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Our mission is dedicated to the promotion of both Biblical and Historical truth, in denouncement of Jewish Fables and false doctrines detrimental to the true Jacob-Israel people of Scripture:  the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred peoples that comprise the twelve tribes.  Further, in exposure of those who intentionally lead our brethren astray with false teachings or actions, and toward the proclamation of the Laws of Yahweh and His righteous Judgments, rightly dividing and discerning Yahweh’s Word, in the sure belief that the Covenants made between Yahweh and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel are binding and everlasting.  It remains the burden of the Watchman to prepare the lost sheep of the House of Israel in warning of the coming judgments of God and diligent plea to return to the Father.


To achieve these objectives, we will acknowledge and utilize a wide range of information available from accepted And accurate historical sources which are complementary to the teachings found in the Holy Scriptures and in agreement with true history presenting various articles and commentaries which aid in discovering the identity of our Israelite Race, its forgotten history, and  modern locations by publishing and distributing all responsible viewpoints on the subject.  These include books, pamphlets, recordings, and other publications which assist in furthering the education and awareness of the Caucasian-European and kindred peoples, who are the physical and lineal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel -- heirs of the promises to the Fathers, partakers in the responsibilities of the Kingdom, yet largely unawares of their special and separate destiny.


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