This digital library is available in photo-facsimile and textual typeset, either media being suitable for printing. This is an ongoing mission, with books, documents, and manuscripts being added periodically.
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To the serious student:

Presented here, are the original works by respectable authors on significant truths regarding the various aspects of history and religion. These materials represent first printings and early editions thereof, and are unaltered. Comprised herein, are out-of-print editions, many of which have been removed from circulation by the influences that exist. Such is offered freely on Israelite Watchmen, strictly for informative and educational value, and does not represent any specified endorsement.

Should the reader possess a rare or out-of-print book, document, or manuscript believed to be of informative and educational value, contact Israelite Watchmen here, and a response will be given as time permits.
Topical Arrangement:

  • Secret Societies
    • Freemasonry
    • Jesuits
    • Knights Templar
    • Ancient
  • Bolshevism
  • Historical Truth
  • Jewish Question
  • Jewish Studies
  • Christian Identity
  • Racial Realities
  • Money Power
  • War of Northern Agression
  • Southern Heritage
  • Nesta Webster
  • Lothrop Stoddard
  • Douglas Reed
  • Thomas Dixon
  • American Mercury Magazine
  • Reference Material
  • Foreign Titles
  • Other