This book was written over a period of many years. You will need to print a paper copy of the SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM in order to understand the thesis of this book. Each of the chapters is on a separate web page. Click on a chapter to go to it. That makes it more convenient for printing than putting all chapters on the same web page, which would take more than two hundred total pages to print.

SYNOPSIS OF THE SUBJECT: This chapter is a necessary introduction to the subject which the succeeding chapters treat in detail. This "Foreword" stands alone as a presentation.

CHAP. 1: HISTORICAL PATTERNS. Defines the big-picture, the long term historical plan, God's Grand Pageant. Explains how world history is an expression of God's "Word."

CHAP. 2: DIVINE SPIRIT. There is a special, divine quality in the race of people whom God introduced into the world with Adam. This Adamic Race is still special to God because we have His Spirit.

CHAP. 3: DYNAMIC STRUGGLE. We children of God are operators in the physical process which is a contest, and this defines the course of history.

CHAP. 4:  NOBILITY. This is the divine character which is the potential of every child of God. Nobility is a characteristic that is unique to one race of specially gifted people.

CHAP. 5: WORLD IS A STAGE. Lays out the plot of the play in progress. We start learning who are the players in God's Grand Pageant. You gotta know the white hats from the black ones!

CHAP. 6: ESAU VS JACOB. The story of the white-race struggle. Here we get down to the real dirt and expose what drives the players to do the things they do.

CHAP. 7: TRUE ISRAELITE LANGUAGE.   If the so-called "Hebrew" language only developed as a language since the captivities in 700 & 586 BC, and its alphabet only since the first century BC, and the "Hebrew" Bible only since 900 AD, then what language did Moses and our Patriarchs speak? Phoenician was the ancient language which our forefathers used. We address the language controversy and the fraud which western Christianity refuses to confront, but which radically affects our religion of Christianity.

CHAP. 8: QABBALAH. The secret mystic teaching of the Jewish religion. Here is an introduction to its occultic magic.

CHAP. 9: THE "JEW" QUESTION. Discusses whether they are God's chosen race, and if frauds, then who are the true Israelites.

CHAP. 10: GENTILES. Are "gentiles" all nations other than Jews? No! Here is a word-study that reveals who the gentiles really are.

CHAP. 11: QUOTATIONS. This chapter will shock you out of your socks. By their own writings we see the Jews revealing their true selves. Some of this is not for sensitive readers, seriously.

CHAP. 12: KINGDOM OF GOD. Here we look into the future for God's children. Our spiritual goal.

CHAP. 13: TWO COVENANTS. Defines the old and new covenants. This should be elementary knowledge for everyone who claims to be Christian.

CHAP. 14: OUR CONTRACT WITH GOD. "Covenant" means "Contract." Our God is called the "Covenant God" because He made very real contracts with His children.

CHAP. 15: SHEEP AND GOATS.   Separation of the good from the evil, of tares from wheat.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: This list of books which were used in the writing of this book might be useful to those who wish to study for themselves. There is no greater satisfaction than to find the Truth for yourself.

INTRO TO AUTHOR:  I stand in no pulpit, in no ivory tower, but am just one more adventurer through life, like every other one of my brothers and sisters. But, I do THINK, and that permits the Holy Spirit to work.

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