

Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) Swiss. priest: said Gospel alone should be the rule for faith, not the Pope. Founded Swiss Reformed Church.  Was killed in battle fighting against the Roman Catholics

John Knox (1505-1572) Scotland: Founded Presbyterian Church. Was captured and served as a Galley Slave for 19 months. Chaplain to Edward VI. Minister of the great parish church at Edinburgh. Died at Edinburgh.

John Calvin (1509-1564)  French:  Wrote his great INSTITUTES in 1540. In later life became religious tyrant.

Gottschalk the German Monk (800-869AD): As child, inherited a fortune. Church took it, made him a monk. Later, he said one should experience God directly, without priest mediaries. Was beaten till nearly dead. Imprisoned in dungeon, died there.

Cathars (died 1208-1244): in southern France towns, emulated Jesus, held Pope to be Antichrist, lived simple ascetic lives, despised world & looked to heaven. Pope Innocent III ordered a Crusade against them, killing hundreds of thousands of them. Told crusaders to kill them all and let God pick out his own.

Europeans, up to fifty million, killed by the Roman Inquisition, torturing Christians to death with many tools, such as the Thumbscrew, Iron torture Chair of sharp nails heated from below, Shin-crushing boot clamps, the Rack or Wheel which dislocated limbs, Flaying the skin off, crushing of bones, Scourging with sticks, and burning at the stake.

Meister Eckhart (1260-1328) German Dominican Monk -Mystic. exhorted men to strip selves of self and all things. Detachment & Purity! "You are gods." The divine is revealed in daily life. Condemned by the Pope.  Died naturally.

Arnold of Brescia (d. 1155) Augustinian Abbot. Cried for clergy to renounce power & wealth.. Said Pope was a man of blood and torturer of the church, concerned only with filling his own coffers. Executed by hanging, then burned.

Thomas Muntzer (1490-1525) Said such things as "God directly relates to men. Christ came to set a fire upon earth. Don't make a paper Pope out of the Bible. Only the abandoned can truly feel God's mercy." Was stretched on wheel & hanged. He appealed from the scaffold to the princes that they "be not harsh to the poor people."

Hans Denck (1495-1527) Said: ceremonies are superficial; Imitation of Christ is what counts, Inner baptism more important than outer baptism; Love is supreme attitude for a Christian. God & man are not separate. Banished Dec. 24, 1526. Died of plague.

Michael Servetus (1511-1553) Said: "forget Christ of dogma, return to Christ of the Bible. Questioned Nicean doctrine of Trinity." Burned at stake, with green slow-burn wood & sulphur wreath on his head.

Sebastian Franck (1499-1542) Promoted governance by invisible eternal Word without outward mediators. He said, "As soon as people attempt to frame Christianity within rules and fit it into a prescribed law and order, it stops being Christianity. There is a general failure to understand that Christians are handed over to the Holy Spirit. The New Testament is not a book, doctrine, or law, but the Holy Spirit. Where God's Spirit is, there freedom must be; there Moses must keep silent, all laws withdraw, and let no one be so bold as to prescribe law, rules, order, goals, and measures to the Holy Spirit, nor attempt to reach, govern, and lead those who belong to Him." He was banished and persecuted by Protestants who had become nearly as intolerant and unmerciful as the Roman church had been, and that even while Luther was still alive!

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) Dominican monk. Threw away his images of saints. Attacked academics for making a trade of philosophy. Questioned trinity. Captured by the Inquisition, imprisoned many years. Burned at stake Feb. 17, 1600.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) He saw God's "Man" as the ideal goal. Was intensely spiritual, but rebellious against the ignorant church. An unheralded spiritual Giant, a solitaire, one without peers! The World and sectarian Christianity despised him and destroyed him.

Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957) Wrote books about the battle between flesh and spirit in man's dual nature. Sought the meaning of existence with great insight and spiritual intensity. Valued freedom above all other things. A God-driven giant. Modern Christianity despises him without understanding him.

Herman Hesse (1877-1962)  Novelist who struggled with the battle of opposing forces of light & dark, good & evil, death & regeneration. This world is a dream, a magic theater, in which we are not victims but free-will participants, responsible for our selves. Modern Christianity scorns him without even glimpsing his powerful expression of God.

While such "heretics" are not burned at the stake in modern times, an act which makes martyrs of them, apathy has proven a more effective method of silencing the their Spirits. The World need not be concerned with God's representatives because the Christian church muffles their voices while limiting Christ's sheep to trivial prattle and social gospel.

Since the genocidal pogrom against God's Spirit-filled representatives by the Church during the dark ages, the past few centuries have been that part of a subcycle which is discussed next, Laodicea within the age of Pisces.



Refer to the sine-wave diagram.  We are now about to cross the horizontal, neutral line from World to Heaven. Here is a real prophecy for our own time, indicating the end of the devil's reign, the end of  a 12,000 year period when the negative energy of Satan's wickedness ruled the earth in the kingdom of World. That kingdom comes to an end, and the kingdom of God will begin, under rulership of the devil's counterpart: Christ. If the age of Pisces is divided into seven segments, the last segment of 286 years or so is Laodicea.


3:15 As the negative half-cycle of history is completed, we approach the horizontal neutral line of the sine-wave diagram. The negative energy has weakened so there is hardly any "dynamis" at all. The magnetic field of the earth has reached near zero strength at this time, bringing us to an imminent reversal of the magnetic poles of the planet, reversing the type of energy field to an opposite kind. There will be no negotiation here, like, "unless you change, God will act."  No, it's "because of that, God will DO this!" That God would "vomit you out of my mouth" indicates God's rejection of an apathetic Christian church.


3:17 During the past three centuries, the Christian movement has been more apathetic than ever.  Each sectarian faction protects its little empire by strict control of what its preachers do and say. They are bound to a theology that was formulated during the Reformation, and any theologian who dares re-examine those beliefs will be ostracized and kicked-out if he doesn't fall back in line.  Preachers offer nothing but baby food, and many even get emotional about that, just as though they were doing something good!  The English Bible translations have been neutered to make them politically correct, and the church limits itself to social gospel rather than stirring the souls of Christian warriors. Spiritual seekers are not tolerated. Theologians see new insights through a filter of stained-glass windows from inside their dark sepulchres, admitting no Light that doesn't fit their closed-minded religion.  The church is dead, and  is therewith content; it is lukewarm.  As a result of such spiritual malaise, prosperity cults have sprung up like weeds across our nation because they offer something meaningful; wealth and abundance.  Satan has freedom to work openly because Christians fail to stand for anything meaningful.

God would rather have them thinking and discussing and searching, even if coming to wrong conclusions.  IF they are alive in such a way, then the Spirit of God can work in them, and He will protect them from serious errors.  The old adage is true, that only those who do something can do something wrong.  It  appears that most are so afraid of being wrong that they do nothing, hiding their talents under a lid, rather than participating in the dynamis of life. Remember that God didn't appreciate the person who hid the talent, and showed him no mercy at all.  And, so it will be with this church that has betrayed our God.  In order to progress to the next step in our future, going into the kingdom of God, the existing religious organizations will have to fall aside.  This generation of apathy must pass away, leaving a rebellious but living generation to cross the river into the promised land.  God will take the talent from those who buried it, and give it to those who will risk it and use it for His sake. What the apathetic church doesn't realize is that God watches over not only His children but also THEIR TALENTS, that it is okay to risk the talent because that gives the Spirit opportunity to work miraculous things.  Our most important talent is the mind, that we use it to question God, to challenge Him, to quest for His secrets, to pry at the windows and doors of His Throne, to test Him, and make our lives DYNAMICALLY a part of His life.  That is the purpose for which we exist!  Amazingly, the apathetic church of today is so lacking in faith that it won't permit any questioning of God at all, except to sit passively in pews with eyes downcast, fearful. 

In my own life, I have approached many church-going Christians, thinking, hoping, that we have something in common, that we can perhaps enjoy the spiritual quest as friends.  I have approached them with words which confirm their faith, supportive of their beliefs, and not criticizing.  No matter; they instinctively recoil from me as though I were an enemy.  They will not look, and quickly put their heads under the dark basket where they feel secure.  It may be possible for God to reach some of these apathetic ones, but it has not been possible for me.  I can only feel sorrow for them as I read the fate of such Laodiceans. 

Jesus isn't waffling or even offering conditions to this church here. He simply tells what He is about to do to them.  However, in the following verses, He does tell them what they would have to do to save themselves from the doom they've earned. But it doesn't look promising for them! 

"Gold refined by fire" is a popular analogy for the process of working out one's salvation by confronting the tribulations which Satan directs toward the truly spiritual followers of Jesus. It is a difficult refining process to search for truth, digesting,  separating, experimenting, rejecting, owning, and challenging. But, it is in this refining process that the Spirit works, and one learns to love the challenging quest. 

Even this church, which has not one single positive commendation, still gets some helpful instruction, along with the promise that the Christ is there for those who seek. 3:21 says "He who overcomes I will give him to sit with me in my throne, as I also overcame and sat with my Father in His throne." We discussed Overcoming in the church of Philadelphia. Here Christ says He was an Overcomer, and thereby gained the position at His Father's throne. Certainly, Jesus was an Overcomer regarding his crucifixion and resurrection, but it was even prior to that that He had Oneness with the Father - even from before the world began! So, it wasn't this death and resurrection He speaks about, but something long prior to it. At any rate, he indicates how the paradigm works, that we might obtain a position at His throne by the same process that gained Him a place at His Father's throne.



3:14  "Amen" means "so be it!" It proclaims the end of something. In this case it is the end of Christ's reign, the end of 12,000 years in which the positive energy of God's goodness had ruled the earth in the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of Heaven comes to an end, and the kingdom of World begins, under rulership of Christ's counterpart, the devil.

3:15  As the positive half-cycle of history is completed, we again approach the horizontal neutral line of the sine-wave diagram.  The positive energy has weakened so there is hardly any "dynamis" at all. The magnetic field of the earth reaches zero strength, at which time there is a reversal of the magnetic poles of the planet, reversing the type of energy field to an opposite kind. There is no negotiation here, like "unless you change, God will act." No, it's "because of this, God will DO that!" That God would "vomit you out of  my mouth" indicates Christ's release of the reins of rulership.  The alternating energy fields of the process  of God's Word continues, and there is no intervention to stop the process. 

3:17  The decline in spiritual life and values is a turning away from God's will in order to have Mastery of worldly material things according to ones own sensual desires. The age of purity (Virgo, the virgin) is being exchanged for the age of Leo (Lion, earth mastery). While spiritual-forces were the essential nature of the positive kingdom, it is earth-forces which become the nature of the negative (world) kingdom. Spiritual forces are described as "angels" of God; being real forces which aid the spiritual process in God's children. Earth-forces are the fallen angels, working the reverse side of spiritual forces, working to promote the lusts of sensual gratifications and the evil desire for power over others.

As the children of God turn away from their spiritual values, and develop an earthly mastery, they become drunk with their power, and filled with an insatiable craving to satisfy their lusts and their avarice. They feel rich and free from all of God's laws. They are on their way into a drugged stupor, in which they will live for the next few thousand years, until the age of Gemini, when God re-enters them. Then the Adamic race of God's children will again begin another struggle upward toward the true God.


3:18  I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may be clothed, and the shame of your nakedness not be exposed, and eyesalve to anoint your eyes so that you may see.

In the long-term process of God's expression of His Word which defines our reality, there is a purpose behind the cycling hells and heavens, and it is stated in this letter. The negative period of history, wherein God's children are oppressed and killed and robbed and exploited and tempted into wickedness and seduced by evil, is for the purpose of strengthening. It is by struggling through successive trials that God's own children learn to be Godly! We learn the consequences of being ungodly, and we serve the purpose of repeatedly influencing the world to climb the ladder toward the true God.  

3:19 This process of rebuke and chastening is discipline from a loving Father. Ours is the task of becoming righteous, so that we no longer bring bad consequences to ourselves by wicked actions. Human nature is the worldly nature which opposes our divine spiritual nature. Until we die to this world, and achieve the perfection of our God-natures, we will ever and again suffer the chastisement of more periods of hades, earned by our own actions. 

3:20 Every moment is for us a fork in the road. One path leads to Christ, the other to the devil's world. Christ offers a spiritual perfection and the ecstasy of reunion with our God. The devil offers immediate sensual gratifications, worldly wealth and pleasures, and a drugged intellectual stupor which overwhelms our minds and which promotes a lust for earthly mastery so we can satisfy our insatiable cravings for worldly pleasures.





The scene John describes in chapters 4 and 5 is different from the scene in chapter 1. Chapter 1 describes a scene which he saw on the island of Patmos when he was addressed in a loud voice like a trumpet and he turned to look (1:12).  The vision there on Patmos included the seven lampstands (the churches to whom the messages are sent), and the Son of Man (Christ, who sends) who was holding seven stars (angels of time periods) in his right hand and who had a sword coming from his mouth.  Christ introduced Himself and directed John to write down what he saw.

Now, in chapter 4, John is invited aloft for more visions, where he sees GOD'S THRONE and the One sitting on it. He sees a rainbow around the throne, along with twenty four thrones with Elders sitting on them. He sees seven lamps of fire before the throne which are the seven Spirits of God. Also there are four Living Beings, having faces of Lion, Calf, Man, and Eagle, and having six wings each. These Beings live to praise God continuously. As we will discover, we are extensions of these Beings, and our purpose is to praise and glorify God.  Our lives ARE the praise which these Beings offer, and for this glory we were designed! God's throne is the activity by which He expresses Himself through this stepdown transformer-type of process, ultimately through His children of Israel. Here is the method by which God Lives. In the end, it is the people of Israel who are God's Temple, His City, His dwelling place, His Jerusalem. God does not live in a place, but in a people. Israel is not a place, but a people. From the One Supreme Father (4:2) to the rainbow of Light (4:3) to the flashes of power (4:5) to the seven Spirits of God (4:5) to the Lamb (5:6) to the four Living Beings (4:6) to twenty-four Elders (4:4), and finally to the thousands of God's children who perform individual lives on this Earth-stage. It is within Him that we live and move and have our being. As individuals we are each a unique experience of God, and we should see ourselves that way, yielding to His will in our daily activities rather than trying to satisfy our own desires.

             In chapter 5, John sees the Sitting One holding a scroll, which none can open except the Lamb who is the Lion of Juda.  And John mentions seeing angels in great number, ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands.


Okay, there are the members of God's throne scene.  Let's keep in mind that this is the Supreme, Almighty, God of All-That-Is, the One whose Mind fashions All-That-Is.  And now we are looking at SYMBOLS of His Being.  These symbols are important beyond what men have yet discovered, for they represent the PROCESS OF CREATION. Here, we get to glimpse how our God extends Himself into the experience of this created world. 

How this Supreme Mind extends Himself into the world reveals to us how He thinks of Himself.  I suggest that Jesus provided an important clue when He referred to Himself as the Son of Man, and to God as His Father.  It must be that this Supreme Mind, the Source of All That Is, is visualizing Himself as Man with a capital "M."   Therefore, we might  visualize Jesus' Father as the ultimate, ideal, perfect Man. That is not to say that God has  a physical body or shape like the old-man sitting somewhere up in the ethers where He looks down upon His toys.  Rather, Man is the absolute perfection of all the qualities which we find in ourselves. Rather than being a physical Being,  Man is an IDEAL.  What kind of ideal?   Remember that this is all a mind-game in which God  visualizes Himself as something perfect, then expresses that image into a sort of dream, whereby His offspring represent His own Being. Thus, as He expresses Himself into this dimension of reality, Christ is His firstborn offspring.  The person of Jesus is the Head of the body of Christ; He is the vine while we Israelites are the branches. The anointed Offspring of God isn't just one person, but is the entire Family of Israelites. The body of Christ doesn't just represent the Father, and is not just a son of a father, but is an EXPRESSION of the Father Himself.  Simply, the Father thinks Himself into an existence of physical nature. The next couple chapters of this book explains how He does that.  Jesus, as Head of the body, tells us that to see Him is to see the Father!  Analagous to this would be your own dreams, where the figments that you produce are born from your mind, and are actual manifestations of your mind.  Your figments act, dynamically ACT, as extensions of your own mind.  Psychologists understand that dream-characters symbolize the dreamer.  Each figment that you dream is really an expression of your own self, having no independent existence.  You live and experience something through each figment that you imagine in your dream.  You are the father of your dream-characters. So, beside Jesus as God's anointed expression, you might also look at fellow Israelite European white race Christians as His expressions, too. Truly, we branches are not always perfect representations of Him, for we sometimes wither and some of us get pruned off and we don't always bear quality fruit. Nevertheless, we are individual experiences of our Father, in Whom we live and move and have our being.

If you've got that much clear in your mind, let's go on to the next step.  Jesus, with the entire body of

Christ, is the Son of Man, and He has a very special quality; He, the entire body, has the ability to create an extended reality for Himself.  That He is created in the image of His Father doesn't refer to appearance only, but to powers.  Theologians like to speak of this world-creation as being accomplished through Jesus as the tool or instrument.  Good, so we now have the Father manifesting as Jesus who then creates the world by the same method which created Him: by thought.

So, Jesus, the Christ, is actually the Creator of our reality.  It is a little confusing to try to think of Jesus and the Father as separate Beings, while keeping in mind that the Father is manifesting Himself into being as Jesus, and is expressing Himself (living) through Jesus. We speak of them as separate beings, but they are one, just as Jesus stated explicitly in His High Priestly Prayer of John 17. 

The throne-scene which John describes for us, as seen in his vision, is a detailed breakdown of just who and what is Jesus.  We will look at this in great detail in the following pages.  Ultimately, we will conclude that the 144,000 Elect make up the body of Christ on earth.  We are His body.  We, the children of Israel, are the anointed body (expression) through whom God lives and experiences life.  Each of His Elect is an extension of Himself, symbolizing some aspect of Himself, playing out the experience of some unique role as a child of God.  And we are created in His image, meaning that we have the POWER TO CREATE this world as we think it in our minds.  We are the BODY of Christ, and our Reality results from our own thoughts; it is whatever we BELIEVE it to be. It is within Christ that we believe; we BELIEVE in Christ.  Our creative power is very simply that whatever we, as a group, believe is what we then perceive as real.  See, it's all a mind-game!

What we will further discover is that we Elect are responsible for creating a wicked, physical, material world because we have let ourselves be deceived by our counterpart, Satan.  Since we are the ones who create the world through our act of BELIEF, Satan must deceive us in order to get us to believe the world is physical, material, and  wicked.  Since we are the living expression of innocence, like lambs, we are easily deceived, and have given Satan a world of his design.

At the final end-time, at the approaching historical moment when the devil's power is vanquished, and the Elect go on to found the kingdom of Heaven, then this physical world will be transformed into something quite different in nature. All the creatures and earth-races and physical things which we have conjured up into being as this world will be dramatically changed, perhaps many will disappear. Dark races exist because they represent the dark side of our human nature. They mirror the darkness and ignorance within our body of Christ, Israel. They serve as lessons, by which we might better understand our rebellious emotional nature, which is one of the four minds. The end-time catastrophic event is not a tragic one at all, but one which John describes in this vision as a moment when all the angels of heaven rejoice.  It is like awakening from a bad dream, awakening to truth and to a spiritual kingdom which is our real home.  Esau was promised his period of dominion, and after it ends (about 2,000AD or so), then Israel (body of Christ) will reign and will create a new kingdom.  

The listing of all men who ever got a look at God's throne is very short - only three: Ezekiel, Isaiah, and St. John. And it is only John who got an extensive look, and who shares the details in writing. John can only describe his awesome vision in symbols, leaving readers with a riddle which has been unsolvable since he wrote it down.  Now, in the end times, God is making all things known, and we are able to solve this riddle.  It is quite complex, but after the pieces of the puzzle are put into place, it doesn't seem so complex.  The clues are given and we must wonder why we didn't see it so clearly before. I think God has kept this secret hidden by blinding our eyes, and only now is letting us see Him at Work.  John is going to describe the sequential steps of creation as a process which emanates from God's Mind.

It will become clear when you understand this vision that not all men can understand it, but only the race of God's chosen children. The race from Adam, later from Jacob/Israel is the only race which possesses the gift of spiritual understanding, which is the spiritual nature or mind, another of the four minds we will be discussing below. And, we have more than just the gift of spiritual understanding; we have a powerful instinctive motivation to seek such knowledge of God. This instinct is that gift of "love of Truth" of II Thess. 2:10, which if rejected will get one a gift from God of a "powerful delusion" causing him to believe falsehood.  From the beginning, we have had a personal relationship with the God of all creation which is different from that described in any other scripture in the world. As we consider this Revelation of God, in this book which John wrote, we need to maintain a perspective of who we are, as a special people.


                                              THE NUMERAL SYMBOLS OF CREATION

Let's keep in mind that our people have a special history because of their relationship with God. Our history is rich and our people have always led the world in cultural advances. About 2,000 BC, Abraam left Chaldea with a large number of people, migrating northwestward. While Abraam went to the Palestine region, many others of his group went further northwest to settle, around the Aegean with their Phoenician language, which later evolved into the Greek language. Another couple generations would see more of Abraam's descendants migrating to the Aegean, grandchildren of Israel himself.  God was establishing His race there, which became the great Hellene culture, from which the western European culture has derived. We are the natural descendants of those Greeks, who became so great because they were gifted with a spiritual instinct of REVERENCE (fear of God) to seek the true God.  The great Greek civilization later became the basis for the Roman society which built upon that foundation of such men as Plato and Aristotle.  St. Paul went to Greece, to the city of Athens which was the center of all wisdom in the ancient world. He went there to reveal to the philosophers, men still gathering on Mars Hill to discuss the wisdoms, information which would permit them another step upward in their quest for God.  Paul's speech to them is in Acts 17, but it is a strange speech for us today; we cannot recognize what Paul is saying unless we know what to look for. But it is likely that those Greek philosophers did understand some of it, for they were accustomed to such symbolism. Let's take a moment to look more closely at these philosophers of Athens.

Many of the Greek philosophers could claim as ancestors true Israelites of the 721 BC diaspora, and even more ancient Israelites who came to the Aegean as descendants of Zara Juda (Phares' brother), whose son was Darada (or Dardanus — cf. "Dardanelles"), whose son was Erichthonius (whom Homer describes as very wealthy), whose son was Tros (after whom Troy was named), whose son was Ilos (renaming Troy to Ilium), whose son was Assarachus, whose son was Capys, whose son was Anchises, whose son was Aeneas, the subject of Vergil's THE AENEID, whose son was Brutus who settled Britain in 1103 BC, after whom Britain is named.  Many of the heroes of Homer in THE ILIAD and THE ODYSSEY were undoubtedly from the ancient line of Israelites from Zara Juda or his close relatives. Succeeding centuries would see many more Israelites migrating to the Hellenes.  A large migration went there about 721 BC when the northern tribes of Israel were purged from the Palestine area by Assyrians. It was those great Spiritual minds of God's children that made Greece the greatest culture of ancient history. And there they continued to exercise those great minds until centuries later when the Apostle, Paul, found them still gathering on Mars Hill to discuss philosophy and religion. They had erected a statue in Athens, engraved:  To The Unknown God.

While we arrogants and ignorants like to lift our noses and deride ancient Greeks as stupid idolators, the truth is that their wise men had a far better understanding of symbols and of the quest for God than we do today. They considered every aspect of their lives as pertinent to their religious beliefs. They lived a dynamic spirituality, beyond anything today's shallow Christians can imagine.  St. Paul went to speak with them. Look it up in Acts 17.  I refer you to this, not because I can explain all that Paul said, but because I see a direct relationship between Paul's speech and God's throne scene, and this information will be helpful toward understanding John's revelation.  Paul was describing to philosophers the nature of reality in symbols they might understand.  He wasn't speaking to uneducated oafs, but to fellow wise men, whom he knew to be diasporan Israelites, to whom he was sent with the Gospel message.

Before I explain Paul's speech in detail, it is necessary to understand the value of numerals, so I will explain this first. Numerals are symbols for philosophical concepts. Briefly, it goes something like this.  God is Someone who cannot be described, nor who has any finite body, being unlimited in every aspect, omni-natured, and undefinable. God cannot be quantified or named by any designator without limiting Him. God can only be imagined as the Great Void (a term used by mystics for that Being who contains All-That-Is), and is represented by the numeral ZERO because to limit him with a finite  number would be incorrect. HE may be thought of as that which existed prior to any alleged big-bang.

When this Supreme Void wishes to express Himself into some manifestation, that which emanates from Him is a Unit, a single item, ONE, which expresses God's perfection in a way that is more limited than He Himself, yet it is a complete perfect Unit. A single thing is no longer omni, or no thing.  From the nothing is born One, a Unit.  The One is His Offspring, His Son.

Thus, being an expression of something from God's Mind, we can call that first single thought a word. That One word can only exist if its nature consists of two polar energies of Positive and Negative because no thing can exist except as equal parts of two polarities.  This expression of division into more than one part is symbolized by the numeral TWO,  which makes up the very substance of the One, being expressed (manifesting) in an even more limited reality.  While Two represents two opposing energies, there is no dance or oscillating struggle between them yet because there is no such thing yet as time.

THREE represents linear-expression, which is experienced by us as relative Time. Movement, or sequence-of-events, is impossible unless one event can occur after another.  So, Time is essential to this pageant. We must keep in mind that these numerical elements are born from thought, and it is only in our minds that we perceive the passage of time, therefore, Time is relative to the perceiver. This means that Time is not an absolute, but varies according to one's perception of it.

FOUR represents Form, which  is the idea of space in which matter can appear to be physical form. Unless a person uses his spiritual mind, this appearance of physical form is the only reality he can perceive; thus being deluded into believing that Form is an absolute. This delusion attracts some people to stand in awe before the creation, and even worship it, without realizing it is nothing but a figment of the Creator's imagination. The universe of space and time are only figments of God's dream; they have no real physical reality because there is no such thing as a particle of matter. So, space can be as infinite as the mind can imagine, and can always be greater than what has been discovered so far.

FIVE represents change, which is the very SUBSTANCE of appearance.  In order for us to perceive any reality at all, we must participate in the dynamic process of change, a concept depicted in a math formula of E=Mc2.  Here, we could go on at length, for we get into the mystery of perceiver vs. perception (like chicken & egg).  Hebrews 11:1-3 states it like this: "BELIEF IS THE SUBSTANCE of things being hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  For by this the elders obtained testimony. By BELIEF we understand the ages to have been put in order by a word of God, so THE THINGS WE SEE ARE NOT MADE OUT OF THINGS WHICH APPEAR."

Jumping ahead here, we are going to arrive at the realization that we, the Elect children of God, the 144,000, actually create this dimension of reality by our thoughts, by what we BELIEVE! The substance of our reality is dynamic in nature, ever changing, and has no absolute in it; ALL is relative to the creator/perceiver.

SIX is the next step in creation, resulting in the active experience of the above elements of reality, as perceived through our senses. It is here that God's perfect children appear, just as He designed them, functioning as an expression of His own being.

"SEVEN" represents completion and perfection, and is the number which is the very theme of the book of Revelation.  In this book, we get a glimpse of God's perfect Design.







ACTS 17:23-29



REV. 2:18-25



REV. Chapters 4 & 5









(Supreme God, the Void, the All-That-Is, the clear LIGHT, the Source, from which emanates all "reality.")


17.24 "God, who made the world and all things in it . . . does not dwell in temples made by human hands"


symbolized by the perfection of God's elect, at the Apex of history, when all have reunited with God, the undifferentiated Beingness.


4:3 The "One" on the throne is described like CLEAR gem stones.









(the UNIT: the appearance of something born out of nothing, the Son of the Source, the Christ.


17:26 "out of one"


2:18 "the Son of God,"


5:6 "stood a Lamb"









(DIVISION: the separation of the Unit into parts)


17:26 "a whole ethnic group of men" (πav eθvoς)


2:20 "commit fornication"

co-habitation, coupling


4:3 "a rainbow" indicates the dividing of the Light








THREE(TIME: linear expression)


17:26 "fixing appointed times"


2:21 "I gave her time"



4:5  "7 lamps of fire" indicates expression of "Word" into time.

Lamps = Time periods









(FORM: Space)


17:26 "boundaries of their dwellings"


2:22 "into a bed"

A bed is a foundation support.


4:7 & 8 "four Living Beings" represent four natures of man, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, giving us form.









(CHANGE: the dynamic process of space-time in motion = appearance)


17:27 "feel after Him and find Him"


2:22 "into great affliction"

2:23 "kill with death"

2:23 "searching"


4:4 "twenty four elders" are the 6 wings of the 4 Living Beings, the many aspects of Man's natures, acting dynamically, resulting in appearance of the Elect.









(EXPERIENCE: the number of Perfect MAN; Offspring made up of senses)


17:28 "in Him we live and move and are . . . we are His offspring."


2:23 "according to your works."


4:9 "the Living Beings give glory." the action/ performance of the Offspring.









(PERFECTION: Completion, fulfillment, the end result, the extended family & creation)


17:29 "God's divine nature"


2:24 John commends the perfect ones.


4:11 "you created all things, and through your will they were, and were created.









Now, let's examine Paul's sermon to the Athenians on Mars Hill in Acts chapter 17:23-29.  He proceeds to outline the number sequence in symbolism, as he introduces the Athenian philosophers to God, explaining God's creation, and His purpose.  "passing along and looking at the objects of your worship I found an altar in which had been inscribed "to an unknown god.  What you therefore ignorantly worship, I announce to you.  24The God who made the world and all things in it, this one being Lord of heaven and earth, dwells not in hand-made shrines, 25nor is served by human hands. Having no need of anything, He gives to all life and breath and all things; 26and he made out of one a whole ethnic group of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, fixing appointed seasons and the boundaries of their dwelling, 27to seek God, if perchance they might feel after Him  and find, though being not far from each one  of us, 28for in him we live and move and are; as indeed some of the poets among you have said of Him; "For we are also His offspring." 29Therefore, being offspring of God, we ought not to suppose God's divine nature to be like gold or silver or stone or an engraved work of art or of man's imagining."


In Acts 17:23-25, Paul introduces the Unknown God whom no earthly words can define. This is symbolized by the number "0". Then Paul says, "He made out of one, a whole ethnic group of men."  That is a literal translation from the Greek text.  For the words "whole ethnic group"  the Greek reads: πav eθvoς (pan ethnos). "Pan" means all or whole or entire. "Ethnos" is  the root word for ethnic-group meaning tribe or race. The word here is singular, and cannot mean plural "nations," as translated in most versions. This is the word that Jesus and New Testament writers used when referring to our own ethnic group, or race from our father, Israel. Most English versions translate this Greek word as "gentiles," meaning non-Jew, the very opposite of its true meaning. Paul knows that he is  NOT referring to any but the "lost sheep of Israel," the only ones for whom Jesus came, and Paul is speaking to some of Christ's "ethnos" here in Athens, at the Aeropagus on Mars Hill.

Anyway, in this passage Paul uses the number 1("out of one") and with his reference to "ethnic group" indicates the division of the One into 2.  Paul then speaks of the time factor, number 3 with his statement, "fixing appointed seasons."  The form factor, being number 4 is addressed with his words  "the boundaries of their dwelling."  Number 5 means change from concept into an appearance of substance, and is found in his words, "that they might feel after Him and find Him, though being not far from each one of us." Number 6, which means experience of senses, (sensate, sentient, functional offspring) is included in his words, "For in Him we live and move and are, as indeed, some of the poets among you have said, 'for we are also His offspring.' Therefore, being offspring of God..."  I think the 144,000 are the offspring of the 24 elders; we are made up of those 24 characteristics which the 24 elders represent.  Six is the number of Man, for it is by this number that we come into being, perfectly, as an expression of God Himself.  Then Paul goes on in verse 29 to explain that these perfect offspring have divine natures, very unlike statues of gold or silver or stone or artistic engravings.   7 represents the extended family of offspring, meaning all of the white race, all of whom have divine natures, and all the creation which  they create through their beliefs. John, in the Gospel of  John, 3:3 refers to this ethnic family from Adam as those "born from above." These are the Spirit-Being people who make up Christ's extended body and who have divine lives which never die like flowers do. The number seven refers to the perfect completion of God's children, and of the kingdom which they create. 

The Number Symbols of Zero through Seven occur in several places, and possibly many more which I've not yet found.  Acts 17 is an instance that I found many years ago.  The number symbolism in this Throne Scene is something I just found recently, as I worked on this commentary of Revelation.  Then, on December 13, 1998, while editing this book, I discovered this model also symbolized in Rev. 2:18-25, in the message to the church at Thyatira, where the symbolism indicates the beginning of another Creation cycle.  The new cycle begins at the very Apex of the Sine Wave Curve, in the middle of the age of Thyatira. 

Regarding John 3:3, just mentioned in the paragraph before last, there is no such thing as being "born again" during this life, as some churches teach. The Greek word avωθεv (anothen) means "from above," and NEVER means "again." The word is used  three times in John chapter 3, in verses 3, 7, & 31. It always means "from above," and if translators had not deliberately mistranslated it in verse 3, the Christian movement might have been spared the mistaken notion that opportunity exists for everyone in the world to be "born again."  John is simply saying that unless one comes from God-above, he cannot return there. It is nonsense to think that those who are not born of God can suddenly choose to come from Him. The children of God are physical descendants of Christ/Adam with divine natures; the children of Satan are physical descendants of Satan/Cain; the children of earth are physical creatures of earth like any others, who live and die like flowers in the field, not living future lives. No one can change his physical genealogy by choice. 

The first seven numbers become an outline for God's creation of His perfect Design, resulting in a special race of men, through whom God lives and moves and experiences His being.

This discussion has been somewhat metaphysical, but it makes sense, and may contribute importantly to the piecing together of the great puzzle called "Revelation of St. John."  It becomes somewhat understandable that men have never solved the riddle of this book if we consider the deliberate mistranslations of a few key words that caused Christianity to be led terribly astray.

This chapter is but an introduction to the Throne Scene, and in the following chapters, we'll examine in detail the Seven Spirits of God, the Four Living Beings and the 24 Elders. I will close this chapter by mentioning again that we must keep in mind that all parts of God's Throne are symbols which represent EXERCISES OF GOD'S MIND. This world, all creatures in it, and all the universe, are nothing more than a sort of dream, whereby we are figments in His dream, and it is through us that God experiences all life.



                                                                FOUR LIVING BEINGS

The Greek words for "four Living Beings" are τέσσερα ζoα (tessera zoa).  ζoα is a nominative, plural, neuter, noun which means "living being/animal."  John was seeing a symbolic presence of living beings which appeared to have faces on four sides of the head, looking like Lion, Calf, Man, and Eagle. He is trying to describe something unlike anything earthly, beyond our imagination. We are left to deduce from other information what these life-forces represent. Each Living Being will introduce a Seal (four horsemen). We must assume that the Living Beings  have power over the horse, rider, and their functions,  for when it says, "Come," the horse comes forth. Each horse is described as the performance of a function, the first one conquering, the second causing war, the third exploiting, and the fourth to kill one fourth of the earth. Each horse is also DIRECTLY related to its corresponding Trumpet and Bowl: the first horse to the first Trumpet and first Bowl, etc. The first horse (Seal) has to do with Earth as stated in the Trumpet and Bowl. The second horse relates to Sea; the third horse to Rivers; and the fourth horse to Sun. If one accepts the premise that John is seeing symbols, then we must try to deduce what those symbols mean. In this case, the interpretation can not be based on literal or concrete facts, but must be somewhat intuitive. We put together whatever pieces of the puzzle that we can relate to each other, ponder them, and then refer to models or paradigms or other related materials which might contribute to a fuller understanding. 

In the case of these four Living Beings, we find Isaiah describing them in Isaiah 6 as Seraphs, and Ezekiel describes them as Cherubs in Ezekiel, chapters 1 & 10. The translation of Brenton from the Greek Septuagint of the relevant verses is as follows:


(Isaiah 6:1-3) "And it came to pass in the  year in which king Ozias died, that I saw the Lord sitting on a high and exalted throne, and the house was full of his glory.  2And Seraphs stood round about him: each one had six wings: and with two they covered their face, and with two they covered their feet, and with two they flew.  3And one cried to the other, and they said, 'Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory."


(Ezekiel 1:5-13) "And in the midst as it were the likeness of four Living Creatures. And this was their appearance; the likeness of a man was upon them.  6And each one had four faces, and each one had four wings.  7And their legs were straight; and their feet were winged, and there were sparks, like gleaming brass, and their wings were light (in weight).  8And the hand  of a man was under their wings on their four sides.  9And the faces of the four turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.  10And the likeness of their faces was the face of a man, and the face of lion on the right to the four; and the face of calf on the left to the four; and the face of an eagle to the four.  11And the four had their wings spread out above; each one had two joined to one another, and two covered their bodies.  12And each one went straight forward: wherever the spirit was going they went, and turned not back.  13And in the midst of the Living Creatures there was an appearance as of burning coals of fire, as an appearance of lamps turning among the living creatures; and the brightness of fire, and out of the fire came forth lightning."

Ezekiel also mentions these "Cherubs" in chapter 10:1-22, but not for the purpose of describing them in more detail.

At any rate, these symbols seem very strange to us, for how can four faces all move straight forward while still being in contact with each other?  Note in Ezekiel 1:12 that they followed the Spirit. The Throne Scene indicates there are seven Spirits of God which are probably seven aspects of God's Holy Spirit.  The four Living Beings are directed by that Holy Spirit. 

The face symbols of the four Living Beings were used as the BRIGADE  emblems for the tribes of Israel during their years in the Sinai wilderness.  Each tribe had its own symbol, but when they camped around the cloud or tabernacle, they formed a square with three tribes on each side of the camp.  Each group of three tribes had a brigade symbol, which was usually the same as that of the leading tribe of the group.  To the east were Issachar (laden-ass), Juda (Lion), and Zebulun (ship); their brigade symbol was LION.  To the south were Simeon (sword), Reuben (Man), and Gad (knight); their brigade symbol was MAN.  To the west were Manasse (olive branch/arrows), Ephraim (bull), and Benjamin (wolf); their brigade symbol was BULL.  To the north were Naphtali (hind), Dan (serpent), and Aser (goblet); their brigade symbol was the EAGLE which was a second symbol for Dan. [Note: the zodiac age of Scorpio, the Serpent, in ancient times had the symbol of Eagle because most of Scorpio's 30 degree segment of the sky was a thirteenth zodiac sign, namely "Ophiuchus," a Christ-constellation which restrains the Serpent in His grasp. (Christ plus twelve more, of which one was a devil.) At some ancient time, perhaps in the Chaldean schools, the Christ-constellation was removed and that portion assigned to the Serpent, Scorpio. We see the proper arrangement renewed with Jesus and his twelve disciples, of whom one was a devil.  There are also thirteen tribes of Israel since Joseph's portion was divided between his two sons. So, the number "thirteen" is obviously important to God's scheme. It is no wonder that during Satan's kingdom of World, that number has been claimed by him as he attempts to usurp God's position of Supreme authority.]

The tribal symbols are still used today for the people of these tribes, as they were carried to Europe on their diasporan migrations.  The Lion of Juda is an emblem for Netherlands, Britain, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, and Belgium. The Ship of Zebulun represents Holland, England, Scotland, Denmark, and Netherlands. The Sword of Simeon represents Britain Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. The Man of Reuben represents Denmark, Greece, and Iceland. The Olive Branch and Arrows of Manasse represent United States, England, Scotland, Netherlands, and Holland. The Bull of Ephraim represents the Saxons, Iceland, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden, and Britain.  The Goblet of Aser represents England and Scotland.  The Serpent of Dan represents England, Scotland, Netherlands, and Saxons; while Dan's Brigade emblem of Eagle is used by Germany and the United States.  Contrary to media reports our tribes were never really lost; the Edomite historians had deliberately turned their backs to our waving flags! 

The faces of the four Living Beings also appear in the ZODIAC  from ancient times before written records.  Of the twelve zodiac symbols, four are Fixed signs, four are Mutable, and four are Cardinal. The four Fixed signs are Leo (Lion), Taurus (Bull), Scorpio (serpent, but whose ancient emblem was Eagle), and Aquarius (Man, the Water-carrier).  It just so happens that in August, 1999, all the planets except Pluto were positioned in these four fixed signs, forming what is called a Grand Cross. That was a seriously significant event according to astrologers, and indicating a crucifixion of our planet and civilization.  Pluto (death) was not part of the configuration, being in Sagittarius at the time. And again, August 28, 2007, the planets, including Pluto, formed a Grand Cross in the fixed signs, with all planets participating as they gathered around the four Great Fixed Stars of Antares (in Scorpio), Regulus (in Leo), Aldebaran (in Taurus), and Fomalhaut (in Aquarius). This Grand Cross preceded continuing spectacular signs in the sky, with the King Planet Jupiter indicating when the Christ constellation of Ophiuchus stepped on the head of the Serpent (Gen 3:15). At the other end of the sky, Comet Holmes circled through the other Christ-constellation of Perseus, lighting up his Sword which then swung down upon the head of the Medusa (evil star Algol) on January 22, 2008. Truly, God's signs in the sky have been overwhelming this winter of 2007/08.  Luke 21:25 says, "there will be signs in the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, and upon earth distress among nations, perplexed at the roaring of the sea and waves. People will faint from fear and foreboding of the things coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken." The end of the World kingdom has arrived, and it is time to release the theme and plot of God's pageant as described by Jesus through St. John.  

For John's vision, it seems to me that the four Living Beings symbolize the four MIND-NATURES of this Reality in which we live, namely, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental.  Now, each of these four minds has six wings that are symbolized as 24 Elders. I see the six wings as MODES, by which the Beings extend their minds forth, granting 24 instincts which will make up the natures of all living creatures on Earth. Plants and lower life-forms like bacteria, and also small creatures live only by the six characteristics of the Physical mind, having no higher mind. The Emotional six-instincts make up the mind by which the higher animal creatures and dark human races (theria) function. The Mental (rational, intellectual) mind is the highest mental capability of the Cain/Edomite race and is also important for Christ's race. The six Spiritual instincts belong exclusively to God's Elect Israel, and these spiritual gifts are the powers by which the Elect create whatever they BELIEVE to be real. Cain/Edom's descendants (Jews) lack the six spiritual instincts, giving them 6 physical, 6 emotional, and 6 mental, which might solve the "666" riddle. The earth-races only have twelve instincts: six physical and six emotional. So it is that these instincts are the powers, inclinations, and capabilities which extend to us from the four Living Beings which are four Minds of God.  

Each LIVING BEING has six wings, two which cover the face, two which cover the feet, and two by which He flies. If a Living Being is a Mind, then it seems appropriate to interpret the six wings as being characteristics of that Mind, or means by which that mind is expressed. As I ponder the possible meanings, I would suggest something like this. The two face wings might represent Glory and Senses. Perhaps the two feet wings represent Love and Grace, and the two by which He flies represent Life and Belief. Those suggestions are purely speculative/suggestive, not something of my conviction.


The PHYSICAL nature is symbolized by the LION.

The physical world consists of materials such as rock and minerals and flesh and all that appears to be Matter. The physical life-nature is that function of mind which works with Matter, such as shelters; obtains food; defends physical life, and propagates.  All creatures from lowest to highest possess this kind of physical mind, and with its creative powers, provide for their physical lives.  That describes the base-physical level of reality.

For God's ideal, the six Elders (modalities) which the PHYSICAL Living Being emanates might be something like this:  FACE — Glory modality is countenance, being the  physical appearance of creatures;  Sense modality is five physical senses.  FEET —  Love modality is union which is exercised in our lives through marriage, which represents our union with Christ; Grace modality is peace;  FLYING — Life modality is survival; Belief modality is flesh, means one's physical existence. The above speculations merely suggest ideas of interpretation. I have no confidence that these are valid.


The EMOTIONAL nature is symbolized by CALF or BULL.

All races of humans, along with higher animals, have emotional natures, with attributes that function from the abdomen, such as intuition and empathy. The emotional mind is the HIGHEST mind for earth's dark skin races, for they do not have the Mental or Spiritual minds.  They make all their decisions based on gut feeling or from the heart. And for them, they are well served by this design of God. Those races are not to be despised, any more than a pet dog (man's best friend) is to be despised.  The left-wing do-gooders do a cruel disservice to the primitive races by insisting that they can compete with the white race culture because they are as good as we are.  Well, they may even be better at living by their true natures than we are at living by ours, but their genetic instinctive natures are very different from ours and their social culture is quite incompatible with ours. It is unfair to require they conform to our society, something which makes their lives unsatisfying and unhappy because they know in their own minds that they are not performing equally to us in a society alien to them. They know they are being patronized and insulted, and in their hearts they despise the liberal manipulators who put this burden on them.

The Emotional nature is the mind by which we feel consciously satisfied or disappointed or angry or frightened or sensually ecstatic. It is this mind which DESIRES something in ones imagination that is not in sight.  Such attributes as desire, fear, anger, and ecstasy serve to define one's life as he lives to serve these emotions.  The negative aspect of this mind was called "psychic" mind by the ancient Greeks, considered to be a lower mind. Psychic abilities which are practiced by some people today are merely a development of this emotional mind which is located in one's abdomen.

The primitive races of the world are limited to these first two natures, physical and emotional. Certainly, there is intelligence in this emotional mind, and the primitive races, along with some animals, can learn by rote and can mimic the activities of the higher races. Animals have instincts which operate according to their emotional needs and fears; instincts function as part of the Emotional nature.


The SPIRITUAL nature is symbolized by the MAN Living Being. The Spiritual Mind is placed prior to the Mental Mind in Revelations, and in the Zodiac, and for good reason that will be discussed later. Spiritual Mind is  the highest Mind, being that Mind through which God interfaces with His Elect offspring.

Our Spiritual mind is not understood by other races, who consider it to be folly. For each of us Elect, this mind is the connection, the relationship to our Father; for each of us it is the real Me. This Spiritual mind is the mind of God's ideal Man.  Here is the mind which says, as a member of God's body, "I must live to express His will and to glorify Him, just as my hand lives to serve my own body." One's hand doesn't act contrary to one's mind, but serves it as best it can. Thereby, the hand is then served by other systems of the body such as nerves, blood, lymph, food supply, and so on. In such a way do we members of Christ serve Him as our Head. And being joint members, we have a feeling of brotherhood and contentment in God, then extending  compassion toward all other creatures regardless of race or animal nature. We are different from other races in this way, for we are charitable and benevolent to others beyond our own family groups. This is a natural instinct that is exclusive to the Spiritual nature, and makes us truly sheep, innocent to such a degree that we are easily deceived by those predators who lead us dumbly to slaughter. It is through God's Spiritual Mind, which He breathed into the Adamic race, that He expresses Himself into this dimension of reality.

St. Paul speaks of the difference between our spiritual nature and the human natures of  other races in I Cor. 2:14-16; "The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he cannot know them because they are spiritually discerned. But while the spiritual man discerns all things, he is discerned by no one.  For who knew the mind of the Lord; who will instruct Him. But we have the mind of Christ."  Truly, we Israelites are strangers to this foreign land of World. We are not natural men but are Spirit beings, and the natural world senses that we are different from them, whereupon they fear us and hate us and wish to destroy us.


The MENTAL nature is symbolized by the EAGLE face on the Living Beings.

The Mental nature is the rational intelligent mind. Here is the ability to think new thoughts which are deduced from logical constructs. Primitive races do not possess this ability to create or invent new things which have never existed or been thought before. They can learn basic mathematics which they can use for functions they have learned, but they can't use math to create new concepts that haven't been taught to them.  This mental nature belongs to the two races of divine origins, the races of Christ and of Satan. This mental nature has been used spectacularly by Satan's race in some instances, such as Einstein, Freud, Teller, Oppenheimer, Marx, Ayn Rand, Baruch Spinoza. The Edomite Jews use their mental abilities mostly in shrewd, conniving, devious, deceitful methods in order to exploit, cheat, and victimize anyone who has contact with them. They have a diabolical talent which makes them formidable predators against any innocent victim who ever crosses their path. This kingdom of World is their domain and Satan is their father.  As a race, they do not harmonize as one body like the members of Christ's body. Rather, Satan's race is more akin to reptiles, in which individuals act simply for self-survival, eating even fellow reptiles when chance permits. They do, along with the primitive races, however, have an extreme emotional attachment to blood family members; an attachment which is not common among our race which believes in God and an afterlife. For each nature, or mental characteristic, there are two sides, negative and positive. The positive use of one's intelligent mind will result in righteous fruits. But the negative side of this mental nature knows no other values than the predatory practices which serve its own lusts. Let us always remember that Satan's children can go good, just like God's children can go bad. Those Edomites who recognize the true God and do His will are like Chaleb, Moses' spy, who with Joshua gave a good report. They will be blessed by God and will inherit a portion of the kingdom of Heaven.

For God's children, the race of Israel, the Mental mind is a little confused as it tries to function in this world where the rules of the game-of-life have been perverted. We are falsely taught that all others are equally noble and as honest as ourselves, so we thereby become vulnerable to the deceit of the exploiters.  We try to understand society,  mores, morals, and Godly behaviors, but we are drowned with a media message of mixed signals which show that negative attributes are rewarded and Godly values are punished. It is very confusing to think that we must over-ride our Godly instincts in order to live successfully. Reality becomes a kaleidoscope of perverted values, and we Perceive that wickedness brings happiness. It is in the arena of Mental Mind that the Edomite Jews work most naturally and successfully, and where God's children are most deceived into believing Satan's great lie. The way for God's children to over-ride the deception is to meditate, pray, study, and develop their Spiritual minds, as members of Christ. We should be "wise as serpents." That is an interesting quotation because "serpent" represents the negative character of the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, for which the positive sign is the Eagle which represents this very Mental nature. 

During the negative half-cycle of history (World), Satan's offspring, the Cain/Edom race (Jews) have the power to dominate the world and create a society of their design (socialism, democracy, communism, Papal rule).  The primitive races which lack creative nature can never compete in a world controlled by Cain/Edom, but merely live in animal-like primitiveness as we have seen in Africa and other primitive cultures. Unless they are given technological advancements, they cannot invent them, as their track record demonstrates. The primitive races are bystanders in the contest of Edom against Jacob, and only participate to the extent that they are used as pawns by the superior race of Jews. They will be used in any means possible to satisfy the powerful obsessive instinct of Satan's Jew-race to destroy the Sheep of Israel, the body of Christ. The slave-trade and the present day race-mixing promotion result from the compulsion of Esau to reclaim the birthright and destroy Jacob. This is Satan's ultimate and desperate effort to own the world entirely. 

When one understands that this contest between good and evil is but a play in the Mind of God, then we can begin to understand our relative values as players. It is within God's dream that these two players symbolize the great contest between good and evil.  The evil players are attempting to usurp the Dreamer and control the dream for themselves!  The Spiritual mind of God's children convinces us that this World is not something to own, which is a lesson that Jesus taught explicitly. We have an inner knowingness that we are participants in the creative dreaming, and we yield to the Spirit which guides us toward a higher life than this world. A beautiful presentation of this contest between good and evil is the Bhagavad Gita, with  Arjuna and Krishna on the plains of Kurukushetra.  

In order to play their role to the max, the Jews have brought about a wicked world of depravity and liberal values by their lies, deceit, and frauds. By controlling the media and education and much of the Christian movement, they have convinced most Christians to think that liberal values are just and rightful.  Consequently, an atheistic liberal society continues to develop.  The war of Armageddon will be God's instrument of cleansing our nation of the liberal minded people, including apostate Christians, whereupon the Christians who value God's will, will become the majority and will cause an overturning of our world, with a radical reversal of social values.  We will do this by believing in it.

This isn't new; just look back to the Israelites when about to enter Promised Land areas. Scouts went forth and returned with news about the giants they saw, and how impossible it would be to conquer the land.  But Joshua and Chaleb (the Kennizite/Edomite) returned with glowing reports of the beautiful land.  Well, God had to let the old generation, who felt so powerless, die off before giving the victory.  Why? Because the majority didn't believe in their own Godly powers! They would have carried into their Promised Land cultural values and behavior patterns and victim-ness attitudes as bad baggage which would doom the success of the new kingdom. The 40 year wilderness was a process of letting the old generation die off, so only the young and fearless would found the new civilization.  And so it will be in America.  Armageddon will end the old civilization, beginning a wilderness period in which the political, economic, and religious beliefs will be discarded. This period will eliminate those who lack the faith in Christ; then the remaining faithful ones of Israel will welcome Christ's return, and we will have our victory by BELIEVING in it. 

Until we begin that crossing of the Jordan into our future, we are not of this World ruled by Satan.  But, at the right moment, "in a twinkling of an eye," the physical nature of this world will undergo a transformation.  The electro-magnetic field will reverse polarity, and no longer will our power derive from the sun or the burning of coal or oil, or even hydro-electric dams. Electricity will not exist as it is now.  All four mind-natures will be transformed, but the physical transformation will be the most tangibly exciting.  The emotional nature will be transformed so there is no more fear and anger and hate and violence. The mental nature will be transformed, no longer attempting to achieve mastery over the world by science or physics, but will use its creative capability to understand and to build the kingdom of God in harmony with His perfect wishes.  The spiritual nature will be transformed, to become the actual conscious mind by which we live in oneness with our Father. 

Clearly, the divine Spiritual creative mind is not shared to people of earth-races, but belongs uniquely to the white race from Adam/Sem/Abraam/Israel.  It is this special mind which separates us from the dark-skin races. 

That elementary synopsis describes the four Living Beings as though each has one face.  While each one has a primary face, he also has three other faces as secondary, according to Ezekiel. So, we must consider that the Lion (physical) also has secondary qualities of Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental. This is somewhat puzzling to learn that the physical Mind also has some kind of Spiritual mind aspect as secondary when we have already learned that the Spiritual mind does not belong to any of the physical, emotional, or mental creatures. Perhaps, if they didn't have ANY spiritual cognizance at all, then no interface between Spiritual men and them would be possible.  Thus, it might be necessary for them to possess some Spiritual receptors in order to make conscious relationship possible. 

Then, we must keep in mind that each Being has six wing extensions, all of which result in 24 elders.  Next, the Elect 144,000 are the resulting extensions of the 24. So, we Spirit-Beings, God's own race, have six physical qualities, six emotional qualities, six spiritual qualities,  and six mental qualities.  

This brief introduction to God's Throne Scene is scant, and there is much more work to do by spiritual seekers.  Occultists will never see the truths which God has hidden in this Apocalypse because their motives are not pure. They are attracted to secret wisdoms of magic and of phenomena, seeking mastery of their world.  They want power!  Whereas, the lost sheep find their shepherd by yielding up all hope for earthly mastery, yielding up even their own lives, and certainly seeking no kind of command over others or over earth-forces (fallen angels).  The Elect are those who give, without reservation, all four of their Living Being (Mind) natures back to God for direction by the Holy Spirit.  Ezekiel 1:12 says "And each one went straight forward; wherever the Spirit was going they went, and turned not back."  It is our Spiritual task to offer in sacrifice all our Beings (minds) in this way, thus to reunite with our source, the Light, the Truth, from whence we came. 

All creatures have the earthly opportunity for full and satisfying lives if they live according to God's will.  Animals do that naturally, and other races can do it, too. Christian evangelists are lying when they put other races under the Old Covenant, a contract that was only between God and the House of Israel. It is a lie to tell other races that Jesus came to forgive them for breaking a contract that they never signed. Jesus said, "I came NOT except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."  ONLY Israel breached the contract; Jesus didn't need to come for any others. And it is a lie to tell other races they will live again in the kingdom of Heaven. (Might as well preach that to flowers.) Those are not white lies, for they prevent our society from being honest and from achieving happy lives for ALL creatures on earth.

In summary, John's description of God's Throne reveals how God extends Himself forth in order to experience the dynamis (dynamic process) of Life. The universe and all things are nothing more than thoughts of God, like figments in a dream, where each creature or thing symbolizes something of the dreamer. We can look into the night sky and contemplate the true greatness of the Dreamer.  In our own dreams, we feel the experiences of situations through people and relationships which we have conjured.  We conjure dream characters so we can experience life and view people as though they were separate from us.  But, the figment is NOT SEPARATE from the dreamer; the dreamer just chooses to perceive it that way for the sake of the experience. 

"Dynamis" is everything; it is the contest and the reason for the contest; it is the raison d'êtreDynamis is the ACTIVITY of God expressing Himself. He manifests Himself in Offspring (the body of Christ) in order to experience a contest between Godly and ungodly values. We, His children, act/express the dynamis of God!  We are not the Dreamer Himself, but we are His experience of Life; we figments are extensions of Him. He doesn't watch us experience life, rather the events of OUR LIVES ARE HIS EXPERIENCE. But, we are also not puppets; we have free-will, and we are influenced by Godly and ungodly forces/angels as we battle, stumble, and struggle in contest.  The power of this dynamis is God's Spirit, the Holy Spirit, which IS the real power that operates God's dream.

Ungodly temptations are not part of God's  dynamis, but are passive potentials, which we empower if we choose to believe in them. Satan's great lie is that this evil is real. If we believe that, then we empower the lie and make it real. Satan's deception gets its power from us!  The truth is that we Elect are empowered by God with Godly instincts, and as we begin to clear away the fog, learn Truth, and ignore the lie, then we will believe a kingdom of Heaven into reality. 

The anointing which we have, gives us the powers (of Holy Spirit) to create time/space reality by belief. The world of nature, creatures, and primitive races, is produced by the beliefs of the Elect, just as the Elect Body is a product by God's thought.  We exist for the purpose of perfecting our minds, and thereby our creation, if we can! As Christ, we preserve (save) Good and destroy Evil. ALL people, creatures, & things don't get saved, only those figments which are perfect.  We must march "straight forward, wherever the Spirit" leads us, "turning not back." 

That lesson of belief/faith was demonstrated for us when the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and afterward, thus empowering them to believe results into being. But, within a couple centuries after Christ, a heavy fog of Satan's influence darkened the new movement of Christianity, and we've seen little Light since.




                                                                       CHAPTER 4


Chapter Four begins the second section in the book of Revelation. John saw the vision of chapters 1 through 3 as being on the island of Patmos. Now, in chapter 4, he is called "up here" to God's Throne. The first vision described seven time periods (the churches) and their general characteristics. Now, in chapters 4 and 5 he describes God's Throne, and then the paradigms (models) of the course of historical events during the periods of time. The paradigms are patterns of events which describe the past, the present at the time of John within the age of Pisces, and also the future kingdom of God (Heaven). On the pages prior to this one, we got a brief introduction to the Throne scene, which is a symbolic depiction of the creation process. In order to understand that process, we looked at the meanings of the numbers 1 through 7, and we considered the four Living Beings which are the four Minds by which God expresses Himself into this earthly manifestation through all creatures and especially through His one white race from Adam and later from Israel. After that introduction, we now examine the text of chapters 4 and 5.


4:1  After these things I saw, and behold, a door having been opened in heaven, and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying:   "Come up here and I will show you things necessary to occur along with (μετa) these things."  Immediately I became in spirit;


John is being called "up here," and he goes on in the next verses to describe a throne scene in heaven. Prior to the next vision of Seals, Trumpets, & Bowls, John describes in chapters 4 and 5 the scene before his eyes, just as he described the scene in Chapter 1, from which followed the messages to seven churches.   John says at that time, that he "turned to see the voice," and described what he saw.  There he didn't see the Father, but just the Son. Now, he goes to the Father's throne in heaven. 

The Greek word, μετa, is often translated as "after," but its meaning is really "among, with, along with, midst of." This is an important key for interpreting the visions. If John wanted to indicate that he meant "sequence of events," then he could have used a Greek word which means "after." Since translators have never known that these visions all cover the same period of time, they assumed a chronological sequence and their assumption colored their translation. Now that the pieces of the great riddle are falling into place, we know how to correct some of the translation errors.


4:2   and behold, a throne was there (εκειτo) in heaven,  and on the throne a sitting One,

4:3  and the sitting One was like in appearance to a jasper and a sardius, and there was a rainbow round the throne like in appearance to an emerald. 

The word "heaven" is thought to be a place where God is, somewhere up in the sky, perhaps in a dimension we cannot see. Heaven is thought to be the place we go after we die. Jesus contradicted that opinion by saying, "the kingdom of heaven is within you."  Matthew often wrote "kingdom of heaven" where other Gospel writers wrote "kingdom of God." We tend to think of heaven as a place, but Jesus hints that it is a state of mind. The Greek word for "heaven" is  ouρavός (ouranos) and means "sky." It was used as a common symbol or metaphor for the place where the gods live. As a symbol, the idea of sky makes us think of someplace high up, where we cannot go with these bodies, but only after death, in spirit. The word is a symbol for something we cannot see or touch, but still a place toward which we feel a natural attraction: God's loving home.  In this commentary on Revelation, I use the word "heaven" interchangeably with "kingdom of God," meaning the future ages on this earth, where Christ will reign, and where we will achieve perfect spiritual union with God.  What John describes  in 4:2 is a scene in his vision, a scene in which all things are SYMBOLS.

To translate the word eκειτo  as "was set,"  as done in most versions gives us an image of some kind of physical thing being "set" in a place. eκειτo is the 3 person singular imperfect mid./pass. dep. indic. of κειμαι(keimai) which means "laid, outstretched, resting." To get away from the physical image a little, I  translated it as "was there."  

John never attempts to describe any form for God, or address Him, or speak any name for Him, so this ranks God at some level beyond the Son and the angels. John does suggest that God is clear like a crystal. It isn't possible for us today to determine exactly what gemstone or mineral was meant by Biblical writers, for a gem name often referred to different kinds of gems. What we can assume from terms like "jasper" and "sardius" is an image of clear crystalline beauty.


4:4  And round the throne were twenty four thrones, and on the thrones twenty four Elders sitting, having been clothed in white garments, and on their heads golden crowns.

These aren't just 24 "Elders," but they are regal authorities on thrones.  We have no definitive information on the identity of the 24 Elders.  Some guess they are patriarchs and apostles, but, I think we need be cautious about that. After all, John was himself one of the Twelve, thus he would have been looking at himself if he were an Elder! And remember, at the Transfiguration, Peter, James, and John recognized Moses and Elijah. John is not recognizing or naming any of these so we must assume the 24 Elders (presbyters) are symbols for something else, other than persons whom John might recognize,  something which he could only describe by using the word πρεσβυτέρoυς (presbyterous) generally translated as "Elder." What we know about them, besides having  thrones, is that they wear white and have crowns; they are always associated with the four Living Beings; and they worship the Lamb by falling prostrate before Him. These Beings are intelligent, regal, and under Christ. They are 24 in number, which is six times four. The four Living Beings each have six wings, so the 24 Elders are likely the extensions from the four Living Beings.  This numeric multiple of six (four times six) appears again between the Elders and the 144,000, where 24 times six-thousand equals 144,000. It looks like these beings are successive multiples. 4 Living Beings times 6 = 24 Elders times 6,000 = 144,000 Elect.

After considering the whole vision of John, with the information of Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls (which are directly related to these Beings) it seems clear to me that the 4 Living Beings are the four natures of all life on earth, being the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental. Each of these Natures has six "wings," which I believe to be the "modes" in which the Natures function. So, the 24 Elders represent 24 modalities, the natural functions which, when combined, make up a dynamic living world.  The power behind this dynamis is described in the next verse.


4:5  And out of the throne come forth lightnings and sounds and thunders; and seven lamps of fire are burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God; 

God's power must have been an awesome thing to behold for John!

The seven "lamps of fire," which are "seven spirits" are not to be confused with the "seven lampstands" of 1:12 which represent seven churches. These seven "lamps of fire" represent "the seven spirits of God." What are these spirits?  Esaias 11:2-3 (Isaiah) lists seven different spirits as Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel (Will), Strength, Knowledge, Godliness, and Fear-of God. [Note: English versions based on the Hebrew Masoretic text of 1,000 AD omit the Spirit of Godliness, listing only six. The Greek Septuagint of 285 BC lists all seven].  "Spirit of God" is God's divine spirit, commonly called the Holy Spirit, functioning as the dynamic power of God's process of expression. These seven functions are powers or energies which empower each successive step in this creation process; meaning that the four Living Beings are empowered by these seven spiritual powers of wisdom, understanding, will, strength, knowledge, Godliness, and fear-of-God. 

 For the third one on this list of seven, most translators use the word "counsel," but the Greek word is βoυλhς/boules. This word has Lexicon meanings of "purpose, design, determination, decree" and when used as a verb means "to be willing, to intend, to desire, to will."  It does not mean anything similar to "counselling." It signifies a determination to a purpose, most properly translated as "will," which makes much more sense when regarding powers by which God empowers His Elect.

 We, as His elect, are empowered by these seven perfect spiritual energies of God, so it seems pretty clear that our task is to practice these qualities perfectly in our lives.  These qualities, are, after all, our basic natures, for we actually exist as His EXPRESSION of these qualities, in a dynamic process. Any misery of our earth-lives are caused by us, individually, as we fail to express these qualities in our lives perfectly. Perhaps even the kingdom of World with its seemingly physical, material substance, results from our failure to express these qualities perfectly.  What I'm trying to describe here is something akin to looking through a pane of glass; you see no glass unless there are imperfections or dirt on the glass which seems to make the glass visible. Actually, you are still not seeing the glass, but only the imperfections.  Perhaps, after we are transformed, our beings will be more clearly spiritual and less physical.


4:6  and before the throne a glassy sea, like crystal; and in the midst of the throne and round the throne were four Living Beings full of eyes before and behind. 

A clear glassy sea surely represents pure spirituality, without the conflict and imperfections that make our world appear dark and chaotic.


4:7  And the first Living Being was like a Lion, and the second Living Being was like a Calf, and the third Living Being has the face like a Man, and the fourth Living Being like a flying Eagle.

The four Living  Beings should be linked with Esaias' Seraphim: "I saw the Lord sitting on a high and exalted throne, and the house was full of his glory.  2And Seraphs stood round about him: each one had six wings: and with two they covered face, and with two they covered feet, and with two they flew." (Esaias 6:1f; LXX) and with Ezekiel's Cherubs (Ezek. 1:5-25; 10:1-22) where he describes four creatures, each having four faces, four wings and winged feet, legs straight, and their wings were light. Their faces were Man; Lion on the right; Calf on the left; and an Eagle. Ezekiel describes these four in greater detail, which I won't quote here.


4:8 And the four Living Beings, one by one of  them, each having six wings, around and within are full of eyes; and they have not respite day and night saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God, the Almighty, the one who was, and the one who is, and the one coming. 

These four Beings are, as we will see in chapter 6, are the four essential natures of Man; physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. Each of them has six wings, for a total of 24. It is consistent with this scene to assume the 24 Elders are the expressions of these 24 wings, and that we are subsequently expressions of the 24 elders who represent 24 natures of Man.  The four Beings are expressions of the Lamb, who is an expression from God the Father.

All of these positive expressions of God, at their various levels, result finally in us, the body of Christ on earth.

Christ has a negative counterpart, Satan, whose heierarchy has been described by Madame Helene Blavatsky and by Alice Bailey as being headed by "Sanat," a variant spelling of Satan. What John is here describing is the heierarchy of the positive expression of God, of which the Elect are then manifestations, whose Godly purpose is to live to the glory of our Father. It is our Godly purpose to live our lives as songs of praise to Him who created and maintains us, to that perfect source of our substance. It is our lives which become the "Holy, Holy, Holy." The trisagion ("Holy, holy, holy") is but a symbol of the perfect lives which we are here to express. Our lives ARE the expression of that praise, to the extent that we can be perfect.

To perfect our Holy lives, we must separate out the negative world and the human nature which is so easily manipulated by the lord of the world. The book of Revelation is about this process, and the soon-to-come change of energy which will make this more possible in the kingdom of Heaven.


4:9 And whenever the Living Beings shall give glory and honor and thanks to the One sitting on the throne, the One living unto the ages of the ages,

4:10  the twenty-four Elders will fall before the One sitting on the throne, and they will worship the One living unto the ages of the ages, and will cast their crowns before the throne, saying: 

The living Beings and the Elders are not off in heaven giving this glory while we, their expressions, are living in conflict and wickedness. No, the perfect glory which John witnessed being expressed IS the work of us, the Elect. Unless we members of the body participate in the praise, the body is not praising! John was witnessing symbols of our lives as we praise and honor and glorify our Father. Our very lives are the exercises of these dynamic emanations from the Throne. It is our responsibility to live our daily lives in such manner as shall express glory and honor and thanks to our Father. I ask you to contemplate what great glory and power that experience could be if we would devote ourselves to being faithful to His will.


4:11 "Worthy art Thou, our Lord and God, to receive the glory and honor and power, because You created all things, and because of Your will they were, and were created." 

John saw the throne of God, the source of All-That-Is. God expresses His  Positive Being through Christ, who manifests Himself through four essential natures/minds (four Living Beings), which then manifest as 24 Elders, which are finally manifested in the lives of the Elect on this earth, and on the multitudes of children born to this family of Abraam that shall be as the sand of the seashore. There! That is the Creation and it is how we play roles of good Men of His image. The play in progress is simply the dance of polarities, the music of the spheres, as good energies contest with opposing evil energies. Some of us represent good, and some evil.

God expresses Negative Being through no one! Actually, the Negative is not an evil nature in itself; it is but a denial of the Positive.  Satan, the fallen angel, who promotes evil, makes use of this denial-of-good (the LIE) to tempt men away from God's Positive goodness. The devil never makes anyone do anything; he just provides the enticement  to violate God's will by offering sensual and emotional rewards.  The offering of temptations to gorge on such gratifications is the devil's work, but the blame for yielding to them belongs to him who yields. Such gratifications are addictive, and it is our obsession with them that bonds us to this earthly dimension of appearance. All that, to say that evil is not an active or dynamic power, but is a passive one which depends on us to give it our power.

This seemingly real reality is but a dream, in which we trap ourselves by believing the great LIE that it is real, and by obsessing with the gratifications available here.

God's creation is but a dream in His mind, in which we, His own figments, have sadly chosen to exercise our divine creative powers in an attempt to usurp the Dreamer. We exercise our Godly powers to create for ourselves lives that are sensually and emotionally satisfying. Buddha had it right when he attributed earthly bondage to Desires, and taught that the path to God is through the process of Detachment.

Anyway, we live and experience a reality, which is like a dream, created by God. This dream has a Positive Christ-side which is Godly, and a Negative-denial/lie side which is used by Satan to attract us away from God's will and into earthly bondage. World is the half-cycle of Negative, when Satan has the advantage. Heaven is the half-cycle of Positive, when Christ has the advantage. The oscillating dance (struggle between these two polarities) becomes the Great Play on this stage we call earth.





5:1   And I saw, on the right of the One sitting on the throne, a scroll,  written within and on the reverse side, sealed with seven seals. 

Now we get to the message being sent to the seven churches: those of Asia, and also the entire body of Christ during ages past and of the seven church-ages to come. The message is not just a letter about things past and future, but is a model of God's actual Design. It is difficult to keep this in mind, but we are looking at models, paradigms, types, cyclic patterns, micro-events and corresponding macro-events. We are looking at prophecies (symbols) which are fulfilled on many levels, in patterns. The scroll contains information pertinent to the actual seven churches of Asia Minor, as they suffered tribulation in the Roman Empire. On the next level of this model, the scroll is a prophecy that describes a 2,000 year program for the age of  Pisces, with end-time events which we are now experiencing.  And, again on another level, the scroll describes the next 12,000 years of the kingdom of Heaven. The pattern is repeated on several different levels. What's more, the patterns are playing in reflection, as Paul said, "we see through a mirror darkly." The reflection of reality is just as real, and something from which we can benefit by studying it. What is reflection? The moon reflects the light of the sun; the moon is feminine to the masculine sun; femininity is a reflection of masculinity, only appearing to be an opposite, more properly it is a complement.

Plato, in his REPUBLIC, describes a scene in which he has generations of people being born, growing up, living their total lives in a cave, chained to benches, where they live out their lives facing the back wall of the cave. On that back wall they watch shadows of people who live normal lives; shadows made visible by a fire near the cave entrance. The captives cannot see the fire, or entrance, or people because of a low wall behind their bench.  For those captives, reality consists of the shadow world which they watch on the back wall. They accept that shadow world as real.  When they are suddenly released and shown the really real, they reject it as false, for their minds cannot comprehend it, and they return to that which they know. Plato tells this story to illustrate how difficult it is for us of this world to accept spiritual truths.  We know the real, but fear and reject the unknown spiritual really real which we do not know.

Learning, and accepting, Truth eliminates conflict and brings harmony. Things are not always what they appear to be, and it is our challenge to see through the lie to find truth. This is God's orderly Design. It is the program of the great play in which we get to use our own minds and wills to perform God's expression of Himself! It is our ultimate, perfect function, to express God in Truth. We are fortunate that we have an example, our Jesus, who is Truth.


5:2  And I saw a strong angel proclaiming in a great voice: "Who is worthy to open the scroll  and to loosen its seals?"

5:3  And no one was able, in heaven nor on the earth nor underneath the earth, to open the scroll, nor to look at it. 

No one was worthy! Not the four Living Beings, nor the 24 elders. Why?   Because they, the Living Beings and Elders, are composites of ourselves;  they are the perfect essences of US. We are not perfect, but that is our fault; we certainly have the capability of becoming perfect, for we are expressions of something that is perfect. But we are yet prodigal.


5:4  And I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open the scroll nor to look at it. 

John felt a sorrow like that which Jesus felt, as He went to the cross alone, knowing that his best friends did not yet understand what He was all about. He was a doctor, come to save the body, and had to die for it in order to succeed.


5:5And one of the Elders says to me: "Weep not; the Lion did overcome, Who is of the tribe of Juda, the Root of  David, to open the scroll and its seven seals.

5:6  And I saw in the midst of the throne and of the four Living Beings and in midst of the Elders, a Lamb standing as having been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. 

Horns are kingships. Jesus is King of seven churches (ages). He sends forth seven Spirits of God (the Holy Spirit). This sending forth describes the powers by which Christ is made manifest within us, His church body. The seven Spirits of God are called "eyes" of the Lamb.  Seven Spirits are described in Esaias 11:2 as Wisdom, Understanding, Will, Might,  Knowledge, Godliness, and Fear of God. These are qualities innate/natural to the body of Christ.  In Rev. 7:12 is a list of seven which has some similarity to Isaiah's list. These are Wisdom,  Blessing, Glory, Thanks, Honor, Power, and Strength. Another list in 5:12 omits "thanks" and adds "riches." It seems this doxology might not be a "fixed" formula, but is a praise of "credits."

Satan possessed some of these same qualities prior to his rebellion, and these powers were then, and now, used negatively by his body (Cain, Esau, Jews,  et al), in imitation (reflection), perverting them in order to lie, defraud, exploit, cheat, manipulate, dominate, and destroy the body of Christ, namely, the lost sheep of Israel, us white-race Europeans. You see, it is the Holy Spirit of God which they deny.  It is this sin which makes up their instinctive nature, and it is into this that they are born.  It is not something they can  ever change. They cannot ever become children of God, or saved. They are not redeemable in the sense that they might become members of Israel's family, yet we must remember that those Cain-race individuals who honor God's will and do well WILL be blessed and will share a portion of the Heaven inheritance. That's a much better deal than to receive the terrible wrath of God of which the O.T. prophets warn so sternly and repeatedly!


5:7  And He came and has taken it out of the right hand of the One sitting on the throne. 

The Lamb can take the scroll and through His power and creative Word, announce the performance of this great play. The King of Good is taking charge; the Lamb is going to be the Lion, and will direct the play henceforth.  Jesus said, "all power is given to me on heaven and on earth." 

5:8  And when he took the scroll, the four Living Beings and the twenty-four Elders fell before the Lamb, each one having a harp and golden bowls full of incenses, which are the prayers of the saints.

5:9  And they sing a new song, saying: "Worthy art thou to receive the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain and did purchase (us) to God by your blood,  out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, 

The four Living Beings and the 24 Elders fall before the Lamb. They are more than just our representatives, they are the elements of which we are. John is witnessing the honor due to our Lord, as given by all the members of Christ's "body." The bowls of incense are symbols of our prayers.

For more than 12,000 years, Satan has been ruler over this world, and now the members of Christ are watching our Lord take over Director-ship of the program. The positive energy will  become more powerful, and the negative will diminish.

God had cleverly hidden His good children, Christ's members, all over the world, so they would not be easily found and destroyed. The Lamb, 2,000 years ago, made it possible for these special children of God to be called forth from their hiding places among all tribes and peoples of the world, unto a special service to God. The Greek in this verse 5:9 makes it clear that it is not every tribe of earth being "saved," but those members of His body who are called "out of" all the nations where they had been hidden.


5:10   and did make us to our God a kingdom and priests, and they will reign on the earth.

Most translators write "kings and priests," but the Greek word is truly "kingdom." We are a race, a church, a body, a kingdom! And as we perfect ourselves in the coming kingdom of heaven, we will function as intermediaries "priests" in order to lift the earth from its degraded state toward perfection of God's Design. It is the body of Christ who will achieve the redemption of the world, by reclaiming it from Satan's grasp and elevating it to a perfect state, as it was originally.


5:11  And I saw and heard a sound of many angels round the throne and the Living Beings and the Elders, and the number of them was myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands, 

Great rejoicing accompanies the defeat of Satan and his children, with the Coronation of our Lord as King of Heaven!

"Myriad" is a numeral, meaning "ten  thousand." Angels are forces, being instruments of God, each designed for specific purpose. Ancient mythologies of Greece and of Germany gave names to angels, acknowledging them as forces of nature. Men have always seemed to be aware of angelic forces operating in our lives. It seems there are a great many, by which God maintains and guides His  program.


5:12  saying with a great voice, "Worthy is the Lamb, having been slain, to receive the STRENGTH and  RICHES and  WISDOM  and POWER  and  HONOR  and  GLORY and  BLESSING. 

Back in 5:6 we looked at seven spirits listed in Esaias 11 as Wisdom, Understanding, Will, Might, Knowledge, Godliness, and Fear of God. Here is another list of seven items which the Lamb receives, being slightly similar, and now being received specially. I considered whether this list of seven might describe the seven Spirits around God's throne,  but these are not called "Spirits," and some of them do not seem to be powers which make our lives work, for instance: riches and honor and blessing.  No, 5:12 & 7:12 are lists of credits (rewards) given to the Lamb, not a listing of Spirits. In this list, the English words of "power" and "strength" mean the same thing. The Greek word for "strength" in this verse, is δύvαμιv (dynamin) which means "power, might, in Homer, esp. of bodily strength . . .generally strength, power, ability to do anything." (Lid. & Scott, p. 452)   The Greek word for "power" is iσχuv (ischyn) which means power not so much physical as that of kings, a might which prevails.


5:13  And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and underneath the earth and on the sea and in all things, I heard saying: "To the One sitting on the throne and to the Lamb, blessing and honor and glory and might unto the ages of the ages." 

This reminds me of Romans  8:22, "For we know that all the creation groans and travails together until now; and not only, but also ourselves, having the firstfruit of the Spirit, we ourselves groan, eagerly expecting adoption, the redemption of our body." Many times in the Bible we read statements like, "the mountains rejoice," or "the hills and valleys cry out," or "the trees sing."  From our present darkness and ignorance, we do not yet realize the fullness of God's living presence and dynamis in all His creation. After all, the lower creatures which function only by means of the physical mind (the Lion) are being empowered by the wisdom, understanding, will, power, knowledge, Godliness, and reverence of that Mind of God which is basic to ALL living creatures. So, even the humblest living simple organism lives to praise its Creator and Lord. It should humble us that the lowest forms of life live so true to their purpose, compared to us higher creatures who rebel against God and scorn our spiritual destinies. This verse tells us that every creature recognizes the true God and Lord, so we must assume that includes the children of Satan, the Jews, also. If they, in their hearts, recognize the true God, then they must be held responsible for their defiance and their hatred toward Him.

"every creature which is in heaven and on earth and underneath the earth and on the sea and in all things" praise God! It is to the perfecting of this holy condition that God's Elect are commissioned to bring this world. That all creation can praise God is the perfect state, but that does in no way imply that every creature has an immortal spirit which lives again and again in future ages.  Earth people races can be "saved" to enjoy wonderful and God-blessed lives, but they cannot be saved to live eternally.  The Potter has made different pots for different destinies. We need to be objective about these things, not emotional.

"the ages of the ages" means for countless ages. There is no Greek word meaning a timeless-eternity.  The Greek word αiώv (aion or aeon) means an epoch, an age, a definite period of time. This word is often translated as "eternity," which we mistakenly think of as timelessness, in the presence of God. When one understands the cyclic patterns of ages followed by ages, as I have diagrammed, then it becomes clear what this word really means.  Heaven is not an eternal timelessness to which we go after we die; it is the future ages into which we are born, just as we have been many times before in past history. We are continuous players in God's dream, each representing a facet of God's being as we play act after act on this great stage.


5:14  And the four Living Beings said: "Amen," and the Elders fell and worshiped.

These Living Beings are the natures of all created beings and things, organic or mineral. The four natures are Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental.  Physical means all creation which has physical appearance, flesh, rocks, trees, clouds, planets, stars, microbes, insects, etc. Emotional means all creatures which live by instincts or have desires, lusts, hungers, etc.  Mental includes the two races of humans who have rational, thinking minds.  Spiritual is a quality that belongs only to God's children, the race from Adam and from Jacob/Israel; it is this unique Mind through which God lives, interfacing with His special race of children, and by which He experiences our lives. 

All creatures worship God by being true to their design, by living to the maximum of their potential. By living so truly, we thereby glorify Him Who expresses Himself through our lives.





                                     SEVEN SEALS, TRUMPETS, AND BOWLS

                                                                     Chapters  6,  7: Seals

                                                                     Chapter  8: Trumpets

                                                                       Chapter 16: Bowls


We've been introduced to the scene around God's throne in chapter 4, with His attendant seven Spirits, four Living Beings, and 24 Elders. Chapter five introduced us to God's scroll (which is His plan of events for our world, the script for His divine pageant), to the Lamb (His Son) and millions of angels. All of these are interested in the scroll which is sealed, and which the Lamb is about to open. Chapter six begins to reveal the contents of the scroll, as seven seals are opened.

Refer to the Outline of the Book of Revelations. In order to understand the scheme of Revelation, take time to become familiar with the chart which outlines the book. In column 3 you will see the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. These horses are directly related to the four Living Beings of the previous chapters which represent Physical, Emotional, Spiritual,  and Mental natures. Notice that Trumpet 1 and Bowl 1 relate to Seal 1, all being physical Earth in nature. Column 4 announces through Trumpets the Seal influences upon the Elect; column 6 tells the Seal influences, through Bowls, upon the Cain/Edom race. Columns 5 and 7 describe the results of those influences on God's children, and upon Satan's race. God's pageant of civilization cycles is played only be these two races, from Adam and from Cain, later renewed to be from Israel and from Edom. Other races are not a concern of this book, or of Jesus, or of the Apostles, or of the entire Bible, for other races and creatures are mere props on the stage, who have no after-life. God's Play is a contest between these two races who do battle as good versus evil. Understanding this point is essential to understanding the Revelation.

The SEALS contain general information regarding the future, from the time of Jesus, until the end of the age of Pisces when Christ returns.  Although John addresses Seals first, each Seal corresponds unilaterally to one Trumpet and one Bowl.  Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls one through four, apply to the entire 2,000 years of this age of Pisces, while the fifth,  sixth and seventh describe end-time events from the Civil War, about 1860 until the end, sometime between 2007 and 2019. There will be a cataclysmic geophysical event at the very end, which accomplishes the complete transfer of power from the devil to Christ.  While these events all appear to be terrible, a proper understanding of them will show that they are designed to benefit and favor God's Elect children, and any others who confess the true God and serve Him rather than serving the Beast. The book of John's Revelation explains the program of God's divine plan. The end-time events that we will find outlined here are essential to complete the kingdom of World, so that the kingdom of God under Christ can begin.

ANGELS represent intelligent FORCES of God, acting according to the long term plan, as shown on my sine-wave diagram of long term history which has a 24,000 year cycle, half of which is negative and half positive.  While we tend to give angel-forces personalities and names, like the ancient Greeks did, it would be more enlightening if we could imagine them as peculiar forces.  We are strongly prompted to believe that God has given these forces intelligence and sentience, which might justify our desire to anthropomophize them, but if we are ever going to understand just HOW God influences this program, we might try to depersonalize them.

SEALS describe the general Spirit-influences behind the trumpet and bowl events. Seals apply to all Adam and Cain peoples. During the negative half of the historical cycle, the influence of Seals appears to be terrible, giving God's children lives of difficulty, wars, earth-devastations, diseases, sensual horrors, and blindness of mind.  We need to understand that these Seal influences are put forth from God, through Trumpets, for purposes of strengthening a special genetic strain, and culling out those who choose to be weak.  God loves those who strive to climb toward righteousness and truth, and He will not spare them the testing which strengthens them.  On the contrary, there would be no need for such trials if He didn't want His Elect to benefit from the challenges. During the negative half-cycle, these difficult energies are used by the Cain race as weapons against Israel, but in the end it will be these very influences which destroy the Cain race through the Bowls of Wrath.

TRUMPETS announce trials and tribulations for testing, strengthening, purifying some, and for culling the weak from God's Adamic race. A Trumpet has a purpose of benefitting God's children, while a Bowl punishes or destroys God's enemies.  For example, the disease of AIDS is an epidemic which makes God's children re-examine their moral values and practices, but it rarely strikes hetero-sexuals. As a Trumpet, AIDS, has a positive value. But as a Bowl, it destroys the perverted.

BOWLS OF WRATH are poured upon the ungodly, the enemies of the Lamb: the Cain/Edom/Jew race.

THE BEAST is Satan's race of Cain, mostly operating through the Edomite Jews, exploiting and attempting to destroy the children of Jacob/Israel (the white race of Europe and America) through economics, politics, wars, laws, and injustice.

THE GREAT HARLOT is the Roman Catholic Church which was greatly influenced during its founding by Jews (Edomites, not Israelites), and has operated as an instrument of the Jews to persecute the truly spiritual Christians. That church was established as a heathen and blasphemous religion from the early centuries. It prohibits people from worshiping God or Christ, but promotes the worship of a pagan-mother-goddess: Mary, and other dead people, along with veneration of countless idol gods. It sells heaven to ignorant dupes for money, and the Pope claims to be God on earth.  Many, if not a majority, of Popes have been Jewish race, and they have worked a cruel tyranny against God's children, torturing and killing millions by horrible deaths throughout the middle ages.  All the Christian Reformers denounced the Papal Office as the anti-Christ.  That church is the Harlot of Rev. 17:6, "drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus." She rides The Jewish Beast of Evil.

BABYLON is the materialistic/greed/deception/corruption/criminal society of the Jews. It is their instinctive nature to establish socialistic tyrannies which exploit God's children as their goyim (cattle), as they manipulate us through wars and taxes and despotic tyrannies.  The industrial revolution has given them the opportunity to gorge themselves with wealth, extorted from white-race inventors and producers.  It is as prodigal sheep that we Israelites hungered after and worshipfully served materialistic luxuries instead of worshiping our true God by rejecting the materialist masters.  We have gone terribly astray and when Babylon is being destroyed, our people will suffer much.

THE FOUR HORSES of the Apocalypse symbolize angelic forces which have powerful influence over us, to achieve God's designed program. During the 12,000 year negative period of history, these forces are utilized by the Cain/Edom/Jew race. This commentary is not any vendeta against Jews, and I intend to do nothing more than expose the truth about them here, just as Jesus did in the eighth chapter of John,  and as St. John does here in this Revelation. I am NOT promoting any action against them. In God's long term plan, they are given a period of DOMINION over the descendants of Jacob, and we now live in that period, which Isaac promised to Esau. We still live in the negative side of the cycle, at the end of the 12,000 year half-cycle period in which the devil is still the proper and rightful lord of the world. It is futile for Christians to think they can overthrow the devil or his race of children until the time comes for them to be vanquished, when Christ will become Lord of our world. The Edomite Jews are living properly according to their natural evil instincts. The devil rewards his own race, and Christians cannot expect to win over them, or even to understand how they think. We are blinded and kept hidden in God's quiver, being disciplined and polished and honed and sharpened until the time comes for us to win the victory over them and inherit the vineyard.

The four horses are not the devil's forces! Look who calls them forth: the four Living Beings. These four Living Beings, as we will see, are actually the four natures of  Man: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual,  and Mental. Their symbols are Lion, Calf, Man, and Eagle. They are not evil at all, but during this two thousand year age of Pisces, while we still are in the negative half-cycle, these horses (forces) are negatively effective, working for the accomplishment of God's plan. These horses, along with their trumpets and bowls, serve God by making life difficult for everyone. Whereby God's Elect are strengthened through Trumpeted trials to rise above worldliness in order to become worthy to inherit the kingdom, many of our race are culled out as they fall short of Godliness, worshiping the Beast. And the enemies of Christ suffer the Bowls of God's wrath because they are children of darkness who have worked terrible injustice against God's own.

God's children must confront the truth that the devil is also God's tool, and is used for the perfecting of the saints through temptations and trials, and for providing real consequences to our ungodly desires and behaviors. Just as flies and maggots do not live on healthy flesh, but only on that which is diseased or dead; the devil has no power over the righteous child of God, but only over those who go astray. Consider also that the con-man knows he can't scam an honest man because the mark won't be attracted to the carrot which he uses to entice someone who wants something for nothing. And so it is with the race from Cain, and from Edom; they can only cheat victims who turn toward their enticements, lusting after material goods, wanting money-credit or a good-deal, or some sensual gratification.

The Trumpets and Bowls address:  (1) Earth, (2) Sea, (3) Rivers, and (4) Sun. These four symbols correspond with the four Living Beings, who call forth the Four Horsemen. The four Living Beings, ever around God's throne, are the essential natures of our apparent existence, being the four living/dynamic essences which make up  (1) our physical minds, (2) our emotional and "desire" minds, (3) our spiritual minds,  (4) and our conscious, rational mental minds. In Rev. 4:6, 7 we see them symbolized as (1) Lion, (2) Calf, (3) Man, and (4) Eagle. In 6:1 the Lion introduces the White Horse (Earth).  In 6:3 the Calf introduces the Red Horse (Sea).  In 6:5 the Man introduces the Black Horse (Rivers). In 6:7 the Eagle introduces the Pale Horse (Sun). You will see also how God functions as Time itself, and within each cycle of Time (precession of equinoxes), each quarter cycle is inaugurated (announced/keynoted) by a fixed sign of the zodiac. The Lion is Leo; the Calf or Bull is Taurus; the Man is Aquarius; and the Eagle is Scorpio (should be Ophiuchus, but Satan's people have deleted that Christ figure from their zodiac.

Being able to identify the four natures of the four Living Beings is easier than discerning exactly how these natures function.  We can speculate about the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental natures. Then, if we look at the next extension from God which follows these four, we see 24 Elders.  Each Living Being has six wings, so these wings symbolize facets of the four natures which then manifest as 24 Elders. Our physical natures have six facets, and our spiritual natures another six, etc. This all finally results in defining who we are, and how we are emanations of God.

The 24 Elders are the next stepdown of God's expression, six from each Living Being. I have done a lot of work attempting to discern what the six wings might represent and what each of the 24 Elders represents. But, I don't feel confident that I have the correct facets, so will omit those speculations from this commentary. Perhaps future men-of-God can continue this work.


Earth (Lion) represents the physical nature/mind.  Lion is a symbol of Power and Rulership over a physical world. The Lion of the zodiac, the age of Leo, was the first period of the negative half-cycle of history. (See the Sine wave diagram). When the kingdom of God ended and Christ was entombed and the devil took over rulership, about 12,200 years ago, God's children abandoned the age of innocence (symbolized by Virgo, the virgin) for the next period, the age of Leo, which represented a hunger for mastery of a physical earth. Such mastery is the very opposite of the yielding to God which results in the spiritual kingdom of God!


Sea (Calf)  represents masses (a sea of people) who live by their emotional minds, driven by need, greed, desire, passions, and cravings. All races of people have emotional minds, but for the primitive races this is their highest mind, the one by which they live their lives. Animals, like dogs and the primates, live by emotional feelings. They feel anger, fear, excitement, passion, and so forth. The dark skinned races live by sex and violence and greed and lust for power. Only when their race has interbred with the white race or the Edomite race can they think rationally for goals that are beyond mere personal satisfaction. Through interbreeding with the divine races, they can obtain some measure of rational mind, a few are even born with hybrid qualities, but it is absolute that none except the pure Israel lineage can be born with the spiritual mind, having been "born from above."


             Rivers (Man) represents the δύvαμις/dynamis which empowers God's special race from Adam/Abraam/Isaac: our spiritual essence/mind. This mind is NOT given to any other race or creature. It is the basis of our creative power, by which we create the reality which we perceive.

This mind from Abraam was passed on through Isaac to both Jacob and Esau, but Esau interbred with Cain races and thereby forfeited it. His progeny, the Edomites, have the three minds of physical, emotional, and mental, but they are not the spiritual expression of our God.

Israel (body of Christ) creates this world by the power of belief (faith), using its spiritual mind. Edomites use their rational minds for cleverness. Many of the brilliant physicists and scientists have been Jewish, such as Einstein, Edward Teller, and Sigmund Freud. However, scientific advances are used very differently by each of these players: for example, nuclear power is used for good (electricity) by Israel and for evil (nuclear bombs) by Edom.

This entire dimension of reality is created in the minds of these who live by their spiritual instincts. This dynamic process is an expression of God, by which He (through us) exercises a contest of conflict between good  and evil. Rivers are powerful in many ways, changing landscapes, providing sustenance, cleansing water, avenues for transportation, and in general making life possible where there would otherwise be barren desert. We might consider rivers to be that which makes life and civilization possible, analogous to Israel's spiritual creative mind.


Sun (Eagle) represents the light-of-truth, wisdom, & understanding: our mental essence/mind. Eagle is a symbol of the truth; Sun=Light=Truth;  darkness=ignorance.  The moon symbolizes the reflection of Sunlight; stars are spiritual forces of great influence. In John's vision, the darkening of sun or stars symbolizes a weakening through ignorance, blinded and disadvantaged in the battle of good versus evil. Primitive races do not have this kind of intellect.  Both Adam and Cain do have it.  This mind contains the ability to think original thoughts.  Rational mind is here. God's children use this mind to make technological progress as a walk toward God.  The Cain/Edom/Jew race uses this mind invent wicked devices, to scheme, connive, cheat, exploit, and manipulate others through their diabolical talents of deceit and  fraud.  If the Jews can convince true Israelites that the tower of Babel should be built, we will help build it because we are easily convinced it is a right thing to do.  Most technological progress and medical advancement is accomplished by productive Israelites who are convinced by Jews that we should do these things. But our work is then used against us. The modern world of scientific wonders has captured our adulation and worship, as we look to science for answers rather than to God.  The Tower of Babel was destroyed for this reason, and our modern society will suffer the same fate. We have misused this blessing of intelligence and rational mind to create idols, which we have then turned to, and away from God!

If you look at the sine-wave diagram of history, you will see just following the apex of the curve is the age of Scorpio, the serpent or eagle. This is the fourth fixed sign listed in the Bible and in the Zodiac cycle of fixed signs, following Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius. It was during Scorpio that Man fell from his perfection (Adam & Eve story), when he ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, to become like God. What happened was this. First, understand that he had achieved perfect union with God. Essentially, his life was a perfect expression of God's will, and he lived it without considering alternatives. In other words, he lived completely subjectively, acting from the Spirit-driven impulses in his heart and mind. He never considered doing otherwise. He was in such perfect harmony with the Father that he didn't question anything but just performed his life as he should. He didn't question himself or his actions objectively; he lived in and through his actions, like God does. He became his living actions. He was the dynamus which acted, unquestioningly. He knew only Good! Then, when he chose to act contrary to God's instruction, he had chosen to act objectively rather than subjectively. Rather than BEING the action, he chose to DO the action. He was the doer and the act was the deed, two separate things, no longer one. His actions became his offspring, separate from himself, children, so to speak. He was suddenly creating offspring as objects separate from himself, like God created all that is, done as an objective act. Unfortunately, that kind of objectivity does not permit the oneness of spiritual union with our Father, a subjective state of being of perfection. So, by his action of rebellion, he had separated himself from his union with God and had claimed the option of doing evil as well as good. He has been a sorry mess ever since, and by suffering continuous tribulations still seeks to return to that oneness which he had abandoned. It's a long hard road, and he must deny this worldly objective reality in order to achieve it. That is the path which our Savior beckons us to follow. 

These four symbols represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac. The LION is Leo.  The CALF is Taurus.  The MAN is Aquarius. The EAGLE is the ancient sign for Scorpio.

As we attempt to interpret the meanings of the four horses of the Apocalypse, we are puzzled that such terrible forces are presented or released by our own Lamb, Jesus. Chapter five (5:13) showed us that every living creature on earth was recognizing the Lamb as Lord and waiting for the opening of the Seals of the Scroll. Christ is opening the Seals in order to reveal the plot and theme of God's divine pageant. This is like opening the Program that you are handed when you go into a Theater to watch a stage play. The first four Seals present the four horses of the Apocalypse. Seeing these great forces which represent God, our knees weaken and we are awestruck. These horses are called forth by Living Beings who represent the earth (Lion/Leo/physical mind), the sea (Calf/Taurus/emotional mind), the rivers (Man/Aquarius/spiritual mind), and the sun (Eagle/Scorpio/rational mind). We find in John's book, passages in other chapters which correspond directly with these Seals. Of the seven Trumpets, the first one regards the earth (8:7), the second one the sea (8:8), the third the rivers (8:10), and the fourth the sun (8:12). Of the seven Bowls, the first regards earth (16:2), the second the sea (16:3), the third the rivers (16:4), and the fourth the sun (16:8). Obviously, these correspondences must be meaningful to the theme of the play. Since the Trumpets and Bowls depict disasters of various types, it seems logical to assume that the influences of the horses brought those corresponding results. The Trumpets are described in chapters 8 thru 11. Then chapters 12 thru 14 seem relevant mostly to Israel. The Bowls of Wrath are described in chapters 15 thru 16. Then chapters 17 and 18 seem relevant mostly to Edom. It appears that chapters 8 thru 14 regard Israel, and chapters 15 thru 18 regard Edom. Then the remaining chapters of the book describe the end-time collapse of this world's civilization, and the subsequent kingdom of Heaven.

Since all promises for the coming kingdom of Heaven are good, then we must assume that the terrible forces of the horsemen pertain only to this kingdom of World. When I first attempted to interpret these passages, I tried to see each Seal as pertinent to that which was, which is, and which is to come. Now, I think it is more appropriate to consider the events from John's perspective around 90 AD, as prophecies regarding the age of Pisces and the event which ends this kingdom of World. Our Lord, the Lamb, opens each Seal, following which one of the four Living Beings calls forth the Horse and Rider, effectively releasing him to perform his duty. Only the Lamb is worthy to bring this about, and that probably only after His redemptive act. So, if the work of these four Horsemen began with Jesus, then their work should be completed at the end of the age of Pisces as the lord of this world is defeated and Christ begins to reign.


               SEVEN SEALS

FOR ADAM & CAIN RACES: The 4 horsemen are for the purpose of perfecting the saints, and conquering our Edomite enemy. These negative forces are influences which serve to cull the weak and strengthen a few, but will be doom for evil-doers.




FOR ISRAEL RACE: The work of the horsemen will test and strengthen those who hold fast their faith in Christ, but will cull out the weak. 




              SEVEN BOWLS

FOR CAIN/EDOM RACE: Those of Satan's race. Theirs is the mark of the beast. These plagues which destroy so totally are not for Christ's Elect.




REFER TO CHART TITLED Outline of Book of Revelations in front of book.

The four Living Beings are archetypes of four substantial natures (minds) of all God's creation. The Lamb is the Archetype composite of the four, being the primary expression of the Father. We Elect are body-members of that perfect Lamb, living a performance of praise ("Holy, Holy, Holy") in our struggle toward realization of union with our Archetype.



SEAL ONE  [Living Being: Lion  says "Come"] (Earth: the PHYSICAL nature, physical lives, survival &propagation)

6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four Living Beings saying like a sound of thunder, "Come."

6:2 (SEAL 1) And behold I saw a WHITE horse, and the rider having a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he went forth conquering, and in order that he might conquer.


8:7 (TRUMP 1) the first trumpeted, and there was hail and fire mixed in blood and it was cast to the earth; and the third part of the earth was burnt down, and the third part of the trees was burnt down, and all the green grass was burnt down.


[Chapter 15 serves as the introduction to the Bowls. The text of Chapter 15 will be found following Chapter 14]

16:1 And I heard a loud voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels: "Go and pour out the seven bowls of God's anger onto the earth.

16:2 (BOWL 1) And the first went and poured out his bowl onto the earth, and a bad and evil sore came on the men having the mark of the beast and worshiping its image.



The Lion (Physical Nature of God) calls forth this rider. During the entire age of Pisces, from the time of Christ until the end-time about 2,000 AD or so, this rider carries a bow (for killing) and he wears a crown, having some kind of kingly authority. Where, in the past 2,000 years, have we seen such a crowned authority doing killing? He will be associated with the color white, a color that portrays purity and goodness." A killer wearing white? Killers should wear black. He may be some kind of FRAUD, pretending to be good.  In hindsight, this pretty well describes the Roman Catholic Church, an idolatrous religion which worships Mary and saints, while preventing its members from worshiping Christ or God, led by a man in white with a crown who claims he stands in place of Christ, and in one ecumenical council was proclaimed to be "God on earth." It looks as though the Pope is the killer which was released by the Lamb! He, through his Pagan religion has subdued most of the western world (of God's Israel) with unimaginable cruelty and horror. During the early formative years, the Roman church development was influenced by Edomite Jews, adopting the ancient religion of Paganism, and instituting the despotic type of government that is natural to the Jews. Rome had a large population of Edomite Jews, well before the time of Christ. At the time of Jesus, there were about 50,000 Jews living in an area of Rome just across the Tiber. Those people were very active in Roman politics, and merchandising. By 70 AD, when a troublesome Edomite Jewish group was expelled by Rome from Jerusalem and Palestine, the population of Rome was already more than 50 percent NON-Roman (meaning NON-white race blond, blue-eyed, Greek race). Edomite Jews were prominent and politically favored, being very separate from that problem in Jerusalem. Edomite influence promoted the persecution of Christians by Rome during the first couple centuries. Later, as Rome fell, due to corrupt leaders and decadence (Satan's tools = Jews), southern Italy became predominantly Edomite race and the white Israelite/Greek race disappeared. We need to be aware that the Christian Church development in Rome during the centuries following the Apostles, was not done by white race Israelites, but by the curly-black-haired people of Edom, the very enemies of Christ and God's people of Israel. Those dark haired and dark complected people of Edom still today make up the people of southern Italy, where their fruits of violence, corruption, immorality, and depravity reveal them.  The Roman Catholic Church is the GREAT HARLOT of Rev. 17 which rides (is carried by) the BEAST of the evil Jewish Race.

In more recent years, the symbol of white-color also represents the United Nations, a world-government designed by Jews (similar to Papacy and Marxism) for purpose of conquering the world, to then be ruled by one Jewish council. Their horses (vehicles) are white, as they subdue nations today. Shall we not also consider the White House in Washington, which is controlled by Jewish banking and politics, to also be symbolized by this white horse as it attempts to conquer and destroy God's nation of Israel in America?


TRUMPET 1 describes by symbols the devastation caused through the centuries by the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish type of government (oligarchic socialism/communism/democracy/Marxism/materialism). A third of all true European white-race Israelites were killed, a reference to the medieval period Roman Catholic Crusades and Inquisitions which killed many millions of sincere Christ-followers, and then there was Stalin who killed another fifty million white-race (Israelite) Russians. Right now, the wealthy Jewish Bankers and Owners of Industries, and Politicians are attempting to destroy white-race America through racial inundation. They have already destroyed our traditional Christian values and culture, all while pretending from the Presidential podium to be doing good for us! Frauds wearing white while attempting to destroy Christ's sheep. That is the force which the Lamb released and which the Living Being called forth. We have suffered greatly because of it, and most true Israelites have fallen aside by yielding to worldly temptations. Many are called, but few are chosen. There have always been a few who held fast to their Lord, in spite of persecutions and deaths. These are the holy ones which John sees underneath God's altar (Rev. 6:9) who await the rest of the Elect to join them there.


BOWL 1  "men having the mark of the beast and worshiping its image"  are those of the race of Cain/Edom/Jews who make up the creature of the devil which is called "Beast." This bowl of wrath reminds us of the plagues during the medieval dark-age centuries. Today, the medical and pharmaceutical industry owned and run by Jews serves as a plague upon Israel.  But, disease plagues are even more severely affecting the Cain/Edom race (and earth-creature races) with AIDS, and other terrible diseases. The European white-race Israel is much less affected than the Beast race, contrary to the misleading propaganda on Jewish media.  They make it appear that all are equally affected, so the white race pours endless monies into research and into the Jewish pharmaceutical industry.  All of the perversions and frauds and lies which are natural to Jews will soon bring upon their heads a terrible destruction.  Many of today's plagues affect the Jews worse than any other race, especially mental and nervous disorders. AIDS is affecting an amazing  percentage of Jews because perversion is their instinctive nature, and God is not permitting them to cure this disease with their own pharmaceutical companies!

So, it appears that the first rider, on the white horse, serves two purposes of God, first to strengthen His own children of Israel while culling out the weak, and secondly, to inflict upon Christ's enemy some hellish justice which they have so deservedly earned.



SEAL TWO  [Living Being: Calf says "Come"]  (Sea: the Emotional nature/mind)


6:3 And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second Living Creature saying, "Come."

6:4 (SEAL 2) And another horse went forth, RED, and to the rider it was given to him to take peace out of the earth so that they shall slay one another.


8:8 (TRUMP 2) and a great burning fire, like a mountain, was cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea became blood,  9and the third part of the creatures having souls in the sea died, and the third part of the ships were destroyed.


16:3 (BOWL 2) and poured out his bowl onto the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man and every thing in the sea having soul of life died.









Picture these horses, not as animals, but as great forces which influence us. Since this horse is called forth by the Calf, the activity will be emotional. The color RED represents bloodshed and war, passion, anger, violence, rage, and hate. These forces are not accidental; they are promoted and prompted by this horse/force which God has unleashed upon the world for the purpose of trampling it.  The color of Communism is RED, coming from such Edomite Jews as Rothschild (red-shield), Karl Marx, and Trotsky whose real name was Bernstein. Many Jewish writers openly claim that they are the cause of all wars in recent history. A popular Jewish saying is "War is the Jews' harvest." Their goals and methods are brazenly described in their PROTOCOLS, by the Learned Elders of Zion, and in arrogant boasts of Harold Rosenthal (admin. asst. to Senator Jacob Javits, 1975), and in countless other Jewish writings. It has been generally the passionate hatred of Edom against Israel that has defined the path of our history during the age of Pisces. Truly, they have taken peace out of the earth!

The Christian Church turns its face from the historical facts in order to promote the emotional appeal of universal gospel, an evangelism doctrine which teaches that all races of the world can be Saved by Christ. Christianity has become a religion of emotions rather than a search for Truth. We have willingly permitted the Jews to subvert our Christian values and culture with their entertainment and promotion of sex, violence, and lust for luxury. They serve up an emotional appeal that entices many Christians to turn from God to serve their own passions. The passionate lie that Edomite Jews are really God's chosen Israel is a poison that has turned the whole of Christianity into a sickly church.  The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1925 admitted that Jews descend from Esau, Israel's enemy whose instinct is still to destroy the true Israelites!  However, one Jewish scholar of today, Arthur Koestler, claims they come from the Khazars who descended from Japheth, which would make the Jews non-Semitic! On an internet website of "" I recently found this statement that confirms the Jewish knowledge that they had migrated to Khazaria, eastern Russia when Edomite Jews were purged from Palestine by Rome in 70 A.D. The complete sentence reads, "The 'founder effect' refers to the chance presence of these genes among the 'founders' or ancestors who immigrated to eastern Europe at the time of the Diaspora (70 A.D.)."  It is only for the naive Christians that Jews pretend to be Israel, while privately they seek our destruction. The RED lie has so fractionalized the Christian church that even Christian groups hate each other. Until the transfer of power from Satan to Christ, the deception by Jews will continue to be very effective, and serves to defraud and blind the weak Christians who don't dare think for themselves, but content themselves with a feelgood religion. Such emotion-based Christians will be culled out because of their lack of faith in God's guidance.


TRUMPET 2 and BOWL 2.  We see contamination of the sea  (sea represents multitudes of people), spoiled to become unclean, and many creatures and ships destroyed. The mountain with burning fire (like a "star" angel/force)  represents men with violent passions, a terrible foe, namely Satan's Beast of Edomites, as Jews and as Roman Catholics.  The Trumpet scene indicates that a third of Adam's race ("creatures with souls") dies, while the Bowl scene indicates that all of the "soul of life" of the Cain/Edom/Jew race dies. While our Father has been served by such testing and purification of His children, the Edomite injustice has brought a true justice down upon themselves.



SEAL THREE  [Living Being: Man] (Rivers: the flow of Spirit power to God's ideal Man)

6:5 (SEAL 3) And I beheld a BLACK horse, and the rider having a balance in his hand. 6And I heard as a voice in midst of the four living creatures saying: 'A choenix of wheat for a denarius, and three choenixes of barley for a denarius, and don't harm the oil and the wine.


8:10 (TRUMP 3) and a great star fell from heaven, burning as a lamp, and it fell onto a third part of the rivers and onto the fountains of the waters;  11and the name of the star is called Apsinthos (Αψιvθoς). And a third part of the waters became Absinthe, and many men died from the waters because they were made bitter.


16:4 (BOWL 3)  and poured out his bowl onto the rivers and the fountains of the waters; and it became blood.  5And I heard the angel of the waters saying, "righteous art thou who is and who was, the one holy because of these things which you judge;  6because they shed the blood of saints and prophets, to them you have given this to drink, deserving are they." 7And I heard the altar saying, "Yes, O Lord God the Almighty, true and righteous are your judgments."








The balance in the hand of  this rider is an important clue to the nature of the spiritual contest between good and evil, between Jacob and Esau. The contest is kept in balance, each side alternately being dominant.  The evil race reached its greatest achievement at the very bottom of the cycle, at the time of Noe, 6,000 years ago, when God's children became so decadent and so racially mixed that only Noe "was found perfect in his race/generations." God destroyed all of Adam's descendants except for Noe and family because all the rest had become racially mixed.  That was the nearest that Satan has ever come to destroying the children of God.  Since that time, God's children have:  been established as a racial family, been given God's  promise and laws, been held captive in Egypt, been given a promised-land, had prophets and kings, been divorced from God temporarily, settled Europe, received a Savior, been nearly destroyed by Roman Catholicism, returned to God through the Reformation, been sent to a new promised-land of America, achieved a God-founded nation, and suffered 150 year enslavement under the Jews.   What has been the driving motivation of these people of God? The Spirit of God empowers them and motivates them to ever strive toward their Father, no matter how difficult the tribulations. 

Black represents darkness and evil. Here is a merchant, hawking his wares. Such business is the trademark of the Jews; one can almost hear him calling out, "I've got a good deal for you." Through their lust for money, they have trampled the world, oppressed, exploited, and dominated the race of Israel.  "A choenix of wheat for a denarius" is a small amount of wheat for a whole day's pay - mercenary price gouging!  Remember: "By their fruits you shall know them!" Yet, in the kingdom of world, when God's children are being oppressed and killed, our desire for a good deal or any little bit of mercy tempts us to yield to those wicked temptations, and thereby suffer lesson after lesson.

Edomite Jews control the banking industry for the world, acting as Central Bank for many nations, whereby they "loan" fiat money (non-existent money) to finance wars they have stimulated, and are then paid back by real earned income from worker's taxes. Estimates are that the Jewish banks now own about two-thirds of total world wealth. [Most people don't know that using a credit card creates money into being that did not exist before, creating an ASSET for the bank which it can even sell if it wishes; the bank never loaned any money at all; your credit charge created it. Right now, they need us to create at least two billion dollars into existence each day merely to pay the interest to the central bank (The Fed) in return for the privilege of creating new money. Even the Fed doesn't loan money - just the right to create new money into existence through consumer loans. So, the bankers get obscenely rich from debts which they promoted, all without loaning any money at all. They simply collect the gravy. I mention this in order to illustrate the demonic cleverness of Satan's pogrom.] The mention of oil and wine are interesting. The entire worldwide oil industry is owned and run by Jews, and so is the liquor industry. British Petroleum is the flagship of a Jewish Banking cartel in the City of London. The giant Seagrams company is owned by Edgar Bronfman, one of the most powerful men in the world, who may be one of that great Sanhedrin/Illuminati which manipulates and exploits the world from behind the scenes.


TRUMPET  3: a star is an angel, a spiritual force, and here not a good one. In this case it fuels an attraction to drugs.  The Absinthe drug is commonly called Wormwood. It was popular in Europe and America until the early twentieth century when it was outlawed. It was highly addictive, mind-altering, and mind-destroying.   Wormwood, here in this text, is a SYMBOL for drug-abuse, more prevalent than ever in these end-times. It is the Jews who promote and profit from the drug trade, just as they did with the slave trade. Because of this, the Jewish politicians will never really oppose it, except in pretense for sake of votes. Drug addiction tends to kill one's spiritual nature. "Many men died from the waters." Many children of God are lost to this evil in present day. In a very real way, the euphoric feeling attained through drugs is a substitute for the attainment of spiritual bliss one might feel during prayer, Bible study, or meditation. Perhaps drugs provide Jews with the only spiritual bliss possible for children of Satan. This plague that serves the testing and strengthening of God's children also serves to punish that race which foists it upon us.


BOWL 3: Those who are guilty of centuries of persecution of God's saints are given these rivers of drugs, "blood," as a consequence of their own wicked work. "Blood" is God's SYMBOL for that which is taboo, prohibited, unclean, undrinkable. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that Jews have a far greater  problem with mental illness and nervous disorders than other races. This kind of dysfunction makes people even more vulnerable to the temptations of drug abuse, including their own pharmaceutical poisons, even though it leads to their demise; just look at the Jews of the entertainment industry!  Those people have no genuine self-esteem; their façade is totally fraudulent, and their lives are essentially miserable. Such people derive a little satisfaction by making other people miserable too. To them, it seems only fair.  The third Living Being has a face of Man.  Perfect Man is the image in God's mind. Perverted and depraved human nature is the opposite from that, and it is this which the devil's children express in their lives. The balance scale in Rev. 6:5 represents Justice, and we see in the Bowl text another indication of God's Justice being directed to the Jews who worked wickedness against others.



SEAL FOUR  [Living Being: Eagle says "Come"]               (Sun: MIND—light/truth/life; its opposite is: darkness/ignorance/death)


6:7 And when he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living one saying: "Come."

6:8 (SEAL 4) And I saw a PALE-GREEN horse, and the rider's name was Death, and Hades followed with him, and authority was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with death and by beasts (θηρίωv -therion) of the earth.


8:12 (TRUMP 4)  and the third part of the sun was struck, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them and the third part of the day might not appear, and the night likewise.  13And I looked, and I heard one eagle flying in mid-heaven saying with a loud voice, "Woe, woe, woe to those dwelling on the earth, from the remaining sounds of the three angels about to trumpet.


16:8 (BOWL 4)  poured out his bowl onto the sun; and it was given to him to burn men with fire.  9And men were burnt with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God, the one having authority over these plagues, and they repented not to give Him glory.







Pale-green is the color of putrefaction and death. [Green is that part of the light spectrum which is not absorbed by living plants, therefore we see green as representing something alive. But, we see the color which is rejected/reflected by life.] Symbolically, death represents ignorance of truth, darkness, lack of Life. Since it was the fourth Living Being, the Eagle, who called this horse forth, and since the Eagle is the symbol of the rational/mental Mind, we should keep in mind the symbolic meaning of death, which is ignorance. Nevertheless, that symbolic meaning will make its historical appearance in physical reality (which is symbolic anyway). So, we can look at both the physical and mental in this interpretation.

There are two riders here, Death and Hades. Death is that force which brings life (Truth) to an end. Hades is generally thought to be that place where souls go after physical death. In ancient literature, it did not matter whether a person had been good or evil; all went to Hades after death. The concept of hell was unknown to ancients, only conjured-up by the medieval Roman Catholic Church as a means of extorting money from the people. Whatever Hades is, the Bible gives no explanation about it.

Note the limited authority of this force on earth, to the killing of one-fourth of the people. If we examine the history of our Israelite race during the past 2,000 years, we see a continuous genocidal pogrom by Edomite Jews attempting to destroy our race. During the early centuries after Christ, Christians were killed by swords and crucifixions. During the centuries of Crusades, untold thousands of Christian Cathars in southern France were killed by swords. During the Stalinist regime, between 1920 and 1940 many millions of Germanic race Christians of northern Russia were killed by starvation (famine) when Stalin confiscated their crops and placed guards on the food supplies, causing massive numbers of deaths. During WWII, Jewish influence prompted the blockade of food supplies into Germany, causing massive starvation of the people, including the prisoners in concentration camps. After the war, General Eisenhower turned the German citizens over to the Stalinist Jews who massacred about nine-million more Germans in cold blood. Now, in America and Europe, we are suffering an onslaught of other races flooding into our countries, enticed by Jewish industries and politicians. The dark races are often called theria in the Bible. Genesis 2:19 tells of the theria of earth being created after Adam had appeared, and before Eve. That is in the Greek Septuagint Bible of 285 BC, but the Jewish Masoretic text of 1,000 AD omits that information, consequently English Bibles don't tell the whole story, always translating theria as "beasts." "Theria of the earth" nearly always means the dark races.  Anyway, for the fulfilling of this prophecy, we might consider the many physical deaths being caused by the primitive races in our American history, from massacres of colonists by Indians or massacres by western Indians or Mexican Indians, or Civil War deaths, to the media-ignored killings of large numbers of whites across America today. We might also consider the dumbing down of American whites by the National Education Association as they attempt to bring our children down to the level of the most ignorant or retarded alien-race child in the classroom. To kill our culture and our children's minds is part of the pogrom of killing us.  

Regarding this Death rider on the pale horse, the Jewess Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder of World Future Society, of which Newt Gingrich is an active promoter, says in her book, Manual for Co-Creators of the Quantum Leap (contains some interpretation of the book of Revelation): "We are in charge of God's selection processes for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death."  Then she goes on to exempt only half the world from the victims they want to destroy.  She and the Tofflers (Alvin & Heidi Toffler: Creating a New Civilization) have defined the process (the Clinton/Gore/Gingrich agenda) by which the New World Order will cleanse the world of its evil, namely the white race from Jacob/Israel, us.  She is right to identify with the rider of this Pale Horse! From the time of Jesus' crucifixion, the Jews continue to be instruments of God, serving His ultimate purpose.  Seal 5 will help you to understand this.


TRUMPET 4 darkens a third of the sun, moon, and stars. Symbolically, the light of truth is clouded over and the ignorance of the dark-ages blankets the children of God. This blanket is real today as we see Sectarian factions clinging to pagan beliefs which radically conflict with Scripture. Mormons are anti-Christ as they delude followers into a Satanic sex-cult, using Christ's name.  Cyrus Scofield,  a profligate Clinton-type,  published some Bible notes which have led many into dark ignorance.   Of course, the Roman Catholic religion has most successfully promoted an anti-Christian cult of enforced ignorance. Billy Graham has so neutered the Gospel that there is no life left in his teachings. The sun-light of truth has truly been dimmed, God's children being left with nothing but their inner light to guide them to truth. Of course, the new contract of Hebrews 8 provides that God will give his children instincts as individuals by which they can find their way to Him, motivated to do so by homesickness.


BOWL 4 is poured onto the sun, giving it power to scorch men with fire and great heat. The light of the mind is affected, and the race of Cain/Edom feels some kind of mental burning, mental disorders, confusion and  chaos, with the  passion of anger and frustration which accompanies it. At the end of this age, the destruction of Jews by God will be most terrible as they fail to succeed by their demonically CLEVER methods which gave them such great power in the past. The interpretation of this Bowl prophecy must be influenced in light of its counterparts, Seal 4 and Trumpet 4.




Refer to the chart titled OUTLINE OF THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS.

If we consider what the Seven Seals mean for the age of Pisces, being the period from Christ until about 2,000 AD (2012?, 2019?), the first FOUR SEALS  describe forces which influence the entire age of Pisces, until the wilderness transition period commences shortly after the end event.

The FIFTH Seal, Trumpet, and Bowl describe events between ca. 1860 and 2010 or so.

The SIXTH and SEVENTH Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls represent the end time event of about 2000 AD+.




6:9 (SEAL 5) I saw underneath the altar the souls of those slain because of the word of God and because of the witness which they had. 10And they cried with a loud voice, saying: 'Until when, O master, holy and true, do you judge and avenge our blood of the ones dwelling on earth?'  11And to each one of them was given a white robe, and it was said to them that they should rest a little time, until it should be fulfilled that their fellow-slaves and their brothers be killed as they were.


9:1 (TRUMP 5) I saw a star from heaven, having fallen onto the earth, and it was given the key of the shaft of the abyss.  2and he opened the shaft of the abyss, and smoke went up out of the shaft as smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air was darkened by the smoke of the shaft. 3And out of the smoke came forth locusts to the earth, and authority was given to them, as the scorpions of the earth have authority.  4And it was said to them that they shall not harm the grass of the earth nor any greenstuff nor any tree, but only the men who have not the seal of God on their foreheads.  5And it was given to them that they should not kill them, but that they shall be tormented five months; and their torment is as the torment of a scorpion when it stings a man.  6And in those days men will seek death and by no means find it, and they will long to die but death flees from them.  7And the likenesses of the locusts was like horses prepared for war, and on their heads like crowns of gold, and their faces as faces of men,  8and they had hairs like hairs of women, and their teeth were like lions,  9and they had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was as the sound of many horse chariots running to war.  10And they have tails like scorpions and stings, and with their tails their authority is to harm men five months.  11They have over them a king, the angel of the abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek is Apollyon. 12ONE WOE is past; behold two woes come yet after these things."


16:10 (BOWL 5)  poured out his bowl onto the throne of the beast; and its kingdom became darkened, and men gnawed their tongues from the pain,  11and they blasphemed the God of heaven from their pains and from their sores.






SEAL FIVE  (years 1,860 to ca. 2,010 AD)

SEAL 5 reveals 'neath the altar the souls of God's Elect who have been slain. They cry out from there.  The Bible doesn't tell us much about where souls go after the flesh dies. There is Hades (usually translated as "hell") which is for the apostate Adamic-race Christians, and there is Paradise for God's children who lived lives devoted to Him. Perhaps this "altar" is in "Paradise,"  whatever that is. Another theory is that the Elect, who make up the body of Christ through whom God lives, live again and again, repeatedly, always on the scene. In that case, "those slain" would be living in this world right now, but under the aegis of God's protective shield, experiencing life but blocked by God, and not recognized by the world as true saints.  These who've been slain are crying out for vengeance against the enemy.  This reminds me of the Cain and Abel story, where Abel's blood cried out from the ground (Gen. 4:10) to God.  For Abel, the vengeance was that Cain was cursed, and thus it has been that Cain's race has ever been the cursed race. There is more to that story of Cain and Abel than the Hebrew Masoretic text reveals. Gen. 4:7 reads, according to the Hebrew text, in English versions, "If you do well, will you  not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door.  And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it."(NKJV)   The Jewish Masorete scholars made that verse say that Cain would rule over sin. Did they mean that the Jews would conquer sin, to live holy lives? But they are the devil's children and "sin" is their natural instinctive nature.  In a very real way it is true that Satan and his children do rule over sin; they use sin successfully to dominate and oppress the race from Adam and Seth. But, that Jewish translation (10th C. AD) of the verse differs from the Greek Septuagint of 285 BC, which says for Gen. 4:7  "Have you not sinned if you brought it rightly but did not rightly  divide it?  Be still; to you shall be his submission, and you shall rule over him." (LXX)  God is telling Cain his future here, that he will rule over Abel.  And so it has been for several thousand years that the race of Cain has ruled over the race from Adam.  Keep in mind that Adam was not Cain's father; Satan was!

Yet, Cain cannot rule forever; only until the devil is vanquished at the end of Pisces, at which time Christ begins to rule and the Adamic white-race Elect (Christ's body) will then rule the kingdom of God. The souls kept 'neath the altar know this truth, and they are impatient for the time when their innocent blood is avenged.  Abel would be one of these who still cries out for justice, along with all the martyrs over the centuries who have been killed by the Cain/Esau race. Jesus pointedly references the killing of Abel by Cain in John 8:44 when he says to the Edomite Jews, "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him." (NKJV)  God tells His impatient saints to be patient and rest because it is necessary first for their fellow Christians and relatives to be killed just as they were, then delivered to their Father as broken lambs. While these are being cared for by their Father, the fifth Trumpet and Bowl describe an attack which will cleanse the world, culling the tares from the wheat.


The first four SEALS symbolize events in the contest between Israel and Esau for the entire period of Pisces, but levels five through seven bring the kingdom of the World to a conclusion, punishing the races of Satan, and destroying them.  Rev. 9:5 introduces a program to begin somewhere about 1848-1862, then lasting for "five months" (five month = 150 days = 150 years), whereby everyone would be tormented with worldly temptations and materialist lusts and idolatry, worshiping science & earth & wealth & the humanist good-life.  This period serves as an end-time-separating of sheep from goats, so the apostate Israelites get culled out,  and the evil Edomite race gets positioned for the justice they have earned by their centuries of injustice and horror.  The temptations of this period of time, during the industrial and scientific age, have been terribly terribly disastrous for God's children.  It has been our yearning to obtain the "good life" which the modern world offers, as we ask each other, "doesn't God want us to have all the good blessings, nice homes, luxuries, and wonderfully happy lives?" All these wonderful offerings torment us insidiously, for if we yield to such temptations, then we are kneeling before the Beast, and worshiping the creation rather than the creator! We have been carried to the pinnacle and shown all the wonders of the world, with the promise that it can all be ours if we will just worship him (Satan) who provides it! Most of us have said okay to Satan's offer.  We lost our spiritual focus and became obsessed with worldly happiness, BELIEVING that this world and this earthly life is really real. Being obsessed with this, we spend our days improving our lives, making our families more secure, and obtaining more and more of the so-called blessings from the shopping malls.  Without realizing it, we spend our lives trying to make the devil's World real and permanent. Thus it is that we serve Christ's enemy, while thinking we are enjoying the blessings which God wants His children to enjoy!  The torment of this struggle between spiritual values and material values is a deep torment.  Anyone who rebels against society's humanistic goals appears to be radical and crazy.  Society, family, peers, friends, and fellow workers will ostracize any person who dares to rebel, who dares to follow Jesus who said "foxes have holes; birds have nests; I have no place to lay my head, follow Me." and who said "don't worry about tomorrow, what you shall eat or drink or wear." and who also said "don't labor for food."   For each person, it is a life-&-death struggle between following Jesus or living successfully in the devil's world. For me, personally, it has been exactly that, as I have tried many times to extricate myself from the world, while still participating in the Great Play as an experience of God.  For each person, this is an individual matter, and no one can judge another person regarding this path.  The razor's edge is a difficult place to build a home!

My wife responded to the above paragraph with the question of what a person should then do, if the good life is a lie and is wrong for us; does a person have to go to the wilderness and live primitively in a cold hostile environment?  She said, you aren't giving people any alternative.  I answered, "no, I can't."  Each person must work out his own salvation "with fear and trembling,"  for himself, and it isn't absolutely necessary to do what I have done.  But, I can't really say it isn't necessary, either, for I don't know.  Jesus said a rich man can't enter heaven, but when the disciples asked how anyone could get in, Jesus answered that "all things are possible with God."  So, it is up to each person, with guidance from His divine Spirit, to decide how much of the world he can own and still get through the "needle's eye."


TRUMPET 5 tells us of the star (angel/force) which will attack the Israelites who do NOT have God's seal, namely those who have chosen to serve the materialistic world rather than God. Trumpets  do not speak to the Cain/Edom/Jew race, for those people are addressed by the Bowls. This punishment is for Israelites who choose to serve the Beast. An abyss is a cavernous empty chasm.  It represents an absence of God's Spirit, a negation of God's will, a counterpart of clear-as-glass-pure-spirituality. The abyss is the passive negative, from which comes smoke that darkens the sun. Darkening the sun means that it causes ignorance which blinds God's children to the truth. This is God's Trumpet, and this is done in order to serve God's program. Locusts symbolize all the tantalizing wonders that can be produced from the earth's natural resources, being mined and smelted or refined. From the smokestacks of the smelters, factories, and refineries we have marvelous products which entice men to devote their lives to obtaining as much as possible. We find shop windows irresistible and our cravings are insatiable. Instead of looking to God for happiness, we look to modern manufactories, to science, to pharmaceuticals, and to other pernicious vanities. Notice that the locusts cannot attack God's pure children, but only His children who are not devoted to God in their minds. A good analogy is that a con-artist know that he can't cheat a truly honest man.   These locusts represent demonic forces, which attack/influence from all directions, causing spiritual confusion and chaos, for a period of five months (150 years). This period began in 1848 perhaps, the year of the Jewish (Marx) Manifesto which set forth their agenda; it was a year of more significant historical events and revolutions than any before or since. Or this period began with the inception of the War Against the South, about 1860. The demonic forces, operating through the Jews, have brought us nearly continuous wars since that time, along with plagues, modern medicines, and a world of modern devices which attract our worship.  Some of the locust-attacks on our traditional Christian culture are the depraved Jewish entertainment industry, the immoral education program, anti-God institutions, value-scorning TV sitcoms,  shopping malls with material delights, the miscegenation agenda; ACLU, NEA, et al,  along with the Federal Reserve System, Washington Politics, Democracy/Socialism, Wall Street, Income Taxation, United Nations, military-industrial complex, pharmaceutical drugs, and countless magic-bullets for all problems. The materialist proferrings of today are no different than the old-west medicine men and snake-oil salesmen who promised happiness in return for money which represents your labor and service for which you have devoted your self and your time and your attention.   There are many who have succumbed to these enticements and pressures that draw one's attention away from God. The "likeness" of the locusts, described in verses 7 - 10 hints at the machines of the industrial revolution and of modern war machines. This scene must have been especially fearsome for John to view! 9:6 says "in those days men will seek death and by no means find it, and they will long to die but death flees from them."  Today, we see this fulfilled across our land as the natural death process is denied to people, by the Jewish Medical and Legal industries, until one's insurance runs out.  Abaddon leads his forces against all, forcing each individual to decide where he will stand, with or separate from God. Since the banquet door is not yet closed to the race of God's Elect, we may hope that the devil's work might cause some of our brethren to turn toward God, and to prepare their lamps with oil. The king of the demonic forces is Abaddon, who is Satan.  He has led the development of the wicked world of materialism and earth-worship described in the sentences above. The final quest, for climbers in the Masonic Order, for the true name of God, ends at the highest level with the discovery that his name is Abaddon. The dark occultists, like Satanists and witches, confess him as their lord. Those who make the Satanic salute, like members of the Bush family, the Clintons, Pat Robertson, Anton Levy, Kenneth Copeland, Tom Ridge, et al, know whom they serve, and they know that they are warriors against the Christ family. Abaddon is helping to separate the sheep from the goats by forcing our people to stand separate from the modern World or else be culled from God's family.


BOWL 5 has the angel pouring his bowl (force/influence) onto the throne of the Beast. The Beast is the devil's kingdom of World, operated by his own children, the Jews and all the race of Cain. It is the kingdom of the Beast that here becomes darkened. This bowl of wrath must affect the financial matters of the Jews, considering their extreme suffering from it. The demise of Wall Street could hurt them, but it would take a worldwide economic collapse to affect the real power-brokers at the highest levels and at the level of Jewish International Banks in the City of London. They forget that their own lord, the devil, is first of all a tool of our God, performing the negative function, just as Christ performs the positive. Note that in spite of their professed atheism and anti-Christian values,  they do know who the true God really is for, "they blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds."  Jews actually lack the ability to repent.  You will never hear one say he is sorry, unless it is fraudulent or is part of his act. President Clinton could never express genuine remorse because that would negate his entire life of wickedness and lies; a sociopath (very common among Jews) cannot feel remorse for any act against others, for it is not possible! We must learn to remember that these are Satan's children and their instincts are demonic in nature. President Bush just cannot possibly restrain a little grin when he describes horrors which have befallen our military men or other victims in the U.S. As Commander in Chief, he is offering human sacrifices to his lord, Abaddon.

These descriptions of John are all symbolic, and we must try to see the vision through John's eyes, and from his cultural perspective, remembering that he was seeing symbols. He is describing extreme distress here, as the Jews "gnawed their tongues from the pain, and they blasphemed the God of heaven from their pains and from their sores."  As the end of Satan's rule approaches, his race of Cain/Edom/Jews feels emotionally more desperate; they attack Israel (white European race) with unleashed madness. They suffer from pains they don't understand; their mental and physical ailments increase dramatically.



SEAL SIX  (years at the END, perhaps about 2,010 AD)

6:12 (SEAL 6) and a great earth-quake occurred, and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became as blood,  13and the stars of heaven fell to the earth as a fig-tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind,  14and the sky departed as a scroll being rolled up, and all mountains and islands were moved out of their places.  15And the kings of the earth and the great men and the chief captains and the rich men and the strong men and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains,  16and they say to the mountains and to the rocks, ''Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb,  17because the great day of wrath has come of them, and who can stand?


9:13 (TRUMP 6) I heard one voice from the four horns of the golden altar before God,  14saying to the sixth angel, having the trumpet: 'Loose the four angels bound at the great river Euphrates,  15and the four angels were loosed, having been prepared for the hour and the day and month and year, in order that they should kill the third part of men.  16And the number of the soldiers of the cavalry was two myriads of myriads; I heard the number of them.  17And I saw the horses in the vision and the ones sitting on them, having breastplates fire colored and dusky red and sulphurous and the heads of the horses were like heads of lions, and out of their mouths proceeds fire and smoke and sulphur.  18From the three plagues these killed the third part of men, by the fire and the smoke and the sulphur proceeding from their mouths.  19For the authority of the horses is in their mouth and in their tails, for their tails are like serpents, having heads, and with them they do harm.  20and the rest of men, who weren't killed by these plagues, repented not of  the works of their hands, so as not to worship demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood, which neither can see nor hear nor walk,  21and they repented not of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their fornication nor of their thefts.


16:12 (BOWL 6)  poured out his bowl onto the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, to prepare the way of the kings from the rising of the sun.  13And I saw from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits coming as frogs,  14for they are spirits of demons doing signs, which go forth unto the kings of the whole inhabited earth, to gather them to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.  15Behold, I am coming as a thief; blessed is the one watching and keeping his garments, lest he walk naked and men see his shame.  16And they assembled them in the place called in Hebrew "Harmageddon."








Refer to the chart OUTLINE OF THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS, for the sixth and seventh Seal events get a little confusing.

SEAL 6:  There is a seeming inconsistency here, for the sixth SEAL does not speak of the war of Armageddon; instead it speaks of the same great earthquake that coincides with the seventh Trumpet and seventh Bowl. Verse 6:11 hints at what is happening, requiring the saints already dead to wait a little time until their fellow saints are killed; which would happen in the great war of Armageddon mentioned in the sixth Trumpet and Bowl. So, the earthquake event of Seal 6 is postponed for a while, until it coincides with the same earthquake described in the seventh Trumpet and Bowl. The sequence of events appears to be, first, the war of Armageddon, a brief pause for the "sealing" of the saints who are left on earth, and finally the earthquake event.  The earthquakes probably terminate the war, and terminate this entire structure of civilization, along with ending the devil's reign, and installing Christ as the new ruler.  I will describe the earthquake event at this point of sixth Seal, which is the same earthquake mentioned in the 7th Trumpet and 7th Bowl.

This earthquake will be the cataclysmic geophysical event that brings to an end 12,000 years of World history in which the negative energy force of the devil reigned over the World. This event will happen when the magnetic field energy of the earth is at zero which scientists claim is true right now; it is many hundreds of times weaker than it was at the time of its peak, 6,000 years ago. After zero strength is reached, there will be a REVERSAL of the magnetic field polarities, an event which geologists can show has happened more than 130 times in past history at approximate frequencies of 12,000 years. On a sine-wave diagram, this reversal would happen each time the curve crosses the zero/neutral line, on the 24,000 year cycle of precession-of-equinoxes. Geologists report that it last happened about 12,000 years ago, so is due now.

When the magnetic field reverses, the earth, being an iron-core planet, will act like a gyroscope that got a little nudge, and will wobble for a few days (weeks?) before restabilizing on a slightly different rotational axis. Geophysicists calculate the tilt could result in as much as fifteen degrees from the present true axis. During this wobble, the thin earth crust will heave, buckle, and shift as tectonic plates float on a nearly fluid ball, causing unimaginable earthquakes, tidal waves, redesign of shorelines, skies full of volcanic ash, lack of water and food, and incredibly high winds. The sun will be darkened because of the volcanic ash, which is fairly heavy and will soon settle to earth, creating more problems. Many people will perish from these events.  This cataclysmic event is described by Jesus in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. It is also described in Ezekiel 38:19-22.

When the electromagnetic field reverses, then all electrical devices will probably cease to function. This event is not merely a change of polarity of our north and south poles, but is also a reversal of the rotational direction of the sheaths of the magnetic cables (lines of flux) which make up earth's electro-magnetic field. Since our electricity is now created by passing copper wires through a magnetic field, when the dynamics of that field changes, then wires will no longer create the same type of energy.  It is this drastic end of electricity which will bring the war of Armageddon to a halt, as no vehicles, missiles, computers, ships, airplanes, or even light bulbs will operate ever again.  These things which all come to an end, are part of the Beast.  I want to describe the Beast of Revelation, which will be prominent in later chapters of Revelation.

BEAST: One might be helped toward understanding the Beast by first imagining its opposite, which I will call the Simple Life.  The simple-life might be pictured by imagining life in early-nineteenth century. People lived in simple homes, cut firewood for heat, hauled water, cooked on woodstoves, and spent time reading or sitting on front porches in conversation or contemplation.  They harvested and put-by for winter; they harnessed their horse-power to carry them to the little brown church in the wildwood; they prayed before meals and read their Bibles; they had time to stop and smell the roses; they took time to stop the carriage on a snowy evening to watch the woods fill up with snow.  Opposite this simple-life is life with the Beast. It is a hectic, stressful life of schedules, computers, telephones, continuous running motors and 60Hz activities, wondrous appliances, mortgages, credit-cards, two-worker couples, cars, grocery stores, shopping malls, fashions, televisions, and so many time-saving-devices that we have no time left for contemplation. Stress-related ailments, like cancer, debilitate us, and violence is common to community life. All of that is the Beast.  His Mark is noticeable in the thoughts (forehead) and activities (hands) of all who devote their lives to serving him.

The  Beast is the Devil, acting through his Jewish children to promote a social system which manipulates, exploits, and oppresses the white-race European culture that had so beautifully designed a Christian nation in America. The Beast, as will be addressed in more detail later, promotes a Cain/Edom/Jewish type of society which they achieve through their banking and money-changing industry and in their socialist/fascist tyrannies like Communism and United Nations. While some of the European white-race true Israelites seem to be serving the Beast, most are oppressed by it and only serve it reluctantly for the sake of survival.  For some time already, one cannot buy or sell unless he cooperates with the Beast. All of us must beware of this willing-bondage to evil, but the true mark of the Beast is that instinct which is the genetic inheritance of the race of Cain, Edom, and Jews. But, it does appear, both here and in chapter 14, that any person may get the mark of the Beast, and his tribulation will be great because of it.  Some of God's children may possess this mark, but may turn away from it and back to God.  God's children are born with a different genetic instinct than that mark, obtaining ours from the New Covenant (of Jeremia 31 and Hebrews 8), whereby God installs in us the instinct to know His will in our hearts and our minds.  It is in this that we are "sealed," so if we use this Godly instinct, we will be guided to do the right things during the war of Armageddon and during the geophysical event which is designed to destroy most of the world.


TRUMPET 6 signals the war of Armageddon, by loosing four angels from the Euphrates (middle-east) to kill a third of men. The number of military warriors is two myriads of myriads. A myriad is ten-thousand, so the total number here is two-hundred-million soldiers. George Washington saw this in his vision at Valley Forge, in his own words: "At this the dark shadowy angel placed the trumpet to his mouth, and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia, and Africa. Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene: from each of these countries arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. Throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America. Our country was enveloped in this volume of cloud, and I saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns and cities..."   I speculate the four angels (forces) from the middle-east might be Russia, Israel (Edom=red), Islam (red flag), and China (red - actually directed by Jewish communist Central Bank) Truly, all recent U.S. presidents have been directed by Jewish advisors and cabinets toward the destruction of America so it can be subjugated under the New World Order.  The "dark red light" is, as always, a reference to the Edom (red) race of Jews. That their light is "throughout this mass" indicates that they are the engineers who have designed another great war; this one, which is intended to be their final war, to enslave all the world under their power, turns out to be the war which destroys them!


BOWL 6 also mentions the Euphrates River, symbolizing the middle-east.  The dragon, beast, and false prophet gather for Armageddon. Keep in mind that the Bowls of Wrath pour punishment onto the Jews, not onto Israelites. Armageddon was an action against Israelites. The sixth Bowl speaks of consequences upon Israel.

Dragon = China; Beast = Jews; False Prophet = Islam. The angel/force gathers them for Armageddon, a battle in true-Israel's promised land, the new Jerusalem: America. The Palestine region was cursed by God and never again would His children be there, according to the Old Testament prophets.  The nation called "Israel" in the middle-east is a fraud. America is true Israel. Nevertheless, it appears that the great battle does begin in that land of the city of Megiddo, which is the northern part of present day Israel. Yet, the prophecies foretell it as a great battle across the land of God's children, namely America.

While we are discussing the Beast, I want to define briefly what "socialism" really is. It is an economic philosophy wherein the government (fraudulently called "the people") owns the means of production, and controls production from the top. This differs from a free-market economy where supply-and-demand function to prompt free men to regulate their own production.  Socialists view society as an organism that is greater in the whole than in its parts. In other words, workers are mere microbes who live to serve the organism; individuals have no other value. Socialists must reject any notions of God, private property rights, unalienable rights, or personal freedom. Thus, socialism is the very opposite of that which God promises His children when they inherit His vineyard.  God promotes free minds and free hearts, every man a king. It is because we are free to do otherwise that makes our worship of God so precious to Him. Our very lives are our worship and praise to God, Who is expressing Himself through us. In this way, we live to glorify our Father, while socialism merely debases an individual to the level of a microbe whose only value is to serve the social organism.  Consequently, Satan's race of socialists desperately seek to destroy, to exterminate, every one of Christ's race because they feel threatened by any person who is motivated by that powerful "freedom" urge so wonderfully expressed by William Wallace in the movie, BRAVEHEART: (book by Randall Wallace, Pocket Books, 1995).  Freedom and love go hand in hand; one can only truly love when he is free to do so from his own self, still having the freedom to do otherwise.  The devil race is driven by hate; they hate themselves and everyone else, and their system of government always reflects that. Tyrants, politicians, manipulators, exploiters — they all live to satisfy their deep, instinctive hatred.  Through them "the Beast" lives!




7:1 SEALS INTERIM: After this I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of  the earth, in order that wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree. 2And I saw another angel coming up from the rising of the sun, having a seal of the living God, and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to harm the earth and the sea, 3saying, "Do not harm the earth nor the sea nor the trees, until we seal the servants of our God on their foreheads. 4And I heard the number of the ones having been sealed, a hundred forty-four thousands having been sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel: 5from the tribe of Juda 12,000 sealed, of the tribe Reuben 12,000, of the tribe Gad 12,000, 6of the tribe Aser 12,000, of the tribe Nephthalei 12,000, of the tribe Manasse 12,000, 7of the tribe Symeon 12,000, of the tribe Levi 12,000, of the tribe Isaachar 12,000, 8of the tribe Zabulon 12,000, of the tribe Joseph 12,000, of the tribe Benjamin 12,000 having been sealed.

7:9  After this I saw a great crowd which no one could number, out of every nation and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes and palms in their hands."  10and they cry with a loud voice, saying, "Salvation to our God sitting on the throne and to the Lamb.  11And all the angels stood round the throne and the Elders and the four Living Beings, and fell before the throne on their faces and worshiped God,  12saying "Amen, blessing and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength to our God unto the ages of the ages, Amen?"

7:13 And one of the Elders answered to me, saying, "These having been clothed with white robes, who are they and whence came they?"  14And I said to him, "my Lord, you know." And he told me, "These are the ones coming out of the great affliction and washed them in the blood of the Lamb.  15Therefore they are before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple, and he, sitting on the throne will spread his tent over them.  16They will not hunger longer, nor will they thirst longer, neither the sun fall on them nor any heat,  17because the Lamb in midst of the throne will shepherd them and will lead them upon fountains of living waters, and God will wipe off every tear from their eyes."


10:1   TRUMPETS INTERIM (2nd WOE) And I saw another strong angel coming down out of heaven, clothed with a cloud, and the rainbow on his head, and his face as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire,  2and having in his hand a little scroll, opened. And he placed his right foot on the sea, and the left on the land,  3and cried with a loud voice, as a lion roars.  And when he cried, the seven thunders spoke their voices.  4And when the seven thunders spoke, I was about to write; and I heard a voice out of heaven saying: You seal the things which the seven thunders spoke, and you may not write them.

5And the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land, lifted his right hand to heaven,  6and swore by the One living unto the ages of the ages, who created the heaven and the things in it and the earth and the things in it and the sea and the things in it, that time shall be no longer  7but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, whenever he is about to trumpet, and the mystery of God was finished, as he declared to his servants, the prophets.  8And the voice which I heard out of heaven, speaking again with me and saying: you go take the scroll opened in the hand of the angel standing on the sea and on the land.  9And I went away toward the angel, telling him to give me the little scroll.  And he says to me: Take and devour it, and it will embitter your stomach, but it will be sweet as honey in your mouth.  10And I took the little scroll out of the hand of the angel and devoured it, and it was sweet as honey in my mouth; and when I ate it, was made bitter in my stomach.  11And they say to me: It is necessary again to prophecy before peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.


                            CHAPTER 11

And a reed, like a staff, was given to me, saying: Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and the ones worshiping in it.  2And the court outside the shrine cast outside and not measure it because it was give to the nations, and they will trample the holy city forty-two months.  3And I will give to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in  sackclothes.  4These are the two olive-trees and the two lampstands standing before the Lord of the earth.  5And if anyone wishes to harm them, fire proceeds out of their mouth and devours their enemies; and if anyone should wish to harm them, it is thus necessary for him to be killed.  6These have the authority to shut the sky so that rain may not fall the days of their prophecy, and they have authority over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every plague as often as they may wish.  7And whenever they finish their witnessing, the beast coming up out of the abyss will make war with them, and will overcome them and kill them.  8And their corpse (will lie) on the open street of the great city which is called spiritually Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.  9And (people) out of the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will see their corpse three and a half days, and will not allow their corpses to be placed in a tomb.  10And those dwelling on the earth rejoice over them and are glad, and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented the ones dwelling on the earth.  11And after the three days and a half, a spirit of life, out of God, entered into them, and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell on the ones beholding them.  12And they heard a loud voice out of heaven saying to them: You come up here, and they went up to heaven in the cloud, and beheld their enemies.  13And in that hour occurred a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell, and seven thousand names of men were killed in the earthquake, and the rest became terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.  14And the second woe passed away; behold the third woe is coming quickly.





INTERIM  There is in Seals & Trumpets an Interim between the sixth and seventh items.  During the Seals Interim, the angels halt everything until all 144,000 of God's Elect are sealed. They are told then to wait, while the Sixth Seal is postponed until after the war of Armaggedon. The Sixth Seal earthquake is the same as the earthquake of 11:13 (in Trumpet Interim), being the same as the Bowl 7 earthquake of 16:18. The placement of the  great earthquake is confusing.  The general picture that I get is this: the Sixth Seal, when opened, contains the influence (primary cause) of the event, but postpones the earthquake slightly for sake of sealing the elect, while the war of Armageddon takes place.  The SIXTH TRUMPET describes  the results of Armageddon upon God's children (killing one-third of them by 200 million enemy troops), and then in Interim presents God's concern with the Elect before mentioning the earthquake disaster in 11:13. The Trumpet tells us that Armageddon is a terrible disaster for God's children, who will later be protected from the earthquake, while the BOWL OF WRATH only briefly mentions Armageddon (not being a disaster for the evil ones who initiate it), but then fully describes the earthquake, which is a terrible disaster upon them.  The great earthquake will END the Jews' war against Israel, so the SEVENTH TRUMPET announces Christ's victory.  The Sixth Bowl of wrath (for the Cain/Edom race) describes Armageddon only briefly because the devil's race will not suffer terribly in this war; Israel (America) will suffer a severe cleansing. Then the SEVENTH BOWL of wrath describes the great earthquake as the destroyer  of the devil race.

So, the Seal provides the "influence" or empowerment for events; the Trumpet announces how that event will affect God's children, and the Bowl describes its effect upon the evil race. This all makes sense only after one understands that Trumpets and Bowls pertain to different opponents.

7:4 "a hundred forty-four thousands having been sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel:"  There is more than one level of meaning for this number.  First is the literal number of Elect children of God; second is the interpretation of the numbers as years, or periods of time.  Perhaps there are a literal number of Elect representatives of the Father who make up the body of Christ; I assume so because John is so explicit here.  But, the interpretation of these numbers as years is also compelling.  We have enough hints in the Bible where things are years.  A day with God is as a thousand years; seven fat cows were, for Daniel, seven years;  the different metals in the giant image were interpreted by Daniel to represent empire-periods; seven churches of Revelation 2 & 3 represent periods of history in the kingdom of God; and the twelve tribes do define twelve periods of history within each Zodiac period, as I have charted  in my study of historical patterns and paradigms.  But, now, in this last book of the Bible, the Revelation of St. John, we are looking right at the throne of God, at a scene where only symbols are recognizable. And for nearly 2,000 years no one has been able to interpret the symbols. We now see, in this book, how seven churches symbolize seven periods of history.  And here we are considering the number 144,000, made up of twelve thousand from each tribe of Israel. I want you to look at the sine-wave curve diagram. You see that the upper half of each cycle diagrams the history of the kingdom of God, lasting for about twelve thousand  years.  The entire diagram you are looking at shows ONE complete cycle of 24,000 years; now, imagine this curve extended for TWELVE complete cycles, so there are twelve upper half-curves, each one being 12,000 years long.  That makes twelve kingdoms of God or periods of heaven, of 12,000 years each.  I suggest that this might represent the entire Word of God. It would then seem consistent with the rest of the models that each of the twelve kingdoms of God might be characterized by one of the sons of Israel.  So then, which son might represent the cycle in which we live?  Well, my choice would be Joseph, since he was the one most loved by his father Jacob, and he portrayed high-rulership in a world of material abundance. Perhaps that is our world.  Joseph is the eleventh son, with only Benjamin to follow.  So, IF we are completing the cycle of Joseph, there is only one more 24,000 year cycle to go before the end of this particular Word of God. Well, that is just fanciful conjecture.

The above paragraph stretches our minds far beyond one simple cycle of 24,000 years, but that is only a start of where we must eventually go.  We are interpreting things and people and tribes as TIME periods, and that seems strange.  But we are so ignorant of the truths we will learn after we enter the kingdom of heaven, following the transition which is very close at hand.  Physicists are already struggling with some of the ultimate truths as they stretch their minds out toward infinity.  In this very century, physicists are forced to look at a concept beyond what we can even imagine: that time, space, form, energy, and mass are the same "thing," and that this "thing" exists only in the mind of the perceiver.  This supports the idea that God is the supreme mind Who is "dreaming" a dream in which we and all things of this world are mere figments; figments which symbolize something of the Dreamer.  In this case, tribes of Israel can well be years or at least some kind of time-periods.  I might look at myself, then, as a member of one of the Israel tribes: does this mean that  I also AM a  year?

Another issue comes from such speculation: what is a year? Traditionally, a year is defined as a solar-cycle, but John's Revelation gives us strong hints that the sun will not be the light-giver in the kingdom of heaven.  Perhaps a year will be defined differently then.  Interestingly, scientists in Antarctica have been doing  ice-core drillings which define summer temperatures and weather conditions for tens of thousands of years in the past.  The past twelve thousand years are consistent with "year" periods as we know them, but the years prior to that electro-magnetic shift of 12,000 years ago become very unnatural, and it is not possible to determine when the previous electro-magnetic shift occurred.  Something happened with the structure of linear time which is not understandable!  My sine-wave diagram portrays the kingdom of God as a simple twelve thousand year period, but it may be that those years are time-passages of a very different nature than we have experienced!  This model that I'm describing would affect how scientists date the past, for they are limited to some method of absolute measurement, like that of the uniformitarian method promulgated in 1848 in Principia Geologica.  This theoretical doctrine assumes time passage, along with other rates-of-change to be constant.  If time and rates of change are not constant, then it may well be that the universe is not measurable in units of solar "years," the standard which they use.  Ultimately, if time and space and mass are all the same "thing," and this is all a "dream" of God, then no one can ever measure anything by any absolute standard; science is but chasing after the wind,  and we are left with but one purpose of life: to yield ourselves to the Supreme Dreamer so as to perform our roles as perfectly as possible just as He designs us to do.

7:9 says "a great crowd which no one could number, out of every nation and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes and palms in their hands."  Who are these people? Most English versions read "of all nations..." The Greek language uses a simple genitive case to denote "of," but this verse adds the word eκ which means "out of." John is consistent in this book; when he speaks of many tribes, tongues, etc., he makes it clear that the Israelites are "out of" those multitudes, not "of" them. Otherwise he would be violating the things Jesus said and all his other references which make it clear that ONLY the tribes of Israel make up Christ's body. In Rev. chapter 7, we have a listing of the twelve tribes of Israel, first listing the 144,000 Elect ones, and then adding all the rest of Israel which are numbered as was promised to Abraam, "as the sands of the sea."  Unless one is trying to force this passage in Rev. 7 to include all the races of the world, it is clear that John was not saying that at all. For the apostles and early Christians, who KNEW the identity of the true Israelites of the diaspora, it was never necessary to explain whom was meant when writers spoke of the ones to be saved. They knew exactly whom was meant.  Only today do we have confusion about it, because the Jewish media and publishing companies have made it anathema to discriminate against any race, especially theirs.

10:1-3 — This vision is very similar to the vision of George Washington at Valley Forge. Washington saw three wars on American soil, but these seven thunders of John's vision might refer to ALL the wars in which America/Israel's sons have been wasted. The last six were not necessary, being perpetrated by the Jews, according to their boastful claims. Our seven wars are (1) American Revolution, (2) Jewish Bankers' War Against the South, (3) WWI, (4) WWII, (5) Korea, (6) Viet Nam, (7) Armageddon.

It is imporant to remember that the Bible is the story of ONLY one special strain of people, from Adam  through Noah, Abraam, Isaac, and Jacob. Other races and nations are ignored unless they impact God's chosen ones. America is the final Jerusalem and Israel, and it is this continent to which end-times prophecies refer.

10:9 — In the Trumpet series, the angel advises John to eat a little book, measure the temple (which represents the body of God's Elect who are the body of Christ), and 11:3 tells of two witnesses (Juda and Israel) who prophecy 1,260 days before they are killed in the war with the beast; they lie dead 3½ days, then rise again.

11:3 advises John not to measure the "court outside," because they are people other than the Israel whom this story is about! God is going to let the World trample His children (Juda & Israel) for "forty two months."  This is a description of Christian history from the time of Charlemagne in the 8th century until now (42 months equals 1,260 days  =  1,260 years). We must look back at the history of the Christian church to get the picture. 1,260 years ago, Islam was powerful and was conquering many nations. Moslems had taken some parts of Europe, but by the Battle of Tours in 732, Moslem expansion into Europe was stemmed.  The Byzantine Empire, ruled from Constantinople, was suffering, so Rome became the dominant political power over all Europe. The stage was prepared for a "Christian" Europe for the ensuing centuries. Charles the Great (742 - 814) , "Charlemagne," would consolidate most of Europe under the Roman Catholic Church, the beginning of the terribly dark ages for white race Europeans. The Carolingian age begins this forty-two month period of "trampling." This "trampling" fits perfectly with the other descriptions in John's Revelation, that Esau has dominion over Jacob for a time.

Two statements of John seem to be in conflict. On one hand (11:2) God will let the world trample His children for 42 months, and yet, in the following  verses (11:5) we see God giving His children power to avenge any who attack them during the same period. Clearly, history shows us that Roman Catholicism (the Great Harlot of Chap. 17) became a terrible enemy of Biblical Christians, trampling them most horrifically.  One Pope, named Innocent III, instigated a crusade against the Christian Cathars of southern France because those communities wanted to live in simple Christ-like manner,  chaste, and somewhat ascetic, not honoring the Pope as "God on earth."  Tens of thousands of Cathars were killed without resistance.  The Crusades and Inquisitions were a terror for anyone who felt drawn to Christ in a sincere, genuine, simple, love. God's children were being "trampled."  On the other hand, God's children had been given great creative power to make real whatever they believed to be real. But they did not understand it, for the Roman Church taught them victim-consciousness, that they were so totally sinful they must pay penance to an insatiable church, and even buy their release from purgatory, too. The Dark Ages were created by God's children, simply by believing the horrors which the Great Harlot was teaching them. The people were prevented from education, and so totally controlled that they knew no power in themselves at all. The Church had it all!  While Christ had taught empowerment, the Roman Church taught just the opposite, and slaughtered anyone who dared stand up straight. Except for an occasional mystic, killed because he wouldn't recant the truth which God's Spirit worked within him, the Church had no serious resistance until the printing-press appeared  in 1448. Mass printing then enabled those who found the truth to broadcast it, and the church could no longer prevent it.  So, within a century, individuals were standing up against the Papal Anti-Christ, giving us renaissance and reformation.   It has been a long hard struggle for Christ's lambs, but there have been some successes along the way.  The Protestant Reformation gave the flock back to its Shepherd, and there were some great revivals in Britain, Scotland, and Ireland.  The Puritans settled America and gave birth to a beautiful baby Christian nation, who matured, became independent, and established a Constitutional Republic founded on the Godly principles of Christianity. Yes, we "two olive trees and two lampstands" (Israel & Juda) of 11:4, did these things in spite of the tramplers. But our growth has been slow and labored, as it still is. In the past century we have seen over fifty million white-Russians (Nordic, European Christians) slaughtered by Jewish Bolshevism. And we've had two big World Wars which cost the lives of many of our young men, instigated by the Jews, as they proudly boast.  We have been enticed to yield up our independence and our Christian faith for the sake of technological wonders, material wealth, luxuries, and libertine license. We live in a society designed by the Beast!  Most of Israel (white European race) has done very poorly at resisting the devil's wiles, and for this reason God permits the Cain/Edom race to perform a cleansing of our Jerusalem, just before He destroys them for daring to attack His chosen ones.

John could have used the the words "Juda and Israel" in this prophecy, but everything is being described in SYMBOLS. So, in 11:3 he calls them "two witnesses."  In 11:4 he calls them "two olive-trees and two lampstands."  The fire that proceeds out of their mouths would be that of John Hus, Tyndale, Calvin, Luther, and other Reformers who broke the anti-Christ's tyranny.  We are considering here that it is God's Elect who create the reality of this world.  Verses 11:5 & 6 attribute powers to the Elect which still today they don't know they have. Typical Christians are taught to be humble, stoop-shouldered, weak-kneed, sickly lambs whose only permissible self-esteem is a display of self-contempt.   Yet, the truth is that it is these same children of God who actually create the world that we know. It's no wonder they do it so poorly! They are ignorant and manipulated by the Beast, and don't know the wolf in their midst from other lambs. Can't tell Tares from Wheat!  Still, it is this group (we) which does create our chaotic, immoral, unethical, self-serving, licentious, libertine world!  How do we do this?  We do it by believing that this is what we have!  God's children believe in these wickednesses because the Jewish media and  politicians and entertainers and text-book writers and historians and educators and Universities and children's TV and endless liberal programs all convince us that this is what-is. If we believe this is what-is, then we get exactly what we believe.  And if we children of God are the creators, it is our fault that we have created this chaotic mess, having permitted the Beast to direct what we create. Of course, this all means that the wicked things and or people in our world are but symptoms of our own missing-the-mark (sin). If they only exist because we believe in them, then they will cease to exist when find the Truth and stop thinking false beliefs. It appears that we have a long ways to go, don't we!

If we believed the things Jesus told us, our world would be very different.  He told us we have creative powers, clearly enough for those who are willing to hear it.  He said one can move a mountain simply be believing it is moved. Think about that!  If you believe the mountain is over there, that is where you see it, and you may have no perception of having moved it.  You simply believe what-is, and by doing that you create what-is.  I suggest that the Elect of God are already doing this, and have been doing it all along, without realizing their real power during this negative period of darkness (ignorance). Jesus' words were, "Have faith of God  23Truly, I tell you that whoever says to this mountain, Be taken and cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says happens, it will be to him.  24Therefore, I tell you, all things which you pray and ask, believe that you received, and it will be to you." (Mark 11:22-24)  At another time, Jesus told his disciples, "whatever you bind on the earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on the earth shall be loosed in heaven.  19Again, truly, I say to you that if two of you agree concerning everything on the earth which they ask, it shall be to them from my Father in heaven." (Mat. 18:18, 19).  Yes, we do have the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, within us, for we have the creative power of God to create the kingdom of Heaven simply by believing it is so. Right now our Mountain is a world of wickedness and misery; if we want it to become a heavenly mountain, we must believe it to be.  We can blame none other than ourselves for failing to do that.  The Jews may deceive us and lead us astray, but they can't make us follow.  We are the ones with the creative power; we need to wake up to Truth, and follow the path of righteousness.

The great war of Armageddon in America will soon serve to cleanse this land, which belongs to the white-race European Israelites. It is we we who create this hell by our act of believing what we've been taught by the arch-liar, rather than turning to the Spirit within ourselves for the truth. For those who turn to the Christ within, the reward will be quite different.  Today, as I write this in the fall of 1998, we are just at the door of the cleansing. But, notice the increasing number of white Christians who are standing up for truth, rebelling against the lying tyrants who are at this moment engineering our destruction. These who dare to stand up against the evil giant, like David against Goliath, will "abide under the shelter of the God of Heaven" (Psalm 91).  We can take great comfort in the fact that we are loved by our Father, but we do have yet to suffer a great defeat.  Rev. 11:7 says the beast will overcome us and kill us!  This symbolizes the defeat of Juda and Israel, but as a symbol it does not mean that every last member of these two witnesses will be literally killed ("not allow to be placed in a  tomb" - 11:9).

 If we consider Armageddon to be a spiritual battle, then our Christian society of Juda & Israel seems already being killed, to then remain powerless for three and a half years, the object of ridicule and scorn by our enemies. But, when should we start counting the 3 1/2 years?  If you consider the political establishment's active war against us by legislators and the courts, it is clear that Christianity is being persecuted, tormented, scorned, outlawed, mocked by News media and TV sitcoms and politicians, made homeless, and overrun by third-world immigrants that U.S. politicians and corporations gather against us. Of the 61 members of President Clinton's cabinet, 44 are Jews and 17 are minority races; there is NOT ONE WHITE RACE CHRISTIAN! (In the later Bush administration, it was generally the same. Bush appointed a man named "Chertoff" to head his new national control force; the name Chertoff is Russian, meaning son of the Devil. That two witnesses lie "dead," doesn't necessarily mean flesh death, according to Jesus, but has a spiritual meaning, such as lack-of-life/truth. The Christian influence which founded this Republic is gone from power, dead, and is  being persecuted gleefully by our enemy race. The Christian church is dead, and determinedly blind, teaching and preaching a shallow drivel that is embarrassing to any thinking man.

As I add this paragraph in September 2003, the president is George W. Bush, one who speaks encouraging words to Christians and conservatives, but who continued the same program as Clinton at the same time. He is a globalist, a megalomaniac, a world tyrant, and a Skull and Bones man who works to destroy our white European civilization through a flood of immigration and wars and an incredible increase in our national debt. It appears that the politicians are all seeking the same goal, playing a good guy - bad guy fraud for the public. Clinton was bad, Bush is good, and the train keeps speeding down the same track toward our crash.

But if Armageddon is a physical war, then it is yet to come. It would be the Jews' final solution to exterminate us from this earth in the war of Armageddon, which they are now engineering, as described in Toffler's book, Creating a New Civilization, and in Barbara Marx Hubbard's World Future Society, both of which are guiding the Clinton administration.  The American government has yielded our sovereignty to the United Nations, and is engineering a plan to bring troops against us from many foreign nations, especially China and African Islam (blacks). They expect to destroy us in a slam-dunk war that will be over quickly, while Israel (we children of God) has no power to retaliate. We are killed and lying dead in the street, and the loud gloating of the beast can be heard on Wall Street.  Our enemies "are glad, and send gifts to one another" because they have made us powerless, us: Israel, who had created a Christian nation in spite of the Beast. Stock market investors are rejoicing in their "sending of gifts" to each other, as they manipulate the market ever upward to record heights which are more than ten times real value, all which serves to milk the goyim by robbing white-race producers of capital values and profits. The instinct of the Beast is an obsession to kill the goose which lays the golden eggs, even though it means his own demise. That is a powerful instinct!.

But, at the closing of  the war of Armageddon, whether it is spiritual or physical, when the earthquake happens, all electrical and electronic power will cease, leaving the Beast powerless and blinded;  then we who have been "dead" will stand up with all power.  We are preparing for that day right now, as Christians stock up on food and supplies, by which some will flourish when our enemies are powerless and dying of hunger.

Verse 11:12 says we will hear a voice from heaven, calling us "up here."  This refers to the moment of that earthquake event, when the magnetic-field reversal will make all electricity stop; civilization will cease to function; and the kingdom of God/Heaven will begin.  It will then be our task to develop a new civilization under Christ.  We will be a veritable cloud of witnesses who stand up as the body of Christ, called forth into this new kingdom of Heaven. "Up here" is a calling to be transformed from the present physical/material World to a more mental/spiritual kingdom.  We will be changed. While this is not to be a lifting-off the planet - as rapturists teach, it will be a truly rapturous event, and even more dramatic than being lifted-off during the tribulation.

There you have the material of the Trumpets which announce God's plan for His own children.  The seventh Trumpet announces the great victory.  The third Woe mentioned in 11:14 will be the disastrous earthquake (bowl 7, of 16:17ff), just mentioned above, but refers to its effect upon our enemy race of the devil, and their utter destruction. We are already engineering their destruction by believing in it. Ours is the power! And, as we play out once again this paradigm of being delivered from our enemies, to enter the Promised Land, we need to keep in mind the very reasons that this model failed in the past.  God told the Israelites as they were about to enter the land of their inheritance: "in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them ... as the Lord your God has commanded you." (Deut. 20)  Our ancestors had mercy on their enemy race of Cain, the Canaanites and did not destroy them all.  When we were given the land of America, we failed to cleanse it, and have suffered no end of problems since from the savages who were shown compassion and benevolence.  When God delivers us this time, and we inherit this land as our Promised Land, He will make sure that we get it right this time.  This incident is meaningful at another level of understanding; it is symbolic of more that we must do when we cross over into the kingdom of God, our coming promised-land.  Since all other races and creatures are symbolic of earthly characteristics or ourselves, this means that we must go to the kingdom of God without carrying with us any of the earthly attributes to which we have become attached.  We must destroy within ourselves all negative characteristics, beliefs, behaviors, habits, addictions, desires, etc. We must go clean into the new kingdom.


8:1 (SEVENTH SEAL) "And when he opened the seventh seal, a silence occurred in heaven about a half-hour.  2And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.  3And another angel came and stood on the altar, having a golden censer, and many incenses were given to him, so he will give it with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before the throne.  4And the smoke of the incenses went up with the prayers of the saints from the hand of the angel before God.  5And the angel has taken the censer, and filled it from the fire of the altar and cast it into the earth; and there occurred thunders and sounds and lightnings and an earthquake.

   6And the seven angels having the seven trumpets prepared themselves in order that they might trumpet."

Continuation of this passage will be found in the center column, as the first trumpet, parallel to Seal One and Bowl One.


11:15 (TRUMP 7) (3rd WOE)  "And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, 'The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign unto the ages of the ages.  16And the 24 elders sitting on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God,  17saying: We thank thee, O Lord God, the Almighty, the one who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and did reign;  18and the nations were angry, and your wrath has come, and the time of the dead, to be judged and to give reward to your servants, the prophets, and the saints, and to the ones fearing your name, to the small and to the great, and to destroy those destroying the earth.  19And the shrine of God was opened in heaven, and the ark of the covenant was seen in his shrine, and there occurred lightnings and sounds and thunders and an earthquake and a great hail."



16:17 (BOWL 7)  "poured out his bowl upon the air; and a loud voice came out of the temple from the throne, saying "It is born."  18And there were lightnings and noises and thunders and a great earthquake occurred, such as never did occur since man was on the earth, such an earthquake so great.  19And the great city became into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. And Babylon the great was remembered before God, to give to her the cup of wine of his anger and wrath.  20And every island fled, and mountains were not found.  21And a great hail, like a talent in size, comes down out of heaven on men; and men  blasphemed God from the plague of the hail, because the plague is exceedingly great."









SEAL 7  begins with silence for half an hour.  This silent period represents that Interim time during which the 144,000 were sealed, and during which the Armageddon war happened. How long is half an hour? If 3.5 days equals 3.5 years, then one day equals one year. A half hour is .0208% of a day, so .0208% of a year would be 7.6 days. Is that how long the Armageddon battle will last? Perhaps there is another way to figure this. 

Then an angel takes fire from God's altar and casts it to earth, causing thunders, sounds, lightnings, and the greatest earthquake ever. That describes the magnetic polarity shift which will bring Armageddon to a sudden stop.  While the war of Armageddon is not included in the Seals series, this series does end with the cataclysmic earthquake event, already described above in the sixth Seal. The Sixth Seal has been postponed until after the war, where its earthquake disaster then coincides with the 7th Trumpet and 7th Bowl earthquake disaster.


TRUMPET 7  rejoices to announce for God's children the great victory: the transfer of rulership from the devil to Christ, as the kingdoms of the world become the kingdoms of God.  The ark of the covenant is visible again in the Temple of God, and the great cataclysmic event of earthquake (magnetic field reversal as described above in Seal 6), etc. brings the old world crashing to an end.


BOWL 7  is poured into the air to bring disaster on our enemy race of Jews.  A loud voice announces "It is done." The Greek word for this announcement is different from that which Jesus said from the cross (τετέλεσται/tetelestai - "it is finished"), but in this verse of 16:17 γέγovεv/gegonen should be translated as "It is born," referring to the kingdom of God. Then come the "noises, thunderings, lightnings, and great earthquake" of the magnetic field reversal as described in Seal 6.  The city is divided, nations fall, islands and mountains disappear, and great hailstones fall.  Men on earth blaspheme God because of the disaster. We pray that it will not be God's own children who curse at Him, for if they know what is really happening they will be rejoicing to see the kingdom of the world come to its deserved end.

Psalm 18:7-17;   A little referenced prophecy regarding this end-time event, from King David:  "Then the earth shook and quaked, and the foundations of the mountains were disturbed, and were shaken, because God was angry with them.  8There went up a smoke in his wrath, and fire burst into a flame at his presence: coals were kindled at it.  9And he bowed the heaven, and came down: and thick darkness was under his feet.  10And he mounted on cherubs and flew: he flew on the wings of winds.  11And he made darkness his secret place: round about him was his tabernacle, dark water in the clouds of the air.  12At the brightness before him the clouds passed, hail and coals of fire.  13The Lord also thundered from heaven, and the Highest uttered his voice.  14And he sent forth weapons, and scattered them; and multiplied lightnings, and routed them.  15And the springs of waters appeared, and the foundations of the world were exposed, at thy rebuke, O Lord, at the blasting of the breath of thy wrath.  16He sent from on high and took me, he drew me to himself out of many waters.  17He will deliver me from my mighty enemies, and from them that hate me; for they are stronger than I."  We need to have faith (believe) in these clear promises of God, as David writes here, and in the 91st Psalm, for when this great event happens, it will serve God's purpose to cleanse our vineyard of the evil ones and of those who serve the Beast, but it is God's purpose to protect His own!  And we need to be confident of that!



                                                                         CHAPTER 12

And a great sign was seen in heaven, a woman with the sun, and the moon underneath her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars,  2and in having her pregnancy she cries, suffering birth pains and bearing distress.  3And another sign was seen in heaven, and behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and on his heads seven diadems,  4and his tail draws the third part of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth.  And the dragon stood before the woman about to bear, in order that whenever she bears her child he might devour.  5And she bore a son, a male, who is about to shepherd all his ethnic group with an iron staff; and her child was seized to God and to His throne.  6And the woman fled into the desert, where she has there a place prepared from God, in order that there they might nourish her a thousand two hundred and sixty days.


Refer to the chart OUTLINE OF BOOK OF REVELATIONS, in order to properly place these next chapters.  Following the sounding of seven trumpets, Chapters 12 thru 14 then describe events that pertain to the body of Christ. These events began at the time of Christ, telling how the Seals and Trumpets affect the children of God during the 2,000± year period of Pisces.

v. 1 "heaven" is a mind-place, just as Jesus said: "the kingdom of heaven is within you," and as John's Revelation is making clear to us - that this is all a mind-play of God.  So, heaven is not someplace other than earth, but refers to this "dream" type experience that is happening in God's Mind.

The woman with a crown of twelve stars is, of course, Israel, God's IDEAL Offspring/Expression (comprised of white Greek/European Christian race, genetic descendants of Jacob). The crown indicates Royalty. God rules through His Offspring body of Christ. Our blindness to this fact, along with our base worldly desires, permits us to be deceived and exploited by our eternal enemy, the Devil. The "SUN"  with her would be God, the Light Himself, and the moon being under her feet indicates "mastery."  Israel is to bear a child which the dragon (devil) is desperate to destroy. That the dragon is "red," signifies the race of people who are typified by that color: namely Edom (which means red), including the Edomite Herodian Jews, and later the Communist Rothschilds (red shield). It is, as always, the contest of Esau to reclaim his birthright by any means possible, especially by killing Jacob if he can. The contest between these two races has defined the course of civilization for all recorded history, and does so very prominently today.  The seven "HEADS" represent the seven Herodian RULERSHIPS, the "DIADEMS" are the seven individual Herods: Antipater I, Antipater II, Herod the Great, Agrippa I, Agrippa II, Antipas, and Philip the Tetrarch.

The "STARS" which the dragon draws down to earth are one-third of the newborn babies in Judea, which Herod killed.  Herod was Idumean, an Edomite (non-Israel, non-Juda), who became king of the Jews and sought to kill the child, Jesus.

Israel fled into the desert. Through the dispersions of 745 BC and of 586 BC, God had already secreted most of His children away from the red dragon, while leaving a remnant of Babylon returnees to occupy the devil's attention.  Now, Jesus would be born, and would call away from Jerusalem any remaining true Israelites, for they would be sheep who recognized their Shepherd's voice and followed Him. The Edomites who remained in Jerusalem and Judea retained the name, "Jews."

Israel would be nourished in Europe for 1,260 days (years). This makes sense if we review a little history here. If we think of Europe from the time of Christ's death, about 30 AD, for another 1,260 years, that brings us to nearly 1,296 AD. In Europe, the latter 700 years of that 1,260 was part of the thousand year terrible Dark Ages, certainly not protection in the desert. However, some regions of Europe were never really conquered by the Roman Catholic Great Harlot, perhaps because of that "iron staff."  England and the Germanic peoples of northern Europe best resisted Rome, and continued to fly banners of the Lion of Juda, as they still do today. Remember, Juda was never divorced from God like the Kingdom of Israel. Juda/England seems to have enjoyed great protection from God through her entire history, not suffering so badly under Rome during the dark-ages as the rest of Europe. It was Britain that verse 12:6 most likely refers to, particularly northern Ireland and Scotland. 

Jeremia had carried Zedekia's daughter, Tea Tephi, of the Pharez Juda line, to Ulster about 580 BC where she married King Eochaidh of the Zara Juda line, thereby reuniting the Juda royalty (throne of David) in the British "isles of the west,"  as prophecied in the O.T. The early Druids (Der Wydds) perpetuated the religion taught by Jeremia in his college of Tara at Ulster, and awaited a Savior named "Yesu," so they eagerly welcomed Joseph of Arimathea's religion of "Iesu" when he built that first Christian Church in Glastonbury, perhaps while Christ was still alive. Some ancient British records claim that Iesu came to England once with His uncle, Joseph of Arimathea.

From the time of Christ's death, the "Crown" (throne of David) would continue to be in Ulster and then Scotland for another 1264 years before it was stolen by the British King Edward I in 1296 AD, at the time of William Wallace (Braveheart). Edward stole that Pillow of Jacob, carrying it to London, where he placed it in Westminster Abbey, beneath the Coronation Throne.  That Stone of Destiny is the seat of the Throne of David, and all English Royalty have used it for their coronations since. The years following the theft of the Stone would find much of England embroiled in war after war, beginning with the Hundred Years War. Israel, with its Throne of David which represented Christ, had had its 1,260 years of protection. The years following would be years of terrible struggle in the isles against the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish money-lenders.

The symbols of seven-heads, ten-horns, and diadems appear in several places in Revelation.  First, in 12:3 as describing the Dragon, which is Satan acting through the body of his Edomite Herods.  Next 13:1 describes the "first beast," which is the papacy-beast being operated by the dragon. In 13:11 we meet the "second beast," which is the Jewish Power, supported by the papacy.  Then in 17:3 where the "woman" (papacy) rides the beast of seven heads and ten horns.

The DRAGON usually refers to Satan, as living through the body of his race of Edomites. This normal use of the word "dragon" is different from that in Rev. 16:13 where the it represents the nation of China as involved in the battle of Armageddon.

"HEADS" are the seven faces or appearances by which Satan acts powerfully against Christ during this age of Pisces. My speculation is that the seven Heads represent the Edomites as Judeans who evicted Israelites from Jerusalem, and then fraudulently as "Jews" who with Rome persecuted the early Christians, and then as Roman Catholicism  which persecuted true Christians thru the Dark Ages, and then as the Habsburg Dynasty which ruled the Holy Roman Empire for the Edomite Vatican until early 20th century, and as the Jewish International Banking Cartel which dominates and oppresses all the world economies today, and as United Nations which promotes the Jewish agenda of destruction of white Israelites, and also as today's U.S. Government which is controlled and operated by Jews, attempting to achieve the Jewish world-domination agenda.

"HORNS" symbolize kingships.

"DIADEMS" symbolize actual leaders who were kings or functioned with that kind of authority. The Herods were "diadems."

It is important to understand that John is telling us through these "7 head, 10 horn, diadem" symbols in various places, that these are all the same Satan/Dragon/Beast which merely appears in slightly different guises: as Roman Papacy and as Edomite Jews.


12:7 And war occurred in heaven, Michael and his angels make war with the dragon.  And the dragon and his angels warred,  8and prevailed not, no place of theirs was found still in heaven.  9And the great dragon was cast, the old serpent called Devil and the Satan, who deceived the whole inhabited earth, was cast to the earth, and his angels with him were cast.  10And I heard a loud voice in heaven saying, Now the salvation has come, and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ, because the accuser of our brothers was cast (out), the one accusing them before our God day and night.  11And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because the word of their witness, and they loved not their life unto death.


Consider this passage as a paradigm or model. The first level of interpretation is that of historical record which refers to Herod as the dragon who failed to destroy Christ.  Then the Edomite-Jews were "cast out" (purged) of Palestine about 70 AD. Verse 8 refers to Herod as the "old serpent called Devil and the Satan." Those who persecuted and accused Jesus' lost sheep were cast out, and a new kingdom of Christianity had begun. That brief synopsis is the most basic level of the model John is describing, being the incident at his own time.

The next level of this model is that of the period between Christ and the end of the age.  Turn to the Sine-Wave Curve diagram page at the front of the book.  Now, picture these angels as forces, like forces of nature.  These two angelic forces (Michael vs. Dragon) represent good and evil. They are the forces of Christ against His counterpart Satan. As you look at the Sine-Wave curve, imagine the energy that is ever changing as it travels from the negative nadir toward the positive apex.  We are talking here about electro-magnetic energy and the magnetic field strength of the planet.  Negative energy becomes weaker as the positive energy gets stronger. The negative energy field, in which we have lived for about 12,000 years is now about zero magnetic field strength, so, very soon the negative energy will terminate and the positive energy will begin to dominate. The negative energy is ruled by Satan, and the positive energy is ruled by Christ.  As the negative energy gets weaker, the positive energy becomes strong enough to signal a coming sudden switch, in which it will take over the reins of power.

Verses 7 thru 11 describe this transfer of power as the devil (neg.) is defeated and the Christ (pos.) becomes dominant. So, this passage describes the event which we are about to experience, as Christ conquers Satan and begins His rulership of the kingdom of God.  12:11 explains how the Dragon was defeated; it was because the members of the Lamb, the Elect, did not love their lives more than their righteous cause, unto their deaths, thereby following our Lord to the Victory. These are the Overcomers of John's Revelation.


12:12  Therefore, be glad, heavens and those tabernacling in them; woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil came down to you having great anger, knowing that he has little time.  13And when the dragon saw that he was cast to the earth, he pursued the woman who bore the male.  14And two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she might fly to the desert to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the face of the serpent. 

"heavens" are dimensions in God's mind, in which we all, both living and dead, dwell ("tabernacle").  The "earth and the sea" are the physical world which will undergo great upheaval, and transformation. The devil cannot be a part of heaven in God's mind, for heaven is God's perfect ideal kingdom, while the devil's nature is opposed to every positive virtue. The devil is "cast to the earth" to be his permanent home, forever.  The physical material earth is the kingdom of World, under rule of the devil. The kingdom of heaven, which is soon to be installed, will be a transformed scene for God's children, not physical in quite the same way that we now know it.

This scene repeats the scene described in 12:6, but adds a little more detail. The devil pursues Israel, and she fled to the desert to her place (British Isles),  where she is nourished for  a "time and times and half a time" which is another way of saying three times 360 plus 180, which equals 1,260 days (years).  That period of time was discussed above.


12:15  And the serpent cast out of his mouth water behind the woman as a river, in so that he might make her carried off  by the river.  16And the earth helped the woman and opened its mouth and swallowed the river which the dragon cast from his mouth.  17And the dragon was enraged over the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, the ones keeping the commandments of God and having the witness of Jesus;  18and he stood on the sand of the sea.


A river of water represents spiritual influence.  Note that the third Trumpet and third Bowl speak of a "river" which symbolizes drugs.  Here, we have a major event in that the devil's great anger seriously wants to destroy this woman (Israel).  The river of influence is the Roman Catholic Church, which nearly succeeded in destroying forever the woman's relationship with God.  The earth opening up to absorb the Roman flood must refer to the migration of Christians across the ocean to the new world of America, beyond where the Roman river could reach.  There was no Roman Catholic Church for a long time in America, and up until the time of John Kennedy, there was still such a prejudice against Catholics that our religious bias was one of Kennedy's big obstacles.  He had to convince Americans that he would not be a puppet of the Pope.

Well, Israel had escaped again, but Europe was still abundant with Israelite seed, so the devil turned his attention back to them, in order to influence the Protestant movement and corrupt it and mislead it to any extent possible.  Obviously, the devil had considerable success in misdirecting the new Christian movement.  The Reformers broke away from the Roman Catholic tyranny, and away from such nonsense doctrines as Indulgences, Papal infallibility, Praying for the dead, Praying to saints, and Mariolatry, but they retained many of the politically motivated doctrines from the Council of Nicaea and other councils.  And for some reason, inexplicable to me, the Protestant movement stalled on that plateau of the Reformers, never permitting any further spiritual insights to color or enhance or amplify or modify the elementary teachings of the Reformers. Still today, theologians will not address true spiritual issues. Theology is filled with teachers who attack every Christian value along with the Scriptures, and substitute for those things the social gospel which has become modern religion. The churches today are painted-sepulchres, numbing the minds of members, and preventing discussions of real value or interest. So, it would appear that the devil has had considerable success in influencing the Seed of Israel.


                                                                         CHAPTER 13  

                                                     THE FIRST BEAST, OUT OF THE SEA

"And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on its horns ten diadems, and on its heads blasphemous names.  2And the beast which I saw was like a leopard, and its feet as of a bear, and its mouth as the mouth of a lion, and the dragon gave to it its power and its throne and great authority.  3And one of its heads as slain to death, and the stroke of its death was healed. And all the earth wondered after the beast, 4and they worshipped the dragon, because he gave the authority to the beast, and they worshipped the beast saying: Who is like the beast, and who can make war with it?  5And to it was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and authority was given it to act forty-two months.  6And it opened its mouth in blasphemies against God, to blaspheme the name of Him and His tabernacle, those tabernacling in heaven.  7And it was given to it to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation. 


See the chart OUTLINE OF REVELATIONS.  This beast is influential during the period from Charlemagne, late 8th century until the end of Pisces age about 2,000 AD.

Again we are seeing the dragon of 12:3,  but this time it is called a "beast" having ten horns and seven heads, and this time it is his horns which have ten diadems instead of seven. Horns are rulerships or positions of authority, while Diadems are individual rulers or princes. The first dragon appearance seems clearly to be the Jews, whose heads had diadems. Now, this dragon has diadems on horns instead of on heads.  This is the same dragon of Satan and Jews, but it is appearing as the "beast."

This BEAST comes out of the Sea. It has been identified by many interpreters as the Roman Catholic Church. The next few verses certainly seem to describe the Roman Catholic Church, with its blasphemies and war against the saints, and its great authority.

"one of its heads as slain to death, and the stroke of its death was healed." The Edomite Jews, which owned and operated the Jerusalem Temple religion of Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism, were evicted from Jerusalem and the Temple was destroyed about 70 AD.  The power-base of Edomite Jewry had been slain.  But, many of the Jews from Jerusalem moved to Rome, where a very large community of Jews already lived and where they were influential and active in Rome's politics.

It was there in Rome that the Jews would rise from their near-death experience, and from 300 AD, would take over the struggling new Christian movement, going on to institute the Roman Catholic Church by establishing a Jewish (Satanic) type of religion of tyrants and priestly heierarchy.

"All the earth worshiped the dragon, because he gave authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast." All Europe worshiped Satan through the Roman Catholic Church, which falsely acknowledged the Edomite Jews to be the true Israelite ancestors of the Christian Church. This belief is still common across America's Christian churches to this day.

In verse 5, this Roman beast is given 42 months authority.  That 1,260 years began  mid 700's when Charlemagne delivered most of Europe to Roman rule. His work increased the powerful terror of the "Dark-Ages" of Roman tyranny and cruelty. The Jews were instrumental in the organization, development, and operation of this Roman Catholic Beast, effectively using the Vatican as  their weapon for destroying all truly spiritual souls who stood up for Christ. Many Popes are known to have been Jewish race.

This period of forty-two months (v. 5) is a different period than that already referred to in previous verses. In those previous verses, Israel would be protected while hiding in the "isles" for 1,260 years.  But this 42 month period describes the time from 8th C. until about the year 2,000, when Roman Catholicism will finally be destroyed along with the Cain/Edom race.

Regarding blasphemies, no other people or group or institution in history can compare with the terrible blasphemies of this Roman Paganist, anti-Christ church. They prevent their people from worshipping Christ or God, saying only the priests have that right. The laity are told to worship Mary as the "mother of God!" and to pray to hundreds of other dead people they call "saints."  This church has devoted its history to keeping people ignorant and to cruelly killing any who stand up to question its wicked practices.

Through the middle ages, this church did truly war against the saints through the Inquisitions and Crusades, overcome them, persecute them, and kill them.  The blood of many truly spiritual Saints is upon the Roman Catholic Church, for which it has yet to receive its due reward.  I want to mention a few of our brothers in this body of Christ who died cruelly at the hands of the Great Harlot. There were the Cathars, aka Albigensians, hundreds of thousands were killed in a crusade 1208-1244, ordered by Pope Innocent III, because they wanted to live simply like Jesus. When asked which of the Cathars to kill, the Pope answered, "kill them all and let God pick out His own!"  The Papal Inquisition began to use torture in the 13th century; some of their instruments were the thumbscrew, the iron chair with seat of nails that could be heated from below, special boots  to crush shinbones, the rack to dislocate limbs, the wheel which lifted the body up while weights were added to his ankles, flaying skin off with sticks, crushing bones, beating flesh to pulp.  Usually, these tortures were preludes to death by fire (burning at the stake). Frequently, the prisoner was tormented with red-hot tongs while being paraded to the stake, or his right hand cut off just prior to burning. Some individuals whom we should remember with love and honor are: Arnold of Brescia (d. 1155) burned at the stake for suggesting that priests renounce power and wealth to live more like Jesus; John Hus (d. 1415) burned at the stake for preaching against immorality among the clergy;  Martin Luther (1483-1546) was excommunicated and terribly persecuted for bringing Christ to the lay people; Thomas Muntzer (1490-1525) died from being stretched on the wheel, while appealing to the Princes "be not harsh to the poor people;"  Michael Servetus (1511-1553) burned slowly at the stake because he enjoined Christians to forget the Christ of dogma and return to the Christ of the Bible; Sebastian Franck (1499-1542) was hated by Roman Catholics for he proclaimed an inner spirituality with these words: "As soon as people attempt to frame Christianity within rules and fit it into prescribed law and order, it stops being Christianity. There is a general failure to understand that Christians are handed over to the Holy Spirit. Where God's Spirit is, there freedom must be; there Moses must keep silent, all laws withdraw, and let no one be so bold  as to prescribe law, rules, order, goals, and measures to the Holy Spirit, nor attempt to reach, govern, and lead those who belong to him."  Franck was announcing the New Covenant of Hebrews 8, which orders teachers to stand aside because God will Shepherd His own sheep of Israel.  And then there is Giordano Bruno (d. 1600) burned at the stake because he affirmed the idea of "infinity." The list of martyrs for Christ could go on and on, for the Roman/Jewish Beast has murdered many millions who resisted its demonic wickedness.


13:8 And all who dwell on earth will worship him, whose name has NOT been written in the scroll of the Lamb's life Who was slain from the foundation of the world.  9If anyone has an ear, let him hear. 10If anyone is for captivity, to captivity he goes; if anyone will kill by a sword, it is necessary for him to be killed by a sword.  Here is the endurance and the faith of the saints.


Whether we interpret the Beast to be Satan's Edomite race of Jews or the Roman Catholic Church which is but an arm of Satan's outreach, all the world has been subservient to Satan's cruel tyranny. Those people who work the agenda of that Beast certainly are not listed in the Scroll of Christ's sheep. The Lamb (Israelites comprise His Body) has been "slain from the foundation of the world."  This information is for him who is willing to hear and understand just who the Lamb really is, that it is God's design that innocence and holiness have suffered continuous persecution and war since the beginning of the World. It is our purpose to be God's lambs, in order to represent Him in the contest against evil. It is our assignment to maintain our innocence in the face of all onslaught, dying willingly as we were taught by our Lord. We are the "Lamb's life," and our purpose in World is to carry our crosses up the path to that place of sacrifice where we can witness to the World of our true Father, and of that Lamb Who leads us.

Does it astound you that God has destined His own Offspring, through whom He expresses Himself, for such continuous battle? Innocence always loses? Always dies? If you knew that for certain, would you still charge into the arena with enthusiasm? Would you not turn from that destiny to partake of the World enticements which Satan offers? Why not? I want to tell you why not. Because you will be culled and cease to exist, no longer a value to God's cause, no longer a useful warrior. Secondly, because you will fail to achieve a happiness, satisfaction, thrill, contentment, and Heaven which is so unimaginably great that it makes our "life and death" contest seem to be a simple game in which life is the opportunity to represent the Almighty God and death is but a delusion. The truth is that rare few individuals value righteousness so highly that they will suffer and die for it - just because it is the right thing to do. The truth is that such solitaires know that they walk alone, and that their so-called "loved ones" will consider them stupid to stand with God so uncompromisingly in their suffering, when they could do like Job was urged to do by his wife: to "curse God and die." (Job 2:9) 

Back to the game: As for those who take captive and kill by the sword, they are enemies to whom Jesus points in John 8:44; they can be recognized by their fruits.  If one is aware, the Bible is full of references to such instincts as motivate the Edomites.  Those who have Edomite instincts devote their lives to lying and cheating and murdering because that is their natural compulsion, and they have no conscience to help convince them they are doing anything wrong.  They are born that way.  Their fruits are their natural produce.

In John 3:3 Jesus speaks of those who are "born from above," stating that ONLY THEY can ever see the kingdom of Heaven. Of course it is that way! God's Elect ones are Spirit Beings who are conceived into life in order to represent Him, the Conceiver. For earth races, a man provides just a biological seed; but for God's race, that seed accompanies a Spirit. We are Spirit beings, "born from above!"



Since I just mentioned Job, I want to insert some comments which are relevant to our understanding of John's Revelation. God's Elect ones are Spirit Beings, placed into this World contest where each must battle alone as a representative of God. We are more than just representatives for we have the potential to express Him through our human lives like Jesus did. He said that He only did or said what His Father directed Him to do. By being FAITHFUL to His mission, He became a powerful influence on all the World. Job was a character somewhat like Jesus, in that Job represented God's Spiritual nature, the Man Living Being. The other three natures were represented by Eliphaz (Physical), Baldad (Emotional), and Sophar (Intellect) [spellings are Greek LXX]. The story of Job is that his three so-called "friends" vexed Job the Spirit severely, advised him wrongly, and did not respect his faithfulness to God. (see Job 19:2) And that's the way it is for any Elect Spirit of God who is born into this life ignorant of his real identity; as a child he is then programmed to value worldly things, to behave emotionally, and to think intellectually. From that dark fog of childhood mal-conditioning, he must find a way to follow his spiritual instinct, in spite of being ostracized for it, an outcast from society. He, as a Spirit, is in contest against his three human natures, his family, his teachers, and all Satan's forces who control the education, economy, and cultural values. Now, just who is this one who must Overcome all else? He is God's Man (with a capital "M") after whom Jesus called Himself the "Son of Man." He is a David who must take on Goliath. In the great tournament, he is the warrior sent forth by the King to win the Victory. All the principalities and powers stand against him, but he is encouraged by the One he represents.

Keep in mind that all four natures are Living Beings around God's throne. The Physical, Emotional, and Intellect, are OF God, yet they seem to act as anchors to the Spirit. They are finite limitations, at least during this kingdom of finite World. A Spirit cannot help but love them as "friends"; for they seem to support his identity as a physical, emotional, and intelligent person. Yet, they advise us wrongly and anchor us to an earthly life, making it very difficult for a Spirit to be free again. How can a Spirit solve this dilemma of relationship with the other three natures of God which manifest into a human child of God? I don't have an answer to that question, but it is certainly a most profound subject to contemplate.

Finally, Elius, in chap. 32, befriends Job and rails at the so-called three friends for advising Job, wrongly. Elius (Christ-figure) also scolds Job for even trying to justify himself to God, for it isn't necessary; as a Spirit he is not guilty of the sins as accused by his three "friends." Here we see a Jesus, come to express His encouragement to a fellow Elect Spirit Being who struggles with the uphill path. For Job, living or dying was not an important factor; being faithful to God was his one all important value. So, I rate the book of Job as the second most significant and profound writing in our Bible. No one knows its author or its date; some suggest it might even date back to the time of Adam. Now that we know who the characters represent, we find its lesson similar to that of the Bhagavad Gita, which is part of the ancient saga of the Great Bharat family (our white race Adamic family), which I think was passed down orally from Noah's family when they were living in the Punjab region of northwest India, until finally written in Sanskrit. Both the Gita and the book of Job describe a struggle of one person (Spirit) against temporal relatives. So, also does the book of II Esdras (Ezra, the Prophet), and so does Jesus in His guidance to reject one's family, World, and human self. You see, we do have some literature of incomparable spiritual value, in contrast with this World which scorns such writings and fails to understand them. I add the book of Job to the list of my top three spiritual writings, with Revelation and the Bhagavad Gita. The book of Hebrews would be my fourth.

If you want to have the book of Job come to life for you, then read it with the help of the commentary at this link: The author, Bob Steffens, is the one who discovered that Job is a symbol of God's Spiritual nature - in a sort of contest with his three "friends," who are symbols of God's worldly natures of Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual. As a Spirit Being, a child of God is placed into this World arena without any real friends. Even his own three worldly natures vex him terribly (Job 19:2). I am grateful to Bob Steffens for this breakthrough insight - of inestimable value.


                                                    THE SECOND BEAST, OUT OF EARTH

13:11  And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and it had two horns like a lamb, and spoke as a dragon.  12And it exercises all the authority of the first beast before it.  And it makes the earth and those dwelling in it, that they shall worship the first beast, of which the deadly stroke of death was healed.  13And it does great signs, so that it even makes fire to come down out of the sky onto the earth before men.  14And it deceives those dwelling on the earth because of the signs which it was given it do do before the beast, telling those dwelling on earth to make an image to the beast who has the stroke of the sword and lived again.  15And it was given to it to give breath to the image of the beast, in order that the image of the beast might speak, and that as many as might not worship the image of the beast should be killed.  16And it makes all men, the small and the great, both rich and poor, both free men and the slaves, that they should give to them a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,  17and that anyone could not buy or sell except for having the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of its name.  18Here is wisdom, The one having reason, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man.  And the number is six hundred sixty six.


The second Beast is influential from about approximately 1848 to 2,000± AD.  This is the 150 year period when the Jews take over economic dominion of true Israelites in Europe and America.

The dragon (Satan/Cain/Edom) had given its power to the first Beast, the Roman Catholic Church. Now, this second Beast arises to exercise the same power as that first one, meaning that it also has the devil/Jews behind it. This second beast rises out of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, a dynastic reign by which the Jewish Hapsburg family ruled Europe for centuries, until 1913 when Marxist Communism took much of Europe, along with control of the rest of the European economies.  In seventy years of Russian Communist power, it accomplished again as much destruction of white-Israel race as the first Beast had done over many centuries.

This second Beast has two horns like a lamb.  Horns are kingships or rulerships. I see these two horns as the Roman Catholic papacy and as Jewish Marxism.  Each presents itself as a "lamb" pretending to favor the poor. Lenin installed a system whereby the poor  oppressed people were supposed to take over government and run it themselves. Stalin fancied himself savior of Russia (his Khazars), while killing millions of white-race Christians. In other words, they presented themselves to the world as good like a lamb, but were as fraudulent as Jews usually are. This Beast sure did speak "like a dragon." 

The Soviet regime never did battle with Roman Catholicism. They persecuted and oppressed the Eastern (Russian) Catholic church, which there has the name of "Russian Orthodox." That eastern church never did accept the fraudulent Jewish so-called "Hebrew" Old Testament Masoretic text as valid.  The  eastern church was nearly destroyed by Stalinists, but Russia never did real battle against Roman Catholics; rather, they probably conspired together more than the world ever knew.

Verse 13 "it even makes fire come down out of the sky."  This may be something nuclear, but probably a symbol of modern power and technology invented by Jewish scientists (like Einstein, Oppenheimer, Teller, et al) in order to emulate a heavenly kingdom of material wonders.

Verse 14 speaks of the deceptions of the Soviets, which were countless.  That regime was a master at lying and deception and fraud, proof-marks of a Jewish presence.  Making fire come down from the sky, and other great signs, were part of this century's space age and nuclear powers. The "image" mentioned here may be the UN building in New York, or possibly the Federal Reserve System. We really can't live in this society without serving them.

Here is that famous verse which, of which nearly everyone is aware, regarding "666." Actually, there are three possible factors of import, having the Mark, the Name, or the Number.  I think the Mark which permits people to buy or sell is the materialistic mind so prevalent in our world today as people serve the beast by participating in the Jewish economic system.  Anyone who succeeds in worldly enterprise must play their game and participate in the business of exploiting the innocent sheep. The entire Wall Street kind of investment scheme cleverly robs the workers of their rightful profits to make the wealthy Jews even richer.  Unless we participate in their scheme, we will be homeless, destitute, ostracized, and entirely forsaken. People who are willing to be merciless in their capitalistic pursuits are easily recognized by others of the same nature, as though they were wearing a mark. The Name of the Beast is easy; a "Jew" has all doors of merchandising open to him. The Number refers to those who have only the three natures, Physical, Emotional, and Intellect, but who do not have the Spiritual Mind. Each of God's Living Beings, Lion, Calf, Man, and Eagle, have six wings which are Elders (24 modalities by which those four natures are manifested). God's children of Israel are expressions of all four sets of six Elders. The darker skin earth races express only two sets of sixes, the Physical and Emotional. But, the Edomite Jewish race possesses three sets of Elders, 6 Physical, 6 Emotional, and 6 Intellect. So it is that "666" is the number of "man" spelled with a small "m," the Jewish race.

The Beast out of the earth would be metallurgy, silicon-chips, oil, plastics, crystals, chemicals, synthetics, uranium, etc. These unnatural uses of nature really do astonish and capture the worship of everyone. Technology has become our god. We sit before computers in abject worship. An acquaintance once offered to help me solve a computer dysfunction. As he knelt on the floor to work at the keyboard, I offered him a chair. He said, "no thanks; they work better if you kneel before them." In the center of many (perhaps most) bar codes is the number "666," so the marketplace seems to be part of the Beast. The Internet is skyrocketing into the one single place where all the world can do buying, selling, banking, and most everything else.

All businessmen, moneychangers, stock-market investors, and greedy chasers of luxury and the good-life, should tremble in fear of the vengeance which our Father is about to exact!  Jesus says, "foxes have holes and birds have nests, but I have no place to lay my head; follow Me." You won't find God's Elect in positions of power or wealth, for in their minds (foreheads) and on their hands (their work) is the name of our Father, not the mark of the Beast.


                                                                         CHAPTER 14

                                                                           THE 144,000

14:1  And I saw, and behold, the Lamb standing on the mount Sion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand having His name and the name of His Father written on their foreheads.  2And I heard a sound out of heaven as a sound of many waters and as a great thunder sound, and the sound which I heard was as harpers harping with their harps.  3And they sing a new song before the throne and before the four Living Beings and the Elders; and no man could learn the song except the hundred and forty-four thousand, the ones purchased from the earth.  4These are those not defiled with women, for they are celibates.  These are the ones following the Lamb wherever He may go.  These were purchased from men, the firstfruit to God and to the Lamb,  5and in their mouth was not found a lie; they are unblemished.



Chapters 12 through 14 parallel the series of seven Trumpets of chapters 8 through 11.  We are looking here at the results of the Trumpets on God's Elect.  Chapter 14 gets us into the end-times event when Satan is vanquished and Christ begins to reign.

Trumpets, 5, 6, & 7, which announced the events of this end-time period reveal the "abyss" opened, the light of truth being darkened, and demonic locusts overwhelming us with all the modern day enticements which attract us away from God. The Sixth Trumpet presents Armageddon, which will eliminate one-third of the white-race Israelites, and the seventh Trumpet presents the geophysical disaster of magnetic-field reversal, followed by the victorious Christ and the beginning of His reign.

It appears that this scene of the Lamb with His Elect on Mount Sion is at the end of the end-times, at the time of victory. The names written on the foreheads indicate the conscious realization of who the Lamb and the Father are. The new song may be the natural praise that only the Elect can sing, because only the Elect can know this special relationship with God.

The celibacy lauded here is symbolic, and does not refer to sexual morès.  This is an important concept, but difficult to explain in the light of church-teachings which have made a religion around sex.  Religious people have always tended to do this, not that it is entirely inappropriate, for sexual purity is a worldly symbol of spiritual purity.  Consider it this way.  We are spirit, merely dwelling in flesh bodies briefly. We are offspring of the Supreme God, and our chaste relationship with God is of ultimate importance. Those angels who desired to satisfy their own wills were evicted from God's favor, as will be any of His children who turn away from Him to chase sensual pleasures or worldly gratifications.  Obviously, simple sex is not the chastity being referred to here; just consider David and the bad things he did sexually, and yet God said that he was a "man after my own heart."  What David did not do was to turn to other objects of veneration.  Can we think that David won't be part of this 144,000 just because he was promiscuous?  No, it is our spiritual realization of God that is all important, and that might come as quite a surprise to those who are sexually chaste because of law, yet still worship the Beast in their daily lives of business, investments, and other gratifications.  These 144,000 never worshiped other gods.  One might even wonder how there could be that many people who have not nearly sold their souls for the good-life which the Beast offers so enticingly!

Consider the 144,000, relative to the total population.  If we assume all the elect to be in America (pop. 270 million), the land of true Israel, then the Elect would be one out of every 1,875 people. In a community of 350,000, that would place about 187 Elect, if they were evenly distributed. Just for information: in 1985 the U.S. population was 225 million, of which 198 million (88%) professed to be Christian.  This is the country which the Jewish Beast has dominated for 150 years, with hopes to destroy the race of Israel after it installs a New World Order soon. In 1985 the professed Jews were one and a half million, or 3.2% of the U.S. population! These 144,000 Elect "were purchased from the earth," with suffering and blood. It was there destiny to fulfill God's commission by suffering a willing sacrifice of their human natures (physical, emotional, intellect). Jesus made it explicitly clear that those who yield their lives for His sake get the reward of future life during the coming ages of Heaven, but those who seek to save their lives will lose, namely cease to exist. As you can see more and more clearly in this book of Revelation, God's designed purpose for us, as His children, never was just to live the good life which the World values so highly. We were put in this World in order that we might transcend it and reject it, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and Spiritually. It is by a deep instinct that we recognize our true Shepherd and of our own will follow Him up that Path of Sorrows. We should seek that path as zealously as the earthly ones seek the good life in their World. Perhaps this is the way we sing our New Song that only we can know; perhaps this is the way we cleanse ourselves of earthly dross in order to be pure, celibate, and without blemish.


14:6  And I saw another angel flying in mid-heaven, having good-news of the ages to proclaim over those dwelling on the earth, and over every nation and tribe and tongue and people.  7saying in a great voice: Fear God and give glory to Him, because the hour of His judgment is come, and worship the One who made the sky and the earth and sea and fountains of waters.  8And another, a second, angel followed saying: "Fallen,  fallen Babylon the great, because she made all nations to drink of the wine of the anger of her fornication.  9And another, a third, angel followed them saying in a great voice: If anyone worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand,  10he also shall drink of the wine of the anger of God, mixed undiluted in the cup of his wrath, and will be tormented by the fire and sulphur before holy angels and before the Lamb.  11And the smoke of their torment goes up unto ages of ages, and they have no rest day and night, who worship the beast and its image, and who receives the mark of its name.  12Here is the patience of the saints, those keeping God's commandments and the faith of Jesus.  13And I heard a voice out of heaven saying: Write: Blessed are the dead, the ones dying in the Lord from now.  Yes, says the Spirit, so that they shall rest from their labors; for their work follows with them.


Three angels announce (1) Gospel, (2)Babylon is fallen, (3)Woe to those with the mark of the beast.  The "good news" is of God's judgment over all the earth, that we live to Him.  The second angel announces the fall of Babylon, which is the materialistic society that developed from the teachings from Babylon, namely from the Babylonian philosophies of Paganism and Chaldean magics and the Jewish anti-God Talmudism. During the Babylonian captivity, the remnant of Israelite captives learned the occult teachings of Chaldean Mystery Schools and adopted them. Working the occult into their ancestral religion of David and Solomon which they had practiced in Jerusalem of old, they created a new religion which Jews still, to this day, call Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism.  The occult teachings of the Qabbalah make up the mystical side of that religion.  That new religion was born from the adulterous mix of our Patriarchs' religion with the Pagan religion of the Cain and Edom races, being the religion of the devil.  That new religion uses magic to achieve worldly desires.  For those people, worldly gratifications are everything; material wealth and power are the gods whom they worship.  The Temple, at Jesus' day, was a center of the banking (money-changing) industry because money is the heart and soul of the Edomite Jewish religion.  So, Babylon symbolizes the materialist civilization which the Jews of today have foisted on the world.  The quintessence of Babylonian philosophy was defined by Karl Marx as dialectical materialism, which asserts that matter is primary or fundamental — that is in opposition to idealism. Marx claimed that mind is not the creator of matter (as the mind of God creates the world) but that mind is a product of matter.  So, matter is ultimate and is god, and reasoning from this, quantity results in quality.  The Jewish banks now own about two-thirds of the world's real wealth (gold and real product), but where is the quality?  They will soon be destroyed by their own lie.

The Beast,  as already discussed in previous chapters, is the body of Satan (Cain/Edom race) who promote the Babylon society.  The "mark of the Beast" is the instinct which is the genetic inheritance of the race of Cain/Edom/Jews, including the Roman Catholic Church which is largely Cain race, because its wicked and perverted religion attracts the children of the devil. The mark might apply morally to white-race Israelites who serve the Babylon society, but it is not their natural instinct, and need not be permanent. That instinct, which Jesus described in John 8, is the compulsion to lie, cheat, steal, and murder the descendants of Jacob. The Mark is on the forehead (in one's mind, his beliefs, his values) or on the hand (his activities).

14:10 "fire and sulphur" are symbols of modern warfare, describing guns and bombs, perhaps also volcanoes.  Those with the mark of the Beast who aren't killed in the war of Armageddon will assuredly go out with the geophysical disaster, when the magnetic field reverses, followed by devastation by earthquakes and volcanoes.

Again we have "patience of the saints" mentioned.  These difficult end-times will severely try our patience, but we must persevere, even unto death.


14:14  And I saw, and behold, a white cloud, and on the cloud one sitting like a son of Man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.  15And another angel went forth out of the temple, crying in a great voice to the one sitting on the cloud: Send your sickle and reap, because the hour has come to reap, because the harvest of the earth was dried.  16And the one sitting on the cloud thrust His sickle over the earth, and the earth was reaped.  17And another angel went forth out of the shrine in the sky, having also a sharp sickle.  18And another angel went forth out of the altar, the one having authority over the fire, and he spoke in a great voice to the one having the sharp sickle saying, Send your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth, because its grapes are ripened.  19And the angel thrust his sickle into the earth and gathered the vine of the earth and cast it into the winepress of God's great anger.  20And the winepress outside the city was trodden down, and blood went out of the winepress as far as the bridles of the horses, from a thousand six-hundred furlongs. 


                                                                      HARVEST  TIME

Christ is the reaper of His own.  Angels are forces which express God's influences according to His directions.  A force from the Temple could result from, or be related to, the prayers and cries of God's children ("know ye not that ye are the temple of God") pleading for this harvest, as we are now doing.  It is the members of Christ's Body being reaped here, first. Christ reaps His own first, selecting the wheat and leaving the tares. He is right now doing this, separating the sheep from the goats. This process is underway, whereby we can watch some people being drawn to God and others becoming more resistant.  The dividing line is getting very clear between those who stand for principles and justice and righteousness on one side, while those who excuse our profligate and degenerate culture are on the other side.  American leaders have announced that Christianity is a dangerous cult, while they promote all sorts of perversions, lying, licentiousness, oppression, and even Satanism. Every person is feeling compelled to take a stand on one side of the line or the other, and the gulf between the two groups is getting wider.

After Christ has secured His own, and they are "marked" with the name of our God, then the angels of harvest can come to do their work, gathering all the wicked for the winepress of God's wrath.

Two angels come forth, one with a sharp sickle, and one who maintains the fire of God's altar. The second angel tells the one having the sickle to gather the rest of the harvest, the grapes to be trodden in God's winepress.  So, it is not Christ  who destroys His enemy race, but it is done by other forces out of the sky and of fire.  This sounds like the volcanic event which ends the great war, defeats our enemy, and gives Christ's members the victory.   Notice that the winepress of God's wrath is "outside the city."  Remember in 11:3, John was told to measure the "temple of God and the altar and the ones worshipping in it."  But he was told to NOT measure the court outside because that is given to nations who will trample the city. The Temple is a symbol of the people of Christ, who make up His Body.  We need to register this thought in our minds: We are the Temple of Christ, that being the same thing as His Body, and even the same thing as being the Christ.  Those outside are of no concern, and will receive whatever justice they earn according to the harm they've done to God's children. Here in 14:20 we see them reaping their due reward.

A furlong equals 660 feet, so 1,600 furlongs would be 200 miles. Whether this measurement is meaningful would be speculation at this point, but even as hyperbole, the point is made that there are a lot of enemies who will be killed.



                                                          INTRO TO BOWLS OF WRATH

 And I saw another sign in heaven, great and wonderful, seven angels having seven last plagues, for in them was the anger of God completed.  2And I saw as a glassy sea, mixed with fire, and the ones overcoming the beast and its image and the number of its name, standing on the glassy sea, having harps of God.  3And they sing the song of God's servant, Moses, and the song of the Lamb, saying: Great and wonderful are your works, O Lord God the Almighty; righteous and true are your ways, the King of the nations;  4who will not fear, O Lord, and glorify your name? because you only are holy, because all the nations will come and worship before you, because your ordinances were manifested.  5And after these things I saw, and the shrine of the tabernacle of the testimony was opened in heaven,  6and seven angels came forth, having the seven plagues out of the shrine, clothed in clean bright linen, and girdled round the breasts with golden girdles.  7And one of the four Living Beings gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls filled with the anger of the God living unto the ages of the ages.  8And the shrine was filled with smoke of the glory of God and of his power, and no one could enter into the shrine until the seven plagues of the seven angels should be finished. [Chapter 15 is an introduction to the Bowls of Wrath of Chapter 16.] 

Refer again to the OUTLINE OF THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS.  The Bowls of Wrath are the fifth column, and this series of Bowls parallels the series of Trumpets.  The Trumpets announced the same general events as these Bowls, but the Trumpets announced a program to God's chosen ones.  The Bowls of Wrath are poured out upon Satan's race, the race of people who dominated the western world of Christianity for the entire age of Pisces. This section of the book of Revelation, three chapters: 17 through 19, describes the domination by Satan's race, their ultimate demise, and the victory of the Lamb. This Bowls account parallels the Trumpets, over the same period of time, the age of Pisces.

The series of Bowls (and Trumpets, and Seals) are prophecy models being fulfilled within the age of Pisces, from Christ until about 2,000 AD (2012? 2019?).  Then, the paradigm also serves again as a model for the entire12,000 year period of the kingdom of Heaven, from about 2,000 AD until about 14,000 AD. See the Sine Wave Diagram for that.


                                                                         CHAPTER 16

                                                                    BOWLS OF WRATH

The TEXT of chapter 16 is found along with the Seals and Trumpets, located at the position of Chapter 6:1, beginning at the first Seal, first Trumpet, and first Bowl. Go to First Seal.

We continue at this point with chapter 17.  The next three chapters tell the RESULTS of the Bowls of Wrath on the children of Satan: Christ's enemy race of Cain/Edom/Jews.


                               CHAPTER 17 (See Column 6 of the OUTLINE OF REVELATIONS)

                                                            GREAT HARLOT, BABYLON

1And one of the seven angels having the seven Bowls came, and spoke with me saying: Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot sitting on many waters,  2with whom the kings of the earth practiced fornication, and those dwelling on earth became drunk from the wine of her fornication.  3And he carried me into a desert in spirit.  And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, filled with names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.  4And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and gilded with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominations and the unclean things of her fornication,  5and on her  forehead a name written, a mystery, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND  OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.  6And I saw the woman drunk from the blood of the saints and from the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.  And I wondered with a great wonder seeing her.  7And the angel said to me, Why did you wonder? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast carrying her, having the seven heads and ten horns.  8The beast which you saw was and is not and is about to come up out of the abyss and goes to destruction, and those dwelling on the earth will wonder: those whose names have not been written on the scroll of life from the foundation of the world, seeing the beast that it was and is not and is present.  9Here is the mind having wisdom:  The seven heads are seven hills, where the woman sits on them, and kings are seven:  10the five fell, the one is, the other not yet came, and whenever he comes it is necessary to remain a little.  11And the beast which was and is not, even he is an eighth, and is of the seven, and goes to destruction.  12And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but receive authority as kings one hour with the beast.  13These have one mind, and their power and authority they give to the beast.  14These will make war with the Lamb,  and the Lamb will overcome them, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful.  15And he says to me: the waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.  16And the ten horns which you saw, and the beast, these will hate the harlot, and having been desolate will make her also naked, and will eat her fleshes, and will consume her with fire;  17for God gave into their hearts to do his mind, and to make one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God shall be accomplished.  18And the woman whom you saw is the great city, having a kingdom over the kings of the earth.


Verses 3 - 6: The Great Harlot is the Roman Catholic Church,  as all the Protestant Reformation giants agreed. She is pretty well described in v. 4. She rides the beast (the First) of chap. 13, which is Edom (Jews). Her political power depends on the support and authority of the powerful Jewish cartel which rules the world. She is Christ's natural enemy, having the face of Christianity but doing the devil's work against God's true Israel.

Verse 8 is that First Beast, and refers to the Edomite Jews. John saw this vision about 90 AD. The Jews had been evicted from Palestine in 70 AD, and at the time of John were just settling in Spain, Italy, and eastern Russia, to which they had migrated. But, as early as the Second Century we find them causing revolutions, as is their nature, in Italy. By 65 AD the population of Italy was less than half white-race, and rapidly declining, while Jewish presence was increasing. As the Roman Empire continued to decline under Jewish influence, the white race of the Greek Caesars migrated away from the region.  The next couple centuries would see the Roman church faction split off from the eastern church, to establish a Jewish designed Roman Catholicism. That Edomite Beast arose from the abyss (symbolic term of the depths of evil of Satan's body of children: Jews) and influenced the organization of the Christian movement, creating it in the style of Socialist tyranny which is the Jewish  style of government.

This vision describes in verse 10, the Roman Catholic Empire which persecuted and killed Christians. Overall, the common theme is the role which the Jews play, largely through the Roman Catholic Church for the years to come, at least until the Reformation era. The "seven hills" describe Rome, and the Church whose blasphemy knows no limits, drunk with the blood of saints it tortured and killed.

Verse 13 indicates the leaders of the Roman Church have one mind, and they give their power to the Cain/Edom Beast (like Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire in Vienna, Austria), whose primary instinct is to make war against the Lamb, Christ.  This is a wonderfully described general picture of the situation during the past twenty centuries, where the children of the Lamb have been continuously persecuted by the Jews and the Roman tyranny.  Anyone can look back at history and attempt to fit names to the kings and kingdoms, but I am not going to try to work that out right now.

Verse 16 says the Jews will come to hate the harlot (Roman Catholic Church) and will destroy her.  The time has now arrived when the goals of the Jews, in their new misnamed nation of "Israel" conflict with the goals of the Roman Catholics, so we might expect the R.C. Church to be destroyed soon.

The great city mentioned in verse 18 is probably Rome, which did reign over the kings of the earth, as the Holy Roman Empire, for most of the past centuries, until the recent development of America.  Of course, even America is ruled by the Beast of the Jewish tyrants, the same as which operated through the Roman Church.



                                                                  BABYLON IS FALLEN


After these things I saw another angel coming down out of the sky, having great authority, and the earth was lighted  by his glory.  2And he cried in a strong voice saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become a dwellingplace of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit and a prison of every unclean bird, and a prison of every unclean beast, and hated,  3because all nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have practiced fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the resources of her luxury.  4And I heard another voice out of heaven saying: Come out of her, my people, that you not participate in her sins, and so you do not receive some of her plagues;  5because her sins were piled together reaching up to the sky, and God has remembered her unrighteousness.  6Render to her as she rendered , and double the double according to her works; in the cup in which she mixed, you mix double for her;  7so much as she glorified herself and luxuriated, by so much you give to her torment and grief. Because she says in her heart, "I sit a queen and am not a widow,  and never see sorrow;  8therefore in one day will come upon her plagues, death and grief and famine, and with fire she will be burned up; because strong is the Lord God, the one having judged her.  9And the kings of the earth, the ones who practiced fornication with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning,  10standing from afar because of the fear of her torment, saying: "Woe, woe, the great city of Babylon, the strong city; because in one hour your judgment came."  11And the merchants of the earth cry and grieve over her, because no one buys their cargo any more,  12cargo of gold and silver and precious stones and pearls and fine linen of purple and silk of scarlet, and all thyne wood, and all types of vessels of ivory and all types of vessels of very valuable wood and bronze and iron and marble,  13and cinnamon and spice and incense and myrrh and frankincense and wine and oil and fine flour and wheat and beasts of burden and sheep, and horses and carriages and bodies and souls of men.  14And the fruit of your souls' desires went away from you, and all the sumptuous and splendid things perished from you, and never again will  they find them.  15The merchants of these things, the ones having been rich from her, will stand from afar because of the fear of her torment, of her weeping and sorrowing,  16saying: "Woe, woe, the great city clothed with fine linen and purple and scarlet, and gilded with gold and precious stone and pearl,  17because in one hour was laid waste of such great wealth."  And every steersman and every one sailing to a place, and sailors, and as many as work the sea, stood from afar  18and cried out seeing the smoke of her burning saying: "What is like the great city?"  19And they cast dust on their heads and cried out weeping and sorrowing, saying "Woe, woe, the great city, by which all those having ships were rich from her worth, because in one hour she was made desolate."

20Rejoice over her, heaven and saints and apostles and prophets, because God judged your judgment against her.

21And one strong angel lifted a stone like a great millstone, and threw it into the sea, saying: Thus with violence the great city Babylon shall be thrown down, and shall be found no more.  22And the sound of harpers and musicians and flutists and trumpeters shall not be heard in you any more, and all craftsman of every craft will never be found in you any more, and the sound of a mill shall not be heard in you any more,  23and the light of a lamp shall not shine in you  any more, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you any more; because your merchants were the great ones of the earth, because by your sorcery all the nations were deceived,  24and blood of prophets and saints was found in her, and of all the ones slain on the earth.


Chapter 18 is quite a eulogy!  Babylon is the word-symbol of the materialist society, a  hectic society of competition and wealth and the pursuit of luxury by any means.  Babylon is the "dog eat dog" system, where wealth and power make a man a tyrant, and innocent sheep are just food for wolves.  This evil society is traceable to ancient Babylon and its occult magic practices which were used to gain wealth and power.  Those Chaldean Mystery School teachings were adopted by the "remnant" who later returned to Jerusalem about 510 BC with a new religion called "Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism," replacing the old religion of David and Solomon.  The new value of materialism became the religion of the Edomites, who became Judeans (1st C. BC) and still fraudulently call themselves "Jews," and has been the religion called Judaism, as it still is today.  Edomite Jews have designed our modern society, based on such material lusts, and any who don't participate in the big dog fight will probably be homeless, destitute, or in prison.  Some people have an instinct by which they excel in such a society; that INSTINCT is the "mark of the Beast."  The Jews who designed and promote such a society are the "Beast."  The heartless society they have designed is called "Babylon."

Verse 2 describes the fallen Babylon as a place of demons and unclean spirits. We cannot interpret this as the moment AFTER Babylon's final destruction because in v. 4 we hear God calling "my people" out of her lest they share in her sins. It looks like the fall of Babylon takes place during the 3½  years in which Juda and Israel (two witnesses) lie dead in the street (11:7-12). It may be that we, Juda & Israel, are now lying dead in the street, having no power, no voice, no influence in government. We are openly ridiculed by the liberal media and Jewish government as they rejoice over our demise. It is now that Babylon is falling, as we see economies collapsing all over the world; political systems are crashing, and Babylon's leaders are in panic as they desperately try to destroy the white race which they hate. We are on the precipice of a great economic crash. It is from this kind of chaos and desperation that world leaders will initiate Armageddon, by stirring the false prophet of Islam to rise against us.  So, it is while they rejoice over the death of Juda & Israel that they bring about their own demise!  During this period, we are encouraged to separate ourselves from Babylon "lest you receive her plagues. Now would be a good time to heed Jesus' command to flee to the mountains, friends. Once it happens -- too late!

We, of this modern world, who've grown up in this Babylon, know nothing but this Babylon kind of society.  It may be impossible for us to REALISTICALLY imagine ancient societies that were not designed by Satan. He is, after all, the lord of this kingdom of World, and it is by his influence and power that civilization is designed.  We can read literature and get some ideas about a Godly society, but where was there ever such a thing? Perhaps the only one was the theocracy period of Old Testament history (from 1450 to 1000 BC) when the people of Israel accepted the rulership of God's Judges.  Today, we cannot really switch over to feel and know the things our ancestors valued and believed and feared.  We are addicted to Babylon, and we  like all the technological wonders which make life more exciting.  We tell ourselves life is easier because of all these wonders, so we work stressful jobs and live in multi-room boxes in flashing-light and sound-filled environs in order to pay the Beast for the privilege.  We live to serve the Beast, and any time we stop serving it, we will be ostracized, cast off, perhaps even imprisoned. By serving the Beast, we have turned away from our Father who calls us prodigals from this Jewish pig-pen to our true home.  It would be better to rephrase that this way: By serving the Beast, we have denied our God given abilities to create a Godly heaven of our own design, rather than that of the Jews, which they deceived us into creating for them.



"After these things I heard a loud sound like a great crowd in heaven saying: "Alleluia, The salvation and the glory and the power is of our God,  2because His judgments are true and righteous; because he judged the great harlot who was corrupting the earth with her fornication, and he avenged the blood of his servants from her hand."  3And  a second time they said: "Alleluia;" and her smoke goes up unto the ages of the ages.  4And the twenty-four Elders and the four Living Beings fell and worshipped the God sitting on the throne, saying: "Amen, Alleluia."  5And a voice from the throne came forth saying, "Praise our God, all his servants, the ones fearing him, the small and the great."  6And I heard as a sound of a great crowd, and as a sound of many waters, and as a sound of strong thunders saying: "Alleluia, because our Lord God the Almighty reigned.  7Let us rejoice and let us exult, and give the glory to Him, because the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his wife prepared herself,  8and it was given to her that she might be clothed with fine, bright, clean linen; for fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints."  9And he tells me: "You write; blessed are the ones called to the supper of the wedding of the Lamb."  And he says to me, "These words of God are true."  10And I fell before his feet to worship him.  And he says to me: "See you do not do it; I am a fellow servant of yours, and of your brothers, having the witness of Jesus; You worship God.  For the witness of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

The bride of the Lamb is the family Israel. John had listed all twelve tribes, including those of Juda and Levi. All twelve are called "bride" at this wedding, even though Juda and Levi were not officially divorced from God in the 8th C. BC when God divorced the ten northern tribes of Israel. The Royal tribe of Juda has continued to occupy the throne of David in Scotland and England to this very day, just as God promised that it would never be vacant. Here, all twelve tribes have been purified and this marriage will unite the members of Christ's body with the Head, so we shall become one Christ again, inheriting the vineyard prepared for us, the very kingdom of Heaven.       

After the great magnetic field reversal, when the earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, and subsequent plagues and famines have cleansed the earth of most of the people, the chosen of God will remain because they fled to places where He could protect them, and they will soon realize how wonderfully God has avenged His beloved servants, and has set His children free. Our praise to Him, our Source and Father and Loving God will be unbounded, and that praise will define our lives. I mean that our lives will BE our living-praise, that we will live to God's glory alone, without reservation, by living our spiritual minds rather than our three human minds. [Cf. Jesus' advice in the Nag Hammadi text of the APOCRYPHON OF JAMES, which reads: "Hence become full of the Spirit, but be in want of reason, for reason belongs to the soul; in turn it is the nature of soul." The Greek word for Soul is psyche, which was considered to be the human mind by ancient Greeks. For us, it is our Spirits which live forever.] And thereby we will REALIZE our oneness with Him, and our creative powers, and our Anointing.

God's children are extensions of the 24 Elders, who are extensions (wings) of the four Living Beings, who are extensions of the Son, who comes from the Light.  Our living-praise IS the praise of the 24 elders and four Living Beings.  To the extent that we live our lives to God's glory, the Elders and Beings praise the Father. We are them. They are us.


19:11  And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse, and the One sitting on it called Faithful and True; and in righteousness He judges and makes war.  12And His eyes are as a flame of fire, and on His head many diadems, having a name written which no one knows except Himself,  13and clothed with a garment dipped in blood, and His name has been called "The Word of God."  14And the armies in heaven followed him on white horses, dressed in fine, white, clean, linen.  15And out of his mouth proceeds a sharp sword, in order that with it He might smite the nations; and He will shepherd them with an iron staff; and He treads the winepress of the  fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.  16And he has on the garment and on His thigh, a name written, "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.


Here is the mighty Son of Man, the Christ, in all His power and glory, in a way that we have never seen Him before.  He sits astride the great white horse, with eyes of fire, and kingly crowns, leading "armies of heaven," on white horses, dressed in fine white linens. We've already learned that the nice linens symbolize the deeds of the saints. The King leads with a great sword, a King's "Excalibur," to smite the nations and destroy the wicked.  Is there anyone whose knees would not collapse beneath him, watching this King and army thunder toward him? Woe to the Beast and all the children of Satan, for they will be but grapes before Him  who "treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty."

Do not our hearts fill to the bursting with the thrill of this scene? As Christ and His saints cleanse this world of its evil, in order to make a perfect kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven.  Right now, when things look so bleak in our nation, when we are led by a treasonous regime of Satanic tyrants who will soon try to destroy or enslave all the sheep of Christ, we feel powerless and doomed.  Each of us must wonder whether we will be killed in the coming fray, and what will become of our loved ones.  The final battle is about to commence, and the enemy seems to have all the terrible powers, the great armaments, the gunships and missiles, and the lust for mass destruction. We lone souls and small families sit with some small arms and we store a little food, and we don't know when or how the attack will come. Certainly, it will be terrible beyond our imaginations, and many of us will be killed. What we can do, prior to battle, is pray that we might fight boldly and die bravely.  Pray that none of us might be so weak and cowardly that we value these worldly lives more than the Kingdom of  Heaven.

Many of us true Israelite lost-sheep, for whom Jesus came, will die, then to be gathered under God's altar, secure and loved, until the war is over, and then we will inherit the vineyard prepared for us.  We will live again, as the body of Christ, in the final Promised Land.


19:17  And I saw one messenger standing in the sun, and he cried out in a great voice saying to all the birds flying in mid-sky, "Come, gather to the great supper of God,  18so that you may eat flesh of kings and flesh of chiliarchs (rulers of thousands) and flesh of strong men and flesh of horses and of those sitting on them, and flesh of both free men and slaves, and small and great."  19And I saw the Beast and the kings of the earth and their armies assembled to make war with the One sitting on the horse and with His army.  20And the Beast was seized, along with the False Prophet, the one having done the signs before it, by which he deceived those having the mark of the Beast and the ones worshipping its image; the two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with sulphur.  21And the rest were killed with the sword of the One sitting on the horse, the sword proceeding out of His mouth, and all the birds were filled from their flesh.


Keep in mind these things are all symbols. First is a force from the sun. The sun is the source of all worldly power and violence (contrary to the kingdom of Heaven which is not sun-based - 21:23).  The birds from the sky which eat the flesh of all types of men and horses (vehicles) may be ballistic missiles, bombs, or may be the volcanic deposits which will bury the great masses who are killed by the geophysical event. In verse 19, John saw enemy armies assembled in war against us, at the time the "armies in heaven" arrive to destroy the people. Most likely, the war of Armageddon will be in progress when the sky fills with Christ's forces. George Washington described this in his vision thus: "At the same moment, the angel upon whose head still shone the word "Union," and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits."

The Beast who will be separated from us, we have already met; he is the Cain/Edom/Jew race of Satan which created the materialistic society of Babylon which has enslaved us.  The False Prophet who will be destroyed with the beast represents any Satanic religion which substitutes an evil man's teachings for those of the true Christ. Islam is based on the fraud of Mohammed, a caravan robber, who pillaged and killed until the Arab world adopted his god of Allah, whom he had selected from the Pantheon of statues at Mecca to be his chief god. Mormons certainly follow a false prophet, for Joseph Smith was an occultist who founded a religion upon his Freemason Satanic sex rituals, where priests have rituals with virgins, men have many wives, and fathers are the first sexual partners for their own daughters.  The Roman Catholic Church looks to a false prophet Pope who claims to be "God on earth," directing members to pray to dead people and Mary (necrolatry), along with prohibiting them from worshiping Christ or the Father.



And I saw a messenger coming down out of the sky, having the key of the abyss and a great chain on his hand.  2And he laid hold of the dragon, the old serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,  3and cast him into the abyss, and shut and sealed it over him, so that he could no longer deceive the nations, until the thousand years are finished; after these things it is necessary for him to be loosed a little time.


It isn't clear that this messenger is Christ, who does have  the key to Hades and Death. Here is a force which can over-ride the negative force, called "Satan."  If we look at the sine-wave curve diagram, it appears that the period of time immediately after the crossing of the neutral line is always completely absent of the opposite energy.  For instance, when the line crossed from Virgo into Leo, about 12,000 years ago, the positive Christ power was absent for a time.  I speculate that the Christ had been entombed in the great pyramid. This seems a plausible theory, because when the King's Chamber was entered for the first time since the  pyramid was sealed, the stone lid of the coffin was off it and the coffin was empty. The incident at Jesus' tomb seems to be a direct reference to that, as the stone was rolled away mysteriously and the tomb was found empty.

So, if the Christ force was totally absent for a time in Leo, then the paradigm at the reciprocal moment would have the Devil-force to be absent for a time in Aquarius.

Refer to the chart of the Seven Stars and Seven Columns. While the first six columns are models that apply to several different epochs, such as the Roman Empire, or the age of Pisces, or the future kingdom of Christ, the seventh column is dedicated only to the future kingdom of Christ, from the time of  the beginning of Christ's reign until the apex of perfection about 6,000 years later.

The "abyss" might be the symbol for that negative period which loops below the neutral line, looking like a chasm. Negative energy dances with the positive, each of them continuously changing in strength, influencing each other, and causing the line to curve cyclically. It appears that immediately after each power reversal, the opposing partner is totally absent from the dance for a short time, symbolized by the number "1,000 years."

On my sine-wave diagram, I'm speculating that the 1,000 years indicates the approximate 1,735 year period of Ephesus. Then it is also possible that there is not a distinct moment when the negative force returns, but its return might be very gradual.  Remember, the negative force is that energy which attracts Christ's positive-polarity body members, us, toward negative thoughts and desires, somewhat neutralizing the positive Christ-force which is our perfect state. That negative force attraction/power is an intelligent being, called the Devil or Satan.


20:4  And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given to them, and (I saw) the souls of those who were beheaded because of their witness of Jesus, and because of the Word of God, and (those) who did not worship the beast nor its image and did not receive the mark on the forehead and on their hand; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.  5The rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were completed.  This is the first resurrection.  6Blessed and holy is the one having part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no authority; but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and will reign with him the thousand years.


Look at the Sine-Wave diagram.  The period of the "thousand years," as discussed above, is the period during the age of Ephesus. Verse 4 is saying that only those who died for Christ and had not worshipped the beast will live during this first period of the kingdom of Heaven, perhaps just the Elect.  This is the period of recovery after the terrible disaster that destroyed most of the earth and all civilization. This will be an extremely difficult period of time, but it will be budding of a new flower, born from an old bulb which died.  This will the the Promised Land into which very few from the old world will go.  Of all the ancient Israelites who escaped Egypt, only Joshua (a Iesus), along with Chaleb, lived to cross the river into the Promised Land. Most of us cannot cross over because it isn't permitted to carry old baggage there.  Old behaviors, social mores, customs, and beliefs would be detrimental to the founding of a new society which must be based on spiritual constructs rather than the material ones to which we are accustomed.

While it will be a difficult time, it will be heavenly to live in Christ's full power, and a new kingdom will be developed as a paradise into which the rest of Christ's family members will come at about 3,735 AD or so, at the beginning of the age of Smyrna.

The phrasing which regards the "first resurrection" is a little confusing, but with the explanation which follows, in v. 6, it appears that the first resurrection will be at the BEGINNING of the Ephesus age, for it is these few (perhaps the 144,000 Elect), who will be "priests of God and of Christ,"  who will live from the first resurrection for "the thousand years."  THEN, the rest of Christ's body will come to live in the kingdom.


20:7  And when the thousand years are finished, Satan will be loosed out of his prison,  8and will go forth to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to assemble them to the war, of whom their number is as the sand of the sea.  9And they went up over the breadth of the land, and encircled the camp of the saints and the beloved city; and fire came out of heaven and devoured them;  10and the Devil deceiving them was cast into the lake of fire and sulphur, where also the beast and the false prophet are, and they will be tormented day and night unto the ages of the ages. 

The thousand years are finished at the end of the age of Ephesus, about 3,735 AD.  Then the negative energy returns as a power to influence the age of Smyrna, until about 5500 AD, when the Devil is again cast away.  It looks like the kingdom of God will be intermittent periods of devil influence between periods of Christ's peaceful reign.  Look at the OUTLINE OF REVELATIONS: the church of Smyrna (Col. 1 & 7) indicates that the Jews (symbol for Satan's race) will be a problem during the age of Smyrna.  The second seal, corresponding to Smyrna, is the Red Horse and the Sea which symbolize emotional conflict. Of course, red is the symbolic color for Esau's race of falsely-so-called Jews. Then at the end of this period, the Devil is cast into a lake (sea) of fire & sulphur.  We can hardly speculate what that might be, for it is in a kingdom beyond our imagination.


20:11  And I saw a great white throne and the One sitting on it, from whose face the earth and the sky fled away, and a place was not found for them.  12And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and scrolls were opened; and another scroll was opened, which is the scroll of life; and the dead were judged by the things written in the scrolls according to their works.  13And the sea gave up the dead in it, and death and hades gave the dead in them, and they were judged, each one according to their works.  14And death and hades were cast into the lake of fire.  This is the second death, the lake of fire.  15And if anyone was not found written in the scroll of life, he was cast into the lake of fire. 

The earth goes through another major change in its nature, perhaps becoming even less physical, becoming a more fluid reality that is relative to the creative minds who make it, namely the Elect.  Finally, the time has come when the Elect have found the spiritual perfection whereby they become immortal.  Each person has now become the end result of all his past experiences.   No longer can the sea of spiritual conflict hold the perfected ones in bondage, nor can death or the negative power called "Hades," claim any of them.  Those who have not perfected themselves and fulfilled their personal destinies, remain in the dimension of reality of "fire" (the burning passions and emotions and sensual hungers), with death and the hell of lives motivated by desires and hungers and material satisfactions and sensual gratifications.  Hades is this "Hell," which is just a name for this dimension where each creates his own misery by seeking worldly fulfillments.  We live right now in the lake of fire, the deep chasm of negative energy, symbolized by the lower half of the sine-wave curve.  While we might diagram history on a linear scale, as though its passage through time is an absolute, that is just another delusion, another great lie.  When we become spiritually perfect, then we will become freed of that lie and both time and space will be nothing but figments of our imaginations, as we create for ourselves whatever perceptions we wish to experience, in harmony with with God's perfect laws.

There, then, is the "eternity" of which theologians speak. While the Greek word αiov (aeon - meaning "age") is usually translated in Bibles as "eternity," the sine-wave curve just shows time continuing on through endless ages.  Yet, for the spiritually perfected ones, there is a kind of real timeless (non-linear) and spaceless eternity when we achieve the realization of immortality, and death is no more, nor is there any such thing as solid earth.  Reality becomes fluid and relative to our thoughts, the mountains moving for individuals because of merest whim of belief/faith. 

After the second death, about 5500 AD, the time line goes on through the age of Pergamos, and the perfected ones are not troubled by the negative temptations, but attain perfect union with our Father.



And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and the sea is no longer.  2And I saw the holy city of New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride, adorned for her husband.  3And I heard a great voice from the throne saying, "Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will tabernacle with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them,  4and will wipe off every tear from their eyes, and death will be no longer, nor sorrow, nor clamor, nor pain will be any longer, because the first things have passed away. 

The "sea" is a symbol for multitudes of people. See verses 15:2 and 17:15.

The body of Christ, Israel, is the bride of Christ, and this city of New Jerusalem represents our garments, a glorious spiritual, perfected dimension of reality, something not even imaginable with our limited earth-bound minds. John is trying to describe a state of ecstasy with God, which is that peace which passes all understanding.

Esaias 65:17ff — "17For there shall be a new heaven and a new earth; and they shall not remember the former, neither shall they at all come into their mind.  18But they shall find in her joy and exultation; for, behold, I make Jerusalem a rejoicing, and my people a joy."  A new heaven and earth are spoken of again by Esaias/Isaiah in the last verses of his book.


21:5  And the One sitting on the throne said, "Behold, I make all things new."  And He says, "You write, because these words are faithful and true."  6And He said to me, "It is born.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  To the one thirsting I will give freely from the fountain of the water of life.  7The one overcoming shall inherit these things, and I will be God to him and he shall be to me a son.  8But for the cowardly and unbelieving and the foul and murderers and fornicators and sorcerors and idolaters and all the liars, shall have their part in the lake burning with fire and sulphur, which is the second death. 

The separation between those who achieved perfection and those of earth natures is complete.  God pronounces it so.  The new heaven is born, and the second death has cleaned out all those who fell short.


21:9  And one of the seven angels having the seven bowls filled with seven last plagues came and spoke with me saying: "Come I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.  10And he bore me away in spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God,  11having the glory of God; its light was like a precious stone, as a diamond clear as crystal;  12having twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names inscribed which are of the  twelve tribes of the sons of Israel.  13From east three gates, and from north three gates, and from south three gates, and from west three gates.  14And the wall of the city has twelve foundations, and on them twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.  15And the one speaking with me had a golden measuring reed, so he might measure the city and its gates and its wall.  16And the city lies square, and the length of it as much as the breadth. And he measured the city with the reed at twelve thousand furlongs; its length and breadth and height are equal.  17And he measured its wall, a hundred forty four cubits, a measure of a Man, which is of an angel.  18And the coping of its wall was jasper, and the city was pure gold like pure glass.  19The foundations of the city wall were adorned with precious stone, the first foundation jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald,  20the fifth sardonyx, the sixth sardius, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprasus, the eleventh hyacinth, the twelfth amethyst.  21And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one respectively was of one pearl.  And the street of the city was pure gold like transparent glass.  22And I saw no temple in it; for the Lord God the Almighty, and the Lamb, is its temple,  23And the city has no need of the sun nor of the moon, so they might shine in it; for the glory of God enlightened it, and its lamp is the Lamb.  24And the people (eθvη) shall walk about because of its light, and the kings of the earth bring their glory into it;  25and its gates may not be shut by day for there shall not be night;  26and they will bring the glory and honor of the nations (eθvov) into it.  27And by no means may any profane thing enter into it, nor anyone making an abomination and a lie, but only those written in the scroll of the life of the Lamb.


The marriage of the Lamb is the act of reunion of all members of Christ's body, His Church, so that we are all one Anointed Being, God's own Offspring, His Son from before the world came into being.

What we are seeing in this New Jerusalem is the ultimate garment of the body of Christ, when the members are united and perfected and with their creative minds conjure their heavenly abode.  Here is the true home for Israel.  Jerusalem of Palestine was but a symbol in the worldly model.  Jerusalem as America was the next greater symbol in this model, exceeding all other continents in beauty and lush, fertile lands, rivers, mountains, and plains.  Then, in the heavenly dimension of reality, the perfect Jerusalem appears, and Israel has arrived at her true home.

Notice that the new city has twelve gates named after the twelve tribes of Israel, and twelve foundations named after the twelve apostles.  Heaven is clearly for Israel alone, and if one understands the politically-correct mistranslation and misunderstanding of the word eθvoς (ethnos) as an error, then we see clearly that the Bible is from beginning to end concerned with one select racial group only, and none others, the "lost sheep of the House of Israel," just as Jesus stated.  The evangelistic fervor and ignorance which has Christians sacrificing themselves to "save" all the races of the world, is of the Devil, and has effectively drowned true Israel in ignorance of who she really is.

V. 16:  12,000 σταδίωv (stadion), at 606.75 English feet each, equals 1,379 miles. 

V. 17:  144 cubits.  There were two ancient cubits, the Royal cubit of about 20 inches, and the Sacred cubit of about 25 inches. But it is the number, 144,  which is of more significance here, being the "measure of a man, which is of an angel/messenger."  If you remember the description of the Throne of God, you will see an interesting correspondence.  The throne is the schematic of the elements of Creation.  Beginning with God, as pure white light, the Light breaks down into seven colors.  The seven Spirits are powers, probably directly related to the colors, and the seven Lampstands are bodies, called "churches."  The four Living Beings are four basic natures of creation, being Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental minds. Each Living Being then has six extensions (wings) which become the 24 elders.  Each elder then breaks down to six parts, making 144, the number of Man or Angel.  Of these Men, there are then 144,000 elect children who are born of God or born from above.  The Christ is the sum total composite of the Elect, the Elders, and the Living Beings. We are all one unit, called the Anointed Son of God.  We are the wall of the new Jerusalem; we make up the very structure of this city, which is to make Jerusalem actually one and the same as the Christ, the Anointed One of the Father.  What we end up with at this level of spiritual realization, is that we, as creative mind, are not separate in any way from that which we create from our minds.  The New Jerusalem is not something external from our own substance or nature.  There is actually nothing external from our substance, as we share Oneness with the Father, which is "ALL THAT IS."

That is all very esoteric, as we try to ponder it  with our limited conscious minds right now.  But, we might conclude that heaven is esoteric,  and it will be our destiny to become at home in such a fluid and relative reality, which results from the perfected mind of the Anointed One.

Precious stones symbolize beauty and richness, of course.  But there may be something more meaningful that we do not understand. The twelve stones on the breastplate of the High Priest (Exodus 28) are believed by scholars to be the same as the twelve listed here by John. They are also the same as the twelve stones on the ancient Crown of St. Edward, which has been used for England's Royal coronations for over a thousand years. This is one more of so many evidences of the true Israelite origins of the British people. Scholars are not positive of the identity of the original twelve stones, or of the stones which John lists here, as the ancient people listed gems by description rather than by specific scientific names as we do today. There has been much effort to solve these questions, but we are left with some confusion.  I was not able to find a list of the twelve stones used in St. Edward's Crown. At any rate, when the New Jerusalem appears, it will not be earthly minerals which comprise its structure, but will be products of the perfected mind of the body of Christ.

Truly, the nature of this kingdom will be very different from the nature of our earth today. We see here that the Lord God IS the temple, but we are reminded that in Rev. 11:2   the temple contained the children of Israel.  Here, we find the sun and moon are irrelevant, and there is no such thing as night.  We finally end up at this high level of spiritual perfection, where we share oneness with God, that symbols and reality and imagination and truth and light all become fluid and relative, because we become nearly pure Mind.  It is this kind of ultimate freedom toward which we struggle, with few signs to guide us; our primary guide being our homesickness.  May we ever more realize this truth, perhaps someday with the same conviction displayed by William Wallace in the movie Braveheart, when he died screaming the single word, "Freedom!"



22:1  And he showed me a river of water of life bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.  2In the midst of the street of it and of the river, here and there a tree of life, each producing twelve fruits, rendering the fruit according to each month, and the leaves of the  tree will be for healing of the nations (eθvov).  3And there will be no more curse.  And within the throne of God and the Lamb there will be servants who do service to Him,  4and they will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads.  5And there will be night no longer, nor will they need light of lamp and light of sun, because the Lord God will shed light on them, and they will reign unto the ages of the ages.


How can we, from our limited minds, interpret this scene which John describes through symbols.  From that ultimate Source, which is pure white Light, there flows a reality which is as perfect as the Light Source, a flowing of His own Self, and we are there, loved by the Light and sustained by Life. It is the deep yearning of our spirits to return to this Light from which we came.  Those of us who came from the Light, "born from above," are destined to return. Whether we go to a heaven after dying in this life, or whether we go through more lifetimes, or whether this heaven is yet tens of thousands of years off, really does not matter.  For our lives are expressing a "Word" of God, and it is our purpose to express this in our daily lives, now and through countless ages if need be.  While our homesickness for the Light draws us onward through our struggle, it does not glorify God for us to be sad, disappointed, or angry because we cannot have the immediate gratification of Heaven.  Rather, we glorify Him and serve Him and please Him by practicing His will in our lives, happily, enthusiastically, and fearlessly.  Daily, we strive to increase in the realization of the Holy Seven Spirits of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Will, Strength, Godliness, and Fear of God.  However long we may have to exercise His blessed Design, why be impatient? What else have we to do? Let us be content, and delight in the glory of our purpose.

V. 5: Regarding the absence of the sun, here is Esaias 60:16ff.  "16And you shall suck the milk of the nations, and shall eat the wealth of kings; and shall know that I am the Lord that saves you and delivers you, the Holy One of Israel.   17And for brass I will bring you gold, and for iron I will bring you silver, and instead of wood I will bring you brass, and instead of stones, iron; and I will make your princes  peaceable, and your overseers righteous.  18And injustice shall no more be heard in your land, nor destruction nor misery in your coasts; but your walls shall be called Salvation, and your gates Sculptured Work.  19And you shall no more have the sun for a light by day, nor shall the rising of the moon lighten your night; but the Lord shall be your everlasting light, and God your glory.  20For the sun shall no more set, nor shall the moon be eclipsed; for the Lord shall be your everlasting light, and the days of your mourning shall be completed.  21Your people shall be all righteous; they shall inherit the land through the ages, preserving that which they have planted, the works of their hands, for glory."

The kingdom of heaven will be a very different sort of reality from this material world we now know!  I think of it as a sort of dream reality, fluid and changing as easily as our thoughts change. In our dreams the sun is not needed to provide light for us to see. It is only needed in this very limited  material World which Jesus directs us to hate if we wish to follow Him to the kingdom  of Heaven.


22:6  And he said to me, "These words are faithful and true", and the Lord God of the spirits of the prophets sent His messenger to show to his servants things which are necessary to occur soon.  7And "Behold, I am coming quickly.  Blessed is the one keeping the words of the prophecy of this scroll."

8And I, John, am the one hearing and seeing these things.  And when I heard and saw, I fell to worship before the feet of the messenger showing me these things.  9And he said to me: "See you do not do that; for I am a fellow servant with you, and with your brothers and the prophets and the ones keeping the words of this scroll;  You worship God."  10And He tells me: "Seal not the words of the prophecy of this scroll, for the time is near.  11The one acting unjustly, let him act unjustly still, and the filthy one, let him act filthy still, and the righteous one, let him do righteousness still,  and the holy one, let him be hallowed still.  12Behold I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to render to each man as is his work.  13I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.   14Blessed are  the ones washing their robes, in order that theirs will be the authority over the tree of life, and by the gates they may enter into the city.  15Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and fornicators and murderers and idolaters and everyone loving and making a lie.

16"I, Jesus, sent my messenger to witness these things to you  for the churches.  I am the root and the offspring  of David, the bright morning star." 17The Spirit and the bride say, "Come"  And the one hearing, let him say, "Come."   And the one thirsting, let him come, the one wishing (these things) let him take the water of life freely.

18 I witness to everyone hearing the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds upon them, God will add upon him the plagues written in this scroll;  19and  if anyone takes away from the words of the prophecy of this scroll, God will take away his part from the tree of life and out of the holy city, of the things written in this scroll.

20The One witnessing these things says, "Yes, I am coming quickly."  Amen, come, Lord Jesus.

21The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all.


In verses 6 through 10 it is confusing whether the messenger or Jesus is  speaking.  John doesn't make the distinction very clear, and perhaps that is natural to the situation.  There may no longer be much distinction between the members of Christ body and the Christ. The speaker says, "I am a fellow servant with you . . .You worship God."  Is it not that Christ, the Lamb, worships His Father, "God," as a fellow servant with the rest of His body?  Are we not members of the Lamb, glorifying God through sacrificial lives, willingly yielding our lives to His service, and to the bold and fearless expression of His will?

As I end the work on this commentary, I am keenly aware of the last verses which threaten anyone to be very careful about adding to or deleting from this revelation.  I pray that I have merely interpreted the symbols without adding anything to them.  I pray that any reader will be guided by the Holy Spirit to reject whatever I've written that is not in accord with God's truth.  I am personally convinced that God has led me along the path, through this vision, and that I've solved the puzzle which God has kept hidden since John saw it.  But, there are some details which are my own speculations, and there is much more work to be done by other minds, as directed by God's Spirit.

God bless you, whoever has diligently examined this work, and may you find TRUTH as God would grant it to you, independent of my stumbling efforts. If you wish paper copies of some of the charts or diagrams mentioned, please write to me.


Roger Ray Hathaway

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February 11, 2008