An overview of the Bible which explains how the Old Testament

is critical to understanding the New Testament.


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Chronology of Old Testament Patriarchs from Adam to Jacob

Age of GEMINI   6000BC to 4000BC

Adam Race appears  5508BC


Age of TAURUS   4000BC to 2000BC

Noah and the great Flood  3800BC


Age of ARIES   2000BC to Christ

Abram to father many nations  born 2096BC

 Isaak, son of Abram   1996BC

Jacob, ISRAEL   1936BC

 Twelve tribes of Israel born 1852BC to 1845BC

 Israelites in Egypt   1806BC to 1406BC

 Exodus from Egypt with Moses  1406BC


LEVITICUS - Protocols of the Levites

NUMBERS - 600,000 men & families in the desert with God


Historical books of the OLD TESTAMENT

 Period of Judges 1380BC to 1020BC



Period of  KINGS  1020BC to 586BC

A Divided Kingdom  928BC to 586BC

Northern Kingdom, divorced from God  721BC

Southern Kingdom, Captive to Babylon  586BC

Prophet Jeremia to the Isles

Juda never divorced.

Israelites in Captivity

Rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem  510BC

OTHER Old Testament Books

Intertestamental Period  510BC to 4BC

Edom's role - Pre-New Testament


APPENDIX: About the O.T. Greek Septuagint Text of 285BC


STOP! Before you do a flyover of Bible History, you MUST have a diagram of long-term history in order to see how God's plan is set forth. Click on this link to get and print a copy of the Sine-Wave Diagram of history.


        Unless you have some idea in your mind of the historical plan of God, the Bible is just a collection of writings that seem to have no significance or application to your life. Once you know the theme and plot of God's grand pageant on this earth-stage, you will see how you and other players thru history have important roles to play. Christian theologians have never recognized the historical theme, sadly leaving them in a fog. The many factions of Christian sects are set against each other, with each proclaiming that it has the truth and the others are in error. But, their differences really are small; they don't realize that they have the most important beliefs in common, and that they are really brothers. Every Christian, from the uneducated and ignorant to the egghead intellectual, believes in the God of Israel as the one Supreme God Almighty over all that is, and he believes that Jesus, the Christ, is God's immediate Son and a very part of God Himself. To see the Son is to see the Father! What the Bible gives us is an account of how one special race of Men, from Adam and later renewed as children from Israel - these being the Christ-race - serve the Father as vehicles through whom He lives and moves and expresses His Being. Adam was not a man who fathered ALL the races of people in the world, as you will see. Neither did Noah's three sons father three races. Those childish notions began when the Roman Catholic church, in the early centuries, pushed the notion of universal gospel in order to further its political power. Let's take a fresh look at the picture, and permit the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place as they should rather than forcing them where they don't fit.


       The Christian religion is confusing to a person new to it. One is usually drawn to it by some feeling of attraction to Christ as his savior, but then he doesn't know where to begin to learn more about it. He will quickly purchase a Bible, but the book is not something familiar, and it is not a book that one reads from front to back. It is a collection of many different kinds of writings that were done over many centuries, some of which are historical accounts, some poetry, some prophetic, some biographical, and some apocalyptic. A new Christian really does not have a viewpoint from which to examine Christianity, in other words, he doesn't have any "big picture" in his mind which might help to place the countless pieces of the puzzle. Hopefully, this synopsis of our history will provide an overview framework which will permit Bible reading to be meaningful.

        The Bible is a collection of 66 writings (books), 39 comprising the Old Testament (history before Christ was born) and 27 comprising the New Testament (written by followers of Jesus). There are no writings by Christ Himself. It is common among Christians to think of their religion as a New Testament Christianity which doesn't really reject the Old Testament (O.T.), but doesn't place much importance on it either. I used to be one of those New Testament Christians who thought that I was doing right by ignoring the O.T. In later years, after studying the O.T. history, I saw that it was so critically important, that without having a good knowledge of it one CANNOT understand Jesus' message in the same way that His hearers understood Him. He was speaking to a people who knew their history, and who identified with it, and whose lives were strongly influenced by it. It is by setting the O.T. aside that modern Christianity fails to understand why Jesus came, what He did, and what He intended to accomplish in the future with a new covenant. Consequently, Christians are puzzled by a mass of Bible verses which they cannot interpret in a clear context. What I want to do in this synopsis is to lay out an overview of our history with a timeline. It is this kind of general overview that I wish I had gotten when I was in Seminary. It would have helped so very much! But, I now realize that my professors did not have any "big picture" in their minds, so they really could not provide anything except countless pieces of disconnected information.



        Since I am going to present you with a timeline for Bible history, you need to know that there are different chronologies which give different dates for Adam and Eve. I do not use the same Old Testament that appears in all English Bible versions that you get from a Christian bookstore, such as the King James version, the RSV, NIV, NKJV, et al. All those English Bibles are translated from a Hebrew language Old Testament text that appeared about 1,000 years AFTER Christ, namely the Leningrad Codex of 1009 AD. That is the earliest Hebrew language Old Testament text known. Christian scholars, theologians, professors, and teachers all simply assume that the Hebrew language was the ancient language of thousands of years ago; it is assumed as fact even though most evidence is against that theory. However, the eastern half of Christianity, such as the Eastern Orthodox, did not accept the Hebrew text as authentic when it appeared a thousand years ago. The Eastern Orthodox still use the Greek Septuagint for their Old Testament. The only Bible available at the time of Jesus was the Greek Septuagint, a collection that was compiled for the great library at Alexandria, Egypt in 285BC. So, it is that same Bible which Jesus quoted that I use for my own Old Testament studies, and it varies quite significantly from the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) of 1009AD. For instance, that MT text gives shorter lifespans for many of the earliest patriarchs, with a result that Adam and Eve appear at 4004BC. But the Greek Septuagint calculations (considering the birthdates of the sons) result in a date of 5508BC, a difference of 1,504 years. In the appendix at the end of this article there is a lengthy discussion of the Greek Septuagint Old Testament text.



OLD TESTAMENT PERIOD: 5508BC until about 500BC

        In order to get a timeline perspective of our history, print a copy of the sine-wave diagram of long-term history, and note the location of Adam's appearance at 5,508BC, during the zodiac age of Gemini, a word which means "heavenly twins." It is here that we have the beginning of God's pageant which is a contest between good and evil as played out by two races of men who are born with opposing instincts. For the full details of the creation story, I suggest you read my commentary on Genesis, on this website.


LIST OF PATRIARCHS with years of births and deaths, Before Christ (Name spellings are according to the Greek Septuagint. Parenthesis gives familiar English version name spellings)

  • 5508 - 4578 Adam - name of a white racial group, the "wife" was Zoe, a word meaning "Life" - their appearance inaugurated the zodiac age of GEMINI, Heavenly twins. The Adam race later left the Pamir Plateau (Eden) to go to the Tarim Pendi basin of western China where Noah's Flood would occur.

  • 5278 - 4366 Set (Seth) - next son of Adam after Abel had been killed by Cain

  • 5073 - 4168 Enos (Enosh)

  • 4883 - 3973 Cainan (Kenan)

  • 4713 - 3818 Maleleel (Mahalalel)

  • 4548 - 3586 Jared

  • 4386 - 4021 Enoch - did not die, but was taken aloft by God

  • 4221 - 3252 Mathusala (Methuselah)

  • 4054 - 3301 Lamech

  • 3866 - 2916 Noe (Noah) - builder of the Ark, for the great flood at 3266BC - inaugurated age of TAURUS, the bull.

  • 3366 - 2766 Sem (Shem) - the son of Noe thru whom God's race of children descend - led the family from the Tarim Pendi basin, after the Flood, to NW India's Punjab region.

  • 3266 - 2828 Arphaxad (Arpachshad)

  • 3131 - 2671 Cainan (this name is omitted from the Hebrew Masoretic text)

  • 3001 - 2568 Sala (Shelah)

  • 2871 - 2407 Heber (Eber) - led the family from Punjab to Sumer

  • 2737 - 2498 Phaleg (Peleg)

  • 2607 - 2368 Ragau (Reu)

  • 2475 - 2245 Seruch (Serug)

  • 2345 - 2197 Nachor (Nahor)

  • 2166 - 1816 Tharra (Terah)

  • 2096 - 1921 Abram (Abraham) - inaugurated age of ARIES, the Lamb, with a new religion which venerated and sacrificed lambs as prophetic of God's Lamb, Jesus. It is the history during this age of Aries that comprises the rest of the Old Testament.

  • 1996 - 1816 Isaak (Isaac)

  • 1936 - 1789 Jacob/Israel - Father of twelve tribes of Israel

  • From this time of Jacob and his twin brother Esau, the continuing dates and history will be presented along with the descriptions of events, in following paragraphs.



            It will be most helpful if you have a copy of the sine-wave diagram  in order to follow the timeline of events. While the 24,000 year cycles of time have been going for hundreds of thousands of years, we can look at this one cycle in which we live and interpolate some historical information by letting the general plan serve as a model which is repeated cycle after cycle. Look at the entire sine-wave, and note that the lower half of the curve, being negative energy, represents the kingdom of World, while the upper half represents the kingdom of Heaven. The creation account in the first chapters of Genesis is somewhat symbolic and does not give us any real timeline info except to speak of creation in a six-day period, and a seven-day week. Those "days" are discussed in detail in my commentary on Genesis. It is sufficient here to know that the actual FALL from perfection by God's race of divine children (later to be known as Israel, and also called Christ's "sheep") occurred at the apex of the cycle in the age of Scorpio, that serpent of Eve's temptation. Find Scorpio at the top of the sine-wave curve. Following that fall, after God had separated the feminine nature out of the immortal and androgynous individuals of the Adam race, then propagation and death became once again the way of life. Sidenote: the other races continued to exist as they always had, giving birth and dying just like all the other creatures. Only God's special race of spirit-beings are the subject of the Bible story. So, in Scorpio the race of the perfected immortal ones fell from their union with God to degenerate as a civilization over the next twelve thousand years. The previous kingdom of Heaven (positive half of the cycle) came to an end about twelve thousand years ago from today with a cataclysmic geophysical event of magnetic field reversal, earthquakes, and volcanic ash destruction, and the kingdom of World began. That destructive magnetic field reversal happens every twelve thousand years, as geologists have confirmed in their study of rock strata, and is due again now. Anyway, our ancestors left their spiritual estate and degenerated toward a base, primitive, savage, non-spiritual state of civilization from about 16,000BC until 5,508BC when God again filled them with His spirit and a Godly instinct which began to compel them to progress upward toward another reunion with their Father. So it is that our Bible history begins with Adam. It is a history of ONLY one divine race and none others. No other race has the divine nature of life eternal.


    (AGE OF GEMINI begins about 6000BC until about 4000 BC)

    ADAM & EVE 5,508BC

            Adam is the name of a race of men, not the name of a single person, although the Genesis story presents them as a single person.  Eve is a personal name which the Jewish masoretes substituted for the real word in the Greek Septuagint which was Zoe, which means life. It was life that was compromised when "she" ate that forbidden fruit (had sex), ending the period of immortality and bringing death to their race again. Perhaps you begin here to see how much we have missed by using the MT instead of the LXX. Well, according to the Genesis creation account, the temptation of sex by their opponent race of Satan caused two separate races to be initiated and energized, thus beginning our Biblical story of contest. Satan's race of evil one's tempted Zoe to have intercourse, resulting in conception of a son, named Cain. Adam, as the race through which God expresses Himself, also then had intercourse with her and produced a Christ-race son, named Abel. The two were fraternal twins. This creation story about the birth of these twins sets up the plot as a contest between two opponent races which were born with opposite instincts, the Christ-race of Adam seeking Godliness, and the race of Satan seeking wickedness, worldly gratifications, and the death of Adam's race. The very first incident in the Bible story is about God's child, Abel, being killed by Satan's child, Cain. It would be from Zoe's next son, Seth, that Adam's progeny would be born.

            What I have just described is sometimes called the "two seed doctrine." There are no mainstream Christian theologians who admit this doctrine or even understand that God's pageant is a struggle between good and evil. They all defend the Sunday School lesson about Adam and Eve in the way it is taught to kindergartners. If you look at my commentary on Genesis, you will find the detailed support for this two-seed doctrine, opponents who began as fraternal twins. The zodiac name of Gemini, for that age, means "heavenly twins." You will see, as we go along, that the names of the zodiac ages are relevant to the Bible story. Cain and Abel appeared as those heavenly twins, both having divine origins - understanding that to mean that their fathers were supernatural, namely Christ for the Adamic/Christ race and Satan for the Cain/Edomite/Satan race.


    (AGE OF TAURUS begins about 4000BC until about 2000 BC)

    NOAH'S FLOOD (about 3800BC)

            About seventeen hundred years after Adam's appearance, near the beginning of the zodiac age of Taurus, we have the story about Noe (Noah) and the great flood. From the time that the Adam race was kicked out of their garden of Eden (the Pamir Plateau, just north of Pakistan), they migrated eastward to settle in the Tarim Pendi basin of western China, just south of the Tien Shan mountains. They went to the same place where Cain had already fled and had married foreign race women. And it was there that these descendants of Adam did the same thing, adulterating their race and angering their God. Genesis 5:2 reads: "it came to pass when men began to be numerous upon the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God, having seen the daughters of men that they were beautiful, took to themselves wives of all whom they chose. And the Lord God said, ' My Spirit shall certainly not remain among these men forever, because they are flesh, but their days shall be an hundred and twenty years. Now the giants were upon the earth in those days; and after that when the sons of God were wont to go in to the daughters of men, they bore children to them; those were the giants of old, the men of renown. . . .And God said, I will blot out man whom I have made from the face of the earth,. . .for I am grieved that I have made them. But Noe found grace before the Lord God. And these are the generations of Noe. Noe was a just man; being perfect in his generation, Noe was well-pleasing to God." The sons of God were Adam's descendants, while the daughters of men were of the Cain race. Today, in America, we have an entertainment industry that presents mostly Jewish (Cain race Edomites) women who appear beautiful. In fact, our sense of beauty has been so conditioned by the Jewish presentations that we no longer recognize the slightly different beauty of Adamic women. Such race mixing by Adam's descendants angered God. Regarding the "giants" of those days, they were men of renown because they were a mixture of Adam's people with Cain's people who exercised special talents of rational minds and shrewdness along with a striving for worldly mastery rather than the spiritual values of Adam's race. [Sidenote: Race mixing results in either hybrids or mutants, but neither can be propagated continually for it is a biological law that mutants revert to type. Today we see occasional mixed-race super-performers, but their children are unlikely to be like them.] Noe found grace with God because his family was not adulterated, "being perfect in his generation." The Greek word here for generation is genea, which means race. It appears that all the other Adamic people were guilty of miscegenation: race mixing. Throughout the Bible, there is no law of God more paramount than His prohibition of mixing with any other race. The Bible is racist, to an extreme. Let me introduce the fact, which will become obvious later when we follow their migrations, that this race from Adam and Noe was the white Caucasian race of blue-eyed blondes.

            Noe had three sons, Sem (Shem), Cham (Ham), and Japhet [I use Septuagint spellings for names.] Sem was the son favored by God to continue His racial lineage. Cham bedded his own mother who bore Canaan as a result and was cursed by God as a natural consequence of the incest. It is presumed that Japhet's progeny migrated northward and northwestward into Europe. Nothing is told of Japhet's destiny or why God might have rejected him, except that some of his sons (Magog, Thobel, and Mosoch) are mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and 39, where God asks Ezekiel to prophecy against them. Interestingly, in Ezekiel's prophecy those people will be used by God in the endtime battle to attack Israel (white Europeans in America), after which God will turn against them and destroy them. Cham's progeny, including Canaan, appear to be the ones who eventually inhabited Egypt and became the Pharoahs (a white race) with a great civilization which had the mother-goddess Paganism as their religion. So, it is the Sem lineage which God claimed as His own, and who are the subject of the rest of the Old Testament scriptures.

            The great flood was most likely in that Tarim Pendi basin of western China which is surrounded by high mountains. Its purpose was to kill off all the racially adulterated descendants of Adam. Noe was saved because his family was still of pure racial bloodline, and God's race would continue through his son, Sem.

            The first five chapters of Genesis dealt with the period between Adam and Noe, that being the age of Gemini. The next five chapters are devoted to the life of Noe, the Flood, and his family, who inaugurate the age of Taurus. At some unknown time prior to the flood, Cain's progeny had already left the Tarim Pendi region and migrated to the fertile crescent land of Sumer, later to be called Chaldea, and then Babylon, and now Iraq. You can read details of the Cain race history in my article about PAGANISM on this website. After the Flood, Sem's descendants followed the Cain path, migrating from the Tarim Pendi, but just to the Punjab area of northwest India where they were most likely the initiators of the ancient Sanskrit Vedas and Upanishads, which are still today the most intensely spiritual writings in the world, and from which we might get some hints of our racial ancestors' spiritual beliefs and practices. It was probably about 2600 BC that our patriarch, Heber, then led God's people from the Punjab to the land of Sumer (Babylon) where Cain's people had settled and the struggle between the Christ-race and the Satan-race continued. The followers of Heber came to be known as Hebrews.


    (AGE OF ARIES: approx 2000BC to Birth of Christ)

    ABRAAM (2096-1921BC)

            While the first ten chapters of Genesis cover the first two zodiac ages of our history, Gemini and Taurus, the next age of Aries of about two thousand years up to the time of Jesus, will be the subject of the entire remainder of Genesis and the rest of the Old Testament. The great patriarch, Abram appears in Genesis 11:27. His name was later changed to Abraam (17:5). But he is most commonly known today as Abraham because of the Hebrew MT of 1,000AD. Abram was born at the beginning of the zodiac age of Aries, the Lamb, so he instituted a religion that venerated the lamb, sacrificing them on altars as sin-offerings, an act which served as a prophecy of the coming Lamb of God, Jesus. It would be at the end of Aries that God would offer up His own Lamb on the cross at Golgotha, thus ending that Lamb age. All the rest of the Old Testament pertains to this age of Aries. The important covenant between God and Abraam is at Genesis 17:5-16. And THAT is the beginning of our people, for we, white race Israel, are children of Abraam, the great patriarch and forefather of the religion of our Old Testament. That was around 2,000 BC, at the beginning of the age of Lamb.


    ISAAK (1996-1816BC)

            Abraam grew old and his wife Sara was barren. God had made a promise to Abraam that his seed would be as the stars in the sky and that he would father many nations (Gen 15:5). But, in their old age, they felt frustrated and confused that no children had been born to them. So, Sara offered her maid, Agar (Hagar), to Abraam so that the promise might be fulfilled. Agar gave birth to the boy, Ismael (16:11), who became the father of the Arabian race which still occupies that Sinai peninsula today. Ismael's descendants became twelve nations. It was after Ismael's birth that Sara (name changed to Sarrha - 17:15) became pregnant and gave birth to Isaak, the legitimate son and heir (Gen 21). God's promise would be fulfilled through Isaak.

            It is interesting that there are often repetitions of God's models. For instance, in the beginning, Zoe (Eve) had twin sons, one good and one evil. Later, Noe had three sons, one good and perhaps two that went bad. Abraam had an illegitimate son, Ismael who fathered the non-white Arab race, and he also had a legitimate son, Isaak who carried God's lineage. Then Isaak had twin sons, Esau and Jacob, the elder (like Cain) who continued the Cain race line of evil, and one who was God's elect. This model is meaningful in God's scheme of promoting two races of opposing instincts who will conduct the battle of good versus evil on this earth-stage. This model of pairings-of-sons supports the theory of the two-seed doctrine in which one seedline is the Christ-race and the other is the Satan-race, and those racial natures are not just spiritual attitudes but are very real genetic bloodlines.


    JACOB/ISRAEL (1936-1789BC)

            Jacob was born to Isaak and Rebekka as a twin to his brother Esau. Esau was born first, and according to the practice of primogeniture, the firstborn automatically inherits the birthright, which grants him all the land and possessions of the parents. Esau had a wildlike nature quite different from the gentle nature of Jacob, whom Rebekka favored. Genesis 25:22-34 tells the story of the twins' birth and of Esau's sale of his birthright to Jacob for some food when he was hungry.

            There is hardly any story in the Old Testament more important than this one about the two brothers, Jacob and Esau. Certainly the Creation story and Moses' deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt compare in importance, but these two brothers are used by God to renew the struggle between two races of opposing instincts, one race of Godly motivations and the other of wicked compulsions. That struggle has defined the course of civilization to this very day. Jacob's name was later changed (Gen 35:10) to Israel, and his true descendants are today the white race of Europe, from Greece to Scandinavia and Britain, along with the Americans of European ancestry. Esau's name later became Edom, and that Edomite race would ultimately take over Judea and the Jerusalem temple and religion, and the name "Jews", and then would migrate into Spain as Sephardim, and to southeastern Russia as Khazars, also known as Ashkenaz, to be known finally as the Jewish race of our modern world. While the O.T. doesn't follow all of Esau/Edom's line, the 36th chapter of Genesis gives a surprising amount of information about his wives and his lineage. To the best of my knowledge, no other person or group outside Israel is ever given such valuable record in the Bible; that being an indication of Edom's importance in God's pageant! While alive, Esau sought to regain the birthright which he had sold by attempting to kill Jacob, but was unable to accomplish that. It was still Edom's racial instinct to reclaim the birthright that later prompted that group to take over Judea and the Jerusalem temple for themselves, and to adopt the name of Israel as their own. The word Jew is a slang English word for Judean which was the term for residents of the land of the tribe of Juda. Truly, no one should be called after the name of Juda, the royalty son of Israel, except true descendants from him. But, today it is only the Edomite race which is called Jew. In the book of Revelations, in 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus tells John that He knows those who call themselves Jews but are not; and Jesus goes on to say that they are members of the body of Satan. You see, it is the race of Satan which serves as the counterpart against the race of Christ. Once you know the plot of God's pageant, it gets quite easy to tell the white-hats from the black ones, and to understand the course of events. It is by understanding the relationship between these two brothers that you can understand the very theme of history which affects our lives today.



    The twelve sons of Jacob/Israel were born in a seven year period between 1852BC and 1845BC except for Benjamin who was born a few years later. The sons are, in order of birth:

            RUBEN, son of Lea. Tribal emblem: Bull [Gen 29:31; Blessings: 49:3; Deut 33:6]

            SYMEON, of Lea. Emblem: Sword [Gen 29; Blessings: Gen 49:5]

            LEVI, of Lea. Emblem: no emblem but the color white. PRIESTS [Gen 29:34; Blessings: 49:5; Deut 33:8]

            JUDA, of Lea. Emblem: Lion & color purple. ROYALTY [Gen 29:35; Blessings: 49:8; Deut 33:7]

            DAN, of Balla. Emblem: Serpent & Eagle [Gen 30:6; Blessings: 49:16; Deut 33:22]

            NEPHTHALI, of Balla. Emblem: Hind [Gen 30:8; Blessings: 49:21; Deut 33:23]

            GAD, of Zelpha. Emblem: Knight [Gen 30:11; Blessings: Gen 49; Deut 33:20]

            ASER, of Zelpha. Emblem: Goblet [Gen 30:13; Blessings: 49:20; Deut 33:24]

            ISSACHAR, of Lea. Emblem: Laden ass [Gen 30:18; Blessings: 49:14; Deut 33:18]

            ZABULON, of Lea. Emblem: Ship [Gen 30:20; Blessings: 49:13; Deut 33:18]

            JOSEPH, of Rachel. Emblem: see his 2 sons' symbols [Gen 30:24; Blessings: 49:22; Deut 33:13]

            BENJAMIN, of Rachel. Emblem: Wolf [Gen 35:18; Blessings: 49:27; Deut 33:12]

    Then it happened that since Joseph's life was to be a high official in Egypt, his two sons became two tribes of Ephraim and Manasse, making an effective total of thirteen tribes.

            MANASSE, son of Joseph & Aseneth. Tribal emblems: Olive Branch & Arrows [Gen 41:50; Blessings 48:19; Deut 33:17] (unknown if these two were twins, but is likely)

            EPHRAIM , son of Joseph & Aseneth. Tribal emblem: Man [Gen 41:52; Blessings 48:19 and Deut 33:17] (these two were born about 1820BC in Egypt.)


    ISRAELITES IN EGYPT (ca. 1806BC to 1406BC - dates not certain)

            When Joseph was seventeen years old (1827BC), he was sold to passing Ismaelite (Arab) traders (Gen 37) who carried him to Egypt and sold him into the Pharao's household. There he eventually became a trusted official under the Pharao, and then when a famine struck the land of Palestine where his brothers lived, the family all moved to Egypt where they flourished and prospered for many years. In rounded numbers, it is generally stated that the Israelites were captive in Egypt for four hundred years before Moses delivered them. In actuality, it was only the last 150 years, perhaps less, of that stay in Egypt when the Pharaos began to oppress them and increase their taxes.

            The so-called Israelite oppression in Egypt is a paradigm which is repeated at other times in history. It serves as a prophecy model for our own time in America. We've been here nearly four hundred years now, and our liberation is expected at any time. In the early 1600's, it was due to a whiskey tax passed by the King of England on the countryside people of England and Scotland that prompted some of those people to get on ships to America, settling here about 1607AD. After a difficult few years, they prospered and flourished under freedoms that were God-inspired. A constitutional republic was established in 1776 that exalted this Christian nation. Then, in mid-1860's the South was conquered in the infamous war against the South, falsely called a Civil War, and the great Jewish bankers then impoverished the South, while the new Republican Party deprived white southerners of the vote and gave it to the negroes. After some terrible years of persecution by negro mayors and sheriffs and tax-assessors, the whites were again permitted to vote, but it was too late to save the flourishing South, and it became nothing more than a victim of exploitation by the banks. As those Jewish banks increased in power and influence, they became the Central Bank for the U.S. in 1913, and the Federal Income Tax Act was passed in 1914 to transfer the people's earnings to those banks. The Edomite Jews have continuously tightened their control over America in recent decades until our people are really hurting. To complete the model, we will be delivered by a supernatural event just as the Israelites were when leaving Egypt. We are imminently expecting a reversal of the earth's magnetic field, which will bring the Armageddon war to an end, and that will be our deliverance. The survivors will then spend forty wilderness years working to establish a new civilization under the guidance of God, and then Christ will be the new Joshua who leads us into the Promised Land, namely the Kingdom of Heaven.

            The book of Genesis ends with the death of the patriarch, Jacob. On his deathbed, in chapters 48 and 49, Jacob called all his sons to him and pronounced blessings which would serve to define the future lives of their descendants. In the last chapter, Jacob died, and we read also of Joseph's death as he prophesies that God will deliver the children from Egypt. Joseph requests that his bones be carried on that deliverance to be buried in the new land which God had promised them.

            Egypt has a significant place in the Bible because God's children had frequent contacts with it, and it was there that a period of bondage was experienced. In order to understand God's program, it is important to know that Egypt serves as a symbol of the World. God's spirit-children are in bondage in the World for a time. That symbol is a paradigm that is valid at a higher level of knowledge, as follows. The kingdom of World is the negative energy half-cycle period of 12,000 years during the ages of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. During each cycle, God's children are captive in bondage to Satan's great lie that this World is more than just a delusion, thus believing that it is a real material place and that physical laws are more powerful than spiritual powers. By believing this lie, God's children fail to realize their true spiritual nature, and they succumb to the temptations, desires, passions, lusts, and sensual gratifications which Satan's kingdom promotes. Deliverance from Egypt is symbolic of our deliverance from this lie of World at the end-time event when Satan is vanquished and Christ-rule begins. In other words, deliverance from Egypt symbolizes end of this World and beginning of Heaven. The book of Exodus describes a long story which is a paradigm of the end-time transition; a paradigm which might offer many recognizable parallels to our present day situation.

            Before we leave this land of Egypt, this is important. Each of the sons (tribes) were given blessings that defined their futures, with two tribes being special. Levi's descendants would be the priests over Israel, and Juda's progeny would be the royalty. Juda had twin sons, Zara reaching his hand out first, around which a scarlet cord was tied. But, Phares was actually then born first. So, it would be the line from Phares that led to Jesus, who was of the tribe of Juda. But Zara left Egypt long before Moses' exodus, and he settled on the eastern shore of the Aegean. Zara's descendants were the blond haired Greeks who founded that great civilization of classical Greece, called the "Hellenes" in ancient times. Zara had two sons, Calcol and Darda. Darda, founded Troy in 1520BC and his name is still with us in the name of the Dardanelles. Darda begat Erichthonios, who begat Tros (after whom Troy was named) who begat three sons. One son of Tros was Ilos, and his descendants were Laomedan, then Priam (king of Troy in Homer's Iliad), and then Hector, the great warrior of the Iliad. Eventually, this lineage from Ilos would settle the Nordic and French regions. A second son of Tros was Assarachos, whose progeny were Capys, then Anchises, then Aeneas (of Vergil's The Aeneid), and then Brutus, who settled Britian in 1103BC, after whom Britain was named. A third son was Ganymede. [Sidenote: in ancient Greece, legends of ancestors developed into characters of gods with stories that everyone learned, now called "mythology."] Ganymede was a son of Tros and in Greek myth was a cup-bearer to Zeus, as a type of youthful male beauty. It is probable that Juda's son Zara became the legendary Zeus. We might ponder today what the ancients actually realized about themselves. In the New Testament, Jesus makes the statement, "Has it not been written in your law, 'I said you are gods?'" (John 10:34). Jesus was quoting a Psalm of David: number 82, which reads in verse 1: "God stands in the assembly of gods and in the midst He judges gods" . . . and in verse 6: "I said you are gods; and all sons of the Most High." For our ancient Greek ancestors it was not politically intolerable to admit their special divinity, for they knew something about themselves that preachers and politicians today reject. It will soon be time for our American true Israelites to awaken to the fact of our real divinity, and to stop debasing ourselves like the preachers teach us to do. Consider also I Corinthians 11:7, "A man ought not to have his head covered since he is the image and the glory of God." My first thought is that if I am an expression  of God's GLORY, then I should strive to act that way as well as I can. One's divinity is not something to debase in the eyes of others! The ancient Greeks exalted their divinity.

            We just listed the line from Juda's son, Zara, who eventually settled in Britain. Juda's other son, Phares, stayed in Egypt with the other tribes and the Juda tribe was prominent in the wilderness of Sinai as a Brigade leader, and then in Canaan where men of this tribe became the Kings. The last king of Judea was Sedekias, whom we will discuss later in the historical account. Though we are getting ahead of the story, at this point I want to mention that it would be one of Sedekias' daughters who gets carried by the Prophet Jeremias to Ulster, northern Ireland, where she, of the Phares line of Juda marries King Eochaid of the Zara line of Juda, thus reuniting the two Juda lines of royalty in the Isles.



            The second book of the Bible is called "Exodus" because it tells the story of the Israelites' deliverance from Egypt under the leadership of Moses. The book begins with the story of Moses' birth, and his rescue by the Pharoa's daughter, with Moses being raised in the Pharoa's household. Then God selected Moses to be a Prophet, and to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. That deliverance of the Israelites served several wonderful purposes. It served to unify all the tribes into a God-centered family. It served to break them away from their attachment to the wonders of Egypt. It served to separate them, as a racial group from any other races so there would be no confusion as to whom God is making His contract: Israel. It served to make them dependent on God's direct providence, without which they would have starved in that desert. It served to make God's wishes known to them as given on the tablets at Mt. Sinai. And most important of all, it served to place them in a contract with God, called the Old Covenant (Testament). And it also served to permit all the people who left Egypt to die off so that only their children would enter the Promised Land, thereby carrying no baggage of negativity or limitation into a land where they are to be boldly free.



            That Old Covenant, given at Sinai to Moses on tablets of stone, was the first time that God's children had been placed under such a contract. It had been four thousand years since Adam appeared, and there had never been such a covenant before. The date when Moses brought the tablets down from the Sinai mountain was approximately 1404BC. That would be about 3400 years ago, from today. So, God's race has lived more years prior to the Covenant than there have been since. You can find the ten commandments in Exodus 20.

            But, alas, the Israelites breached the contract! They violated the commands. The penalty for that was to be death - not physical death, but spiritual death. That means that God's children, who were all born from above, as spirit beings, to be people through whom God would live and move and have His being - they would cease to be spirit-beings and would be mere flesh creatures like all the other creatures and races on the planet. Only spirit-beings, namely those who are empowered by God's Spirit and a real part of Him, have life without end. No other races or creatures have any after-life. So, God's very begotten children, people who were a part of Himself, had earned for themselves the death punishment. Sure, the punishment could be paid that would satisfy the contract requirements, but that death must be of someone who was without blemish, someone who maintained his perfection. Unfortunately, there was no such person to be found. The dilemma was dire!

            Well, God wasn't about to let His grand pageant just end so easily, nor was He about to cease living through His own children. Here's the clever solution. From the very beginning, when God designed the cosmos and all the creatures in His mind, it followed that His own divine only-begotten offspring, the Christ (meaning all the members of the body of Christ, with Jesus as the head), brought all of the design into actual manifestation for purpose of the pageant. That might sound a little confusing at this point, but it will be clarified later. You can read my detailed commentary on the Creation Story on my website of, by clicking on the link. Right now, let's consider that the Israelites are God's treasured offspring, being members of the Christ, and it was they who breached the contract and earned death. But, the head of this body of Christ, Jesus Himself, had NOT violated the Covenant and could therefore serve as the perfect offering on the sacrificial altar to pay the penalty for all the race. The patriarch Abraam had already instituted a religion which regularly sacrificed lambs on the altar as sin-offerings, so the model was already operative and familiar to all the people. The offering of that ultimate Lamb was prophesied, so the people looked forward to the coming of their Savior (in the Greek Septuagint, called "Soter," and in the Masoretic text, called messiah ). In the New Testament book of Hebrews, chapter 11, we are told that our Old Testament ancestors, who trusted in a future Savior, were accepted by God as saved because of their faith, even centuries before Jesus-the-Lamb was sacrificed on the altar. Jesus' work was to be the repairer-of-the breach of contact, and His sacrifice effectively counted for all the Israelites who had faith in Him long before He was born.



            The third book of the Old Testament is named after the tribe of Levi. The Levites were the tribe dedicated to be Priests. In the Sinai wilderness they occupied the center of the camp and cared for the Ark of the Covenant. It was around them that the other tribes made encampment, three tribes on each side. So, there was one tribe in the center and twelve tribes surrounding them. Twelve plus one seems to be a model of God's handiwork. We see it again with Jesus in the center, and twelve disciples around Him. Also, in one cycle around the sky, the sun passes through twelve constellations (zodiac signs) while we are in the center.

            The Levites officiated at the altar sacrifices. They directed the annual festivals. And they administered the laws of God. So, this book of Leviticus regards those things. Moses was born into this priestly tribe, along with his brother, Aaron. The book of Leviticus details the laws and ordinances and rules, such as those regarding which animals were considered unclean and prohibited, sacrifices, rules about purification of mothers after childbirth, a test for leprosy, laws about concubinage, divorce, slavery, capital punishment, ownership of land, and vows and tithes. These ordinances were laws with strict punishments, but they were not equal to the laws of God's covenant. After Jesus satisfied the breach-of-contract with His death, and there was no more any death penalty for breaking the commandments, the early Christian church let most of these Levitical practices slip behind them. Later, we will discuss the relief from death-penalty which Jesus accomplished, but it would be well to mention here that the LAW of God was never canceled. God's laws are directions and guidance to things we can do to please Him and be blessed in our lives. While the covenant penalty of death was removed, there are still natural consequences for violating the laws which God has called us to obey. Our lives are far less satisfying or fulfilled because we disregard God's loving guidance way too much. There are wonderful rewards for living according to God's will, for that unites us with Him in a very real way. But, separated from Him, and by living in defiance, we will suffer terribly unhappy lives. He has provided us with guidance to natural, healthy, and Godly living, and that should make His law a precious treasure to us. After all, we are His own children, and this is His recipe for happiness in our lives!



            The book of Numbers details the departure of the Israelites from Egypt, about 600,000 men over twenty with their families, and their first couple years in the wilderness of the Sinai desert. They were only out of Egypt for about three months when God gave them the tablets of the Old Covenant at Mt. Sinai. The people were heading directly for their land to the north which God had promised to them several centuries before. Unfortunately, it would be forty years of wilderness living before they were permitted to arrive there. Chapters 13 & 14 tell the story of spies who went north to check out the situation in Canaan where they were headed. All the spies, except for Joshua and Chaleb, returned with a fearful report of a land which devours anyone who comes there, and of giants there. The multitudes of Israelites were terrified! When Joshua and Chaleb told them it was a land of milk and honey, saying to have no fear of those people because God is with us, the people tried to stone them. At that point "the glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud, over the tabernacle of testimony, to all the children of Israel. And the Lord said to Moses, 'How long shall this people provoke Me? And how long will they disbelieve Me, notwithstanding all the miracles which I have done among them? Let me smite them with pestilence and destroy them, and I will make thee and the house of thy father a great nation and much more numerous than this." (14:10-12)  Moses then argued with God that all the other nations would say that God destroyed them because He was unable to bring them into the land He had promised them. God responded that He would be merciful, but that "they indeed shall not see the land which I, with an oath, promised their fathers. But with regard to their children who are here with Me - as many as have not known good or evil - every one who is too young to be taught by experience, to them I will give the land. As for all them who have provoked Me, they shall not see it." (14:23) All the adults who left Egypt would die off, except for Joshua and Chaleb. The name, Joshua, is the Aramaic pronunciation of his real Greek name of Iesu, which is the very same Greek name as Jesus. Joshua eventually led God's children across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. He is a prototype of the coming Jesus who will lead us into our Promised Land of Heaven. Moses was not permitted to enter that final land because he had angered God by failing to give God the credit for a water supply (Numbers 20:12 & Deuteronomy 32:52).

            There is a serious lesson here for us who are anxiously awaiting our liberation from World and our passage leading to the Promised Land of Heaven. The forty wilderness years will be terribly difficult. There will be no infrastructure, no electricity, no gasoline, no grocery stores, and no communications of any kind. We will be struggling to survive in a land which has no provisions except what God supplies. If we fail to trust God completely, or if we become arrogant like Moses did, or if we are fearful, then we also will be prevented from entering the new kingdom. Basically, if we are not willing to be transformed into the shining, positive, confident, and bold inheritors of the Vineyard, but insist on carrying along some old baggage of fears and limited core-beliefs, then we will be left behind with our negative baggage. No old baggage permitted into the new kingdom! If you want to know what it is like to live in the presence of God and to struggle with your human nature weaknesses, then read this book of Numbers. It is a thriller!



            The name of this book means Second-Law. In Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers, various laws were set forth at intervals. Now, with their wanderings over, on the eve of entrance into Canaan, these laws were rehearsed and expounded in anticipation of a settled life in their own land. This book contains Moses' Farewell Addresses, a recounting of history, rehearsal of principal laws, Moses' blessings on each of the twelve tribes of Israel, and solemn warnings. Henry H. Halley, who wrote the wonderful Halley's Bible Handbook, says "Some passages [in Deuteronomy], for genuine eloquence, are unsurpassed in literature, even by Demosthenes, Cicero, Pitt or Webster."

            The first five books of the Old Testament, namely Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy are called The Pentateuch, and are also known as The Books of Moses. These five books are sometimes called just The Law, in a context which differentiates them from The Prophets, which is a general term for the rest of the Old Testament writings.



            The next section of the Old Testament contains the historical accounts of the Israelite family, between the years of Joshua, about 1406BC until the death of Esther, about 474BC. The books are Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I Samuel, II Samuel, I Kings, II Kings, I Chronicles, II Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemia, and Esther.

            The tribes of Israel crossed the Jordan River and occupied their Promised Land. God gave them an astounding set of instructions regarding their takeover of the Canaan region. See Deuteronomy chapter 20:9-20. From verses 10 to 15 the instructions regard cities that are adjacent to, but not part of the land which God is giving to them. When approaching those cities, the residents are offered a chance to come out peaceably, and if they do so then they will be servants to the Israelites. But if they make war, then they shall be besieged until God delivers them, whereupon all males shall be slaughtered and all the females and children and cattle and spoils and food shall be taken for the Israelites. If the city is part of that land given to Israel, the instructions are different. Verses 16-18 direct them to save none alive that breathe, but with a curse to destroy the various races residing there, "that they may not teach you all their abominations which they have performed to their gods; and that you may not sin before the Lord your God." Had those Israelites obeyed God and cleansed that land, it would have saved them immense problems in the future years, but they failed to obey God and it cost them dearly later on. Again, this model of instructions is applicable to future events in the migrations of God's children. When His true Israelites left England, Scotland, and Europe to colonize North America, that was another instance of God sending His people to a Promised Land in fulfillment of O.T. prophecies. Because our ancestor Europeans were friendly to the American Indians, even when some families were massacred by the savages, we have suffered continuous problems to this day. North American natives, just like all other races who contact white America, demand everything, are grateful for nothing, contribute nothing, express contempt toward our largesse, and hate us who give to them so generously. We can, therefore, expect that when Jesus leads us into the kingdom of Heaven that this land will be cleansed properly. Perhaps you can see how opposite this plan of God is from the plans of our world leaders who want all races to be homogenized into one. The Christian churches are politically correct since they have made a religion of "saving" all the people of the world, of all races. Satan's message is that all peoples are equal; the white race of Israel is nothing special, except to be despised. The churches teach us to despise ourselves as "poor miserable sinners." Truly, Satan is lord of this kingdom and is directing the brain-washing techniques of secular education and of the Christian churches alike. I'd like to mention that for God and the Bible, Israel is a people, not a place. The Edomites' "Israel" nation of today is not related to God's Israel in America.

            Clearly, the entire Old Testament record of our people during the kingdom of World is prophetically pointed toward the time when the kingdom of Satan will end, an event which will likely happen within the next few years. The time of this writing is January 2005.


    PERIOD OF JUDGES (360 years, ca.1380BC - 1020BC)

            The book of Joshua tells of the settling of Canaan and the divisions of the land with a designated portion going to each of twelve tribes. Levites did not get a land of their own, but were allotted rights as Priests to portions from all twelve tribes. Finally, settled in their own land, their government was to be done by Judges who would judge each case on the basis of God's laws. Every Israelite male adult was given his own piece of land, and on that land he was its king. There was no federal government nor king nor any central authority except God, and that authority was represented by judges to settle all conflicts. They lived under a Theocracy, with God as their King. The book of Judges tells some of the story of this experience. The people did not appreciate the Theocracy and continually fell away to idolatry, and had a general state of anarchy. Thus, they were harassed at times by civil war among themselves, and were surrounded by enemies who made attempt after attempt to exterminate them. These Hebrew peoples were not unified as a nation, and did poorly. The list of Judges is as follows: Othniel in Juda; Ehud, of Benjamin; Shamgar; Debora of Ephraim; Barak of Naphtali; Gideon of Manasse; Abimilech of Manasse; Tola of Issachar; Jair of Gilead in Manasse; Jephtha of Gilead in Manasse; Ibzan of Bethlehem in Juda; Elon of Zebulun/ Abdon of Ephraim; Samson of Dan; and lastly Eli and Samuel. The people did not do well under Judges, being idolatrous and apostate. Later, we will see that their complaints and requests for a King like their neighbors had, was answered and a new era of kingships ensued.



            The book of Ruth is about a woman who was the great-grandmother of King David. From here forward, the O.T. centers mainly around the family of David. It was the throne of David that God said would never be vacant, until Christ finally comes to reclaim it. And that throne never has been vacant. Its history is traceable to our Queen Elizabeth II in England today. On the wall in Westminster Abbey, in London, there is a genealogy chart which diagrams her ancestry back to King David. But, we are getting ahead of our story.



            Samuel was the last of the Judges. He was of the tribe of Levi and served as a Priest, but he was also called as a Prophet (3:20). Samuel was the first, and the founder, of a regular order of prophets, with actual schools for their training. Well, their Theocracy didn't work in their world where the law of the jungle reigned supreme. So, God permitted a government of Kings to begin. Saul was the first King, and he was a failure. The second King was David, and he became a hero for all times, without a peer to this very day. The story of these events is in the books of Samuel.


    PERIOD OF KINGS (ca. 1020 - 586BC)

            The rest of the historical books of the Old Testament provide details of the years when Israelites were governed by Kings as a united Kingdom of Israel. Saul was the first of three. Then David was the greatest King of all time, and it is His Throne that God promised would never be vacant. It is that Throne of David that Jesus will return to claim for Himself, and from it to rule the Kingdom of Heaven. Of all the men in the Old Testament, it is surely David that God loved the most. You must know David and that spirit which empowered and directed him in order to know who we are as a people, in order to know the potential character which lies within us, and to know why his Throne is so important. After David, came his son, Solomon, a man of wisdom and great wealth, but one who also indulged his passions to an extreme. He wrote 3000 proverbs, 1005 songs, and scientific works on botany and zoology. He wrote three of the Bible books: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. He built the grand Temple in Jerusalem, still remembered as the Temple of Solomon. It was later destroyed in 586 BC. He devoted himself to commerce and gigantic public works. He had a navy. He built his empire by peaceful commerce. These years of David and Solomon were the Golden Age of Hebrew history. But, it was also true that Solomon was foolish in his marriages to idolatrous women. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Many of them were daughters of heathen princes, wedded for sake of political alliances. And for them, he built Heathen Altars!!! The idolatry which David had suppressed was re-established in the palace. This started the nation on a path toward ruin. The united Kingdom of Israel ended after him, its third king.



            Alas, after only 92 years in their Promised Land, the Hebrew nation was divided into two parts, each being ruled by Solomon's sons, Jereboam in the south and Rehoboam in the north. Not counting the tribe of Levi, the remaining twelve tribes were divided into a northern kingdom of ten tribes, called Israel, and a southern kingdom of two tribes (Juda and Benjamin) called Juda. The Northern Kingdom of Israel adopted Calf worship and built an altar at Samaria. Every one of the 19 kings of Israel followed the worship of the Golden Calf. Some of them even served Baal (Paganism), but not one ever tried to bring the people back to God.

            The Southern Kingdom of Juda maintained the temple at Jerusalem, but most of the kings walked in the same evil ways as the kings of Israel. Some of Juda's kings served God, and at times there were great reformations in Juda. But, on the whole, and in spite of repeated warnings, Juda sank ever lower and lower into practices of Baal worship, which is Paganism. And there was nearly continuous war between the two houses of Israel. You can read the stories of these kings in the historical books of the O.T.




    After about two hundred years, God had tolerated all that He could abide of the northern kingdom's apostasy. They were warned and threatened and cajoled by God's Prophets, but in vain. So, during the eighth century BC, God sent the Assyrians against them, and by 721BC had defeated all the northern kingdom and most of the southern kingdom, too, except for the cities of Jerusalem, Lachish, and Azekah. God divorced the northern kingdom, just as He had promised in Leviticus 26, evicting them from the Palestine region. They scattered to Anatolia (Turkey) and to Greece, Italy, Spain, and Britain. Many were led captive into northern Assyria (Armenia) where they encamped south of the Caucasus mountains, by the eastern end of the Black Sea. Eventually, they crossed the Caucasus mountains into Europe where they came to be called "Caucasians" because of their path. While they were idolatrous and apostate and had been divorced by their God, yet they did continue to be known by their tribal emblems, many which still today identify them as the northern nations of Europe. The Lion of Juda identifies England's sovereign as the occupant of the throne of David. The Bull of Ephraim identifies the English people. Most of the emblems are still in use in northern Europe.

            Many books have been written about Israel's migration into Europe, and there is ample historical record. It happened many centuries before Jesus was born. There in Europe the Israelites maintained the use of their tribal emblems, but otherwise did just as God said: they forgot their God and their origins and they served other gods and adopted heathen ways. God had divorced them and scattered them and pushed them away. It would not be until Jesus' uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, built the stone church at Glastonbury, England that a return to their true Father would begin. It is most likely that Jesus made a trip to England with his uncle who was a tin-importer, carrying tin from Cornwall, England on Phoenician ships to Palestine. St. Paul probably also made a missionary trip to England, for these are the gentiles to whom Paul was sent. But, we are getting ahead of the story again.




            After the Assyrians had conquered most of Palestine and purged the region of most of the true Israelites, they became occupied with other military attackers and did not capture the last three cities of Judea at that time, Jerusalem, Lachish, and Azekah. Assyria was soon overthrown and Babylon became the new hegemon of the region. During the years prior to Juda's destruction, the great Prophets, Jeremiah (600's BC) and Ezekiel (593-570) tried to warn the people of God's anger, but they would not listen. Read the 8th chapter of Ezekiel, where God took Ezekiel in a vision to show him the sacrileges being practiced in Jerusalem by the elders and priests. In 8:14, Ezekiel writes, "Then He led me to the vestibule of the gate of the house of the Lord facing the north, and behold, women were sitting there lamenting for Tammuz!" Tammuz was the dead son of the mother-goddess in the Pagan religion! So it was that King Nabuchodonosar (Nebuchadnezzar) of Babylon was used by God (II Kings 34, 35) to overthrow the rest of Judea. Sedekias (Zedekiah) was the last king of Judea. He was warned by Nabuchodonosar to be peaceful and not to seek help from Egypt in a rebellion against Babylon. The Prophet, Jeremias, attempted to persuade Sedekias to behave, but he "did what was evil in the sight of the Lord his God, and was not brought to a sense of shame by Jeremias, the Prophet, speaking from the mouth of the Lord," (II Chronicles 36:12). Sedekias did contact Egypt, so, in 586BC Babylon conquered the last three cities of Judea and destroyed the great Temple of Solomon, and the wall of Jerusalem, along with burning the palaces, "and utterly destroyed everything that was beautiful." King Nabuchodonosar killed King Sedekias' two sons before him and then put out Sedekias' eyes. See II Kings 25 and Jeremiah 52 for details.


    GOD'S GAMBIT about 580BC

            God was not about to let His pageant or His divine children come to an end with this destruction of Jerusalem and their dispersion. He had long before begun another branch of His family in Europe and Britain. Zara Juda had settled Greece about 1800BC, and his descendants eventually settled Scandinavia, France, and Britain, so they were already established in the Isles before God brought His act in Jerusalem to this crashing close. Here is some of the rest of the story. The Prophet, Jeremias, had gained favor with the King of Babylon by attempting to persuade King Sedekias not to rebel. So, when the Jerusalem Temple was being plundered and destroyed, King Nabuchodonosar permitted Jeremias to leave Judea peacefully, and to take with him several things, namely the two daughters, princesses, of King Sedekias, along with the stone pillow of Jacob which represented the Throne of David, and perhaps the Ark of the Covenant. Jeremias took the princesses and items down to Alexandria, Egypt where they boarded a Phoenician ship and went first to Spain (Iberia = Hebrew) where he left one of the princesses with the King of Spain. Then they continued by ship to finally land at Ulster in Scotia, (northern Ireland, formerly named Ibernia which comes from the word Hebrew), where Princess Tea Tephi was married to Eochaid, the king of Scotia. The grave to Tea Tephi is still maintained today. The importance of this is very great! You might remember from pages back that we met the two sons of Juda: Zara, who settled the Aegean region to become the great Greek civilization and whose descendants then settled the British Isles, and the other son, Phares, whose descendants were King David, Solomon, the rest of the kings of Israel and Juda, and from whom Jesus descended. Well, about 580BC the Prophet Jeremias carried Tea Tephi of the Phares line of Juda to Ulster where she married King Eochaid who was of the Zara lineage, thus reuniting the two royal lines of Juda into one, sitting on the stone pillow of Jacob which represents the Throne of David, which God said would never be vacant. And it never has been! Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952, in Westminster Abbey, while sitting in the Coronation Throne which contained the stone pillow of Jacob beneath the seat. You see, there are people who know the identity of those so-called "lost" tribes of Israel, but America's Christian theologians and preachers are closed to any mention of the historical record which proves this. They are stuck in a mind set that our white race is nothing special at all, and that the Edomite race from Esau is the true Israel race. Since history does not support their belief, they solve the problem by simply refusing to consider the record. If you ever try to discuss anything different from what today's theologians and preachers learned in Sunday School, you will be astounded at their deliberate blindness and their anger.



            So far, we have seen the Assyrians and the Babylonians conquer all thirteen tribes of Israel, including the House of Juda and the Jerusalem Temple. You might note that only the ten northern tribes of the House of Israel were divorced by God and scattered to forget their origins. The southern kingdom of Juda was never divorced by God, with the result that they were not deliberately blinded by God to the truth of their true identity and their true Father. While the succeeding history of this white race, to this day, has witnessed most of our people blinded to the truth, those of the tribes of Juda and Levi have not been blinded, and it is they who have carried some of the essential truth down through history. It is also they who have been martyred by the thousands, over the centuries, for protesting against the Roman Catholic lies, and later against the same lies held by Protestants. Let me give you a few names of these heroes who should be the stories of legends taught to us as children. You can look them up if you wish. There were Johannes Scotus Erigena, groups like The Cathars, The Waldensians, The Brethren of the Free Spirit, and then Meister Eckhart, John Wycliffe, John Hus, Martin Luther, Thomas Müntzer, Hans Denck, Michael Servetus, Sebastianus Castellio, Sebastian Franck, Giordano Bruno, and so many others. The Edomite race from Esau has desperately sought to kill Jacob's race, to this very day, and by knowing the plot of God's pageant, you can watch the contest continuing today.



            Okay, most of their Promised Land has been cleared of the true Israelites of the kingdoms of Israel and Juda. In actuality, most of the people emigrated or were taken captive, but not all. The enemy kings were most interested in removing the men who might fight as warriors. The Assyrians had been more ruthless in their eviction of the northern tribes, many of whom went westward by ship and northward to Asia Minor, and some taken captive to the region of Armenia, but certainly many families also remained in the Palestine region. The Babylonian king took the military men captive, but left the families in place. When Jerusalem was destroyed, many of the Juda residents moved northward into Samaria and Galilee. Jesus came from a Juda family that lived in Galilee in the town of Nazareth, a family which had most probably never gone into captivity. Those that had been taken captive to Babylon in 586BC were just the military men, and it was there, in Babylon, that they married Aramean women and thereby corrupted their race. Regarding the religion of the Hebrews which was founded in the Sinai in the 15th century BC, we must keep in mind that by 721BC when the northern kingdom was captured, and by 586BC for the southern kingdom, there were already centuries of apostasy and worship of idols. It was the mother-goddess religion of Paganism that they had adopted. So, the true Godly practice of the Hebrew religion only lasted from the time of Moses (ca. 1400) until Solomon in the 900's BC. When the Israelite tribes were taken captive to Assyria and to Babylon, they adopted more of the Chaldean Mystery religions of magic. Their native Phoenician language got mixed with the Aramaic language of their captors and resulted in the mongrel dialect now called Hebrew because it was the language of those Hebrews. We have not yet discussed the Prophets of the Old Testament, but the Prophets were spokesmen of God attempting to warn the people of the two kingdoms that they were angering God and that He would send His wrath upon them if they did not change. You will read in the writings of the Prophets, like Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and Daniel and others, the details of their warnings and pleadings and their terrible struggles to turn their people back to God, but it was in vain.



            About 510BC, some of the Babylon captives returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, and they brought back to their holy city a corrupted race-mix, a new mongrel language, and a religion called Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism. As part of their new religion, they adopted Chaldean/Aramaic names for gods, such as Yahweh, El, Adonai, Shaddai, and others. Those sacred names were used in their rituals of magic in order to obtain whatever material gains they wanted. In actuality, they had fully adopted and brought back to Jerusalem the religion of Cain which worshiped Satan and was known as Paganism. Read my article on Paganism for an enlightening expose of that religion which later became the Roman Catholic religion and is still practiced today as a mother-goddess religion. Nehemiah was the Prophet at the time of their return to Jerusalem, and he tells the details.



    POETRY and WISDOM books:

    Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon



    Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel



    Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zecharia, and Malachai

            The writings of the Prophets are exciting! If you get some familiarity with our ancestors' culture at that time, and with their religious practices (bad), and also with the political situation in powerful nations around them, then the words of the Prophets come to life as meaningful and terribly significant. That was no sham play. The people were obstinate and unwilling to listen to their true Father. Like our people of today, they were more interested in the fancy temptations of the world, especially in the Pagan religion which their neighboring races all practiced. Today, we worship so many technological gods that we have little time for our true Father. Those ancient Prophets were scorned just like any radio preacher today who warns listeners to repent and turn back to God. The Prophets spoke in vain. But God was not making idle threats; He was serious. And He did just as He promised! For a truly sincere spiritual seeker today who has tried to tell the truths of God, beyond the innocuous drivel of Sunday Schools and their preachers, he will identify strongly with the Prophets who spoke as though into the wind.

            The northern Kingdom of Israel fell between 734 and 721BC. Preceding and during this period were: Joel as Prophet to Juda, Jonah to Nineveh, Amos to Israel, Hosea to Israel, Isaiah to Juda, and Micah to Juda.

            The southern Kingdom of Juda fell 606 - 586BC. Prophets during this period were: Jeremiah as Prophet to Juda, Ezekiel to the captives in Babylon, Daniel to Babylon, Obadiah to Edom, Nahum to Nineveh, Habakkuk to Juda, and Zephaniah to Juda.

            The return to Jerusalem and rebuilding the Temple was between 536 and 444BC. Active during this period were: Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachai, all to Juda.


    INTERTESTAMENTAL PERIOD about 500BC until the birth of Christ

            The Old Testament ends with the book of Malachai, a Prophet who died about 400BC. But we have little historical data from the time the temple was rebuilt, about 500BC in the books of the O.T. canon (the approved 39 books). However, we do have historical records in other books that were included in the Greek Septuagint of 285BC, the Bible which Jesus used. Those books have been deleted from our English version Bibles, and are separated out as "Apocrypha." However, early church writers, during the early centuries after Jesus, considered these intertestamental books to be equal in authority with the other O.T. books. The Old Testament Apocryphal books are Esdras, Tobit, Judith, Additions to Esther, The Book of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, The Epistle of Jeremiah, Additions to Daniel, four books of The Maccabees, and The Prayer of Manasse. Anyway, you can get details of the history of that intertestamental period from these writings, which are available in some Bible versions and as separate books. It is not entirely inappropriate to exclude these books from the canon because they tell the history of the returnees to Jerusalem, who were terribly corrupt racially and religiously. We can easily jump from Solomon, when the true Hebrew religion ended, to the arrival of Jesus, who would end that idolatrous farce in the Palestine region and call the true Israelites away from there, to be called by a new name, Christians. They would never again be known as Hebrews, Israel, Judeans, or Jews. Only the Edomite enemies of Christ would be known by those names!




            The most important information to understand is that which leads up to and impacts on Jesus' life and work. I will just briefly mention a few facts. You cannot ever understand the theme of God's pageant unless you know the part that Edom plays and why. The Christian church fails to recognize this very theme and plot of God's program, so it remains lost in a confusion of false beliefs. We know that Esau's descendants became the race of Edomites who occupied a land south of the Dead Sea. Their capital was the city of Petra. Esau was the enemy of Jacob who wanted to kill him in order to reclaim the birthright which he had sold. That hatred of Esau defined the nature of his Edomite descendants, and it is their deep inner nature to strive toward destroying the Israelites in order to reclaim that which God gave to Israel. The prophet Malachai certainly knew this as he began his book with these words: "The burden of the word of the Lord to Israel, by the hand of his messenger. Lay it, I pray you, to heart. I have loved you, saith the Lord. And ye said, Wherein has thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the Lord: yet I loved Jacob and hated Esau, and laid waste his borders. "And if you read other prophets, like Isaiah and Jeremiah and Obadiah, you will find the most terrible forecasts for the race of Edom at the end-times, even that they will be annihilated in this event which is now imminent. The race of Edom is a continuation of the race of Cain, who was a genetic spawn of Satan as Gen 3:15 makes clear by saying that Satan's sperm (Greek word: spermatos) was in Zoe (Eve). What the Bible is describing is that two parallel races are in a contest of good versus evil, with the race of Israel being born with Godly instincts while the race of Edom is born with evil instincts. So, it is important to know just how Edomites attained their influence and position on the stage of this grand pageant.

            The Edomites were defeated and evicted from their land of Edom, which is south of the Dead Sea, in 312BC, whence they migrated northwestward a little ways to a region within southern Judea, called Idumea. From there they created unrelenting problems for the residents of Judea who had returned from the Babylonian captivity and had built another Temple in Jerusalem. By 132BC, the Edomites were so troublesome that the leader of Jerusalem, John Hyrcanus, demanded the Edomites to be circumcised and to join the Jerusalem Temple religion of Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism. The Edomites did so, enthusiastically! And within a matter of years they were the new powers in control of Judea. Just as their financial talent is today, as Jews, they exploited and oppressed the Judean returnees and forced many of them out of Jerusalem to live in outlying towns of poverty like Bethlehem and Bethany. In 47BC, Rome appointed an Edomite, Herod Antipater as governor of Judea. His son, Herod the Great, came to power in 37BC as King of Judea. So, by the time Jesus was born, the Edomites governed all the Israelites of Judea and were favored by Rome. The Israelites who longed for a Savior (messiah in Aramaic) were despised and severely oppressed. It wasn't so much Rome that caused grief to the Israelites, but it was Rome's Edomite helpers. The Edomites were called Judeans, of course, because they resided in Judea and actually ruled Judea. It is that word Judea that gets translated into English Bibles as Jews. When Jesus came, He called His sheep out of that Judean scene and they were then called by a new name, Christian, never to be called Jews again. Now, to compound the confusion, it is our Christian churches that teach us that those Jews are God's chosen ones, while refusing to look at the migration paths of the true Israelites into Europe and Britain. Okay, that should give you some perspective on the terrible situation into which Jesus was born.


    (AGE OF PISCES   begins about 0AD until about 2000AD)

    NEW TESTAMENT PERIOD: 4BC until about 100AD

    There are four Gospels which begin the New Testament collection of 27 books. The first three Gospels are called synoptic because they all tell the story of Jesus life as parallel accounts. The fourth Gospel is quite different.


            MATTHEW was a disciple of Jesus who could read and write, so it appears that he kept some notes while accompanying Jesus during the last three and a half years of Jesus' life, the time called His ministry.

            MARK was not a disciple of Jesus, but was a close friend of Peter, and was a companion of Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. Papias (70-155AD) was a pupil of St. John, and he wrote that Mark was an interpreter of Peter, having written down all that Peter remembered of the words and deeds of Jesus. Peter is always portrayed as having red-hair because that indicates a rash personality. It is probably Peter's character that got expressed in Mark's Gospel, for it is an account, short, concise, to the point, with no wasted words or extra details.

            LUKE was not a disciple of Jesus. He is mentioned three times in the N.T., being called a physician and also Paul's fellow worker, and he was a companion worker with Mark. Being educated, Luke undertook to make a comprehensive account of Jesus' life.

            JOHN is not one of the synoptic Gospels, as it does not attempt to tell the story of Jesus' life. John was Jesus' closest friend, and certainly had the deepest spiritual understanding of Jesus' mission. This Gospel is certainly the warmest and spiritually insightful. John also had a clear understanding of who the Jews really were, and he states it boldly. In John 8:44 he records Jesus telling the Edomite Jews at the Temple that God is not their father, but that Satan is, and that they live to do the work of their father which is lying and murdering. He refers back to the murder of Abel by Cain, thus making the connection to the Cain race. While John doesn't give the details of Jesus' life, he certainly does present the essence of our divine Savior.

            ACTS  The full name of this book should be Acts of the Apostles, for it is the historical account of what the disciples did after Jesus was gone. Beyond Jesus' own disciples, there were other men who became active in spreading the message about Jesus, the most prominent one being Paul, the Apostle. The book of Acts details the accounts of their missionary journeys up into Asia Minor and Greece and Italy, to the places where the northern tribes had dispersed to when evicted by the Assyrians and the Babylonians.


            ROMANS  St. Paul's epistle to the Romans has been called the "most profound work in existence." I think I would rate only John's book of Revelations to be higher, and perhaps the book of Genesis. This letter of Paul to white-race diasporan Israelites of Rome is probably the most influential writing of all Christendom because it established a theology based on Jesus' work and words which had not yet been done. Jesus did not institute any religion or practice, nor did He even hint that one should be developed. After He was gone, the disciples were left wondering, what do we do now? There were disputes between different individuals and groups. One of Jesus' brothers, James, headed the church at Jerusalem and that faction wanted to retain some of the Old Testament laws regarding circumcision and such. Paul's influence prevailed and the O.T. law was set aside totally from being a tyrant with penalties. Yet, Paul did exalt God's law to the highest value as a guide and a revelation of God's wishes for His people. Paul's theology is consistent with the New Covenant (Hebrews 8) which says that God remembers our sins no more. The new covenant was first stated by the Prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 31. Paul seemed to have a clearer understanding of that new contract between God and His children than the other disciples did.

            THE EPISTLES  Most of the rest of the books of the New Testament are letters from Paul or other disciples, written to new Christian groups in various towns, or written to individuals. We value them as inspired works, whose words are equally important to the other NT books for the purpose of systematizing our doctrinal beliefs. The Epistle to the Hebrews is to all the Hebrew race, meaning all the true Israelites of both houses of Juda and Israel, many of whom had been scattered to Britain and Europe many centuries prior. It is unknown who wrote the Epistle to the Hebrews, but it is the only N.T. writing which states the New Covenant which Christ secured for us. I rate the letter to the Hebrews of equal value to Paul's letter to the Romans.

            APOCALYPSE  St. John's book of Revelations is a description of two visions that he had while he was on the island of Patmos, just off the west coast of present-day Turkey and just southwest of Ephesus, his hometown. Chapters 2 and 3 are the first vision, in which he delivers messages from Jesus to seven churches. Those seven churches are not notable in the New Testament mission work, but are selected to represent the seven ages of the coming kingdom of Heaven, a 12,000 year period that you can see diagrammed on my sine-wave curve of long-term history. Chapters 4 and 5 are an introduction to God's Throne. Chapters 6 through 17 describe a paradigm in which God expresses Himself through historical events. The Seals are forces which influence the entire age of Pisces concurrently. The Trumpets announce injustices which Edom perpetrates against Israel during the entire age of Pisces. And the Bowls of wrath are the natural consequences of Jewish evils, upon themselves. Chapters 20 -22 related to the coming kingdom of God. Since the time that John wrote down his visions, they have never been deciphered. Some of the keys to understanding God's pageant are ideas which are politically unacceptable, and therefore scorned by Christian teachers. Consequently, countless men have interpreted the symbols of this book in countless ways, each of them arguing that it supports the particular bias or agenda of the interpreter. If you want an outline of the scheme of this book,

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    The Old Testament is a collection of writings which covers the period of time from the appearance of Adam in 5508BC until about 500BC. The only Bible of Jesus' time was the Greek Septuagint (LXX), being a collection of writings sacred to the Hebrew Israelites who lived near Alexandria, Egypt at the time 285 BC when Ptolemy Soter ruled that region. Alexander the Great, who conquered the entire middle east and forced ALL the peoples to speak Greek, died in 323 BC, when his lands were then divided between three generals, Egypt going to General Ptolemy (322-285BC). Ptolemy began a large library in that new city, named after Alexander, and asked the nearby Hebrew residents to compile a collection of their sacred writings and they did so. His son, Ptolemy Philadelphus (285-247BC), finished the job. That Greek collection later became our Old Testament.

            Now, I am going to introduce you to a controversy that is little understood but which has huge implications for Christianity. This controversy regards the creation of the Greek Septuagint Old Testament. While this information is not critical to Christianity, its importance is difficult to overstate, and knowledge of it will put you ahead of most Christian preachers.

            It was probably during the first century BC, just a few years before Jesus was born, that a man named Aristeas wrote a letter which described the so-called translating of the O.T. books into Greek from Hebrew by 72 Jewish scholars from Jerusalem, six elders from each tribe, who accomplished the entire translation in a miraculous 72 days. This is described by the historian Josephus (37AD-100AD) in his Antiquities, book 12, chapter 2. That collection of Hebrew sacred writings was called the Septuagint (septa meaning seven) after the 70 or so translators and the time it took. While Josephus is the most acclaimed historian for that time, and while he had available many materials no longer extant, that Letter of Aristeas, from which he got the account of the translating task, has been proven to be a fraud. Scholars think it was written by someone during the first century BC. Consider these following arguments, which have implications beyond this single subject. The Septuagint was written in a mature and polished Greek dialect of the Alexandrian Hebrews, definitely not something done by 72 Hebrew-speaking Jews from Jerusalem where their neighboring Greek-speaking residents had a dialect different from the people of Alexandria. Secondly, those O.T. writings could not have been in Hebrew in 285 BC because the so-called Hebrew language did not have an alphabet until the Herodian script was invented just shortly before the birth of Christ. Third, there would be no need for elders to come down from Jerusalem since there was a population of Israelites still thriving at Alexandria from more ancient times, probably from the time when Joseph and the tribes of Jacob/Israel went there, about 1,800BC. So, Ptolemy had a ready source from those long-time resident true Israelites, who likely had their sacred O.T. writings already in Greek. Fourth, there is no evidence of any Hebrew language text of the O.T. until about 1,000 AD, so there would have been no Hebrew writings to convert INTO Greek. Further, that the Alexandrians already had a mature Greek dialect in 285 BC, just a few years after Alexander had compelled all the region to learn Greek, would indicate that they had been speaking Greek for a long time already. That is most likely true, because Greek was a natural evolvement from their previous native language of Phoenician.

            And here, I need to mention that the so-called language of the Hebrews developed by combining the Israelites' native language of Phoenician with the Aramaic language of their captors from the time of the Assyrian Captivity (745 BC) and then also from the Babylonian Captivity (586 BC). Those captives from the Babylonian Captivity returned to Jerusalem about 510 BC to rebuild the temple. They returned with a corrupted mongrel language called Hebrew, a corrupt religion of magics from the Chaldean Mystery Schools, and with a corrupted racial makeup since the captive military men (20,000) had married Aramean women. Their religion was no longer the ancient Hebrew religion of Moses and King David, but was Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism, the official name of the religion of Judaism yet today. They also had adopted the Aramaic god's name of Yahweh as a personal name for the God of Israel who never had a personal name. Well, all that to explain some of the fraud of that propaganda piece, called the Letter of Aristeas, that was obviously written sometime after the invention of the square-letter Herodian script of 1st C. BC. One more argument against that letter is that Aristeas claims there were six men from each tribe of Israel to make a total of 72 men. However, it was only people of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, and perhaps a few of Levi (although Nehemiah claims none could be found) who returned to Jerusalem about 510 BC to rebuild the temple. The other tribes had been dispersed to other lands by the Assyrians long prior, about 745 BC, when Palestine was purged of Israelites. So, there could not have been elders from all twelve tribes to go down to Alexandria to translate the O.T. writings. Furthermore, to speak of the tribes as being twelve is a sort of slang because there really were thirteen tribes after the tribe of Joseph was divided into two with his sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. In conclusion, that Letter of Aristeas was a piece of propaganda written to support the claim of the Edomite Jews of Jerusalem that their Hebrew language was the original language of the Israelite ancestors. It falls short for many reasons, and Josephus should never have accredited it as valid. This account regarding the Greek Septuagint will help you to understand that there was a lot of turmoil and confusion at the time of Jesus, most of it being caused by the Edomite enemies of Israel who had taken over the Judean politics under their Edomite Herod, and the Jerusalem temple religion also. It was to them that Jesus addressed His remarks of John 8:44, telling them that God was not their father, but that the devil was, and that they were practicing their native instinct of lying. But that is getting ahead of our story. It is enough here to introduce the complex struggle that existed between the Edomites and the Israelites, a struggle which is the very THEME of God's pageant yet today.

            Regarding the appearance and acceptance of the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) around 1,000AD, the Jewish masoretes presented it to the Roman Catholic western half of Christendom, which accepted it without question even though there was no textual witness as a basis for it. The eastern Orthodox half of Christendom has never accepted the MT as authentic, and still today claims the Greek Septuagint as the valid  text of the Old Testament. Because the Roman Catholics adopted the MT, all English Bible versions have since been based on that fraudulent so-called Hebrew text. If you compare the MT of the English Bibles with the Greek Septuagint, you will find many variances, especially regarding passages which foretell a coming messiah. The Edomite Jews who created the MT made many small changes which tend to downplay the coming Christ and to favor their own Edomite/Jewish usurpation of that birthright which Jacob bought from Esau, an important event which is a paradigm for the struggle between the two primary races yet today.



    This Synopsis of Bible history was done by Roger Hathaway, in January, 2005. If you wish to contact me, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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