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The Saxon Creed

The Saxon Creed is a statement of the beliefs of the nations comprising Anglo-Saxon Christendom. These nations are the true descendants of the Biblical Houses of Israel and Judah.

1.       We believe that Jesus Christ, Yahshua, was the Incarnate Embodiment of Yahweh God and the Man who fulfilled all the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament.

2.       We believe that Anglo-Saxon Christianity is the only religion that faithfully expresses both the Old and New Testament teachings of our God, Yahweh.

3.       We believe that the Anglo-Saxons are the true descendants of ancient Israel, the Israel of the Old and New Testaments, with whom Yahweh had His Covenants. We are the only people that fulfill all of the Old Testament prophecies regarding the Seed of the Promise.

4.       We believe that the Anglo-Saxons, not the Jews, are the Heirs of the Promise.

5.       We believe that our God, Yahweh, has commanded us and expects us to use his name, YAHWEH, when we pray to Him or do anything in His name.

6.       We believe that Yahweh has commanded us to be a separate people, so that we can practice our religion, Christianity, without interference from unbelievers.

7.       We believe that our Forefather is Jacob, through Isaac and Rebecca, and NOT Esau, who is the forefather of the Jews. We are, therefore, pure-blooded Shemites. The Sephardic Jews [also known as Spanish Jews], as mixed-race descendants of Esau/Edom are Edomites, not Shemites; and the Ashkenazi Jews, as converts to the religion of Judaism during the 8th Century, A.D., are, in fact, a non-Shemitic tribe.

8.       We believe in the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments and that most of them have been fulfilled. However, the prophecies regarding the end times, or the "Last Days," are now in the process of being fulfilled.

9.       We believe that Anglo-Saxon Christendom is the true "Chosen People" who have been chosen to serve humanity by setting the example of obedience to Yahweh/Yahshua (Jesus the Christ) for all mankind.

10.    We believe that we, Anglo-Saxon Israel -- not the Jews -- are the people in whom all nations were to be and have been blessed.



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